Editor of the Weekly Standard Bill Kristol has conservatives cringing from coast to coast. On “Fox News Sunday,” he said that it would not kill the country to raise taxes on millionaires.


Liberals are in love with Kristol’s statement.

And this is from liberal site Salon.com:

Now is when conservatives need to be strong. Kristol agreeing to the Left’s tax argument is not helpful.

  • NetizenKane

    Gave up on Bill Kristol and his “Weakly Standard” a long time ago…

  • Dandee

    Just raise the damn taxes already so we can see what a failure it is.

    • Lisa

      I said the same thing this morning! Lets see the jobs numbers after that!

  • nc

    (shaking head…)

  • http://twitter.com/ZoomZanne Zanne

    Remarks like Kristol’s makes me wonder why these people call themselves conservatives.

    • goldwater89

      Did you know that Reagan backed a millionaires tax?

      • alvin691

        Get your history right.

        • goldwater89

          Get yours right, pal.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002109532283 Jillane Kent

        How so, exactly? Closing deductions is not the same as an increase in marginal tax rates.

      • http://twitter.com/Cabin49 David Wood

        250 is not a million…is it?

        • Guest

          Actually, I don’t think Obummer will be happy until everyone in Amerika making more than his brother in Kenya forks it all the excess over to the Fed

  • Scott

    Dumb ASS!

  • http://twitter.com/crazytas1 ricci

    just reminds me not to subscribe to the weekly standard I dont plan to support any liberal or in bills case RINO

  • Mike Horve

    Bill Krystol is an idiot. Obama would blow that in no time and then want raise every bodies taxes. Got a foot in the door is all he needs.

    • alvin691

      Krystol is the one that supported the Arab spring and the Muslim Brotherhood, and Beck called him out on it. Now this.

  • riddler1620

    Obama and Democrats want to raise taxes to spend on increased government spending. They don’t want to pay down the debt, they want to make it bigger. And now Bill Kristol wants to help them.
    I really find it fascinating that we now call those making 250,000 dollars millionaires. Obama and his ilk are truly demonizing Americans against each other and alarmingly some seem to be falling for it.

    • Adela Wagner

      This is why Obama was always saying during his PReeches (Prompter+speeches) “the math doesn’t add up” when talking about Romneys economic plans. If 250,000=1Mil..the math will NEVER add up. Then or now. Math does not wear rose colored glasses.

  • big_phil76

    Really Kristol new leadership in the GOP! Also as a Tennessean I am ashamed of Sen.Bob Corker as well who says we need more revenues as well!!

  • Steve_J

    Kristol and other like him are petrified of a Conservative being elected. I think Kristol and his buds are happy being the “loyal oppositon” and getting the occasional pat on the head by the media and/or Democrats.

    • Gusta

      “Loyal” is right. TRUE conservatives do not accept these sorts of premises thrust upon them by the media.

  • wallwatchman

    Another republican bites the dust. Add him to the others this week, who sell out their beliefs at the first sign of trouble. These aren’t conservatives!

    We’re in a fight for our country here. Sometimes they get knocked down, sometimes we do. But when we do get knocked down, don’t just lay there and let them hit ya some more! Man up kristol

  • Peyton

    It will ruin this country, it will further advance the idea that we can tax the successful to solve all our problems. Maybe Kristol’s playing another angle though. Raise Taxes, Economy tanks, Dems are done for

    • http://twitter.com/Cabin49 David Wood

      economy already tanked, dems win the WH

  • Peyton

    I think we all need to push for a flat tax. Everyone one pays ten percents, or some number. That would be everyone paying a fair share.

  • rbc

    The problem, as I see it, is that conservatives are screwed either way. Either they refuse to capitulate and Obama casts them as evil, which the media will obviously agree with Obama on, or they do cave, the economy does worse and conservatives are blamed for not holding to their principles. Obama has created a no-win situation for the conservatives.

    • http://twitter.com/yahneverknowCB yahneverknow

      I dunno… starting to think they should just let it crash and burn. A couple years down the road after Obama is impeached and Biden is continually found drunk in the Rose Garden wearing nothing but his boxer shorts, they will be begging someone with Libertarian/Republican roots to take control.

      *giggle* boxer shorts.

  • DeeDeeTX

    You mean to tell me that an establishment GOP guy is doing exactly what the Democrats want? No way! That never happens!


    • seek456

      he’s only an “establishment top guy” in his own mind. Nobody else’s.

  • exdeminNC

    If said millionaires don’t buy anything or hire anyone to do anything, no it wouldn’t. But I’m thinking that’s not the case. Funny that Bill Kristol doesn’t think that too.

  • Marcy Cook

    I hope he gets to pay the most.

  • RalphTheCat

    After this election I have decided not to watch Fox (I don’t watch any of the MSM channels).
    While they may be fair and balanced, their pundits, including Kristol, have now decided that everything they spoke out against with such vehemence are now OK.
    I heard Laura Ingraham just say that Romney did not do well in the last two debates. A far cry from what she said at the time of the debates.
    And Morris? A landslide? RIght. Rove….Dinosaur leading the pack.
    Fox should fire these people, and multiple others, for b eing WRONG.
    I watched Fox for insightful informed information and all I got was incorrect analysis.

  • http://youtu.be/efJUFlD1S8Q DaleVM14W

    Kristol is a kosher konserative. His daddy was a Trotskyite. What did you expect but T.J.B. from him?

  • stuckinIL4now

    Raising taxes on millionaired won’t help the country either, since Obamuh will just spend the cash on more prezuhduncial trips, WH parties and vacations for the loud-mouthed FLOTUS and it might not be enough money to cover even those.

  • http://navalwarfare.blogspot.com/ Libertyship46

    Sure, and with Obama’s plan on raising taxes on people making $250,000 or more, how does that afffect all those Sub Chapter “S” corporations out there, all those small businesses that will get hammered by this tax increase? I guess to people like Mr. Kristol that really doesn’t much matter. To people living in big cities, like New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc., where $250,000 before taxes is not a lot of money, tell those people that It won’t hurt them to have their taxes go up “a little.” With liberals it always, ALWAYS, comes out of somebody else’s pocket. Well screw them. Fight this fight to the finish. Did the Democrats reform after they lost in 2004? Not a chance. They doubled down on liberalism and won, both in 2006 AND 2008. Now Obama has won again by his populist liberal bullcrap. If we’re going down, at least make a fight of it. I do NOT want to be part of a party that is just “Liberal light.” People like Bill Kristol are literally pushing us into a third party. And, you know what? It may just be time to go.

  • DarylLloydDavis

    Bill Krystal betrays himself once again as little more than a hob-knobing pseudo-intellectual. And there ought be no income tax whatsoever: Why tax productive activity? We can find many other sources of revenue to effectively discourage through taxation:



    Quick Stephen Hayes and Charles Krauthammer RUN from the Weekly Standard before this fool drags you down with him!!!!!

  • scubaski00

    Once again, just how many millionaires actually report INCOME of a million or more per year that is taxable??? That’s right not many, and that is why it won’t do squat to help the economy–even if we were to take 100% of their TAXABLE income!!

    Do you get that liberal losers??

  • seek456

    I’m glad to see others agree with me. Krystol comes on and I turn the channel. Cannot stand him. His comments are stupid – and appear to be attempts to “make a name for himself” – and he has. He’s an idiot.

  • Ms Angel

    Let’s see Kristol volunteer to give up some of his money first.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002109532283 Jillane Kent

    Yet, Kristol fails to mention that this tax is only on earned income and affects far more citizens than those who are “millionaires”

  • http://twitter.com/Cabin49 David Wood

    250 the new 1 million…new arithmatik for amerika

  • Streetiebird

    This is classic neo-Conservative behavior. If one of your own speaks out against the current narrative (in this case that tax increases are evil) then they disavow that the person was ever a real Conservative in the first place. The recent study the GOP squashed that shows tax breaks for the rich don’t stimulate the economy basically proves Bill Kristol’s point, but you’ll never hear about the report on FOX because again, it goes against the current Conservative narrative that the rich would move away if we raised their taxes a single penny.

    • vino veritas

      Kristol is known for his RINO flip flopping on a number of issues that conservatives traditionally support and this sure isn’t the first time he has argued for raising taxes or advocating amnesty. Nice try though at trying to turn this into talking point for rest of you hypocritical partisan liberal dems. Fiscally-conservative democrats (or any democrat that steeps away from your ideological plantation) are routinely excoriated and thrown under the bus (classic liberal/progressive behavior). Those of us without partisan blinders on saw it happen with exceeding frequency on Twitter during this last election and that was, of course, documented here as well.
      A RINO is always a ‘logical republican/conservative’ to liberal dem’s (which, everyone knows, is one in the same) while everyone else are ‘RWNJ’s’ & extremist’s. Cherry picking a study that favors your narrative does not prove anything, except that you are actually a partisan fool who hypocritically insinuates that of others. Why not provide a link to this ‘revelation-inspiring’ study?

  • http://www.facebook.com/tpmcgehee Thomas Mcgehee

    Old Smirkface, is what I call him.