Chris Matthews fails to get rave reviews for his comments about the future and direction of the Catholic Church on ‘Meet the Press.’

This wisdom is coming from a guy who called Marco Rubio’s State of the Union response “primitive.”

Yes, liberal ‘journalists’ believe their views should govern all, including the Catholic Church.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    It’s terrible the way Catholics abuse women, with the whippings, honor killings, beheading, stonings.
    Oh wait!
    It’s Obama and the libs’ good buddies the Muslim Brotherhood who do that.

    • Catchance

      And crucifixions. Morsi was crucifying his opponents on trees in front of the palace.

    • Okie_pastor

      Liberals can’t find God for the same reason a thief can’t find a police station.

    • Anyone00

      I’m not exactly a big fan of Islam but here’s the thing: there’s not enough Muslims in the US to affect a national election (or even many local elections) but they are useful to the many on the Left as a cudgel to use against their opponents.

      There very millisecond Muslims do have an effect or are perceived to have an effect on either a national election or something like a policy vote in California and it doesn’t go the way many on the Left wanted it to (particularly on a social issue) what they’ll say about Islam and Muslims in the halls of academia and in the media will make the things they use to condemn as ‘Islamophobia’ pale in comparison. Even if the Muslims in question condemn terrorism and violence in the name of Islam, live a modern and moderate life-style, and all that jazz if they don’t hold the same social views as the vocal social Left they will be lumped in with the people who strap bombs to their chest and go boom in a highly populated environment; and the entire time you’ll hear ‘We don’t condemn the True Muslims; just the fanatics and fundamentalist’ and of coarse the ‘True Muslims’ will have no substantive different views from those on the social Left.

      • alpharob

        The Left won’t criticize Muslims – ever. They are pussies and the mere possibility of being physically harmed will guarantee they won’t criticize.

        • TocksNedlog


  • KBDaBear

    Chrissy only goes to Mass for the free wine

  • Conrad2010

    Chris Matthews never fails to make me feel good about myself.
    Thank you Chris.

  • $2346491

    Liberal news media is amazed that the Pope is Catholic. That is what I heard all about on the Sunday shows.

    • camnpat

      The Pope…. is Catholic?!!!! OMG!!! 😉

      • Orlando Cee

        I thought the bear was. Oh, wait.

  • TDWilson

    We expect valuable, important discussion from Gregory, Matthews and Meet The Press?

  • Scott Carroll

    Chris Matthews is the very epitome of “Cafeteria Catholicism”. He wants all the trappings and cache of organized religion without the moral demands.

    • Emily B

      That was very well said. I might have to steal that. :)

      • Scott Carroll

        Use it freely. My patent application is pending because of a lack of Federal clerical workers. Something about a sequester.

        • Emily B


    • $23629333

      Scott, do you remember Benny Hill? I have a mental image of a scene borrowed from him.

      Imagine Tingles the Clown – the supposed Catholic – heads to church, and walks to the front for Communion.* There – a la Benny Hill – the priest confronts him, and escorts him out of the church, slapping his – Tingles’ – forehead all the way.

      (* having forsaken both Confession and the church’s teachings regarding abortion et al)

      • Scott Carroll

        Benny Hill was the moon-faced chap who used to chase women in their underwear while zany music played in the background, right?

        • $23629333

          You also described Bill Clinton.

    • TocksNedlog

      Him and the VP, and Nancy Pelosi, and . . .

    • jerry148

      What he says goes beyond cafeteria Catholicism. He’s literally a Catholic-In-Name-Only.

  • Steve_J

    Since Matthews is upset with the Catholic Church why doesn’t he start one of his own?

    • Billie Slash

      Good idea. Our Lady of the Evacuated Brain.

      • nc


  • Rufus_Cornpone

    Keep the libs out of the Catholioc Church…look what they’ve done to the Episcopalians and other denominations they infilrate with their socialist lib anti-Biblical theology…Stand and fight people, liberals are after every aspect of our God given rights as enshrined in our Constitution’s Bill of Rights…

  • Squirrel!

    I’m thinking the Catholic Church needs to stick with principles & not make changes to be “relative to modernity.” Do these people think God changes his principles to be “relative to modernity?” The Catholic Church’s views need to remain what they are & keep the faith close to God. I’m not a Catholic, and even with the issues the Catholic Church has faced, I feel it is the most ethical & moral of the Christian faiths because it does expect its members to hold themselves to a higher standard & doesn’t “change” to bend to the culture.

    • camnpat

      Exactly. I am Catholic and, just like you said, is all about following the doctrine that is the basis for the religion. Religion in itself is a practice by which you have faith in the values and morals imposed by, in this case God, Christ, and what is reflected in the Bible. If you don’t like it you are free to leave. The moment a religion changes its beliefs to adapt to society’s “trends” (which come and go), it doesn’t respect or believe its own teachings. A faith that doesn’t believe its own teachings can’t properly teach them, so what’s the point of religion then?

      • Squirrel!

        You said it much better than I did! I’m not Catholic but married into a large Catholic family. Of course, I don’t believe one has to be Catholic to recognize the obvious… that God’s values are God’s values. That doesn’t change. I think this same principle should apply to any religion that follows God and/or Christ. I think the Catholic Church gets so much of this kind of pressure because it is so large and its leader is so visible. I suppose they think they can pressure the Pope into bending to their ways & changing the church for the sake of being “relative to modernity.” I rather enjoy the seeing the Popes sticking to what is right & not succumbing to these pressures. They know they only have God to answer to, and they are doing what is right for the flock. BTW I am LOVING Pope Francis I!!! He seems to truly be a man of the people!

        • camnpat

          You may not be Catholic or maybe even religious my friend, but you understand the idea of religion much better than some who call themselves Catholics.

    • jerry148

      Amen to all 4 of you.

  • Maxx

    “The power of stupidity compels me.”

    Chris Matthews.

  • sqeptiq

    Chris Matthews would make a pretty good pope; Sarah Silverman would be awesome.