Navy SEAL Chris Kyle died one year ago today. To honor his memory, Texas Gov. Rick Perry lowered state flags to half-staff. Additionally, he tweeted the following picture of Kyle’s grave.

Sen. Ted Cruz also tweeted a tribute.

Sarah Palin tweeted the following and posted a further message on her Facebook page.


Glenn Beck asks for prayer for American hero Chris Kyle’s family

‘Still miss Chris Kyle’: Actor Dean Cain honors his heroic friend [pics]

‘Real heroes’: NFL legend Joe Namath shows off bracelet tribute to Chris Kyle [photo]

  • JeffWRidge

    Your nation thanks you for your service, Mr. Kyle. Rest in peace, you earned it.

    • Jeremy Ron


  • nc ✓s & balances

    True patriots, honoring a true patriot.

  • Exodus2011

    (saw this tweet today …)

    “The Love, The Touch,The Missing Partner”
    Special #Prayers For #ChrisKyle Wife, Family & Friends!

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Two things are being celebrated today: The life of a man and his service to his nation and his comrades-in-arms, both in the field and at home– and a dumb old football game the outcome of which won’t amount to a hill of beans once all the bets are paid off and the checks to the teams and players are cashed.

    Just thought I’d point out what’s important in life: “But if your dad can’t pay the rent, go tell Mickey Mantle, see what he says…nobody cares, kid.”

  • H50 ✓RAT

    Very nice. Well done all.

  • nirvana

    I’m proud of Perry, Cruz & Palin for remembering and honoring Chris Kyle.

  • sjmom

    RIP Chris and thoughts and prayers for your loved ones.

  • americanreal

    and we never found out the truth of his murder (probably was drugged, killed and then left at the location; never heard of his killer having a trial or getting justice now have we?!? Hmmm?!?

  • redstilettos

    We will never forget you. I dunno how the mix came out but here is a song I wrote and recorded for him (not mastered and recorded via Cubase and GarageBand). been hesitant to share it since I’m my own worst critic.

  • Marianna Mizell

    Thanks for the true patriots to remember a soldier who died for OUR freedom. R.I.P. soldier.

  • Mark Watson

    Your nation thanks you for your service, Mr. Kyle. Rest in peace, you earned it.

  • RUexperienced

    I wish Obama had recognized the life and death of Chris Kyle to at least half of the way he did for Whitney Houston.

  • harleyjack

    As a veteran 17 1965 I also say semper fi to Mr. Kyle. What I hate are for the very politicians and wanna be sarah [palins to open there mouths on every issue of the veterans even when the va is not treating the vets right and the fact that 22 a month are committing suicide. Many call them brave heroes, and ride Harleys at rallies and they do not even own a Harley, ie sarah palin

  • harleyjack

    less than 1% of americans have even served in the military, the rest sit on a sofa eating nacho chips drinking beer yelling go get em however they want nothing to do with serving. sarah palins son piece of shit served as security guard to a general???? really we are fighting an enemy with dirty thongs, dusty robe, an ak47 a rocket launcher and a few ied’s with a 1st grade education and we cannot get a handle on the enemy??? really

  • The Beech Bums

    In the war against the superstitions and illusions of today’s progressives, knowledge is your most potent weapon: