Will they ever learn? Conservatives can’t resist hijacking a White House hashtag and with Joe Biden involved, #AskVP is ripe for biting commentary and good ol’ fashioned snark.

Questions about college affordability tweeted with the #AskVP hashtag will be answered by Biden (@VP) on Tuesday, April 3rd at 3:45 p.m. EDT. Here are a few of the questions that won’t be answered by Uncle Joe.!/frashure/status/185450757728907264!/DemsHateAmerica/status/185458084532076545!/nativtxn50/status/185536665115303937

Dr. Pepper could not be reached for comment.

Got a question for the vice president? Don’t disappoint us! We’ll update this post with the best #AskVP tweets.


Aw, you didn’t disappoint us!!/FloraDuh1/status/185715670678380544!/RennaW/statuses/185715183329619970!/Nancy_Bellicec/status/185716689097342978!/TheMorningSpew/status/185714983760441344!/tokm/status/185713543931379712

  • peteee363

    #askvp does chuck stand up when drinking dr. pepper?

  • Mary Pieri

    Will your College Affordability act cover the cost of my dog going to obedience school?

    • peteee363

      that depends, is your dog a grad student, or under grad? and does your dog have one of the obama dog magnets?

      • Mary Pieri

        Smarter than Joe….

  • Marshall_Will

    C’mon Dimaprogs!  Here’s your big chance to lob softball questions to Sheriff Joe!  Like:

    Now that gas is flirting w/ $5, can I get a gimmicky pandering “tax credit” for buying a new skateboard so Prog Jr. can get to class?  ( He signed up for an OWS 101 course? ) 

  • monawelsh

    4get colleges. Didn’t the pres say we only need engineers? Trade schools wave of future?

  • Stephanie Mayfield

    LMFAO…… oh stop… 😀 i can’t breath. 

  • NixTyranny

    #AskVP  Finally got your own hashtag?  “This is a big f-‘ing deal.”

  • viperden

    didn’t they already do a dumb and dumber movie

  • Dandapani

    You’ll love my question. LOL.