Remember when then President George W. Bush did this dance?

He did another one on his most recent trip to Africa, and you can see a clip of it at the end of this interview on ABC’s “This Week.”

And there’s this point:

  • neoface

    Notice that Obama is already acting like Bush, as if he is retired without a care and traveling the world. Never mind that the middle east is burning, four major scandals in house, while our economy is still in the doldrums. Wasn’t Obama also dancing in Africa? So who is running the country, Biden??? OMG!!!!

    • nc

      I don’t think it’s Biden, and it also doesn’t seem to matter where in the world BHO is.

      • neoface

        That Jarrett woman is probably running the country, Obama does give her four body guards.

  • Mark May

    George W. Bush dancing? John Ashcroft cannot be happy about that.

  • Txgirlinnh

    The difference in class and grace between the Bush’s and the Obama’s is like day and night. While he was not perfect, I can’t say I don’t miss W. He at least didn’t seem like he utterly and completely hated the country he was elected to lead. He also didn’t use every single opportunity to blame his predecessor or democrats.

  • Ty in TX

    And it’s an honest joy. Remember when we gave the commencement speech at Annapolis and the student with the lowest score – the “Anchor” – came barreling across the stage? The ear to ear grin on his face? The bear hug he gave President Bush? And then it happened, Mr. Bush got a smile on his face just as big and hugged him back even harder. He truly looked like he was sharing in the young man’s joy.

  • nc

    I saw this interview this morning and was completely enchanted with GWB UNTIL he opened up about his support for the immigration bill. And this right after he refused to comment on other current issues. Arrrgh!

  • David

    GWB remains classy in spite of the typical “gotcha” question by Jon Karl.
    Obama shows his lack of class everyday.