It was a rough night on the campus of the University of Missouri, thanks in large part to Student Body President Payton Head. Head posted on Facebook earlier in the night that the KKK was confirmed on campus and that he was working with “the MUPD, the state trooper and the National Guard.” Here’s a screenshot:

The only problem with that terrifying statement is it wasn’t true and Head was forced to delete the post and apologize:

Head then directed students to follow @MUalert — “The online emergency information center for the University of Missouri” — as the “ONLY account with confirmed information”:

Head later posted that he took “complete blame and fault” for his “actions”:

However, looking at timestamps, @MUalert posted that there was “no immediate threat” 19 minutes before Head’s notice to students:

The university begged students to stop spreading rumors, too:

But the damage was already done.

The hashtag #PrayForMizzzou was trending all night and is still the No. 1 trending national story this morning, thanks to all of the false information that was reported earlier in the night:

And as of this morning, everything seems calm:

So … did anything really happen on campus last night?



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  • QueenB

    It was a white guy wearing a hoodie, wasn’t it?

    • BlahBlah

      It was Santa.

    • Doc Farmer✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

      Probably a white hispanic. Or a trans-cracker. Or something…

    • Don Reed

      “Duke lacrosse rapists invade Missouri, TO ARMS!”

    • Ivar Ivarson

      Some say the idiot mistook a woman in a white terry robe with her hair in a towel as the Grand Wizard. I’m not sure I would want to put this individual in charge of operating a toilet.

  • Peggy Bundy

    This is getting weirder by the day. Time to stop giving them the attention that they seek.

    • BlahBlah

      No. Time to expel every last one of them.

      • Jordan

        Get ready, workforce! These entitled little buttercups are coming your way! Get those workplace safe spaces prepared or be prepared for endless lawsuits and attempts at bad publicity. Don’t forget to hire lots of psychologists to work for the HR department. They will be very busy.

        • Mike H

          Not at MY workforce. Bet on it.

        • Dredd 3D

          These jerks WILL BE the HR department!

          • Jordan

            They will be HR. They will be the management (God help the company). They will be the legal system. They will be the lawmakers. Eventually, I predict that there will be a movement to entirely abolish the Constitution because it makes them uncomfortable. There are no provisions in it for federal safe spaces.

          • Deplorable Jackphatz

            These companies will fail faster under these snowflakes then Obama ever dreamed of killing our workforce.

          • fish1552

            Some of them may be. But you forget that there are also the same number of those who are NOT self entitled wimps who WILL make us proud. Just because these whiners are louder which is what the media wants to broadcast, doesn’t mean they are the majority.

          • Steve

            Where? The welfare department? Unless they’re 7 ft then they can dunk basketballs.

        • jjcassidy

          Not really. It’s racist not to postpone their exams indefinitely, until they feel safe enough.

          • Jordan

            I just hope they mature as they age. I know I saw the world a lot differently at 18-21. But, I don’t recall ever feeling “unsafe” because those around me disagreed with me.

          • jjcassidy

            Well it’s going to happen to some of them, for sure. Not sure what it’s going to take, though.

          • Nate Hoffman

            If you were black and a truck full of people were dropping the N bomb on you on campus, you wouldn’t feel safe.

          • Jordan

            Well, sure. But show me where that has happened here. From what I’ve heard/read/seen so far, this has been based on bogus, false allegations. The swastika was never proven to have existed. No one who has seen it first hand has come forward. I have heard nothing about racial epithets being bandied around the campus.

            But, even if there were people dropping N bombs, that is not a physical threat. That is someone using words. Last I checked, if you feel “unsafe” only because you are hearing something that offends you, then the problem is still on you. It only becomes an issue for the university if physical threats are made.

            These kids need to realize that the world is not “safe”. It is not comfortable. It does not come with safe spaces, other than your their home, maybe. The rest of the world is REAL. People do and say REAL things. Those things may be highly offensive to you. So long as those things are not infringing on your physical rights, (not emotional, as you have no emotional rights), then those things are legal. If you don’t like them, you can choose to ignore those things. You do not, however, have the right to demand that those things be stopped.

          • Outlaw284

            Well they will say that depends on who it is that is saying it.
            See if it is a bus load of more blacks then they don’t have a problem with that. But if it is a bus load of whites saying it then that is racist.
            You see a problem here?
            If they don’t want to be called that then why in the hell are they calling each other that.

          • Ivar Ivarson

            And you wonder how they could feel “unsafe” today when 2 years ago no one had ever considered it. Because it’s a tactic that works to exercise power over some very gullible administrators.

        • Steve

          No, Just figure out ways to not hire them for their trouble making entitled ways. You got to be creative though to out think the o’dumber youth.

      • Hail Mohammed

        Support SeriousAcademics 1949.

      • Snoo Lee

        YOU are my HEROINE! A real person! With a brain! And decisive character!

      • Snoo Lee
      • Petrucio14

        First rescind all athletic scholarships.

      • Cindy Doolittle

        It is certainly a cinch that Mr. Head should have been expelled. I don’t believe for one second that pos didn’t know he was spreading a LIE….not the “misinformation” he says he posted.

      • Justice

        Soo, your comment pretty much shows the evil in you. Even if his rumor was a mistake. There is clearly some evil here in America. I mean look at your comment and now the others. Where do you think your evil seeds will go? How will your evil seeds sprout? What fruit will they bear? I guess that’s why it’s all in God’s hands. Not mine.


        • Mattcampbell62

          Expelling lying students is evil?

    • JP

      He wasn’t the only one. There were at least two other girls who were helping induce the panic, saying things like a group of white students were holding a rally in the speaker circle shouting about ‘white power’, except the university said that also wasn’t true. People said threat called in to Black Student union – wrong again. Then all the people saying KKK throwing bricks at building on campus – and false again. So why say all these things? My guess is 1) strategic plan to get white-people-are-evil narrative back on track after the whole first amendment brouhaha. How does it feel to be a white student on campus right now? People keep accusing them of drawing poop swastikas and having white power rallies just to gin up hate towards them and get attention. In the meantime, it caused real panic among some black students on campus, so in a way, everyone was hurt. What have the white students done to deserve this? I’m sure the students that did this will face no consequences either.

      • Wanda Wyatt


        • Steve

          Which black is going to resign over these racists?

      • Petrucio14

        White privilege. You are guilty because you were born white.

      • Billy Matthews

        Why would they be afraid of white people shouting white power when they have been screaming black lives matter for months now. How long to do they think people are going to put up with this stuff?

        • JP

          I will be honest, I am white and that would make me uncomfortable. But yes, the irony and lack of self-awareness is certainly evident.

        • scubadiver1

          People put up with it because they are cowards. Americans have become cowards and their kids will pay dearly for it.

      • Michael Ruda

        What have the white students done to deserve this? ……. White Privilege? ???

        • Steve

          White privilege only becomes useful if a black accuses a white of having it.

      • Cara C

        Demonizing whitey is a-okay. That’s the plan. How else do you incite people to grab power? All Marxist revolutions demonize the achieving, the powerful, and the normal people and empower the idiots and thugs. This is a mini-version of what Marxists hope to see on a grand scale across the country.

    • Beedogz

      Time to give them the prison sentences they deserve

  • Jim R

    So, he was working with the police, the National Guard, the FBI, the 82nd Airborne, AND the RCMP…

    Yet was completely wrong about the klan (both of ’em!) showing up on campus???

    Was he high, delusional or lying? It’s got to be one of the three.

    WTF is WRONG with these kids???

    I occasionally hear people say that we ought to bring back the draft or otherwise make kids go into the service for a while. HELL, NO! We don’t need morons like this anywhere near the armed services.

    • bluewaternavy

      Can you imagine these special snowflakes in basic training? Christ, they wouldn’t have enough fainting couches to accommodate them.

      • Kawfy


      • Jim R

        Dude, these a$$clowns couldn’t handle MEPS.

    • Chris Carter

      Look man, you don’t understand the level of stress these people are under. There was a poop swastika! How do you expect them to sleep at night knowing there’s fecal hate symbols out there?

      • Crakalakin

        The swastika was right there with the KKK, it the fevered lying minds of campus SJWs. Not one bit of evidence of a swastika can be found, no photos or even first-person accounts. It did not exist.

        • Askwatch

          I wish I’d seen this before I posted.

          Thanks for bursting my bubble!

        • yestradamous

          This is like those idiots a few weeks ago thinking the hangers for some lanterns for a party were nooses up in the tree.

          Who plants this crap in their heads? It’s like they yearn to be alive 100 years ago.

          • Crakalakin

            Collective hysteria. Seriously, that’s what it is. The condition is not new but this kind of manifestation is relatively new.

          • jjcassidy

            I’d argue that hysteria hasn’t been allowed to get to this level since the flower generation came down.

          • Crakalakin

            I’d agree. It is politically incorrect not to fully support people in their delusions these days. See Bruce Jenner, yes, I said “Bruce”. 🙂

            The hanger/noose thing is specifically what I’m speaking of. Most of this stuff going on with college campuses is simply the logical result of identity politics, pushing faux victimhood as position of moral authority over others and leftism in general. The result of that mix will always be totalitarian fascism.

          • yestradamous

            The last manifestation was the 2008 election of the Boy-King.

          • tverle

            Their journalism teachers?

          • Don Reed

            Fascist Dictators need enemies.

          • Petrucio14

            Who plants the crap? Their ‘professors’. Now they are seeing the results: a shit tree.

        • Wanda Wyatt

          i agree i read on the internet — that never happened!

        • Billy Matthews

          Not one photo.

          • Crakalakin

            Not even a person who can say, “I saw it.”

      • Askwatch

        I don’t know why they would worry about the KKK when they’ve already got poop Nazis running around.

        I have to say that I have great admiration for the craftsmanship of anyone who can poop out a swastika shape, no matter what their politics!

        • Lizzyp

          I have no swastika poop, but I doo have a Christmas poop. Will that doo?

          • JustASimpleGuy

            Mr. Hanky is a closet Nazi?!?!?! 🙂

          • Lizzyp


          • ty2010

            Close, it was actually Shitler.

          • Lizzyp

            well played!!!!

          • Timmy

            This I think is the funniest thing I have every seen. Well Done!

          • luckyflesh

            ty2010 ftw! Seriously, that was beautiful.

        • jilliejoel

          You win internets of the day (IMHO)!

        • Petrucio14

          Hate to conjecture how much practice that took.

      • Jim R

        You’re right. Doughboys catching a few winks in the Argonne, aircrews sleeping the night before a raid over Germany, Marines stacking zzzz’s at Khe Sanh… The COULD sleep easy as they didn’t know REAL fear, the fear that comes from having one’s university president not… um… not… er… well, not doing enough of something in response to a poopstika.

        I weep for our country.

        • Askwatch


        • Michael Ejercito

          How does a mangina like Payton head get into a leadership position.

          • Jim R

            Elected by a relative handful of his fellow students who probably patted themselves on the back for voting for diversity.

      • TakerMania

        Was that poop swastika from a German SHepard?

      • jjcassidy

        They should just start killin’ white folks, if they keep you down with slurs hollered from passing trucks and a stealth poopstikas!!

    • J. D. Brooks

      You left out he was also working for the DNC, Hillarious and Bernie.

    • ElfPool Stormtrooper

      Who says they need to go to Basic Training? I say give them a two week crash course and drop them off in Syria.

    • TugboatPhil

      “…AND the RCMP…”

      This has been confirmed by RCMP Spokescisperson, Sgt D. Doright.

      • CoastalMaineBird

        Is HE still around? I remember him from when I was a kid, back in the peaceful 60’s.

    • bicentennialguy

      They would be useful in cleaning up old minefields.

    • Kawfy

      what? and no bat signal?

      • Jim R


    • pajamakat

      They would join alright but support the other side.

      • Petrucio14

        That would immeasurably weaken ISIS.

    • Lizzyp

      Additionally, really, what is the danger of the KKK showing up? More people exercising their First Amendment rights? Does anyone know when the last confirmed KKK cross burning or lynching occurred? I could be wrong, but my impression is that they’re pretty much just talk these days.

    • jjcassidy

      Sounds like an f—-ing lie.

      Oh, wait. I just thought I was talking to the National Guard. But it really turned out to be the voice on GI Joe phone! Silly me.

    • Asmodeus

      In reference to the draft comment – I also don’t want them sitting around here procreating Betas while our Alphas are in the fight. They will also be screwing up the country unimpeded. Maybe they need a dose of reality that Drill Instructors are more than willing to provide.

      • Jim R

        You have a point. My drill sergeant is no doubt long since retired, but it would do these little wankers a power of good for him to get back into harness and work them over as he did a a certain pudgy, clueless recruit back in the day.

    • uglytrout

      Yeah we do. They need to be in a special platoon that gets sent to meet ISIS head-on with flowers and protest signs.

    • Brad B

      He was lying. He has been lying. He lied about everything. He might not even be gay.

  • Gloves M. Donahue

    A confused student was wearing a Casper the Friendly Ghost costume and trick or treating at the dorms.

  • CombatDiver

    Taking full responsibility as he says would mean dropping out of school. If he was white he would be forced out by the MU admin.

    • Knight64

      Consider this scenario: Posting on Facebook that you have confirmation that there are New Black Panther Party members on campus. Oh, and in the scenario, you are white. What happens when you’re found to be a liar?

      • CombatDiver


      • Wanda Wyatt

        Sued and jailed!

      • Brad B

        Everyone would ignore it and not be terrified because they are all talk like the KKK.

    • Wanda Wyatt

      Shame on him–he should be expelled.

  • Meowbius

    This is getting too tedious. Just remove U and rename it Psychiatric department. Sorry, I cannot imagine anyone sane staying there voluntarily.

  • TJ

    Three white students walking home is a Klan meeting.

    • Chris Carter

      They may have been heading for a bathroom ready to create stool for poop crosses in a paper bag and set them on fire after ringing his door bell.

    • Cara C

      Where was the trigger warning if you’re going to use a words like white and Klan?

  • jhawk90

    A peek into how SJW’s would run things w/o the police.

  • justlittlolme

    When you lie and know you’re lying, it’s not a ‘mistake’, it’s an attempt to justify your own hate.
    Just shut these ‘institutions of higher learning’ DOWN and go to online courses.

  • Ken3690

    What a cursed life. To live each day with made up events of aggression and hate. Perpetual terror created right inside your own brain.

    You don’t suppose fecal residue is under his swastika-shaped fingernails, do you?

    • Crakalakin

      For that to be the case there would have to have been a swastika in the first place. No evidence at all suggests there was, not even a person who claims to have seen it. The claim originated in a flyer posted somewhere on campus, likely by leftist SJW radicals trying to whip up the black mob because the university cut ties to Planned Parenthood. I believe that is really what started all this.

      • Chris Carter

        Yeah, these kids post the most boring BS on their Instagram accounts. Somebody wouldn’t think “Wow, look what somebody did!” would be worthy to upload?

      • Wanda Wyatt

        Planned Parenthood has helped to make America the new Holocaust in the slaughter of 50 million + innocent unborn babies. Yes God this university for doing this.

    • Knight64

      If such a matter is under his nails, I hope he eats his next meal with his hands.

  • Crakalakin

    It’s all been lies from the very start.

  • Atnor

    If he was originally “working with the MUPD, the state trooper, and the National Guard”… which one of them was telling him the KKK was “on campus”?

    And, if those arent the sources of his “misinformation”…. in addition to being wrong, his original FB post is intentionally misleading, if not an outright lie – since, it seems to quite deliberately imply that those official sources “were” the source of his rumor information.

    These students are just ridiculous – every wonder what the Salem Witch trials might have looked like if they had social media and 24×7 national news coverage? Well, here ya go 🙂

    • JP

      It’s exactly like the SJW’s utopian vision of a Salem witch trial.

    • lufAdmin

      Yes, the modern racism hysteria is exactly like trials for witchcraft. Check this:

      Racism is the new witchcraft

  • Red Fred

    So in light of these new developments those who resigned will be restored to their post. No? Oh well, they were surrender chimps anyway.


    It’s time this student body president resigned!

    • Alfredo ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

      That would be a good start; he should also be expelled from the school. This kind of crap will continue to escalate until some examples are made. Unfortunately, college faculty and administrators generally suffer from the same lack of character as these agitators.

      • Suzyqpie

        Expelling this charltan from school would be classed ” blaming the victim.” Correct, the guy is only a victim of his own bad judgement but that does not comport with political correctness. “Victim” is now a coveted status that confers privilege, the privilege of exemption from accountability and personal responsibility.

        • Mike Conrad

          “Victim” is the new word for “Perpetrator”

  • unknown

    But still take the swastika made of poop as fact despite no photographic evidence of it!

    • CarolinaGirl3

      If only there was a device that everyone had within their grasp at all times that could take pictures!!

      • jilliejoel

        What is this “device” you speak of?

      • PCisDangerous

        Students engaging in social media 247 would never posess such a device.

  • Sanchez

    The Hunger Striker it turns out comes form a MILLIONAIRE family whose father is a railroad exec.

    Crying about white privilege and living a life of the same.

    • Chris Carter

      Yeah, we saw that with lots of Ferguson rioters, that they were upper middle class black 20 year olds who felt guilty about having it better than a lot of black people and felt the need to “help the cause.”

    • honestAbesurd

      He has been there for 7 years.

      • Sanchez

        I saw his picture and thought he was a teacher.

      • raydrnayshon

        Don’t stop him, he’s on a roll.

  • Chris Carter

    The kid wasn’t the only one lying last night

    And they’re asking for classes to be canceled today because “of the stress from last night.”

    • Jake Bradford

      Wow. They won’t be happy until we are hunted down in the street for our “privilege”.
      The anti-whites have been given the full blessing of the Left & the media

      • Jordan

        I expect that if things keep going on like this, something very ugly is going to happen in this country. I don’t know what it will be, but I think it will be something that people teach their young about in the future, so they never do it again.

    • Crakalakin

      Just. Wow.

    • capitalistpig

      I’ve heard of pulling the fire alarm to get out of class but this is ridiculous.

    • Stonecold Buckwheat

      Zero photos, zero video, zero audio, in other words zero proof. 100% delusional fabrication. I’m shocked the NYT didn’t run with this story on their front page this morning. He says “Respectability be damned” while he is opening lying trying to trigger a race riot. Is there a chance we can just put all these simpletons on a island somewhere?

  • Sanchez

    Were ANY of the incidents that started all this even true?

    MOST college hate crimes turn out to be faked by the minorities that complain about them.

    • Chris Carter

      You know who really does have legitimate hate symbols vandalizing their areas of campus? Jewish students from the pro-Palestine bigots. How much media coverage does that ever get?

      • Sanchez

        “Jews just like playing victims.” Any liberal student.

      • Alice Rabbit

        Yes we should never forget the suffering of the 6 billion. Never again.

  • Anthony

    Someone trying to be the next Deray. I wonder what other lies have been spread on the campus by the SJWs.

    • Suzyqpie

      Someone trying to join the very lucrative Racial Industrial Complex. There are vast career opportunities, money, and political power to be gleaned from the RIC.

    • JP

      Deray tweeted not that long ago. He’s on campus. I have no idea if he was there last night when these tactics ramped up but I found it interesting.

  • Jake Bradford

    Just read #PrayForMizzou
    Hundreds upon hundreds of dumb, ignorant libs tweeting about how awful blacks have it that the KKK can take over the campus.
    Tons of anti-white agitation as well.
    All based on 1 lie.

    “The coalition of the ascendant”

    • Chris Carter

      How many KKK members do they think exist these days? 30? And they’re too poor to travel to Mizzou.

      • Crakalakin

        I saw something on HBO a few years back about the KKK. Their leader was some guy who lived in a trailer out on the desert. During part of the interview, he was trying to get his 20 year-old beater of a car running. I don’t recall any numbers of members but I think less than 100 card-carrying members might be accurate.

    • ElfPool Stormtrooper

      This is how these hacks work. Spread one lie that fits the Media guided Narrative and Democrat approved Agenda and watch the sparks fly as people who believe everything they read to be true on social media eat it up without caring they are being USED as simple TOOLS

    • Suzyqpie

      “In truth, after a half-century in our self-created racial labyrinth, no one quite knows
      who qualifies as an oppressed victim or why — only that the more one can change a name or emphasize lineage, the better the careerist edge. The real worry is that soon we will have so many recompense-seeking victims that we will run out of concession-granting oppressors,” quote VIctor Davis Hansen.

    • Lee Lee

      Yes, I read it also.. it’s a tsunami of faux grief.

  • texastommy

    The irony is that the KKK WAS on campus. The protesters are just like the KKK of old. Or is it the brownshirts in Nazi Germany? I forget.

    • Crakalakin

      A nit pick but brownshirts were Fascists under Mussolini. Still an accurate analogy, though.

      • raydrnayshon

        SA, abbreviation of Sturmabteilung (German: “Assault Division”), byname Storm Troopers or Brownshirts, German Sturmtruppen or Braunhemden, in the German Nazi Party, a paramilitary organization whose methods of violent intimidation played a key role in Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. SEE ALSO What were the Black-shirts and the Brown-shirts?
        Answers The Black shirts was a nickname for Mussolini’s paramilitaries – and also for those of Oswald Mosley. It was also used more generally as a nickname for Fascists. The Brown shirts were Hitler’s paramilitaries – the Stormtroopers. AND FINALLY ; Mussolini seemed to have the answers to bring their country into order. During this time, he adopted the Roman salute and the Black Shirt militia, which Hitler later copied from the him as the Brown Shirts.

        • Crakalakin

          Thanks! I stand corrected. My apologies.

          • raydrnayshon

            Easy mistake to make and others I found on line have done so rather more prominently. I think it started with Garibaldi’s Red Shirts.

  • Chris Carter

    There are hate groups that exist. The problem for them is, they aren’t the KKK. Whenever the KKK marches, it’s just embarrassing for them. 5 guys show up on a good day. It’s a dead organization that white supremacists don’t want to join because they get sued by SPLC whenever something happens. So you’re left with old guys and they’ll be completely gone within the decade.

  • YeahNo

    I hope Peyton Head realizes how much damage he did to his entire movement last night. Better yet, I hope the SJWs realize how much damage he did, and give him a little taste of his own medicine!

    • justlittlolme

      That’s one of the problems – they lie, and even when they admit they lie, it doesn’t matter. This is justified in their twisted minds by believing that even though it didn’t happen THIS time, it would have eventually happened somewhere anyway.

      • YeahNo

        The funny thing about it… there were people NOWHERE NEAR Mizzou tweeting “details” about the incidents. They’re steadily stirring shit!

        • justlittlolme

          Exactly – facts DON’T matter – it’s all about the meme.

        • Joycey

          That was someone sent by Soros funded groups. Agitation lessons.

      • Suzyqpie

        That is the Duke Lacrosse Doctrine at play. The Duke Lacrosse team was totally exonerated. They are still vilified.

        • justlittlolme

          Yep – Repeat a lie often enough…… (sigh)

    • ElfPool Stormtrooper

      He started the whole damn thing by claiming some random passenger in a pick up truck yelled the n-word at him

    • deepdiver

      I hope you’re right, but I am in doubt that the overly emotional special snowflake grievance monger SJWs realize much of anything beyond what is immediately in front of them and their religion of PC and fakequality won’t allow them to accept consequences for themselves.

  • Karla1953

    So how many times does this campus get to play the boy who cried wolf before they are finally told to have a seat and STFU

  • Zigger

    These idiots got trolled so hard. #prayformizzou people are still spouting .. lol morons.

  • ElfPool Stormtrooper

    “Sept. 12: Missouri Students Association president
    Payton Head posts about a racial slur directed at him. Head alleged he
    was walking around campus when the passenger of a pickup repeatedly
    shouted the “N-word” at him.”

    This is the same “a-hole” that started this whole complete mess in the first place with this outrageous “unproven” “claim” … Just another Lie that destroyed a career. I can’t help but think some Liberal professor had it out for the president and used the student body to out him.

  • mankai

    Aren’t all white people secretly KKK members? I’m pretty sure that’s in the faculty handbook.

  • Greg Cochran

    Head should resign, that’s what he wanted for Wolfe. Do the right thing Student Body President.

  • FranklinWasRight

    This kind of mass hysteria never ends well.

    • Suzyqpie

      However, bad decisions make great stories. The MSM loves great stories. Truth has become optional.

      • FranklinWasRight


  • Over~The~HiLIAR-ey

    They are just Byrd democrats

  • globalcrap

    White guy would have been suspended , this O Bogus idiot gets a free pass.

  • Michael the white suburbanite

    Hey Rafael X, this is how not to handle the situation

  • Over~The~HiLIAR-ey

    Lies like Hillary.

  • allyall

    In this day and age of cellphone video, why haven’t we seen recorded evidence of all this racism on campus? Believe me, I know racism exists, but I want to see proof of your “systemic” racism and cough cough “white privelege.”

  • Jake Bradford

    Checked twitter one more time and there are SO many tweets from black kids believing this crap.

    The latest rumor being spread is that “4 white guys with guns took a black guy into the woods”

    THis is going to end badly. Thank you leftists and Obama.

    • ElfPool Stormtrooper

      No, this will not end well and something tells me it is just another crack in the dam Obama and his Democrat cronies built since the ’60s

  • Jake Bradford

    There are profs at Mizzou telling students they dont have to attend class or take an exam if thy feel unsafe.
    Based on a LIE and ZERO evidence beyond frenzied rumor

  • bo1921

    payton’s twitter pic is so dark I can’t hardly see him.

  • American

    This is the lesson people learn from Democrats: It’s ok to lie.

  • dabhidh

    Just heard it reported on the news this morning that there were “on-line threats” directed toward MSU including a “threat to shoot all black people on campus.” This is nonsense. Every threat against the health and well-being of people on MSU is living on the Internet and in the minds of the fascists who want to use fear to take control of the university. It’s stupid that anonymous “threats” sent via the Internet are being reported in the national media. Local law enforcement should be investigating and not publicizing these unconfirmed, likely phony “threats.”

  • Jake Bradford

    I’ve a got to get going…will check back tonite….but this is quickly getting out of hand.

    Btw, I read dozens upon dozens of blacks asking “WHY isnt the media covering this?? The KKK is holding meetings on a campus in 2015!! The media is so racist!”

    They aren’t covering it because it’s a f*cking LIE.

    • ElfPool Stormtrooper

      They aren’t even trying to use critical thinking skills and research as to maybe WHY the media are NOT reporting it or that they are, and they are referencing the Post calling it a HOAX/LIE/SCANDAL whatever

    • unknown

      Plus weren’t students pushing back media folks just recently?

  • ToyZebra

    So when does he get kicked out of school?

  • A-Train

    Isn’t that akin to pulling a fire alarm?

    • ElfPool Stormtrooper

      In my mind its like he took a gun on campus and started to shoot up the place.

  • Bruce1369

    So, caught lying… again. Imagine that.

  • kch50428

    That false rumor should be actionable as falsely screaming “Fire!” in a crowded theater….

  • taconite

    Lying for the cause. No surprise there. But then the cause is a lie.

  • S-A-E

    I missed the part where Student Body President Payton Head resigned his position.

  • JenniferP

    Uhoh, was that a case of being caught walking while white?

  • setnaffa

    Potemkin Village Protests!!

  • Magnifico

    If you’re a pro-Nazi kook, would you smear dog shiite in the shape of your beloved swastika?

    Wouldn’t that be great if the Black person who perpetrated that hoax would admit to it?

    • kd

      Since today was Veterans Day, I honored the troops by drawing an American Flag with poo. I thought about drawing a cross but decided to wait until Sunday.

  • Maroon Baboon

    So ya wanna be in charge?

    The football team (4-5, 1-5 in the SEC), should lead the call for Head’s resignation.

  • Bruce1369

    Oh, by the way, you lying racist bästärd, apology not accepted.

  • Michael the white suburbanite

    How was he voted Student Body President with all the on Campus racism.

    • Petrucio14

      Are you assuming that racism is exclusive to whites?

  • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    “Hey Hey, Ho Ho ,Payton Head has got to go”.
    He’s the one that reported most of the racist incidents. How many were lies?

    • Joycey

      All of them apparently. Liars gotta lie. Agitators must agitate.

  • Michael the white suburbanite

    Looks like he is shaking in fear in that picture of him accepting the crown

    • bicentennialguy

      Queen for a Day

  • bicentennialguy

    When does this become “inciting panic?” So. Incredibly. Sick. Of. This. Shit.

    Just when I think I can’t become sicker of it, I do.

  • kd

    It seems as if the shit storm started by a poop swastika was a lie. The picture used has been around for a long time, the flyer saying someone saw it in the bathroom at 2;00 am on a SATURDAY night while everyone was SLEEPING confirms that it was all a bunch of shit, in my mind. I do think all white students should wear a colostomy bag because shit does happen, this will allow all students to feel safe.

    • Michael the white suburbanite

      or have a requirement at enrollment to have a sample put on file for future reference

  • Marvin Nelson

    So, why is this lame brained “student body president” still on campus? He should have been expelled and arrested for making terroristic threats. Oh, wait, i just noticed his photo . . .

  • Joe Smith

    When is he going to be FORCED to resign??

  • Joycey

    Step down. You chose to lie. Step down. You are not student body president material. Does the football team need to go on strike again?

  • Hotlanta Mike

    #Blackliesmatter at all costs….

  • spaceycakes

    “…But zero pics or vids.”

    heh; much like, um, everything else they claim

  • Hotlanta Mike

    Some historical facts for the perspective of one college liberal…

    The Klan and Progressivism

  • Joycey

    An alleged drunk white dude allegedly says the N word and the duh losing mostly black football team goes on strike and the wimpy white president of the university resigns. Chaos on campus. That is the only goal of the commies. CHAOS. Is anyone learning anything? Are there people on campus that actually belong there. Yesterday I heard the guy making the N word trouble has been there for 7 years. We do not go to college to learn how to be effective victims.

    • Michael the white suburbanite

      We didn’t, but they do, i.e. Wymyn’s and Black Studies

  • spaceycakes

    how come the yikyak fool was apprehended, but this fool can say what he wants?

  • ThomasOfKC

    anyone who hires a graduate of the University of Missouri deserves what they get.Which will be absolutely nothing when it comes to positive results

    • Julescat

      someone who won’t work if their feelings are hurt

  • NoFanofLibs

    Next tweet:”White privilege” made me post that rumor

  • Dan Abbett

    Too early to say with certainty but it is beginning to look like the pushback against all this anarchy from college whiners to black activists has begun. The exaggerations, the false claims, the phony grievances, all of it is being challenged. The current blacklivesmatter movement will most likely fade as did the Occupy Wall Street joke.

    And so, it will be back to the drawing board for the Marxist-socialists and the communists until the next opportunity presents itself for them to build yet another phony movement around.

    • Petrucio14

      Wash, rinse, repeat ad nauseum.

  • All Seeing Eye

    This a$$hole – Payton Head – needs to resign NOW! And he should be charged with hate crimes.

  • Hi This Is My Username

    It never fails. They ALWAYS have to trot out the KKK hoax. They always make it sound like the KKK has taken over the country and every black person is doomed. It’s like their crutch for every cause.

  • CBDS

    Back when i was in college we drank beer and chased after women..and sometimes even

    • Michael the white suburbanite

      Yeah, I messed up a caught one, (had to stick around for an extra semester though)

  • Carlos Faraday

    So he will be resigning for contributing to the racial tension on campus, just the university president…. right?

  • Bklynnygirl

    Mizzou Student Body President, A #BlackLivesMatter Supporter, Spreads False Rumor Of KKK On Campus, Same Student Who Kicked Off Protests, Claiming ‘Racial Slur’

    The school’s racial strife made national headlines in September, when student body president Payton Head’s response to a racist attack went viral.

    “Last night as I walking through campus, some guys riding on the back of a pickup truck decided that it would be okay to continuously scream NIGGER at me,” Head wrote on Sept. 12. “I really just want to know why my simple existence is such a threat to society. For those of you who wonder why I’m always talking about the importance of inclusion and respect, it’s because I’ve experienced moments like this multiple times at THIS university, making me not feel included here.

    “Many of you are so privileged that you’ll never know what it feels like to be a hijab-wearing Muslim woman and be called a terrorist or a towel head,” Head continued. “You don’t have to think about being transgender and worrying about finding a restroom where you can go and not be targeted for violence…

    Head has a long past history as a ‘social justice warrior’. In his post about the racial slur, he makes it very clear he is a Black Lives Matter supporter, and the post is meant to be about making you feel uncomfortable. In October, he gave a talk on ‘intersectionality’ and the Black Lives Matter movement. He is from Chicago and was an intern for Rahm Emanuel.

    So basically, you’re talking about a situation whipped into a hysteria by likely untrue incidents by people with an agenda to manipulate the situation to achieve power and divide.

    This Payton Head belongs in jail.

    • spaceycakes

      yeah, I heard about that when it happened and I still don’t believe a word of it. Nothing that comes out of that person’s mouth is true.

  • ChasStevenson

    Participation awards are being handed out.

  • Lee Lee

    Typical of #BLM groupies… all liars.

  • Bruce Darling

    Another progressive idiot who thinks the end justifies the means.

  • AZBrownEyes

    So, a token black student body president, elected because he is black, lied about whites and hate and racism. “Color” me shocked, people. Why is anybody surprised about anything coming out now from this little lying moron, or the university campus, in general? That place is a cesspool of lies and bullying.

  • Ben

    I bet he lied about those first racial incidents too.

  • JohnFLob

    Why is a journalism school suddenly changing it’s focus to lemming farming and training?

    • Petrucio14

      Why do you assume that constitutes a change?

  • dev

    Mr. Head should resign as prezzie of the student booty. I mean body. Shouldn’t use rumors to bait the sharp bloody hooks of racism any more.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    “Missouri student body President Payton Head posted that the KKK was on campus, then later said it was all a lie.”

    Signs of Domestic Terrorism. Where is the FBI?

  • Elizabeth Bennett

    Good grief– did no one exercise a smidgeon of common sense skepticism at such a preposterous rumor? Bright kids? Faculty? Janitor….?

    I have been reading my homeschool boys an account of the Salem Witch Trials– here was a whole town that blindly accepted the most ludicrous claims of spectral evidence to whip them up into a murderous fury. The left at Mizzou are exhibiting exactly the same kind of mob paranoia and manufactured outrage over nothing.

    • OpenTheDoor

      Good allegory, hat tip.

  • Dave_from_Florida

    Once this spreads to other campuses which it will and they start holding their football programs hostage over non-existent mass racism charges many schools will shut their football programs down and there will be a huge backlash aganst the protesters. Mizzou should have simply held their games and if anyone held out cancel their scholarships and if that didn’t fix it forfeit their remaining games and threaten to cancel their football program which would also force the shut down of all their title 9 programs that the football program funds and let them stew in that over the off season.

  • Lizzyp

    …but the President and the Chancellor had to resign….

    And the student I heard interviewed yesterday shockingly said that that wasn’t really good enough. He was expecting something – more ‘innovative’. The University evidently validated or accepted everything on their list of demands and the punk was still disappointed. Guess what kid? I’ve felt that way every Christmas of my life. And birthdays.

    This whole thing is crazy.

    • Petrucio14

      But you grew up.

  • NannoH

    Some the dumbest people in America are affiliated with this college. Stupid students, stupid professors, stupid administrators. What a joke that school is!

  • Evie1949

    Check out how many times these claims of racial discrimination and assault have turned out to be false – now, why, if it is so rampant, do they have to fake the attacks and incidents? Could it be the narrative is false?

  • cory raskel

    More college students seem to becoming aware of how campus blackness is having a direct effect on the quality of their education and overall college experience, whether it’s a growing resentment to the mandated diversity classes or a growing awareness that many of these blacks obviously don’t belong in a college or university to begin with.

    People are also growing weary of affirmative action and quota-driven university admissions.

  • marcus tullius cicero


  • OpenTheDoor

    Hunger strike, the only way you die of hunger in the US is to be locked in a cell or in a desolate, deserted place.
    The minute he goes weak in the knees from hunger, they would call EMS. That won’t happen with that hidden stash of snickers.
    Put in the hospital, he would enjoy the best medical treatment available, paid for by his rich ‘rents.
    Call this, 8 years in college rich black mans bluff, the ball players too, I am sure there are plenty of students who would love the chance to play.
    Once the players learned their idiotic demand has made them undesirable to ever be in the big show, they would return with helmet in hand.

    The biggest problem with this schools administrators is they are a bunch of cowards, never won a schoolyard fight in their lives and not about to start now.

  • j p✓ʳᵉᶠʳᶦᵉᵈ

    Modern day witch hunt now in progress.

  • Tyrconnell

    “The state trooper” singular, only 1 trooper…now I know it’s one riot, one Ranger but this is ridiculous.

  • Jon Moore

    He should resign. He really needs an asswhuppin. REALLY.

  • paw516

    What a bunch of idiots.

  • moodydon

    Hey Payton… I think somebody needs to resign…
    And is too late for the parents of these brats to spank their kids?

  • ABE

    He should resign. That seems to be the popular thing to do on that dumpster fire of a campus

  • Malik Dassam Obikwa

    Black Lies Matter

  • Doc Hudson

    Charges? Prosecution? Consequences? don’t hold your breath.

  • Kathy Bamert


  • Grace656

    Better give his hands the smell test.

  • Jeff H

    “…never let a serious crisis go to waste.” — Rahm Emanuel

    So, if there’s no crisis to exploit, create one. Lives and truth be damned.

  • Dave

    They should call for his resignation as President of MSA and his withdraw from school just like Tim Wolfe’s resignation.

  • soundnfury

    Now that he fessed up the lie about the KKK on campus, this begs the question. Did he also lie about being the victim of racial slurs back in September? Is Payton the next Crystal Gayle Mangum & Tawana Brawley? Enquiring minds want to know.

  • Rhonda Lynn

    Was casper the unfriendly ghost. These ‘children’ should go back to elementary school and start over. Pansies! They won’t survive the REAL world when they have to leave the college “coddle” utopia space. They’re weak little hearts won’t be able to handle reality.

  • Michael J Guss

    Holding my breath till he is disciplined

  • Beachguy53

    Pizzoo should lose its accreditation. If they can’t understand “due process” or “innocent until proven guilty” how can they educate anyone!

  • Rhonda Lynn

    Can’t we just beat their arses????

  • yestradamous

    Everyone on campus shut their windows to keep the smoke from the burning crosses from getting in the building!!
    Students be careful crossing the Quad tonight. The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse have been spotted on campus. Be careful where you walk. There are piles of horseshit everywhere!

    (Students go running to their safe spaces….)

    • Petrucio14

      One of the horses has learned how to shit swastikas! Think it is the pale horse!

  • Rhonda Lynn

    I have a wood shed if anyone’s interested. Would be happy to discipline these weaklings before they faint and have strokes once leaving college for the REAL WORLD!

  • Doremi Fasolatido

    Why isn’t he being expelled by Missouri for trying to cause a riot? I mean, beside the fact of the color of his skin, why isn’t he expelled?

    • Arrimine

      Stupidity is not grounds for dismissal from MU.

      • Michael the white suburbanite

        It’s not considered for admission either

      • Beachguy53

        And what did the President do which would call for his resignation?

  • Beachguy53

    So far everything that is alleged has either been a hoax or there is no evidence. Now I demand all blacks be banned from using the terms cracker or honky. Until they do, I am quite comfortable using such term as ni66er.

  • Greg Walker

    Anyone else getting a Tawana Brawley vibe from this little Payton Head fruitcake?

  • marcus tullius cicero


  • dave wilson

    But a white kid makes a false claim and gets thrown in jail !!! I think I can see the racism here!!

  • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ
  • ThomasCollins1

    “Mizzou’s student body president apologizes…”

    I lied and I got caught. I’m not sorry I lied, but I’m very, very sorry I got caught.

    • JP

      Heck no. He’s not sorry.

      How will CNN play this tonight? They’ll definitely have someone on campus and will cover the true threat by one guy that was actually made. He really did scare people and he should be locked up. They’ll interview SJWs about it and they’ll swear campus is full of these evil white haters, and they’re just reacting to it. No one on CNN will question that this is true. I expect that this is going to be happening on more and more campuses. Everyone’s already to intimidated to speak out against these bullies. I feel sorry for the students of all races whose hearts are truly in the right place that these few radicals are managing to churn up so much hate and distraction.

  • datroofhomez

    The student needs to be told to pack his shit up & leave the campus, along with the fake hunger striker, & the fake poopsticka student. This has all been one big lie, again. It’s too bad Al Sharpton didn’t get involved before the lies were exposed, just so that we could all laugh at him again for chasing dollar bills.

  • ghiggins1958

    Also, just how wasthe student body president working with the authorities?

  • interestedobserver2

    You know what REALLY pisses me off about this whole thing with Missouri U and the fascist professor trying to stop people from filming a student protest in a public area?

    It’s just another example of “special snowflakism.” No one would have raised a peep if it was just “normal” everyday students trying to capture it on film. Oh no, suppressing THEIR rights is routine and condoned. But as soon as a student JOURNALIST had THEIR rights violated, Katy bar the door. Everybody’s up in arms, the fascist has to grovel some, and so on. But let a student try to pass out copies of the US Constitution on campus “without permission” or express an opinion in class that goes against the professor’s PERSONAL beliefs, and watch the lynchings begin. Let a student group try to pray, even in private, and mass demonstrations ensue. Hell, a student accused of one of the most heinous crimes possible, rape, can’t even get a fair trial in front of a jury of his peers and with the opportunity to defend himself, despite the GUARANTEE in the Constitution that he will. Instead they have their little “star chambers” that try the accused in absentia, find him guilty without giving him an opportunity to defend himself, and then punish and disgrace him for a crime they can’t even be sure happened. College is BS and I would tell my children today to not waste the money supporting these parasitic fascist wannabes.

    And you know what else? All due respect to the kid who was assaulted by the “professor,” but all the liberal journalist who suddenly realized there WAS a Bill of Rights because of this can just GFY. When you respect my rights the same way you demand yours, I’ll believe you actually give a sh*t about what happened to that kid.

    • Mark_Trail

      Well said.

  • Dwayne Mountain Dew Camacho

    THE RACISM IS EVERYWHERE! – even when it isnt.

    “FEAR IT! FEAR THE RACISM! – only we can save you!” – big government

  • gwing

    should get jail time…..hurt alot of people and disgraced Univ. But, also shows how a lot of mush headed kids fall for anything…….check the facts, only the facts joe.

  • Beachguy53

    At a minimum he should resign as Student Body President and then suspended from Pizzoo while expulsion is pursued. Any grants or scholarships given him should be forfeited!

  • Mike H

    I saw Colonel Sanders running around- Must be the KKK. What a complete, total, and utter joke. I wonder if the UM President has realized yet that he made a monumental error in basically walking away from his own career at the tip of a (fake) bayonet?

  • Mark_Trail

    Of course, a class action lawsuit from these snowflakes for being scared out of their mind by the Heart, SOUL, Conscience and Head of the School would be out of the question. The only known instance where trigger warnings aren’t validated is when they’re faked by the Head of the Class and Ruler of All Consciences, the Big Man on Campus, and the Conscience of the Nation, Payton Head.

  • lufAdmin

    I suggest people here start reading for race-related news. Hoaxes and racial grievances in America have almost become a business. Lots of idle blacks and SJWs spreading hatred and hostility in society. As if there isn’t enough crime from that community already.

  • lufAdmin

    They are still spreading fake images on Twitter and thousands of idiots are falling for it. Check this gem

    Gullible and dishonest.

  • jetch

    students have more to fear from those leftwing nutjobs than they do the kkk. does the kkk even exist anymore? if so, are there like, 3 members???

  • Buffalobob

    I am the student body president. Yes I spread a ridicules lie, yes I am a jerk.
    But I am your jerk you voted for me, just like you did for Obama

  • DB Cooper

    Well, they got the top two school staff members fired for unproven allegations so I think it’s fair for him to step down over proven transgressions. Where is this schools honor code? Non-existent I guess.

  • Knights Hawk

    He should be forced to resign, or removed. Hypocrisy much, students?

  • Larry Farlow

    Am I the only one who finds it interesting that on a campus that supposedly rife with racism and is only 7% black, the student body president is black?

    • Alfredo ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

      Maybe the basketball and football players at Michael Sam U get a gazillion votes each?

  • Spadeshoveler

    Is peyton head’s middle name “giving”?

  • RegularGuy55

    He should be forced to resign for practicing hate speech on campus.

  • Peter Wang

    It wasn’t KKK it was KFC.

  • RJ

    Beware the PoopNazis.
    Is there any part of the BLM or new liberal hysteria that is not based on overly emotionalized lies?

  • Isahiah62

    well the modern day equivalent of the KKK is on site at MIzzou- this is your country on ISLAMIC AGITATION.. brought to you by same who gave us Ferguson and #BLM, “liberation theology” “resistance” and and all the other BS whines of these posers, who whine about “being oppressed”

    the same grievance mongers shut down speech for anyone who disagrees with the MOB — these are truly fascists, not “like” them, not their reverse psychology semantic game calling opposition to them fascists, but this mob is truly fascist

    So where is the SAFE SPACE for JEWS on campus? for those students not full of hate, those not indoctrinated into this sick ideology ??

  • Wanda Wyatt


  • RJ

    The school should sue this lying little crapweasel out of his trust fund for the damages and lost education caused by this PoopNazi hysteria

  • Luvmylab

    Seriously, has anyone heard of any factual stories of the KKK rallying at college campuses for the past 10-20 years? 20-30 years?

  • tgiordan

    The KKK? You must be kidding! There aren’t many KKK members left (a good thing). When the KKK shows up, police have to protect them. The MU story gets weirder and weirder.

    • Petrucio14

      They’re scraping the bottom of a very deep barrel to find boogey-men to be afraid of.

  • Isahiah62

    the KLAN ?? when will these proggies start living in the 21st century??
    The 60’s called and they want their “mobs gone wild” back.

    Think the KKK has been bad since 1950?

    Islamic terrorists murder more people every day than the Ku Klux Klan has in the last 50 years

    Think the KKK was bad from 1865-1965?

    Islamists killed more Buddhists in Thailand since 9/11 than the KKK killed in the 100 YEARS from 1865 to 9165.

    so whose side are they for? not ours

  • Sorceress

    What on Earth has happened to the University/college population?! This isn’t higher education! This is kindergarten, complete with a bunch of spoiled babies who can’t seem to get out of their bubble wrapped protected little cocoons. They must be protected against anything that might somehow bestir them out of their comfort zones. Heaven forbid that they engage in the challenge of hearing and approaching new ideas, new ways of looking at life, actual knowledge of the world and their place in it. Oh, my goodness! How will they ever cope with real life and its challenges. How in heaven’s name will they be prepared for life after the cradle that the University has become. What are they learning beside how to whine and stamp their feet and demand to get their way? Have they learned anything about History? Languages? Art? Mathematics? Engineering? Science? Of course not! They are too busy being offended by Halloween costumes and offensive words. These are the people who will be running the nation in the next decade or two? Thank heaven I’ll be dead and gone before that happens. Sorry for all of you who will be stuck with a bunch of infantilized, uneducated, self-centered wimps. Boy, and you think we have a problem with the government now…

  • bumm

    So this incident was just as real as the others…

  • Tony Porter

    So why doesn’t someone start a hunger strike until the student body president resigns his position for deliberately spreading racially inflammatory MIS-information? Am I a racist for suggesting he live to the same standard as the person he wanted to resign his position?


    yeah, but the ROTC kids are actually getting threats.
    Weird how ESPN and company are reporting that.

  • LimpingHenry

    I’m sure there were Democrats on campus, so close enough.

  • Dredd 3D

    And to think that all this was started by a bunch of grad students with their panties in a wad about having to apply for Obamacare because MU decided they couldn’t afford to pay their health plan… Pathetic! I also heard the guy who said he was on a hunger strike was lying. (Butler?) and that his family is worth over $20 MILLION! Aholes!

    • RegularGuy55

      The hunger striker’s father is an Executive VP with Union Pacific Railroad. From an SEC filing, we know he earns $8.4M per year. But his son whines about being oppressed by ‘white privilege’.

      • Dredd 3D

        What an absolute asshole…

    • Petrucio14

      The grad students had to get their own insurance because the ACA mandated that the U couldn’t continue paying for it, but the students blamed the U anyway.

  • bls46

    Surely this fool will resign his position as President of the student body…, I didn’t think so either.

    He apologized !!!! WOW…..what a guy !

  • violetteal

    Close the college and give the students job applications to Walmart.

  • Guido911

    He took the blame for it? OH, okay. Moving along then.

  • RobWJr

    I think if I was an employer looking for qualified employees, I’d immediately discount anyone with a degree from Mizzou. They don’t have a realistic concept of the real world, and would expect to be catered to. No way.

  • Jim Bahen

    The Student Body President Payton Head lied about the KKK being on Campus contributed to the disorder and why is He still the Student Body President. Or is there a double standard one for student leaders who lie and a different standard for the University Officials ???

    • Petrucio14

      Why hasn’t he been arrested for incitement to riot?

  • David Michael Korkowski

    The question is not should, but rather why hasn’t he already??

  • SkeedlerJohn

    No poop Nazi sign, either. Just another lie

  • jjcassidy

    So…. we have the crapstika, which we really can’t find proof of…

    …and we have this guy’s account of racial slurs, which started the whole thing.

    Nnnnow, he’s saying he might have overblown an account of a racial encounter in the KKK being spotted on campus…..

    And it’s a non-satisfactory movement on these reports that prompted the suspicion that MU is just some structural racist factory of racism–and racism.

  • Deplorable Kulak

    After the alumni funds dry up look for an intervention!

  • Petrucio14

    Like ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ this fantasy will take on a life of its own. In future weeks, months the Liberal media will decry the lack of action on MU to keep the campus safe from the KKK. The story is just too good to let it go swirling down the drain as it should.

  • jjcassidy

    Godzilla was on campus holding a Nazi rally with the KKK. I saw it myself.

  • /sarcnado ☠

    If the guy had any honor at all, he would resign his position. Right?

  • Brad B

    Payton needs to be arrested as a conductive proxy of the terrorist threats.

  • obowmasbananarepublic

    Things are going as planned by Prez Islama!

  • Asmodeus

    What should I do if I see a KKK Klan man? Do I go to the basement and call 911 or is the bathroom safer? If I suspect that people I know are in the Klan who can I report them too for justice?

  • uglytrout

    Loser kid should be charged with something substantial, or at least the cost for the lies he told to the public… but responsibility be damned in liberal democratland

  • Cheery

    Who in their right mind would EVER want to attend this school? Seriously….

  • CityTo CityVista

    dont see the issue seems it was cleared up in 20 mins

  • joey reese

    Everything was a hoax except for Wolfe’s forced resignation. He should sue Butler for defamation

  • Hassenbensober

    He should be impeached as Student President.

  • Sound Advice

    Unbelieveable! Here is what I struggle with. Forgive me for the HUGE generalization. Of course this comment cannot include all young adults in this current generation. Young adults of today have it in their heads that if someone says something horrible about them or disagrees with them they are instantly offended, so their first reaction is to yell bigot, racist, sexist, etc. I fear we have we raised a generation of weak minded, somewhat selfish, yet highly insecure, semi-neurotic, entitled young adults who will say what ever it takes to fuel a popular narrative whether it has any basis of fact or not. I fear for our country’s future. I am sick of everyone always worried about offending someone because of sex, race, religious beliefs, economic status or political affiliation. Grow a backbone for god sakes. Believe in yourself enough that when someone wrongly labels you racist or sexist based soley on your beliefs or political stance you either walk away hoping someone will help that person develop a broader view of the world or you simply engage in civil conversation. But you do not cry wolf, exaggerate or tell untruths to further your personal agenda. It makes you look weak. You become the victim. Stop, Just STOP!

  • Grace656

    This is akin to shouting fire in a crowded theater. Someone could get hurt, or worse. The guy should be prosecuted.

  • MsPony65

    Have campus police, state police, and national guard verified that this “president” of the student body was working with them?

    His apology is lame. He was lying, he knew he was lying, and yet he qualifies his so-called apology.

    I call BS.


    It’s a cultural thing. Whitey did it.

  • Burnt Meatballs

    I heard through a media source that ROTC students were told not to wear their military uniforms to school in order to protect them from being harmed by protestors. Did it have to do with the rumor about the KKK working with the military? Do the students not the difference between ROTC and actual military? Someone could have been injured or killed through mass hysteria because of that nasty rumor. Why doesn’t this guy step downfrom his position? He needs to go.

    • Greg Zoll

      Where did you hear that, from Twitter? No one was told to not wear their ROTC uniform on Campus. The protesters were not even real protesters. They were a bunch of Journalism students Melissa Click and the idiot in charge of the Frat’s and Societies, told the students that they were doing a Social experiment, not a protest.

  • Fingolfin

    Why should that even be a warning? Being affiliated with a group, (excluding combatants) no matter how distasteful, is not a crime. Their are probably some KKK and neo nazis on a lot of campuses but you never know because they like to live in their hateful echo chambers. I mean, should we start sending out warnings when BLM or Palestinian supporters are on campus?

    • Greg Zoll

      Incorrect. Mizzou is as White as you can get, when it comes to no issues. If there were KKK or Neo Nazis on any campus today. They would be gone.

      You are more apt to find them in the Military learning military tactics, then sitting in school getting an education.

  • Mike Conrad

    It’s okay to lie so long as your heart is pure, even if it’s only pure in your own imagination. Guess what? Not a single one of the ‘incidents’ behind the entire fiasco has been legitimate or even remotely substantiated. And this is all-too-usual nowadays with these ‘race hoaxes’…

    And people never learn. Not after Duke, not after Virginia, Columbia, Oberlin, Yale, Chicago, Claremont, Buffalo, Louisville, and on and on. In a few weeks the cycle will repeat as though no one’s learned anything.

  • Arthur George

    Time travel still impossible, even for mid-20th century racists

  • Smith Jones

    Colleges and universities used to be places of higher learning, now they are liberal indoctrination centers where the kids will be completely unprepared for the real world.

    • Greg Zoll

      They always have been Liberal Indoctrination Centers. Where have you been for the past 50 years.

  • Steve

    Apparently its okay to say anything about whites but sooner or later if these rabble rouser punks start going missing their smart ass brothers and sisters may think twice about provoking so boldly with their racist agendas. I wonder how cocky this mouthpiece will be if it really is a kkk who shows up or more likely it will be one of o’dumber’s diverse islamists to share some p*88 festo. There’s a lot of deranged people already being pushed to the limits out there and i have a feeling all these smiling taunting provokers are pushing their luck though they’re living for the time being n their little pretend safe useful idiot student worlds. God help them when the o’dumbercraps get diselected and their pc lives matters jive no longer swings it on the quad. Hillbillies and rednecks they may call us but like they say hell no we don’t forget and most of these liberal farts living off the taxpayers will be our future drug addicts and welfare suckups unhired with their attitudes and chapbooks in poetry houses rapping about de white man – as usual.

    • Greg Zoll

      He would crap his pants. I loved how he made a statement back in Sept. that Living in the South side of Chicago, is just as scary as living in Columbia.

      Last time I checked, Columbia does not have roaming gangs of kids dealing drugs. Unless you count the University students waiting for a bus to take them back to campus, drinking their Mochaccino or tea from Starbucks.

  • Greg Zoll

    I am so glad that I sent my kid off to a private school that does not have idiots like Head, who should have never left Chicago in the first place.

    As parents, we understand that a lot of these kids are out on their own for the first time. But those kids that took this rumor hook, line & sinker, need to sit down with their parents and have their heads examined.

    My kids were smart enough when the Internet came around, that they understood that what you find on the Internet can be pretty much false, unless backed up by multiple real sources, not some fake Tweet.

    Also I really do not get how Head thought getting a crown and a sash gave him ultimate authority in running the campus. Does this idiot not get it that he is no different then a McDonald’s Fry cook. He has let his fake status get to his head.

    As for the “sources”. It was well known last night who fed him the fake information to try and cause panic, which failed big time.

  • John Schlutz

    you graduated from university of missouri? bwahaha? sorry next applicant please

  • Lisa Wiese

    Another lying black racist…go figure. *yawn*

  • doggmaninva

    just following In the footsteps of another race baiting liar….Al Sharpton…Tawana Brawley, Duke Lacrosse, etc.etc….wonder how many people will die and live be ruined because of a LIE

  • Tracy D

    Absolutely yes, he should resign.

    • patsy

      should but won’t. Didn’t he suggest his detractors commence impeachment proceedings?

  • Bones

    Misinformation? It’s was a baldfaced lie. Call it like it is.

  • Bill Apperson

    Kinda like the lie about the swastika ! Liars ! Still waiting on some proof ! Kinda like the black churches that were burned in St.Louis and Colorado that was blamed on whites ! Guess who was arrested ? A black man in both cases !

  • disqus_XC2bqon5pt

    He should have to resign for telling LIES for the purpose of causing problems . He is not trustworthy to represent the student body.

  • disqus_XC2bqon5pt

    If I were hiring people I would surely do a little research and rule out people such as Payton Head. If he is a trouble-maker in college he would most likely be a dishonest trouble-making employee.

    • jaded

      Considering his internship stint with Rahm Emanuel, he won’t have to worry about that… he’ll have a job with anyone from the chicago political scene, or Soros.

  • Ray Kepper


  • cpf_taxed

    Oh I’m loving this. The academic Marxists are turning the tide on the community organizing agitator Marxists.

  • Merry Christmas!™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

  • Merry Christmas!™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

  • Chris Barnes

    He should not only be forced to resign as SBP. He should be expelled.

  • PM

    “misinformation”??? he says. You lied you Rich privileged sack of shit!

  • Fiscal Conservative

    Mizzou is now a national joke and it will take years to shed the disgrace this past week by a group of black students placed on the university by creating and spreading false information. The athletes and any other students attending on a scholarship involved in this should have their scholarhsips revoked immediately. Do you know of any workplace that would allow this type of behavior? It is past time for the whiny babies to see what real life is all about.

  • patsy

    What is up with Mr. Head? Seems as if he is practicing for his future career as a community organizer…could he be another Barack who also followed that career path and work his way up to POTUS?

  • CountryPatriot

    Why are people not requiring Mr. Head to resign? Oh, the double standard is alive in MO.

    • patsy

      Potato Head doesn’t have the class to resign. He will force impeachment proceedings.

  • John

    He could be Obama’s son. He’s off to a good start.

  • CPT

    Someone had to have cleaned it up, right? Where’s that guy? Cat got his tongue?

  • sntduke

    He needs to be expelled from school. They all drummed out their Chanselor for doing nothing . They need to boot his sorry ass out of school lying and inciteng an angry mob.

  • Lucilla

    Blacks use any excuse to incite hateful protests and they get away with it. Blacks have become very sensitive to words. Bunch of whinners. We never heard of so much blacks crying about racism and discrimination in the past. How did all of this get started? It only started once obama took office.

  • Andrew

    Racist much, so why would he assume the KKK would be there, what was his source for that? Let me guess, it is the white person’s fault again. What a crock of shit!!!

  • The_Kat ✓vilified

    All a part of a concerted effort by black “leaders” to terrorize America. It is like they have taken a page out of the ISIS handbook and frighten their followers into believing their enemies (white people) are their follower’s enemies too. It doesn’t matter if it is made up accusations of widespread police brutality or false rumors spread about the KKK.

    Meanwhile nobody stops to think that we have a black POTUS, obscenely wealthy black entertainers, sports figures, and executives (like hunger striker Jonathan Butler of Mizzou’s father) who are living without any fear of the Klan. The KKK has less power today than blacks did well before the civil rights movement. The sheeple who follow dogs like Payton Head only do so to push a political agenda.

    Payton Head and his followers are no better than Islamic extremists. They both fall under the heading of “terrorists”. Meanwhile Democrats continue to molly coddle them like they have Islamic terrorists.

  • ThomasCollins1

    “I’m working with MUPD…”

    He’ll be working with them again, if there’s any justice left in this country. Filing a flase report with police is a crime. So is inciting a riot.

  • Mattcampbell62

    Is Payton Head still allowed to attend the University of Missouri? It is quite enlightening to see a University President be held accountable for incidents that never even happened, then turn around and celebrate a lying student. Hope and change I guess.

  • Katmando

    There is a black on black gang war going on in Chicago this very minute. Don’t these students have any compassion? They should be there helping if they are so concerned about black lives. A little boy was killed in retaliation for what his gang banger father did. A 15 year old girl died but was and “unintended victim.” And they are scared of what?

  • George

    Payton Head needs to be ousted.

  • shay

    The freaking lunatics are running the asylum! Beyond disgusting!

  • InfidelAlliance

    These “students”, and the families who produced them, are directly or indirectly the fruits of Norman Thomas’ socialist takeover of the public education system.

    “Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.” – Joseph Stalin

    ~ The Infidel Alliance

  • Lisa Hawks

    what are they, f*cking toddlers throwing a temper tantrum…get the f*ck to school and learn what you came to learn

  • fish1552

    Here’s my only issue with some of the people commenting here. Yes, he messed up. Yes he *could* have gotten people injured or worse. However, he DID correct himself and he is fully taking the blame for this. We preach and preach about how kids need to take responsibility for their actions, and then when they do, we don’t even acknowledge them for it. To me, this shows actual character.

    Yet when an celebrity apologizes for something, and you can see they are only sorry because they got caught, we are okay with it. THIS kid actually went into full “I’m at fault” mode and didn’t even hint it was because X Y or Z did something to influence him like many celebs/sport figures/politicians.

    So while I fault him for spreading misinformation, I’ll give him credit for manning up at his mistakes.

    • Michael Ejercito

      He must resign.

  • Dede Smith Dennis

    OK everybody take their previous jobs back and everything go back to the way it was before all of the lies and temper tantrum drama queens started acting like childish babies.

  • jholleye

    Impeach the little Black President

  • Charles Oliver

    start kicking their useless asses out of school.

  • IReadit3

    I would not be surprised if the alleged racial incidents at the center of this were fabricated or grossly embellished by some leftist who wanted to “raise awareness”

  • Brenda Golden

    These whiny little sissies shame their school and their race. Were the coloring books and crayons helpful so you could tolerate the micro aggressions? Is the art sets being fully utilized? What a bunch of useless asshats. Lie like a cheap suit then wallow in their lie and point the finger of blame at others.

  • ronc

    Wasn’t one of the planks in Obama’s platform, the “healing” of America? How’s that working out for everybody?

  • Michael Wittmann

    Way to go, Sambo. You’ve just squandered whatever credibility you had left among your sole remaining sympathizers, viz. Cultural Marxist catladies and fat mudsharking twentysomething feminists. Your list of allies get shorter by the day.

  • weebit

    Payton Head student body President? Wouldn’t be if I was on that campus. Remove that President.

  • Mike Jay

    Black Lives Matter is the KLAN with a TAN….