Miss Nevada, Nia Sanchez, was crowned Miss USA on Sunday night. During the pageant, Sanchez, who has a fourth-degree black belt in taekwondo, was asked a question about sexual assaults on college campuses. Sanchez suggested that women get training to learn how to defend themselves.

Guess what happened next:

For many, yes, the suggestion that women learn to defend themselves was a ridiculous idea, and it even constituted “victim blaming”:






Self-defense training seems to make more sense than certain other ridiculous methods that have been suggested, but apparently many disagree.



Did Miss Louisiana say it was a mistake for Obama to release five Taliban leaders from Gitmo?

  • Brad Donald

    If you ever needed proof that these so called feminist are out of their minds. Well you have this response to common sense. They actually are saying common sense is a bad thing. They do not live in reality, they are totally in fantasy land.

    • thetreyman

      they have gone off the rails stupid. i have never in my life seen a collection of comments so idiotic. these dumbasses are setting themselves up for a rude awakening. good Lord i just hope that they’re only stupid on twitter. the stupid, it burns.

      • rennyangel2

        They aren’t feminists–just lefty dupes and shills.

        • trixiewoobeans

          Bingo! They are the antithesis of true (I hate this word, but…) “feminism.” They are being groomed to be victims and to lay there and take it, and they don’t even realize it.

          • eyesfrontmen

            They are being groomed, but they are feminist.

        • JeffyTheQuick

          What is the principle of property?

          It is that you own something out of your work and effort to make it yours. You are given one thing at birth: Yourself.

          You own yourself, and that principle must stand above all else. When others tell you what you can do with yourself, that doesn’t hurt others or their property, you have just given part of yourself away.

          These people have given themselves to the State when they say idiotic things like “self defense does not stop rape,” and “men shouldn’t rape.” While both have some truth in them, they cause the person to submit themselves to the whims of someone else, and thereby, they do not own themselves anymore. They are owned by the whims of others, like a bucket of candy left on your doorstep at Halloween.

          • Mark Wharton

            “Men should not rape” is really sexist since women rape too and I don’t think that is right either.

          • sarah

            noones arguing that women don’t rape too , men just rape a hell of a lot more

        • AR

          Hey don’t lump these idiots in with the rests of us here on the left. They are just plain idiots. Not left, right, or feminist.

          • idalily

            Then get on Twitter and call them on it.

        • eyesfrontmen

          Yes, they are feminists!

          • Lori Alaine

            No they are uneducated people. Even some males wrote idiotic comments like the females.

          • Mark Neil

            They are the direct result of feminist academia. You can attempt to reject them for their stupidity and sexism, but they epitomize the feminist ideals that are being taught… they are simply expressing it unfiltered by tact or reason. So yes, actually, they are feminists.

            PS, feminists can be male too.

          • Tony Thompson

            No, if you read any of the feminist blogs, this is the kind of crap the modern educated feminist is being taught. I’m not saying it’s not stupid or that if reflects all feminists, but it sure isn’t the result of lack of education.

          • Kadja2

            I know there is a rift in feminist groups because the generations do not agree. There is never true unity in the feminist movement, which is why they didn’t accomplish a whole lot after getting the right to vote. They weren’t even truly united then. Why? The feminist groups during that time wanted the right to vote for black women as well, yet they refused to sit with them in the meetings–they were segregated, and once they got the right to vote, it was as if the black women were left by the wayside and the various groups have never truly united since.

            IT was as if most who were part of that movement then felt that they couldn’t go higher, when in fact, there are so many ideological differences that the groups cannot unite to solve ONE SINGLE problem that affects the entire gender. However, women did get to use their own credit after the 1970’s and have their own credit ratings separate from their spouses. As far as examples, if the various groups would ALL drop the bull crap and unite behind stopping FGM and forced marriages by supporting not giving any aid to countries around the world that enforce such, they would get a much better reception and better support than they are getting for their “war on boys” in this country (and yes there is one).

          • Lori Alaine

            It sure is stupid. Women shouldn’t defend themselves? Men should stop raping? Those are idiotic responses to Miss USA’s intelligent response that women should take self defense classes to avoid being an (assault) victim. How is this “feminist”-equal rights for women? If that were the case they would be FOR self defense since most men learn that or some form of training as they grow up; be it martial arts, military, etc. Feminists would want the same opportunities for women that men have. Equal rights.

          • eyesfrontmen

            Yes, the manginas are just as psychotic as the feminists. More psychotic actually, since they are like all men, the targets of the feminist onslaught. Must be some kind of Stockholm syndrome. Or maybe they think they can get laid by catering to feminist females.

          • Mark Wharton

            Male feminists…

          • shrugger

            I beg to differ. The majority of them are highly indoctrinated…oOps I mean educated.

        • SuperKamiGuru

          The correct term for them is “Femenazis”, who follow femenazism.

      • Eliana Garza

        They going green… veggies brains :)

      • JeffyTheQuick

        So, to be out of a man’s control, they have to make sure that the man’s control isn’t over them?

        If my son ever dated this woman (Miss Nevada), I’d tell him, “Good job, son! You’re dating a real woman.”

    • Happygolucky

      I love the “why can’t we teach men not to rape” bit
      Perhaps because we also can’t teach every woman not to abort her baby?

      • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

        The stupid burns… out of millions of men,.. only a merest tiny miniscule number rape, and this tiny number does it serially… but instead of locking THEM up, or learning self defense..

        idiot femofascists demand men be neutered, taught not to be men by women who mostly pitch for the other team anyway… these idiot fems do not get,.. you don’t punish people for crimes they never committed.

        How many women commit the crime of say.. fraud,., so instead of guarding against fraud, we just teach all women to not be crooks,… that is the logic of an imbecile, and it’s theirs.

        • Getaclue

          Actually, statistically speaking from an academic perspective (via PHD program in psychology) one of every four men rape someone in their lifetime.

          • RealityObserver

            One of every four women is supposedly raped during their lifetime. Of course, that is a very shaky statistic. Subtract the ones that are fraudulent claims, subtract the ones that gave what certainly sounded like consent when they were not sober by their own doing (if a “rape drug” was used by the man, those still count). Oh, we had better subtract the ones that were committed by influential Regressives, too – per Whoopi, those are not “rape-rape.” We come down to one in ten, approximately, when you assume that every one is raped only once (not the case, but we’re being “fair” here, and one can certainly hope that “burned once, twice shy” applies).

            So we are down to one in ten men commit rape during their lifetime. Or are we? Absolutely not – because that makes the assumption that a man who rapes only does so once. Sorry – the above cliche doesn’t apply here – the exact opposite does – “Felt good once, got away with it once, let’s do it again!”

            We’re down to, at most, 1 in a hundred – more likely quite a few less.

            Now, let’s assume that there is a chance – say one in ten – that any particular woman will either A) shoot their attacker dead right there, or B) disable them and then kill them, or C) disable them, have them arrested, and then the State executes them, as it should.

            Just how prevalent do you think the “rape culture” would be then?

          • growup

            What an ignorant thing to believe. Giving “consent” while being drunk or drugged =/= giving consent. Rape is ANY sexual act committed without the explicit consent of the victim. The person must give consent while in a coherent state of mind. If someone sodomized you because you were too drunk to refuse them, would it be your fault or theirs?

          • YeahNope

            You are mistaking being drunk with being incapacitated, but since feminists use the two interchangeably I’m not surprised.

            Having sex while drunk =/= rape.
            Being raped while unconscious = rape.

          • Augustus Gustavius Salvatore C

            Rape …….. is just about any female being upset by a sexual advance

          • Mark Wharton

            Yes and forcing a man to have sex is not rape according to these bigots.

          • idalily


          • Getaclue

            The fact that you are more prone to believe that most women are liars about being assaulted rather than statistics researched and recorded by professionals with doctorates supports that it would be highly prevalent. This is what rape culture means. To believe the attackers more easily than the victims. And who can blame society? We don’t like looking at the ugly parts of the world around us. We want to believe things aren’t that bad. But that is why most women that have been attacked keep their mouths shut. They fear no one will believe them.

            Furthermore, the ignorance to assume that all attacks happen one on one, is astounding. Also to assume that some of the attackers weren’t former friends or even family members, or someone else that perhaps a woman may be a little ashamed, conflicted, or etc about reporting, (or shooting dead, as you so tactlessly stated,) is proof that those that don’t understand the nuances of this stuff should keep their mouths closed and listen first, speak later.

          • AvadaKedavra


          • Drumwaster

            From that academic perspective (pushed by the Feminazi agenda), any sex that is not pre-approved in writing and on full-color video tape by someone who has just passed a breathalyzer is rape (which includes any sex involved in marriage), so I don’t doubt that you argue that fully 1/4 of men are rapists.

            Of course, all of that perspective is utter bullshit, so I’ll stick with reality, thanks anyway.

          • Frankstrr

            Hahaha that statistic is 100% false!! What a freaking moron!!

          • warhawk

            Bull shit! Review your “statics”
            If that’s the case then why isn’t .25% of the male populace either in prison or listed as a sex offender? You sir ate a flipping moron.

          • Vera L

            This comment is based on the assumption that 100% of rapes are reported and successfully prosecuted. Regardless of what the actual statistics are, we can all agree this is far from the reality.

          • Mark Wharton

            Correct, you think it is hard for a woman to report a rape, what do you think happens when a man reports being raped.

          • Vera L

            I don’t think it is easy for either sex to report a rape. I imagine a great many male rapes go unreported too, because the victims feel too ashamed, even though it’s no fault of theirs. It’s an awful situation for anyone.

          • Basher04

            You might want to check those statistics again.

          • JeffyTheQuick

            5 up votes? Really?

          • ronwf

            Oh I’d love to see that citation. Perhaps you could back up your claim with it?

          • JeffyTheQuick

            She (getaclue) pooped… she scooted…

            Typical troll.

          • AR

            @Getaclue, I actually did find your statistic. It is
            for ASIA only! Specifically in Bangladesh, China, Cambodia,
            Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Sri Lanka from a survey in 2013. Please check your sources. Statistics from one survey, in five countries, in Asia do not apply to the rest of the world. As far as I can find there is no similar statistic for the US, nor since the survey relied on self reporting would there ever likely to be one. There’s just no way to collect that data.

          • karen straughan

            If I recall, two of those countries (oddly enough, the ones that experienced fairly recent war/conflict) skewed the overall percentage quite high.

          • eyesfrontmen

            That is a bold faced lie and a slander.

          • Mark Neil

            We’re constantly told feminism isn’t about hating men… but how much does one need to hate men in order to accept, let alone promote such a hateful view of men as this? How could one see such a claim, and if they were predisposed to believe it, not come to fear and resent, and inevitably ate men for it? There is absolutely nothing about this claim that doesn’t screen hate propaganda.

          • Bob Jones

            Well that statistic is wrong. 1 out of 4 woman may be raped in there lifetime. Only 3% of men commit a rape

          • eyesfrontmen

            A lie and a slander made up by agenda driven ideologically compromised feminist pseudoscientists.

          • Emerald Bixby

            You … wow. Your username is so appropriate right now. You’re in a Ph.D. program in psych, and you haven’t figured out enough by now to realize that there is no, *no* legitimacy to that statistic? Come at me with a source that’s legitimate and that didn’t use questionable methods, and maybe we’ll talk, but right now you’re spouting propagandist rhetoric for which the burden of proof is very much on you.

          • Mindas

            I call bullshit. Link to this study, please.

          • Augustus Gustavius Salvatore C

            that means 3 out of 4 men do not rape… which is quite an achievement given the extremely flexible definition of rape….

          • http://2buntu.com Roland Taylor

            Do your name, please.

        • Guest

          I’m a female MRA, and comments like yours make me want to facepalm myself back to one of our extinction events so I don’t even have to deal with humans at all.

        • Randy L Hill

          Couldn’t have said it any better

      • HolyHeckBatman

        I wonder if unicorns and singing animals live in this reality where bad things dont happen… To suggest women shouldn’t learn to defend themselves because men shouldn’t rape is the most absurd logic I’ve ever heard.

        • Warle

          If we applied the same logic to law enforcement, it’d be this:

          “Instead of having police, why don’t we just educate people to not do bad things?”

        • Mark Wharton

          I wonder if they are OK with men defending themselves if someone tries to rape them.

      • Kawfy

        Then why have prisons when rape prevention classes will do….ugh …sad that these idiots are in the double X club…cmon ladies THINK!

        • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

          When I was a child, when I wanted old school wisdom, I went to my grandmother,.. my grandfather passed before I was born.

          the women modern feminists thumb their noses at, impugn as merely men’s property, not real women like them.. were the keepers of family tradition, of hard lessons passed on,.. of teaching you your own families history, and how that wove into the nations history.. gatekeepers essentially..

          None of them would find this delicate little flower must submit to rape rather than sully themselves by using violence like an icky male.. the least bit intelligent..

          the woman raised two sets of children, the second during the depression, outlived three husbands,.. was a devout Christian, devoted mother, skilled seamstress, gifted maker of quilts, Croche, she also kept a garden the size of her entire backyard till she could no longer live alone,, she could plow fields with a mule,.. harvest on her knees for days… can her own food, sell quilts for the things she couldn’t make herself..

          the woman was empowered like few women todays are even close to… and she was wise beyond her education.. skin leathered by time, hard times and good…but through her weathered face,

          hers eyes shined.. her smile was glowing..

          she was a real treasure to all who knew her, the child orphaned in a family fued in Kentucky, her mother fled with her to Ohio,.. where she put down solid roots…

          She was a role model,.. a woman to aspire to be like… my children never knew her, but I have pictures, a few videos of her final days.. and the memories of a greatful grandson..

          this feminists, is what an empowered woman looks like, and any man who tried to take her against her will, she would have horse whipped off her land…

          • Kawfy

            Your grandmother sounds like a “real” woman. You were truly blessed.

          • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

            We were, she was a deeply profoundly good woman. She had son’s in WW II, Korea, Vietnam… she was herself a very devoted mom, who knew, instantly knew when one of her sons was wounded.. she woke up crying their names, both times, confirmed when the telegrams came…

            Wounded in action..

            But she also knew they would live.. how she knew?.. second sight she called it, maybe the deep bond between mother and child, maybe God’s grace.. she was by any measure, extraordinary.

            She survived open heart surgery at 93,.. lived a full life till she was 97. Women of her time were tough, more than many modern men…

          • Kadja2

            My grandmother was the same way–only she had guns and would have used ’em! She ran an intruder off with a shotgun when I was little and the family still talks about it. They said I was 3 and slept through it. The sheriff caught him 3 blocks away–because he was stupid enough to try to break into ANOTHER house!

      • James Maloney

        I’d love to find out from them(the ones who are saying “Why can’t we teach men not to rape?”), is what world they’re living in? Is there somewhere on the entire planet where “men have learned not to rape”? If so, where and why, if they’re so offended, do they not move there? Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT saying rape is a good thing or acceptable, I’m just saying there isn’t a place ANYWHERE that it doesn’t happen. Choose ANY continent and you will find rape. That includes where humans aren’t living. It’s animal nature, following animal instincts. I have to agree with a lot of the posters “the stupid is explosive” with these people.

        • Ben

          Why not just post “this is a No Rape Zone” around high rape areas like they do with guns? Signs seem to work with criminals. Lol

          • Eliana Garza

            Best comment !

          • Frankstrr

            Absolutely genius!! Winner for best comment!!

        • RealityObserver

          In my great-grandfather’s day (yes, that long ago) men learned to not rape. They also learned to not beat up on women.

          Amazing how educational a short drop on a stout rope was…

          • Kadja2

            Short drop (and I don’t support the death penalty) but yes they did learn that way–or through a shotgun.

          • digigenocide

            I guarantee there was just as much rape and women beating was going on back in your great grandaddies day as there is now. Actually probably a lot more since spousal rape didn’t exist and it was legal to beat your wife to a certain extent depending on what state you lived in

          • Mark Wharton

            It is still quasi legal to beat and or kill your husband however.

          • Mark Wharton

            Maybe one day people will find out that beating on ANYONE is wrong and raping ANYONE is wrong. I can dream can’t I.

        • Kadja2

          Here’s a thought…Why not go to their twitter accounts and tell these idiots to teach the class and get back to you with the results of them in, say, 20 years time to see if it worked…

      • snakebit

        I don’t know, I think this “why can’t we teach people to/not to approach has potential. Here are a few to get the #WhyCan’tWeTeach hashtag game started:
        Why can’t we teach foreigners not to come to cross the US border illegally?
        Why can’t we teach people on welfare to work for a living?
        Why can’t we teach liberals to think rationally?

        • http://streamnerd.com/ Ian B

          Why can’t we teach kids to read?

          • TexSizzle

            “Whole language”, a.k.a. look-say.

        • TheWholeTruth

          #whycantweteach politicians not to lie?

        • Tristan M

          Why can’t we teach conservatives that the average liberal like me doesn’t want to be associated with these psychopaths?

      • Emerald Bixby

        I’m a female MRA, and comments like yours make me want to facepalm myself back to one of our extinction events so I don’t even have to deal with humans whatsoever.

        • Happygolucky

          Have fun face palming yourself into extinction
          I won’t miss you

          • Mark Wharton

            The true face of feminism, uncaring about others.

          • Happygolucky

            Heh… Good thing I’m not a feminist

            Why would I care about her silly overly emotive response?

        • Guest

          You posted that same thing awhile ago in response to someone else. Why don’t you come up with something more original?

      • Mark Wharton

        Well women rape too, so it would be nice if they stopped their bigotry.

    • thinkingabovemypaygrade

      And…some of you might be paying for CREEPY gender/feminist theory courses for your child…where some extremists might teach such nonsense! Reviewing what your child’s proposed university teaches on “gender theory” is key!!! You might be pleased…or you might be horrified! Vote down BAD gender theory courses by withholding your support of that college/university…and tell them why!

      • Kadja2

        People who do not believe there is a “war on boys” should read the books…They would be shocked.

    • Blake Waymire

      Reality confuses them. Should rapes happen? No, of course not, but they do and any of those who might get targeted for rape should absolutely learn how to defend themselves from it. This doesn’t jive with the “it should be this way!” thinking that leftists employ.

      • http://www.twitter.com/a_okafor007 Anthony C. Okafor

        not everyone on the left is a moronic feminazi though

        • Blake Waymire

          I haven’t met any leftists that don’t subscribe to the above line of thought, though.

          • Marie Teach

            I am an staunch anti feminist but also a liberal, I think that moderates on both the right and the left should not be defined by their radicals, most conservatives are not racists just as most liberals are not politically correct socialists.

            I despise and fight the ones who are though and have no problem with you and others on the right doing the same, feminists are as bad as racists.

          • Mark Wharton

            It must be tough when all the popular liberal politicians are feminists.

          • Marie Teach

            In much the same way that neo-cons are christians, you’re not going to get elected unless you pretend to follow your party religion.

    • Ghee!

      Twitter is a plexiglass window into the soul of a liberal. They have no filter when it comes to what they share and vapidly reveal their ignorant hypocrisy willingly. In their opinion, I should teach my 16 year old daughter that in the event of something horrible like rape, don’t defend yourself, but lay there and blame the attacker for not acting responsibly.

      • Kelsea Captolia Eaton

        Thats actually not what they are saying at all. What feminists are saying is, self defense will not stop sexual assaults on campus. No one is saying not to take a self defense class, what they are saying is… this is not the solution to rape on campus.

        • http://streamnerd.com/ Ian B

          So if defending against an attacker isn’t the answer, Just what IS the answer?

          • JeffyTheQuick

            Unilateral disarmament, like the graduates of the ministry of stupidity reacted.

          • Mark Wharton

            Lay on your back and take it so feminists can garner sympathy for someone else’s suffering.

        • RealityObserver

          The solution to rape on campus is twofold:

          Number one, stop teaching men that they should do what “feels good.” Sex feels good, so why shouldn’t they have as much of it as they want? (Elliot Rodgers certainly had that mind set – but apparently he was too cowardly to even take the chance of his rape victim possibly fighting back.)

          Number two, have real and immediate consequences for actual rape attempts (not “Oh my God, did I just sleep with THAT guy?”) Find a guy with his “rape gear” someplace about six inches from where it normally is, you are pretty sure that it was attempted rape (or just a really pissed off woman – but “them’s the breaks”).

          • Mark Neil

            “Number one, stop teaching men that they should do what “feels good.””

            Well, that’s not projection and reversing the genders at all. Seriously, it is girls being taught to do whatever feels good. It is girls being taught they should not suffer any consequences for their actions (slut walks, anti-fat shaming, ban bossy?). Men are constantly being lambasted with behavioral directives… and these are often contradictory to boot, create a lot of confusion. It’s also incredibly sexist to assert the issue is strictly with men.

            Lastly… this isn’t going to do jack all, given the vast majority of rapists know what they are doing is wrong, and do it anyways. Promoting this kind of idea only makes it easier for rapists to play it off as a one time mistake they didn’t realize.

            “Elliot Rodgers certainly had that mind set”

            If that were true, why was he a virgin and not a rapist? By your own reasoning, he should have had no problems raping someone… he didn’t seem to have a problem with murder.

            “Number two, have real and immediate consequences for actual rape attempts”

            And these “actual rape attempts” are determined … how? Through trial? Should we just skip due process to speed things along? And how exactly is a karate chop to the throat not a real and immediate consequence for an actual rape attempt?

            “not “Oh my God, did I just sleep with THAT guy?””

            And how does one distinguish the difference?

            ” “rape gear””

            What the fuck is “Rape gear”? Are you refering to the penis as “rape gear”? I think that speaks volumes to how you view men in general.

          • Mark Wharton

            Well I think Elliot is despicable but I think coward is the wrong term. He went on a murderous rampage, doesn’t sound like someone scared of a rape victim fighting back.

            Most “rape” on campus is drunken hookups. We need to focus on the actual rapes (you know nonconsensual sex).

        • Drumwaster

          I imagine someone looking to commit sexual assault getting the ever-living crap kicked out of him by a putative victim would serve as a pretty good interim solution until scientists find and delete that “rape” gene. Kind of tough to rape anyone when you are handcuffed to a hospital bed with multiple fractures.

      • Ghee!

        in reply to: Kelsea Captolia Eaton

        Kelsea, I can read for myself and can certainly decipher what these loons are saying. Your comment just shows how willing you are to accept being told what to think rather than thinking for yourself. I was a liberal in college too, but then I grew up. You will too.

      • Getaclue

        I don’t think they’re saying “lay there.” I think they’re saying that her answer makes rape prevention ONLY the victims responsibility. If you do just “lay there” as you said, you have no one to blame but yourself. What? …Oh the guy that’s doing it to you? No, he’s not at fault. YOU should have stopped him! (Do you see the issue now?)

        • RealityObserver

          No, he is at fault.

          Of course, we should stop all crime, and make sure that there are no criminals out there.

          Unfortunately, that entails:

          1) Genocide of anyone on Welfare (irrespective of race or gender).

          2) Genocide of anyone using mind-altering drugs (yes, alcohol and pot included – or a lot of prescription medications, too, for that matter).

          3) Genocide of anyone who voted for a Democrat in the most recent election. (Also, some who voted for Republicans, depending…)

          4) Genocide of anyone mentally unfit (that does not already fit into the above categories).

          How willing are you to make crime impossible? Really? (By the way, if you are really willing to do what is necessary – you fall squarely in the fourth category, at least – since you are a sociopath.)

          • JeffyTheQuick

            Relax… this is their 2nd post. This person will be gone and under a new name soon enough.

            Their kind of stupid is touch and go. They troll, delete the account, and start all over again.

        • Mark Wharton

          No, this is you and the feminazis spinning this. Everyone blames the rapist no matter how much feminists and slutwalkers want you to believe that people are giving the rapist a pass.

    • reaper_69

      They can’t conceive of reality being at odds with the liberal bullshit they learn from left wing assholes posing as professors! Rape has been a fact since prehistoric times, and making men take classes in ‘not raping’ won’t change anything as long as men and women are built the way they are! The average woman will lose a physical confrontation with a male bent on rape! While this is occurring, do these idiots expect the woman can talk the rapist out of it by teaching him ‘not to rape’, or would her energies be better used in learning self defense techniques and kicking the rapists ass, and leaving him unconscious and bleeding! Rather than the usual outcome of having the cops searching for her body These women, who are against women taking care of themselves, are living in a drug induced fantasyland!

      • fred green


        • Mark Wharton

          I think ANYONE should have a right to defend themselves, not just one gender.

    • dark angel

      Self-defense is not a bad thing…unless you’re a self-hating leftard.

      • Utopia Can Never be Achieved

        Self-defense is a necessity. Also, getting refresher courses and expanded training would never hurt. As we all know, prison sentences for such horrible crimes are often unlikely. The better one is at self defense and doing what they can to disable the perpetrator, the better our society will become. I’m a male, but also understand that if a lady can put a “whooping” on a guy, he’s less likely to be a repeat offender.

    • Kawfy

      I would have said get a concealed carry permit and a pretty pink Glock. I find a gaping chest wound takes the fight right out of a man…..I kid…or maybe not….

      • drew68

        based off the responses of these idiotic women on twitter…i wouldn’t trust them with a gun

        • Guest

          Based off these idiotic women on Twitter…they are the one’s who don’t believe in concealed carry laws so they wouldn’t have a gun but would change their mind after the fact I bet.

      • snakebit

        And allow concealed carry on college campuses, since once again, the alleged epidemic of rape is occurring in gun-free zones. Of course the left has applied their standard tactic of re-defining terms and most of these “rapes” are not forcible rape by a stranger in a dark alley but rather so-called “date rape,” or the even more nebulous “sexual assault.” When feminists make ridiculous claims such as “all sex is rape” they diminish the meaning of the word.

    • TomJB

      I guess fantasy land is somewhere without murder, kidnappings, assaults, purse snatchers, pick pockets, etc either. Somehow for the loons, its all about the rape because “rape culture” and giant vagina costumes or something. True, in a just world, no woman *should* have to defend herself from rape, but here in the real world, that’s just whistling past the graveyard. Do they really not see the irresponsibility? Learning to defend oneself is not just a defense against rape, its a defense against the entire list of person-to-person violent crimes on the books.

    • Mr.Correcto

      We should make rape illegal or something.

      • Infantryman6502

        Maybe we should create “rape free zone signs”.Let’s just make the signs bigger, as criminals seem to have horrible eye sight!

    • Kay-El

      Please believe me when I say this is a small outspoken group of feminists. I am also a feminist and I believe this is ABSURD. One of the main points of this movement is for equal treatment and then these women expect to put their safety in another persons hands? It’s truly absurd.

      • RealityObserver

        Hate to burst your bubble – but you are no more a “feminist” than a “liberal” is liberal, or a “gay” is gay.

        The language, it ain’t what it used to be. Myself, I am a liberal feminist who, on occasion, is gay. Don’t vote Democrat – don’t believe women should be victims – firmly heterosexual.

        Until they redefine it, all we can call ourselves nowadays is rationalists and liberty lovers (sorry, but “libertarian” is also out – it’s now synonymous with “libertine” in NewSpeak).

        • Kay-El

          First of all, you can’t tell what I am from a paragraph. Second, Feminism isn’t black and white, you know that. There are different thoughts within the movement, just like with civil rights movements and the like. You should be focused more on inviting people to help the cause than figuring out who is and who isn’t really “deserving” of the title feminist.

    • Eliana Garza

      Agree 100%

    • Akane

      >Feminists don’t live in reality, they are totally in fantasy land

      Understatement of the month

    • Mark Neil

      You also have MacKinnon saying that objectivity and neutrality are male concepts and unfairly bias men in criminal courts. (feminist Jurisprudence).

    • April Vee

      It is very much a reality that this mentality perpetuates victim-blaming.
      Unsure of the question, I can note that if it WAS in fact a question on how to stop rape, self-defense is a terrible answer.
      As a Rape Crisis Counselor for 3+ years, I have been in an exam room at the hospital with a survivor while the nurse told her that, at the point that she felt uncomfortable with the guy she was with, she should have left.
      Unfortunately, that is not the case for
      Often, at the point one realizes he or she is in danger, it is often too late.
      Regardless of how skilled one is, a woman on the passenger seat of a car with a man who has pulled up along side of a building so that she cannot open the door, is much more wise to comply as opposed to face violence and escalate the situation.
      After being raped, a woman second-guesses every decision made leading up to it. The last thing she needs to hear or be told is that self-defense is the answer.

      • Brad Donald

        Your really want to talk to me a rape survivor about victim blaming. How many times i was told “men cant be raped by women”, by women like you when i was trying to get help at 13. It does not encourage victim blaming it just creates more victims to pretend the evil people dont exist. You and your ilk are the ones perpetrating the furtherance of “rape culture” as you call it. Your claim to being a rape counselor is suspicious to me. You seems to be very bad at your job. I like how its blatantly obvious you seem to have a perspective that its only women that can be raped or have to worry about rape. Lets dance.

        Your stance that women should stay weak and are two weak to take steps to defend themselves is disgusting and you are a disgusting human being.

        • Brad Donald

          Oh well gee looking at your profile it seems you just made this account to trash me. A rape survivor. Nice job.

        • April Vee

          Okay I just read this post in its entirety, not having seen anything more than your notation that I did not include men in my post before my earlier reply because I’m on my phone.
          I am very sorry that you were raped and the intent of my post was not to discredit that woman can, have, and will rape men.
          I was simply offering my experience with the mentality that one ought to learn self-defense and defend themselves.
          You have a valid point that I should have been less gender-specific because there are many male survivors, although few report.
          I do not not have the perspective that women ought to stay weak or are too weak to defend themselves.
          The fact that you were told that men cannot be raped by women IS disgusting and it is that same mentality that I am arguing. It is the belief that one should or should not take a specific action during the course of a sexual assault to prevent it. Regardless of who the perpetrator is and what gender, it is them and them alone that ought not take the action to rape. That was my point.
          This is too deep a discussion to attempt to continue online and on a mobile device nonetheless, as many misinterpretations can come from it & misunderstandings.
          I apologize that my post came off as sounding as though men cannot be raped and I am sorry that you were. I am glad that you are advocating for men as survivors because it is important and they need a voice.
          Thank you for your response and I will be more mindful of being less gender specific in the future.

          • Brad Donald

            Yeah im not going to be bothered to reply anymore. It looks like im being sanitized by a mod. Got to shut men up about rape from both sides. Fantastic.

      • Brad Donald

        I like how its blatantly obvious you seem to have a perspective that its only women that can be raped or have to worry about rape. Lets dance.

        • April Vee

          Ya I didn’t write “he or she” in EVERY sentence of that post as opposed to implying it by writing it once.
          I’m not posting to argue but rather give you the perspective of someone who has worked with survivors for over 3 years, most of whom were women or men easily overpowered by a stronger male.
          I have never worked with anyone raped by a woman after the age of 15 so I cannot offer a perspective on that, I apologize.

          • Brad Donald

            So you still trying to put forth through implication your perspective is superior to mine because you work in a CENTER 3 hours a day for 3 years, why did you have to add that. Even though im a survivor how went through hell from 10 – 13. When all you had to say is I was just offering my perspective. Why add anything beyond that if not to diminish me. I put up with enough of this type of being talked down too when i contacted RAINN when i was 16, and met their rather disgusting so called counselor, “men cant be raped” Click Beep beep beep.

            And you should have wrote “he or she” or used gender neutral choice like “person”. Also i like how you stereotype all men as stronger, all the more reason for women to learn self defense cause technique will trump that when it matters. I suggest some basic MMA training. Also most that are raped know their attacker.

      • digigenocide

        So essentially what you’re saying is women shouldn’t try to defend themselves, just lie there and take it. Not only is that horrible advice, you’re pretty much saying women are too weak to protect themselves. Most rapists aren’t looking for a challenge. Most will run if the potential victim screams and fights back. And for the ones who dont run, You don’t need to be bigger or stronger than a person to defend yourself. You just need to attack the right spots. Spots they teach you in basic self defense courses. Gouge their eyes, smash their nose up into their face, or jam your keys or a pen into their neck. Even if all these fail and the rape still happens the physical altercation will make it easier to find the rapist and a lot easier to prosecute them.

        • April Vee

          That is given you aren’t murdered.
          Anyone reading my post not looking to argue for the sake of arguing can easily read it and conclude that is not at all what I said.
          However, for the sake of peace, you are right . It is very important that we all agree on what a rape victim should and should not do and expect them to adhere to those rules and prevent being raped and/or make it easier to prosecute.

          • Marie Teach

            No one is saying that she deserves to get raped because she doesn’t know self defense, that is a purposely disingenuous way of looking at what people are saying. No one is blaming anyone for being raped here, not one person.

            Looking at things objectively if women were all taught self defense in schools, something that also promotes fitness, confidence and discipline, would that really be such a bad idea?

            Wanting women to be stronger and safer is not misogyny, it is quite the opposite in fact and I am sick of grubby opportunists taking every opportunity to launch into hysterics over anything to do with rape.

      • BurtMacklin283

        I’m not looking to bait you, but you seem to be knowledgeable on the subject, so I wonder if you could enlighten me here.

        I just don’t understand how it is ever ‘too late’ to defend yourself from physical and psychological trauma. I can’t fathom how compliance is better than generating clear physical evidence of assault, and I simply don’t believe that most rapists are also murderers and that allowing the physical and psychological assault is a preferable alternative to fighting back and risking additional physical trauma.

        From my (limited) perspective, a violent reaction to aggressive and unwanted sexual advances would have stopped the aggressor cold in many situations I have read about. Many of these men seem to be individuals who lack the social awareness to identify subtle signals of discomfort or may be unable to appreciate ‘no’ for what it is (it is simply a fact of life that people like this exist).

        There are situations in life, where no matter what you do, you are going to lose, but that is not an excuse to quit and be a victim. The point of fighting back against a bully is not always to win, but to make it uncomfortable enough that the bully will find someone easier to abuse. Even in violent circumstances, where the woman was actually abducted, fighting back has often provided an opportunity to escape.

        It seems to me that there is a fine line between victim blaming, and perpetuating a culture of helplessness.

        • April Vee

          Whether or not a person fights back will depend on many different factors:
          If he or she knows the perpetrator, how they were raised, where they are, if there’s anywhere to run, personality style, etc.

          My point is not that they ought to comply. It is that many choose to comply and are then told by well-meaning friends and family how they ought to have reacted in a situation that they and they alone experienced. And that IS victim blaming.

          As a society, we have a responsibility NOT to focus on empowering people by teaching them how not to be raped but by empowering people by telling them that they ought never to have been raped, it was the decision of the perpetrator alone, and that they made the best decision possible under extreme circumstances.

          We have drastically normalized rape through media. Violent sex is attractive because our films are full of it.
          Raped in prison and I feel like I just got fucked in the ass jokes are prevalent.
          That drunk bitch… It sucks they pulled a chain on her but that’s why you don’t go hang out with a bunch of guys alone drinking.
          Hannah Anderson must’ve been involved in her own kidnapping, rape and murder of her mother and brother because SHE didn’t run or react “right”.

          It is scary to accept that if someone wants to make a decision, we may not be able to stop it. Especially when that decision will so drastically alter our lives.
          However, looking to how a person could have avoided it so that we feel better hoping it would never happen to us is not the answer.

        • April Vee

          Whether or not a person fights back will depend on many different factors:
          If he or she knows the perpetrator, how they were raised, where they are, if there’s anywhere to run, personality style, etc.

          My point is not that they ought to comply. It is that many choose to comply and are then told by well-meaning friends and family how they ought to have reacted in a situation that they and they alone experienced. And that IS victim blaming.

          As a society, we have a responsibility NOT to focus on empowering people by teaching them how not to be raped but by empowering people by telling them that they ought never to have been raped, it was the decision of the perpetrator alone, and that they made the best decision possible under extreme circumstances.

          We have drastically normalized rape through media. Violent sex is attractive because our films are full of it.
          Raped in prison and I feel like I just got f**ked in the ass jokes are prevalent.
          That drunk b**ch… It sucks they pulled a chain on her but that’s why you don’t go hang out with a bunch of guys alone drinking.
          Hannah Anderson must’ve been involved in her own kidnapping, rape and murder of her mother and brother because SHE didn’t run or react “right”.

          It is scary to accept that if someone wants to make a decision, we may not be able to stop it. Especially when that decision will so drastically alter our lives.
          However, looking to how a person could have avoided it so that we feel better hoping it would never happen to us is not the answer.

    • Robin Nielsen

      These aren’t feminists. The women that I know who were around when feminism really started to take shape say that it was about educating yourself on several different things so you knew what you were talking about, it was about standing up for yourself and being the best women you could be. There was a HUGE swing going the other way when extreme feminism was on the forefront and the image most people had of the feminist movement (the butch, man haters who were VERY vocal about their belief)

      This just shows how far the swing in the other direction went, where women would rather be raped rather than know how to protect themselves. Just ridiculous.

  • ECuyler

    So, these dimwits are saying that you can simply teach would-be rapists not to rape but in the meantime, until we get all the potential rapists to decide not to rape, women should just lay there and take it? Is that the idea they are promoting??? I bet their freshman women’s studies professors are so proud.

    • NRPax

      After all, they think women are mens’ equals in every way except they can’t protect themselves. Maybe they think they need a man to do it?

    • DwellsInFire

      It’s just another example of liberals living in some unrealistic fantasy world. Just tell men not to rape women and the problem is solved. Geez. While we’re at it we should also teach men not to murder, steal, or fight wars, then we can all live in a magical world of peace and love. It’s so simple.

      • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

        On what planet, do they think men are taught to rape?

        Granted it was a while ago, but everything in my up bringing was about teaching men to treat women with respect… men held other men who broke those rules in contempt. A form of street justice sometimes applied,.. you beat my sister, this is what happens to you…

        But all men approve of rape?.. because some feminist studies major says so? Name any show, any song, any human being in our culture who condones rape…. they do not exist.. rape “culture” is a feminists delusion. Yes rape happens, and it’s punished.. not applauded.

        • Miguel Leiva-Gomez

          I can name a few rap songs, but my deductive reasoning tells me that this isn’t what you were looking for. After all, those songs are written by thugs no *actual* human being respects.

    • ceyanne

      Exactly. And exactly the same question I asked of one of them. What do they expect women to do in the meantime until this magical day when rape never occurs anymore? Lay there and take it? Piss on themselves? Vomit? Heaven forbid a woman be able to defend herself against an attacker. Imagine if Miss Nevada suggested women go to a shooting range for target practice and conceal carry.

      • Iceman00767

        Well then the anti-gun nuts would come out and eviscerate her!

  • umad80

    This is the thing that bothers me the most. Telling women to not learn to defend themselves is ridiculous! In fact, men should learn to defend themselves too. Yes, everyone should be taught not to rape, but there are so many men AND women who get sexual gratification out of it that it has NOTHING to do with “rape culture” and has everything to do with sick individuals. Telling young women to be vulnerable to sexual sadists by saying we shouldn’t have to, that men shouldn’t rape, is just very poor advice. Self-defense is also great for defense against other things such as choking, etc., because people also like to kill or kidnap you to torture because that’s how they get their kicks. I am SO sick of these “feminists” not understanding this simple truth! And yes, it’s better to teach these young punks who do think it’s okay to sexually assault someone to not do it and why… it’s stupid to think that people are going to stop. There are heat of the moment reactions that you should still learn to fight against. No one is blaming the victim, but you don’t have to be the victim if you defend yourself.

    I’m also really excited that Miss USA is a 4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Growing up as a martial artist (I too started in Tae Kwon Do) this was virtually unheard of. So glad to see it now!

    • SkyePuppy

      When a would-be rapist gets the living daylights kicked out of him by his “victim,” that’ll teach him not to rape.
      See? We can do both!

      • thetreyman

        better to just shoot the rapist.

        • SkyePuppy

          Or that.

        • Suzyqpie

          Imagine the cacophony that would have ensued if Miss NV had launched into a harangue on the advantage of a concealed carry permit. That would have been a blast….

        • RealityObserver

          Best to have the unarmed techniques for when you are surprised – even the best SA fails on occasion.

          That slows them down enough for you to get the Glock out and put the first hasty round into them.

          Then you can be a touch more deliberate.

    • Zakasnak

      THIS=> “but you don’t have to be the victim, if you defend yourself.”

    • Kelsea Captolia Eaton

      No one is saying that girls shouldnt learn self defense, all they are saying is that this is not the solution to rape on campus.

      • umad80

        Implying that it is offensive to tell women to learn self-defense is saying exactly that. As I said in my original statement, teaching anyone not to do anything (rapping, killing, stealing, etc.,) is a grand gesture, but it’s one part of a solution. The fact that there are sick individuals out there that get their kicks out of sexual assault along with other things means it’s VERY dangerous to tell women that they should be telling men not to rather than learning to defend.

        I mean, let’s face it people… You wouldn’t go into a known gang area and think the solution is to tell them “don’t be in a gang and kill for kicks” would you? So why does anyone think saying “don’t rape” is going to be the absolute solution here?

  • NRPax

    Let’s hope Nevada uses her media tour to reiterate that teaching girls self defense is NOT the best way to protect against assault

    So urinating and vomiting are?

    Women shouldn’t need to learn to protect themselves against rape #missnevada educate and respect yourself as a woman #rapeculture

    *blink* “STOP! You can’t rape me! I’m educated and respect myself!”

    Yeah, I don’t think that’s going to work out too well.

    Then we have this gem:

    Why don’t we teach men to not rape?

    I guess this person is unfamiliar with ballistic correction and its ability to magically stop inappropriate behavior.

    • Emily B

      Teach all you want, but evil people will always exist. No amount of training can stop it.

      • NRPax

        Very true and that’s something that needs to be taught.

        “Sweetie, there are bad men out there who will hurt you because they can. Get away from them if at all possible. If it’s not possible, empty the magazine, reload and empty it again. Daddy will pay the legal fees.” -:-)

        • Emily B


          • NRPax

            I would emphasize that just because said bad men exist, it doesn’t mean that all men are bad. Not that the “rape culture” girls up above would believe that.

          • Emily B

            True. In fact, I would argue that MOST men are not bad. But you’re right. These chicks are crazy.

          • NRPax

            Here’s where I get confused. How is it that getting raped is better than defending themselves? Is self defense not “ladylike”? And if that is their belief, wouldn’t that make it “rejecting traditional gender roles”?

          • Emily B

            It doesn’t make sense at all! It makes so little sense that I can’t believe there are so many people out there saying it in public! If someone is beating up my daughter on the playground, I’m not going to tell her “Just lay there and take it and then we’ll complain that no one taught the bully not to beat people up”. Good Lord! HIT HIM BACK!!

          • NRPax



          • Emily B

            You know it! 😉

          • NRPax

            Not complaining. Just observing.

          • SkyePuppy

            Don’t try to understand them. You’ll only hurt yourself in the attempt.

          • NRPax

            It’s reflexive to me. I used to be liberal and I still have some fluency. The translations just come out jumbled and I try to figure it out.

          • Grammarian

            No one’s saying that “getting raped is better than defending themselves.” Their dream is that no one would commit rape at all. It has nothing to do with not being ladylike.

            I get where they’re coming from — insofar as “You should learn how not to get raped” is a pretty sick idea — and yeah, it would be great to be able to walk down a dark alley and not worry about getting raped, but unfortunately, that’s the world we live in. Self – defense is a good idea.

          • NRPax

            Check on the other thread where the Social Media Editor for Cosmo refers to self defense as “icky.” Heck, read the tweets above. Why is it that in their eyes being able to defend yourself means that the “rape culture” wins?

        • Di

          Amen! My rape whistle goes BOOM, concealed is 9mm BOOM, open is 45 BOOM.

      • Michael Anderson (WB)

        This is the root of the problem. These people believe humanity is fundamentally good and evil is taught. Those of us who believe the Bible know the heart is wicked from birth, but goodness can be taught.

        • Emily B

          Well said! The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked.

      • flomox

        “ballistic correction” my new favorite phrase!!!! brilliant! 😀

    • Kenneth James Abbott

      I think I’ll use that for burglary.

      I shouldn’t have to lock my door at night! We should just teach people not to burglarize homes!

      What, you think that’s dumb? Stop promoting burglary-culture!

      • Jay Stevens

        Remember the campaign a few years ago, “Lock your car. Don’t let a good boy go bad.”? Well, a good boy won’t steal your car.

        We already teach men not to rape in this culture, but some do it anyway.

  • JeffWRidge

    Holy crap, those people are stupid. Suggesting that women should learn self-defense is not blaming the victim. Telling people that they should learn how to fight back effectively is empowering them to take control of their lives and to be ready for anything.

    Furthermore, you can’t train rapists not to rape. Rapists are a-holes who enjoy forcing themselves on other people. Some of them may be sick, but they are all vile creeps.

    Not only should women know some form of hand to hand combat, they should also be armed to the teeth. That is what stops rapists.

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      I’ll bet that if we passed a law making rape illegal it would stop them!

      • ForTheRepublicOfDave

        I’m working hard to get the upcoming Hashtag Campaign going.

      • carmenta

        after all, its been SO successful already, right? Look at all the other things that passing laws have stopped! Our jails are full of people who just were born too soon to be taught that murder, rape, child abuse, fraud, theft, drink-driving, drug abuse and the rest are bad!

  • nc ✓s & balances

    “Rape culture wins again.” Wha?????

  • Emily B

    Once again, I am speechless. These people canNOT be this stupid. They just CAN’T be! Right? It’s impossible to be this stupid. My brain cannot comprehend it.

    • JeffWRidge

      It does bring on a headache, doesn’t it?

      • Emily B

        I’m in a constant state of headache lately :/

    • Mead

      Also, they vote.

      • carmenta

        well, there’s a cheerful thought for Monday morning/

    • JD Son

      They have to be this stupid. Look who got voted in for president the last two terms.

    • james anderson

      oh yes they can be and they are

  • jaded

    so just sit back and accept the rape is what the progs suggest? Junk like this happens, not everyone gets that it isn’t ok, but to suggest self defense is a bad thing is just idiotic!

  • Juanita Garnto

    How, pray tell, do you teach a psychopath not to rape?

    The only teachable moment in my opinion is shoot him the first time. Then he no longer needs to be taught.

    Problem is the lefty loonies definition of rape is not our definition of rape. Making a pass is not rape!

    • JeffWRidge

      Excellent point. I had not thought of that, but lefties do consider normal human interaction to be sexual assault. I even met one woman who thought that all sex, consensual or not, was rape. You can’t reason with that mentality.

      • james anderson

        there is no reason to try and reason with the unreasonable

  • sambar2

    I’ve probably quoted this verse a number of times on this very site but it applies yet again:

    “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…” -Proverbs 9:10

    The idiocy coming from the left has its roots in the fact they simply do not know God and absolutely refuse to acknowledge sin and evil. These are the same people who believe if we just open a dialogue with terrorists we can avoid all war. When I ask how they think that would have worked on Hitler, they always mumble something about him being different. No, he wasn’t different. The evil that he accepted into his life and acted on is the same evil that terrorists, rapists, pedophiles, and all other doers of horrors thrive on.

    The nonsensical “solutions” coming from the left always end up hurting people rather than helping them. This stems from their complete lack of wisdom. And they lack wisdom because they don’t know God.

    • Becky G

      Some of the smartest people in the planet are atheists, and some of the most religious people are fools.
      Osama bin Laden was extremely religious too, remember?

      Face it, some people are just stupid.

      • sambar2

        You’re confusing wisdom with intelligence. They are not the same thing at all. People devoid of wisdom can have common sense, street smarts, talent, and be successful in their endeavors.

        The Muslim god is quite literally the devil so the practice of that religion could never lead to wisdom. Quite the opposite, actually.

  • Sandor at the Zoo

    “MEN COULD JUST NOT RAPE.” Oh, it’s just that easy, isn’t it?

    • carmenta

      well, it is, BUT until that time, I think I’ll just keep on believing that women should carry some form of protection and learn how to use it.

      Hey, we could solve the abortion question with the same line of reasoning – ‘women should just not have unprotected sex’ – see, its easy, but they’ll never adopt that line of reasoning!

  • SameJerkDifferentName

    Because defending one’s self from rape (or any other crime) is wrong? If someone doesn’t already know rape is wrong, they never will. Just exactly what are these people smoking?!

  • Republicanvet

    Congrats to Miss North Dakota, Audra Mari, from my home town of Bottineau, ND.

  • Republicanvet

    Let’s hope Nevada uses her media tour to reiterate that teaching girls self defense is NOT the best way to protect against assault #MissUSA

    So…WTF is up with these nitwits thinking women should not defend themselves?

    Puking on their aggressors, telling them they are on their period…seriously, what the hell is wrong with women learning how to protect themselves with something other than some lame-azz leftist nitwittery?

  • Melody Warbington

    Beats a whistle.

  • http://www.GONINERS.com/ Kristine ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I will never, ever, ever be a feminist. And all of that massive idiocy up there perfectly illustrates why. They are freakin’ insane.

    • mrspinky85

      Me either. If being a feminist means bitching about strength but doing everything to the contrary I’m out. I won’t be a victim to support your dumb cause.

  • sarainitaly

    So, abstinence only education doesn’t work, but teaching men not to rape will totally work?

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHY_xOj2M_g PistolsForPandas

      Dammit, Sara! Consistency and teaching Womyn to protect themselves are tools of the Patriarchy!

    • mrspinky85


  • JPeden

    “Progressivism”, where screeching in blame,”You’re blaming the victim” is more useful self-gratifying than advising people on how to avoid being [repeat] victims in the real world; where no one should ever do anything in any emergency except call 911 because “The State has it..er..covered“, you might get hurt, etc., so just sit or lay back and enjoy it; and where even a National Defense is unnecessary anyway, because you [Obama] can just declare,”The war is over.” While also claiming you “believe in Evolution”!

  • JPeden

    “Progressivism”, where there’s no need to worry your little head about self-contradiction, Voila! because you’ve got a little head.

  • amyshulk

    TRUE rapists will NOT obey “men can just not rape” You control your *own* reality. Act like a helpless fem, be a helpless fem. Besides, sexual permissiveness has created this reality where a regular joe becomes a rapist for misreading signals.

    At the very least, learn situational awareness and avoid bad environments – you know, common sense!

    • DD

      It’s need for control. Most of these radical feminists are narcissistic high powered individuals who are used to getting their way, The worst thing that can happen is for their choices in life to be restricted in any way. I caused a firestorm in a leftist forum one time just for agreeing with police officers who were suggesting women dress down when walking through a particularly bad neighborhood overseas. It so enraged these entitled individuals that their choices could be restricted in any way, even to save their lives, that they just couldn’t take it.

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHY_xOj2M_g PistolsForPandas

        I caused a firestorm in a leftist forum one time just for agreeing with police officers who were suggesting women dress down when walking through a particularly bad neighborhood overseas.

        I don’t even want to think what they’d say about Lara Logan…

      • amyshulk

        Recently, my sis, after hearing all the “miltary rapist” propaganda, said, matter of fact, like she just *knew* it was true, that how awful for me that I had to deal with that environment while I was in the USN. I was floored. I told her 11 years in, I only had 1 guy who would act inappropriately – he just got too close and mumbled what sounded perverse, no way I’d be able to prove a thing – BUT – I had enough sense to never be alone with him!

        • DD

          Yes, that makes sense. Guys as teachers know the same thing. 99.999% of the time it is no problem, but I’ve heard from them that they develop a sixth sense of that rare student to keep a distance from during office hours or not to be alone with.

  • LinTaylor ✓vitrified

    “victim-blaming rape culture”…Someone help me, this crap is so stupid I can’t even see straight anymore.

    Yeah, it would be nice if nobody ever attempted to rape anybody ever again, but until that day comes, what’s wrong with a woman being able to actually DO SOMETHING when some creep comes after her?

    • carmenta

      but then they might lose their ‘victim status’. And without victim status, they might have to don the big girl panties and actually work, think and achieve for themselves; they may have to take responsibility for their own failures as just not very nice/good/smart people….too threatening, waaaay too threatening for them – they’d rather take the victimhood!

  • Mike Rogers

    I have thought I have seen it all but this uproar takes the cake! Being mad at a woman who is prepared in case bad things happen as opposed to those that put her down because she doesn’t magically wish it away or think it can be taught away. Unbelievable stupidity and totally illogical.

  • Kadja2

    How did these feminists today become so stupid?! It was not that long ago that these groups were encouraging self defense! I hate to burst their bubble but men who are predators cannot be taught to “not rape”. Rape is about power and a woman that can fight back and prevent it takes away that power. There are cultures that allow rape as subjugation of women. In the US women will die before giving up their rights to their own autonomy. If these dumb assed so-called feminists–which they aren’t true feminists–want to live like that, they should relocate to the Middle East.

    • Linda

      You make a good point: “so-called feminists–which they aren’t true feminists–” In fact, I don’t see how their stupid tweets even indicate that they’re claiming to be feminists.

  • Aitch748

    The sense of entitlement is off the charts. “It is incredibly offensive for her to suggest that women should ever have to take the initiative and *gasp* DO anything about something that SOMEBODY ELSE is doing to them!” Welcome to reality, ladies. Men have been put in the position of having to do something about other men since men first came into being.

    And the whole “just teach men not to rape” thing clearly won’t work when feminists can redefine “rape” to mean things like “consensual sex the woman enjoyed at the time but regrets later” or even “unwanted attention.”

  • Carrie1912

    Oh yeah, in today’s society where there is no right or wrong, everything goes, drugs are legal in some states, sodomy, no matter how many diseases it spreads, is encouraged, you can’t turn on something family friendly like a football game without being treated to two fags kissing with white stuff all over their faces, that you can tell men to “just stop raping.” Ladies, if you don’t know Taekwondo, get a concealed carry license and PROTECT YOURSELVES. Society has turned animalistic, you have to protect yourselves and your kids from the predators.

  • JustChuck57

    Wow, effective self defense to prevent rape is sort of like abstinence to prevent unwanted births. It’s 100% effective every time it’s tried. Just ask some low life who just had his family jewels ruptured by a swift kick from a women who refuses to be a victim.

    And do feminists actually believe that rape is a problem due to men not having sufficient instruction about its immorality? This is the mentality that excuses rapists as fellow victims with the women they attack. “Oh, if he had just been taught better morals, he would have known this was wrong!” Puuleeeeese.

    Let every member of society be equipped to deal with those who would seek to do them violence. Those who cling to morality don’t need the instruction and those who don’t, won’t respond to it.

  • Maxx

    All I know is I recorded the pageant and later, when I watched Miss
    Nevada introduce herself, I immediately favored her to win the gig.

    She will be very competitive in the Miss Universe pageant with a face as striking as hers (German/Mexican descent). Congrats!


  • kerrari1898

    “educate and respect yourself as a woman”
    By ‘educate’, you mean not educate yourself in self defence. And by ‘respect’ you mean purposefully leave yourself unable to defend yourself against physical assault just to make an asinine political statement.
    So sort of the opposite of how a normal person would use those terms.

  • stuckinIL4now

    How would every one of these ignorant short-sighted men and women (twidiots) feel if THEY were defended and saved by this woman, or any other, from being the victim of some invasive crime because of her self-defense skills?

  • Becky G

    Argh. Being a feminist used to be something to be proud of. Those people are just stupid. They are NOT feminists.

  • Paul Alvarez

    Everyone knows rape is illegal, just like crack addicts know crack is illegal. Self defense is a means of not becoming a victim when the criminal chooses to commit the crime. It’s just common sense.

  • DD

    Wow, you’d have thought by now after Prejean that Miss America candidates would learn to say “no comment” to political questions like those regarding rape hysteria on campuses. The only answer that would have satisfied would be parroting the leftist party line.

  • Ironside

    Of course the Femifascists are opposed to strong women defending themselves. That will mean fewer “victims” for them to defend in their self declared war.

  • stdog

    Unfortunately we don’t live in the world we wish we did.

  • rssllue

    I have seen this sentiment many times before, but I have never truly felt the occasion warranted me using it; however, in this case I feel it must be said: The stupid, it burns!!!!

    • Gallatin

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much stupid in one post.

      • rssllue

        I would have to agree.

        • Min Max

          Me too.

  • Perso Nasplit

    holy jesus! these people are insane. NOT to teach self defense? Teach men not to rape? How can anyone think this way?

    Should we simply teach people not to commit crime and disband the police? Or teach other nations not to invade us and disband the military? How about teaching people that a woman who is trained in self defense has a much higher chance of NOT being raped by someone who is ALREADY BREAKING A LAW if she can render him unconscious or seriously injured.

    • MNWoman

      I had to shake my head at some of these Tweets.

      We don’t live in a world with unicorns and fairies and the reality is there will always be bad people exist and they will do bad things. Maybe some people can be reformed through education, but some will still do bad things no matter what.

    • Min Max

      Just goes to prove libs are naive fools.

  • MNWoman

    Anna Beth West @annabethwest
    Women shouldn’t need to learn to protect themselves against rape #missnevada educate and respect yourself as a woman #rapeculture

    Yes, because educating and respecting yourself as a woman is a much more effective solution. (Sarc)

    • mdtljt

      Ummm…how is learning self-defense, by definition educating oneself, disrespecting anyone when the end result is protecting oneself and those around them?? Especially when these tools are going to be the ones blowing their whistles and braying for help from those of us who are properly prepared for just such an event…good Lord…at least their #rapeculture hashtag is accurate…that’s EXACTLY what they’re promoting and no amount of sparkly unicorn farts can change that….

  • Concerned

    Holy Cow!! What in the heck did I just read?? First of all…what if the rapist didn’t get the memo it’s not nice to rape!? And second of all….what are all these feminists doing watching a beauty contest? Isn’t that degrading to a women?

    • MNWoman

      Excellent comment!

  • MNWoman

    So many “men should just not rape” comments…

    While this is certainly true, they are delusional. Bad people exist in this world. We can’t control what everyone does so it makes sense to do what we can to defend ourselves against those who commit violence. It is just the reality of the situation.

    • journogal

      People shouldn’t steal, murder, etc., either but we are not living in a utopia. Evil exist, unfortunately. I don’t know why they won’t accept that. It’s better to be prepare…

  • MNWoman

    Do these idiots think peeing on yourself is a good solution to preventing rape?

  • Donna

    Do they not lock their houses, their cars, their bicycles? Stupid, stupid statements from the “I am woman, hear me whine” crowd. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  • MNWoman

    Note to all these morons:

    As the saying goes, “in a perfect world…”:
    but we do not live in a perfect world.

    • Min Max

      Yes, their solution appears to be “educate the brutes”. Yea. Good luck with that. If I were a girl, I’d pack a gun. That’s a surer way imo.

  • MNWoman

    As a woman, I was not at all offended by her response.

    • SlimWich

      Well, you obviously have a working brain. Not so much the tweeters above.

  • Rightside

    Un-frickin-believable! Those women have lost touch with reality, or maybe never had a grasp of it to begin with.
    Hey! let’s pass a law making rape a crime! That way, no man would ever rape a woman! Problem solved! Then women shouldn’t need self-defense.

  • Ruth

    I’m convinced there is a subversive group who call themselves ‘feminists’ whose sole purpose is to make women look like whining imbeciles.

    • model1911

      The plan is working.

  • gold7406

    this woman has the right idea. do not let yourself be a victim.

  • ee1774

    Years ago, every darn afternoon talk show would would always have that episode (every few months) demonstrating how women can defend themselves.
    A knee to the groin….car keys across the face and in the eyes…..

    ……waiting for comments from Phil Donahue…..Jenny Jones…..Sally Jesse…..Oprah…..

    Yep……………..waiting for comments……

  • Ruth

    And what do they think women should do until that glorious day when there is no more crime and wolves and sheep lay down together?

    • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      “Put some ice on it”

      • Ruth

        Well, as long as it’s you, Billy. Tee hee.

  • kateorjane

    Some of my faith in the young people is restored – some of these lovely women appear to not be in lockstep with the feminist victim clique.

  • journogal

    What is wrong with people? What is wrong with defending yourself? As if peeing on the perp is going to do anything, except make them madder. Being about to defend yourself is empowerment.
    It isn’t always about “rape culture.” What about “mugging culture?” Perhaps they also need to realize that martial arts is a great way to not only stay fit, but helps in other aspects of your life as well.

  • mrspinky85

    These females are so dumb. Learning to defend yourself is something everyone should do. Criminals don’t obey laws just because we create them.

  • beachmom2

    So; these people are of the same mind set the anti-gun people are.
    If we take guns away from law abiding citizens there will be no crime regardless of the fact that criminals will still break the law and find guns to continue committing crime.
    If we just teach men to not rape, no man will ever rape again and women will never have to learn to defend themselves.

    This also begs the question of if these women are really for female empowerment, why would they want women to be dependent on men for their own safety?

    • mrspinky85

      We teach men not to rape like women can’t do it. Europe is dealing with women who rape slipping Date rape drugs laced with Viagra in it. You think women don’t rape other women in prison. This notion that only men rape or only women can be victims of rape is why many problems exists. I thought rape was illegal already.

      • beachmom2

        You make a good point. Although prison is a far different situation than the vast majority of people live in.
        I was talking about the left’s stupid reaction to this woman’s suggestion that self defense be learned by women.

        • mrspinky85

          Ok. I just go off mainly because their idiocy is so vast.

          • beachmom2

            It’s so hard to not go off when they open their mouths. Sometimes I wonder how they’ve made it in life so far.

  • mrspinky85

    Same people that think we should just tell the Taliban to stop terrorism because our new President is nicey nice.

  • Perso Nasplit

    Option 1:
    Rapist: “get over here!”
    Woman: “No, Ive educated myself on what it means to be a woman, and I respect myself”
    Rapist: “Crap. well, I guess I’ll just go home then”

    Option 2:
    Rapist: “get over here”
    Woman: BANG (or kick, punch, sweep, etc)
    Family of woman: “we are glad you’re safe”

    Which would work?

    • ckk

      Option 1 obviously since we all live in a left wing fantasy land where everything is rainbows and unicorns prancing in meadows.

  • greatunconformity

    “Children should not have to be taught to stay away from strangers or scream and run when grabbed. Pedophiles should just be taught not to assault and kill them.”–Progressive Logic

  • robert anthony

    ‘Find the reason behind rape’…???…..uh, violence…inflicted on the easiest of prey. Hey, ladies, the best defense against shark attack is finding out the ‘reason’ behind the shark attack…what was that fish thinking? Leftists!…just when you think they couldn’t be stupider….

  • ee1774

    …Soooo…..the fems will go on and on about ’empowerment’……..but they really don’t know what it means?????

  • mrspinky85

    These women still have not answered what a potential rape victim is suppose to do.

    • bvicente

      If a woman sees that she is about to be raped, she should IMMEDIATELY begin campaigning to train men … apparently ALL men … to just not rape. Duh!

  • mrspinky85

    These women are promoting women being helpless. How is this strong?

  • Guy_Montag_OG

    I want all women on Planet Earth to become experts in Kung Fu…so when a Street Rumble presents itself…they can protect me!


    • mrspinky85

      How about you learn and we work together?

      • Guy_Montag_OG

        That would defeat the entire purpose. I’ll carry the diaper bag, while you carry the nunchucks. :)

  • bvicente

    And we should never be teaching kids to defend against pregnancy by using condoms. Just don’t “do it.”

    I’m not sure they see the hypocrisy in their statements.

    • ckk

      Of course not, they’re PC so they’re always right. Right? O.o

  • SlimWich

    Women have the power (or can attain it) to change the situation but want to take the easy way out as usual. Any moron should be able to ascertain that the more women are able and willing to defend themselves, the fewer men will decide to take the risk to assault women. Unfortunately, we’re not dealing with just any morons, these are liberals and they are a hopeless cause.

  • mrspinky85

    I mean why did I serve in the military. Why don’t we just tell the rest of the world not to be meanies?

    • ToyZebra

      That’s been U.S. policy for six years.

    • journogal

      Think you might have just defined the “Obama Doctrine.”

      • mrspinky85

        Well somebody had to define it. It was so horrible when Palin didn’t know Bush’s yet Obama doesn’t even have one. And the one that says, Don’t do dumb S*&^% obviously means nothing.

  • GrimmCreeper

    Why put locks on your doors? We simply need to teach criminals not to break in.

  • mrspinky85

    Same crazies say women should be allowed to serve in infantry, security and law enforcement. Why? We could just tell people to obey laws right.

  • dacamafamily

    These idiots think men will stop 10,000 years of behavior because they say men should.

  • thinkingabovemypaygrade

    When did a woman becoming stronger become something some feminists hate???We can fight many ways against rape. One way is education. Another way is to learn how to physically DEFEND oneself.

    Wondering…what the extremist super left “don’t learn to fight” gain…by WEAKENING women???

  • Kenneth James Abbott

    If more women defend themselves, there’ll be fewer rapes. And if there are fewer rapes, how will feminists promote liberalism?

    It’s like the old Booker T. Washington quote.

  • rainman

    Are the feminists also irritated by the instructions given on planes? Don’t tell us what to do in an emergency, just stop crashing planes.
    Don’t wear seat belts in cars, just stop driving carelessly.
    Don’t protect your personal identification, just teach criminals to stop stealing identities.
    Wow, they can solve all the world’s problems with education and respect. Go figure.

  • bvicente

    If a woman sees that she is about to be raped, she should IMMEDIATELY begin campaigning to train men … apparently ALL men … to just not rape.

    Then I’m sure the would-be rapist will immediately stop. Wow!

  • Iceman00767

    Hey, I’ve got an idea, while we’re teaching men not to rape how about we teach pedophile not to molest children? How about we teach drug addicts not to do drugs? How about we teach terrorists not to set off bombs and fly planes into buildings? How about we teach racists to not hate other races? How about we teach murderers not to murder? I’d really love to live in the Utopian world of unicorns and candy cane trees that these dopey liberals live in!! Must be nice, no rape, no murder, no crime…..just sitting around eating tofu burgers and singing cumbia!

    • mzk1_1

      How about we teach feminists to think rationally?

      • ldenton

        Good luck with that.

      • PeterP

        Yeah, and while we’re at it we can teach Adam Sandler to make funny movies.

        • Nahalban

          you know you can poo in one hand and wish in the other and see which one fills up first.

      • pjcostello

        OK, now you’re just talking crazy.

      • http://lordfoggybottom.com/ BlahBlah

        I’m having exceptional success teaching my ficus to sing.

  • Guest

    The Feminazis have come full circle on the crazy train. They forgot their own talking points.

  • http://atlantarofters.blogspot.com/ (((The Sanity Inspector)))ن​

    I have long wondered how feminists teach their daughters to avoid rape. I never got an answer other than “Sexist!” Now I guess I know the answer: They don’t teach them at all, instead relying on magical thinking to drive rape thoughts out of the minds of potential rapists.

    All the more reason for me to keep feminists and like-minded proggs far, far away from my impressionable children.

  • MaryUKtheScot

    It would have been interesting to hear their views if she had attacked the way women are treated by pop culture, you only have to tune into MTV for half an hour and see the way women are exploited AND how they ALLOW themselves to be exploited, males are NOT shown in any way that females should be valued and respected!!! For the time being I will go along with Miss Nevada and encourage my daughter to protect herself and take her safety in her OWN hands!!

  • http://lordfoggybottom.com/ BlahBlah

    Locking your car isn’t the solution for grand theft auto.

    • PeterP

      LOL. We live in a theft culture.

  • Eric Whitten

    Well, I’m glad to see that I’ve been schooled here! The answer is SO simple that I’ve overlooked it my entire life. Women don’t need to learn self defense, Criminals simply need to just stop committing crime.

  • FaithColeridge33

    They’ve become a parody of themselves and they don’t even know it. Yet.

  • JD Son

    Alright, this thread above sucks to high heavens. If anything, men as a whole are not “misogynistic”, but we as a whole have been pussified by the culture. Also, since when is self defense bad? We live in a dangerous world here, especially with Obama at the helm. You wouldn’t just sit there and take getting r*ped. You defend yourself so you don’t suffer. I bet a good chunk of these female twitter users are brain dead Obama voters as well. The stupidity burns deep.

  • LibertyLane

    In a perfect world, everyone is beautiful and no one needs to defend themselves from anything…but guess what? This is the REAL world, and women should and can be in control of their own lives and safety. “My rape whistle goes “boom”!

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHY_xOj2M_g PistolsForPandas

      “My rape whistle goes “boom”!

      That NEEDS to be a bumper sticker.

  • H2S

    “If somebody with the intent of robbing you or harming your or your family breaks into your house (even if they are high), you should be able to talk with them & convince them to leave your home.” (Yes, this was an actual conversation) I’ll be sure to keep the kettle on for tea. Just in case.

    • Douglas White

      Make them a cup of tea and have a chat about their bad behavior 😀

    • Jake Bradford

      But we should TEACH people not to STEAL!

  • Dave

    So there is a rapeculture now? Does libtards make this crap up or what. How about it is bad people doing BAD THINGS. Libtards will never learn. Your answer is to pee yourself while more sense-able people is self defense. Karate, mace, pepper spray, or gun.

  • George Murrey

    I’m assuming all those hateful tweeters live in their parent’s basement and has never seen the light of day. I know a few cities they could try walking down the streets in daylight that would give most people the chills. Now those are the kind of places those tweeters ought to go. Leave all defense weapons at home and see what happens.

  • $29520529

    How about we teach girls not to drink and do drugs at parties where they end up in situations with men that want one thing?

    • rambler

      A well placed knee helps too.

  • rambler

    Better to be a practical princes than a damsel in distress!

  • Marvin Nelson

    “Let’s teach men not to rape.” That is the stupidest statement that I have ever heard. Sure, it’s a nice thought, but just how does society do that? These people are beyond crazy; they are living in an alternate dimension where women pee on or throw up on the rapist. Ladies, learn to defend yourselves and don’t listen to these moonbats. And what the hell is “rape culture??”

    • pjcostello

      I think it’s something to do with the ‘War on Women’, but who knows?? The left makes up catch-phrases every twenty-one seconds!!!

    • alanstorm

      “That is the stupidest statement that I have ever heard.”

      Just wait. Some liberal “genius” will top it before the day is out.

      I HAVE to find out what kind of shovels they use – digging through bedrock has GOT to be tough.

  • Mary Hall-Rayford

    I’m glad I support the idea of self-defense since those who rape have never learned self-control or how to respect others. Too bad they think their power resides in their pe*** and their need to control others with it is warped and sick. Bravo Miss USA! Encourage those who can to fight back and take control of their lives; not becoming victims at the hands of those who are sub-human!

  • PeterP

    “Women are so endangered by a rape culture that results in 1 of 4 of us getting violently raped that us feminists are compelled to come out against self-defense.” <—— Samuel Becket never conjured anything a tenth as absurd as this.

  • alanstorm

    “Miss Nevada: How is it a woman’s responsibility to learn to protect herself from rape?”

    And once more we hear from the “Alternate-reality-based” community.

  • Jake Bradford

    Ugh. What a bunch of imbeciles. They cannot even conceive of something outside their little box of “rape culture” and how bad bad males must be reprogrammed. The idea of a woman protecting herself (and NOT relying on the govt. to save her) triggers their shock collars.
    We already teach men not to rape. We already have laws against rape.
    But some men (and women) are evil scumbags. 1000 years of middle class feminist handwringers harping abut rape culture won’t change that fact

  • David Frizzell

    Teaching men not to rape? While your at it, teach them not murder, rob, car jack, assault, steal, etc. Wish someone would have thought of this sooner…

  • rainman

    Quick! We need another slut walk to prove how much we respect ourselves.

  • Roadster73

    And maybe the U.S. shouldn’t have to spend billions on self defense, we should have a culture where terrorists don’t terrorize /sarc

  • Douglas White

    What a bunch of toolbags. God forbid that you should learn how to defend yourselves. These libtard idiots think that they will stop rape by teaching men not to rape? Yes, you can certainly have classes and a forum to try and convince all the psycho rapists not to do it, but I don’t think that will be the end all, be all to the story.

    I am so sick of these idiots being in charge and having such a loud voice.

  • Charles Kehler

    The more that progressives push sexual self-gratification in schools where the only basis of morality is consent or lack there of, the worse rape will get. The whole idea that women shouldn’t learn to defend themselves is absurd. After a night of heavy teasing and flirting, a guy who puts his own gratification over treating others with dignity and respect will not listen to a girl who suddenly has a change of heart or desire.

    • Jake Bradford

      These same ppl will tell you Rihanna is “empowering” for girls.

  • PeterP

    Uh, how about this: “Until we intimidate all men through the deprivation of their civil rights and wholesale expulsion/incarceration of innocent college boys into not committing rape, let’s defend ourselves.”

    Feminists rejection of this commonsense idea is proof positive that they do not really believe their 1 in 4 women-are-raped nonsense.

  • MrApple

    Strange, it seems that the real war on women is coming from WOMEN THEMSELVES.

  • Brian Smith

    So, using this mindset, I shouldn’t have to learn to defend myself against being mugged or assaulted. Just teach the muggers to not mug people and assaultive types to not assault people. According to these loonies’ logic, my actually attempting to defend myself shouldn’t even be in the equation. Jeez, why didn’t we think of that before? *smh*

  • realsmartmom

    The Borg have finished their assimilation of these young women. There is nothing we can do for any of them. They are part of the liberal collective now; they are no longer capable of independent thought. Mourn them.

    • Jake Bradford

      Excellent comment!

  • copperpeony

    I was waiting for them to say, use a rape whistle and pee yourself. Cretins abound in the feminist liberal world.

  • pjcostello

    It’s the leftist that says, “The problem is that the bad guy is being bad!! If only he would stop being bad…”
    It’s the rightwinger that says, “There will always be bad guys. Learn what to do in order to take them down when their behavior warrants, and maybe we’ll discourage future bad guys from doing bad things.”

    In the leftist’s world, all you’re allowed to do is sit back and HOPE nothing bad happens.
    In the righties’ world, you prepare to act WHEN something bad happens.

  • PeterP

    Feminist message to rape victims: “When confronted with a rapist do not try to fend him of. Instead, show him the latest NOW power-point indicating that we live in a rape culture.”

  • Suzyqpie

    Winning tweet, “So wait — now it’s “unfeminist” to defend yourself if attacked? Jesus take the wheel,” Dana Loesch

  • jyearsley

    well duh, of course they’re outrage. a self-confident self reliant woman is much more difficult to manipulate and control a la progressive feminism…

  • Memphis Viking

    “Rape culture” is the feminism version of “white privilege”. It’s their buzzword to claim that all men are oppressors. Like any other leftists, they’re not interested in taking care of themselves, they just want to rationalize all-powerful government.

    • Jake Bradford

      This is the core of it. All of it.

  • Shannon Piper

    Okay to me this is the equivalent of saying that home defense systems promote a burglary culture. “Don’t manufacture home defense systems. Teach people not to break into others’ homes!” For one thing, figuring out who those “people” are before they’ve actually committed a crime is probably not possible. But more importantly, homeowners cannot control what criminals do, they cannot ensure that every potential burglar “learns” not to burglarize, but they can control how they defend their own property. I think that’s the point here. Women can’t control what rapists will do, and they can’t personally guarantee that potential rapists have “learned” not to rape, but they CAN control how they defend their own bodies. Taking control of the thing that is actually within your control is wise, and empowering.

  • Di

    These people REALLY think you can teach a rapist not to rape? NEWS FLASH: rape is illegal, men know this but some men STILL rape.

    There’s nothing wrong with realizing this and leaning self defense. These people who say that’s not the answer: have they ever been attacked? SMDH!

  • JohnWIS

    Don’t even know here to begin with this.
    Yes…it would be nice if we lived in a world where people didn’t choose to do wrong to others……but history and reality says otherwise.

  • Dan

    You don’t want women to be able to protect themselves …you don’t want women to have handguns…what you DO want is to maintain the victim mentality to make women think government is their savior/protector.

  • mommyoffive

    The stupid really burns with these people. Self-defense is not an option? Instead, the man should just not rape? How’s that working out?

    • LimpingHenry

      Yes, indeed, some people really are that stupid.

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    These are the same dingleberries who think that more gun laws will stop all the killing.

  • bullet2354

    ‘Protect yourself’ – how dare you!!!! 😉

    (This position of ‘non-personal defense’ actually invites more rape, does it not?)

  • Kickass Conservative

    Sounds like the boys running the show on the left want to extend the rape culture. After all, they just want girls to dream of a no-rape utopia without actually doing something about it.

    What keeps the bad guys at bay? A culture where we just don’t do bad stuff, or a group of people who are willing to defend themselves? It wasn’t the overall good nature of the Japanese empire that kept them from starting a land invasion of the US in the 1940s…

    Once again, an obvious liberal #WarOnWomen.

  • Douglas Morris

    the answers are INSANE,,of course we should teach men not to rape, how freakin stuipid..but women should know how to defend themselves, EVIL DIDNT DIE because OBAMA IS POTUS..

  • sadlyso

    For all these so call “feminist” with no common senses, while you’re teaching men (criminals) not to rape, we, women with common senses will keep on teaching and encouraging our daughters to learn to protect themselves. Until than, you got a lot to accomplish. Good luck!!!

  • Kristopher W. Adams

    why would feminists be watching The Miss America Pagent anyway?

  • Jake Bradford

    I’m happy that the girl I love chooses not to be a victim. She took a self-defense class. But on top of that, she’s gone from hating guns, to understanding the need for them, to learning how to use one. I’m sure soon she will consider getting 1 of her own. I guess some good can come from prolonged exposure to me. I intend to show her these dumb tweets…though I’m sad to say the opinions expressed in them are fairly typical.

  • Steve__Jacobson

    So all the people horrified by her answer believe a woman should just relax and enjoy the experience?

    • Jack Deth

      During the 1960s and 70s, that was the liberal Democrat line.

      “When rape is inevitable. Lie back and enjoy it.”

      • ButteryWench

        Oh god, I remember that. My gym teacher told us it was better to be raped then killed. Yeah right .

      • Nahalban

        now they expect you to pee or poo on yourself.

    • Guest

      Ummmm….. maybe you should actually read what she said before you spout off. She said women should learn to defend themselves. That’s hardly relaxing and enjoying the experience.

      You can live in the unicorn and glitter world of “we should just teach bad people not to be bad”, or, learn to take care of yourself in dangerous situations be you male or female. Preferably, we should do both. But to just wish away criminal behavior is the stuff euphorians are made of.

      • Nahalban

        I think steve was talking about the progtards not Miss Nevada.

        • http://www.youtube.com/cruciblearms Crucible Arms

          I really hate it when I miss sarcasm.

          • Nahalban

            don’t feel bad sometimes it is hard to convey over the interwebz lol

  • Guest

    You have to be a bonafide nitwit to think this young lady was victim-blaming. Jeezil these people are stupid…

  • http://www.freedomreconnection.com/ FreedomRecon

    While they whine about the bad man (who will always exist) and whining that women shouldn’t have to protect themselves, I’ll be at the gun range.

  • ISurvivedaBlueState

    Gee, what value system holds men to a high standard of manhood and teaches that impulse can always be submissive to self-control? Ahh yes, conservatism…

  • LimpingHenry

    People who think rapists can be taught not to rape are not just stupid, they are totally nuts.

    • Jake Bradford

      Most libs think that terrorists just need their grievances addressed and all will be rainbows and unicorns shortly after.
      Bill Maher just said the 5 released Taliban are “basically” harmless old men

  • Jonathan Biviano

    Since when do we NOT teach men not to rape? Am I missing something here? I’ve never seen a sitcom laugh at rape. I’ve never seen a drama that glorified rape. Even the hackiest B movies don’t promote a “rape culture”. And I’m sure the colleges spend the vast majority of their time decrying rape.
    So even with all of that. Even with it being a crime, not encouraged by any part of our culture, we will NEVER get men 100% compliant. Period. So women should be able to defend themselves from those who don’t control themselves.
    What pisses me off are the tweets saying “don’t learn self defense, teach men not to rape . . .” Really? Like we don’t already do that?

    • Jake Bradford

      Boys with strong and moral fathers, who teach them right from wrong and the consequences of both…tend not to become rapists
      Oh but wait. Fathers are an outdated facet of the cisgender patriarchy

  • Ghee!

    My minor in college was, not raping. I got a B.

  • LimpingHenry

    Women shouldn’t have to defend themselves from rape. And the world should be a paradise.

    • Diane Stephan

      With cotton candy clouds, rainbow slides and unicorns. lol

  • Bobthebuilder

    I shouldn’t have to take vitamin “C” to guard against a cold. Why don’t people just stop getting colds!!! That’s the ignorance we are dealing with here people. And most are probably college graduates!!! Our future left-wing liberals. Oh how grand. It just goes to show you “You can’t fix stupid!!”

  • Tyler Goulet

    Just sayin if a guy tries to rape miss USA she’s gonna give him one hell of an ass kicking with her 4 degree black belt. BTW men are raped too so you’re saying people shouldn’t know how to defend themselves?? Should everyone be defenseless?

  • C_W_W

    Have any of these femi-Nazis come up with the “correct” answer?

  • Bill Fairweather

    If those girls think that their solution to stop rape is the best, great. Best of luck. Hope they never have to employ their tactics. My daughter is not one of these people. She won’t hit or kick a rapist, she’ll put a hole in the 10 ring. And if the perp gets away, her dad and older brother will hunt them down. As to the women that delude themselves into thinking that teaching men to stop raping is a viable option, there are two words to describe them…fools and victims.

  • Ghee!

    Reading these femidouches tweets is so revealing to their overall mindset. They take no responsibility for ANYTHING. It is always someone else’s fault and therefore, their responsibility. Man, being a liberal must be so easy.

    • http://www.freedomreconnection.com/ FreedomRecon

      “No responsibility” – Exactly what they were saying.

  • ljam

    This is the problem with all “Progressive” thought, their desire is to control the actions of OTHERS to promote their desired outcome vs. controlling themselves. I can’t keep a man from trying something he’s decided to do, but I sure can make him think twice about the idea! By taking control of what I can do…which is deter him greatly from touching me!!

  • sludog

    The sheer amount of stupidity and lack of responsibility drawn together in one thread is mind-numbing.

  • srpatterso

    Once again irrefutably proving that the “progressive” religion which has infected the Democrat Party and worked it’s cancerous tentacles into all levels of our government is indeed a mental illness.

    • Nahalban

      forced exile for all progstopo it is the good choice for America

  • notenoughtime

    Feminists would prefer that women not exercise their ability to fight back. They have now rendered themselves utterly useless and irrelevant. Why on earth the feminist mindset tuned in since Miss USA celebrates everything they despise sends a mixed message. Certainly there must have been a male hating program available somewhere.

  • Diane Stephan

    These women are living in a fantasy world.

  • http://www.grouchyconservativepundits.org/ Rusty Bill

    *sigh* Liberals.

  • Carolyn Chehardy

    There will ALWAYS be “some” very sick men who will do this to a woman. And these men are in the vast minority. Most men would not rape a woman…. However now, according to feminist groups, it’s bad to know how to defend your self if you are attacked? Huh? LOL….Thanks for the laugh of the day. Waking up this morning and seeing this really is so comical, but so sad too…. I can’t take it anymore with these radicals, and these women’s groups are radicals. Tell me they don’t think weird and have lost all common sense. This morning we see the proof.

  • greatunconformity

    Their brand of feminism is not about empowerment. It’s born out of sense of entitlement and immense laziness (both physical and intellectual.)

  • Jake Bradford

    The feminist icon has devolved in the past 15 years from Buffy the Vampire Slayer kicking ass to Sandra Fluke whining for more birth control.

    • Noonespecial

      Amen to that. Makes one question whether Gloria Steinem is secretly a man.

  • jonsen

    another effective method of self defense is to the cap the guy with a 38 special. she could have said that.

  • ButteryWench

    In the perfect utopia these idiots dream of, a woman should be able to walk down main street butt naked and not have one person, man or woman, make an issue if it. But we don’t live in a perfect world, and there are people out there, men and women, who want the rush of power that rape can give. Remember, it’s not about the sex, it’s about the power. When you can defend yourself, you have taken the power back.

  • Jaw010904

    I understand these people’s “pie-in-the-sky” utopian visions but in the ugly now and now the fact is that there are evil men who rape and don’t really care about what you think society should look like. Good for Miss Nevada being practical.

  • KScparn

    Self-defense may not be the answer to the overall problem, but it’s a damned good way to stop one rape at a time! #YesAllConcealedCarryWomen!

  • Gandalf

    *facepalm* How is defending yourself blaming the victim. These people live in a fantasy world if they believe we can just teach some men not to rape. Hey while we are at it, can we teach people not to murder, steal, abuse children?
    Oh, that’s right, as a parent, I do try to teach my children right from wrong. I know a lot of other parents who do the same. There is EVIL in this world, no amount of flower giving, singing kumbaya is going to change that. We have to be prepared and that is all Ms. Nevada was trying to say.

    • Noonespecial

      I want to teach people to give me money for no reason. I mean, the DNC has done it, why can’t I?

      • Gandalf


  • Mock

    The same thing happens when you bring up gun rights, modern guns are the ultimate equalizer but feminists act like the suggestion of carrying a gun is an insult and they should not have to. They don’t want to be equal, they in truth want to be lesser and weaker then have laws balance the playing field. Equality starts when you act and preform at an equal level. What feminists want is like two people are playing gulf one boasts that they are as good as the other but then demands a handicap.

  • dabhidh

    Another bunch of lefties bawling like toddlers that the world isn’t the perfect fantasy utopia that they demand.

    It’d be great if men just didn’t commit rape. In the meantime, I’m gonna make damn sure my daughter knows how to defend herself in any situation.

    If you want women to remain helpless, then you support and enable the very “rape culture” that you decry.

  • BigMike

    With so many people on the planet, its inevitable that there will always be bad apples. So whether its bullying, theft, assaults, or rape… unfortunately we’re stuck with it forever no matter what you do. There will always be a small percentage of the population that just doesn’t care or lacks a moral code. That is the reality, so self defense really is the simplest and easiest way to protect yourself. You should start there and then hope for the best.

  • Noonespecial

    Wow….so the liberal answer is to just “teach” men not to rape. After that, we’ll all go skipping hand in hand in lollipop land, where all is sunshine and light, and no one has an opinion not approved by the benevolent State….or they’ll be summarily shot. A perfect world, brought to you by the good people of the DNC.

  • Nahalban

    But according to the progstopo abstinence is not the answer/sarc

  • koam

    Why were these people even watching #MissUSA?

    • Nahalban

      So they can be disgusted by the misogynist culture of it all oh and because the contestants have such lovely shoes.

    • CoastalMaineBird

      I don’t think they were. This is just “manufactured” outrage. Talking points sent out by Oprah Winfrey or Rosanne Barr, or.. who’s a feminist leader nowadays?

  • Danny

    What is wrong with these women. We live in a fallen world of course there should be no rape, no abortion , no same sex, marriage, You cant pick and chose the sin to irradicate. Why would you not want to learn to protect yourself. Maybe you can give some reasons to just lay down and get raped and possibly killed, and not disable the guy before he can get started. Are you the same women that say your body is yours and no one will tell you, not to get an abortion. Silly women tell men you will not let them use your body either. The problem is you don’t understand the problem. You say it is horrible to get raped and if you are not murdered. you scream that you want an abortion when you could have prevented it by learning to be competent in self defense. I guess this is an area where liberalism can literally get you killed.

  • Sgt_Rock

    Ironic that the feminist ‘movement’ that prattles endlessly
    about women’s empowerment is now blowing snot bubbles about an empowered woman who believes other women should be empowered.
    Don’t get a gun, don’t take self-defense classes just be a victim and blame men.
    That’s empowering.

  • NavyGal

    Where are the signs that state that college campuses are ‘rape-free’ zones? I’m sure that once these potential rapists see the signs, that they will cease and desist and instead, help the women carry their books. Sure they will.

    • Nahalban

      I’m personally still waiting for the murder free zones.

      • NavyGal

        And the no car-jacking zones, too. There has been a rash of car-jackings in a number of gas stations in areas in Detroit. I have no reason to be anywhere near those areas but am still very alert as to what is going on around me.

        • Nahalban

          i’m the same way I walk into a place I want to know of at least 3 exits.

  • skypilot77

    Perhaps there ought to be a anti rape hashtag campaign. That will solve the issue

    • Nahalban


      • Ghee!


  • The_Kat ✓vilified

    I am now officially ashamed to be a woman. I need some men to assure me that they don’t think we are all brainless perpetual victims twits like these broads. *sigh*

    • Ghee!

      your secret is safe with me.

  • http://youhavetobethistalltogoonthisride.blogspot.com/ keyboard jockey

    Yeah being defenseless is empowering/

  • Cliff Williams

    Yes, stick your heads in the sand by all means. I guess as a fall-back you could always piss or crap yourself or claim you are on your period or have v.d.

  • OrganicGirl

    Maybe this is better than self defense; “Please don’t rape me, Please don’t hurt me, Please, please, please. STFU!

  • Dan13

    Maybe the liberal ideology should be eliminated from the college campus so men don’t rape.

  • globalcrap

    Feminist don’t care about being raped, they use the free protections from O Bogus care.

  • Hope

    Beat the crap out of them any way you can. Use your gun if you have one. That’ll teach them not to rape. As someone who currently studies martial arts, and also as someone who has been sexually assaulted, I wish I knew then what I know now. Would it have stopped my assaulter? I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe not. But I do know that I feel more empowered now knowing that I have tools to help defend myself. I am insisting that my children learn self-defense so that maybe they won’t ever have to experience what I have. Even my sons. Yes, boys get sexually assaulted, too. I really don’t think it’s about misogyny. You can’t wish away rapists any more than you can wish world peace into existence.

  • bobbymike34

    First and foremost the statistics around sexual assault and rape have to be examined. I read an article on one survey that basically included questions like unwanted advances, did you feel unsafe, etc. as ‘sexual assault’

    In this same study they also included the ‘40% are not even reported’ making up a huge percentage of the overall statistics. If something isn’t reported how would you include it in the statistics.

    Rape, sexual assaults, sexual abuse happens, obviously, but IMHO the statistics have been manipulated.

  • alanstorm

    Now for the REALLY scary part – this same kind of “thought” guides our foreign policy.

  • richardrichard

    After seeing the ‘freak out’ this morning I watched a video of Miss Nevada’s answer. Did she get to the root of the problem of why so many women are raped during college? No. But her answer, considering her black belt, wasn’t surprising, and it would be GREAT if every women had that same knowledge. It is unrealistic, however; to expect ALL women to give the time and money it would take to earn a black belt just to avoid being raped. That’s why so many are upset by her answer. I’d also like to point out that none of those people twittering like crazy after they heard Miss Nevada’s answers are actually feminists. How do I know? Because they were watching the Miss USA Pageant. ‘Nough said.

  • Kenneth Pokryska

    Question to Feminists> How do we teach Criminals not to rape? Same way we teach them that they can’t or shouldn’t commit crime. If the paradymn that Self defense will not deter violence, then Police and swt teams need to be disarmed, and militaries need to be disbanded. I guess all those statistics indicating a decrease in crime where the citizens can choose to be armed are meaningless? By the way Rape is illegal, and guess what it still happens. Bad people will never stop doing bad things… Masogny, Rape culture are just blaming someone else for an individuals behavior

  • machtyn

    I didn’t think so, I really didn’t want to believe that liberals were THAT stupid. I couldn’t fathom it. I sit in a near echo chamber of conservatism and hear all the bad about liberals and feminists and I try and take a step back and say, “They aren’t really that bad.”

    No, they really ARE that stupid.

  • Little Mr. Dangerous

    Wow. Im speechless. These people are sick and would have women sit there and take it during an attack. War on women anyone?

  • therain

    feminists again prove they are idiots

  • tsj710104

    More proof that leftwing control freaks are bat sh*t crazy.

  • Resist_Tyranny

    One of the main purposes and focus of leftist, feminist democrats is to create victims. That isn’t going to work if women start defending themselves. No victims, no feminist movement:) …which BTW is dying anyway:)

  • Mickey

    You keep betting on teaching men “not to rape” I’m gonna teach my daughter self defense. Idiots. Just like people won’t shoot people in “gun free zones” Wake up you fools.

  • http://youhavetobethistalltogoonthisride.blogspot.com/ keyboard jockey

    I hate when criminals won’t obey the law. Rape isn’t a culture, it’s a crime

    Special snowflakes: “calling someone a criminal is making a judgement” so I won’t do anything to protect myself from criminals.

    We are dealing with industrial strength stupidity.


    • Thale Taxurfeet

      “I hate when criminals won’t obey the law.”

      Ah yup… If only someone had given those evil miscreants a stern talking to, maybe a forceful finger wag, and as a last resort, a pencil whipping… SMH.

      If not for individuals standing up to and fighting evil, the idjots who are the subject of this thread would have a society rulled by the biggest, meanest dogs in the area.

      The train em faction would be considered little more than chattel, not allowed to leave their home without being in the escort of male relatives, killed if they were raped, and stoned if they transgressed the honor of their famil… Oh wait…

      • http://youhavetobethistalltogoonthisride.blogspot.com/ keyboard jockey

        What we are witnessing is infantilism on display. This is the Left’s goal. Juveniles are so much easier to manipulate and control than independent thinking adults.

        They are actually passing some law in California that requires a written or verbal contract to engage in coitus on college campuses. This from the people who promoted “free love” in the 60s. Now they think the state has the right to regulate sexual activity. This isn’t feminism, this is rank stupidity on display for all to witness.

        There is nothing empowering about surrendering yourself to the state.


        • Thale Taxurfeet

          Dare I say, I believe we are in violent agreement?

          I taught my female children how to defend themselves against any who might wish to harm them. I also tried to teach them to always be alert to their surrounding and to not become too comfortable in the company of people they do not know well.

          They’re also well versed in the use of firearms. I will teach my grandchildren the same.

          Every human, regardless of their gender, race, creed, etc., including those skating along in a gross state of naïveté, if not obscene stupidity, has a Natural Right to self-defense/self-preservation.

          I can’t help but wonder how the train ’em brigade thinks they will subdue those who exhibit evil behaviors such that they might deliver the training/instruction/shock-therapy? After all, subduing evil requires a tad more aggression than simply resisting evil..

  • $103909336

    Why can’t we teach men not to rape? I agree. But given that still, its going to happen, self defense is your next best bet. Some feminists.

    • Thale Taxurfeet

      “Why can’t we teach men not to rape?”

      To paraphrase ole Bill of the shaking speare, some are born evil, some achieve evil, and some have evil thrust upon them…

      Studies of criminal recidivism indicate that some people can not be taught to not be evil.

      • Hope

        As someone who has experienced sexual assault, once at the hands of a pedophile relative, and once and the hands of a peer on college campus, I couldn’t agree more. I know the question posed during the pageant was strictly related to assaults on college campus, but in the bigger picture, sexual predators can be male or female, and so can their victims. Despite many of the comments I’ve read, misogyny has little or nothing to do with it. Does anyone think that a little rehab or education could have prevented Jerry Sandusky from being the evil monster that he is?

  • CountMahdrof

    Women with black belts equals self-dependent women. Statists cannot permit this.

  • Daniel Schwartz

    This caught my eye: “I’m sorry, but women shouldn’t need to take self defense classes to protect themselves from rape”. Really, PeterSimon12? Since you’re talking about women protecting themselves, how do you propose they do it? How do you defend yourself without self-defense?

    ALL women should learn self-defense, in the method of their choice. This enables them to stay safe if there is not a man around to defend them. And isn’t that what feminism ought to be about?

  • Me10

    Duh, of course men should be taught not to rape, and not to murder, and not to steal, assault, etc. But people should also be taught to defend themselves against those who will not listen to such teaching. Some of the above tweets are just brain-dead parroting of the #rapeculture talking points. Don’t these “feminists” realize that one way to attack a culture of rape in society (whether or not one truly exists is another debate) is to promote ways and means for women to make such attacks more difficult and dangerous for the attackers? Don’t they even care that such strategies may prevent some rapes?

  • Mike Hobgood

    So the libs don’t want rape victims to defend themselves?

  • Blonde Bombshell

    As soon as I saw what she was speaking out about, I knew she was going to be a top contender, or as she ended up doing, winning. Cant blame her, I guess, right? Why not use some negativity in your life to gain something positive from it. I just didn’t think the answer was appropriate. I’m sure she could care less, she won, that was and that was what she was in the contest for.

  • jabberwocky

    liberal women are demented

  • FreedomFighter

    Progressive/Liberal women are now targets for rapists. Just like gun free zones are targets for criminals.

  • vcferlita

    Wow, if you really think that “teaching men not to rape” is THE answer you are incredibly naive and live in a bubble.
    The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is?

  • Sue

    There’s reality…and then there’s the world of the liberal…

  • Red Fred

    The lib culture, it’s always someone else’s responsibility to take care of them. And they dare call themselves “feminists?”

  • Hmmmm

    You can’t get more stupid, waaaait, I am sure there will be a new low tomorrow. Anyway, these people must not understand why rapes occur, because if they did, they would understand the need for self-defense.

  • grumpyhillbilly

    Teaching men not to rape is silly, but my objections go further with this whole idea of a rape culture on colleges. Aren’t men a minority now on college campuses? Aren’t women still quietly trolling for the potential guy who gives her the MRS degree? Could the rape culture actually be a next morning regret culture as a result of the supply demand issue now facing women on college campuses. Despite women absolutely needing to know how to defend themselves, perhaps men do too in the court of public opinion.

    • http://youhavetobethistalltogoonthisride.blogspot.com/ keyboard jockey

      According to (some) feminist penetration of any kind is rape -consensual or not. That’s been posted here on twitchy. PIV


      This isn’t about rape it’s about who should really be attending colleges and universities. Not everyone is college material. Regurgitating infantile lefty talking points doesn’t equal intellectualism.

      How dumber can the discussion be made? How simpler can it be made for these special snowflakes? Their entire identity revolves around their vagina’s. They can’t focus on what’s going on above their navels.

      Real feminist don’t believe their entire identity as human beings revolves around their reproductive organs. They shouldn’t call themselves feminist, they should call themselves what they are, the cult of victim hood.

  • radicallyalyssa

    What’s easier, teaching an entire gender that rape is icky and hurtful, or teaching a woman to defend herself against an assailant?

    This crowd saying “wah! Just teach men not to rape” is a bunch of ignorant twats

  • MaxVoltz

    Maybe she should use the lib woman’s defense and just ugly up.

  • http://www.agenceelysium.com/ Saga Gemini

    Apparently, prevention is now called “victim blaming”!

  • jim

    I particularly like the folks that are saying that women shouldn’t have to learn self-defense, instead, men just shouldn’t rape. What kind of logic is that?

    I shouldn’t have to drive defensively, instead others just shouldn’t wreck into me.

    People shouldn’t die in plane crashes, instead they just shouldn’t crash.

    I shouldn’t have to try on cloths, instead they should just all fit me.

    • Klankity

      It’s a window into their complete lack of responsibility for themselves. Everything is someone else’s fault or problem and the world should revolve around them. They’re grown women with the mental capacity of a toddler.

    • Servo1969

      Learn to use a fire extinguisher? Things need to stop being so flammable!

      Learn first aid? I shouldn’t have to worry about bleeding!

      Go to work? I shouldn’t have to worry about money and food.
      (Actually, this one is becoming quite popular in certain circles.)

  • CVN65

    Or women could simply stop wearing those short skirts and low-cut shirts. If they aren’t advertising their wares, men will not even be thinking about sex. Okay, that’s just a joke. Breathe feminazis. I love those short skirts and tight shirts. My wife wears them. And she has a CCP and a Glock .45. All women should know how to shoot a gun in case they need to protect themselves and their children.

    • Thale Taxurfeet

      “All women should know how to shoot a gun in case they need to protect themselves and their children.”

      Standard issue at Green Acres… After much instruction and evaluation.

      Salute Enterprise!

  • bazasho

    I teach woman self defense, Krav Maga, and this just amazes me. Women who know how to defend themselves do not walk like victims! They walk with confidence and they are aware of their surroundings. Bad people exist liberals! And because they exist and they want to hurt us, and because we want to survive and go home to our families…we learn how to protect ourselves…..with pain and lots of it! That’s empowering

  • CO2 Producer

    If only the real world was as wholesome and simple as saying, “Please no rapey, guys,” and it would go away. But it’s not. Evil…sin…whatever you want to call it will exist for as long as we live, and much longer than that. You have to be prepared to face it–man or woman, at any time. These naïve women had best get to making those preparations if they haven’t already because they give off the impression to the rest of Twitterland that they’re vulnerable.

  • Servo1969

    Take responsibility for our own lives?! That’s unpossible!

  • http://profiles.google.com/sanddog Ms Anonymous

    So… the modern day feminists are calling for women to be submissive?

  • Apollo1011 .

    It’s a shame she didn’t pull out a glock and show how to use it on TV.

  • Lyle

    Everyone knows that the way to stop rape is just to tell would be rapists not to rape. The same way telling drug users ‘don’t do drugs’ and thieves ‘don’t steal stuff’ works so well. Because rapists, druggies and thieves are ultimately very polite and will change their behavior instantly if you just ask them nicely enough.

    • nickdqwk

      Excellent points.
      I guess while we’re at it we could tell inanimate objects not to kill or maim. like tell guns not to shoot people, hammers not to beat people, baseball bats not to bruise people, oh the list could continue.

  • Hope

    Maybe I’m going out on a limb here, but doesn’t this kind of thinking sort of exhonerate rapists? I mean, if rapists can be educated not to rape, then can’t their defense simply be, “Sorry, I didn’t know any better. No one ever taught me not to rape.” ???

    • Kawfy

      In this “blame everyone but yourself” world? It would probably fly….how sad is that?

    • spaceycakes

      well, that is exactly the weirdos’ point. Somehow, in any way possible, it must be made OUR FAULT.

  • Servo1969

    Lock my doors? I shouldn’t have to worry about my junk being stolen! We* need to teach people not to steal!

    (*Someone else)

    • nickdqwk

      No there’s no need to lock your doors, you don’t even need doors, leave the keys in your car as well. After all this philosophy is working so well on our borders.

  • Thunder Storm

    a gun a woman can protect her self from a rapist, home invader, violent
    boyfriend or husband. She can also protect her children while waiting
    for the police what are 5-10 min away when every second counts.

  • Susan Ross

    Anyone, man OR woman who does not think it is important to learn to defend themselves has no value for life. If your life doesn’t mean anything to you, then you are psychologically unfit and therefore should be evaluated by a professional. I love my life and therefore will do anything needed to ensure I am safe. I carry and I’m proud of it!!

  • Michael L Harp

    I for one am stunned into near silence at the thought of “angry” feminists. I mean, who EVER heard of such a thing?

  • Bgunkel

    Really people. Self defense is just one thing that would help reduce rape. There a lot of things that could help with this problem. Plus being able to defend yourself could in handy in a variety of situation.

  • spaceycakes

    ok; the world is officially full of freaks.

  • gekkobear

    SO the fix is “teach men not to rape”? Ok.

    2,000+ years ago we started a program of “turn the other cheek” by a guy who is infinitely more popular than I’ll even be (even if you believe his story was to some extent fabricated, you have to admit more people have heard of Jesus than any of these tweeters).

    Hell I’m not a Christian and I heard that part of the story. It got a lot of retelling.

    How has that gone? Have we “taught people not to assault and kill” with this plan? Has it made such a meaningful difference we can know we’ll never be assaulted or killed? Nope.

    Because bad people exist, and they don’t care what you want to teach them. If your plan is “teach men not to rape” understand “teach men not to kill” hasn’t worked with 2,000 years of trying.

    Maybe learn some self-defense… at least for the first 2,000 years of your “education” plan. So you don’t get raped while waiting for that to work.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Well, to be fair, those that have faith in Christ accept all of the story.. including when Lucifer et al fell. Evil spirits, some say, fallen angels, others.. My belief is that people are influenced on a spiritual level to do or not to do something. Some murder, some rape… can’t prove really, either way, if it’s not. Professionals may even categorize it as ‘mental illness’ when it very well could be demonic oppression/influence.

    • Emily B

      While I agree with most of your statement, you are mistaken on what the Bible says. “Turn the other cheek” is not speaking of pacifism but rather to surrender the right to personal revenge. It’s about not “getting even” with someone who wrongs us. Definitely not saying that you shouldn’t defend yourself against an attack. In fact, the Bible clearly says that you absolutely SHOULD defend yourself if someone is attacking you.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


      • gekkobear

        Sure, but most assaults and murders violate either “turn the other cheek” or the much older “thou shalt not kill”…

        If “everyone” practiced these, pacifism would in fact be normal and not an absurdity that will get you harmed because nobody would be a threat to you (they’d all have learned “turn the other cheek” or “thou shalt not kill”).

        I’m just stating that we’ve tried “educate everyone else not to do these things so we don’t have them done” for thousands of years.

        if your plan is “teach men not to rape” you’re going to want a backup plan… at least for the next 2,000+ years or so; because the “educate everyone else” plan, while a good idea, clearly isn’t a complete or fast solution.

        • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          I don’t worry about that. There’s this lake of fire see, if God so chooses, since he says vengeance is his.. for them to burn in for a while. They may become educated then, but I think it may be a mite too late.

          And it doesn’t violate “turn the other cheek”. If you’re being assaulted, it’s not necessarily being done out of vengeance.

        • Emily B

          Yes, it’s like I said on another thread – there will always be evil people. No amount of teaching or training will stop it. Some people simply choose to be evil. You have to be ready to defend yourself against it.

  • LegalizeShemp

    So now you see, feminism isn’t so much about empowering women as it is dragging men down.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    What lazy ass people…

    We were taught some form of self-defense in 7th and 8th grade, when I was in school. Gym class.

  • LegalizeShemp

    So rapists agree with feminists ladies, self-defense is a bad idea.

    • nickdqwk

      Ten out of ten rapists agree with the feminist ideal, self-defense is a bad idea.
      (just trying my version) ;^)

  • Martin Stringer

    I shouldn’t HAVE to get self defense lessons to protect myself, I shouldn’t HAVE to buy insurance to protect my house and car, I shouldn’t HAVE to lock my car or house to keep douche canoes from robing or steeling things, I shouldn’t HAVE to wear a safety harness when dangling off the side of a building.

    There are things you do to either prevent or limit the chance of unfortunate things happening. You shouldn’t HAVE to do any of these things, but people are douche canoes and *(%#$ happens. The only thing you have any real control over is yourself, take responsibility and do as much as you can to limit the odds of bad things happening.

  • $3273457

    This just completely boggles my mind!!!
    In the liberal feminist mind, women shouldn’t have to be able to defend themselves from rapists because…..rape shouldn’t exist?!
    Holy crap!
    The lefties really do think that they can somehow create a utopia where nothing bad ever happens to anyone. How dare anyone suggest that such a world cannot exist.

    Obviously, it’s more important to feminists that women remain victims. The feminist groups would become irrelevant if would-be rapists started getting their asses kicked by their would-be victims.

    To liberals, victimhood is sacred and must not be challenged.

  • ScottinVA

    So, feminists are against self-defense. When DID they launch their war on women, anyway? Liberals… mentally diseased to the core.

  • Cupric

    So, if she were your daughter, you wouldn’t want her to know how to protect herself from some savage? Am all for education but my girls have guns and know how to use them.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Of course not. These are the same people that would encourage their daughters to abort their own granddaughters.

  • Kelly Laraia

    I thought feminism was about empowering women to take control of their lives. Learning self-defense is empowering to women. The left-wing feminists have lost their minds.

  • Servo1969

    Defenselessness is empowering!

    War is peace!

    Ignorance is strength!

    Freedom is slavery!

    • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Isaiah 5:20

      Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

  • $3273457

    If any of these idiot feminist tweeters are ever confronted by a potential rapist (God forbid), I’m sure that they will be able to dissuade him by simply telling him that rape is bad and it shouldn’t exist. Yeah, that should do the trick!

    (But something tells me that a roundhouse kick to the temple would be a much better argument)

  • indignathan

    The #YesAllWomen crowd really won’t be satisfied with much short of gelding all the men.

    • pwrserge

      Maybe we should export them to an isolated island without men? Something tells me the problem would fix itself within a generation.

    • rickg62

      Don’t forget the ones who have claimed that all sex is rape, so your comment fits right in with their mindset.


    I’m truly ASHAMED of these human beings referred to as female and their lack of mentality. Talk about idiotic and stupid. SMH

  • JT

    The War On Women from the Left continues.

  • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump

    Ask a 4th degree blackbelt a question about being attacked and people are surprised at her obvious answer?

  • EndangeredNJRepub

    Women don’t need to actively pursue and look out for their own safety. That’s society’s problem. Instead of teaching personal responsibility and independence, we should teach *every other person* not to do bad things, because bad things can be taught away. After all, we teach people not to kill, and no one is murdered anymore…right?

  • Charles Kahaealohaulaokalani B

    Why should I protect myself by boosting my immune system?! Viruses need to learn not to infect people. Disease Culture wins again.

  • pwrserge

    Why do I need to lock my car when I park it on the street? Thugs should just not steal cars… Car theft culture wins again.

  • Aimee Pister

    Makes as much sense as the brady campaigns telling women they shouldn’t get their carry license because “death is forever, rape is just a few seconds” or some such shit. Just ask a rape survivor about that. The people who post such things are NOT adults and should NOT be called women and men.

  • Mark L Applegate

    I don’t know about anyone else, but when my daughter gets older I intend on teaching her to defend herself. These idiots are devoid of any sense.

  • Hugh H Tanner

    Situational awareness, always having a “Plan B”. You are right, it would be nice if we could
    legislate evil away. Until that Utopia
    happens. TRY to have a plan. Situational awareness to avoid and self
    defense if it happens. There will always
    be a softer target.

  • Sean Smith

    I just read a series of the dumbest replies I have ever seen. Apparently these morons are spoiling for a fight, either that or they are afraid of losing there status as victims. I am truly amazed at the capacity of feminist when it comes to missing the point just so the can express their unnecessary”moral outrage”. It’s as if they want to talk shit about men so bad, that they simply can’t just accept that Miss Nevada made a good point. “Teach men not to rape”, as if the vast majority of us don’t already know that shit. It’s straight up insulting, and I wish a bitch would say something like that to my face so I could slap the taste out of her mouth.

  • Guest

    Did some of these anti-Miss Nevada posters fall and hit their little heads? Every woman should know how to defend herself from strong armed robberies to rape. The new feminists, or feminazi’s as my generation calls them, wants women to be perpetual victims I guess. Her comment on college assault stats are spot on, colleges downgrade crimes or don’t report crimes so as to make their school look safe and job security. The biggest problems on college campuses are uninformed students, being unaware of surroundings, earbuds in ears while walking, not taking advantage of police escorts, drinking and drug use, not locking doors of rooms or dorms even when just going to check on laundry etc etc. Even by incorporating all the above both women and men are attacked on campuses, the next line of defense is self defense when necessary. If its just the cell phone or purse let it go, if its going to go further where the perp wants to add an injury to the list you need defend yourself. Miss Nevada did everyone a favor by bring this subject to light again.

  • Roland Melnick

    As a father of 4 daughters who I love more than anything in this world, I would prefer they learn how to defend themselves rather than waste time carping against “rape culture.” Yes, I said it. Rape is wrong…well no sh#t. Thanks to all the Captain Obvious’ in the feminist movement for that one. While twits like those criticizing Miss Nevada run college classes, attend conferences and meet for coffee to chat about fighting rape culture, how many women will actually be raped? What are they actually accomplishing?

    Moreover, how does advocating for self-defense legitimize “rape culture?” I’m sorry, that’s fuc#ing retarded. It’s like saying “bank robbery is wrong, so don’t legitimize criminal culture by placing bullet-proof glass, surveillance cameras and armed guards in banks.”

    The mental disorder of Liberalism prevents those afflicted with it from understanding the difference between “fighting” for results and actually getting results. Especially on this issue, being content with simply congratulating each other for saying the right things is not enough!

    You wouldn’t think you would have to explain to a feminist that you can’t stop a neanderthal with intent to rape by engaging him in discussion…better to stop him with a swift kick to the gonads…but there it is.

    • Yeah Buddy

      Rape is wrong, but let’s not let any of our fine, young, (insert protected race here) social victims get hurt. That would be UNFAIR.

  • Yeah Buddy

    So which is it? Stand up and defend yourself, or “lay back and enjoy it”?
    You can’t have it both ways…

    • AmericanLass

      I believe they can only see one answer to the, rape problem. Men should just stop raping, period ! You know, the whole utopian world they live in and all. Kubaya everyone, cuz libs have come to save the world.

      • Yeah Buddy

        I’d sing along but I don’t know the words.
        Besides, some freeking victim stole my guitar.

  • USNbubblehead

    As far as ‘blaming the victim’ is concerned, if a well trained woman kicks the crap out of her assailant, than she prevents herself from being a victim in the first place.

    She wasn’t talking about this being THE solution to sexual assault and rape, just a really good deterrent.

  • Adenhart

    Do these girls watch too much Dora the explorer?

    Rapists no raping, rapists no raping!!

    • Servo1969

      Awww, mannnn!

  • Robert

    I don’t know, shooting a rapist in the face if he tries to attack you seems like it would go a long way to keeping you from being a victim.

    • World B. Free

      It would also prevent the rapist from making victims out of other women as well.

      • Robert

        A solution that solves multiple problems

  • DefCon99

    In a porn-saturated culture that some feminists now defend, what signals are we sending to our sons and daughters?

  • Sean Canova

    My head is hurting from reading those liberal tweets. I used to think putting up “Gun Free Zone” signs thinking that would prevent gun crimes were the most idiotic way to prevent crimes but these take the cake.

    • World B. Free

      Never underestimate the left’s ability to out-stupid themselves.

  • Steve__Jacobson

    Weren’t women’s self defense class all the rage in the early to mid 80’s?

  • ToughStuff2012

    I don’t believe that those women being critical are true feminists. Feminists want equality to men. Well, real men know how to defend themselves – either with bare hands or weapons. The “feminists” claiming that rapists need not rape or need to learn better, is akin to telling a drug user not to use drugs. Or a thief why stealing is wrong. Basically, not understanding that their security is their responsibility rather than placing that responsibility on the attacker – a complete victim mentality.

    • NotBuyingItEvenForADollar

      Thank you! My safety is not predicated upon permission of others. Free women don’t need permission to defend one’s self.

    • NotBuyingItEvenForADollar

      Not all men are rapists. However, placing safety in the hands of a potential abuser and/or rapist is akin to teaching the fox that the chicken house is sacrosanct and not keeping a guard dog nor using chicken wire or henhouses. As my Daddy used to say, “Trust everybody, but always cut the cards”.

  • Mandy_Monstar

    The problem with this approach is that not all sexual assault can be prevented by being able to kick or hit an assailant really hard. If that were true, we’d be living in a much safer world than we do. Yes, active self defense is one important measure people can take to prevent becoming a victim, but it’s not the only one. Claiming that it is just isn’t honest. Active self defense, plus prioritizing active consent as a culture can be used to prevent rape in both the stranger in the bushes sense and the date rape sense. Both are necessary, and promoting either one exclusively shows that a person is blind to reality.

    • gekkobear

      Who is promoting only self-defense and not a culture where rape is considered wrong?

      I’m unaware of the legalize-rape crowd who believe no cultural or legal stigma should be used and only self-defense is necessary to prevent rape.

      Can you point out the anarchists who believe this? Or is it really only one side “blind to reality” here, and not both sides as you’ve chosen to state?

      • Mandy_Monstar

        It’s not a matter of rape not being considered wrong, it’s a matter of actions not being recognized as rape. Sex with someone unable to consent or where consent is coerced is rape, and that’s what’s being requested when someone says that we should teach people not to rape. Education does help. And if you’ll scroll a bit you’ll see them in this very comment section, ready to claim that this will never do any good.

        There will always be people who actively want to do harm, because they exist, adequate self defense measures should exist too. I carry a gun and pepper spray, everywhere, every day. I’m trained in their use, and I’m a competitive shooter.

        But there are also people who aren’t aware that what they’re doing when they bring home a drunk to have sex, or have sex with their partner while the partner sleeps are actually rape. If they knew that their actions were wrong, they’d be less inclined to do them unless they’re secretly in that first group of people who are actually cruel. And in either case (intentional cruelty, or just ignorance) taking home a drunk shouldn’t result in high fives and congrats.

        • gekkobear

          “But there are also people who aren’t aware that what they’re doing when they bring home a drunk to have sex … [is] actually rape”

          ” And in either case (intentional cruelty, or just ignorance) taking home a drunk shouldn’t result in high fives and congrats.”

          So, two drunk people have sex… I get that this is ALWAYS the man raping the woman, because that’s the only way this ever plays out in your mind. Fine.

          He’s drunk and at fault, and she’s drunk and the victim, yes I get that.

          What happens when two gays get drunk and have sex though? How can you find the rapist when there isn’t a man present, or when only men are present?

          See, all of a sudden the “all drunk sex is rape of the woman” becomes much trickier to determine.

          • Mandy_Monstar

            That’s an interesting way to read what I wrote, since that’s not actually what I said. I made no statement about gender.

            It would be just as wrong for a woman to have sex with a barely conscious drunken man (or another woman) as it is wrong for a man to do the same to a woman (or another man). If someone can’t actually coherently communicate consent then they can’t grant it. That’s a really nice example of why enthusiastic consent is not only the gold standard, but really the only standard. And this is also a great example of why education is necessary! Some people don’t actually realize that men can be victims, and the horrible truth is that they can, often are, and tend to fail to report at a very high rate.

          • redfish

            Definitely. But its just as likely in a case of rape, though, that the perpetrator is intoxicated and this impairs his already bad judgment. Most rape doesn’t happen by predators who are staying sober and waiting for women to get drunk; they’re drinking themselves.

            And in either case, its difficult to understand how teaching these guys about respecting women will change them. They’re influenced by a culture of binge drinking and easy hookups that teaches them to lose control, act like asses, and expect sex from a night’s date. So are many girls — they’re just at more danger from guys than the reverse, because men and women are physically different, and its more difficult for a girl to rape. Its not a “guy problem.” The more reasonable thing to do is to get kids away from that binge drinking culture.

            And yes, that involves teaching guys (and girls, too) to respect the value of self-control.

    • Daniel Ullfig

      For far too long feminists have blamed ALL men. Rape doesn’t happen because you didn’t teach the guy about “active consent”. Most men already know to respect women. We’re not Neanderthals. Rapist, just like any criminal, know full well that what they’re doing is wrong. So fine. Don’t blame the victim. BUT DON’T BLAME LAW ABIDING MALES EITHER!

      • Mandy_Monstar

        I’m not blaming men. I’m also not blaming women. I didn’t even use any gendered pronouns. Men can be victims. Women can rape. Everyone should be aware that only ‘yes, please’ means yes, and everyone should be able to kick the butts of someone who ignores a clear ‘no.’

    • Hope

      “Prioritizing active consent as a culture” does not prevent rape. When has our culture ever advocated for rape? Even my young children know that attacking a person and touching them against their wishes is wrong. The people who commit such crimes are not open to receiving that message. Having been sexually assaulted myself, once at the hands of a pedophile relative, and once at the hands of a college peer, I can tell you that I truly wish I had the self-defense skills then that I have now. You are right that self-defense skills don’t guarantee you won’t be raped, but it’s one hell of a tool to have in your arsenal. I wish I’d had it back when I needed it most. Maybe, just maybe, it would have made a difference.

      • Mandy_Monstar

        When it(rape) happened to me, it(self-defense) couldn’t have (helped stop it). Some basic education on ‘someone asleep can’t give consent, even if it’s been given before’ would have stopped it from happening.

        (Edit: clarity.)

  • Infantryman6502

    Women defending themselves is now a bad thing? I guess instead they should pee on the attacker as that Colorado senator suggested.

  • AtrusOranis

    I actually am not really surprised. These are the same people that think guns are evil and people who shoot to protect themselves and their loved ones are just as bad as the ones who initiate the violent crimes against them. They probably think all we need to do is to tell people what they are doing is wrong and that will just solve the problem!

  • Marie

    This is so ridiculous. Yes, men shouldn’t rape, but unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and there ARE men out there who will. Why shouldn’t women take responsibility for their own safety and be able to defend themselves from the creeps who rape? I’ll never understand this whole thing. Feminists say they are about “empowering women”, yet they don’t support a woman being able to defend herself? That makes ZERO sense. Yes, men should be taught that rape is wrong, but it’s a two-way street…women should also learn to defend themselves because there are evil people out there who will try to hurt others no matter what they’re taught!

  • Wes Boles

    Talk about an out of touch reality these women have…. Rape should not an issue but nether should child abuse or any other abuses. Reality is learn to protect yourself no matter if you are male or female, your government CAN NOT protect you.

  • LissaKay

    Soooo …. instead of defending oneself if attacked, just lie there and enjoy it?

    • iconoclast

      Carry a sign saying overthrow the patriarchy. That will do it every time. #idiotsonwheels

  • iconoclast

    According to these idiots then women need to be raped until every last human being has been change? #darwinawards #progressivetrolls

  • https://twitter.com/UnicornOfMayhem Hi This Is My Username

    There is always going to be people that do bad things to others. Man VS woman, Woman VS man. Nothing is going to stop the twisted mental state some people have. It’s a fact of life, deal with it, learn to protect yourself and be prepared for anything.

    I am so tired of these morons that do not live in reality or have a basic understanding of anything other than what the feminazis tell them.

  • jabbermule

    If feminists are against women defending themselves against rape, then the only logical conclusion I can come to is that they want all men castrated.

  • AJ


    There. No more rape. /s

  • http://www.facebook.com/nosferotica1 Doug Holmes

    Rape is a crime.

    It’s against the law.

    Criminals break the law.

    Rape will not go away.

    Learn to defend yourself. It’s bad enough that follow-through on rape convictions is abysmal because rape victims tend to be too traumatized to go to trial and face their attacker, assuming they even bothered to report the crime.

  • CharacterHasNoColor

    Wasn’t there some kind of movement all about “empowering” women?

  • Evin

    What we need to remember is that liberals think that through protests and laws, crime will drop or cease to exist. There will always be rape, murder, theft, hate, etc. Learning how to defend oneself is the most effective thing you could possibly do. Waiting around for Universities and governments to solve problems will not work.

    • z–man

      It’s also why you can’t legislate morality.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    “Let’s hope Nevada uses her media tour to reiterate that teaching girls self defense is NOT the best way to protect against assault”

    Yeah, the best way to protect against assault is to call your body an “assault-free zone.” 😐

    • http://minaisarmed.blogspot.com/ Mina Smith

      but the Sign! don’t forget the Sign that says “assault-free zone”! that’s important.

  • http://minaisarmed.blogspot.com/ Mina Smith

    People went bananas a few weeks ago when I re-posted something that the Moms Demand Action team had posted.

    My post: “MDAs answer to #Rape: Don’t try to defend yourself; Just lie back & enjoy it.”

    Yet this seems to be exactly the sentiment. Am I wrong here??

  • z–man

    “Women shouldn’t have to learn self-defense. Men should not rape!”
    That’s as misguided and disingenuous as saying:
    “A person shouldn’t have to lock their car. People should not steal!”

    • http://minaisarmed.blogspot.com/ Mina Smith

      Thank you! Exactly.

  • Evin

    I’m sure the “you shouldn’t be raping me” defense will go well during an attack…

    • http://minaisarmed.blogspot.com/ Mina Smith

      I would add “It’s Illegal!!”

  • H.V. Geobbels

    I am a pragmatist who has lived in third world countries and inner cities and experienced violence and I know what it’s like to receive death threats and have a gun pointed at my chest. I do not deal with life as it should be, but as it is.

    Yes, in a perfect world, women should not need to learn self defense and men should never resort to rape, but if you want to teach those few prone to sexual assault a valuable lesson, you beat the tar out of them should they attempt it. Going through life castrated with one eye and a set of false teeth will ultimately teach even the densest individual that the physical price of sexual assault is too great.

    I have not been blessed with a daughter, but if I did, she would have received the best self-defense courses I could have sacrificed for.

  • MadPunter1963

    It’s about collectivism vs individualism. Modern feminism is about defining a woman as incapable of being anything but victims that need special help and protections from an overreaching collective (i.e. Big Brother Government). The classical idea of feminism allows for women to make their own individual choices to capitalize on their individual talents and strengths; such a notion is antithetical to that modern notion. The very idea that a woman could take individual responsibility to develop the tools to be their own first responder (rather than their own first victim) defies modern (ill)logic that women can only be protected by someone else.

  • Emma Brown

    What they can’t seem to get through their STUPID, VACUOUS, “brains” is that SOME MEN are brutes that NO AMOUNT of “teaching”. will EVER STOP!! You might as well tell a dog to quit lifting it’s leg to piss, than try to stop those men!! and not only us self-defense a good cure for being raped, it is a good cure from being mugged, kidnapped, murdered, etc!!! I kust can’t hardly believe that some women are so STUPID!!!! They give all women a bad name !! Geeeeeeezzzz!!!

  • retrocon

    Wow, my wife and i teach firearms self defense with a focus on women and the elderly. This idea that you can “teach men not to rape” goes beyond the surrealistic to me. The evil men who rape, quite simply, will not be educated into normalcy. It’s a symptom of liberal reflection disorder, i guess. Liberals put the things that they fear in their own personalities upon everyone.

    They fear greedy businesses because they, themselves are greedy. They fear concealed carry because they cannot trust themselves not to shoot in road rage. Now, they believe that all men are rapists, and can be taught not to rape, it must be in their DNA.


    • https://www.pinterest.com/libertyman62/ Chris G

      I think Miss Nevada left out one thing in her comment about rape: EXECUTE THE RAPIST.

      Rape should be a capital crime…PERIOD. I thought it used to be in some States, & I guess that liberal judges have done their part in teaching men not to rape by going soft on its punishment, possibly?

      Capital punishment should be so commonplace in rape cases that it will be in the back of every man’s mind before he commits the crime.

      Besides, didn’t I hear that we have a problem w/ prison overcrowding?

      • Tom Winegar

        It used to be a capitol crime and might still be someplace or maybe it was left behind when the death penalty was repealed years ago. We now have a touchy feely death penalty on a comfy gurney.

      • retrocon

        You have stumbled on the best way to “educate” rapists: teach them that if they rape, they die. Whether at the hands of the intended victim, or the judicial system.

        Ok, the victim has the option to cut off their privates if they so choose.

      • Ruy Diaz

        That’s a bad idea. It gives the rapists an incentive to kill their victims–no eyewitness to identify them or to testify at their trial. Need to use your brain before advocating something like that.

  • geronl

    According to UC-Boulder women should preserve their dignity by pissing and pooping when about to be raped. This preserves their dignity unlike beating up or shooting the perp. Wait… what??

  • Sewer_Urchin

    These feminists are threatened by intelligent, resourceful, beautiful women with self-esteem and poise. If it wasn’t for social media they wouldn’t have a forum to share their enlightened view of reality. Perhaps they’re just projecting their angst over the lack of rabid leftwing feminists in beauty pageants.

    • https://www.pinterest.com/libertyman62/ Chris G

      In the Progressive mind, it will then be necessary to eliminate all beauty pageants. It’s unfair to give individual women glory & fame simply ‘cuz they look good & can play a piano. It’s sexist!

      Why can’t everyone get a prize…I thought we were all winners?

      • Yeah Buddy

        New law: cosmetic surgery can only be used to ‘level the playing field’.
        It’s only fair…

  • ChicagoJohn

    Soooo… its icky to pretend like self-defense is the answer.
    But simply “teaching” rapists that RAPE is wrong… will solve it?
    * face palm *
    The biggest problem that I have with people on the far left is that they don’t believe in people simply being evil. They think that they’re just uninformed that doing bad things, is wrong…

  • Terry Bodinet

    I have a theory about feminazis, they do not wish to actually effect change and stop rape, they only wish to propagate their agenda’s void of any actual solution to prevent rape so that rape still happens often enough that they can further their man hating agenda. Let’s teach people not to do heroin or drive drunk while were at it.

  • sandyaz

    Round up these feminist loons and offer them an all expense paid vacation in Pakistan or India. Women are soooooo safe there. They might get the “enlightenment of a lifetime” and with any lucky will live through the experience and not get an STD.

    • https://www.pinterest.com/libertyman62/ Chris G

      As long as they don’t come back, I’ll chip in on paying for the “vacations”.

  • Frommer Bishkva

    These stupid, unthinking automatons get their ideas from the heart of the loony left, which at its very core hates the human race. That’s why they hate guns, and that’s why they prefer to remain in a state of victimhood rather than do something about their situation.

  • zotzer

    This is what happens when people think in terms of the “collective”. All men are not rapists, nor should all women be victims. But, when one values the fact that everyone is an *individual*, one knows that individual men may be rapists, and individual women have the responsibility of protecting themselves.

  • geronl

    If it became common for women to beat up or shoot rapists there would be far fewer rapes, far fewer abortions from rape and far fewer victim. Leftists cannot handle that, they need their victims to stay victims, they need more abortions and they do not want people able to take to care of themselves.

  • iconoclast

    I know what will make things change! Two minutes of hate for Men! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  • http://www.saundersreport.com Rachel

    I can’t believe I’m actually reading this. Is this real life? Man, thank God I did take a self defense class already because these wackos may say that we need to ban those classes!

    • Yeah Buddy

      Grave concern that a poor social victim might be injured while attempting to rape, murder, steal. That would require thousands of man-hours of picketing, protesting, and community organizing.

  • Tom Winegar

    Could it be that feminists are a brain damaged as Democrats………..oh wait………..they are Democrats! Try to imagine America without Democrats and feminists……just try to imagine!

  • OpieJuanCannoli

    “You can’t say this…you can’t say that…” All of these feminist spinsters sure are bossy.

  • mahasw

    Earth to Libs, earth to libs…a Utopian culture where people aren’t raped doesn’t exist, which is why self-defense classes (and weapons, and armies) do exist.

  • Tom Winegar

    Watch the movie, The 27th Day (1957), and ignore the Liberal revisionist reviews about it. Commies hate the premise that they are the evil ones destroyed in the climax. WATCH THE MOVIE, IT’S WORTH THE EFFORT!


  • Maureen

    What is wrong with a woman saying that women be in some control of their lives? Feminists are living in a dream world if they think they can ever wipe out rape by teaching men that it is a no-no to rape. Yes men can be taught self control, but isn’t that the issue? Rape is rarely a sex driven act of violence. Why not have an extra weapon to use if you ever come across it. Why be a total victim? Why not educate girls about these kind of men so they can recognize it and have a power to combat it? I refuse to play a victim if I have the knowledge to bring him down before he can defile me, I will.

  • Yeah Buddy

    KOCH BROTHERS! (running around in a tight little circle waving arms frantically)

  • Reasonable Logic

    LOL. Change the rape culture? “Getting rid of sin” may be theologically the best answer, but it’s an awful high hurdle. Kind of like “change the temperature of the planet.”
    Learning self defense is a bit more realistic, and it can actually work, too.

  • Im_Rick_James

    Aaaand this is why modern “feminists” are worthless… (and dateless)

  • gmora12

    Liberals at work, I like the idea of women defending themselves and being confident. I have a little girl two things she will learn is defend herself and how to shoot a gun. I agree to some extent that men should be taught to treat a lady like a lady. But that time seems to have passed.

  • LuluB

    This one is especially hilarious:

    “Women shouldn’t need to learn to protect themselves against rape #missnevada educate and respect yourself as a woman #rapeculture”

    Yes, Anna Beth, if you’re ever in the imminent position of being attacked be sure to use this, against your attacker: “Wait! I’m educated and I respect myself!” Well, now, that makes a difference.

    Silly women (and I’m a young woman, so don’t hurl your “clueless male” insults at me): only sociopaths think we are at fault, when raped. No one is saying that. This is not about blame, it’s about weighing the odds in your favor, whenever possible, in a biologically mis-matched fight. Miss Nevada is not telling girls that if a 6’5, 230 lb man attacks them and their self-defense plan doesn’t produce successful results, that they are at fault and deserved to be attacked. It’s just about upping your odds. What are you all furious, about?

    Part of me feels like a sinister element is at play here; are these women implying that because it’s Miss USA delivering this message, it must be wrong? I mean, she glosses herself up, does her hair and makeup and parades around in skirts, dresses and bathing suits — that woman “is just asking for it”, right?

    So, these women complaining on twitter, remind us that in a physical fight, most women are no match for most men. Fair enough. I agree with that reality. Self-defense training is about making the most of your strengths and often, just getting away or using your opponents’ against him because, otherwise, you could just end the fight with one punch, correct?

    Most women will only become effective, even superior fighters than men, through training and discipline. Most guys can become sufficient fighters, after a few beers. Men are, physically, stronger — without even trying — and full of more testosterone (the magical, strength elixir) than women. That is a fact that even the most eloquent feminist, can not talk away. Miss USA is pragmatic in understanding this and in knowing that most women’s best chance around this, at least enough to get away, is some formal training.

    It’s also interesting to note that with all of these strong but clueless men around, out competing females in physical prowess and, supposedly, submerged in “rape culture”, that this isn’t occurring much, more often than it is. Is it, perhaps because most men know the most basic principles of right and wrong and are able to manage themselves in a responsible, humane way? Could it be possible — gasp! — that the majority of men are actually decent, human beings, who don’t exploit their biological advantages over women, just because they can? Shocking.

    • Yeah Buddy

      Well said. Progs desperately seeking issues (victims).

      • LuluB

        I don’t know when the message went from “abusing women and raping them is wrong” to “men are inherently bad and society must use every, single, male-on-female crime, as a teachable moment to constantly train the badness out of them”.

  • Dr. Obvious

    The fact that there are these sorts of people walking about in public pretending to be human scares me.

  • Slappy the Squirrel

    I spent part of my morning trying to figure out what sort of mental twists are required to come up with this stuff. (Believe me, it was hard. You kind of have to turn off your ability to reason and that’s not something I can generally do.)

    I’ve finally decided that they protest the idea of self-protection because it poses a threat to their ginned-up, perpetual victim narrative. We need a new name for these types of people – “victimists.” I think the “victimist card” gets played harder than any other kind.

    The old-school feminists of a bygone era would utterly sneer (at the least) at these pathetic ideas and behaviors.

    • Yeah Buddy


  • Tom Winegar

    I imagine that most if not all of these rapes are by boys from Democrat families and the perfect punishment for the ones that have tried and not succeeded yet would be public caning on the buttocks in the center of the campus. Public humiliation to the nth degree, pull their pants down as the crowd spits on him and yells spank…spank…spank….spank…

    • Eat Me, FFace

      We don’t want to hear the sick fantasies you beat off to, Tommy Boy.

  • musiciangirl591

    i carry pepper spray in my purse, i know basic self defense moves, i’d rather know how to defend myself than be a sitting duck for some psycho who was told “not to rape” but didn’t listen

  • Jim Maerk

    The idea of not learning to defend your (our) self is unbelievably naive. The leftest liberal thought of making US all defenseless is the plan!

  • frozeninbemidji

    Those people are insane. Do they think they’re going to find the rapist ahead of time and give him a good talking to? They exercise the naivety of their leadership.

    Why learn to defend yourself when you can pee on yourself and tell the rapist that you have an std? Stop blaming the potential victim by suggesting that they learn how not to be victimized?

  • Remington

    Yup, these are definitely Dem voters….

    “Self-defense is bad! We need to teach the criminals to just be nice… Unicorns and rainbows and Obama!”

  • Julie Werhnyak

    While I agree that it is imperative to stop men from raping, the reality is that we haven’t accomplished that yet. Saying that women should not learn self defense is like saying you should not look both ways before crossing the street in a cross walk. The truth is that knowledge is power and self defense can reduce our risk of being victimized and for now, it is part of the solution.

  • PNWShan

    I remember when self-defense classes for women were seen as EMPOWERING! These modern ‘feminists’ are deluded idiots. To think that we can re-educate an entire culture so that no one ever rapes or steals or kills again is utopian in the extreme. There will ALWAYS be people who do bad things. You can’t ‘educate’ them out of it.

    • blackraisin

      If making an action illegal doesn’t stop a criminal from committing a crime, something tells me explaining that it is also an “icky” thing to do won’t either. A bullet to the groin during an attempted assault on the other hand …

  • blackraisin

    I’m sure these enraged feministas prefer the “progressive” policies recommended by the Democrat state legislature in Colorado: Cry, poop yourself, and claim to have chlamydia. I can’t fathom how anyone sane can disagree with Miss Nevada. Something tells me shooting criminal rapists in their junk during an assault will go a lot further than explaining to the criminal that their actions are icky.

    • H50 ✓RAT

      It will solve the repeat offender problem too. :)

  • Roadster73

    What can we expect from leftists? Nothing but ignoring common sense (in favor of common core) and wrecking their little brains trying to justify their beliefs.

    I’m looking in my crystal ball and here I present to you the 2016 Democrat National Convention!


    Yup, the dems are P.A.G.A.N., People Against Goodness and Normalcy.

    • Robyn

      Thumbs up for referencing the Dragnet movie. Question is: will they be able to find a virgin anywhere in that convention hall?

      • musiciangirl591

        its the DNC of course they will 😛

  • Shane Shaw

    go ahead stick your head in the sand, people who believe that they can eliminate violence of any kind have no concept of human nature, you’re foolish and naive. My 10yo daughter is level blue belt in TKD and will get her Black eventually, she also knows how to shoot better than most people. I will not allow her to be defenseless.

  • $3273457

    I wonder if any of these brilliant lib feminists never lock their car or their house because they think that theft is a bad thing that just shouldn’t exist in their perfect world view.
    We should just teach people that stealing is bad, and expect that to be enough.

    Breath-taking ignorance on display!

  • Jeann DFL

    Close the police departments, and only tell the bad guys they they should not steal. Withdraw security measures at airports, and just tell the terrorists that they do not hijack planes. End the army, and just to tell other countries they do not invade us. This is the feminist logical.

  • Steven

    The simple fact of the matter is that we will never do away with the evil of human nature no matter how hard we try. My children (both girls) will be taught to defend themselves. Not because I believe that it’s their fault if they get raped. I just want them to be prepared to stop it…

    • $3273457

      That’s just common sense, which, for lefties, is very uncommon!


    Everyone should know how to protect themselves. Do some of these idiots believe there’s an invisible shield protecting all of us?!! What has happened to these stupid, stupid people??! The traitor running this country has really messed up a lot of them. That’s what you get for voting for it!

    • Jake Bradford

      In another generation or so, the helpless sheep won’t know how to do anything without help (usually the govt.’s)

  • Stephanie Culp

    “why can’t we teach men not to rape?” LOL wow…. see you would think that was possible if you didn’t have kids…
    “don’t color on the walls”
    “don’t cut off kitty’s whiskers”
    “don’t whine when you don’t get what you want”
    “don’t wrestle with your older brother”
    Bc, we as parents NEVER have to repeat ourselves, because our kids never make the same mistake twice, and when they get older, they will never pressure someone into doing something or be pressured into doing something they don’t want to do- which could turn into rape. It’s not always violent and dramatic like movies, sometimes it’s when a girl isn’t ready for something and she has had 1 too many drinks, it’s considered rape. Sometimes when no isn’t enough, a kick in the balls or a choke hold is.
    good job #missusa !

  • Rob Britt

    There is no “rape culture”. There are evil, wicked males who make very bad choices in their lives. There are evil, wicked women who make bad choices in THEIR life. Feminists, for once in your pitiable lives, listen. Males, as a species, are NOT, I repeat, NOT, bred from birth to believe violence against women is right in any way, shape, or form. I know the cancer of liberalism has eaten away at your sense of reason, and outrage is all you have left. The truth will be ignored in favor of your self-righteous campaign. You will likely leave this world festering in your own anger. We will not stop trying to help you. Of the aforementioned evil men who believe violence against women is permissible, a very large portion of them, the vast majority, will be self-proclaimed leftists, liberals, or (pseudo)progressives. You are more likely to be assaulted at an Occupy (insert town here) event than at ANY event with a conservative mindset. The truth hurts, I know. It hurts worse that deep down inside, you know I’m right.

  • JP Jaekel

    And that just goes to show you how many twits are on twitter, spouting off with uneducated answers. Bravo to Miss Nevada for an actual common sense answer. Self-defense, self-awareness and personal strength are all attributes of sensible women who take control of their lives. Great answer!

  • gaslighter

    Why not teach women self-defense? The reason women, as well as other weak people (the elderly, children, the disabled), are preyed upon is because they can’t defend themselves. The truth is, people do fucked up things. We may teach men not to rape, but the bottom line is that they CAN rape a woman if they want to, because they are stronger than the average woman. But if that woman knows self-defense tactics, it doesn’t matter that he’s physically stronger than her–because she was taught another way to defend herself besides using the brawn she simply doesn’t have. So fuck being at the mercy of men. We as women shouldn’t have to just sit there and hope that he won’t rape us, we should be confident in our ability to defend ourselves against the bastard.

  • $7610427

    Because not raping is a learned behavior and must be taught. Got it. And encouraging women to defend themselves is the same as victim blaming. Got that, too.
    WTH is WRONG with these people???

  • Brent Guthrie

    Hey y’all! We can make assault and rape crimes. Oh…wait….

  • william C

    So many of these do-gooders men should be taught not to rape. Rape is not something that is learned. It will happen, and unless more women are prepared to protect themselves, the problem will continue to escalate. My question to these “feminists” is – What would you do in a rape situation? Would you not wish that you had the capability to defend yourself?

  • H50 ✓RAT

    Rapists hardest hit. The possibility that they can get their arses kicked is definitely not appealing, Im sure.
    Im guessing here that the women who object to women being able to fend of a rape predator live in gated communities and have never come close to being raped or know anyone who has, or they wouldnt be such morons.
    Ending the culture of rape (what ever that is) is a lofty idea, but what are potential victims supposed to do in the meantime?
    Oh yea, pee or vomit.

  • goat10000

    Read between the lines here…this is just more of the old Andrea Dworkin “all sex is rape” nonsense.

  • Frank Brady

    It would be a wonderful world if everybody was nice to each other and nobody ever hurt one another. If criminals, would just listen to reason and not be criminals, if rapist would just be persuaded that it is not right to take advantage of another human being. What a wonderful world it would be!

    However,until that day, somewhere between now and the end of time, WOMEN AND MEN alike should be defenders and protectors of their own lives and property as well as others. In addition, as long as they are defending themselves and others, I care not what method they use, be it a firearm, their hands and feet or a rock. Decent men and women should not be fearful of the laws, when they are in the right.

    There is always going to be a certain amount of people that just fall outside the normal constraints of civil society and those people will be looking for opportunities to take advantage, it is up to the law-abiding to be aware and deny them those opportunities.

    Dreamers and whiners, there will always be a few, don’t let it become infectious when they suggest surrendering your defenses, history has shown time and again weakness and cowards are the first to be abused, and then murdered. Therefore, we teach our children to be strong, to do the right things, and respect those they share this world with and always stand up for yourself and those that cannot protect themselves, and the rest is in the hands of the almighty.

    We all wish and hope for a better world; however, wishing and hoping has never been an effective strategy for Security.

  • Hortance

    These broads are idiots. Hey we don’t need bank vaults! What we need is a society that doesn’t steal! We don’t need passwords and pin codes! What we need is a society that doesn’t have identity theft!
    Gee, why didn’t I think of that?

  • Texan357

    Jaw-dropping stupidity.
    Instead of having security systems, these women should just magically have people not burglarize. Instead of eating, we should just teach ourselves not to be hungry. Instead of dying, we should just teach ourselves to be immortal.

  • ThisnThatNH

    These tweets are from the same women who say “let women join the military”, and “more women need to be allowed to fight on the front lines”.

    Just don’t expect them to be very effective, I guess, because Lord knows they won’t learn self-defense. Or national defense. Or how to be a soldier.

  • ThisnThatNH

    I guess the US doesn’t need a strong military, either. “Instead of learning how to defend ourselves, we should teach other countries not to attack us”.

  • Stephen Jones

    There is no vault at my bank, just a guy handing out pamphlets telling people not to steal. True story.

    • Eomede07

      That is perfect.

  • mattinak

    Why stop short with circumcision? Simply snip the entire package, and the problem could easily be resolved in early infancy.

  • Daniel Pereira

    Those neofeminists need to learn that rapers are people with mental disorders, they don’t rape because “no one told them to not rape”: if this were the reason, there would be no rapers at all. Well, we should not expect logic from neofeminists.

    • Stephen Jones

      Oddly, it was feminists in the 70’s and 80’s who popularized the concept that rape is a form of violence rather than an act of sexuality. It is not normal behaviour, but that doesn’t suit the narrative put forth by today’s “neofeminists” , as you call them.

      • Nyota Uhura

        And the way you counter violence is …. teach the children violence is bad, and they will change their ways. /sarc tag off

  • keller23

    WHAT THE FUCK? So a woman empowering herself to fight back against an attacker is a bad thing? Just when you think leftists can’t get any more idiotic, they surprise you.

  • WeeItsNookies

    Holy shit I just can’t take feminism seriously and after reading some of those comments my belief just doubled. In order for rape culture to exist it has to be considered a socially acceptable thing, it is not. Boom rape culture debunked in a single sentence.

    These women are morons. Plain and simple. Living in some delusional bubble completely detached from reality. Crime will always be there. Always. Telling someone NOT to do something will not solve anything. Which is why we have laws and punishments and guess what? People still do it. We have been killing each other since our existence. That hasn’t changed. Are these women delusional?

    If I walk down the street wearing a nice watch at midnight in a bad neighborhood, hey guess what? Chances are high ill be mugged. ZOMG END THIEF CULTURE!.

  • Name

    What do you think woman should do regarding drunk drivers?

    “….I think women should learn to drive defensively….’

    How many woman have to be raped and murdered or die from an accident with a drunk driver because of these looney broads and their nutty idea that you can teach people like Ted Bundy all the way down through the ranks of the ‘typical’ rapist, ‘….not to rape…or drink and drive….’.

  • Alexis

    Men don’t need to be taught not to rape. An EXTREMELY small amount of men rape, along with an extremely small number of women who also rape.
    Having sex when you are drunk is not rape. If you can’t say no when you drink, then just don’t drink or drink alone. Regretting sex does not=rape.
    Which is exactly what all this false reporting crap in colleges is. Also, there is NO rape culture. How can there be a culture around something so abhorrent? Exactly, there isn’t. Society dictates that rape is taboo and men are very much apart of that society.
    Along with self-defence, MEN as well as WOMEN learn self-defence. It is always handy and reassuring to know that you know you can defend yourself should someone attack you.
    Males are the no.1 victim of assault, especially at night, so “feminists”, please stop lowering yourself to the helpless, entitled victim stereotype.
    Bad things happen everyday, stop blaming an entire gender for them!
    If you want “equal rights”, be an egalitarian, being a feminist is biased and quite frankly useless.

  • Ogrrre

    Makes you wonder how they’d have reacted if she told them to “relax and enjoy it”.

  • http://streamnerd.com/ Ian B

    Typical progressivist groupthink – Intent is what counts, not results. As such, merely *wishing* for a world of puppies, unicorns, and rainbows is enough in their mind to trump reality. It’s not just the feminists. Obama himself is a victim of this plague.

  • ACMECorporations

    We need to teach men not to rape and we need unicorns that crap out gold.

  • DavidM

    A (trained) woman with a gun in her hand is very rape-resistant.

    This is the typical leftist mentality: Everyone else is just a child waiting for them to “teach” them how to do no wrong. Utterly idiotic.

  • Drumwaster

    Let’s teach men to not rape? You mean there are people out there teaching men that rape is okay? Or are the feminazis just out of their minds and HOW DARE someone suggest that women be able to defend themselves?

    Never mind, I answered my own question…

    I’ve got an idea, let’s teach murderers to not murder, and that will solve all killings everywhere. Right? RIGHT?

  • Name

    These women are not empowering or educating women – they are putting them in danger.

    Self defense is not just fighting back physically – it stresses common sense ways to reduce the chances of getting raped – i.e. don’t get yourself isolated or go to such an area with a single person whom you just met or have not fully vetted etc.

    Cosmopolitan magazine, that great ‘conservative’ mag (ha!) had ten ways for coeds to reduce their chances of getting raped; not one of which was to ‘start a class and teach men not to rape’.

  • ToyZebra

    I don’t get this. I would think the ultimate feminist would be a strong, independent woman who can defend herself. Or maybe I do get it. It may be like the civil rights “leaders”. They want the problem instead of the cure so there is always sometimes to campaign against.

    • Nyota Uhura

      … so they can avoid facing their own shortcomings.

  • R0nin

    I never lock my front door at night; if someone comes in while I’m sleeping, I can just tell them “It’s wrong to steal!”. Problem solved.

    • Nyota Uhura

      Don’t forget “I’m gonna tell your mom” 😉

  • Torin

    The response is understandable in this light: women SHOULDN’T need to defend themselves from rapists and dirtbags. We should have a society that doesn’t let the strong prey on the weak.

    But we DON’T. And because some men objectify women and are power-hungry shits, we should know how to break them.

    Yes, we’d ALL be happier if “men were taught not to rape women”—but just in case that sweeping change doesn’t happen across the globe? Let’s start with the dick-kicking.

  • Nyota Uhura

    So, if I’ve got this straight, “feminists” think that “teaching men not to rape” is “empowering,” as it will magically lead to men not raping them.

    Uh … this does not compute … the stupid, it burns … mind bleach …

    *running out of reactions — drawing breath*

    Well, alrighty, then.

    Two things: Karate was a life-changer for this empowered feminist. Though I only got to brown belt, the lessons learned have stayed with me always — situational awareness chief among them.

    Number two: Since when does “teaching men” (assuming such a thing were possible) a substitute for controlling your own situation? Instead of blindly hoping men will “leave you alone?” Ugh, double ugh.

    Let’s add a number three. This (real) feminist adores men. Any woman who sees them as the “enemy” actually sees HERSELF as an enemy.

    Off of soapbox :)

  • Justwaitinforchange

    I suggest that all the feminists move to Pakistan, India or even Mexico or further south. That is were woman’s rights are superior to ours in the States. I loath their perpetual victimhood…

  • bustya

    lol, they sound just like the anti-condom religious right!

    • GeoInSD

      And just where is this “anti-condom religious right”? Not once did I hear any such talk from the religious right. The only people I ever heard claim that the Right are against contraception is the Left. I never heard the Right preaching against contraception. Not only do they not preach that, they don’t believe that.
      Are you going to claim Catholics, say like Nancy Pelosi?

    • Nyota Uhura

      Some Catholic Christians don’t believe in birth control. The vast majority of Christians DO believe in it. Educate yourself.

      • bustya

        then this “vast majority” wouldn’t qualify as “anti-condom” would they, learn to read, moron.

  • duffy49

    Feminist today are a disgrace to this nation. As far as I’m concerned, they not only need to learn to defend themselves, they need to buy there own birth control pills is they choose to, quite killing babies because they are inconvenienced and get a real life, not a life of fantasy, irresponsibility & narcissism.

    • Nyota Uhura

      In what world does anyone think someone else “owes” them payment for their own decisions?!

  • Al Haines

    Why should I need to lock my apartment doors, why don’t we just teach people that stealing is wrong? Do we even really need police? Love the logic with the feminists here.

    • $17051172


  • GeoInSD

    This just demonstrates either a total lack of critical thinking ability or they are simply lying. There is no way that rape will be eliminated completely no matter how well the people are educated. Tell me who wants their daughters completely at the mercy of their would be rapist?
    I am sure if there was a poll taken of men who had any inclination at all to commit rape, every single one of them, if they answer honestly, would very much prefer the Leftist non-solution to rape and very much prefer that women not pursue Miss Nevada’s recommendation. Who honestly does not agree?
    The Left wants sheep, not self reliant people.

  • Meike Magdalena Büttner

    -_______- i’m so disgraced to be considered a woman..

  • Eliana Garza

    I think she was right!. Women need to learn how to defend herself against all criminals, not only from rapists. If you don’t know any martial art, stop crying and get your concealed carry. It sad to see all this woman’s commenting and criticizing, thinking that a rapist or a criminal will go away if you pray a hail Mary prayer. Stupid !!

  • $17051172

    Wow all these women are so dang stupid. They all want to scoff at the idea that they should learn to defend themselves. Like thats a bad idea?! And then there answer is to tell men to just not do it.

    Okay, thats great thats what SHOULD be going on….but your opinion that it shouldn’t happen isn’t going to stop you from getting raped. You know what can stop you from getting raped?….yourself after you’ve learned to defend yourself.

  • Nyota Uhura

    I’m actually beginning to wonder if all this rape fixation doesn’t really mean they WISH they would be an object of desire, even in that way.

  • SJP

    Why were all these feminists watching Miss USA anyway. Isn’t that a bit antithetical for them?

  • My name is really Fat Patrisha

    Why do the two things have to be exclusive? Why can’t we teach men not to rape at the same time we’re teaching women to defend themselves? This argument is ridiculous. We live in a screwed up world. People will do evil things no matter how hard we try to teach them not to. Do we stop trying to each them? No. Do we stop defending ourselves from them? No.

  • Chris

    My eyes hurt from such idiotic responses. Cut the crap and be realistic!!!! Yes we do need to raise the next generation and educate our culture to not rape as obvious that is.

    But the fact is, not in 100 years are you going to completely eliminate rape from society, that’s just not realistic. There are demented people out there who don’t give a crap what you and I think about rape being wrong.

    There will always be criminals and sick people out there until the end of time. That’s just the facts.

    So for women to learn to defend themselves, or get some sort of protection to carry around with themselves is nothing wrong to do.

    They’re being smart. Not only women should learn to defend themselves or carry some protection, but also men should too!!!! Why?

    Like I said before there are sick people out there. Saying that it’s wrong for women to learn self defense is a ridiculous argument and I can’t believe the stupidity that’s out there.

    What are you going to depend on, the government? Policies? Change? What!!?? Even if you get new policies or laws in play, you’re still going to have psychos out there to break them.

    Obviously these people are depending on hopes and dreams and don’t live in reality. Ridiculous!!!!!

  • Katy Wilkerson

    So they’re OK with women being told to pee on themselves but it’s not OK for a woman to take control of the situation and defend herself…Yeah that makes sense…

  • jamesbaker11

    I have heard many accounts of rapes being prevented by a woman skilled in self-defense. I have never heard of any society where rape was prevented through education and societal change. Until someone can cite a community where rape has been expunged completely, it is in a woman’s self-interest to learn self-defense.

    • iconoclast

      Hashtags. In the 21st Century rape will be ended through constant hashtag use.

      • Isahiah62

        FTW funniest post award

  • Big Dad

    I believe what she is saying, is above all, Learn how to Protect yourself, not just from rape, but stand up and “Not” be the victim. If there were more laws for Men who Rape, it may make a difference, but there are the 2% that can’t learn, and their asses needs to be seriously Beat. Sad but human nature as it is, there are people that just don’t respect anybody, and will inflict their madness, so again and I am not saying that this is the cure-all, however New Miss Nevada feels some comfort that she can defend herself, and wants you to learn and feel the same. Is there something wrong with that. You know the Laws are Not going to Help, so why not help yourself, cuz that’s where we are headed!

  • Brutus974

    Carry a firearm.

  • iconoclast

    Rape culture? Is that the latest smear on the USA? That we have a rape culture?

    These idiots have no limits to their hate of the USA.

  • TheOriginalDonald

    So are those women razzing Miss Nevada agreeing with General Robert Montgomery Knight?

  • LieutenantSword

    Wow… OK, so when a store puts up in their window that they’re a “gun-free zone”, chances are they’re going to be robbed. Now when these stupid women put on Twitter that a woman shouldn’t be able to defend herself against a rapist, what’s that make them? Here’s a hashtag that you dumb, disillusioned little girls need to learn – #ProfessionalVictim

  • Isahiah62

    We need a culture we don’t have to defend ourselves from…..

    then quit importing rape culture from Middle East by the hundreds of thousands each year- see SWEDEN where ladies dye their hair black to prevent rape by Muslims on blondes

  • ronwf

    Men ARE taught not to rape. Not all of them learn. People are taught not to murder. Not all of them learn. People are taught not to steal. Not all of them learn. If the feminists come up with a teaching method that is 100% effective, then we can stop learning how to defend ourselves and stop putting locks on our front doors and in our cars. Until then I suggest that people learn to defend themselves and keep their doors locked.

    • Dashwood

      Well stated. I think it’s idiotic to think the answer is to teach men “how not to rape.” Give me a MF’ing break. While we’re at it, let’s teach Wall Street not to cheat or steal, teach politicians not to lie, and teach every gun owner not to go on a shooting spree. Or just maybe, the aforementioned disgusting people will do whatever they want in spite of common decency, knowing full well it’s WRONG.

      • ramv36

        “teach every gun owner not to go on a shooting spree”….now you make as much sense as the anti-self defense people.

        Look at it this way, 100 million gun owners have gone on zero shooting sprees today, and depending on your definition of a shooting spree, it’s been years.

  • Charles Edmonds

    They are really so fucked up that they think women learning self-defense is bad, I think everyone should learn self-defense, If I had a daughter, she would learn self-defense, But according to them, Lets teach men not to rape, Because criminals follow the laws so fucking good.

  • alliewh

    I didn’t see what exactly her response was, but as someone who works with victims on college campuses- self defense isn’t the answer. 90% of rapes are acquaintance rapes, so it’s not men hiding out in the bushes/stranger danger. Rape occurs because people, both men and women, don’t know when consent is or isn’t given. The ONLY way a person has the legal right to have sex with, or have any kind of contact with, another person is if there is a clear and concise yes. Every. Single. Time. If taking self defense classes make women feel safer, more confident whatever, great. But we should be teaching men how not to rape, what consent is, how to have safe, healthy sex, not teaching women how to protect themselves.

    • Microaggressive

      regretful drunks that have ideologues like you to coax them into claiming “rape” afterwards.

    • jetch

      I feel sorry for the victims you work with. you’re a moron! who said the rapist has to be hiding in the bushes? you can’t use self-defense on a supposed friend??? wow!
      teaching men not to rape has got to be the dumbest thing I’ve read all day! if it were that simple, why don’t we just teach people not to kill, steal, hurt others, drive drunk, etc. etc.??? because evil people exist. they don’t care what you have to say and they certainly don’t care about your feelings.
      you are the worst!

    • ramv36

      As a fellow university staff member, what you’re saying is the only, sole way to solve this crisis is…


    • Dragblacker

      How about returning to taboos on extramarital sex instead of promoting hedonism in the same of “freedom”?

  • Nicolas Koehn

    Actually, i was taught not to rape anyone. However, being taught to do (or not do) something doesn’t mean i have to follow through with the lesson. You learn self defense to protect yourselves from those that decide to rape, regardless of lessons and consequences.

  • http://joey.mimweddings.com/Blog joeydg

    Women should not only learn self-defense techniques, but should be qualified to carry a firearm – especially if they need to be in dangerous or risky environments like night clubs or alleyways.

  • Todd Shackelford

    Stupid to wear a seat belt…you should just learn not to crash. Duh.

  • IThinkForMyself

    this makes me so sad. All that commented negatively are stuck in the victim mentality. so insistent that the world must change for them instead of being empowered. so very very sad.

  • joe parish

    Im a feminist and those people tweeting are obviously not. Very ignorant. Im sure she didnt mean self defense was the ONLY solution…
    Besides, whats a person who believes in gender equality doing watchng a stupid beauty pageant any damn way?

  • Adriana Ann Shepherd

    it would be really nice if people thought for a moment before they jumped to absurd conclusions. All women should get self defense classes, that’s not a bad thing, Jesus people twist things! For all of you that miss took what ( Miss Nevada USA) said out of context I hope people follow you around not thinking and taking everything you say out of context !

  • Clive

    WTF is “rape culture”? Is that where women think they should be able to walk around naked inside a nation of mentally castrated and celibate men? How about you just not dress like a hooker and learn how to defend yourself?

    By the way, have you ever noticed how the raging feminists tend to be fairly to largely unattractive?

  • jjcassidy

    If it was that simple, we could just tell liberals to stop being inane.

    • Clive

      Or conservatives to stop acting like other conservatives never do anything wrong. Or political idiots to equate everything to politics.

      • jjcassidy

        Well, at least you get the futility of “teaching people” not to do something. Let’s teach all potential murderers not to kill as well, while we’re at it.

        You’re kidding yourself if you don’t think this spazz-out mainly comes from the liberal spectrum.

        • Clive

          Like I said, don’t pretend that conservatives don’t act like idiots with their own issues, too.

          This is why the hyper-partisan segments of society are ridiculous.

  • http://www.unifiedpatriots.com/ TNJim

    Of course men shouldn’t rape or otherwise harm a woman. But until that happens, and I fear it never will, every woman should know how to defend herself. Black belts in taekwondo (sp?) are great. So is a Glock. I swear, these feminists never even heard of common sense, let alone practice it.

  • AR

    Even in a world where we teach men to respect women, there will always be the one guy out there that women need to defend against. Even if we did not have a rape culture, self defense is the answer. It’s not blaming the victim because no one said the victim was at fault, but it is common sense. Even a weak male will get assaulted and robbed if they don’t use basic common sense and learn to defend themselves. The best thing women can do is learn to stand up for themselves. All women can do if they follow what these people are saying is hope they can hide behind some guy if they get attacked. These “feminists” are putting feminism back 20 years.

  • eyesfrontmen

    The “rape culture” on campus is a false feminist narrative. It is not about women being raped and certainly not in any activity that self-defense could help. The feminists know this and that is why they are going nuts over the comment; it exposes their slanderous lie. It is about young women engaging in their feminist inspired promiscuity and then having the regrets the horrid patriarchal, misogynist daddies told them they would have. Back when daddies were still allowed before feminist mommies ejected them from the life of children.

    Now regret after sex is turning consensual sex into rape to relieve the girl from any responsibility for her feminist behavior or from confronting the remorse that was predictable. Just blame the male sex partner and accuse him of rape. Feminist logic. That is why they can’t report these sex activities to the police. There is nothing to report. So they set up feminist sharia courts on campus to punish men in show trials. Self-defense is not much help when at the time, you are a willing participant.

  • Bob Dick

    Why should I have to lock the doors to my house? That’s just victim blaming. We should teach people not to burgle so we can live in a burgle free society.

  • John Harlow

    For all those out there that think teaching self defense to women is a bag idea you a are among the least intelligent people on the planet. Self defense not a how to course on how to “hit back.” If you believe that your ignorance will get you hurt, assaulted, or even killed. Self defense classes teach a person to be self aware of every situation they are in. Defense classes give you knowledge. What to look for how to avoid bad situations, what is a bad situation. With that knowledge comes confidence, that confidence is what prevents you from being a victim of most crimes. If you have the knowledge and confidence to not be a victim you won’t be. Self defense courses are designed to teach a person how not to become a victim in the first place. Physical force is always the last thing a person should turn to, having that knowledge(training) to rely on should shit ever hit the fan is the best thing you can do. Self defense is about not becoming or getting into a situation where you could become a victim. This discourse dose not pertain to just rape either. This is all crimes against all people. If you have knowledge you have power. THAT MEANS KNOWLEDGE GIVES YOU THE POWER TO STOP ANY CRIME. We don’t live in a world where rainbows and unicorns exist. Get real people, self defense is a necessity for existence!

  • The Survival Wire

    Liberalism is a mental disorder! My daughter has been trained in martial arts as well as in marksmanship. As have her brothers and mother. Any of those women castigating Miss USA over her common sense advice ought to vacation in India!

  • Camacho2017

    Since when is being able to defend yourself and not allow yourself to be a victim been a bad thing?? People really think bass ackwards these days.

    • Truth Teller

      It’s because they are all victims, and victims seem to like to absolve themselves of any need to act to protect themselves.

      Scenario: B leaves his car unlocked in the middle of the Ghetto. He comes back 5 hours later and his stuff has been stolen.

      Victim mentality: “OMG I did nothing wrong, what’s wrong with the world.”

      Logical deduction: “You know what, it sucks there are people that do this but I may not have wanted to park my car in a bad neighborhood, unlocked, knowing I was going to be gone for 5 hours.”

  • Whothehell Cares

    All these idiotic people against learning self defense. What ? You think you’re only going to get raped. How about being mugged and robbed, Men need to learn self defense too. If self defense doesn’t work why the hell do we have a military to protect us from aggressors.?

  • Truth Teller

    I don’t understand this outrage about the comments made by the new Miss USA about women learning to defend themselves. It’s perfectly sound and pragmatic advice.

    It’s not “victim blaming.” She didn’t say that women get raped because they don’t know how to defend themselves. She merely said that it would be smart for women to learn to defend themselves so if they ever do end up in that situation, they will have a base from which to react with aggression.

    This is good advice for ANYONE. Women and men alike. The biggest problem I see in this country is the “victim” mentality.

  • blair miller

    This is dumb , and somewhat embarasing.Yes Yes it would be nice if men stop raping women. But sadly we don’t live in that world. So it probly would be a good idea to learn self defense.Because if you learn self defense, you’ll have a higher chance to get away from the attacker.

  • TheWholeTruth

    Stupid is a stupid does. They don’t think that some people cannot be taught (such as themselves, obviously.) Teach men not to rape. Okay, and those that flunk the course??? You can’t fix stupid so you must defend yourself from it. It’s nobody else’s job to protect you. It’s your OWN responsibility.

    • Truth Teller

      The problem is that the victim mentality seems to make people think that “just because it shouldn’t happens means I should take no steps to keep myself protected.”

      That’s foolish. Should I have the right to live free of the fear of being robbed? Yes. Does that mean I will never get robbed and can simply choose to not lock or protect my valuables? Clearly not.

  • disqus_uBeAOmASGe

    And then feminists wonder why people think they’re crazy? “Women shouldn’t have to learn self-defense to prevent rape.”
    Yeah, well there’s a lot of things that we “shouldn’t” have to do. I shouldn’t have to lock my house when I leave for fear of being burglarized. I shouldn’t have to be so careful about the information I give out on the internet for fear of someone crazy getting it. Military members shouldn’t have to go halfway around the world to fight to protect us. Bad people shouldn’t exist in a perfect society.
    But in case they haven’t noticed, WE DON’T LIVE IN A UTOPIA. There are bad people out there and nothing you do is going to change that. People have been breaking the law since the concept of having a government began. The only way to stop it from happening to you is to take every precaution to stop yourself from becoming a victim in the first place! Self-defense is how you can do that! You think just because you teach men not to rape that it’s not going to happen anymore? I’d like to see how that feminist garbage helps you in a real-world attack situation.

  • azul360

    What in the hell are they talking about? So women are just supposed to sit their defenseless while sick people (both men AND women) rape people? Learning to defend yourself IS the best method of protection. Right now rape is mostly because of something wrong in the person’s brain (whether it be a disorder or personality type) and women get raped no matter what they are wearing (yeah because that 89 year old woman sitting there watching TV was in a stripper outfit while watching TV before she got raped…..idiots). Good for Miss Nevada for saying for people to learn to protect themselves. That’s a good skill for ANYONE to have. Glad to see we can finally have the Miss Universe contestants show their intelligence :). By the way I feel like it’s against feminism to tell women that they shouldn’t learn to defend themselves………..

  • Lori Alaine

    I cannot believe how many ignorant females (and males who answered) are out there!! You all make me sick!! Go Miss USA!! Your answer was brilliant!
    Self defense is the best way to prevent yourself from being raped/assaulted! Since when can you teach criminals NOT to rape?! The severe lack of intelligence of these women (and men) and their idiotic answers baffle me! Educate yourselves before you continue to look like fools!!!

  • AFMomXs2

    Well if you are a libtard you just pee on them!! HA HA

  • Cindy Gobrecht
  • SammFan

    So, if I understand correctly, the question was essentially, ‘how should a woman protect herself?’ that’s a pretty focused question and none of the knee-jerk Feminist responses are an answer to the actual question (?) Even prophylactic prison or Re-education camps for men does not address the question as asked.

  • Leon Peng

    This is what I got out of this, pretend females is Ukraine….and the rapist is Russia….

    Ukraine must not defend themselves, instead they should teach Russia not to invade….


  • iconoclast

    Since US society cannot keep people put away who repeatedly threaten to murder indiscriminately (the recent Seattle killer is only the latest example) how on earth can society keep rapists locked up before they rape?

  • Mr. Michael

    What kind of fantasy land do these people live in? First they claim 1/5 women on campus is raped, then they say no need for self defense. Feminists are disgusting blight against rational thinking people.

  • Chaos85

    I can’t believe people are this fucking stupid! I have been in more “rape is bad” seminars and briefings and whatnot due to my association in the military and the steps we’re taking to prevent sexual assault, and Miss Nevada hit the nail right smack on the head with that answer. It’s difficult to prevent rape from occurring, but steps can be taken to reduce the chance that you become a victim – for example, have a wingman to watch your back and help you get home safely, don’t go out alone, and take some self defense classes like the ones SPECIFICALLY for fighting off sexual assaults.

  • Lou9999

    These leftists women live in a nether world. Fact: there are bad guys in every culture in every corner of this world and has been for thousands of years. Fact: these bad guys attack weak targets (usually defenseless women). You just can’t cure stupid. The women who are protesting against women taking self defense are Democrats that just haven’t been mugged yet.

  • John W Tobin

    What do you want to bet that the VAST majority of those tweeters support obama. Just imagine if she had suggested firearms training. The horror, The horror!

  • Jason

    I can only imagine what their parents are teaching them or not teaching them.

  • Lucian

    Rape or not. EVERYBODY should be able to defend themselves. Whether it’s knowing how to throw frickin jab or how to stick a knife. Oh, and Dana Loesch is my DREAM woman. Where are you, DL?

  • Mark Neil

    Yeah… Because we trust 3 year olds to be responsable enough for their own safety to not take candy from strangers, but asking a grown woman to learn to defend herself is she doesn’t want to get raped is just too much pressure. How did feminism get such a stranglehold on the discourse?

  • Alex

    This is ridiculous. No, men (and women) should not rape and should be taught to not rape. Unfortunately, even when this message is taught worldwide, there will still be people who rape, and women and men should know how to defend themselves against such attacks. In fact, men and women should know how to defend themselves no matter what because the world is filled with terrible people who won’t get the “this is bad to do to another living being” memo. Berating someone who is saying that self defense is a good way to prevent rape isn’t feminism. It’s illogical and potentially harmful (for reasons stated above).

  • Jacob Unamuno

    Unfortunately you cant have a culture where there’s no rape and no killing, you have to be a class “A” FUCKING IDIOT to think that, you have a world of incredibly sick twisted people that want to hurt you in every way possible, you don’t simply make friends with the person that’s trying to hurt you on the spot if you believe that than your from whole different universe and you will not last long here, you have to stand up for your self and and fight for your life when your in a life and death situation reading all these people comments on how their shocked at what she said and saying we need to teach our culture better? you can do that but I guarantee you that there is no way in hell your going to change that and it means your wussy and a coward, women should take self defense classes to prevent them selves from being raped and make the aggressor vulnerable. I believe women should have concealed carry to protect them selves

  • Ben Franklin

    Right now there are about 50 women with pending rape court dates. Nearly all of whom are teachers. It’s not just a male thing.

  • dukestreet

    When I was a kid. I recall that the young women’s group at my church, brought in a female police officer specifically,to teach self defense to the teenage girls attending the church. They also held a father / daughter banquet, to allow the girls to learn from their fathers, exactly how a boy was supposed to treat a girl. Of course they did pretty much the same with the boys and their mothers too.

  • Sherri Anderson

    Wow! Miss Nevada was coming from her own personal experience in answering and she gets lambasted? Come on folks – those of you who think you could have come up with a better answer in that amount of time under those circumstances step out onto the stage and do it!

  • The Official Andy ®

    I surprised feminazis were even WATCHING Miss USA. Wasn’t there something they would have been watching on PBS or The Wood Working Channel?

  • Missy Moo

    Rapists rape, not for the sex, but for the power trip of subduing a weaker person. What better way to show them that you will not be their victim than by fighting them off? These feminists are crazy, I thought feminism was about women being strong…

  • Jason

    Yes, I mean NO ONE could have possible ever told these men that rape was wrong already…

  • Mr.Richards

    If women learn to defend themselves, they’ll be able to fend off a black rapist, which in turn will hinder the “white privilege” narrative like this liberal propagated when she blamed her rape by a black man on white people.

  • Shawn Zoller Grommon

    Saying women don’t need to learn self defense is pure stupidity! Of course we’d all love society to be safe and free of all types of crime, but unfortunately that is not the reality. Rapes, muggings, shootings, and much more is happening every single day, all over this country. So if or when a woman is attacked, what do you anti-self defense people suggest they do? Just let whatever happens happen? Just the idea of that is incredibly dumb and unreasonable! Wake up out of oblivion people!!

  • NYCTim Sucks dicks

    Liberals are the scourge of this lost Nation

  • CapitalistInfidel

    Just think, if Jaunita Brodderick had a black belt she could have fended off Bill Clinton.

  • motownmutt

    All animals, not just all humans, not just all women; all animals should learn self-defense. The amount of stupidity on display here is just astonishing.

  • ActaNonVerba

    Its interesting that these people feel that one cannot support both ideas.

  • http://instagram.com/therealblackalbundy į âm KìÑG hęrê

    Don’t tell me to look both ways before crossing the road, tell cars to stop hitting people.

  • karen adkins

    when I was in college in the 80’s there was a women’s group on campus that heavily promoted the idea that all men were potential rapists…which I think is just as equally stupid as blaming the victim for being raped….I can fight back physically, I am also armed….my daughter will be the same….there is nothing wrong with anyone being able to defend themselves when necessary…..from rape, robbery, home invasion, whatever…..these so called feminists are so dead wrong….I would have to assume they attended the Hillary Clinton school of asininity

  • righteousreverenddynamite

    Glad she did not also say that co-eds should not try to show that they can “drink like the boys” and get drunk to the point of not being in control in while surrounded by drunk and disinhibited horny men; because, like, women have the right not to be raped when they are passed out nude on a dorm bed…

    • LuluB

      “In theory” and “in practice” are often two, very, different things. It’s professors that told these young women they should be able to “not to be raped when they are passed out nude on a dorm bed”.

      Well, yes, technically that should be true but it goes back to that theory vs. practice, thing.

  • Andrea Davis Hatch

    When did we supposedly stop teaching that rape is wrong? I love that the majority of these idiotic tweets were deleted. You can’t control anyone else, only yourself, Miss USA nailed it.

  • Zork

    As we are seeing more today, nefarious quacks have begun to argue that there is no need to limit the power of government officials because they have been chosen through democratic processes.

  • Parker Bandhauer

    I understand that the way she answered her question (or that it seems she answered her question, because it doesn’t actually show her answer), can kinda sound like victim blaming. And while I would consider myself a “feminist” (since labels are apparently important to people), in that equal rights for all should have been a thing a LONG fucking time ago now, being able to defend yourself against anybody (because hate is blind) is a good thing! You shouldn’t have to, but we live in a world where it’d be smarter if we did. If it was required that everybody martial arts or learned to fight, then we might even be in a better place.

  • Matthew Dolby

    USA! USA! USA! LMFAO. God it’s hilarious watching these social justice warriors freak out.

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    Violent crime is way down since the 1990s. Feminists need to create rape hysteria to justify their jobs and budgets. Hence the term “rape culture,” devised to make things seem much worse than they are.

  • SawIt

    I shouldn’t have to wear a seat belt. I say we teach people how to drive properly, not use their cell phone, be distracted, stupid or unconcerned with other’s lives instead of blaming the victim for not wearing a seat belt. Now we can repeal the seat belt law instead of this Victim Blaming in the Car Accident Culture

  • Tx2ak

    Bravo, Miss Nevada! And, congratulations! She wasn’t engaging in victim blaming – she was engaging in how to avoid being a victim! Bad things happen, be ready. I think her advice is right on.

  • RickD

    Self defense is a basic human right.

  • Guy

    People in the ghetto shouldn’t put bars on their windows, we should simply teach our boys not to burgle!

    • genki831 .

      Yeah I actually find bars, locked doors and alarms offensive. People act like there’s always going to be a criminal no matter how nicely we ask people to not steal from us.

  • wake_me

    Sure, go teach a 3 week course to that homeless, violent schizo crackhead not to rape. You can scream ‘we need to teach men not to rape #rapeculture’ all you want, but the fact remains there are evil people in this world, both men and women. You are not getting through to them and are living in a fantasy world if you think you will. To them you are a target. For your money, your shoes, your body, your life. Learning self defense, and presenting yourself confidently in public will protect yourself.

  • CaliNative

    Self Defense is NEVER questionable. Being a left-wing nutjob believing in “nirvana cumbaya” need to know that our leftie pacifist ways works great, unless you meet a homicidal killer.

    Or, unless you meet an IRS agent that wants your money…

  • Meagan Brooke

    My problem with all these negative views is that no one can control someone else’s actions. So naturally it would be great if men didnt rape, but since we can’t mind read or control what others are thinking of or actually doing, why not learn to defend yourself?! The only person you are responsible for is you. If you arent prepared to defend yourself in any situation (be ot violent or not) then that is stupidity on your part. I would really like to see some of you defenseless people look at a rapist and put your hand up and say “men can’t rape anymore” and see how that helps the situation. If he shrugs his shoulders and walks away-then kudos to you.

  • Kenny Fordyce

    Maybe if some of these rapists were raised in a traditional two parent home where good morals and respect are expected…Oh wait a minute, feminists are against that too! Better learn to kick some ass, girls!

    • LuluB

      Parenting is a big part of it but we are also sending confusing, societal messages to little, boys. Instead of preparing them for adult hood, explaining to them that, someday, they will grow-up to be big and strong and that being responsible for that, is like all, other adult responsibilities; stopping at stop signs, doing your best to work and pay your bills, to not steal, etc.

      Society now tells little boys, that if they are energetic at 6 years old, they need medicine and are bad and at puberty, they will start morphing into this bad, bad creature and the only way to control what they will become, is through constant social education, public shame, fear and punishment.

      This causes underlying resentment and confusion, which only becomes worse in kids with absentee parents and in particular, without Fathers to guide them and help them through the confusion. They further see TV ads, all day long, where men are made fools of, shown to be clueless oafs, jerks, the people who break things and can’t figure out how to fix their problems. Then, they see crime show, after crime show, where extreme psychos are shown as typical and common. Who are they? Usually men hurting women.

      We’re failing our boys. Society has become so, pre-occupied with every, obscure, social problem, that we’ve failed to see we’re neglecting, perhaps, even abusing our boys and young men, as a whole. It’s like we’ve forgotten about them. It’s become cultural.

      • Kenny Fordyce

        Good points LuLuB. Good moral values are biblical based, another thing most radical feminists are dead set against. We’re supposed to drug rambunctious boys and keep putting them in time out, never lay a hand on them for bad behavior and here’s what we get. Easy access to porn and violent things to watch can’t be good. Access to Godly things are being more suppressed all the time. I do the best I can in my household as I’m sure you do too. That’s all we have much control over.

        • Andrew Leidal

          I don’t study the Bible, so does that mean that my life is void of any chance of having a decent set of morals?

  • Cristina Marie

    The belief that we need to educate men to “not rape women” is quite humorous. That’s like educating people to not kill each other. Unfortunately, acts of violence are inevitable in society and have been occurring for thousands of years.That’s not to say that rape or murder is “okay” — It’s acknowledging that such acts WILL happen. Should women (or men for that matter) learn self defense, they are putting themselves in a position to protect themselves from an attacker. The disadvantages of NOT learning self defense are many. Yet, I cannot think of a single disadvantage of learning self defense…

  • redstilettos

    So when are the crazies going to also go after this Miss USA contestant: http://dailysignal.com/2014/06/09/miss-usa-contestant-says-product-rape/ It seems there were a lot of fab women competing that night.

  • Target4Tyrants

    Don’t learn To defend yourself ladies. They get off on your weak helplessness.

  • therealamericanamerican

    Question: How is the idea of teaching guys not to rape going to work over self defense? I can see it now, a bunch of sex crazed lunatics are going to really watch power points and miraculously not have the desire to rape anymore. How can people be this stupid?

  • seejanefightback

    Do you want to skewer feminists or stop rape? If the latter, then recognize that many feminists support self-defense. I’ve argued for its importance for almost 20 years now, and so have many others. See http://www.seejanefightback.wordpress.com for more–including a “Way to Go, Miss USA” letter and an open letter to Joe Biden and the White House Task Force on Sexual Assault. http://www.seejanefightback.wordpress.com

  • https://www.facebook.com/TheSavvySurvivor Melissa J. Lee

    I believe a woman should learn self-defense….but, I also believe that we should, once again, be teaching our little boys to be decent, honorable, respectable men. Responsibility for keeping a woman safe should not be solely on HER shoulders!

    • Devgrumob6

      No matter what we teach our children, there will be psychopaths, sociopaths, and deviants that will seek to rape and murder women. You cannot teach that away. You cannot change how they think.

  • Candace-Khaleesi Poore Wannama

    I am NOT a feminist, I am a woman! I just watched the interview of the “wow” question for Miss USA that is said to have won her the crown. Miss Nevada stated that a solution for sexual assault on college campuses is awareness – REALLY? She also stated that if women would learn to defend themselves at an early age (she’s a 4th degree black belt) that this would happen less……..

    I have no idea how people think that is a spectacular answer……Why don’t we just blame the victims once again for not “defending” themselves! Most incidents of rape that occur on a college campus happen with someone they know – not someone that jumps out of the bushes. Most rape on a college campus is non stranger rape. When will we stop blaming victims and begin realizing that people should not rape, and it wouldn’t matter if you were a black belt or not.


    • Devgrumob6

      She is not blaming the victim. That is a false narrative. Fact: People will commit rape, murder, assault, robbery, etc.. Fact: You CANNOT teach that away! Fact: Being alert, aware, and capable of defending yourself may be the difference between living and dying. To ignore that for some Utopian pipe dream of a no rape, no murder, no assault, no robbery, etc. world is a DISSERVICE to women (and men, and children for that matter).

  • Anderson Marinho

    Why try self-defense in a momment of need if they can simples FIX rape usin’ Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, Am I right?!

    Gee, c’mon, what’s wrong with that sentence? It ISN’T bad to suggest self-defense to ANYONE, not only womens, also males, so why is that so offensive?! I fail to understand… It’s not like she’s sayin’ “Rape is cool! We just need to train our womens!”

  • kerri

    In a perfect world all would be roses, sweets, and love…no greed, no crime ! Moonbats have no clue about the reality of human frailty …just Utopia.

  • Ms.Bohmont

    I was followed from my workplace, in the dark, by a man who asked me for a ride. I declined. He continued to follow, and asked again. Again, I declined. After the third request, I stopped, turned around, and said “Dude. I’ve got pms and a conceal carry permit. You SURE you want that ride?”. Do you think it was the menses or the idea that I could protect myself that made him turn tail and leave?

  • Jack Burnett

    Robbers should not rob..but the DO. I would love to give the robbers a big hug and convince them that robbing is bad and have them break into tears of shame and regret and turn over a new leaf, never to rob again. But I’m still packing my .45 for those that don’t have a conscience. You know, the same sociopathic lack of empathy that robbers, rapists, and murderers share.

  • commonsenseadvocate

    WTF???? Here we go. And having a gun in wrong b/c we should teach people not to rob?! Lets not play ignorant here. If you learn to kick ass, well then that rapist will be laying in a pool of their own blood begging for YOU to stop! Learn to kick ass ladies, a man will think twice about attacking any woman!!

  • Rocky Johnson

    I am totally disgusted with the blatant intentional stupidity from the women who believe they should not know how to defend themselves. Just having that knowledge is the first step of showing the confidence within yourself to not be taken advantage of. Not many rapist go after the strong ones, they prey on the weak. So in other words the retarded people who are against self defense are obviously the weak. But good luck”teaching”the sickos who rape women, not to. My wife besides knowing hand to hand self defense, also has her CCW… because a 100 lbs girl can now defend against a 300 lbs man or multiple men. Take the rose colored glasses off and get a clue…. The world is full of wackos!

    • Sonya A. Willis

      Absolutely. A person male or female walking with a confident and assured stance makes themselves less of a target.

  • Pomagranite16

    Holy shit, I have never seen anything this stupid in my entire life. Just….what? Guys should just stop raping? I mean, sure, they should, but we please come up with a solution that actually makes SENSE and WORKS? God, these girls are the epitome of “retarded”. Looks like I finally don’t want to be a female anymore -_-

  • CocoThe Asticot

    We live in a world of physical and material satisfaction where you can get a plane ticket for the opposite side of the world within a minute if you suddenly get bored of your garden’s grass, a world where you can work to not have to watch how useless your life is, a world where your needs and desires are dictated by your leaders and by the crowd that has – long since your birthday – swallowed you, where love is a matter of having a beautiful car, having a nice job, and giving good blowjobs, where being different is a problem and where creativity is considered evil, where you are under the impression that you can have anything, anytime, without having to fight for it. So tell me how the FUCK do you expect men to not rape ?

  • Stefano Bonacchi

    by suggesting self defense courses for women “Rape culture wins”, does that mean
    that since judges exist ” culture

  • fishaddict

    I am actually happy because as soon as they figure out how to make men stop being men, and I want to be clear, just because men are men does not man we should act like animals. Control and respect of self and others is tantamount for a man. It is what makes us men and not just male mammals. It is the same as what makes a father rather than a sperm donor. But as soon as they figure this whole stopping rape thing they can start working on the other things that plague society. They should be able to make locks a thing of the past because , by their logic, we should not have to lock our things up we should just change the behavior of thieves and burglars. death due to negligent behavior? Just change the people so that they do not exhibit that behavior.
    In effect the game they are proposing is a dangerous one. The left side of the spectrum has worked had for many years to remove the stigma and normalize what has been historically considered unacceptable or even questionable behavior. They have preached that everything but the person committing the acts are to blame and removed all responsibility from the individual. They have blamed poverty, broken homes, white priviledge, racism, global inequality, whatever , rather than a bad person committing a bad act. How many people out there can truly say they did not know that rape was illegal and immoral? I say no one and yet it is there. Then when someone proposes that one must put lock on their sanctity or dignity of life, they knock them down. I would propose that all the detractors who say self defence is a bad ide and mock this young woman for her views also remove all locks and place their valuables on their front lawn with a sign saying please don’t steal my stuff or we may have to reeducate you after we blame society for making you have to be a thief.

  • blackyb

    So, the smoked up left thinks there should be safety and no rape? People in Hell want icewater too.

  • blackyb

    Tell that to the Islamists who do this without thinking twice about it. These stupid leftists need to face reality, but then they give it away so much they cannot call foul.

  • blackyb

    For people who make out like they know everything, they do not see that there is depravity in people and this is not smoked up la la land?

  • Decere Tiozon

    Rape is going to happen anyways no matter how much you educate the public about it. Women should learn how to defend themselves when the time comes. We should learn how to be strong and protect ourselves. And at the same time, encourage more education about rape.

  • Paige Cinder Scott

    “Men should not rape”. As nice as a solution as that would be, a twisted soul who rapes women (or men) is not going to stop just because people say “don’t do that”. It’s the same mentality as taking guns from citizens with the belief that criminals will obey the law. At least if women (and men) learn to defend themselves, they have a better chance of surviving and getting away from an attacker.

  • Ellis L.

    This is so stupid. It seems that all of the people against self-defense only argument is Men should just not rape. What kind of of foolishness is that. As long as this world is existing, this is one evil that will never go away. A woman should learn to defend herself. I would want the women in my life to be able to defend themselves if some fool came to attack them.

    • LuluB

      If these girls ever have daughters, someday, I wonder what they’d teach them? Methinks they’ll have one response for Official Public Outrage purposes and another, when it comes to the safety of their own daughters.

      If not, hopefully they’ll have husbands with lots of common sense and a dedicated, attentive, protectiveness over their kids and their silly wives, which isn’t, exactly, the feminist victory these girls probably had in mind.

  • Shinji’s Soul Reaver

    I would never approve of victim blaming, but let’s get real here. The US can be a really horrible place at times. Women and other vulnerable people should learn self defense. I also advocate for legal gun ownership and training.

  • Arthur Schadenfreude Gonzalez

    This is why nobody really takes the feminist movement seriously.

  • nicole

    I don’t think she was wrong to say that women should learn self defense. We as women are targeted for many cruel things. we are believed to be the weaker sex. No learning self defense will not prevent you from being attacked but it’ll help give you a fighting chance if you were. You can not prevent cruel people from doing bad things the only thing you can do is protect yourself

  • Jamie Dogma Castaway

    Ok wtf is wrong with some people? Suggesting self defense is not victim blaming. Its is good advice. No, a woman shouldn’t HAVE to need to learn self defense because they fear rape. However, this is the real world. There are thrives, rapists, murderers and just plain psychos out there. Iam a multiple rape survivor who jhas since learned to handle myself. I think all women should learn to defend themselve . its just common sense.

  • Rich e

    Everyone should be able to defend themselves, wheather rape, robbery or other crimes. Also to believe in our lifetime you can create a world without rape or other crimes is nonsense.

    • Rich e

      Oh. I forgot. In case of rape you can pee all over yourselve and play dead, that will help

  • LaurenAshley

    I can’t control what a man is going to do. I’m only in control of myself. What’s wrong with making sure you can protect yourself??

  • Jake Faustner

    Its extremely sad to say in our society that cowardly men still rape women but it’s something that’s been going on for millennia and sadly won’t end overnight. As a last resort nothing beats a good knowledge of self-defense. Training that could save a young girl from a horrible event!! How dare anybody say anything about a woman defending herself!! And yes, obviously they shouldn’t have to but sadly that’s not the society that we live in!! I watched the pageant and heard her answers! They were gracious and well spoken. One day maybe one of you liberals will have your daughter raped and if she would’ve had the knowledge Miss Nevada has of self defense she could’ve prevented it, i’m sure all you haters would have a totally different view!!

  • deregr

    Feminism is a mental illness.

  • docfjs

    How weird that “feminists” should take offense to the idea that women should be able to defend themselves. I grew up in the 60s and I thought that self reliance was what it was all about. Does anyone in their right mind think that self defense is the ONLY answer to campus rapes? Of course not.

  • docfjs

    The Left has fallen in love with Victim culture. Basically, they hate self reliance and individual responsibility. Look what they are trying to do with Burgdahl. By making him a victim they are relieving him from the consequences of his actions. I predict that the Obama administration will put a lot of pressure on the Army not to send this guy to jail because he is a “victim”.

    • Devgrumob6

      Absolutely nothing to do with this article. Your mental disease or defect (manifested by your inability to separate ANY subject from your political bias) has left you disabled and bitter. You should seek professional help before you kill someone, or yourself.

  • Sigelitedark

    These feminazis are delusionally unrealistic (I know, a redundancy)! Maybe they should learn how to capture and ride around on the back of an unicorn that would magically “emasculate” all males of the urge to rape? Self defense training is a fount of empowerment for both sexes.

  • Porst

    I say this as a feminist: If the question was about people getting mugged in dark alleys, regardless of gender, self-defense would absolutely be a valid answer. The only reason anyone’s freaking out is because the question was gender-focused. Which is stupid, because feminism is SUPPOSED to be about gender equality. The people all up in arms about this aren’t very good feminists, and I ask that you please don’t confuse the good ones with the rest of them. People with extreme opinions are always the loudest, unfortunately, but it doesn’t apply to most of us. If you’re complaining about “feminists” after reading this article – or at all, really – you’re part of the problem. We distance ourselves from those people, and you should distance them from us.

    • Spokker

      Rape seems to be the only crime that you should never, ever take precautions to avoid. Robbery? Don’t leave your radio/GPS in plain view. Assault? Don’t go into bad neighborhoods. I’ve had these things said to me BY POLICE.

      But rape? Don’t drink until your blacked out drunk? Stay with people you know and don’t screw around with strangers until you trust them? Be aware of your surroundings? Nope. RAPE CULTURE

      • Porst

        You’re implying rape doesn’t happen regardless of precautions. You’re also blaming the victim. Leaving your radio in plain view is NOT the same as a human being having fun in a normal social setting where alcohol is served. A GPS can be replaced. Rape affects you psychologically, mentally, and sexually for the rest of your life, and if you don’t believe that, go to a shelter and talk to a victim and tell her what precautions she should have taken. Talk to children rescued from kidnappings and incestuous abuse and tell them what they “should have done”. Talk to women in the military who get drugged and raped and are not allowed to implicate their attackers. Talk to women in India who are gang-raped by men forcing themselves into their homes and dragging them off. Talk to my best friend about how she shouldn’t have trusted her guy friend of several years to not roofie her (one) drink the night before he left the country. Your cliche victim-blaming circumstances don’t apply to a LOT of people, and even if they did, nobody deserves it, or doesn’t deserve help for it.

        It’s really sad that a large portion of people can’t seem to realize that the problem starts with how we don’t teach people basic respect for each other’s bodies, and that we’re not entitled to anyone else’s if they don’t want to give themselves to you. The reason people say “If you’re not helping, you’re part of the problem” is because keeping things status quo IS the problem.

        • Spokker

          1 – Crime in general happens regardless of precautions. Taking precautions decreases the chances that you are a victim.

          2 – I agree that leaving your radio in plain view is not the same as rape, but I also mentioned assault.

          3 – Assault, without rape, affects you negatively as well.

          4 – All kinds of crimes also happen in fun, normal social settings. Your car can be broken into in broad daylight. You can be sucker punched in a knockout game just walking down the street. A shooting can erupt at a party.

          5 – Talk to my friend who had a knife pulled on him just going to work. Talk to people who have been beaten and robbed just for stopping to help someone in a bad neighborhood. Talk to all kinds of victims of crimes. They may take precautions, and aren’t offended when you tell them to. It’s just common sense.

          6 – I didn’t say people deserve to be victims of crime if they do not take precautions. All I said was taking precautions can help reduce the risk of being a victim of crime. The offender should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

          7 – Children are taught from an early age to keep their hands to themselves. Your entire premise is TOTAL F’ING BS. If a woman is being assaulted, and men in the vicinity notice, they will come to her aid because that is what they were taught to do. Many men will beat the crap out of a person accused of rape without evidence, on the woman’s word alone, and that’s a problem in and of itself.

    • Splotch

      ‘ If you’re complaining about “feminists” after reading this article – or at all, really – you’re part of the problem. ‘

      You’re wrong, people complaining about feminism are not the problem but you have unintentionally, and quite perfectly, highlighted the problem with your post. The problem lies right here :

      ‘ I ask that you please don’t confuse the good ones with the rest of them. People with extreme opinions are always the loudest (…) We distance ourselves from those people, and you should distance them from us.’

      This is the problem and it is a problem that isn’t limited to feminism, there’s plenty of groups that suffer from this problem and all of them treat it in the same way… They blame those on the outside of the group for not being able to differentiate between the people you personally think should and shouldn’t be called a feminist.

      The problem is your group is fractured with different ideologies but all of these little splinter groups retain a common name and some common values. You are therefore capable of presenting both a united and divided front at the same time which means that any criticism of your group can be dismissed by simply acknowledging the issue but reassigning it to a splinter part of your group that you have personally disowned… You then get to attack and belittle anyone criticising your group for no reason other than -they- weren’t able to tell which people -you- want to be associated with.

      The problem and the solution lies within feminism, so fix what’s broken instead of blaming everyone else.

      Now, if anyone reading this decides I’m anti-feminist and is about to go off on a rant I want them to stop and replace “feminism” with some other group names, which I’m not going to help out with, and the penny should drop.

      If it doesn’t… You really are part of the problem.

    • Τάκης Μπαλσαμίδης

      We could stop calling all feminists crazy when feminists stop calling all men rapists.

      • Porst

        Really? THAT’S your criteria? Because I don’t know about you, but I don’t avoid going places by myself because there might be a feminist lurking in my parking garage.

        Women treat every man like a potential rapist because they HAVE TO. Men treat every feminist like a nuisance because they’re mildly annoyed that someone dare question gender politics. MASSIVE difference.

  • Gertie Ok

    I don’t think the pageant industry has ever been the social cue for what’s best for women. Why are we expecting wisdom from a 24 year old in a Q&A session? Move on, people.

    • Devgrumob6

      Didn’t read the article, huh?

  • Τάκης Μπαλσαμίδης

    How do these feminists expect me not to rape since from the moment of my birth my parents encouraged me to rape?

    How can I not rape when I went to a rapist’s only elementary school, graduated with top rapist grades from a very good rapist high school and got a degree in rape?

    …but seriously do feminists think men don’t know rape is bad or something?

    PROTIP: Rapists rape, not men.

  • http://www.trivalleykarate.com Tri-Valley Karate

    Why not do one better and join a martial arts programs? It is the building blocks for life, not a one week or one time thing. One can learn some moves in a few hours or over a day sessions, but to ingrain it into the unconscious mind takes years.

    Japan VS United States Crime Stats

  • Lisa Stevens

    We could just not wear our seat belts and instead, we can train our cars to not crash.

  • nick weese

    welp… im off to my not raping class, you know that i signed up for to learn proper non rape techniques. so glad there re people to teach this.

  • rhondajj

    I do believe we tell men not to rape and how’s that working out? Self-defense for women is a good idea.

  • Steve Grogan

    “We shouldn’t have to learn to defend ourselves from rape.” LMAO! Now that is funny. Yes, men should not rape women, but they do. No matter how much we teach it is wrong to do it, there will be rapists out there. If you don’t believe in violence, you don’t believe in life. Look at the history of the human race: full of violence. This isn’t victim blaming. Yes, it is wrong that rape happens but, since it isn’t about to stop any time soon, you might as well learn to defend yourself.

  • Dan Higham

    My brain just died from reading this….my favorite has to be all the “women shouldn’t learn self defense because we should teach men to not rape.” Why didn’t we think of that before!!?? I’m certain men who are raping would stop if a woman said “remember your “raping is bad” class training!” Seriously! Stupid! I face palmed so much while reading this article my forehead hurts.

  • Thatguy

    Goddammit people are stupid…
    That’s a BRILLIANT idea.

  • William S.

    Of course, this is an anti-male agenda. Women violate men sexually and lesbians commit rape. If they were serious, they would also mention stopping women from committing rape.

  • Joanna

    In one hand, some girls provoke with lack of clothes, behaviour etc. In other hand, why not self-defence if u get in that situation? Be like just wait there and be raped?Good one.

  • Unggoy

    Well it is just an option of how to deal against rape, sure you could teach guys not to rape but you know as a human being you cannot control everyone so the best option is do what you can with yourself since you have no control about how other people think. What is wrong with this feminist brain?

  • CNN-ls-Propaganda

    I don’t want to live here anymore…

    It’s not EXACTLY like 1984, but this is some literal doublethink. Knowing those women are alive makes my brain hurt.

  • Marie Teach

    The moment that women stop being victims the feminists lose all their power and money, of course feminism is against this idea.

  • brianewhite

    Are these people for real? Attacking Miss USA for her answer on rape? In a perfect world rape and other acts of random violence would never happen, reality is that it does all the time. The best thing ANYONE can do is to learn some form of self defense and practice situational awareness to help keep from becoming a victim. YOU must take responsibility for your own safety and give yourself the best possible chance of coming home safely to your family every day, there won’t always be a cop around and sadly most people just won’t step up and get involved to try to help someone. Open your eyes people, violence is all around you, do everything you can to keep yourself safe.

  • YeahNope

    Feminism is self fulfilling prophecy.
    Convince women not to take any measures to protect themselves.
    Convince women rape lies around every corner.
    Women become weak and fearful.
    Use these weak and fearful women as “proof” that feminism is still relevant.

    Good Game feminism, you’ve turned an ideology of strength through independence into an ideology of fear, group think, and self-induced victim mentality.

  • Shane Williams Sr.

    I didnt believe it til just now… feminists are fucking morons.

    No, women shouldn’t NEED to learn to defend themselves but the reality of the situation is that everything else that has been tried hasn’t worked. Martial arts and conceal carry would do wonders to stemming the idea that rape could be successful. Same with all crimes.

    Just like Gun free zones are a mating call to criminals, so is keeping women defenseless a call to rapists.

    When you have a leaky pipe, you dont sit there and whine about how it’s leaking. You call a plumber to fix or replace it. You dont whine about a problem because it never gets fixed. Self defense is a stop gap measure to changing the attitude of scumbags so that you can move toward women not needing the self defense. But until then, girls, hit the dojo and the shooting range.

    FYI- I taught my girls self defense.

  • ssalty

    They’ve had too much Kool Aid. YES! In a perfect world, women would not have to worry about being attacked. Neither would men. In a perfect world, we could swim safely in shark infested waters without harm.

    This, ladies, is not that world. This is our world full of imperfect people. Sometimes sick people attack other people. That should not be the case. Since it is, a good idea is to learn to defend oneself. Since magic armor is in short supply, learn to fight if attacked.

    Extreme people in any cause are the loudest and most repetitive, feminism included. Others begin to believe both in the cause and the speaker because they speak in ideal terms about a subject that spits at idealism. Take a break.

  • VirginiaLibertarian

    At Christmas, the police usually issue a public service announcement that one should not leave valuables in their cars, as it is tempting to thieves. From feminists, I have learned that rather than trying to cut down on theft during the holidays, the police are really just blaming the victims; I have also learned that rather than cutting down on theft, these kinds of announcements are actually enforcing “theft culture”. Finally, I’ve learned that the more enlightened strategy is simply to teach people not to steal — which is a genius move that, unfortunately, no one ever thought of before.

    Thanks, guys. Where would we be without you?

  • Dravous Wild

    from the comments so far it’s clear you guys don’t understand feminists. they aren’t crazy, this is rational and calculated. if women assumed ANY responsibility for their own safety, then it would lessen the responsibility of men and the rest of society, meaning less resources and funding, less concessions, and special privileges for those feminists(the self appointed representatives of women).

    they can’t allow women to have any agency or their whole eternal victim extortion racket is a bust. they aren’t crazy, they’re protecting their investment.

  • jebova2301

    I agree that they shouldn’t HAVE to learn to fight off attackers. A world in which that were possible would be great. A world in which there were no crime at all would be even better. Unfortunately, the world we live in isn’t that way. Crimes are committed on a daily basis. It is better to take measures to reduce your likelihood of being a victim than to say you shouldn’t have to do so and potentially become a victim in a worse situation. Back to the old “I would rather have a condom and not need it than need a condom and not have it” thing. Better to have some self defense skills and never need them than not learn them and end up needing them.

  • cmack510

    proof why feminist are fucking retarded lol missusa used common and sense an logic to solve a problem an feminist go crazy smh…not surprised at all

  • Tom Stevenson


    These feminists are merely furthering the stereotype that women can’t do math. I suspect most fathers of daughters would rather teach one woman to defend herself than have to concentrate on the behavior of 154 million men to make sure they didn’t miss one.

  • Vera L

    Ridiculous. It’s like saying ‘don’t lock your doors, rather teach people not to steal’. Idiots. Teaching self-defence might not be a silver bullet, but it’s a damn good idea.

  • Iliketurtles

    What a great idea, why don’t we educate the murderers not to kill people, and the thieves not to steal. I don’t understand how rape culture has won anything here? Was there a rape culture convention that sat around and waited for this question and cheered when she answered? Is there something I’m missing here?

  • gohomeyouredrunk

    Odd how not one of these idiots suggest an idea to make a difference. Rape is a physical attack and once it begins a victim has two choices, either lay there and take it or fight back. Since each of these people did not name an alternative but condemned fighting back… They clearly think the victim should lay there and be raped. Truly sick. I really hope they are an insanely minuscule fringe of the population that thinks like this and that no one will listen to.

  • Daniel Douglas

    Good luck on that, Kelsey! Self defense is always good.

  • John Honey Badger Weyen

    I don’t see how getting self defense training is considered victim blaming. I am in support of women getting self defense training, nothing wrong with it. What is wrong is pointing the finger at women who support and promote self defense as a victim blamer, now you’re just witch hunting. Yes, I agree that men should control them selves but until we live in a world where puppies shit rainbows and flowers bloom year round you can take steps to defend your self because just saying that men need to control themselves will not stop men from committing these horrific acts violence. In short, by shaming those who champion women to empower and defend themselves you are creating victims, not helping them.

  • Augustus Gustavius Salvatore C

    I am going to take self-defense classes to protect myself from being including in the grand stereotype that “men” are rapists. 99guspuppet

  • Yipicya


  • Stiggie

    More proof that feminists are misogynists.


    – Every feminist ever.

  • Mark Wharton

    I guess if someone is raping you, these nutjobs want you to just lie down and take it.

  • Alan

    Why do women live in a dream land. Wake up and take responsibility for your own safety!

  • Tim Bickerton

    so all of you who think teaching what is wrong to do will cure all problems ?, would you then have us have better schools and disband all military and police ?, what an amazing array of totally mindless, out of context, opinions. No don’t take any precaution for yourself for anything that society should have been taught is wrong, there’s a term to describe you ladies and gentlemen, victim !

  • Jessica Zimmer

    I’m appalled at all of the women that are against her for supporting a woman being able to defend herself. Where do you think you live? Candy Land? In the world we will never be able to just teach and STOP rape, drugs, violence domestic + foreign. Etc etc. But you can learn to defend yourself. Going to school, college, defense classes, learning to shoot a firearm, owning a firearm. Grow up initially is what I mean. If we had a magic wand to “fix” all the rapists, child molesters, drug dealers/addicts, thieves and more don’t you think it would’ve been done? Classes don’t help 90% of offenders. People that do things like rape, murder, molestation, etc are sick and proven no amount of medicating, isolation or “classes” will help 99% of them. Let me guess, you idiots that rage against her are Obama Supporters to boot? Liberalists. I support any woman that learns to defend herself or man for that matter since rape , molestation, etc are not just women.

  • DLSliter

    I am literally sitting here with my mouth hanging open reading the tweets by these twits.

    I just… I don’t even know what to say. I’m flabbergasted. Completely.

    • ByeByeUSA AsWeKnowIt


      I’m sitting here thinking, “No. No, there’s no WAY I’m reading these right.”

      • DLSliter

        Yes! They make my brain hurt from all the stupid. I’m going to crawl under my bed and pray for the end of the world if this is what it’s come to. And I’m only half joking about that.

  • ByeByeUSA AsWeKnowIt

    These stupid women are out of their effin minds.
    How utterly ridiculous.

    I can’t believe that someone that thinks that way has the brain capacity to breathe.

  • http://wrestleonepodcast.com/ Cosmo Morte

    Am I missing something here? How is it empowering to teach women that all the power to stop rape is in men’s hands? Sure, we can teach men not to rape. I’m all for that. It might even do some good. But what about the ones that refuse to learn? Men rape because they want to. You can teach them all you want and guess what? Some of them are still going to want to do it. I don’t get it. Do these women want women to be victims? To just take it and say, “I’m helpless, you big bad man. Please have a change of heart. I’m a person, too” in the hopes that he might suddenly see you that way? Since when is being proactive bad?

  • stacy

    You cant prevent a rape. Rape is based on the individual acts on it. How in the world would anyone know if someone was a rapist until he or she rapes. People are born and grow in all different enviroments that affect the way a person thinks and acts. Not everyone is created with the same thought process nor families. I do think that being proactive with yourself ie getting self defense training is a great idea. You cant call every soon to be rapist and say DONT RAPE. People are going to do what they want no matter what. Might not be in their life right now but years down the road they may act upon those thoughts.

  • Megamatics

    Radical Feminists stupidly reveal that they don’t want any responsibility for their own well being. If the rapist is gonna rape then it’s up to the rapist to stop, not for you to take it upon yourself to protect your own person. I’ve been saying women should know or have some form of self defense to protect themselves, but that always gets me called a rape apologist.

  • shrugger

    You just can’t make this stuff up.

    And also, Bern brought me here.


  • Phryj

    There’s something disturbingly Orwellian about claiming that self-defense is “victim-blaming/shaming”.

  • Lauren Borrero

    My God I thought that women defending themselves from a maniac who can’t control his sexual urges was a good thing. Well I guess I was wrong then.

  • Karla Babe

    ya know what… PEOPLE get assaulted every day from muggings, burglaries and who knows what else.. women and men… knowing how to defend/protect yourself is a good thing… not all attacks on a person is a sexual rape..

  • James Orben

    Because if we knew who all the rapists are their wouldnt be any.Heey hey you ik who you are and what you do don’t rape that girl it’s wrong so is Kidnapping, killing people,stealing, and drunk driving but all the jail time they come out and do It again so why don’t we help All the ladies by teaching them to kick someones ass Who is trying to steal kidnap or rape Them or anyone else. I’m not defending anyone Rapists should be on death row but a what about the ones you don’t know about or don’t care what’s right and wrong do you want to stop It before or after It happens not that It should….

  • Michael Redente Michaud

    Perfect example of a lack of common sense, and the liberal need to have ZERO personal accountability. Everything should be handed to you, the system should work perfectly and be flawless. PEOPLE ARE NOT FLAWLESS. People will rape. People will kill. It WILL happen. So go ahead, delude yourself concerning human nature. Dont defend yourself. Go ahead and let natural selection kill you off.