Comedian Adam Sandler is starring in a the new film ‘That’s My Boy,’ which will be released in June. Today is not his day on Twitter, though, as his critics were out in force.!/ArthurLeeWalker/status/196356786264088577!/Retweetme95/status/196358243105255424!/SraUnorthodox/status/196357909754552320!/kareemthompson/status/196356751619129344!/silentsmack/status/196356673324060673!/loui_vaton_dom/status/196356104534499328

  • Tam_from_Michigan

    They probably are dissing him because he has been reported to be conservative…

  • jtgun

    I thought his fight with Bob Barker was hilarious , sorry .

    • Jacques Poutine

      That was 16 years ago though.

  • Jenn of the Jungle

    Love him.