The Holder Justice Department, featuring … Chow Yun-Fat? Not exactly. Cusack meant to compare Holder to Bush administration DOJ official John Yoo.!/Boudreauxabides/status/187346510709661696!/HeyJacquiDey/status/187328957690023936!/sstone5173/status/187333698423767041!/surprisinger/status/187328528369451009

Cusack is known for taking ample creative license with spelling and grammar, but this time he actually admitted to his error:!/johncusack/status/187357329363173376

No worries, John. We knew it had something to do with the Bush/Cheney cabal. It always does.

  • Marshall_Will

    Yes John, Yoo bullied gun store owners to provide under the counter weapons sales to straw buyers that wound up being used against our own troops!  “More on this soon”?  We’re all a twitter.  Stick to making direct to DVD movies ok pal? 

  • Dilettante

    Eric Holder should be looking in to all those residuals paid to actors for bad acting.

  • Harlan Roberts

    Okay…who’s up for avoiding all John Cusack movies until he reads LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER?

    • Mainlander

      How hard would it really be to avoid his movies? 

      • NatesMama

        Not hard, I’ve been doing it for years.

  • Douchie

    Jeez, I guess all minorities look alike to John Cossack. What a racist! The only reason he disagrees with this black man in authority is because he has a different skin color. I can see no other logical reason.

  • marine37

    Eric Holder is just like yooo John Cusack!  A no nothing, court jester for the 1%.  With a little moron in the mix.

    • Marshall_Will

       Throw in Kal Penn and yoo got a hat trick!

  • Guest

    Surprise, surprise – finally, something upon which John Cusack and I can agree: Eric Holder.