The United Nations Security Council unanimously approved sending more cease-fire observers to the battered nation of Syria. The government and resistance agreed to end the struggle last week, but hostilities have continued, claiming more lives.!/Nora0315/status/193747400035282944!/M_akbik/status/193793443724660737

The United States ambassador to the U.N., Susan Rice, said this:!/AmbassadorRice/status/193748237201571840!/AmbassadorRice/status/193750403807064064

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  • Libertyship46

    Susan Rice actually said, “UNSC just voted unanimously to authorize full #UN supervision mission in #Syria, but U.S. is sober about the risks.” You’re kidding, right? About 300 UN “Observers” will just make 300 more targets for Assad. You really think at this point Assad cares what the UN thinks? As long as Assad is supported by Iran and Russia, nobody can touch him. And with all the chemical weapons Assad has, the West is afraid what will happen if he does fall and they end up in the wrong (al Qaeda) hands. Nope, the UN and the US will do nothing about this while Assad slaughters his own people. And if you don’t think these chemical weapons are a problem, just look at how many weapons disappeared after Gaddafi fell in Libya. Unless you want another full-blown war in the Middle East, Assad will probably hold on to power.