Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett blasts CNN’s Don Lemon over his coverage of the Michael Dunn verdict, citing his lack of objectivity.

That’ll leave a mark.


Lemon responds.


Jarrett hits back.


Twitchy’s coverage of Don Lemon

  • drw

    You mad bro? I always thought Don Lemon was a parody.

    • Calcat36

      You mad bro? You think?

  • radjahshelduck

    Jarrett is an attorney.

    • BlahBlah

      So is Lemon. In his mom’s mind.

      • AZWarrior

        So is Ovomit. (Allegedly). How’s THAT working out?

        • bungopony

          Shhhhh-don’t say,”working”!

          • AZWarrior

            Working=Zero Subsidies

          • bungopony

            Dammit,there’s that damn “W” word again.

          • AZWarrior

            Is that Maynard G. Krebbs?

        • 1389AD

          Not any more. Both he and Moochelle had to give up their law licenses – for undisclosed reasons. Wonder what it cost for them to get that information sealed up.

          • AZWarrior

            Think they got a package deal along with his birth records, re-instatement of his citizenship after going to the Indonesian madrassa as a citizen of that country, his college transcripts, admission/scholarship applications, etc.

      • E Quilibrate

        Lemon is a progressive, his mom then would have been
        that crow, never mind I’ve already been down that road today.

  • coneil5150

    Are they giving out Testosterone shots at FOX first Karl Rove now Gregg JARRET

    • DBNinKY

      I know what you mean, they’ve been pretty docile at FNC for about the last six to eight years.

    • E Quilibrate

      Maybe, just maybe someone has awakened from their slumber.

  • san rafael blue

    For Gregg ( Mild mannered) Jarret to “explode” like this is a shocking delight. It’s ALMOST like have Romney yell at Obama to STFU!

    • Fairfax51

      Jarret has Fire. If you have no fire, you are worthless.

  • EndangeredNJRepub

    Gregg Jarrett is exceptionally mild-mannered. He is also a lawyer. He is also capable of maintaining objectivity when being a reporter, something CNN can’t be troubled with when hiring pompous, condescending, unqualified-to-make-legal-observations talking heads like Don Lemon.

    • Informed&Concerned

      Nice synopsis, Endangered!

  • Spinmamma

    SOMEBODY with a microphone needs to speak up for the jury system! It’s the only place In the criminal justice system where nonlawyers have a voice at all.

  • Maxx

    Every guilty verdict for a black man or non guilty verdict when a black man is killed by someone OTHER than another black man is a personal affront to Don Lemon. He couldn’t be any more biased about the news if he was doing his remotes from a Black Panthers man cave.

    • forgetyoutooo

      Because the media hardly ever covers crimes committed by b/acks and if they by chance do, the race is never mentioned.

      • scott beard

        Exactly. And, it’s obvious to anyone with a brain what they’re doing. It’s pretty distirbing when an agenda trumps honest reporting. The media is NOT suppose to have an agenda.

    • whoselineisitanyway

      I’m thinking that Lemmon would not be that welcome in a black panther club. He is flamingly gay you know.

  • jody

    That CNN crew never met a white defendant with a black vic who wasn’t a racist and guilty. Especially Sunny Hostin and this twerp Lemon. They demand a quick verdict/conviction and immediately drag the guy to the front of the court and summarily execute them

  • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

    I wonder why Don Lemon didn’t care about Chris Lane who was murdered by a black guy because he hated white people? I wonder why Don Lemon has no problem with the thousands of black people killed by other black people?

    Oh right, you can’t cry racism about those.

  • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

    I wonder why Don Lemon doesn’t care about this story:

    Black thugs attack disabled white vet while yelling racial slurs about white people, they aren’t even charged with a hate crime. I always thought doing something to someone for racist reasons was a hate crime, but apparently not if you’re black and doing it to a white person.

    • Clay Austin

      I’d be interested to know how man “high profile” cases of an African American being cleared of killing a white person you can name.. Don’t include OJ.. cause he didn’t do it!

  • $84598387

    OUCH Greg! Get Lemon a gallon of aloe for that burn!

  • nc ✓s & balances

    Lemon has had his moments. This wasn’t one of them.

  • $84598387

    I think Lemon would now rather be Pajama Boy sittin in his comfies and sipping hot chocolate.

    • syvyn11

      You mean he wants to be with Pajama Boy.

  • Wayne Lynch

    I’ve never warmed to Jarrett…CORRECTED!

  • LegalizeShemp

    Why does the lib media go wall to wall with racially charged cases but totally ignores thousands of other murders which are not racially charged? They’re always trying to stir up racial trouble, so they can point to it and say, “this country is REALLY racist!” Libs cause a problem then call for “a national dialogue” or “a national conversation” about all the trouble they are causing.

    • WhoDat

      I hadn’t heard of this crime until last week and I watch “lib media” fairly often.

      • Calcat36

        Where is the wall to wall coverage on the Shitcago killings? You know, black on black crimes?

        • WhoDat

          There’s only 24 hours in a day.

          • Calcat36

            Yet, you ignore them. And it is so trivial that it warrants not ONE MINUTE of coverage?

            Racist much?

          • Cory

            Actually I don’t ignore them.

          • Calcat36

            Who said YOU ignore them?

      • lainer51

        really? Who knew?

      • F the Left

        Last week, the lib media was too busy covering for Oblamer lies and misdeeds. They just got a chance to cover this story now. But tomorrow it’ll be back to covering Oblamer and his lies as per usual.

  • syvyn11

    While sharp and directed right at Lemon, Mr. Jarrett was (mostly) professional. Lemon needs to be taken down (professionally, that is) a few pegs.

  • Derfallbright

    These cable network hosts have a problem…..are they straight news people or should they also express personal points of view?

    We have not yet heard the details of why the jury could not reach agreement ….was it one person that was the hold out or did 11 people want to find him not guilty.

    There is some complication to this stand your ground issue. The words say “fear of death or great bodily injury. This whole self defense issue would have been harder for the jury if Mr. Dunn had not left the area and had called the Police. That screams guilt of something. It’s not proof of guilt of anything but is really hurts your claim of being just an ordinary victim.

    I do agree with Mr. Lemon in that some of these problems result from people not being willing to simply mind their own business.

    When you mix a combination of factors you can end up with bad results. These boys happened to be black, but they could have just as easily been four white boys playing their radio too loud. These children should have been raised by their parents to respect request from adults. (white or black should not have mattered) Disturbing others by acting rude crossed paths with what may have been a cranky old ,man that may have had one too many drinks and it created a deadly combination that ended in a tragic result.

    I worked in a high school and I saw the obvious results of the failure of some parents who failed to require even the most basic level of curiosity from their children.

    Am I saying this young man is responsible for his own death…absolutely not …..but I am saying when two people are on the same railroad track speeding toward a train wreck someone needs to take a side track. Mr. Dunn could have gotten out of his car and said nothing or the teenager could have agreed to turn down his radio. Both should have known what could happen.

    • WhoDat

      Listening to your music in your own car is enough of a reason to have someone kill you now, I guess.

      Dunn should have driven away but from what I’ve learned about him recently, he was an alcoholic, racist, bully, domestic abuser with an itchy trigger finger.

      • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

        Chris Lane’s killer killed him for being white, yet no cries of racism from the left.

        Why is that WhoDat? Is it because you guys have selective outrage?

        What about the war vet beaten to death by two black thugs, no one said that was racism.

        White man kills black man, racism. Black man kills white man, justice. According to you libs that is.

      • J_W_C_NM

        When is there going to be justice for Christina Eilman?

        • Calcat36

          Or any woman, black or white, killed by the hands of a democrat politician?

      • Derfallbright

        I think you about nailed it. However, I don’t think the jury knew any of that….at least not officially.

        Now as for playing music in your own car, that one has been a tough one ever since my teenage kids would drive my car and I had to learn to turn down the radio before I turned on the car.

        I don’t know how loud is too loud before I would complain to a car load of teenagers when I am in a strange town and I know I am only going to be there for a few minuets. I guess that is a choice we all need to maker for ourselves. Mr. Dunn ‘chose poorly’ as they said in one of the Indiana Jones movies.

    • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

      Re: “are they straight news people…” Not on CNN.

      • Derfallbright

        very funny.

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    For the same reason that a Don Lemon can be moved to personalize the outcome of the case, as far as a “See? How can anyone say there’s justice when twelve people can’t agree this was cold-blooded murder!” or some similarly-worded sentiment– in other words, “This could happen if I were the victim in the case– the justice system would fail me!”– it is for this very same reason, many people feel the Justice Department under Eric Holder, and many State and local officials, would not take their valid complaints seriously, because the complaints are not in accord with a particular agenda. “But for the grace of God,” and all that sort of thing.

    Now watch, as the usual Troll Patrol will attempt to explain why “it’s different,” or, failing that, that “Awww, feeling butthurt, teabagger?” will be their tack.

  • stuckinIL4now

    So the uber “professional” journalist Lemon responds with snark and insult and he thinks that’s going to earn respect from anyone but libturds who already kiss the voluminous backsides of the scumplicit slimestream mediots? Is this the new Zimmerman trial?

  • LegalizeShemp

    Liberals are always dismayed when their lies, misrepresentations, spin and bias fail to get the expected outcomes they so desire.

  • LegalizeShemp

    And these are the same liberal morons who jumped up and down clapping with glee when black man OJ Simpson was acquitted of killing two white people.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Man, those imaginary liberals you made up sound like jerks.

      • JP

        Oh no, I remember that day. I was attending a large state college campus. It wasn’t a political division in reactions as much as a race/gender one. I watched with the other girls on my floor in my dorm. When the verdict was announced we were stunned. I saw Denise Brown and I just felt physically sick, and the other girls in the room had similar reactions. Then we heard shouting coming from the courtyard below our window. The black guys on campus ran out into the courtyard between my dorm and the next one over and they were high-fiving, laughing, cheering. Probably about twenty in all. It was such a stark contrast with their celebrating and us feeling so somber and sad. It just felt to us like because he was a big sports star her life was expendable and worthless. They clearly didn’t see it the same way. That night out on the main street outside campus walking around was so strange. You definitely felt this tension, this separation that was very different from the norm. It didn’t take long for things to go back to normal, but I will always remember that day.

      • rickg62

        Another idiot pokes his head up out of the sand.

      • F the Left

        The only thing imaginary here is your ability to be clever.

  • Booker

    The media never learns. This story was never a big story. It was so obvious that he was gonna get convicted. Ahh, but we gotta smear the South!

  • malb

    Don Lemon might want to take his own advice. #1 “People don’t like a gay minstrel show.” #2 “Mind your business old man”.

  • Electradivine

    Funny how conservatives were sitting on lemons lap when he was very opinionated about the Zimmerman case and the Melissa perry stuff, now he says something opinionated you don’t like, you want him to shut up and don’t be opinionated.

    The tolerant right

    • Jake Bradford

      Are we news anchors, dummy? Allegedly supposed to be objective?

      • Electradivine

        Why were you not outraged when he put his opinion on issues you agreed with? Several times twitchy had a story about Lemon taking a opinion on air that agreed with conservatives … No outrage on him “speaking his mind” then, so spare me your righteous bs

        • Jake Bradford

          I don’t watch CNN but I have heard plenty of Obamabot burpings from Lemon the past few yrs. He comes across as quite shallow & indoctrinated. Being black, being gay is no excuse.
          The only thing that bothers me is when media pick and choose criminal cases to highlight so they can make their hateful smearing points. To protect the narrative. They LIVE for a case like this…over on MSNBC they look like kids on Christmas morning.

    • H50 ✓RAT

      You can agree with someone on one issues and disagree with them on another issue. Its called being an adult and judging the merits of the individual argument, rather than blindly agreeing with whatever comes out of their mouth, because they are on your side. That kind of thing would fall into the cult of personality mindset.

      • Scott Carroll

        Brilliant. Well done.

      • Bathing Suit Area

        The difference being that this thread isn’t just about disagreeing with Lemon, it’s declaring him unprofessional for having any opinion, even though it was apparently completely proportional for him to hold opinions that twitchy agreed with.

  • Jake Bradford

    The only murders that matter to liberals & most blacks are blacks killed by someone who isn’t black. The 95% of blacks killed by black men aren’t worth even a yawn. And the whites killed by blacks (much more common that the reverse)? Their lives are absolutely worthless.
    Personally, I’ve stopped caring what media scum like Don Lemon say or do.

    • Remington


  • Guest

    It’s true every time he covers something it’s becomes about him. But that must be his producer’s idea intentionally using that format. Don Lemon is reading a teleprompter. It’s not a good way to cover the news by injecting yourself into the news but this is pretty typical of CNN and why it’s in last place IMO.

    • H50 ✓RAT

      Sometimes commentary from a personal standpoint can be valuable, because you, by your personal experience you add a perspective to the discussion that others who haven’t been there and done that or even thought about the overall issue from a new point of view.
      It ceases to be effective or valuable tho when you get so overcome by your own emotions or biases that you lose the overall audience.

  • right_on

    As a liberal shill, Lemon has THE perfect surname. Of course, the network won’t trade him in for something better….they’re all the same on that side of the bench, anyway…prejudiced racists, and prevaricating Marxists! The truth doesn’t matter to these whiners…what matters is skin color, and an opinion that fosters hatred from all sides.

  • CrushAllDems

    There are only two things that matter to the left about Don Lemon; he’s black and he’s gay. Other than that, they really couldn’t give a hairy rat’s rectum about him. But then again, I don’t give one about him either…

  • fireandreamitchell

    Don Lemon – the bitter fruit.

  • Conservative Pitbull

    How is it that CNN hand picks their lemons just like Obama.

  • Perry

    Don Lemon thinks he can get away with being an idiot because he’s a gay and Black. Nope.

  • marvgoux1


  • lazypadawan

    Jarrett owned that guy. Why doesn’t Don Lemon get this worked up over black kids killed by other black kids every day?

    • rickg62

      Because that doesn’t fit the agenda. If it’s not the rare white on black case, they don’t want to talk about it.

  • chiefpontiac

    Lemon is still in diapers. He craps himself when he hears Obama speak. He works for the perfect network, CNN, the Crapping Nitwits Network….

  • fools2234

    He is just another racist black, just like “toure” from MSNBC

  • worldscam

    I love Jarrett’s, “Old Man”? You’re right about that. I was trying cases in front of juries when you were in diapers, Don. You could use a little experience and maturity!” CNN is nothing BUT pathetic.
    5:58 PM – 16 Feb 2014

  • Sarah Flashing

    Greg Jarrett needs his own daytime show. He’s awesome!

  • robertloggia

    Shouldn’t you be watching The Daily Show right now to get your news?

  • John Bibb

    Once again–justice was served in Florida. Deliberately murder someone–of any race–a long prison term or death. Defend yourself against an attack–and having to kill the perp to save yourself–not guilty. Sounds like Florida jurors think and act rationally. Some prosecutors–and lots of American Pravda Media PRESSTITUTES–not so much.

  • Adam Baumb

    Hey, Major…want me to go whip his a**? I’ll send my sister — keep it fair.

  • in_awe

    talk about getting owned, and by an “old man”! That should leave a mark.

  • $3838536

    Dawn Lemon is CNN’s token fuliginous phag.

  • F the Left

    Less beer, more class, Benny. Do it for your last few brain cells if nothing else.

    • World B. Free

      It appears that it’s too late for him to follow that advice.

  • Tantalus XVI

    OH SNAP! As the kids say!

  • Churchill4President

    Greg Jarrett can’t be trusted. He continually uses the euphemism “undocumented immigrants”.

    • Andrew Interrupted

      International trespassers is still my favorite.

    • World B. Free

      That’s probably what his bosses at FOX News tell him to say.

  • BigSky1970

    I didn’t think Gregg had it in him. *golf clap”

  • michael s

    Can anyone tell me when Gregg Jarrett had a problem with a white anchor,expressing outrage over a verdict?

    • Scotty G.

      No, because normal people don’t think like that.

      “He only did it because Lemon is black” ….Leave it Mikey to bring racism into the equation. Nice job leftist hack. Apparently in Mikey’s bizarre world, the words of black men cannot be criticized. The soft racism of low expectations continues.

  • beachmom H

    Jarrett rocks!

  • John Thomas

    Don Lemon is so bipolar. He’ll make outstanding observations like how blacks need more fathers in their lives and to stop blaming others for his communities’ violence and failure…..and then he goes to the race card every time someone criticizes Obama on ISSUES………he sucked up the Trayvon Martin story and is doing the same for this one. Just because one is black doesn’t mean you can go to the race card every time you have a chance. Go suck another co**, Don.

  • Wheelman

    Did I miss something? Dunn got a minimum of 60 years and will be tried again on the first charge. Maybe he was overcharged with First Degree murder. I’m thinking Second Degree, Manslaughter in the First/Depraved Indifference would have resulted in another guilty verdict. But he’s not going anywhere for a very long time.

    • JJay278

      that was my question did they not give the jury another option but first degree murder? Because if no they would be hung. Prosecution would have to clearly prove intent for that charge, wouldn’t they? It seems that FL. keeps going for the maximum in these cases because they are high profile instead of charging for the actual facts.

  • BO_stinks

    lemon not only a racist but also discriminates based on age as well….

    • World B. Free

      Like most leftists.

  • Tanker74

    Jarrett might want to be careful about the “diaper” comments since Lemon was molested as a child.

  • Andrew Interrupted

    Lemon is still trying to get back into the good graces of the Cultural Marxists after wandering off the Democratic plantation. Too bad, Don. You were wandering toward the right side of history.

  • bungopony

    Would you godforsaken pantywaists quit deleting posts!!!?We ain’t toddlers-hell,they’re the ones you’re deleting.

  • Clay Austin

    Let’s see of FOX sends “David Webb” to ask if Gregg should apologize to Don for calling him a “pompous, pretentious jerk?” I doubt they wont!

    • 86BHO12

      “I doubt they wont!” What in the hell does that even mean? You might want to quit modeling your speech after the dufus Joe Biden.

      • Clay Austin

        OK.. I doubt they will.. Do you now feel better?

  • Kvinna

    Well, it sure would help if the guests on these shows would actually know the justice system. It’s supposed to be news, not a talk show.

  • huh_monkey

    Don Lemon!?!.. is that like the Boss of the “Lemon Mafia”?.

  • joey

    The cable TV news ratings don’t lie.

  • Payton Manning

    Since prices serve as the free market’s communications beacons, government attempts to set prices of goods and services distort the signals that guide market players.

  • WHYsitaskingmyname6

    There’s a brown thing on CNN. I think it’s a turd. —But they keep calling it “Don”…..

  • E Quilibrate

    Don Lemon—That name,,, There’s a joke in there just trying to surface.