New York Times reporter Jeff Zeleny echoes what is being displayed at rally after rally. The enthusiasm in the battleground states is with Mitt Romney.

Here’s what he had to say on ‘Fox News Sunday’:

Can’t expect the New York Times to go much further in acknowledging Romney’s momentum.

  • GaryTheBrave

    When Mitt wins the MSM will claim that this is proof that America has not shed its innate racism.

  • Danny Wheeler

    Wow! When even the New York Times acknowledges “Mittmentum”, that says something.

  • RDPortland

    Enjoy it, folks. Even when Romney wins, this will be probably be as close to acknowledgment of it as we get from the NYT.

  • Robert Haney

    What I found more encouraging about his comments, was when he said that there isn’t a single Republican…at a rally or NOT (just around in places) that isn’t happy about voting FOR Romney. THAT is the important part. Its not just that they are enthusiastic at rallies…its that we are enthusiastic EVERYWHERE. And we WANT our candidate to win…we don’t just want to “beat Obama” anymore…we actually want MITT ROMNEY to WIN. There is a palpable enthusiasm FOR THE MAN…not just that he’s “our candidate” and we HAVE to vote for him. We WANT to vote for him, because we BELIEVE in him!

    • Daisy76

      Love your comment. I feel that way exactly but can’t say that amongst my democrat friends here in NY.

      • Robert Haney

        Don’t be afraid to say it. Real friends will listen to you…disagree…but still be your friends. Just as Democrat friends I have…they vehemently deny my points and disagree with me…but we are still friends. Sure, the election strains the relationship at the moment, but after the election we will still be friends.

        • Randy Bazemore

          You don’t have to tell anyone. Just pull the Romney lever or punch the Romney button. It is that important just to get rid of Obama.

  • n n

    Lol this is trulysad mitt romney does not have a snow balls chance in hell.

    • Robert Haney

      What is truly sad is that you actually believe that.

    • ked5

      just keep drinking your kool-aide. that’s what jim jones told his followers to do too.

    • Randy Bazemore

      nn you will eat your words tomorrow.