The Post article details Hillary Clinton’s night of partying at a Cuban-themed club in Cartegena during the scandal-plagued Summit of the Americas.

Photos snapped by surprised onlookers show the former first lady swilling a Colombian-brewed Aguila (“Eagle’’) cerveza straight from the bottle and hitting the dance floor.

Witnesses said Clinton played maracas and danced the rumba to three songs played by the club’s Cuba-centric house band.

In all, Clinton’s party ordered a dozen beers, two shots and bottles of water. They left their waiter a $40 tip.

Twitter reactions to the New York Post front page were mixed.!/AriFleischer/status/191838842884595712!/ScottandTodd/status/191836067278757888!/MarieMonDieu/status/191852882725842945!/bairdjulia/status/191845587212181506!/HershParekh/status/191863734598242305!/joanna_mcc/status/191864693403557888

  • LL1885

    Where there secret service there too?

  • Leatha Goldsmith

    Is there anything more important that we could be investigating and reporting on? 

  • Delores Cromwell

    What she does with her OWN MONEY, is her OWN business. If she used TAXPAYER MONEY TO GO PARTY…..THEN I WOULD BE OPPOSED.

  • Conrad2010

    She can get kudos for this but Lohan can’t?

  • Beth James Smith

    She needs to cut back on the beer.  Fattening, Hillary.

  • Honey Badger Clicker

    If you lost an election to Obama and then had to work for him you’d drink too.

  • montanaconserv

    More proof we elected adolescents to the white house.

    • lookingahead

      She had a beer and danced 3 times.  So what?  

  • marine37

    Oh Ari, she was dancing too!  This regime really knows how to party when the rest of the country is trying to pay their bills.  WHAT LEADERSHIP!  I hope she enjoys herself on our tab.  

  • The Swamp Angel

    Nothin’ wrong with a little drink to relax. Just show some class and refinement. Sheesh! And all this time we thought it was BILL who was the uncouth Arkansas redneck!

    Of course she DID leave a decent tip.

  • Mia

    Thought she works at State Dept not the GSA?

  • Libertyship46

    I’m just surprise Hillary wasn’t trading shots with the Secret Service agents there. Then again, maybe she was.

  • Marshall_Will

    Oh good for her.  She knows this gig is just about played out so she’s letting lose and exploring her new career options?  Obviously she’ll never make the band, but roadie and groupie are wide open. 

    ( JFTR, a 12 pack and (2) shots.., more typically a good ‘start’ but whatever! )    

  • Angela Poteet

    Really, people give her a break, it wasn’t like she was dancing on the bar flashing her boobs.  Everyone should be able to let loose sometimes.