It looks like reality star Aubrey O’Day is parroting the kind of rhetoric we hear far too often from the Left. You are so right, Aubrey! It’s the Republicans who want to avoid the real issues like the national debt, the deficit, unemployment, tax reform, standing by our allies, investigating how an American ambassador was murdered, and more.

Typical Left mentality: If you criticize Obama, you must be racist.

  • $18912735


    • Conservative First

      eh, no idea

      • brianmouland

        Some Hollywood bimbo whose breast size is higher than her IQ

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    I don’t know who this broad is, but I’m in favor of getting all the racist or bigoted Progressives off our chest…

    Hmmm. When I was a kid we’d have said “… Progressives off our back.” Hooboy, how language changes in only 80yrs!

  • Jack Deth


    And I thought Dumb Blondes were just a stereotype perpetuated by Hollywood and its celebrity machine…. Oh, wait.

    BTW: Hasn’t that Race Card been worn to a sliver through it repeated use and proven uselessness?

  • Frank

    Yes, in the spirit of getting the “racism” off our chest, I suggest we completely disavow Rev. Al, Rev. Wright, Spike Lee, that Toure character over at MSNBC, the NAACP and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Oh, wait a minute, most Republican’s already ignore these racist/race baiting pond scum! Come on Aubrey, your party has some catching up to do! I realize segregation, slavery and Jim Crow make up a huge part of your ideological legacy, but you need to at least meet us half way here…say, dropping the Rev’s as a start?

  • RIChris

    Obama’s supporters consistenly point out that all Obama had to bring to the presidency was his race and 4 years in, all he’s contributed to his presidency is his race. We got that, it’s time for more.

  • Brett McMicken

    we all have to take into account their desperation: they no longer control the narrative and the outlets of information, as in the days of the dinosaur media. they cannot stand it that we are able to get our message out on fox and the internet. the mask is off and we are seeing the true hatred behind the fraudulent talk of tolerance.

  • Love of Country

    Hey Aubrey ….. as I recall …. you had the most God-given talent at the last Celebrity Apprentice. And yet at the end of the show when there was two team captains choosing one by one who they wanted to be on their team …. you were the very last one chosen.

    Now I’m confident that you’re smart enough to figure out what all this means if you ever bothered to look in the mirror …. no, not THAT mirror …. the mirror of introspection, you narcissistic fool. Now normally, the person with the most talent gets chosen first …. but you were such a tedious and overwhelming b!tch that you were chosen last …. and not by Republicans …. but by your own peers who were absolutely sick of your overly judgemental and hateful ways. Clearly your intolerance and inability to get along with others preceeds you …. (I LOVE IT) …. in your face!

    Beyond that …. you belong to the one Party who has been obsessed with controlling black people for the last 200 years and counting ie slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, the KKK, and premeditated welfare addiction and control.

    Aubrey O’Day …. you’re not fooling anybody from either side of the aisle. So now, with no further adieu … why don’t you hit the road …. buh bye.

  • Josephine (D)

    Who the hey is she?

  • Paula Noakes

    a) I really have no idea who this is. and b) the tweet isn’t on her feed anymore. She’s claiming she got hacked. Gee, celebs seem to get hacked a lot. Maybe they can’t figure out how to actually create a password? Thank goodness for Twitchy saving stupid tweets for all time!

    Looked her up and I *still* have no idea who she is. LOL. Celebrity in her own mind, apparently …

  • 123

    this is the girl that tried to tell p diddy, who has a net worth of $500 million in the music-making business, how to run his music-making business.

    he fired her:

  • Jacob

    She’s a stupid whore that is known for showing her ass and nothing else.

  • mnemosyne23

    Who in heaven’s name is Aubrey O’Day, and why should I care one iota that she thinks I’m a racist? As I always say, if I’m not called a racist in one way or another every day, then I’m doing something wrong.

  • TJHawk

    Aubrey, stick to posting half naked pics of yourself on twitter. It’s the only thing you do well.