With Christmas Eve tomorrow, many shoppers are scrambling to purchase those last-second gifts.








Take it easy out there.

  • http://pinterest.com/j0s1395/ Josephine (D)

    After Mom and I finished up our route yesterday, we took a route back home that took us by our old apartment. Now there is a strip mall across the street from it which has a Babies R Us, Kohl’s, Five Below, and Bed Bath & Beyond, among a few others stores. If we were still living in our old place, we may have had to wait to get back into our complex, the traffic was so bad from last-minute shoppers.

    Mom also works at Wal-Mart, and she talks about the last-minute shoppers there. It annoys her when people get mad that the store is out-of-stock of something they wanted; they should have gotten it ahead of time. She does her shopping online; I buy her gifts when we go out(I don’t have a car yet). I have never understood why some people wait til the last minute; do they not care about the possibility of disappointing their kids?

  • Pat Loudoun

    Christmas shopping this year = 12 minutes at Walgreens. The car wasn’t even required. God, I love gift cards…