As previously reported by Twitchy, Lansing’s “Hot Dog Guy,” Clint Tarver, had his hot dog stand destroyed by union thugs who were tearing down an Americans For Prosperity tent. In addition, union members hurled racist epithets at him as he attempted to clean up the mess.

Though most of the media have ignored the incident and have failed to denounce Democrats’ use of incendiary language, CNN contributor Roland Martin took to Twitter on Wednesday to do just that.

These are admirable tweets from Martin. Certainly we can all agree with his calls for civility in the face of disagreement.

Well, that was a nice moment while it lasted. Now we’re on to revenge talk again.

  • OurLivesMatterToo

    Wonder how measured his commentary would have been if the comments would have allegedly originated from Tea Party members. Roland would have been using the ‘blood in the streets’ adage, I’d bet!

  • shatwood

    Twitter hijacking is becoming a serious issue.

    • mwill

      and your point is?

      • kch50428

        Someone with sanity hacked Martin’s twitter and posted all that??

      • shatwood

        …Really? It’s a joke as in Martin’s account had to be hacked for him to post something negative about the union protesters.

        • mwill

          i stand corrected, but you really weren’t that clear.

    • beebop1952

      Most of us call it freedom of speech. I have absolutely no use for URINE workers like the AFLCIO

  • Alan D. Willingham

    Mr. Martin, Despite some of the other more moderate comments, a word of Caution before the Liberal Media and Outrage Hustlers get hold of that one about “Target the Opponents” …. so Watch out! Targeting opponents is actually worse than putting CrossHairs (For Sighting) on a map… (and you know what they did to Palin ; )

  • Danny Wheeler

    Other than the revenge talk at the end, Mr. Martin was finally wise.

  • mwill

    roland endorses right to work law.

    “Tarver has a right to work for anyone”

    then remembers hes a liberal.

    “You beat em at the ballot box. That’s the ultimate revenge.”

    • $21367552

      Ummm…… seriously? You’ve never heard of “the best revenge is living well”?

      • PistolsForPandas

        “the best revenge is living well”

        That’s kinda hard to do when union thugs destroyed your livelihood.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Sorry that Mr. Tarver’s hot dog stand was destroyed and his livelihood was wrecked but you know to the union he was just collateral damage and he was working for the enemy anyway so he had it coming. What I really want to know is what Martin would be tweeting–or IF he would be tweeting–if Tarver was a white man. Hmmm?

    • r_coplin2001

      That comment you made is a bunch of BS as no hot dog stand should be destroyed by union thugs.What the pro union people did will turn off many people from supporting the Unions.

      • Jeff McCabe

        sigh. ” to the union he was just collateral damage and he was working for the enemy anyway so he had it coming.” Notice the TO THE UNION part. His comment is completely accurate.

  • Steve_J

    Martin should pull his head out of that dark place.

  • HARP2

    That`s it Roland……You show them you belong on no damn plantation……..Schmuck.

  • lainer51

    He is a hack, must have had a brain freeze because he actually sounded logical for a few minutes.

  • Lord Foggybottom

    Roland Martin making sense? THE MYANS WERE RIGHT! WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!

    • La’Milton


    • La’Milton


  • EOD

    Vengeance is mine saith the Democrats, theirs and their lord and savior BHO.

  • usa_chucky

    Had Tarver been a white man, crickets.

  • AttackOfTheKillerTomatos

    If I had it my way, not only would they be issuing apologies and going to jail, but they would also be paying for the damages out of their own pocket.

  • Rob Stevely

    I guess he was fine with Crowder getting sucker punched, but now that it was a black man who was assaulted he speaks up

  • ackerson

    Rolly should apologize for his hatred of alll white people.