After GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney wished his wife Ann a happy birthday on Twitter this morning,  liberals quickly responded with the new tone-y vitriol we’ve come to expect. They also attacked Mrs. Romney for saying, “It was my early birthday present for someone to be critical of me as a mother.”!/OccupyGay/status/191877132576751617!/yirzmb/statuses/191774940582789120

Clearly not an attack on women? What about calling one vile slurs? The lack of self-awareness is astounding. The reason that it was an early birthday gift is because the Left showed its true colors. Being a bit obtuse, lefties don’t understand that so they are continuing to expose themselves and their misogyny.!/electronicoffee/status/191769513350533122!/Artistscott/status/191758201656590336!/missmilano1/status/191887666785165312

Fake outrage? Our outrage is real. And it’s spectacular. But keep digging, Left.!/LOrion/status/191733449533562880!/TheActualTodd/status/191899453047832576!/santorioum/status/191904516457758720!/justinbennett12/status/191884139115446273

Empowering! The Left continuing to fully expose itself is an early gift for us all.!/chloedutch/status/191885732489605120!/cavsfanaholic/status/191897768724402177

Mitt Romney and his sons released a lovely birthday video to honor Mrs. Romney today. We’re thinking that will go a long way toward helping her tune out the Left’s nastiness.

  • Joe W.

    Barack Obama ought to be ashamed of his “peeps”.  Yet HE is the one spurring them on and stoking the fires.  What a pathetic group of vile people are those on the left.

  • NancyH

    God, these people are sick.

  • Mary Gray Whitcomb

    I am so glad that these vile people can be brought out into the light.  I am glad I don’t understand them!!!

    • Buckeye27

      There’s not much to understand. Think infant with adult priorities.

      • OldmanRick

        I would just reverse that – adults with infant priorities just like the spoiled, narcissistic, divisive, mean spirited toddler. :)


  • LH Krautkremer

    After these tweets I’m having trouble feeling the love and acceptance the left claims to be famous for.

  • Wolverine

    We need another Civil War.

    • Buckeye27

      Just wait long enough, these idiots will give us one.

      • Wolverine

        Go Blue.

  • Liz Moscinski

    Its astounding how hateful the left is when they’re supposed to be the good guys. I’m disgusted and disheartened. 

    • kidd

      “supposed to be the good guys”? Only according to them. They never have been and never will be. They are only compassionate, caring, friendly, nice etc when they want something.

      • Buckeye27


  • Rob Stevely

    More of that infamous liberal tolerance and compassion.

  • Michele Whitley

    is the pent-up anger of people living on the outside of affluence.
    Slumism is decay of structure and deterioration of the human spirit.
    Slumism is a virus which spreads through the body politic. As other
    “isms,” it breeds disorder and demagoguery and hate.~Hubert H. Humphrey

    • Buckeye27

      Spoken like a true believer of the “Great Society.” He just identified the voter block that they targeted when they designed this useless program. “Great” hardly. “Society” These people are demonstrating that civility is not their string suit.

  • wyatt81

    Vile, hate-filled, prejudiced, self centered, arrogant, mentally disturbed, emotionally stunted people comprise the Left.  Glad to count them an enemy.

  • traffic_robot

    Picture of tolerance, aren’t they? No better way to engage in a discussion about women and their struggles than to crap all over one.

  • etchasketch44

    On second thought, these people probably appreciate this being published. 

  • Carol

    It doesn’t take too long to see how low rent/low class Obama’s cult followers are. They expose themselves every time they write something or open their mouths. Uncouth, classless and unintelligent.

  • elcampeador

    Reblogged this on et cetera* and commented:
    Our nation must rid itself of this “Pink Slime”

  • cscape

    You must understand what this is…… Just as was the case with Sarah Palin and with Michele Bachmann and so many other competent conservative women, Ann Romney is an EXISTENTIAL THREAT to the LEFT and all they stand for!

    • JazzyJ

      And there lies the rub:  You think those bone-heads are “competent”.  They are hand puppets following the script the Roger Ailes gave them – but you think they are “competent”.  Incredible.  You’re an example of a “child left behind”.  There are too many morons in this country (i.e., Ted Nuggent) and those that repeat what the Koch Bros. Marketing and propagnadists put out through their network (Fokkks/News Corp./Rupert Murdock and Roger Ailes and the Gestapo fan, Karl Rove).  And that is our countries biggest failure.  Allowing a sect of society to be brainwashed.  You can thank Reagan for that.

  • RV235

    I find it very gratifying that the left should react this way. Not hard to guess why these particular little trolls should go away.

  • $3926931

    what do expect from the Obamabots. The left is going to go crazy when we fire the child in chief in Nov.

  • Albert Dailey


  • Albert Dailey


  • David J

    The left continues to show how hateful and disgusting they truly are, but I’m loving it.  They can’t keep their foul mouths shut, and with every word, the GOP rises a little higher in the polls.  Keep it up, you self-annointed “intelligent” ones.

  • Todd H. Holsopple

    I’m some how “pathetic”, “vile”, “sick”, etc, etc, etc, because I think that Mitt & Ann Romney are disingenuous?

    Well…okay. So be it.

    And I’m guessing the total # of the commenters here who read the article I posted so that my tweet could be read in context is precisely zero, as well.

    In no way, shape, or form do I advocate violence against anyone, no matter what the peon who wrote this post would like you to believe from her sensationalistic headline.

  • sarpedon1

    The Left is always projecting.  For years they’ve been screaming about misogyny, and now we know why.  They’re eaten up with it. 

    All these puerile little boys (like Bill Maher) who’ve been waiting their entire lives to put women in their place.  To punish them for all those dateless weekends and cold shoulders they received growing up. And now, under the guise of politics, they have the opportunity to say what they’ve really been thinking, but didn’t have the guts to say to a woman face to face.

    Eunuchs, each and every one of them. 

    As for the women who gleefully threw in their little snarky comments, they demonstrate quite clearly that they are the ones who actually meet the definition of dumb c**t.

    I guess jealousy is hard to deal with when your bovine appearance  and constant mooing makes it soooo very obvious.

  • regmgr

    Ther socialist in Charge can’t keep his radical followers under control. This is what makes up his great support group.

  • Lolaga

    That is some serious freaking mental illness going on there.  It may not be indicative of all liberals/progressives, but it is without question a pattern for them all.  Vile, hateful beyond words, violent.  They are sick.  If these vermin spontaneously combusted, I’d be tickled pink.

  • Becca Leigh

    seriously everyone… many more times are y’all gonna do this outrage crap? so the left is full of vile hypocrites, now what? if you don’t think they’re enjoying the attention, then you really don’t know how the left operates and while you look at yourselves as taking a stand against miserable, intolerant pukes, when mrs romney is having an ego trip over it!! “It was my early birthday present for someone to be critical of me as a mother,” she said. “That was a really defining moment, and I loved it.”

  • raw41

    This is what I can’t stand about this Malkin dame. You take a bunch of people who say something real stupid and you label them liberals!! How in the world you know what political affiliation, if any, they are? They could be just some nut job. And how about some of the vitrol Malkin spills out when it suits her, huh? She does it every time and now wants to cry when it is done to her?? And some of you people just sit back and believe this woman and her over-hyped comments. Don’t any of you think for yourself?? Ask this woman about her contributions to VDARE and other hate groups she is involved with that is listed with the Southern Poverty Law Center!!! 

    • Guest

       The SPLC is a racist organization. They spew hatred as much as the rest of the leftist. I have never seen a good thing said by them.

  • raw41

     And oh yeah I’m pretty sure Obama and members of his staff sit down and find ways to send out crazy people to twitter stuff like this!!! Will you people give me a break!!!

  • Dana Erickson

    Stay strong Ann…….lot’s of stay at home Mom’s (“that don’t work”…..insert eyeroll) are behind you and your husband!!!  We need our country back!

  • Guest

    She has gotten more beautiful with age.

  • Guest

    Is Mrs Romney going to get an apology from O?

  • creeper

    Such class.  Just like the pResident and Mooch.  Right out of the gutter.

  • Todd H. Holsopple

    Here’s what I can tell about Twitchy from the last 24 or so hours.

    1. They have editors who are, at best, out-of-touch, or, at worst, flatly incompetent.
    2. They will not respond to questioning of their editorial process and judgement, no matter how many ways you attempt to contact them.
    3. They release their Twitter goons to do their bidding instead of having the integrity to stand up for themselves.
    4. If this is the kind of media you’re getting you’re news from, you’re horribly misguided.

  • Todd H. Holsopple


  • mary

    I am absolutely disgusted by the comments!  How can anyone speak to her character without really knowing her!  And more misogynistic slurs about her sexuality from moronic people!  Sure…let’s hate Mitt too.  He’s well off and successful.  It’s called work people!  We live in the land of opportunity.  Work hard and reap the benefits…don’t hate.

  • Mina Larsen

    Why did they not find out FIRST whether the Romneys had nannies or maids to help them? I read that Ann Romney did all the work herself, so the attacks seems even more vicious. 

  • Todd H. Holsopple

    Interesting to see the right wing advocate so stridently for political correctness.

  • jjrealmo


  • wyatt81

    Fascism comes from and is currently on the Left-always has been, always will be.  Holds huge appeal to leftist mentality.

  • Todd H. Holsopple