Lila Rose and her ground-breaking investigative team at Live Action have released yet another whistle-blowing undercover video showing that accused serial baby-killer Kermit Gosnell’s barbaric actions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the murder of live babies under the guise of abortion.

Watch, weep, and spread the word:

Here are chilling quotes from the abortion counselor in the Bronx, New York, instructing the undercover investigator how to deal with her baby:

“If it comes out, then it comes out. Flush it … if anything, you know, put it in a bag or something or somewhere and bring it to us.”

“If it did come out in one piece, it’s very small.  So they would still have to put it in a container – like, a jar – with solution and send it to the lab.”

And most horrifying of all, this is what the clinic worker says is done to babies who are still breathing or twitching after the abortion:

“The solution will make it stop.  It’s not going to be moving around in the jar … that’s the whole purpose of the solution.”

“It’ll automatically stop.  It won’t be able to … not with the solution.”

The clinic worker confirms that the “solution” is a toxic substance.

Because of Live Action’s journalistic courage, many are now being made aware of the horrors of abortion factories and the callous disregard for life of those who use “choice” as a smokescreen.

Despite the long-time whitewash of post-abortion murder, the truth is getting out there thanks to social media innovators and entrepreneurs.


Video: Abortion Clinic Worker: If the Baby Is Born Alive, We Put It In a Solution to Kill It. If You Have It At Home? Flush It!

Live Action video: Planned Parenthood encourages sex-selective abortion; pro-lifers respond with #PlannedParenthoodSlogans

Twitchy’s Kermit Gosnell coverage

  • Murphy Linn Spears


  • Steve_J

    No words to describe my feelings after watching the video.

    • r_coplin2001

      I have a few words which are sick and disgusted.

  • DanStlMo


  • nc

    I am sick to my stomach. But God bless Lila Rose and her incredible team for this video and others like it. These horrors must be exposed and pushed in the faces of those that still think “pro-choice” is a “women’s health” issue.

    And BHO must be outed as the number one supporter of this practice.

    • missj

      He ended his speech with “God bless Planned Parenthood”…….The first president ever to speak at a PP event. What is that old saying about knowing someone by the company they keep?

      • angeleyez

        The baby will die because of the solution in the jar.
        Does “THE SOLUTION” sound like Hitler’s ….. “FINAL SOLUTION” ?
        ▲ YES
        ▼ NO

        • angeleyez

          The movie “Sophie’s Choice” still bothers me.

        • Guest

          No not at all. The Nazi final solution was to remove Jews from Germany via deportation; not to exterminate them. Haavara Agreement, Madagascar, etc.

          Now here come the Zionist downvotes…

          • Justin Ahlquist

            Deporting into ash or dirt?

          • LadaMokusa

            You are utterly deluded.

          • Brian Bennett

            The “Final Solution” was to kill as many of the “unwanted” races through whatever means necessary or available. Of course some people believe that all that evidence collected from all those totally different sites and sources were somehow all faked…but those people are really, really unintelligent.

          • dunst43

            History can be inconvenient to an anti-Semite. But, if you can re-write the history of the Holocaust you can re-write any history. And for you to be right, Barry, every victim, every nearby resident, every guard, every German soldier questioned lied that the extermination camps EXISTED. Only you, Barry, deny this. Only you. Alone.

          • Guest

            Because I disagree on the semantics of “Final Solution” I immediately become anti-Semitic? You are mistaken to believe that I don’t like or somehow disregard the Semitic people of the world.

          • angeleyez

            isn’t the history of eugenics, the Final Solution, and
            abortions connected ?

          • dunst43

            Bingo! Also Socialism. The NAZIs were the National Socialist Workers’ Party. Sounds leftist to me.

          • B E

            Wrong. Hitler’s views were VERY similar to the “religious right” of today. Psychotic.

          • dunst43

            In what way Brenden? Be specific and prepare to be schooled.

          • dunst43

            Barry, the Holocaust happened. Any ‘plan’ to remove Jews, or Poles, or Russians or Czechs, or Slovaks, Hungarians, or Gypsies, or Christians, or Communists to other places just didn’t happen. It ended in the Holocaust and you can’t believe that all these people died because… you hate Jews. It’s sad Barry. You’re sad.

          • DebEast

            When DAMN LIARS are CAUGHT, they always play the “Semantics” card. The truth is “Guest” blurted an unsupportable LIE and was called on it.

          • trixiewoobeans

            You obviously drank a CaseofBeer before posting.

          • ReneeTru

            are you serious?

          • dunst43

            Where did you go? Before we stood up to your Jew hatred you had a name…Barry Casebeer or something like that. And now you’re only Guest. Conservatives, this is what happens when you stand up to Dems: they run and hide. Keep hammering them with the truth!

          • DwellsInFire

            You’re the one sounding like a democrat here. Because somebody states something about history you suddenly call them a hater. Liberal “shoot the messenger” mentality. So perhaps I need to step in and state some facts. Hitler gave Jews a chance to leave Germany, and many did. That’s why we got people like Einstein. So that was Hitler’s initial solution. Here’s some things you should know. (1) The Red Cross investigated concentration camps and couldn’t find any evidence of gassing of people. (2) According to sources from the time, including Jewish sources, there were from between 2.6 to 3 million Jews living in occupied Europe, which means simple kindergarten level math indicates that 6 million Jews were not gassed. (3) It was originally believed that 4 million Jews were gassed at Auschwitz, but that number has since been revised down to 1.5 million (still way too high), and yet nobody noticed or even so much as subtracted the difference from 6 million. (4) The number 6 million when relating to Jews, goes back to before the first world war. Every time Jews are mentioned by number, that number was 6 million. Close to 130 references to 6 million Jews going back decades before WWII have been found. So when WWII ended, guess what number popped up for number of Jews killed? 6 million. (5) The time it takes to cremate a body after gassing is about an hour. For thin or starving people, about half that. There were 15 cremation ovens in Auschwitz. It is a mathematical impossibility of running 4 million people through that process in the last two years of the war when it was supposed to have happened… So if I were you, I would not be resorting to liberal name calling on a subject it sounds like you don’t know much about. I used to believe that conservatives dealt with facts, but I sure see a lot of liberal tactics and behaviors in these twitchy comments.

          • dunst43

            Wow! You should go out and get some extra thick foil to line your hat.

          • Guest

            Again with the ad hominem attacks…that seems to be your best tactic. Not a very big fan of facts are you dunce43?

          • DebEast

            So Dachau and Auschwitz didn’t happen? I’ve been there. I saw the ovens. “Guest” is not deluded. “Guest” is a DAMN LIAR.

          • Leslie Ward

            Sorry the final solution also killed mentally ill, disabled, Catholics and anyone Hitler, et al found to be less than perfect. It was not ONLY about the Jews.

      • r_coplin2001

        Planned Parenthood should change its name because what they do is anti parenthood.

        • trixiewoobeans

          Murder, Inc. is what I call them.

      • aliwilcox

        God Bless? Ummm, I don’t think so.

    • CrossWinds

      Matthew 24:12……..
      And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold……

  • missj

    One of the workers kept referring to it as a pregnancy….so in essence what she is admitting is that it IS a baby and not “tissue”. Even abortion providers know the truth. Until we save our own babies we should not send one more dime of humanitarian aid to any other country. This nation has lost it’s sense of humanity. As a nation we need to get on our knees and beg God to forgive us for allowing this atrocity to continue.

  • Josephine (D)

    Wow, and to think that some Americans believe that this is legitimate medicine? It’s not; it’s “abortion on demand and without apology,” which is exactly what the left wants.

  • Mandy in SC

    I have no idea how this woman was able to make it through this interview without getting sick. That is absolutely horrible, and I can’t believe they were referring to the baby as ‘it’ and the employee was laughing about it. So so sad. :(

  • tjp77

    I don’t know how that undercover woman was able to sit there through all that without losing it on the monster she was talking to. A lot more self control than I would have had.

    • r_coplin2001

      I know the undercover lady that was talking to the monster working at the abortion clinic showed a lot more restraint then I would have.

  • Jo Post

    And we allow a fake ad of Ryan throwing granny of the cliff to spin us up to where we believe we have to be like Democrats to win. THIS is why I will NEVER be one – EVER! Why is the GOP not making these video truths into ads and plastering them over every network?

  • Elisha James

    And women in distress – who go there often confused and alone or without support, actually DO buy into what these “counselors” have to say.

    • beebop1952

      Isn’t it astounding that schools can talk about birth control, dispense condoms but not ONE WORD about abortion? Not.One.Word.

    • dkhilly

      I found it particularly disturbing that one of the counselors was clearly purposefully withholding information about what options hospitals give when babies are born alive. She almost looks like she once got in trouble for losing a sale by letting a young woman know that hospitals can help with adoption.

  • J. Cox

    Lila and her team are true blessings.Her campaign along with Americans United for Life have made many such videos.(Another group that escapes me atm also )

    They have uncovered many instances like this,as well as PP employees suggesting girls as young as 14 cross state lines with their older male boyfriends to get abortions so parents would not be notified.They show PP purposefully breaking numerous state laws on many occasions,and in most cases,the D.A.’s did nothing.

    Americans need to wake up to this horror that we have so long allowed to stain our land.THIS is the culture of death,and the beginning of devaluing life.If we can not love the weakest,most innocent among us before they ever have a chance…how can we love anyone?

    • Carol Anne Gaston Stark

      Amen! It brings to my mind, too, a passage from the Bible that says that in the Last Days our love will grow cold. Anyone doing this to a defenseless human being is pretty cold, for sure!

  • Natalie Nicole Johnson

    MONSTERS!! SICK MONSTERS!! Lord, help me. It is hard to pray for people so twisted and heartless.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      There does come a time when the Lord will tell you, “Pray not for these people, I will not hear thee”. I think gut-wrenching nausea to the point of actually being ill may be that time.

      • Natalie Nicole Johnson

        I just want to be right with my Lord Jesus. It is not easy praying for the wicked, but I will do what I must…and I want my heart to be right when I pray for them. Their (abortionists) evil is so outrageous.

  • deejayaz

    The horrors are compounded because we know Lila and other braves souls, like her, could never get through all the clinics that operate this way.

    Roe v Wade was legislation from the bench and the SC members in assent are equally guilty of nearly 60 million murders of the unborn and born.

  • ltgreen

    EVIL. That’s all I can say.

  • r_coplin2001

    I would like to know how monsters like Kermit Gosnell sleep at night after they kill a live baby.To Lila Rose keep up the good work in showing who these monster really are.

    • John (it true me am)

      They’re all sociopaths, make no mistake.

  • Rocco Nocera

    I can’t even listen to this more than 1 min … disgusting

  • Carol Elliott Maia

    That is so talking about the weather.

  • Billie Slash

    People who advocate baby killing are the same ones who want to confiscate lawful firearms in the name of decreasing “violence”. The hypocrisy is glaring and tragic.

  • anne

    murder murder murder so sick

  • Red Fred

    Absolutely horrifying! By all means don’t go to the hospital!! Baby doesn’t feel it. You lying, money-grubbing, baby-killing scum.

  • gr82cu2

    Sobbing, just sobbing!!!!

  • Dave

    I’ll continue to say it….what we are learning now about abortion, makes abortion the Holocaust of the 21st Century. “Flush it.” Dr. Mengele would be proud of her.

    • tjp77

      It really is. One day people will look back on abortion in the same way we look back on slavery and wonder ‘what the hell were they thinking’.

      • wallygirl

        I would like to think so…but the mentality of people nowadays makes me wonder….so sad…

  • GlockG23

    One of the most horrifying things I have ever seen.

  • CO2 Producer

    The modern-day morality play on the “evolving” concept of life:
    Outside the womb, the life must be preserved.
    Inside the womb, the life can be terminated.
    Therefore, the justification of life is dependent upon location.

    Pretend all you want, but the only difference between the words “kill” and “terminate” is the spelling.

    • Bud-Kathy Jones

      Some abortion advocates are calling for abortions up to 2 years of age.

    • SturJen

      Kermit Gosnell and his buddies over at Planned Un-Parenthood believe that even when that child is out of the womb, you can snip it’s spinal cord and kill it. The only determination of ‘life’ to them is whether or not some dude or chick wants it.

      Time to wake up, folks. The murders walk among us…deceiving women and killing our next generation. All because they cannot understand that sex=babies.


    I’m 66 years Old .I remember women’s Lib , calling us MEN PIGS , Too lazy to take a pill each day , and said then that they would become worse than any man ever thought of being…..Enjoy you whoring ways Ladies , kill your babies ,and go ly under another man , Thank you Mother for not don’t this to me ,

    • SturJen

      I’m about 20 years younger than you and I find your generation of females just mind-boggling stupid. That LSD in the 60s really did a number on them, didn’t it? They believe the lowest, most idiotic tripe out there without a second thought. I once had a group of old hens decrying the fact that our Governor was going to rescind the equal pay act. Uh ladies? it’s a FEDERAL LAW!! No Governor can rescind that. But that’s what you get when you think with your vagina and not your brain.

    • Leslie Ann Brown

      I think the women’s lib movement is one of the most destructive things to ever happen to our country. It’s about throwing out God’s “rule book”.

  • Richard Hertz

    uggg… no words…. just uggg

  • Claudia LaFleur

    These people are heartless and demonic

  • confed2001

    I’m in favor of having retroactive abortions for democrats!

  • Germaine Lorance

    OMG… God have mercy on the dark soul and evil cloud that now covers the USA. I’m sick to my stomach. As a woman… I’m disgusted and horrified.

  • r_coplin2001

    I like to know the ladies that are planning to have an abortion that their is another choice if you are pregnant and don’t want the baby other then having an abortion and that is giving up your baby for an adoption.Let me tell you that my mom was adopted when I guess my moms birth mother couldn’t or didn’t want to keep her

  • Clifford Shick

    This is so sad…

  • Carol Anne Gaston Stark

    This is utterly sick. The people who perform these late term abortions and laugh about it are disgusting! God help us!

  • Herman Vogel

    Planned Parenthood sold a clinic that had an industrial Garbage Disposal in the room next to the Procedure room. As for “sending it to the lab” truth is they use the parts for experiments and Stem Cell. This is some SICK CRAP

  • TocksNedlog

    That’s what the “solution” is for?

    That’s what the FINAL SOLUTION is for.

  • stellatruman

    I won’t watch it. It can’t change my mind about killing babies. It isn’t a health issue , it’s a morality issue. If you don’t want to concieve a baby, then there are several options to ensure you won’t.
    My youngest child was conceived accidentally but that doesn’t make her a mistake.And since I was already a mother, there was no way I would make her disappear because she wasn’t planned. Planned Parenthood is an instrument of death and those who work for it are facilitators of infanticide

  • Thomas Cake

    Oh my God. I feel physically sick after watching that. It only shows what a monstrous procedure this really is. If they’re going to expose kids to sex education in school, they ought to show this also. That way they’ll know that his is definately murder.

  • TocksNedlog


  • vetgal1970

    Oh Dear God!! Thank you Lila Rose for the work you do for these babies. I will have to pray extra for thinking that I would like to see those demons treated like the trash they think those babies are. How can they DO this? To little helpless babies……

  • SD

    With ALL the methods made available for birth control we should NEVER have
    such atrocities occurring. I emailed my Senator and sent him
    this video. I told him that I am a Christian and feel that the US Govt. is infringing on my right to Freedom of Religion by making me pay taxes to fund these atrocities that are totally contrary to my Faith. I am insisting that he do something about it and to make it a priority! I pray there will be an out pouring from those opposed to these atrocities to effect change! With the Gosnell abortion/murders and now this I believe God is moving his people to do something!! To do nothing would be to share in the murder of the innocent. I urge everyone here to send the video to all your Reps. whether they be Dem or Rep and demand that they stop the funding for the murder of babies. We funded Planned Parenthood almost 1/2 billion dollars last year alone


  • Bud-Kathy Jones

    I watched one abortion advocate call for abortions up to 2 years of age, up till then they are nothing but a parasite to the mother. Can you spell euthanasia ? Solve the old people problem . Familiar with Hitler’s eugenics. Progressives are big believers in that also.

  • AynRandfan

    Wait, I am confused…..if a woman does NOT go to an abortion clinic, delivers a live baby, then puts it in a bag or blanket and dumps it in a a dumpster, or flushes it down the toilet — she is charged with infanticide. I have seen it many times in the news. So, the same exact scenario is legal if she INTENDED to abort the baby but it came out alive? something not right….

  • dunst43

    Other than rape, is there any reason in this day and age why any woman could become pregnant without it being her choice? The pill is inexpensive, condoms are less expensive than diapers, and the word ‘no’ still works wonders. Maybe I’m missing something here, but why are there so many unplanned pregnancies? Marriage has taken me out of this loop.

  • KansasGirl


  • Jim Parrish

    I wonder How a woman can choose abortion when knowing how they KILL the human being growing inside them? I wonder are these the same women and men that abuse and murder the children they have or possibly stand by and let the father or boyfriend do it. This clinic should be shut down NOW and the Dr. and workers arrested NOW.I hope God has no room or pity for them and hell is to good for anyone taking part.

  • Kayla

    This is heartbreaking! I am a mother of 2 and at 23 weeks I could feel both my children move and kick.. I couldn’t imagine putting them through that.. I can’t believe how comfortable society has gotten with murdering our children. Maybe if people were more accountable for their actions and chose to be responsible we wouldn’t have this problem. Society has become selfish and cruel.. to really think that their lives are more important over another’s..especially a helpless child’s has proved that we have come a long way in the wrong direction.

  • Guest

    Makes me sick.

  • Dale McNamee

    I wonder how many of those at the PP fundraiser would be there if their mothers had easy access to abortion…Especially those over bthe age of 40 ?

  • Wes

    Our country is morally bankrupt and we should be taking to the streets when murder is legal.There have 55 million babies killed since roe versus wade was enacted into law..

  • Cervantes3

    My daughter saw an HBO special on elephants. She was so moved, she wanted to help. I had her come sit with me and together we went on the world wide web to a quaint little website known as blackgenocide.. I told my daughter that until the genocide of our own species stops, I could care less if that damned elephant got sliced extra thin at the HEB deli tomorrow.

    • Leslie Ward

      Ask to consider and think as to why these people are more concerned with animals than with humans. Help her to see the hypocrisy and the incorrect duality of raising animals above human life.

  • David

    This is the kind of president we have, man, we sure screwed up electing him.

  • John (it true me am)

    Fun Fact: Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger, a noted eugenicist stated “Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated.”.This is what you support liberals.

    • dunst43

      More Fun Maggie Quotes: “no woman shall have a legal right to bear a child without a permit” Read up on Margaret Sanger and you’ll start to really understand Democrats.

  • henry

    What have we come to as a human community? Where did we make that dreadful turn to accept human babies as pieces of trash?

  • MisterIncredible

    The ashes will come. Prepare, people.

  • Karen Christen-Smith

    my heart is broken. why? why?

  • Jerry Hoy

    Evil and disgusting.

  • Alex Bone

    oh god this is almost traumatic to read

  • Malmatik

    This is horror.

  • dunst43

    I walked through Auschwitz and could not go to the neighbouring Birkenau. This video was worse. We were looking at the face of evil. It can end by simply showing the truth of abortion. Everybody should see Auschwitz.

  • Karla M

    Live Action have released video from Washington D.C. clinic:

  • Batman


  • Glenn Berman

    If this were about an animal, these same ProChoice people would be up in arms against animal cruelty and and animal rights.

  • SJ’s Dad

    This needs to be sent around Twitter with Low Info Voter Hashtags:
    #Huffpo, #OFA, #ACA, #Kardashians . . . etc.
    Otherwise we’re just preaching to the choir.

    • Leslie Ward

      It’s already on Facebook – just keep it going.

      • SturJen

        Nothing ticks off those 12 Libs still on my friend list than when I post this stuff. Not sure if they are ignoring me yet, and I don’t care. Can’t stop the signal.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Thank GOD when I was viewing this, I was only drinking coffee, and I have a strong Stomach…Abortion is an AMERICAN ATROCITY, it makes us no better (if not worse) than the Former Soviets, Nazis, etc. Bless you for exposing this, and keep it up, until EVERYBODY knows about it! Jawamax 8<{D} #Life #OurLadyPeace #RightWard

  • Leslie Ward

    We won’t know exactly what Tiller did in KS as Kathleen Sebelius, as Gov, covered for him and prevented a trial for his practices. And since Pro-Life groups who cover these types of things are ignored by the media (look at how far they are going to ignore an on-going trial) – we may never know the truth. But here is a truth – less than 1% of all American abortions are for rape, incest and health of the mother. One simple piece of legislation could change the abortion culture in the US. Those less than 1% are provided in the first trimester free at a hospital, with the hospital covering the cost. No taxpayer funds going to X program but in actuality going to abortion (explain how the ‘poor’ can afford $330 to $1645 (cost of abortion at Gosnell’s clinic)) – CASH? And no need for millions going to PP but being funneled into abortion. So PP ‘free birth control’ meme is an absolute failure and they cover up murder as a way to cover up that failure on our dime and call us heartless haters. Makes me sick.

  • Mickey O’Brien

    These are people that kill babies for a living. What did we expect – COMPASSION?? Yet a large segment of the population believes that they are actually doing good and empowering women. Incredible that it takes an undercover video to expose what should have been obvious. But mutilated babies do not change the most hardened of hearts among the pro-abortion leadership, and neither will this.

  • Justin Levesque

    125 comments essentially condemning these barbaric practices. Not ONE comment from a so-called ‘pro-choice’ individual.
    What’s the matter, PP supporters? No words of support for the infanticide you fight so hard to protect? I challenge you all to come up with a reasonable argument to defend these practices.

  • Justin Levesque

    Only in instances of rape, incest, or when the life of the mother is at risk, and that’s it! Don’t want a child? Birth control pills, condoms, etc. Can’t afford birth control (which I think is a load of crap), don’t have sex! It’s all very simple.

  • TeaPartyReaganConservative

    This tragic casual inhumanity attitude towards human life is a result from liberal racist fascists like registered nurse activist Margaret Sanger of the US, and Dr Maria Stopes of the UK, among many other like minded professionals of their time and before, who mocked the humanity of human beings, in their mastermind mentality of controlling the procreation of the “unfit”, or “undesireable” in and of the mass populace, via sterilizations, contraception, abortions, via institutionalizing their cause of selective population control- ie; Eugenics, for which fascist dictator Adolph Hitler got much if his scientific justifications for his racist genocidal theory and application from, ie; Eugenics

  • Junie3

    Cher’s tweeting and crying in her drink about this, right?

  • Legal Immigrant in TX

    Disgusting? Let’s ask BHO on this one, shall we?

  • flothow

    Ah – got it….so the womb becomes the crime scene! It’s legal to kill the baby while it’s in the womb – even if that child could live outside the womb! What an evil practice!

  • Billy Bob

    But they have no problem with taking your gun to protect a child. But, But, I don’t own a gun. It doesn’t matter if you own a gun or not, as it is your RIGHT to own one, based on individual choice.

  • Kannibal Jones

    may god have mercy on us all

  • dkhilly

    How are these organizations that claim to care about a women’s health and choice not screening for domestic violence, or outside threats? A healthy woman with a healthy baby doesn’t just endure the sickest part of pregnancy, and the embarrasment of her tummy showing, only to abort it late in the game for no reason. A real “couselor” would seek to protect the woman; not make a sale.

  • NorCalSister

    AHHHH I cant watch the whole thing!!! please pass this around to everyone you know….

  • John Kerry’s Forehead


  • SD

    Everyone ….Please write your Senators regardless if they are Dems or Repubs and provide the link to Lila Roses undercover work. We spent nearly 1/2 billion dollars for Planned Parenthood last year alone to perform these atrocities. I would much rather see 1/2 billion dollars spent on birth control implants and IUDs but not birth control pills. The reason is with implants and IUDS less chance of user era. With birth control pills you have to rely on the individual actually taking them. Furthermore if a individual cannot afford to take care of themselves and is on Govt. assistance they should be required to have birth control implant until they can take care of themselves instead of getting more assistance for having babies!

  • SD

    Everyone ….Please write your Senators regardless if they are Dems or Repubs and provide the link to Lila Roses undercover work. We spent nearly 1/2 billion dollars for Planned Parenthood last year alone to perform these atrocities. I would much rather see 1/2 billion dollars spent on birth control implants and IUDs but not birth control pills. The reason is with implants and IUDS less chance of user era. With birth control pills you have to rely on the individual actually taking them. Furthermore if a individual cannot afford to take care of themselves and is on Govt. assistance they should be required to have birth control implant until they can take care of themselves instead of getting more assistance for having babies!

  • Wolf Moon

    Chilling. Cringe-inducing. Shivers.

    Something is very wrong here. The babies are basically savable. There are people who want to adopt. If the mother “accidentally” goes to the hospital, they “have to” deliver.

    One thing is for sure – Roe v. Wade is 1970’s legal tech that is NOT keeping up with the times or medical science.

  • Momo

    Why are people always so shocked that human beings can be so cruel and violent?

    When terrorists blow up children, athletes and spectators or “disturbed and lonely teens” murder their schoolmates, teachers and neighborhood kids, we wonder how this horror could happen.

    We live in a world that protects and even celebrates a woman’s right to walk into a clinic and deliberately have her own child ripped from the womb, where that baby should be most safe.

    How can we expect young people to understand that we endorse and champion a mothers right to stop the beating heart of her own baby, yet we want them to be kind and non violent?

    This is the worst kind of mixed message and calling the baby “clumps of tissue” or some other grotesque lie fools no one. Our culture of violence and cruel acts of terror are born, sadly and with sickening irony, within the open embrace of abortion rights.

    Is it any wonder, that in a world where Gosnell practiced his vile and horrific acts for YEARS and in the OPEN, we also have monsters like Lanza or the Boston Terror Bombers? The worst and most gut wrenching violence imaginable is the act of a mother ending the life of her tiny, fragile baby. In light of that, is any other violence really surprising?

    Our daily reality is a world where the killing of the most helpless and innocent among us is protected by our Government and our laws…God help us all.

  • Jason Call

    Hey liberal punk trolls! YOO HOO! Where are you? Planned Parenthood needs you to stick up for them.

  • June Clinkenbeard

    I don’t know how Lila Rose had the courage to walk into that clinic and endure the glib and cavalier explanations for how to murder a baby. God bless her for doing what others could not–expose the evil. Abortion is horrible and so very wrong but I truly had no idea that they were aborting 6 month old babies every day. Every day?!? When that girl said “flush it” I was horrified and disgusted. For the love of God I am so heartbroken and disturbed I don’t know what to do. All those beautiful babies…