Speaker Boehner is understandably frustrated by the absurd proposal put forward by Tim ‘TurboTax’ Geithner and the Obama administration.

Did he really expect anything different from this administration?


Here’s more from Boehner this morning:

What’s the point of having negotiations if Boehner is expected to give Obama everything he wants?

  • Lloyd Snauwaert

    Well, he hasn’t started crying yet…

  • Lord Foggybottom

    Please, John, just go over the cliff. You’re already being blamed and nothing has happened yet. Just back off and let them have it or the Republicans will never have another shot.

  • radjahshelduck

    MSNBC will say Boehner is the unreasonable one.

    • syvyn11

      All the lamestream media has called Boehner ‘unreasonable’ and ‘unwilling to deal’.

  • Guest


  • http://twitter.com/KALKAM71 KALKAM

    Don’t give Obama a thing…nothing. He created this mess and is pinning it on us…never forgive never forget. Progressives are racist, anti-Semitic, anti-American…we can’t reason with them.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Agree. Don’t cave into these thugs and miscreants! This country could use a good shake-up; politically, socially, and financially. And the only way this Marxist-socialist agenda of Obama’s stops is for the entire ^%#@$^#$ government to go hurdling, head first, ass in the air, right over the so-called fiscal cliff. Let it go like a freight train. And let Barack Hussein play as much &^%$# golf as he wants. The more he is out of office, the more that nothing gets done, and more likely that we head over the cliff. And he and the mindless, kool-aid sucking zombies that elected him can own it.

    You see, over the cliff, you and I are going to be just fine. We work for our living. We buy our own food. We pay our own rent or mortgage. We buy our own phones. We’re providers. The ones who get slammed by this are the takers. And once the hog trough is broke and empty, they’ll have no choice but to get their sorry collective asses back to work or starve. Either way, it’s all good.

    So I say, let the whole @#$%^&*^% country do a Thelma and Louise, full speed ahead, 90 frekkin’ mph, right over the edge!

    Buckle up and enjoy the ride, baby!!!!

  • Belinda Henry

    Boehner should do like the WH and say talks are moving forward.

  • Jack Deth

    Be careful what you wish for, Boehner.

    You and other Republicans could wind up in a locked room with Obama and not allowed to leave until you sign off on EXACTLY what he wants. He needs at least one Republican to cave, so that Obama can claim ‘Bi-Partisanship’.

    DENY that at all costs!

    Better to just walk away now. Visit your home districts and do some ‘campaigning’ and ‘fact finding’ until late, late January.

  • riddler1620

    I’m not sure why the speaker is flabbergasted. Exactly what transpired in the previous four years to make him think that Obama would be acting differently?

    • http://twitter.com/TheAngieNC2 Angie (D)

      More importantly, what happened the last 4 years to make 51% of the electorate think Obama would be acting differently?

      • JeanaKHC

        Absolutely! To be honest, I am STILL reeling over the fact that we have O for 4 more years! Either I am so naive about the overall intelligence, morality, pride of country, etc., of Americans or there’s something smelly in Denmark! And the sad thing is….it’s 50/50 either way.

  • syvyn11

    To the left, giving them everything they want IS compromise. They want Bohener to sign off on this, that way when it blows up, the left can blame Boehner and the republicans.

  • http://twitter.com/Daisy761 Daisy76

    Boehner can do as Obama does: take it to the people and get them to really behind the GOP. There’s almost 50% who will support his stand on the fiscal cliff. Call Obama’s bluff!

  • GaryTheBrave

    To get Obama to change his tune every credit rating agency needs to lower the bonds to below junk. Make them so bad even China won’t touch them. Then teach the people the money is worthless.

    Slightly off topic: I am reading two books. Agenda 21 by Glenn Beck, and SCARS by Patience Prence. Both tell similar stories but from different perspectives. The similarities of our existence today as reflected in these stories is uncanny.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Wasn’t that the same way he felt last time the debt ceiling came up, and he licked Dingleberry’s boot soles before giving The Dingleberry all he asked for and more?