Vice President Joe Biden used an unusual analogy to describe some of President Barack Obama’s policies. But, Republican Sen. John McCain (Ariz) is just not sure what Biden is talking about.!/tuttibaci/status/193408224169435136!/cjkpilot/status/193407870950326273!/pambesteder/status/193407678700191745!/Marti_in_DE/status/193407547548504065!/brianstovall/status/193407376269901825

  • Larry Baron

    Joe “xerox” Biden is a moron…no one except libs should even bother paying attention to him.

  • Gordon Green

    It means Obama’s ideas are as dangerous and stupid as letting rattlesnake loose in hotel lobbies.

    • Erick Brockway


  • SineWaveII

    Maybe he heard Samuel L Jackson was staying there. “I’m sick of all these M&^%$#*& F&*^ing snakes in this M&^%*$ F*&^ing Hotel!!”

  • spot_the_dog

    That’s what’s so scary about the Bad Lip Reading version of Joe Biden vs. the real one.  They’re actually pretty hard to tell apart:

    • jhva99

       Bad Lip Reading is very funny stuff!