Phil Mickelson dominated the Waste Management Phoenix Open over the weekend, finishing victoriously on Sunday.

Envious libs took after Mickelson because of his recent comments on the absurdly high tax rate he has to pay.

As usual, they completely miss the point.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Libs think that Jerry Brown, Barry Obama, Hank Johnson and Charlie Rangel will spend Phil’s money wiser than he will.

    Obama is the guy who thinks it’s fine to fly nine hours round trip to give a speech and go home, costing millions in hard economic times.

    He could walk out in the yard and cameras would cover him and would cost nothing.

    He’s afraid there will a dime left when Joe Biden takes over.

    • V the K

      No, they don’t think the Government will spend the money better, they just figure it will be spent on *them.* That’s the whole Democrat proposition: “We will take money from people you hate and spend it on you.”

  • Catchance

    Well, Obama’s job here is done… he’s been dividing the ‘have-nots’ against the ‘haves’ for 4 years (well, 6, if you figure in his first campaign). Instead of urging those without money to work harder, produce more, and become wealthy, he’s gotten the ‘have-nots’ to complain against the ‘haves’, and actively and spitefully want them to pay so much in taxes that they become the have-nots. Instead of giving tax breaks to the entrepreneurs, the business builders, the employers, he’s actively making it impossible for them to get ahead. No one wins. Congrats, B.O.

  • detroit19

    Dear Phil, ‘F’ those non-successful/ less drive/lazy people who are jealous of/covet your ability. Go wherever you need to go to protect your family and your ability to provide for them.

  • Bob Smooper

    If I was in charge I would tax this 1%’er 50%.

    Unless he votes dem of course then I’d tax him 25%.

    • Noah Lee

      damn man, you be da laff riot!!

  • radicallyalyssa

    Success = bad. Duh, hasn’t this country learned that yet?