Tweeters who use Google Chrome are receiving a message on some Twitter pages saying that Twitpic is a known malware distributor.

Yes, it is annoying. The warning message is preventing users from visiting certain pages.

It’s also showing up on other platforms such as TweetDeck.

Meanwhile, Twitpic says it is working to fix the problem.

Hopefully there will be resolution soon.


  • DjWeideman

    It’s not just Twitpic. I’ve had the malware warnings come up on two sites today, that have never been flagged before. After trying out Firefox and Safari, I’m guessing it’s a Chrome problem.

  • Tabitha Bliss

    It’s happening on my Android’s dolphin browser too

  • Renny

    The resolution is to use Firefox. :)

  • Bruce Armstrong

    I’ve only been blocked by Chrome from viewing Michelle Malkin’s feed – indeed, blocked from even searching her name.

  • tredglx

    Why is anyone using Chrome to begin with? You all KNOW Google can’t be trusted, so why on earth would you willingly download their browser?

  • littlebytes

    It’s not just coming up on twitpic, but twitter too…I sent tweets to twitter and google, who knows if they’ll respond or fix today

  • AnnGepp

    Funny Google Chrome calling anything malware. When I downloaded Chrome, this search engine called Babylon that I absolutely can’t get rid of!!. Tried uninstalling, removing from add ons, Even tried editing the registry. Still haven’t been remove it. So all I can say is F U GOOGLE.

  • littlebytes

    I did a test with a friends page and theirs seems to be ok…it seems to be targeting users with a high number of followers, at least over 14K like me?