Over the weekend, conservatives discovered that Arby’s does damage control as effectively as it handles social media outreach.

After blocking conservative Twitter users unhappy with the chain’s decision to exclude Rush Limbaugh’s radio program from future ad campaigns, Arby’s decided to quietly reverse the blocks. No announcement, no apologies, and no offers of all-you-can-eat curly fries.

The newly unblocked Twitter users are not impressed.!/ColorMeRed/status/188479124766081025!/gopthinking/status/188682639069298690!/Smalltalkwitht/status/188689458835636224!/TeriChristoph/status/188687623232036866

One conservative suggested this controversy didn’t end well for the Arby’s employee responsible for the blocks:!/alwaysonoffense/status/188473505581510656

That won’t be enough for conservatives who continue to have a beef with the company’s screw-up. Instead of hitting the drive-thru, the customers blocked by Arby’s are likely to drive on by.


One Twitter user reports that his account is still blocked by Arby’s:!/SooperMexican/status/189471605020295168

  • tinker_thinker

    Well, unless I hear an ad on Rush I’m walking on by…

  • marine37

    ARBY’S?  The last time I ate anything there was about 15 years ago.  I don’t care for their food.  How about a nice unblocked boycott of Arby’s

  • Rob

    They can sponsor every Tea Party rally for the next 5 years .  I’m still never going back . 

  • blueangel69

    Good mgt reversing bad mgt.  Not everybody at Arby’s is an idiot but unfortunately they’re everywhere it seems.  Time for the whole world to wake up to the snowjob that’s going on.

    • Neil

       GW is a snow job?

  • torpedoman2002

    I don’t care if they start advertising on Rush’s show again
    or not. I just tweeted them telling them I’ve seen their true character. I will
    not buy for Arbys again. I might consider it if the company is sold to new
    management. Maybe.

    • jimrob

      That is the whole point. they were never national advertisers on Rush. What they had done was demand that stations make sure their “run of day” ads not be placed during Rush’s show. This was a fake withdrawal of advertising from the get-go which in my mind is worse than a legit withdrawal of advertising because the people involved are attempting painless pandering.

      • Theresa Smith

        Yep, entirely faked, just like everything else about this administration and it’s minions.  Can’t remember the last time I ate there, but the service was as as bad
        as the food was.

  • TennesseeRedDog

    Still no open debate about why Rush or his Fluke comment was so objectionable. How do you object to truth and not get laughed off the stage? Everyone saw that the Dems Fluke gambit was a desperate gimmick anyway.

    • damyata

      THANK YOU !!  This is the more important issue.

  • David Hicks

    I worked hard to get on the block list by telling the truth and I will not allow Arbys to Unblock me. RUSH RULES !!!

  • hjole

    don’t go back, teach these losers to stay out of politics or go broke.

  • damyata

    Not good enough dammit – not good enough! The Twitter blocking was the latest symptom. The worst offense, in my opinion, was the snide, sneering tweets they sent in the beginning. Not to mention this cowardly stealth un-blocking stunt.

    Buh bye, Fartby’s.  You definitely know what you can do with your curly fries.

  • William_Teach

    There’s an Arby’s near where I work. The test drive route goes right by it, can’t miss it. Yet, rarely does anyone eat there. They’ll go to the Subway in same complex. They’ll go to Bojangles. And places further away. No one ever says “hey, want to get Arby’s?”

    It’s too expensive for what you get. And bland. Their chopped up lettuce always tastes a bit spoiled. Their meats are tasteless. And so on.

    Plus, it’s not exactly a pleasant location.

  • RapidFire

    Arby’s has figuratively and physically put a bad taste in my mouth every time I drive by their restaurant signs. 

    • weRbroke

      Yeah, and it tastes like D-onkey.

  • $24414377

    Pffft. Lie down with skanks, wake up chewing your arm off thinking its a big roast beef. No thanks.

  • Just A Grunt

    My latest slogan: Liberals can make you apologize, conservatives can make you file bankruptcy.

    • twolaneflash

      Liberals extort the money Conservatives spend to make a capitalist business successful.  The rich give, and the rich take away.  The poor and criminal you have with you always.  Does Arby’s accept SNAP cards?  Time for them to advertise to their demographic.

  • Cincy

    As of 10:11 AM, April 9. I am still blocked…and proud of it!

  • Psycho Sock Puppet

    I drove on by…after dropping off a letter advising the local franchisee of the coming news campaign naming Arby’s as unfriendly to GOP, Tea Party and Conservatives.

  • XRob Lew



    • twolaneflash

      Pink Slime, by any other name, tastes like Arby’s.

  • ParasiteHunter

    I will go back to Arbys when they give free Giant Roast Beef Sandwiches to All Rush Limbaugh Listeners.

  • stuckinIL4now

    I see, no announcements, no apologies–they’re just NBC wannabes, eh? This still won’t get me to tweet on their site (or anyone else’s) or even drive through an Arby’s parking lot. Cowards!

  • Bruce Tahoe

    Okay, but they’re doing you a favor by making “no offers of all-you-can-eat curly fries”.

  • Neil

    I was going to go to Arby’s for a Ruben,  but never mind.

  • Soopermexican

    I must have really annoyed them with my tweets, because I am still blocked: ….OR did you notice how all the unblockees are WHITE?!?! uh huh…. yep.

  • bugler

    And a constitional lawyer/prof who doesn’t know first year law

  • sharinite

    Who cares?  They are fake, their mean is fake and I’ll never again go there!

  • foghorn1

    I just moved go next door!

  • $3926931

    Arby’s food sucks

  • Okieflyover

    No Arby’s for me.

  • ATM

    Real roast beef isn’t injected into plastic tubes as a slurry and let to solidify.  

  • Kristin

    It’s still food to eat. 


    NO more arby’s for you!!!  and for my familliy.-