The account for U.S. Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Rick Stengel published a tweet with a pro-Gaza hashtag, which was captured by the following screenshot.

So, an apology was subsequently published by his account.

“My bad”? Really?


‘Hell of a pinpoint operation’: John Kerry’s ‘raw hypocrisy’ on Israel caught by a hot mic

  • aaaa

    The whole world is invited to come to Israel to see how Israel provides Gaza water works drugs money and all I can take to create a bomb Hamas on Israel!!!!!54

    • filter

      So true.
      Gazans cry poor to the world while they suck millions and millions from global taxpayers via the uN. They don’t work unless it’s to, terrorize, make tunnels to kill Israelis and rocket launchers from their roof tops.
      Israel supplies water, food, medicine, electricity – while they only work on making war.

      • Sons of Liberty

        “They don’t work…” They sound like American democrats.

        • filter

          Sadly, too true.

    • terry hibbert

      Wut? Did u read b4 u hit send?

      • dinkerduo

        Filter sounds correct to me! Gaza are terrorists just like al Qaeda–Taliban–Hesbula (sp?)–they all stem from the Muslim Brotherhood–the same Mus-Bro that are in the WH and in Homeland Security and the state dept. thanks to Obozo!

        • terry hibbert

          MY question wuz in connnection wit yor previus stmt, to wit: “… all I can take 2 create a bomb Hams on Israel” ????

        • captaingrumpy

          Don’t forget the CIA chief IS A MUSLIM

          • dinkerduo

            Yes he is–that, tho, does slip the mind. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Marsha Moore

      Not to mention that Israel was sending Concrete to Gaza so they could build their communities and what did Hamas do with it….BUILD TUNNELS TO ATTACK ISRAEL.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    It’s interesting how members of the Obama administration have a bias towards an organization that’s considered a terrorist organization by the government, isn’t it?

    I said “interesting,” not “surprising.”

    • MrSnuggles2k2

      Same reason they support the Muslim brotherhood at every turn.

    • TugboatPhil

      Unless it’s a “terr0rist” group like the TEA Party.

      • widower9

        I take it your comment was intended as sarcasm.

        • TugboatPhil


          • captaingrumpy

            I would not have bothered answering. If he needs the little “pun” tag then he needs a brain as well.

    • pepjrp

      And yet, Jews by thousands voted for Obama and for all Dems in general. Do they not know this or do they think, we are Jewish, those are Israelis?

      • Sons of Liberty

        Unfortunately, too many American democrat Jews like Rahm Emmanuel, Bernie Madoff and Chuck Schumer are bought and sold by the highest bidder – in it for their own profit.

  • garygramscom

    So the masterminds of Obama’s foreign policy cannot even master a social media web site… why am I not surprised?

    • ELC

      This group cannot multitask for the life of them.

      • PNWShan

        He doesn’t even know the difference between it’s and its!

  • Al’s Annoyed Grandpa

    Based on the previous times something like this has happened, this jackass will be promoted.

  • John Peterson

    So he was logged into his other twitter account and using that tag, then logged into this official account and pasted the tag, not thinking. Now we know what he really thinks and anything he says will be biased.

    • Thale Taxurfeet

      “So he was logged into his other twitter account and using that tag, then
      logged into this official account and pasted the tag, not thinking.”

      *waves hands over Krystal Ball, and on the wind, a vision appears:*
      I see a hard drive crash and recycle event in Stengel’s future…

      • E Quilibrate

        MY KB sees more upvotes in your future.
        How’s wife doing?

        • Thale Taxurfeet

          Thankya, thankya, thankyaverymuch…

          • E Quilibrate

            No answer to second line?

          • Thale Taxurfeet

            As the legendary Sam Spade might reply, I don’t take dose kinda cases…

            Particularly since you asked the question after I’d given my thanks.

        • Thale Taxurfeet

          I think I may have misunderstood your question and it just now dawned on me…

          If you were asking after my wife, the one with the smashed foot…

          Her pain is easing up somewhat but the doc says it’ll be weeks until she can hobble around without the boot and longer before she can expect to be mostly mobile again.

          As might be obvious, I’m a bit distracted with the time-slicing approach to all things I’m having to take while attempting to cover all the chores, feed the animals, and us, all while attempting to attend to the wife’s needs, medicine schedule, etc. since her mobility is severely restricted.

          Again, my apologies if I misunderstood your question, I thought you might be teasing about foreseeing… well, never mind. :-)

          And sincerely… Thanks for asking.

    • TheAmishDude

      That’s what I thought initially, but I checked out his tweets, his tweet immediately before was a #UnitedForUkraine hashtag. I think it was an autocomplete error.

      Still, that “apology” is just…disgusting and inadequate.

      • octagon999

        I agree. Good take.

  • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump

    “Mon mauvais.” – Napoleon at Waterloo.

    “Malum mihi.” – Nero, as Rome burned.

    “Tut mir leid.” – Hitler, after invasion of Poland.

    “My Bad.” – King George III, upon imposing a tax on tea.

    “My Bad.” is just following a long standing tradition in global diplomacy.

  • carmenta

    waiting for the pro-terrorists to start tweeting their disgust and death threats because he now claims #UnitedforGaza is a ‘mistake’ ….

  • arttie

    No adults left in the State Department,

    • bitter clinger

      We got a crazy witch running state department and she is married to John Kerry when her and vajayjay get together who the f*** knows

    • dinkerduo


  • jqc1970

    P O S Stengel should be fired. He does NOT belong at the state department.

    • dinkerduo

      Neither do the Mus-Bro guys! Nor in OUR Homeland Security–Obozo filling our gov. with them! They all need to be———–!

  • wildfire

    Liberals hate Israel because they are a proxy for the US. It’s easier to openly hate on Israel than it is their own country.

    • E Quilibrate

      I’ve never heard one of them choke when bad mouthing the USA.

  • ELC

    He meant what he said…but to cover his a$$ he said he made a mistake. Sounds on par with this administration.

  • Jasoomian

    He might have been trying to tweet “#Ukraine” from his phone. If you type” #U”, the trending hashtags starting with a U will come up. He could have pressed the wrong one by mistake. The body of the tweet is about Ukraine, not Gaza.

    • PNWShan

      Sensible deduction.

    • Al Bundy

      I hate to admit it, that is plausible.

    • Jeff Henderson ✓Bona Fide

      Plausible yet still idiotic and inexcusable from someone in the State Department. Their entire job is diplomacy – how inept can they all be?

      • Thale Taxurfeet

        “how inept can they all be?”

        Don’t touch that dial! IOW, stay tuned.

      • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        You really don’t want to know the answer to that question. I haven’t figured out how they haven’t started WW3 yet.

        • dinkerduo

          They are still in the planning stage–must disarm Americans first–‘fraid we’ll kill them all first!

      • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

        Why are they on social media anyway; are they not ‘professional?’

        • dinkerduo

          Nobody ain’t doin’ any work–just oks what they are told to! This Adm. if filled with people like him! Saaaaad!

        • Jeff Henderson ✓Bona Fide

          Apparently that is modern diplomacy. Wonder when Obama will appoint a National Hashtag Council and Hashtag Czar or Commissioner and Under-Hashtag Secretary? Surely he has a few Chicago cronies left to reward with some gov’ment monies.

    • Phadras Johns

      I certainly hope you are correct. Shows the damage tweeting can do if not done carefully.

    • Mike Gable

      And, too what…lazy, incompetent, disrespectful, moronic, sophmoric, to check before he hits post?

  • Arkuy The Great

    It was a “pocket tweet”…

    • FlatFoot

      Perhaps, although the constant bütt-dials to Vlad Putin ringing his phone without transmit are really beginning to annoy him…

    • E Quilibrate

      Right, he was playing with himself ‘cuz no one else would.

    • Deborah Hallsted

      He… “butt dialed”–a$$ ho.

  • Determined

    The tweet and the has tag do not go together subject was. Obviously was a mistake. the question is why – but obviously a mistake.

  • yourmamatoo

    Another one who should volunteer as a human shield for Hamas.

  • Al Bundy


    “Oops my bad” (next state dept tweet?)

  • Al Bundy


    Oops my bad

    All typed by mistake! Right ,state dept?

    • Al Bundy

      If he hooked up with Psaki, the offspring would be a turnip

  • desicon

    The state department is where all the dimwits go.

    • rflora85

      No. That’s not true. These people were appointed. Those who actually worked to become part of the State Department through a Foreign Service Officer commission are very, very reliable people. It’s the only reason why this whole world hasn’t gone nuclear. But the DoS is losing them and quickly.

      • Turtledove

        True but the bunch recruited under this Administration were chosen for their politically correct beliefs. Expect a whole lot of Psakis and Harfs.

  • Al Bundy

    In other news , state dept blames Israel for downing of jet over Ukraine

    I mean that’s how far fetched it is that Israel has any any any responsibility for Arab deaths in gaza. They did not start this !!!!

    Apologize for multiple posts. I’m beyond sick if the double standard used on Israel

    • E Quilibrate

      Perhaps we both might be convicted of keyboard abuse. Slow transcription and abominable treatment of Israel.

  • CHHR

    So much for Israel getting a fair shake. Guess the cat’s really out of the bag… American politicians have been corrupted to the point of disparaging the victim & lauding the perpetrator. Oh wait… #BeenThereDoneThatAlready What’s right is wrong and what’s just is bad… ass holes is an understatement!

  • elby

    Fire him! No one at the statement department should behave that way.

  • constitutionminded

    Our State Dept, has become nothing more than a hashtag it self.
    #Incompetent to the Max.

  • E Quilibrate

    Someone implied that this miscreant represented the USA, I think not.

  • socialismisevil✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


    the only mistake is that we know its true

    we know he wants us to know its true

    he wants us to know that there is nothing that can be done about it
    and that he is just another self hating racist lefty

  • FlatFoot

    Sometimes their true feelings do come out for all to see, but generally speaking for this administration — only when it’s allegedly unintentional.

  • Evie1949

    Why is he not looking for a new job instead of just giving a faux apology?

    • Suzyqpie

      Because in the 0bama admin, failure has no penalty.

      • Evie1949

        I was being rhetorical but, your response is bang on. I noted he did not apologize for the message in the hashtag, only that he used it on a tweet about the MH17 incident. He’s still united for Gaza which is the POV of Kerry and Obama.

  • Anthony Ciora


  • Booker

    Freudian slip, of course.

    • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      In the case of this Administration, that would be a Fraudian Slip.

      • ButteryWench

        I like that

  • Deborah Hallsted

    “My hashtag typed itself”. There, fixed it for ya’.

  • Diane Stephan

    The fact that we have people in a Presidential Administration saying “my bad” is just f’n sad.

    • RanierWest

      Dude, @TVietor08 totally agrees.

  • dukestreet

    Somehow, this is not a surprise No only is the administration extremely pro an Islamic terrorist organization but, very incompetent as well. More proof of it. If people would actually read they would now that Israel provides more for it’s mortal enemy than any other state in the in history.

  • RanierWest

    “G” for Gaza is left index finger and “U” for Ukraine is right index finger… and mixing this over tweet sent to MH17 is to equate sad loss feelings for innocents to garner sympathy for terrorists. sick

  • James hegarty

    A bell once rung…………..

  • Robin

    It’s hard being a liberal. They have so many anti-Israel and anti-American causes it’s easy to become confused.

  • Mike Gable

    Who the hell are these juvenile delinquents running this country! ‘My bad?’ He should be fired immediately.

    • ButteryWench

      Naw, with this administration he’ll get a promotion.

  • TrixieT

    Dude, this was like 12 hours ago.

  • Musketball

    Stengel is an @sshole. And I won’t apologize for saying it.

  • Red Dirt Ready

    Time to get out the leaf blowers and power washer and remove all this filth from our White House.

  • Dan

    He is everything Obama wants representing America, everything!!

  • ClinkinKY

    “Casey” Stengel has more class than Rick, and Casey is dead.

  • Sanchez

    That guy looks like a character in a Twilight Zone episode. What a creepy looking idiot!

  • MrNewCastrati

    Another Ivy League wonderboy.

  • Spinmamma

    Foolish mistake or not, this is what happens when the State Department tries to conduct its business via twitter and hash tags on matters of great import.

  • Indynana

    America, We are so screwed!

  • Mikey_Likes_It

    As I posted last week, the State Dept. office supply closet contains nothing but 8, 16, 24, 48, 64, and 96 packs of Crayola crayons. If you become Under Secretary or higher, you get the coveted 120 box where you get colors like Eggplant (for Mooch), Mauvelous (for border crossers), Screamin’ Green (for Al Gore lovers), Shocking Pink (I’m assuming for the LGTBDHSUBYM contingent). What an absolute embarrassment this bunch of buffoons are.

  • dennis reilly

    how will kerry explain this away?

  • Guest

    how about if you are a congressman or a senator or a person of high position in our government to stay the fk off hashtag period?

  • CLEmom

    Obama is arming Hamas, so really, is this even surprising?

  • justIMHO

    And nobody cares that he used bad grammar, I suppose….
    (“it’s” when NOT meaning the contraction for “it is”)

    Ok, the Hamas goof IS way more important, but….

  • Indynana

    our POS president is a muslim. he must know that Hamas wants to destroy
    Israel AND America! but then that is what obammy wants also! Kerry
    caught on open mic letting his true feelings show!?? HELLS BELLS
    obammie has been anything but subtle about his hate for “people that
    cling to their bibles and religion and guns” that America is “not a
    Christian nation” that America “IS a muslim nation” that ” The
    adhān” is the most beautiful sound” *(muslim call to prayer) these
    are the words of your muslim president, so DO NOT expect him to side
    with the Christians or the Jews OR EVEN AMERICA!! HE WILL NOT DO THAT
    and he has said so…. HIS WORDS = ” It the political winds turn ugly
    I will stand with the MUSLIMS” THAT IS indeed what your president

  • MaryRC

    Yeah, he is a jackass for apologizing! Israel is committing genocide!

    • Viet Vet 67

      Are you really that stupid Mary? Apparently so. Do your homework before you jump on the Palestinian bandwagon. Your ignorance is just overwhelming.

      • MaryRC

        Are you really that evil, Dennis? The people of Gaza are sitting ducks. The IDF are shooting them like fish in a barrel! You are heartless!

        • Guest

          Yep, terrible… why are they sitting there?

          Oh yes, they got a warning that Israel would bomb out those tunnels, and Hamas told then NOT to leave and to DIE for the Hamas cause… because they’ll now get support from liberal airheads so they can hopefully get help in their main goal GENOCIDE FOR ISRAEL.

          Good for you for supporting Hamas. Put kids in danger, get innocents killed AND support genocide… get liberal support.

          That’s a full day for a liberal. Take a break. You can support genocide for more people tomorrow.

    • gekkobear

      Genocide? Well i see some evidence.

      Hamas calls for the end of Israel and the death of ALL Jews there.

      Hamas launches rockets, Israel retaliates.

      Egypt Negotiates a cease fire… Israel stops firing for 6 hours; Hamas launches 50 more rockets in that timeframe.

      UN calls for a “humanitarian window” for evacuations in Gaza… Israel stops firing into Gaza, Hamas continues to fire OUT of Gaza.

      UN calls for a “Humanitarian window” in Shuja’iya. Israel stops firing into Shuja’iya, Hamas CONTINUES to fire from Shuja’iya.

      Oddly Hamas NEVER stops trying to kill Israelis; who are perfectly willing to stop firing ASSUMING you stop trying to kill them.

      SO “genocide”? Yes, one side IS interested in genocide over anything else. That would be the side ignoring EVERY cease-fire and call for humanitarian delays in their desire to slaughter the enemy any any cost.

      It’s also the side who had their rockets hidden in a UN run school… fortunately for them the UN is on the side of Hamas and returned their rockets so they can try to kill more Israelis.

      When did we redefine “not letting your country be destroyed” as “genocide” for the new liberal dictionary again? Yeah, I’m using the OLD definition and Hamas is the one pushing for Genocide… just like they always have.

      Why you’re defending genocidal lunatics; I have no idea… but only one side is interested in genocide. And you’ve identified the wrong one… again.

  • Johnny Apple Seed

    I don’t understand where the media is on this stuff. This country should be protesting in the streets all over the place against the shenanigans that goes on in this admin. Between Kerry and this guy, is anyone not clear on who this administration stands with. Where is the Jewish community is this country? Disgraceful.

  • DooDooMcGhee

    “My Bad”, Oh that makes it better… He probably forgot what account he had active when he posted that.

  • Eddie frOly

    Oh I was a total douchebag and you caught me my bad (not really but I’ll say it to make people happy). What a libtard prog stooge that has no idea about who we should really be supporting and why!


    Israel should carpet bomb the whole country, kill everything there and then occupy, rebuild and strengthen its new borders. oh yeah, and the US should uphold its alliance with Israel and give any and all aid to Israel that it wants!

  • Bob Young

    We always knew that the obama islamo-fascist regime was behind the islamic terrorists in Gaza, whats the surprise here?

  • NotBuyingItEvenForADollar

    This was not an accident, this admin is all about the hashtag.

  • Lorraine George

    The people in DC need to get off TWITTER AND MUTI MEDIA! How the hell old are they? Ten?

  • 94912070

    Using human shields is crime according to International law. Where is the UN on this? Oh, they’re out shoot pool with POTUS. My bad.

  • Skevvy

    “My bad.”?? Put that on your resume and get out now!

  • Guest

    Maybe public officials should stop tweeting and get to work.