To the Left, a shooting is never the fault of the actual criminal. Nope. Instead, it is promptly blamed on conservatives like Michele Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh, and others. Today’s shooting in Wisconsin is no exception.

Some things never change.

  • Jim De Arras

    What am I missing?
    sikh is not islam.

    • Bumr50

      Let them have some rope.

    • Lftcoaster

      You’re not missing anything, you just have a brain.

      • josef

        There has been plenty of violence directed at Sikhs by Muslims in India and Afghanistan for their refusal to convert to Islam, including beheadings and bombings at weddings.

        • Dref

          Exactly. But since when did facts like that matter to the left? Nope, they gotta score political points, it’s polemics before everything!

          • Brian Thompson

            Puh-leaze… I’m on the left and we don’t all think like that. Quit bringing up a few examples and applying it all to everyone on the left. There are idiots all around – left, right, center.

          • jonhartz

            Typical: we are all the same, no difference, LOL!
            Few examples? Just watch the MSM tonight for your talking points….

          • Wayne Brooks

            But isn’t this what the left does when there is a shotting, putting all of us religious conceratives in the same lot?

    • llcthecableguy

      First thing I thought too– if the shooter was inspired by Muslim hate rhetoric, he’s a moron, if he wasn’t, damn, the left looks more and more stupid everyday.

      • palinpeople

        he had a 911 tatooo morons

        • Rena

          so that makes someone go out and kill people… ok people Tattoo’s cause you to kill! LETS BAN TATTOO’S NOW…. MAKE THEM ILLEGAL ~rolls eyes~

          • Derek Webb

            OMG– I have a tattoo. HELP!!!

        • Dref

          So if anyone has a 9/11 tattoo and commits a crime that automatically proves they are racists inspired by “hate speech”? And are you telling me there is not a single liberal with a 9/11 commemorative tattoo? You are the only moron on here, moron.

        • Corey Dennison

          Is your stupidity painful?

          It should be.

        • mikal

          So you’re saying he’s an emergency medical services dispatcher?

        • mikal

          By the way, it’s tattoo. Just in case you missed the huge letters on the front of every tattoo parlor ever.

          • Charlie D Evans Jr.

            You can’t look at tha and tell it’s a tiepo? What he heII is wrong with you?

          • Warhawk Wynne

            what the heck is a tiepo???

          • ArtieThe1

            It’s a huge animal the lives in the rivers of Africa.

          • nogeeksadmin

            Wow did that joke go over your head…

        • John_Frank

          Right and that means what? Please, take your prejudice and hate someone where else.

        • Teresa Nelson

          Hey moron, Sikh isn’t Muslim. Clue number 1? Dumbass jerk fired on a Temple, not a Mosque. I know it’s hard to believe, but people in WI know the difference between the two.

          • nogeeksadmin

            Obviously not all of them. The guy was a right wing radical. Next you’ll tell me he was a Lib. lmao

          • Randy

            well, since he’s a wacko, he’s certainly qualifies to be a lib….

        • Ingrid Flores

          LOL maybe it was a medical tatt. If I pass out call 911! you’re are not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed are you?

        • Randy

          Yeah.. what’s wrong with him. no one should be unhappy about 911. We had is coming, after all. lets see.. what are the other leftie talking points…

          • $9943553

            Huh, it could stand for , 9/11? Just a thought!

      • Randy

        The left looks more stupid everyday without anyone’s help.

    • mikal

      Nothing. You’re witnessing, in full glory, the intelligence of the left.

    • Brian Mahoney

      You’re not missing anything. Its just another example of “never let a crisis go to waste”.

    • nogeeksadmin

      What you are missing is that he was too stupid to know the difference.

      • llcthecableguy

        If he’s a white supremecist, does it matter if they were muslim or Sikh to him? I mean, I know so little about white supremacy– do certain groups only hate certain other groups? (Let’s see, the Illinois Nazis get the Muslims, the Wisconsin Crackers get the Sikhs and the Minnesota Skinheads get anyone else with caramel-colored skin and an accent.)

    • Jeffrey Hardin

      They’re idiots, talking heads who are as uneducated as the donkey raping butt backwards Muslims are! Sikhism is the religion of the Sikh people. Not Islam as we see many screaming out. It was founded in the 15th century by a Guru named Nanak in the Punjab region. Hahahahaha, I have been called a racist and liar for pointing this out too.

  • Cris Allen

    Like a dog to his vomit.

  • TugboatPhil

    No need for a trial anymore. Shooters aren’t to blame. Someone else killed those people.

  • peteee363

    who even knows why this happened, and the blame crowd is fast on their feet!

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    Liberals are truly delusional.

    • DaleVM14W

      What do you expect from the glib liberals?

    • palinpeople

      Yes jerry, the giuy with a 911 tatoo with fox news blaring in his house kills people HE’S TOO RETARDED TO REALIZE ARE NOT MUSLIMS, and that makes liberals delusional.

      • Dref

        First off, confirm all this crap before you make accusations. Second, having a 9/11 tattoo and listening to Fox News does not automatically make you a conservative. And third, wait until we get all the details before you start accusing people of inspiring anything and before you jump to your conclusions, you polemic piece of garbage. And fourth, therer have far more left wing loonies who have done stuff like this than conservatives, so shut up.

        Your attitude is the same as the type of people who do this stuff. Just couldn’t wait to come on here and spew your hateful accusations, could you?

        • Tom Bannigan

          How many bombers for the left are professors now?

        • nogeeksadmin

          Listening to Fox just makes you stupid. Or, more stupid.

      • Corey Dennison

        Apparently, the answer to my first question to you above would be “No.” Your stupidity isn’t painful…only to those of us normal human beings who have to put up with you.

        • Don Sharum

          @ Corey, you are so ignorant. I would bet that your father is sorry for not wearing a rubber the night you were conceived. You are typical of most Liberals though. So go on your way and it won’t be long before you buy your own gun and practice on Conservatives instead of people that follow the Koran.

      • mikal

        Hey look, it’s one of the delusional. Say, SPP, do you hear voices right now? Are they telling you to kill dark skinned people?

      • mikal

        P.S. Why would you think he was trying to kill muslims when he attacked Sikhs? Do you think that muslims are the religion worth killing? That’s really weird.

      • John Fowler

        So they when they IDed him and got to his place, Fox News was on? The MSM needs to get tips from you, because I haven’t heard much more than “30s-40s, white, bald, and 9/11 tat.” I’m not even seeing reports of the guy’s name yet. If you have inside info, you should tip off the cops. Also, you imply he meant to kill Muslims, rather than Sikhs. What caused you to think this? More inside info? CNN would love an exclusive with you, I’m sure.

        • Lisa Dulaney

          maybe he will turn out to be a muslim and had the 9/11 tattoo because he was memorializing it for a different reason…

          • Don Sharum

            Good possibility Lisa.

      • disqus_khiD4yhUiu

        Oddly all these shooter turn out to be left wingers, can you explain this ?.

        • Haveawonderfullife

          Jeff, I’m not into conspiracy theories but some similaries to the Colorado shooting are too great to ignore. Eye witnesses, from both shootings, have claimed that there were multiple shooters even though the officials say there was only one; the shooters were dressed in all black; witnesses state that smoke bombs were set off. The details of the Colorado shooting are being sealed…. just like Fast & Furious…. I’m anxious to see if the details, from the Wisconsin shooting, are also kept hidden from the public.

      • FGCU_James

        You know what I find funny about these sort of comments?

        The person will make some wacky username (like “Sarah Palin People”), post some moronic tripe, and never back it up.

        Sometimes, I wish I was a progressive. That way I wouldn’t ever have to explain mistakes to my folks haha

        • Don Sharum

          I think that you will find (especially on Face Book) that Libs do not post currant pictures of their faces. I think that they are just plain Chicken S*** or they are ashamed of what they know they will say on any Conservative comment. Such brave people…..tsk…tsk…tsk.

        • DavConn1

          mmmm…. not sure if your name really delivers as “wacky,” but your last two sentences are wonderful examples of the moronic tripe! Thanks!

      • Lisa Dulaney

        ridiculous, its ok to jump to conclusions here and blame the people that DIDN’T do the shooting, but its not ok to jump to conclusions (as per obama) when a muslim major shoots unarmed soldiers and he still has not gone to trial… hhmm

      • GaylePutt

        The fact that any normal person would just tune out the rants of racists, regardless of who they target. This guy was NUTS and probably had an agenda of his own. You are so quick to blame everyone but the person who did the deed. And listen to yourselves. I can’t believe America has become so hateful.

        • Tom Bannigan

          I can. We keep importing people who hate America.

          • nogeeksadmin

            Tom, you are truly a jackass.

          • J. Cox

            The best argument you have is calling people names?People like you love to throw names,call someone racist,or bigot.Projecting much?

        • Randy

          Not the majority of Americans.. just an incredibly tiny but really, really whiny number of far left wackos.

      • Rena

        @twitter-348498171:disqus for your information the news never said he had Fox News on, but people did complain about his White Power music playing loud… perhaps you need to learn to read ALL of an article or listen more attentively, because only telling 1/10th of a story makes you sound like MSNBC

      • Randy

        “liberals” and that very label is a lie, do not need Fox to be delusional.. they come by it naturally.

  • Rodney Brungardt

    As usual, the left starts throwing the blame around BEFORE any actual FACTS are out. I bet they absolutely hate when those pesky facts make them look like the fools that they really are.

    • Mr

      Apparently not. I’ll bet Michelle Bachmann,Fox News and Rush Limbaugh are responsible for this in the same way the Tea Party was responsible for the Aurora shootings…not at all. But every time something like this happens, the Left rushes to pin it on the Right, probably because they know that their side is responsible for 99.999% of these events.

      “We must blame them and cause a fuss before somebody thinks of blaming us”

  • Booker T.

    Oh the for the life of me! The bodies aren’t even cold yet! What is with these libs?

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    Witnesses report that the shooter had a 9/11 commemorative tattoo.

    • Bumr50

      “Witnesses” also initially reported THREE shooters and a “well-coordinated, militia attack.”

      Let’s see how this plays out.

      • icowrich

        CNN is reporting the 9/11 tattoo, as well. Also, the shooter was bald and clean shaven, so likely not Sikh.

        • Rena

          So now he may have been a skinhead… Years ago before 9/11 I did some research on skinhead groups, I talked to many of them and the majority of them supported the terrorist groups there, when 9/11 happened their chat rooms were flooded with people praising the terrorists for what happened… their reason… “they hate Jews”… It could likely be a skinhead… another rogue attacker.. but the majority of them support them because they claim the terrorist can do the job for them.

          • Dref

            You are very much correct, the philosophical link between white supremacists and radical Islam has been well documented.

        • Dref

          Who said the shooter was Sikh? And how do you know the shooter was not an ex-Sikh who hated other Sikh’s and shaved off his hair and beard? You don’t know, but so many are just willing to jump to the conclusions they like best.

    • waltzingmtilda

      Real cute, Joe. Got a link, besides your own site? Big fan, BTW.

    • Tom

      So why would anybody shoot up a Sikh temple to get back at Muslims for 9/11?

  • Shaner5000

    Well then, using this liberal logic, we can say Joe Biden is responsible. His “you can’t go into a Dunkin Donuts or a 7-11 without a slight Indian accent’ slur could easily be taken the wrong way by someone who is disgruntled and resentful against the influx of successful Sikh businessmen in America.

  • SOD

    Do any of those idiots realize Sikhs are NOT muslims?

  • tsluf273

    This is why progs don’t deserve to be taken seriously.

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    My favorite thing about Twitchy is how its editors cherry pick half a dozen unknowns out of Twitters hundreds of millions of members and then claim that their views represent an entire group.

    • Larry Baron

      I’ve never seen that claim on Twitchy….can you validate your claim?

      • JoeMyGodNYC

        How about starting with the above headline?

        • Larry Baron

          They sound like typical libs to me. How would your headline read?

          • Dref

            Exactly, JoeMyIdiot knows that blaming conservatives for stuff like this has been done *every time* it has happened and by most of the well known left wing Pundits and prominent Democrats as well as the “nobodys” on Twitter. It’s part of the liberal ideology and a permanent part of their strategy.

          • Larry Baron

            You bet…funny though, after the facts come out they are pretty darn quiet.

    • Jillane Kent

      Go look at the comments on Huffington Post, Daily Kos, etc and get back to me about cherry picking.

    • WJGBalderama

      There you again, making things up. Are you, by any chance, related to one Harry Reid?

  • icowrich

    This says “the Left” is blaming Bachmann, but exactly which of these Twits represents the Left? Aren’t these just a bunch of nobodies spouting their mouths off?

    • Dref

      Yes, they are a bunch of *left-wing* nobodies spouting their mouths off.

    • WJGBalderama

      If you can’t tell the difference between the Left and the Right with the quality (or stupidity) of a tweet, then how can I expect you to know the difference between a Sikh and a Muslim?

  • Yeeheecom

    Liberals are such idiots. Why would anyone with half a brain vote for a democrat/liberal is beyond me. . Liberals will always try to make conservatives appear racist etc because they just want to hide their own racist past who created the KKK.

    Why blacks or any minority would associate themselves with the Democratic party is beyond me unless they just enjoy being enslaved. Blacks only became Democrats because they had no choice. If they voted republican they would be killed by the KKK which was mostly made up of liberals and democrats.

    Educate yourself and you will see the truth. If you don’t have time to read a book go watch the movie Runaway Slave

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    Better headline: “Here’s a handful of nobodies that you’ve never heard of out of Twitters 600 million users saying something that we’re going to say represents all progressives.”

  • A Willful Boy

    I’m enjoying the tweets blaming this on white supremacy. Last I checked, the Swastika was of Indian origin, and the Nazis sent scientists to the subcontinent looking for their ancestors.

    Oops, I forgot, facts about Nazism are racist too.

  • allenbarr

    why blame Michelle Bachmann.
    who’s pressing charges on her. what gun was she using. where are the witnesses. people get a life unless you are in a hypnotic state how is it so convincing to you that she did it.

  • FrancisMcManus

    Bush didn’t do it but there are a lot of people scapegoating Muslims. Bachmann is one of them.

    If the mass muderer who killed Shiks in their temple in Oak Creek WI thought he was attacking Muslims, Bachmann can share the responsibility for how her irresponsible demonizing of Muslims has consequences. Fear mongering and de-humanizing whole religions or races can have disasterous consequences

    • Dref

      > Bush didn’t do it but there are a lot of people scapegoating Muslims.
      > Bachmann is one of them.

      Where? She and others have pointed out that fundamental Islam is NOT a peaceful ideology but that is not the same as “scapegoating all Muslims.”

      “If the mass muderer who killed Shiks in their temple in Oak Creek WI
      thought he was attacking Muslims, Bachmann can share the responsibility
      for how her irresponsible demonizing of Muslims has consequences.”

      Bullcrap on two levels. First Bachmann has not demonized Muslims and even if she had the responsibility for taking human lives rests on the individual who does so and no one else. Using your logic, if I criticize my mother and someone hears me and then kills her, it’s my fault. If someone shoots Bachmann to stop her “hate” does that make you responsible?

      mongering and de-humanizing whole religions or races can have
      disasterous consequences?”

      First off, fear mongering? Who bombed the Cole? Who committed 9/11? Who is responsible for most of the terrorism in the world? Muslims. It’s not fear mongering, it’s a reality that Islam inspires a lot of evil things. Not all Muslims are terrorists but all Muslims who are terrorists are inspired by fundamental Islam. And she has never done what you accuse her of anyway. She has always made a distinction between radical Islam and Muslims of good faith. “Fear-mongering and “de-humanizing” does not lead one to kill. Being evil and ones personal choices does.

      P.S. Learn to freaking spell before you give people fascist lectures.

      • Larry Baron

        Very well said!

      • Rena

        Very well put… Thats the thing that most of these leftist forget… There are going to be lone wolfs in every organization and every situation that go out and do these things. The problem is the individual for a lack of morals, not the right or the left or anyone in between. Those who are inclined to violence will do it no matter the cause. If it be for saving our planet by burning down new homes, to attacking people who wear animal skins to other forms of terrorism of the radical Islamist

  • palinpeople

    Thank you right wing trash for supplying the twitter addresses of like minded people, who also realize, THAT IF YOU MIX A RIGHT WING LUNATIC WITH A GUN AND RELIGION, HE WILL KILL PEOPLE OF OTHER RELIGIONS.

    • Rena

      you are such a tool

    • Larry Baron

      How about if you mix any lunatic with a gun chances are innocent people will be killed. Now, sweetheart, take your chill pill.

    • Jillane Kent

      The proof of your exhaustive research? No other news source has been able to pin, without a shadow of a doubt, any of the recent shootings to “right wingers”, so I wait with baited breath for your proof.

    • Dref

      The only trash here is you, coming on here with your name calling and slurs. If a guy is a lunatic, he is going to do bad things regardless of whether he has a gun, religion, or whatever his politics. And even if a “right wing” lunatic has a gun and religion, it sure as hell does not mean he or she will automatically direct their lunacy toward other religions. Insanity can go in many directions, moron. Sheesh, what an asinine statement on your part. You have got to be one of the most despicable left wing fanatics to ever foul up this website. Go back to your far left fantasy world. Decent and smart people are trying to work here.

  • cscape

    Brian Ross and Stephanopolis are RUSHING to the scene to pin this on the Tea Party!

  • traffic_robot

    The left will never learn. A clip is not a magazine, a sikh is not a muslim, and both are religions and not a race.

  • bigal64

    Did the tweeters even listen to the families out front ? They said this could be from extreme muslim groups .. they been harrahsed over the last 7 months by them … could they mean the muslim brotherhood?

  • Richbert88

    One brown person must look like every other brown person to some……….and a Christian Conservative is a racist.

    • Dref

      Typical hateful liberal hypocrite. “How dare you stereotype Muslims, you are like all the other Christian Conservatives all of whom are racists!”

      Wrong, most of the racism comes for those who have denounced God and/or liberals. Unlike liberals, Christian Conservatives see all of mankind as fellow sons of God, and not as fodder for political ambitions and schemes. You are an ignorant pompous twit.

  • WJGBalderama

    Obviously, the Left doesn’t know the difference between Sikh and Islam. That’s why @CNN had to explain that point over and over again while reporting on this tragic incident. It looks like they didn’t do a good job at it. Oh, well. I hope this kind of stupidity doesn’t find its way into McCain’s brain. He has a bad habit of engaging his mouth first, and asking questions later.

  • Lisa Edward


  • David Desrosiers

    Just another leftist freak show of fail.

  • Love of Country

    Jeez, another orgy of hatred and projection propagated by bitter and Godless democrats. All the hatred I see is always coming from the Left. There’s no racist gang member or violent felon in the country who supports Mitt Romney or the GOP … they’re all exclusively Owebamao sodomites.

    All I know is democrats murder 10,000 Americans EVERY SINGLE YEAR over stupid stuff like rims, sneakers, turf and drugs. In one year, the political movement that the entire DNC is sooo proud of, OWS, had over 3000 arrests …. unbelievable!

    Who are all these tweeting dirtbags and losers I just read about who are obsessed with projecting their own pathetic and America hating Party’s crime, violence and hate mongering ways upon the upstanding and outstanding GOP???

    For the love of Pete, I can’t figure out how this awesome nation got saddled with Godless democrats who gave us slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, the K K K, OWS, 10,000 annual homicides and 80% fatherlessness …. what the H is going on around here?

    • disqus_khiD4yhUiu

      Good point, 90% of all inmates are Democrats, maybe you are on to something.

      • lisav1124

        Then thank God the inmate (as long as they were charged with a felony) have lost their right to vote. Less Oblamo votes, the better. LOL

        • cheerful warrior

          Inmates cannot vote while incarcerated or on parole. But when that is completed they can register again. its better to educate people than to take away their rights.

          • Billy Bob

            Not True. The jailbirds got Al Franken elected in Minnesota. Remember the big recount where he came from behind and won by a small handfull of votes, giving control of the Senate to the Dems?

          • George Gallo

            And Flanken and Dingy Harry were all that was needed to keep the Senate as both choke point for a budget and mechanism of mugging the health industry and all its recipients and taxpayers. It was all figured out in advance.

          • Norman Ursusmaritimus

            Didn’t they find those votes he needed to put him over the top at the 11th hour in the trunk of a car?

          • Daphne S. Merritt

            FYI – actually depends upon which state. in VA & KY, they can never vote. other states allow after specified time periods.

  • Tel-Jonah Stern

    How come no one blames Islamist terrorists for Islamophobia?

    • George Gallo

      It would be nice if we had a plurality of American Jews to shed some actual insight into what is wrong with the dhimmis cluttering this twit-forum. But you have to know that in spite of all Obsama’s pander to mofohamid and insults to Netanyahu the semitic vote is still 80 percent dhimmicrat.

  • Chris Ossman

    I wonder if #MichelleBachmann is happy about today’s attacks? After all, she claims our government has been infiltrated by Muslims and I don’t imagine that those who listen to Bachmann know the difference between Sikhs and Muslims.

    • Larry Baron

      You are a moron.

    • Mr

      Yeah,it’s pretty hard to tell the difference between Sikhs and Muslims, what with those bright blue turbans Sikhs wear and all.

    • WJGBalderama

      Muslim BROTHERHOOD, genius. And it’s the Left who doesn’t know the difference between the two cultures. I bet you don’t even know the Democrats filibustered the Civil Rights Act, do you?

    • Jamie Trivia

      I don’t think you can blame her for this specific incident. (or any specific incident)

      People used to claim Ozzy Osbourne was responsible for people committing suicide. People have claimed that pornography would induce rape, or that video games cause children to act violently. Far as I know, the only evidence is that video games might play a role, porn doesn’t induce rape and music is open to interpretation. (it’s hard to know, if someone commits suicide, how do you ask them?!)

      Bachmann is causing a real credibility problem for the right. They’d probably do well for themselves to get rid of her. Lets be honest, she has said some very irresponsible things. She’s made public statements that no leader in their right mind should ever make… but you can’t blame a nut for causing another nut to go around killing people.

      In July, 22,000 Bachmann donors gave an average contribution of around $50 each. Totaling over 1 million. This was the month she did her witch hunt rant. The fact that so many people are willing to plunk money down speaks volumes.

      I hope the right is able to expunge Bachmann. She’s making republicans look crazy… but if she’s gone, where would that leave the 22,000 people?

  • maplebob23

    Maybe the shootings happen because of the stochastic stupidity of liberals?

  • Ingrid Cherry

    Sikhs are not Muslim, so why are these “educated” LW nutjobs confusing the two? Forget actually blaming the shooter–they’d rather look for any reason, however far-fetched, to vilify the GOP, Michelle Bachmann and FoxNews.

  • John L

    Unfortunately a lot of people do not know the difference between Sikh and Muslim. That’s why the Sikh community has reported a large spike of verbal and physical violence against the Sikh community since 9/11. This is especially so in rural areas where the sight of a Turban inspires an immediate mistrust. I’ve met Sikhs in Northern Nevada, Washington State, British Columbia and Southern California. They have all told me about these kind of misunderstandings about their culture. So I do not think it’s impossible for this man to have went on a rampage against this temple thinking they were Muslims.

  • BruceMichaelGrant


    • BruceMichaelGrant


  • Kenneth James Abbott

    If this holds true to form, the media will screech about how conservatives did this right up until it turns out to be a Leftist, and then they’ll forget the whole thing ever happened.

  • Nergal

    Sikhs are not Muslims, in fact they have been victims of Muslims. The tweets above are honestly filled with enough ignorance to dash any faith I had left in Humanity. I think that last lingering thread of it just snapped.

  • Benjamin Wilhelm

    Anyone on the Left who accuses anyone else of “hate” speech can just SHUT UP!! The Left is filled with more Hate Speech than any other group.

  • Carlos Huerta

    it looks like all these creeps, who come out their holes everytime there a mass shooting, have a convention of sorts to blame the Right in unison. I do not think it is a concidence; there is a well defined playbook that the left is using to blame the Right for these mass shootings. They don’t come after Emmanuel Rahm or the mayor of D.C. to blame them for the gun violence happening in Chicago or D.C. or L.A. or N.Y. It would serve America well if these insects go after a Left wing mayor or governor or senator.

  • olebaldy1

    Where did this all start…this idea of killing the innocent…? From a Christian point of view I would say the day the Supreme Court allowed the mass killing of babies in the womb began, in my mind, America’s downhill slide started with the decision that human life is meaningless and can be discarded at will.

  • Robin

    One ency wency problem with there thinking.
    sikh’s aren’t muslims.

  • Kenneth Mitchell

    It’s heartbreaking to see what we have become. The first thing we should do is evaluate ourselves. Because we can’t do much about anyone else.

  • $2943864

    When Jared Loughner shot so many (including Giffords) we were (and still are) supposed to pretend he was just an isolated nut, but he was a rabid truther and was obsessed with mocumentaries that were created by spinoffs of Michael Moore. I don’t buy it – when you hear the hate spewed by these people on the far left you know they are who is responsible for pushing the edge of lunacy. Why do you think they got the moniker “moonbats”?

  • Lemrob

    Do the blamers have anything better to do? Maybe the should volunteer somewhere and do something good for once. This is unreal and very UNAMERICAN.

  • Melissa L

    Cannot believe people are blaming her for the acts of an sicko!!!! Stop it! This is what is wrong with our country. We blame everyone who we do not agree with just to make it worse.

  • Stephen J. Smith

    How strange. I see a great deal of hate coming from the left.
    Aren’t they above such things?
    Only in their minds.

  • Armanius Maximus

    Wow, these twitters are so ignorant!! Sikh has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims!! When will these liberals put their Ivy League education to good use?

  • usnavy83

    these freaking libturds disgust me to the core.

  • stuckinIL4now

    I knew it wouldn’t take them long, those lefties never let a shooting go to waste if they can pin it on a conservative politician and smear ’em with it. But ABC said that “sources” have told them the shooter was a “white supremacist” and of course we know that all white supremacists are righties. No word if ABC’s sources are the same as those that speak inside the head of Harry Reidiculous.

  • JSebastian

    My question to the left: how’s that forced diversity working out?

    Let’s do a little “diversity” bodycount:

    Binh Thai Luc (Vietnam): 5
    One L. Goh (Korea) : 7
    Seung-Hui Cho (Korea): 33
    Chai Vang (Laos): 6
    Eduardo Sencion (Mexico): 5
    Nidal Malik Hasan (Palestine) 13

    Sikh mass murderers:
    Avtar Singh: 5
    Ranbir Singh: 3

    Well thats 76 dead in just a few incidents.

    • JSebastian

      Wait, I forgot one:

      The 9/11 hijackers (mostly Saudi Arabia): 3000+

      Hmm, immigration seems to bring a high price. Can Americans afford to keep paying it year over year?

  • jiminidaho

    These people are a bunch of idiots that use a tragedy like this as an excuse to spread their vile hatred for one of America’s finest citizens.

  • disqus_khiD4yhUiu

    I’m a little confused and I hope someone can set me straight, But what does Bachmans concerns about security problems with the Muslim Brotherhood have to do with a shooting at a Sikh Temple ?. I mean if we all really hate muslims as bad as the left claims we would be best buds with the Sikhs, after all they and the muslims are dead enemies.

  • Charlie D Evans Jr.

    Breaking News :
    Harry Reid found a magic genie’s lamp and rubbed it. The genie said, “I will grant you one wish.” Harry said, “I wish I were smarter”. So the genie made him a Republican.

  • religionandhistory

    Of course Fox news was probably on …GOOD GUESS! It is 100 times more likely to be on anywhere rather than nearly defunct alphabet networks thought police . Did he have milk in his fridge? Lets blame cows. Yep…looks like another milk drinker !

  • Walter Rampton

    As sad as it is this was not inspired by any right or left wing beliefs but once again the left were quick to pounce. Try talking about the issues for once and quit playing politics for every thing that happens or is said in America. it might actually help you get a few more votes in November.

  • John Terry

    Liberals are filthy scum, and blaming people on the right with other viewpoints is their way of trying to silence them. WON’T HAPPEN, you disgusting trash. You never wait for the blood to dry at these tragedies before your pathetic attempt at trying to score political gain. You are miserable scum, I can’t wait until Obama loses in November.

  • james

    if this country wasn’t so divided and quit crying like a bunch of two year old’s maybe then we can stop some of this violence

  • CafeNetAmerica

    Fact: The KKK was originally started by Democrats to whack the
    republicans be they white or black. Back then, if you were black you
    were a republican and if you were a republican you were an enemy of
    white supremacists.

  • michael s

    I have no sympathy for her. It was Intelligence commitee member Bachmann that racially profiled Huma Abedin and fellow Congressman Keith Ellison. Saying they need to be investigated on whether they have ties to the muslim brotherhood and islamic terrorism. However whether its James Holmes Neil Prescott Nathan Watkins Casey Fury now the Wisconsin psycho,its her white brothers that seem to be involved in terrorism and sabotage. Let Ms Bachmann broaden her perspective and not target people of color.

    • Smokey Behr

      It’s not racial profiling when they openly admit that they are Muslim, and that they have ties to Islamic organizations that have ties to terrorism.

  • CafeNetAmerica

    Video FlashBack: Anti-Semitism at Democrat Pro-Obama Occupy Wall Street Rally…

  • Chauncey Freeman

    The staggering ignorance coming from the regular leftist/Marxist/atheist/democrat anti-Christian bigots on this forum is breathtaking. Almost every post claims Rep. Michelle Bachmann wanting to know how a muslim with direct, longstanding ties to persons related to Islamic terrorist groups and unindicted co-conspirators of terror groups got security clearing to be the right hand woman of our Secretary of State. Bachmann is 100% right to ask the question.

    The most glaring ignorance found in the majority posts are the claims that Sihks are Muslims?!?!?!? You ignorant racists! You dumb democrat dolts see a scarf on someone’s head and you think they are Islamic? Stereotype much?

    Anyway, if you want talking points that are dumber than dirt, inane, nascent and rooted in anti-Christian bigotry, sign up for daily talking points from The Daily Puss, Huffinpuff, or Medium Madness.

    The democrats and the Bolshevik teachers unions have bread a couple of generations worth of blobs without any knowledge of history and totally without the ability to discern reality. It is this same mass zombie populace who got a president with no credentials, no record, no major publications, no accomplishments and only a known history of drug use, sexual perversion who came from a porno posing dinge queen of a mother elected.

    At this point America deserves the economic, moral and societal collapse that is coming for the absolutely base degeneracy known as the secular progressive voter.

    • thmiuatga

      I must say that I share your outrage and I agree with you. I must tell you (and you probably know this for yourself) that the economic, moral and societal collapse that has been so planned and set up by the progressive leftists is the change that THEY will never be subjected to as the standard of living. It will be the rest of us and all the fools that were suckered into supporting and voting for the progressives.

  • CafeNetAmerica

    After connecting some dots I’ve come to another conclusion… Chick-fil-A Democrat Protesters Harass Homeless Black Man Reading The Bible – Video

  • Timray

    what do you expect from Jesse jackson…the unions coordinated this to pay back the governor for whipping them…Obama today expressed his sorrow with all those Hindu killed in Wisconsin…

  • Chauncey Freeman

    The Marxist democrat party is still the party of race hatred, race and economic targeted genocide via abortion, anti-semitism, anti-Christian bigotry and institutionalized corruption. Their most ugly racism aside from Obama’s first act as president to repeal the prohibition on tax payer funding of international abortions. In killing the Mexico City Policy Obama and the evil democrats allowed widespread international tax payer funded abortion on demand of which the vast majority of victims of the eugenic policy are PEOPLE OF COLOR. RACE GENOCIDE. FACTS ARE STUBBORN THINGS. Demorat=Darwinian Eugenic Marxist death worshipping cult. Great new book about the evil history of the democrat party. You need not remain in darkness about the truth about the party that has fooled you into being complicit in their crimes against humanity. Read for God’s sake!

  • punkin7777

    No one makes (or can make) another person do harm, only the person who does the harm does it because it is in his/her own heart already. So to blame Michelle is assinine……..completely and who does so are LIARS!

  • Keith Davidson

    Whenever there’s a tragedy like the shooting of Gabby Giffords or this horrible shooting at the Sikh temple, It takes liberals less than 0.02 seconds to show their stupidity. Everything, and I mean “EVERYTHING” is a political matter for liberals, and a thing to use for blame they can aim at Christians and Conservatives. To hear them tell it, the conservative Christians in this country invented death and murder, famine, disease…pretty much all of the worlds ills come from the bible belt. (Yeah I know, death and all the things I just mentioned existed before America, but let’s not have historical fact clouding the issue. After all, we know how facts tend to confuse the anti-American left.) I know of another individual who operates that way; ignoring the facts and excusing his own crimes and then persecuting and prosecuting others. His name is Satan. He is otherwise known as the accuser of the brethren.
    Thank you God for the poetic justice of making your enemies condemn themselves with their own words and deeds, and thank you for using this condition to show me that while I am not perfect, I am on the right side and going in the right direction.

    • Sig

      The way you described him, I thought you were talking about Barack Obama.

  • John Smith

    Left and “progressive” retards that can’t tell the difference between Sikhs and Muslims. And these people want to convince us that they know it all. Hey at least they did not accuse the GOP or the Tea Party for this.

  • DebEast

    Most likely committed by ANOTHER ‘”Change The World” HATER (Latin for liberal).

  • Ken Alan Draper

    Sikh’s also have their enemies in the Indian community, some Indian people are still angry over the assassination of Indira Gandhi by her own Sikh bodyguards.

  • DebEast

    He was from North Carolina, a very LIBERAL area. Probably another “Agree With Me or Die” liberal.

  • Ric Aldrich

    It’s nice to see some sanity in the world we need to rid this country of all democrats

  • vyar

    “Specultation aside, do you think…..” If one is to put speculation aside their next statement should not be speculative. Why don’t we wait and see what real details come out of the investigation before any knee jerk reactions about who is to blame?

  • brianmouland

    Remember people this is the same Loony Lefties who tried to blame the Arizona mall shooting on Palin and the Aurora shooting on the Tea Party and 9-11 on Bush

  • Dave Jones

    Seems to me that the “hate speech” of the right is incited by the bitter hate expressed by the left. Sharpton, Olberman, etc. The left is resposible!

  • Linda Vallecillo

    Well, it’s true. That idiot may as well have told the shooter to do his thing.
    It doesn’t matter to a nitwit . They just looked different.

  • Josephine (D)

    …or he could just be hateful, liberals.

  • Anthony Phelps

    Bottom line….the left can’t run on the issues. So they have to used the divide and conquer theory. Too bad liberals who think they are so smart are so easy. They would rather deal with fairy tales than reality. I don’t understand when something like this happens, someone is always to blame except the nut cases who actually commit the crimes. The left is totally sad.

  • Freyja Bergthorson


  • Jstalongtalltexan

    How many morons will vote for Obama…count the ones above

  • Norman Ursusmaritimus

    “Muslim” is not a race, it’s a faith, or a religion. People who denigrate members of a faith or religion or of a particular ethnicity are engaging in bigotry, not racism. It’s an easy concept. Race does not connote membership in a faith, or one’s country of residence or one’s country of origin. Race is a scientific term used in the taxonomy of all living things, including mankind. It has nothing to do with ethnicity, either. It has more to do with physical and genetic characteristics, skin color being only one of many considerations. For example, most of the peoples of the Indian subcontinent are classified as Caucasian.

    There are only 3 races of mankind currently universally recognized in science, with anthropologists still arguing about possible future inclusion of two or three more. RIght now, the races of mankind include: Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid. That’s it. Those under consideration do not include “Muslim”.

    So, until you who foam at the mouth about racism at every opportunity get your terminology straightened out, your idiotic rants have no cred.

  • Rebecca Rabon

    Mmmm, so if your theory holds water, that means every time a wacko has showed up at a church and shot attendees we can blame it on the liberal left, correct?? I mean, after all, I am sure you wouldn’t want to be hypocritical in your views or anything….

  • Susie Weaver

    These people have such small, paranoid brains. This was the horrific work of ONE, murderous madman. Get over yourselves!

  • Aljorie Stallings

    Very sad indeed that instead of attempting to deal with the issue of hate speech and xenophobia this page vents and whines on poor lil Queen of the Xenopobes Bachmann getting flack in the Twitterverse! SMH

  • Rod439

    barrack obama sat in a racist church for many years, hear rant after rant against white people. what does this mean?

  • jonhartz

    None of those idiots know that Sikhs are NOT Muslims. Never underestimate the ignorance of the left….

  • hbbauer2

    “Fast and Furious” is a fact and an International Crime! 300 were killed across a National Border and Brian Terry’s killing was on this side of the border! The ATF people responsible, under Eric holder, either resigned or were promoted to another office in the department! Eric Holder is responsible as is our president! Accrediting “Hate Speech” to one(s) who had nothing to do with the Sikh incident is avoiding the facts of life and looking for a deflection from the real truth! The anger and lawlessness being generated by this administration is a fact! “Fast and Furious” is a crime of epic proportions and Obama and Holder are implicit, if not flat out guilty! So the left “cries wolf” before knowing all of the facts, which is typical! Obama & Holder should be indicted for “Fast and Furious;” however, politics and executive privilege protects the real guilty! This stupid name-calling without the facts will continue under this president! Meanwhile, Hillary and Obama want the UN to usurp our sovereignty and rights! People that point fingers without the complete truth are giving the Obama-Soros (move agenda a good boost! Obama’s war with Arizona and Sheriff Arapio should give us all fear from what is coming in from Mexico! The have been ranchers (and Mexicans) on the border murdered and raped by the ‘Coyotes’! Obama and holder are partly to blame for this! If I were a rancher there, I’d want an AK 47 just to survive because I wouldn’t know if the enemy was a cartel ember or an ATF agent!! I’m tired of hearing ‘the Left’ “Cry Wolf” for any incident as yet unproven, while the news media and their Soros ilk look to blame those wanting positive change and are not afraid to say so! I sat the ‘battle cry’ for “change” SHOULD BE “FAST AND FURIOUS!” Clear up this mess and we’ll be making some headway instead of “Crying Wolf” until the real problem is solved and the investigation is complete and this current administration is cleared and the atmosphere is deodorized!

  • caleejr

    I’m amazed at how many friggin MORONS believe the SIKH faith from Punjab India is somehow the Muslim Religion, or is related to the Muslim Brotherhood! Are these liberals that slow in the skull that they equate them as the same faith? They don’t know history, let alone current events.

  • $27952047

    Typical Republican kkk hater, thought he was doing a good thing by killing some arabs …. Keep the hate spewing on the radio and throughout the US and the killings will continue. Rush Limbaugh must be proud !

    • J. Cox

      Thanks for showing yourself to be a well educated thinker that clearly and concisely cuts to the heart of the matter.I am sure if you gather other just like yourself,you will have all the worlds problems solved in a afternoon.Kool-aide to follow.

  • Charles Upthebutte

    I don’t understand the assertion of the article that the “Left” is blaming the temple shooting on Michele Bachman etc. It looks to me like the author of the article selectively gathered tweets from weirdo, out-there, knee-jerk, close-minded hoopleheads who don’t represent the Left or liberal values to provide a straw-man argument that liberal = bad. If a leading liberal politician/intellectual/personality tweeted something along those lines it’s one thing, but I find it dubious for anyone to make the staggering leap of logic that these people represent the Left in any meaningful way.

    • J. Cox

      Because people on the right are going to make these tweets about the people in our own party?If these people vote,I bet they vote to the left everytime.Not a hard leap to make.

  • Paula Gurley

    So I guess this means they will drop the anti-gun legislation since the shooter isn’t at fault, a politicians with out a gun is?

  • JoAnn Hoffman Knowles

    Do these people even realize these were not Muslims? These people are nuts…and stupid.

  • Angel Witt

    This is truly a sad world and state of humanity we live in. When we choose to LOVE and NOT JUDGE, will we ever be HAPPY!!!! GOD IS THE JUDGE, LEAVE IT TO HIM. HE KNOWS WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dick Snell

    These little left – right – center I know I’m
    right comments go a long way in proving people jump in and tell all they know
    about something not even right or wrong about someone being right or wrong
    which is irrelevant. So entertaining are these gossip journalists on comments
    to the unknowing. Just seeing more hate being spread around to create more

  • Orpheus75

    “Bring attention to hate speech pros with the biggest megaphone. RUSH,
    BACHMANN, HANNITY, BECK, SAVAGE, etc. All have blood on their hands.”

    People like this one are truly mental.

  • Shania Boyle Smith

    What a bunch of intolerant hate mongers! You accuse us Chistians of the very thing you are most gulty of. Typical leftist ideology, and I’m surrised it’s not Bush’s fault.

  • Paul J. Citro

    The left is so predictable, their feeble mind will never see the whole picture.

  • Jeffrey Hardin

    many shooting have taken place since 1996 and only one of them Eric
    Rudolph possibly had any linking to the conservative base. These killers
    have all been Liberals, supporters of Liberal values including racism.
    They may champion a cause, but it too is
    not a reflection of themselves but one of pure evil intent and self
    aggrandizing, self congratulating egotistical and all for an elitist
    social standing, nothing less and so much more?
    They are like
    children who point fingers of blame else where when it were their social
    declining issues that frustrated an already horrible situation caused
    in the first place by themselves.