You may remember several months ago’s Dana Loesch tweeted an account of a highly invasive encounter with the TSA. It happened again today.

Here are the details from Loesch:

Stories like this about the TSA are becoming more and more common. Americans are becoming increasingly fed up with this kind of treatment.

Loesch’s advice for anyone targeted by the TSA:

Update: Husband Chris Loesch tweets a photo of the TSA in action.

So do we. Outrageous.


Loesch has uploaded video of her latest run-in with the TSA.

  • Josephine (D)

    Here’s another thing Romney should fix: the abuses by the TSA. This is so sick and disgusting, I can’t even…

    • Kabong30

      This is actually one thing that bothers me about Romney. He’s had TSA at his rallies. Don’t know if that was his choice, but it’s been mentioned a couple of times.

      • Guest

        It’s probably not by his choice. It’s up to the SS from what I remember to provide security to the incumbent and the candidate, and I would not put it past the SS with all their troubles to sub-contract that sort of mundane checking.

      • Bill Safreed

        Went to the Romney/Ryan rally in Lancaster, OH last Friday. Forgot I had my pocket knife (only 2 1/2 inch blade!) and the TSA goons wanted me to throw it away or not come in. With the car a mile away and the fact it was a gift from an old friend I just stashed it under some rocks near the entrance and enjoyed the rally. Not sure what mayhem I could cause with 2 1/2 inch blade Swiss Army knife but they thought it might have been a lot. Sheesh.

    • odabea

      I have been on planes my entire life, and I always loved airports and flying, the whole experience was so much fun for me. However, the last time I flew across country, the TSA were ridiculous. This one woman pulled me aside, made me remove my Keds and then wanted to pat me down. I asked to go somewhere more private, and she said no. So this big beast of a woman put her hands all over my body in front of all the other waiting passengers, and of course she found nothing on me which would indicate that I would be a threat to anyone at the airport or on the plane. It was at that moment that I realized that I am far more modest than even I ever thought I was. I have not flown since, and have no plans to do so anytime soon.

      • CalCon10

        Yes, but you can feel good that you spared the humiliation of a search for someone who actually LOOKS like a terrorist. /sarc off/

      • Heather Jeane-Marie Roecker

        When I was 15 I hopped a last minute plane out to Oregon to see my dying aunt one last time. The time of the flight changed and suddenly I was running very, very late. And the TSA had to stop me, 15, and grope me. And they definitely used the front of their hands.

        My father and then-boyfriend were there, so at least I had witnesses (but they weren’t in the line with me—they watched from outside security). I’d never felt more violated.

        And to top it all off the people didn’t even explain why it was necessary to pat ME down and not someone else. It was just, “come here, let me touch you, and you can go.” I wasn’t allowed to ask questions and when I did I was greeted with rudeness.

        That was when I knew freedom is dying.

    • Animal

      Romney could add to the coming landslide by announcing that when elected, he would disband the TSA

  • ZoriahShepard

    Is it a prerequisite now to be perv before applying for TSA?

    • BlueGood

      One must complete 20 hours of Tutoring from Joe Biden I heard….

    • odabea

      Yes, I think it is.

    • Chris Bray

      It has always been a prerequisite. Google up a description of the Boston Logan TSA officers Andrew Cheever and Jose Salgado, arrested for child porn, or the defrocked pedophile priest Thomas Harkin. Or look at the 2010 arrest of TSA officer Randall Scott King on rape charges in Atlanta. They are, and have always been, a set of human beings scraped from the very bottom of the social barrel.

      • Mark Holub

        But they clean up so well in those nice crisp uniforms…makes it hard to tell….Definitely think she is being targeted….sick.

    • southernlights

      No……you have to prove you’re a good thief as well.

  • TonyMontana3

    This is what happens when you vote GOP.

    • Darth_Venomous

      What? We get moronettes like you, Toni?

    • syvyn11

      actually, the mindless ramp ups started when Chairman Obama took office. This is the work of Big Sis Janet Napalatano. And looking at the TSA inspector… They are ‘sisters’, if you know what I mean.

      If I were Dana, i would sue.

    • Jack Deth

      Tony, you are obviously too stupid to breathe and hopefully, breed.

      Bush managed to keep TSA non-union, With Federal background checks and within Federal standards and guidelines. Until the Dems took over the House and Senate and made opening TSA up to unions their third or fourth order of business. Later, Obama relaxed those standards even more to include felons and parolees.

      It’s no wonder you get so seriously down voted.

      • Mini14’sBlkStrat

        They speak first and Never think.

    • dmacleo

      patriot act (which created tsa) is joe bidens bill from OKC bombing dusted off and used.

    • SDN

      No, this is what happens when you have a Disloyal Opposition that makes catering to the unions a condition of defending the country.

    • DrDean

      Tony. You should consider that your comment speaks volumes about who and what you are – and its not pretty. Note that with changes enacted by Democrats, TSA agents practically have to eat babies alive to be disciplined. The chances of the TSA agent(s) that violated Ms. Loesch being properly disciplined or fired, much less prosecuted are nil.

      Let’s be clear: TSA is oppressing innocent Americans… Period. TSA is out of control because there are no rigidly enforceable controls – checks and balances – on their behavior – and that is the 100% the fault of the Democrats.

    • Guest

      …You get bent over and raped by democrats?

  • Hiraghm

    For a decade now we’ve allowed our government to treat citizens as potential terrorists, rather than profiling the people who actually are most likely to be terrorists. They’ve caused us to surrender essential liberties for a little temporary safety.
    bin Laden is dead; the troops are out of Iraq, and will soon be leaving Afghanistan. It’s time for the DHS to be dissolved and the TSA responsibilities to be turned over to individual local airport security.

    • Donald

      to give up liberty to the cause of security does that make us free..

    • Flyer57

      That’s why I keep telling people.
      RE-Elect no one. As long as one incumbent is in office the game is rigged. We can only send them a message one way. Flush the DC toilet.
      RE-ELECT NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

      • wisegal1958

        That wouldn’t be just, sir. There are some who are working hard to stop the crap Obama’s been pushing and they deserve to keep their jobs. Those who are doing all they can to restore America need our support. It’s the scum that needs to be skimmed off and it’s our job to watch what’s going on and to know who that scum is and who is working hard to skim it off. It is wrong to get rid of those who are actually trying to restore sanity to Washington by not re-electing them (such as Paul Ryan, Michelle Bachman, Allen West, etc.) and it is laziness on our part to just take the easy way out and not do our research to find out who deserves to keep their job and who needs to go. It is quite easy to find how incumbents have voted on the various issues and it is our job to do it.

        • George Hughes

          I think you are missing the point. The idea is to show them all that we the people are supposed to be the bosses and they are nothing but public servents. The best way to do that is to not re-elect any of them. There will always be some that some people think are doing a good job but others wont always agree with you. That’s the problem we have right now. We need to send a strong message, to say it’s lazy to not do the research is just another way of saying don’t do what I want you to do. Good or bad, in order to send a message like the one we need everyone needs to feel it or it’s a waste of time.

  • peteee363

    and don’t forget, besides molesting people, they are ripping off lots of stuff left inside your luggage. we are not allowed to lock our suit cases, and they use that to rob us blind!!. i do not fly anymore, why bother :-(

    • odabea

      It seems that the top two requirements for TSA agent are that they be sexual perverts and thieves. Other prerequisites include but are not limited to the following: being overweight/morbidly obese; complete ignorance of the United States Constitution, particularly the Fourth Ammendment; and must be intellectually and morally bankrupt.

  • Kabong30

    We really just need to not allow this behavior on the part of the TSA. Just don’t let them, if we band together we are stronger than they are. Come on America, let’s start being Americans, shall we?

  • poljunkie♪

    I had hoped the TSA was going to be temporary after 9/11. Now 11 years later it has become permanent. It really needs to be restructured, privatized and rules put into place about how to treat the travelers.

  • Marty Luther

    If you want to keep your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Shit like that. IRS targeted audits. Shit like that. TSA harassment. Shit like that. Hope and Change. Shit like that.

    • James Chandler

      Sounds like a hit to me.

    • Kelly England McDonald

      Preach it, my brother!!!!

  • FlatFoot

    What’s that? Dana Loesch is not on a ‘No Fly’ list? I see — she’s merely on an official and/or unofficial ‘ inconvenience her and make her almost miss her plane ‘ list that the TSA keeps then.

    Uh — okay.

    Got it.

    How in the world did the human race ever manage to survive — and perpetuate — and trade — and fight international wars — and simply get from one place to another for the millions of years before air travel was ever even postulated much less actually invented?

    Must have been millions of years of nothing but sheer luck.

    Eazy-Peazy solution to everyone’s airport woes? Don’t fly commercial airlines.

    ‘But.. but… it’s so conveeenient and it saves time.’

    Then take the bitter with the sweet and quit crying and wailing like banshee babies when your convenience and sensibilities feel oh-so violated.

    • bjm2009

      So you’ve not heard about the TSA’s VIPR program, eh? The TSA will and has already set up at sporting events, political rallies/events, subway/train/bus stations and truck weighing stations. What next? Malls, grocery stores? You betcha.

      • FlatFoot

        I have yet to see the TSA at any other place than the airport — myself.

        And I attend professional sports events at professional sports stadiums and arenas all year long — year after year — but okay. And I attend political rallies/events at various locations all election season long — season after season working on campaigns and/or just simply attending — but okay. And I ride the Amtrak train from San Diego to Los Angeles several times a year to visit family — always with the kids because they love trains so much — but okay. And I drive the Interstate-5 freeway and the I-15 and the I-8 as well as smaller highways over the mountains and across the desert here in San Diego/Riverside/Orange County/El Centro/Arizona adjacent to the Mexican border practically every single day — and that includes passing through the border checkpoints and other DoHS checkpoints on the freeways and highways dotting the public roads of the San Diego area adjacent to the border and all of but a few also have truck stops/weighing stations — but okay. Etcetera etcetera — but okay.

        I’ve never seen the TSA operate anywhere but the airport since their inception — but okay.

        I’ll just have to take your word for it. I guess.

        However — remember this — use of the TSA is not required in order to own and operate any non-federal-government-owned-and-operated airport(s) or anywhere else on the entire planet for that matter. The airports simply have to provide security that is up to federal government standards and those standards must be audited by the federal government and held in compliance. That’s it. The one and only exception is that if you’re an airport and you choose to contract with the federally operated TSA — you have to use the TSA for two years before you can terminate the TSA and switch to another non-government security contractor.

        The airports and anyone and everyone else who uses the TSA for their security freely chooses to contract with the TSA for their security. There is no law or any other requirement that the TSA must be used.

        So — complain to your local Port Authority and/or wealthy airport owner(s) — or local mall and grocery store if you find the TSA so objectionable. The government is not to blame for their presence. Only for their existence.

        • Guest

          You haven’t seen it, but the TSA themselves have notified the public that these programs and events or methods of transportation will be used.
          Why would they claim it unless they meant to do it?

          • FlatFoot

            Gosh Golly Gee-Whiz — I don’t know why.

            Please — do tell.

          • Guest

            Try harder, Opie.

          • Guest

            “I don’t know why.”
            Yes, that’s very clear. Please try using your stunning intellect on something that isn’t so obvious.

    • Guest

      Ah, yes, the “You’re all whiners.” argument. It has so much sense and validity to it.
      Not paying attention are you? As others have mentioned the VIPR response teams, expanding to trains, highways, etc. It’s coming everywhere. You’re not going to have an alternative to this intrusion if you don’t stop it now.
      So stop being trite and condescending and realize it is a true problem that must be stopped.
      There’s that whole pesky 4th amendment and there are much more effective and much less intrusive ways of preventing the problems theseclowns are supposedly protecting us from.
      Quit being part of the problem and start being part of the solution.

      • FlatFoot

        You mad, bro?

        • Guest

          Excellent refutation of the points. You win, sir! You win on style, substance, and the ability to repeat memes out of context.

          You, sir, are the gift to the internets that has been foretold of.

          • FlatFoot


            You mad.

          • Guest

            Your deductive skills are excellent. Your English? Not so much.

            I imagine in your head you’re dancing about thinking you just won something of substance.

          • Guest

            You’re confusing anger with thinly veiled contempt.

  • grais

    I completely agree with everyone’s outrage over the abuses of the TSA. These ‘random’ picks for further screening are just PC nonsense, they afford no measure of ‘safety’.

    I just have one small bone to pick. If Dana Loesch’s vagina was touched, she was penetrated, which was probably not the case (if it was the case, the TSA has a most serious lawsuit facing it). There seems to be some confusion (think Code Pink’s Dancing Vaginas)– a vagina is Internal, not External. Let’s not make this any worse than it actually is, and let’s learn our anatomy, for heaven’s sake.

    • Shannon Roberts

      You must be a male, you touch mine, inside or out and you’re in a world of shit. I guess it would be ok if this was your wife or child.

      • grais

        As I said, it is NOT okay.
        I’m a female who understands that if Dan Loesch’s vagina were actually touched by a TSA agent she was penetrated by a TSA agent, and the TSA will and should be “in a world of shit,” to use your macho bullshit posturing.
        If she was not penetrated, she should not say that her vagina was touched.
        simple matter of correct anatomical terminology…it makes a big difference…will make a Huge difference in a court of law, if she’s considering a lawsuit.
        Don’t jump to ridiculous assumptions about what you think I am or what you think I think.

      • DrDean

        Shannon, reflexive sexism is not a becoming response. It would demonstrate your integrity to apologize because whether male or female grais comment was anatomically accurate and legally important.

        The issue is the common usage of the word vagina to reference both external and internal portions of female genitalia as a whole.

        In that, grais could have been more precise and so more clear as to her meaning and reasoning in the root comment.

        Call it a misunderstanding/miscommunication. I’m sure you are both in agreement that Ms. Loesch was violated by the TSA.

        • grais

          Thank you for understanding what I thought was a quite clear expression of my thoughts. But please tell me when and how this particular usage of the word became common. I’ve not heard it until recently, and was unaware that it was common. Perhaps I’m just too old.
          And yes, I most certainly do agree that it seems as though Dana Loesch, and many, many others have been violated by the TSA.

      • Guest

        And being a male would make her opinion less valid? That’s a pretty sexist attitude.

    • TugboatPhil

      Let’s step back for a second. We’re on the same team here.

      I’m a guy and if a woman says vagina in a tweet, I know she’s referring to her hoo-hoo. If she’s filing a lawsuit, I would expect her lawyer to be specific as to actual lady parts.

      I think Dana was just trying to be briefly descriptive with a 140 character message. But she was communicating for those of us with wee-wees to understand too.

      Not trying to be cute, but guys don’t usually think in that complex of terms. If someone kicked me in the scrotum, I’d say I was kicked in my balls.

      • grais

        I appreciate that you read what I actually wrote instead of freaking and calling me a male who would be okay if my wife or kid were molested by a TSA worker.
        If a woman writes ‘vagina’ in a tweet, how can you know that she’s not talking about her vagina? How much briefer is the less accurate ‘vagina’ than ‘privates’ (or ‘hoo-hoo’ for that matter)?
        I’ve heard and seen this ‘misspeak/mistype often enough to have to wonder if there aren’t some quite confused women out there.
        Anyway, I refuse to ever believe that precise language isn’t important, particularly when talking about the horrific abuses of the TSA, et al.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Remind me again.
    Who “stood shoulder-to-shoulder” with the D-Progressives to make them unfireable government employees — then get bill for the unionization passed?

    Was that GWB on the first? I don’t remember. But I do remember McCain all reachy-acrossy-the-islesy for unionization, which on top of them being nie on impossible to fire by virtue of being a government worker, the union makes lesser discipline impossible!

    Push through a bill dismantling DHS and putting things back into their proper place! America doesn’t want nor need a Gestopo.

    And Privatize the TSA!!

    • CalCon10

      One of many, many GWB caves. He was more Democrat than some Democrats during his administration.

    • DB

      The “enhanced security measures” of the back scatter and molestation pat-downs didn’t begin until 2010.

    • douglas59

      I believe you are incorrect Sir, The TSA is not unionized. They pushed for it but it was not approved. They are simply low paid government employees. And i am not here to defend them. I believe they are despicable too. I am just trying to set the record straight. If they are unionized please inform me what union and what local?

      • Chris Bray

        Sadly, they are. They’re represented by the American Federation of Government Employees — see this website:


  • CalCon10

    TSA = Gestapo:

    Stupid, vicious people with LOTS of arbitrary, un-appealable power.

  • WingedBishop

    False sense of power that they love to abuse. The TSA person doesn’t even look presentable enough to get hired anywhere else!

    • CalCon10

      One who patted me down looked completely unsavory, down to a scummy mouth
      “complete” with missing tooth. His definition of “pat down” included rough clouts in certain sensitive areas…

  • RogueRose

    If you want to know why the TSA agents behave the way they do, it’s because they can.. If you’re not familiar with the Standford University Prison experiments, take a minute to read. (They set up a pretend prison environment, some students were guards, and some were prisoners)
    “Our planned two-week investigation into the psychology of prison life had to be ended prematurely after only six days because of what the situation was doing to the college students who participated. In only a few days, our guards became sadistic and our prisoners became depressed and showed signs of extreme stress.”

  • Junie3

    I wish Romney would make a video of TSA, Ice agents not able to do their jobs, O’s executive orders, gas prices, food, and under my administration electricity prices would necessarily sky rocket. I’m so sick of the communist TSA. That’s Soros’ handprint, make them feel like they are nothing, not even human. Bunch of freaking perverts.

  • Guest

    G*DDAMNED KID TOUCHERS. (Yes, I am shouting.)

  • Guest

    Okay, I saw this a while back, but it needs to gain traction; A complete and total boycott of TSA employees. No service in resturants, no bank loans, no credit allowed.
    These craven bullies, thieves, cowards, kid-touchers, horrid, tiny, little, disgusting parasites need to be stomped out.
    Condemnation from the churches, the community at large, etc. (at least the ones that aren’t employing kid-touchers.) Choke their entire life off. No business accepted whatsoever.
    They need to be named and shamed in extremis. Non-cooperation to it’s extreme. This. Must. STOP.

    • John Richardson

      I think we should follow the Amish where they shun those who have violated their community values. It is peaceful and non-violent resistance. I wrote this last December which goes into more detail –

      • Guest

        Eloquently stated. I agree!

    • Chris Bray

      I’d be perfectly happy to see TSA officers be allowed service everywhere they went, but only the condition that they submitted to a thorough public groping first.

      • TexasMom2012

        Yes! By anyone who wants to!

  • A Smith

    TSA employees, like school principals that suspend kids for a plastic knife in a lunchbox, are simply following rules–which excuses them from using any judgement.

    Compare and contrast to, say, Israeli airport security. I’m a regular boring American guy but had to travel to Tel Aviv on business on very short notice, alone, and for just two nights. When they saw a male with no checked baggage (a dufflebag only) and a ticket purchased 36 hours previously, they were polite but all over me. BUT a 3 minute conversation–no touching, no harrassment–showed them the truth, and I was on my way. Meanwhile, the TSA interrogates Vietnamese grandmothers. Sheesh.

  • Aaron Kerr

    let the TSA go to private contractors

    • amabokcuf

      They would rather go to your private parts… I would love to see one of them beaten a some point by someone for touching inappropriately…

  • Carle W Riley

    Can anyone say “lawsuit”. If I were an attorney, I would take it gratis. Where’s Gloria Allred when a conservative is injured?

  • BeeKaaay

    And where are the feminists? Awfully silent.

    TSA = sexual harrassment

    • 45calSandW

      Very interesting, BK! The feminists seem to be interested only if it involves Democrat talking points, IMO. Or killing babies.

  • BeeKaaay

    Catholic priests touch kids inappropriately? results: Sue the Catholic Church! 24-7 news broadcasts railing against the Catholic Church!

    TSA employees touch kids inappropriately? results: No lawsuits permitted, this is the federal government, they claim immunity. No coverage of it since Obama is their boss.

    I see something seriously wrong with this picture!

  • theBuckWheat

    Dana, you might get someone to dig up the video clip of Senator Schumer assuring us that if we federalized airport security screeners, they would be “more professional” and put it on the web where it could be played often.

  • amabokcuf

    It is past time we hunt these a-holes down at their own homes…just sayin’…

  • cscape

    Dana….. Is this NOT Obama’s WAR ON WOMEN?!!!!

  • Tom Fortin

    Chris and Dana need to file a lawsuit for the humiliation and molestation that occurred. There is absolutely no excuse for this and until the TSA is hit in the pocketbook, things won’t change.

  • William Chandler

    Yes, folks, the single most important question on a TSA application: “Do you like ‘bad touch’ … If so, you’re hired!”

  • Sharon Schlund

    Maybe the TSA is really the civilian army Obama talks about…they are getting us used to being manhandled and us going along with it without complaint…just wondering!

    • Devil Dog

      thats why all the hero worship of the military alarms me- in a tyrnical government the miltary ALWAYS follow orders.

  • Todd Amend

    screw the TSA they are turning into nothing but nazis

  • Patrick L

    This where when Romney takes office he should follow ELAL’s lead and let retired officers from ELAL teach our TSA how to screen and Identify potential terrorist risks and leave decent people alone. The TSA as is, is a laughing stock around the civilized world. i have never heard one single complaint in the MSM about ELAL abusing it’s passengers and they’ve been doing it since the mid ’70’s and how many hijackings have they had? ZERO let’s say that again ZERO!!! so they must be doing something right. This is a quality of life issue that has to be the 1st time flyer on a one way flight with a mideast passport a possible terrorist? YES YOU BET YOUR ASS THEY PROBABLY ARE. and the 85 year old lady traveling back and forth from Florida to NYC for the umpteenth time for the last 7-10 years…probably not

  • Michael Brookey

    This summer I traveled to Germany, Italy and Australia. Never, at any airport in those countries was I even required to even remove my shoes. We have a big government problem here.

  • Devil Dog

    thank joe biden for the patriot act.

  • Michèl Geyser

    This is my country? These are fellow Americans? I weep.

  • CalCon10

    Sooner or later, people will get fed up and there will be a push-back of some sort. If Obama gets re-elected, probably “sooner.”

    And a perfectly legal and defensible push-back, at that. Because Americans are law-abiding, courageous…and very, very clever.

  • teapartydoc

    Privatize airline security.

  • robcrawford2

    Last year I flew from Istanbul to Chicago via Frankfurt, Germany. In Istanbul we went through two sets of scanners, but no pat-downs. In Germany they examined our passports — though they barely glanced at mine, but seemed to focus a bit more on the Turkish passports — and went through, again, scanners but no pat-downs or shoe removal.

    But back in the USA, I had a flight from Chicago to Cincinnati — and had to go through pat-downs and take off my shoes and get scanned. Never mind that by this time I had been through four security checkpoints, two immigration and customs desks, and still hadn’t seen my checked luggage…

  • Larry Nutter

    The problem is: You are an attractive woman. I observed TSA agents targeting attractive women in the past. Who wants to touch a fat, ugly smelly person?

  • orbicularioculi

    Dana, these female TSA screeners are rapid butch lesbians and are doing this because they know who you are. Get an attorney and monitor this behavior. Contact your Representative if he/she is a Republican and your Republican Senator.
    These jackasses have to be stopped. When Romney and Ryan get in.. one of the first things they should do is GET RID OF THESE IDIOTS. They are not doing anything to protect us.. they haven’t picked up ONE TERRORIST TYPES in 11 years now.

  • Guest

    I posted this in the other thread, but here are my thoughts. Between the lost bags, delayed/canceled flights, and the TSA traveling has become a horrible experience, however, I understand that sacrifices have been made to protect the safety of the passengers, which is why I never complain about the TSA or delays/cancelations for the sake of safety. I’m sorry that Ms. Loesch had to deal with this, but her hands tested positive for explosive residue. I don’t understand why she is so angry about this. The TSA have a job (protect travelers) and they did their job.

  • Bill Hockstad

    Two things need to go, patriot act and just section 1021 and 1022 NDA, I do not give up my 4th becasue I buy a plane ticket.

  • Kelly England McDonald

    Here are some budget cuts that I think would be popular get rid of TSA/IRS in one fell swop….hatchet cut cut cut

  • Kelly England McDonald

    If they did this to you at the bank or the grocery store they would be arrested for assault…frankly, I’m scared to fly..not because of the terrorists with bombs and explosives BUT the terrorists with scanners and gloves!!!!!

  • Michael Keefe

    Let’s not forget that many of our current members of Congress are responsible for the DHS amd the TSA. Remember this one :”Then-Sen. Tom Daschle said, “You can’t professionalize if you don’t
    federalize.”I’m still trying to figure out exactly what they were trying to professionalize!

  • B0BAL00

    Well, she sure looks like she just broke out of prison. Glad TSA is watching her closely

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    It’s funny how nowadays everything gets called sexual harassment, and yet the TSA gets away with doing crap like this.

  • Thinking Americanist

    Poor baby. maybe she shouldn’t be such an asshole. Karma’s a bitch.

  • Thinking Americanist

    This bitch slandered me and others who disagrees with her. Said her Dad should have died in Vietnam. Again, Karma is such a bitch. HEH!

  • Beth Larsen

    The security measures have gotten beyond ridiculous. I would have to have a severe emergency to get on a plane these days.

  • CavalierX

    Next time wear a burka instead of a prison outfit. You’ll be waved straight through.

  • Hiraghm

    If they try to take me to a private area, I ask if I am under arrest. If they wish to take me to a private area, they can get a warrant for my arrest. Otherwise they can bugger off.

  • Hiraghm

    We’ve pulled out of Iraq, we’ll be pulling out of Afghanistan, that’s two theaters of the war on terror we’re shutting down. bin Laden is dead… did they ever say that DHS and TSA were going to be permanent? I was under the impression that these were wartime emergency surrenderings of essential liberties.

    The war’s over. Time for the TSA and DHS to go away.

    • BeeKaaay

      When was the last time we saw a temporary government agency?

  • czynik

    Must not be that bad or the public would stop flying as much as they do and the airlines would be complaining for lost business.
    Don’t think Romney will change anything. Memories are short after they get elected. It was repub Bush that put it in place in the first place.

  • Knightsniper

    I have not flown in over 20 years. But if and when I do, with 2 knee replacements the T&A security is REALLY gonna LOVE me….
    My bad attitude and snarky sense of humor will make all parties wish they were someplace else.