Much is made about polls and whether they are to be believed or not. Regardless of how you feel, it appears the recent events in Benghazi and troubling economic news are impacting Obama’s approval numbers in a negative fashion. He has now lost 4 points in the past 2 days of Gallup approval polling.

Media elites will probably spend a countless amount of airtime and column space explaining the “reasons” for the falling numbers and how it doesn’t really reflect poorly on the president. But, we have a theory:  Maybe the people polled are just plain fed up with this administration’s nonsense.

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  • Lakerfanalways

    For the life of me how the hell is Obama not having approval numbers in the 20s..who the hell supports this guy he is an EPIC FAILURE..oh yeah I forgot, the same ones who trade in their food stamps for iPhone 5’s..those are the ones who will gladly vote for this marxist prick

    • brenda

      notice his number is consistently around 47%…hmmm

      • Lakerfanalways

        Of course, when you have that same amount of people begging for free Govt goodies they will NEVER vote Republican. They go around bragging on twitter how they trade in their food stamps for an iPhone 5 and they know they can get away with it, especially under this President who wants EVERYONE on the Govt doll. The more people collecting from Govt, the more Dem voters there will be

      • Catchance

        Hahaha. Coincidence? I think not.

      • Greg Hlatky

        it’s consistently around 47% because they keep polling the same people over and over, I have proof, Gallup has called me once a week for the past 4 weeks, Rasmussen has called me the last 2 weeks and msnbc has called me almost daily for the past month

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    And those polls are WITH the liberal skew.

  • @joeinterlandi

    You would think his approval rate would be much lower than what is being recorded. Some of his minions have to be embarrassed at how feeble their arguments of support for his policies sound. It would seem that they would realize that it is their country he is hastening down the path to third world status.

  • Jack Deth

    The cultists and freeloaders will always lean to the left, but there is no impetus for them to get out to the polls and vote. Assuming someone else will do it for them. While countless and regularly uncounted voters have a gale wind behind them and know this one is for ALL the marbles!

    The left is in for a very rude awakening after Nov. 6th.

  • Lou

    Anything below 50% approval rating spells doom for the incumbent.The debate this week will be make or break for Obama and Romney is a very excellent debater.If Romney crushes O in the debates,it may turn things around.Especially if Romney hammers the failures of the past 4 years.

    • Greg Hlatky

      he can’t stay only negative, he MUST tell America what his plans are also while blasting Owebutthole for the non stop failures and unconstitutional acts he has been doing since ’08

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    Watch the Lapdog Media to start crafting more anti-Romney BS on Monday.

  • Fredddd

    Nevermind it all there’s the JLO ‘assault’…
    and the ‘assault’ charges were dropped within hours, and he has a picture with him and Paul Ryan on his facebook page!!!
    All happening right before the Presidential debates…
    Forget Benghazigate, it’s JLO!
    Last weeks hit and run didn’t matter. This guy though has a picture with Paul Ryan though!
    I smell somethin rotten.

    • Brenda Hellwig

      LiLo not JLo, lol.

  • Scooby_Doooo

    reality finally setting in for some of these loonies that want to support him sooo bad .

  • rant stocks

    The fact is Obamas policy’s are getting americans killed, he don’t give a damn about no american what so ever….NOBODY! whether they be an ambassdor or our heros in combat….further more he is a fake president a plant from the muslim brotherhood,the word…is infiltrated.

  • Gary L Monks Sr.

    Hey Obama!!! How do you think Ambassador Stevens and the 4 Marine Heros would Vote..just sayin..

  • firestopper

    Congress has to keep the pressure up on “Benghazi-Gate!” What, When, and Where the cover up started after the facts were revealed and James Clapper fell on the sword for this president. Remember what Mike Hukabee said Para phrasing “Watergate ened up with President Nixon resigning, but there were no deaths involved.”

  • Crushin Libs

    I love to watch libtards squirm… it really must take an IQ<70 to still consider yourself a liberal… Hey Libs, say Buh Bye to your socialist "messiah" and all the freebies… I can't wait til Nov. 6th

  • Rick Stones

    Isn’t there one single journalist in the MSM who has one shred of integrity or conscience? Jake Tapper at ABC may be the only exception. I swear there are millions of idiots (probably about 47 million) whose sole source of news is NBC who have never heard the story. They are occupying the couches in their mother’s basements right now saying, “Just exactly who is this Ben Gazi guy? He better not be trying to take away my Obama-phone!”