Many are questioning the authenticity of one of Buick’s commercial’s featuring basketball great Shaquille O’Neal.!/Vulkanthemighty/status/194159399814709248!/Tr3y__/status/194159342105264128!/monygemini/status/194160189828632576!/CEOKhacki/status/193136050435141632!/pjhoody/status/194159259750121475!/_HeartBreakJay/status/194159433356558336!/TheRealNicaveli/status/194161779687948289

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  • TugboatPhil

    I just saw that yesterday.  He definitely fits inside the car.  However, how long did it take him to get inside, how long did it take to get him out, and did they have to use the Jaws of Life to get him out?

    Oh yeah, could he actually drive it once he was inside?

  • Andrena Seawood

    I agree! Contacted Buick and they said the purpose of the commercial is to make “Larger People Consider the Buick Lacrosse” Not to fit or drive in it–LMAO!!!!! CLass action lawsuit on the way!