It’s difficult to talk about facts when they are constantly distorted. ABC News correspondent Jake Tapper gives a reminder that operation Fast and Furious began under the Obama administration.

To think, there are people who actually believe the spin that the operation which led to the death of border agent Brian Terry began before Obama took office. But, here they are:

  • HonestConservative

    Repeat the lie often enough and that will then be the truth?

    • Taxpayer1234

      Hey, it worked for Goebbels, so of course the libs imitate him.

      • David Desrosiers

        Before it worked for Goebbels, it worked for Woodrow Wilson. That’s where Goebbels got the idea. From our good old friends the Progressives.

  • Mike Wilson

    Does anyone not think that if Holder had doc’s implicating Bush they’d be released by now, NYT p.1 and NBC TopStoryTonight?

    • Owen007

      As I recall, Holder once tried to shift blame to Bush’s last AG. I believe it was just this week that Holder was forced to admit that were no documents to back that claim up.

      …But still, it was all Bush’s fault. I mean, Bush’s AG not being involved, Wide Receiver ending when it did, the deaths occurring during Obama’s term – how can you not blame Bush?

  • MyrMcC @Palms Macopa Resorts

    ‘they’ wished it had started w/ Bush. But nah- sorry
    libs, no cigar.

    • Joseph Downs

      No cigar? Are you implying it started under Clinton?

      • MyrMcC @Palms Macopa Resorts got me there!!
        Wondered how fast… after I posted ;);) heh!

  • Malice_in_Blunderland

    I’m starting to hate these people instead of having pity for them. Is that bad?

    • Cyborg0012

      Nope, I’ve felt that way for a while. Welcome!

  • M Christian

    It’s willful ignorance of the facts. If you don’t actually find out for yourself what happened, you can make up any old story to suit you.

    • Owen007

      I don’t think it’s willful. They’ve deluded themselves into taking anything that the left-wing tells them is true. A person with a willful ignorance would at least have been smart enough to obtain the facts, recognize them and then ignore them. These people are just sheep, but not as useful to society as sheep.

  • Hank DeCat

    The brain dead left refuses to accept that the issue with Holder is the initial DOJ letter 2/2011 saying the office knew nothing of the F&F operation & the subsequent retraction of that statement 9 months later saying “Oh, yeah, the DOJ did know about F&F.” The docs Issa is asking for is to illuminate Congress on what happened in the DOJ between the 2/2011 denial letter & the retraction letter. And all of that *definitely* happened under Obama, not Bush.

  • sgt_joe_rock

    It’s Obama’s fault ! Take that suckers… Lol

  • Rory Oldham

    How can they be this uninformed? All of these people are sad excuses for human beings.

    • SpaceRacer423

      The problem isnt that they are ignorant,
      it is that they know so much that isnt true………………..

      I’ve heard that somewhere before…..

      • Rory Oldham

        Lol, gotta love Reagan.

  • Pat Arnold

    Last time I responded to any of the fine citizen’s tweeting above I was sent to do hard time in Twitmo. So let me just say here that not only are they wrong, they are epically wrong

  • Owen007

    The funniest part of that parrot parade is the idiot that referred to Issa as a Senator. They’re all being stupid, but that’s a special kind of stupid.

    • Cyborg0012

      Libs are the most ignorant of our government: how it works and the who’s-who.

    • Brian

      Just about to say the same thing…

      It’s hilarious when the left peddles lies when they can’t even get the basic facts correct.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Gee, ya’ think some of those documents withHOLDovER is hiding can verify that F&F is a wholly-owned Obama/Holder production?

  • mhojai

    “Bush” is like an hypnotic trigger for these loons…they mindlessly begin to babble the adminstrations talking points at the mere whisper of the name. The degree iof willing self-deception is pathetic! And Rinos want us to “dialogue” with these morons? You get more sanity from crushed rock.

  • ICLemmings

    Liberalism is a mental disorder quite obviously, after reading some of the tweets, man keep your head in the sand folks.. Wide receiver Bush / Fast and Furious Holder and now I guess we can say the President now that he is claiming executive privilege. Sorry Whitehouse we all don’t drink the KooL Aid.

  • BeEtLjOoZ

    Katrina happened on Bush’s watch and he took responsibility for failures on the federal side – even the things he couldn’t have possibly controlled – like nature and levy failures. He also could not have had a clue how badly Kathleen Blanco would botch things up, or that she would try to blame him for her incompetence. Bush offered to send in whatever she needed. She declined. She treated it like Bush was trying to muscle in and take over or something. It was weird. Like she was offended by the offer, that he must be implying she couldn’t hand it – well she couldn’t. People had been warning for a decade that those levies wouldn’t hold up in a major storm and the state did nothing about it. Fast and Furious happened on Obama’s watch – end of story. No matter when it was started. And to top it all off some folks want to believe that Obama is so noble as to protect Bush from being tied to Fast and Furious that THAT is actually why he used executive privilege to protect Bush. HA! If it were true the Obama administration would hang Bush out to dry. Time for Obama to man up and take responsibility for things that happened on his watch, whether they were directly his fault or not! Obama lied, people died.

  • Ghostmaker

    All about fast and furious and the why….

  • David Desrosiers


  • Terika

    “MIND NUMBINGLY STOOOOOPID!” (ht Trey Gowdy SC Congressman)


    They are either EMBARRASSINGLY UNINFORMED, PURPOSELY MISINFORMED, or the Tactic used so often by the Alinsky-schooled Left:
    “LIE A LIE LONG ENOUGH TIL IT BECOMES THE TRUTH” has truly found a home!

    You can lead ’em to water…but, they’ll always, ALWAYS drown themselves! (geez…)

    • Tom Bannigan

      Actually they dont drown anymore with those stupid warning labels all over the place. I say give thought a chance and let natural selection work!

  • Terika

    This just in: Jake Tapper leaving ABC for FOX in 3, 2, 1…
    (Actually, I hope he stays put – the only decent reporter w/access to the belly of the beast!).

  • Patrick Thompson

    100% political theater – F&F was ended by Holder.

    • SpaceRacer423

      it was also STARTED by Holder’s DoJ.

      Thats kinda like saying:

      “Why are we going after this bank-robber?
      He STOPPED robbing banks three days before he was arrested!!?!?!”

  • SpaceRacer423