One theory that’s been put forward in an attempt to justify Bowe Bergdahl’s suspected Army desertion is that perhaps his platoon was full of “psychopaths.”

Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Christine, is also floating a similar scenario:

Pelosi awaits an Army investigation of a platoon she’s already deemed “dysfunctional”? Pelosi was apparently referencing a Rolling Stone article published in 2012 titled “America’s Last Prisoner of War.” The article was written by Michael Hastings, who died in a car accident last year.

Tweeters wanted to know what solid evidence Pelosi had to justify her “dysfunctional” platoon allegation, among other things:

A reminder for Pelosi and others floating the notion that Bergdahl might have deserted because his unit was “dysfunctional”:

One explanation, Christine Pelosi-style:




Pelosi daughter: If you use the Internet to criticize government programs, you’re a hypocrite; Update: Pelosi doubles down

‘Oh the irony’: Pelosi daughter shares Obamacare sticker that would make Gadsden gag [pic]

  • desicon

    Great, now Pelosi has a legacy too. Why god why?

    • conservativechick

      Our soldiers DIE so this idiot can enjoy her free speech! Wondering why she is not as concerned about the 5 dangerous terrorists released? She thinks that was a good idea?

    • CandanceCork

      Just one question, Christine–Why did the soldiers have to sign non-disclosure agreements? I am waiting for that part of the investigation.

  • forgetyoutooo

    If anyone would know about dysfunction it would be Nancy Pelosi’s wicked spawn.

  • RblDiver


  • CrustyB

    I think Bogart based his character in “The Caine Mutiny” on Pelosi.

    • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump

      We’ll find the ice-cream thief yet.

    • skypilot77

      pilfered strawberries

      /squeezes the ball bearings/

  • CO2 Producer

    Who was the one that wanted little to do with the others in the platoon?

    Keep talking, dimwits. Keep telling us your honest thoughts about our men and women in uniform.

    • Jay Stevens

      “Who was the one that wanted little to do with the others in the platoon?”

      Well, sure. After all, they were the dysfunctional ones.

  • thedumbblonde


    • Jeffrey Rogers

      Not everyone thinks his death was an accident.

      • VerminMcCann

        Well, explain your theory then.

      • Richard Jefferies

        Not everyone thinks 9-11 was perpetrated by Islamic radicals either, that doesn’t absolve them from idiocy.

  • Steve__Jacobson

    She’s as crazy as a sh*thouse rat. Just like her mother.

    • Jay Stevens

      She may just be jumping on the administration bandwagon. Or she may be as
      crazy as a sh*thouse rat. The two are not mutually exclusive, you know.

  • itsatax

    Slandering the whistle blowers again. I don’t think they recognize how tough it’ll be to successfully slander honorable soldiers on behalf of a deserter/collaborator. This is a grave political miscalculation based on the same ignorance of military culture that got them into trouble to begin with.

  • al hunt

    first he isn’t a soldier
    “I will guard everything within the limits of my post and quit my post only when properly relieved” he was not properly relieved
    “I will obey my special orders and perform all of my duties in a military manner”
    abandoning your post because you disagree with orders, is not “military manner”
    “I will report violations of my special orders, emergencies, and anything
    not covered in my instructions, to the commander of the relief.”
    again walking away is not using a chain of command.
    what ever the rest of his platoon was, or was not doing is irrelevant, he acted in an unprofessional manner

    • NRPax

      Don’t forget the unofficial one. “I will walk my post in a military manner and not take s*** from the Company Commander. These are the orders that I just received from the poor mother****er that I just relieved.” -:-)

      • mike_in_kosovo

        “I will walk my post from flank to flank and take no sh*t from *ANY* rank”

  • The Masked Avatar

    A dysfunctional platoon in Afghanistan. We have a new TV series.

    • CO2 Producer

      Bergdahl’s Goofballs

      • The Masked Avatar

        F’d Up Troop

        • CO2 Producer

          Operation Turncoat

          • NRPax

            Black Goat Boyfriend.

          • CO2 Producer


          • The Masked Avatar

            Black President Down

          • CO2 Producer


            “Half-Down,” I mean.

          • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump

            Only if Stacey gets to play “hotlips.”

            Okay, distracted now . . . what was the topic again?

          • CO2 Producer


          • The Masked Avatar

            Green light this!

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            “what was the topic again?”
            Who cares! I’m gonna need a few minutes alone.yowza

  • J_W_C_NM

    I don’t know if the platoon is dysfunctional, but the Grifter-in-Chief certainly is.

  • Kawfy

    Sooooo…they are going with that? Everyone else is crazy?

    • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump

      If the crazy people become the majority . . . reality really does change . . . my tooth fillings told me that.

    • LinTaylor ✓vitrified

      They’re going with everything they can in order to justify this disaster of a “deal”.

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    As she safely sits in her apartment sucking bean sprouts…she’s got bigger plums than her mom.

    • Jay Stevens

      Of course she does. Her mother’s plums have turned to prunes. Or so I have been told, anyway.

      Along with being a RAACIST, I guess I am also a SEXXIST.

  • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump

    “I am withholding judgment while I pronounce my judgment.”

    I think that denotes a lack of judgment.

    • Jay Stevens

      Or she is just jumping to delusions.

      • Thale Taxurfeet

        “Or she is just jumping to delusions.”

        Jumping? Ha!. It appears the Pelosi family lives in Delusional Acres with nary a half-step required, much less a jump.

        To give CWCID, Nan has used her influence to enrich Delusional Acres. Between insider trading, conflict of interest in Visa swipe fee legislation, belated disclosures of her hubby’s land deals, etc., IOW SOP for our rags to riches Congressional reps who preach constantly at the hoi polloi, life in Delusional Acres is pretty cushy.

  • Beentheremovedaway

    She is just saying what her Mom can’t say out loud. Pretty sure they discussed this tweet prior to its posting!

    • Utopia Can Never be Achieved

      But Nancy Pelosi is crazy enough to say those things out loud. She’s demonstrated that in the past, just as she will continue to into the future.

    • Jay Stevens

      Anyone who can say, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it.” with a perfectly straight face is capable of saying anything out loud.

      • Beentheremovedaway

        Missed my point, let me put it this way. What we are seeing this week are low level admin underlings attempting to sway the discussion away from Bergdahl, the gitmo 5 and of course nobama himself. They could not in any way come right out and say this crazy stuff. The up roar would be deafening.

  • LegalizeShemp

    Ah, the anti-American leftist boll weevils in the Democrat Party. Undermining and destroying the US since they crawled out of their holes in the 1960s.

  • NRPax

    Hey, Nancy 2.0:

    “I’m sane and everyone around me is crazy” isn’t believable when your mother does it, let alone Bergdahl.

  • cfc1905

    Ohhhhh look, we finally have an actual “Obama Doctrine”…..if you feel you are being disrespected, bullied, or put upon, desertion is an option..

    • PRISM-theNewSocialNetwork

      Why doesn’t Obama follow his own doctrine? If he walks away, I promise not to go looking.

  • keyboard jockey

    sfpelosi @sfpelosiFollow
    Many of us have Qs about #Bergdahl and his dysfunctional platoon as chronicled by Michael Hastings. Awaiting Army investigation of all that.
    10:00 AM – 5 Jun 2014

    Michael Hasting’s who died in a car crash found to have meth and crack in his system?

    That Michael Hasting’s?

    Yeah I hear the Pentagon investigate’s “platoons” based on dead
    Rolling Stone writers all the time./

  • Jeffrey Rogers

    This the rolling stone reporter that wrote the Bergdahls story.

    His last communications before death was “I’m on to something big……”

  • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

    The Dems hate Soldiers who support America, but they sure love them some deserting, Citizenship renouncing trash.

    • uselogic19


  • Acethepug

    Let us investigate you and your mother first, hack.

    • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

      And Barack Obama. It’d be nice to know why he was so eager to trade 5 Taliban leaders for a deserter, and why he refused to get Congressional Approval for the trade first.

      • mrspinky85

        Because he thought Republicans wouldn’t let him. That’s what dictators do. Unbeknownst to this president is that he can’t do what he wants. He still hasn’t gotten that memo yet.

        • keyboard jockey

          It wasn’t just republican’s that rejected the trade there were democrat’s against it too.

  • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

    The left is going to do everything they can to smear Bergdahl’s platoon because they are upset that Obama isn’t being praised for freeing 5 Taliban leaders for a deserter.

    • mrspinky85

      Well, idk how they thought smearing the people who finished there obligation was going to change our mind.

  • keyboard jockey

    Pelosi – Winter solider was upset with non winter solider’s in his platoon. Yeah that suxs to be the only American hater in your unit./ Thank goodness the Taliban captured him when he deserted, and saved him from his American loving platoon right?/

  • globalcrap

    To many Botox treatments, numbed their O Bogus liberal socialist brains

  • Rex

    The hacks are circling the wagons around the stupid narrative. He was a hero, until the evidence shows the contrary. Now they claim his fellow soldiers were psychopaths, that doesn’t change anything unless you’re a White House stooge or useful idiot.

  • Steven A

    Obviously the only act left to a sane man was to wander off into the Hindu Kush mountains armed with nothing but a knife and collaborate with your former enemies to better kill your former comrades in arms.

    • keyboard jockey

      The absurd is strong in the Pelosi family.

      This woman thinks that there are extenuating circumstances for desertion and possibly treason under the right conditions. That’s nutty at the very least.

      That’s not how UMCJ works. Bergdahl raised his hand and took an oath.

      • NRPax

        Bergdahl raised his hand and took an oath.

        Thank you! That is something that people like him don’t grasp. You swore the oath and signed the contract. If it’s too hard for you, get out after your first term is over and move on with life.

  • BoscoBolt

    Liberals never learn – attacking the military, and throwing false accusations at soldiers/vets does not pay off. Keep it up losers.

    IMPEACH obama NOW.

  • FishinBuddy

    I was hoping to one day live in a Pelosi-free world. Unfortunately, this Pelosi will probably outlive me. Terrific.

  • gold7406

    imagine that, a pelosi mentioned in the same sentence as dysfunctional ?

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    When there’s a link, I click onto it. The RS article seems to imply that Bergdahl was some sort of oddball who really bought into the whole winning-hearts-and-minds strategy (apparently without the caveat of also needing to squeeze their nuts), more the fool he, whereas the platoon were more of a bunch of goldbricks dragging their feet in protest of the war being conducted, where they were concerned, in a manner about as squared away as a soup sandwich.

    I can see why the Obama Administration would identify with such a head-up-his-ass dreamer who fancied himself a one-man-band to change the world, when it’s obvious he reminds them of somebody who apparently giveth not $#!t-one about anyone else, and will go on to free-lance by himself to bring on the golden age. The platoon, for however “dysfunctional” they may have seemed to be, still stood post, and fought when called upon, however stupidly they felt the command structure above them was. It’s called “Soldiering on” for a reason. It’s what soldiers have ALWAYS done– gripe and fight. And it’s what WE’VE been having to do in this country for the last five years.

    • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump

      You mean . . . there are soldiers who might not agree with Obama’s strategy? How “dysfunctional” of them. (Words really are hard for liberals.)

    • keyboard jockey

      Here’s Tim Dickenson RS trying to finish what Hasting started.

      This is the dysfunction they are claiming.

      The unruly situation was captured by … a British documentary filmmaker [whose] footage shows a bunch of soldiers who no longer give a shit: breaking even the most basic rules of combat, like wearing baseball caps on patrol instead of helmets.

      Oh noes I feel faint, they were wearing baseball caps instead of regulation helmet’s/

      • Jay Stevens

        I clicked on the link.

        Worse than the “ball cap” point was No.7″

        “7) Bergdahl could have been freed in a prisoner exchange
        almost immediately, but the American officer in charge did not pull the trigger on a prisoner swap:
        Tribal elders from the nearby village…had been asked by the Taliban to arrange a trade with U.S. forces. The insurgents wanted 15 of their jailed fighters released, along with an unidentified sum of money, in exchange for Bowe. The officer hedged, unwilling or unable to make such a bargain, and no deal was struck.”

        If true, that officer had absolutely no authority to make such a bargain.

        • keyboard jockey

          Remember Hastings was a far left anti war zealot that was angry about the surge in Afghanistan, He wasn’t beyond using Bergdahl or his platoon to smear the US military effort in Afghanistan.

          It’s weird you would think Pelosi spawn would know that Hasting’s was attacking Obama from his left flank. So why use Hasting’s article as if it validates attacking Bergdahl’s platoon?

          But I don’t expect much logic out of the Pelosi’s.

    • keyboard jockey

      The unruly situation was captured by … a British documentary filmmaker [whose] footage shows a bunch of soldiers who no longer give a shit: breaking even the most basic rules of combat, like wearing baseball caps on patrol instead of helmets.

      Read more:
      Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook

    • kateorjane

      I agree – he sounds like some standard BHL who thought he could go to war and not have to do any of that nasty violent war-stuff. Then when he realized he was expected to actually fight he gathered up his backpack and went out to find those “poor misunderstood Taliban.” No doubt many of the young soldiers found that war does suck but they performed their duty rather than turn tail.

      • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Actually, his nickname, according to the article, was “Special Forces,” a nickname they give to grunts who think and act like they should be in some more high-prestige unit like the rangers or snipers, or even the Green Berets, and think they’re God’s gift to the US Army. Apparently he thought you were supposed to be embedded with the natives and teach them all wonderful kumbaya-type stuff so they’d want to fight the Taliban themselves, if it came to a need for fighting. Meanwhile, if anyone tried to interfere with all your Mother Teresa nonsense, you’d still know fifteen ways to kill them. Apparently somewhere along the line he became convinced it was the Taliban who were doing what HE wanted to do.

        • Red Fred

          Well he did study ballet, which kind of quantifies him for a high prestige position.

  • Name

    Regardless of how bad any Army unit leadership and/or membership is, it is NEVER an excuse to turn colors and walk away from your post. If it’s bad, you work within the system to change. There are a whole bunch of methods a private can use if he feels a need to expose problems. Chaplains, Inspector Generals, letters to Congressmen, and senior commanders are all avenues to pursue rather than abandoning your post, walking away and joining the other side. Even if his platoon and company leadership were the absolute WORST in the Army (and I doubt it), it still does not serve as a reason to do what he did.

  • spunknik

    C’mon cut her a break. Maybe she’s talking about the platoon of bearded tablecloth-wearing men that he joined once he decided to leave the US base.

  • FirstBoot

    Both Pelosi women are idiots of epic proportions. At this point we can stop blaming the Botox and assess the blame to their non-forked family tree.

  • OldmanRick

    Wow, verification that nuts don’t fall far from the tree.

  • jdog

    Bergdahl is their kind of guy don’t you know. They hate the military and love dissenters and deserters. Look how popular Kerry is.

  • kateorjane

    How many levels of family suck-ups do the Dems have?

  • PatriotRG

    U.S hating , lefty , wants an investigation in to the US army – shocker

  • Jack Deth

    Question for demon spawn daughter of Nancy D’Allesandro:

    Does your Mommy know that you are playing with her Smart Phone that you are too stupid to operate?

  • Lindakl

    Michael Hastings dead in a mysterious car accident…things that make you go hmmmmmmmm.

    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      The “Office For Making Unfortunate Accidents Happen”? Oh, no, there isn’t really such a thing– that’s just some tin-foil hat stuff people like Alex Jones hyperventilate about on blogs! Never happens in real life! Those people are just naturally suicidal by nature and/or hang out with a rough crowd and/or [any of a number of usual post-mortem smears]. (*Sarc!)

  • no_more_deceit

    @sfpelosi : same effing pelosi?

    • bicentennialguy

      Just like her coprolite of a mother.

  • Barry A. Brewer

    What about this clown’s obviously dysfunctional and delusional mother?

    • Bill Phillips

      and father!

    • aliswell

      What about the mother? All I’ve seen about his parentage is his crazy Islamist father.

      • Barry A. Brewer

        Pelosi’s mother, dude

        • aliswell

          Lol, up to speed.

  • cbenoistd

    There are six fewer of them for her to slander.

  • robert anthony

    Of course, anyone wanting to escape ‘dysfunction’ would, naturally, go to sane islamists.

  • aliswell

    I see the apple doesn’t fall far from the dysfunctional tree.

    • Bill Phillips

      LOL…dang ….I just posted after reading the Twitchy headline without seeing anyone else’s post and we were almost identical …word for word …in out thoughts!

      • aliswell

        Ahh well, great minds and all that….. :)

        • Bill Phillips


  • Bill Phillips

    The ‘crazy’ apple didn’t fall far from the tree …did it!?

  • Bill Phillips

    You watch ..this will all end up going full circle …and ultimately they will find a way to blame GW Bush!

    • conservativechick

      They won’t have to. Blaming Republicans whipping up controversy will do.

      • Thale Taxurfeet

        The LEFT will continue to cast blame in all directions until someone accepts blame, or the Left can stir sufficient numbers of howler monkeys to sing one tune…

      • LegalizeShemp

        Yes, “Republican partisan scandalmongering” while not focusing on solving the problems of the American people will suffice.

  • jumper297

    Wow… this is really getting insane.

  • HerculesLoadmaster

    Bergdahl getting extra duty because a national newspaper caught him sleeping on duty in an actual war zone.

  • Thale Taxurfeet

    Despicable seems to run in the Pelosi family. Whoda thunk?

  • Amy

    Is she actually referring to the platoon that went looking for him, and as result suffered injuries and death, as “dysfunctional”. No, she, her mother and probably 90% of DC (for that matter CA) are the ones suffering from dysfunction.

  • Txgirlinnh

    Nasty hag just like her horrible mother.

  • ELC

    Crap shits out crap..end of story.

  • Zefal

    If Bergdahl’s platoon members all claimed to have had Susan B. Anthony’s ghost along side them while in battle; I don’t know if that would make them dysfunctional but it definitely would make them cray-cray. Wack job nancy peelosi has dead people crowding her in her chair

  • Zefal

    How low can they go? The democrat limbo.

  • AT

    Making conclusions about something before reading it.

    Like mother, like daughter.

  • Independentview

    A: I can almost hear the “He couldn’t take being bullied over his homosexuality any more.” already.
    B: Nancy Pelosi has a daughter ? Here I am having a nice day and Twitchy has to put the thought in my head that some guy had sex with Nancy Pelosi. Wait a minute. Is that what causes homosexuality ?

    • Super Marsupial

      they reproduce by splitting in two

    • Ironside

      Yes she is her daughter, all right. She looks like she was whacked with the same ugly stick her grandma used on her mama.

  • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Seems that much of Hastings article that references the unit being “dysfunctional” comes from the alleged blog postings of a second lieutenant that had disappeared from the internet before that bastion of journalism, the Rolling Stone, ran his article. quite convenient for Hastings. I expecpt articles in RS to have as less bearing on reality than Harry Potter.

  • Jay Stevens

    sfpelosi tweeted:
    “Many of us have Qs about #Bergdahl and his dysfunctional platoon as chronicled by Michael Hastings. Awaiting Army investigation of all that”

    Be honest. You have questions.

  • hatsylady

    I’m still waiting for the thorough psychological investigation of your mother the loon, Christine. I guess I’ll be waiting a long time.

  • yourmamatoo

    The parasite doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • Super Marsupial

    We all have Qs, you filth. But almost all of us have them preceded by the letter I. Evidently, like her mother she is missing both

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Questions? Oh yes, there are indeed many questions:

    Why did Bergdahl walk away from his post?
    Why did he apparently ship his personal belongings home but leave his gun and body armor?
    Why is no one from the platoon speaking in defense of Bergdahl?
    Why did the Pentagon consider him a deserter?
    Why didn’t Obama consult Congress on this swap as required to by law?
    Why did he ignore their rejection of said swap a couple years ago?
    Why is Team Obama’s story about why they kept Congress in the dark constantly changing?

  • All_American

    This idiot is just like her mother

    • Yeah Buddy

      It keeps the cash coming in.

  • LegalizeShemp

    “We’ll have to pass on the investigation so you won’t find out what’s in it.”

  • #NeverHillary

    ugly and dumb don’t skip generations in the pelosi line

  • AZWarrior

    She is slandering the wrong young men. Americans generally are well aware of what kind of our young men and women serve in the military these days and aren’t going to fall for the usual leftist character assassination used to tar everyone who might tell a truth unfavorable to the One. I would put any of those troops’ character up against any Democrat Congressman for comparison any day.

    • linnilu

      And most Republican Congressmen too. Sadly, the good ones are very few and far between.

  • I_Vote

    So, consensus has been reached! Pelosidiocy is hereditary.

  • Yeah Buddy

    Yeah.. my MOM says they’re Armyturf!

  • Nahalban

    Wow she went full potato you never go full potato.

  • Conservative Pitbull

    I can’t blame this poor soul. She was conceived when Nancy was canning tuna back in the day. That explains everything.

  • ValleyCounty

    Be careful, she is being groomed as her mothers replacement in congress ……. God help us.

  • stuckinIL4now

    If anyone knows dysfunction first-hand, it’s a Pelosi. And, she probably blames rape victims, too.

  • M2000

    Seriously Bowe’s unit should use a SLAPP suit on this stupid administration and also Pelosi’s crazy daughter and also on the DNC.

  • Ironside

    Many of us have Qs about Pelosi and her dysfunctionally clueless family as evidenced by their incessant mouthing of inane and idiotic statements. Awaiting media investigation of all that. Not holding breath.

  • bkp100

    This from the daughter of the woman that said: “Unemployment creates jobs…” and “Obamacare allows people to quit their day jobs…” and “No spending problem here…”
    So, now we know delirium and denial are genetic…

  • lars1701c

    They are going to say anything and DO anything make this steaming pile more acceptable to the american people

  • DutyFirst

    You can bet your bottom dollar that in the aftermath of his desertion the investigation would have included a review of the company and platoon. A disaffected soldier walking off in the middle of a combat zone raises so many questions that would need to be answered. There is no evidence that any thing came from that. It would have been quickly ‘leaked’ that disciplinary action had been taken against platoon and company leadership. At the time, his desertion was blot on the military forces of the US and anything that could be put up to protect that reputation would have been out there ASAP. They would have hung whoever they could out to dry. Expect some unverifiable reporting on something like this once the ‘if it leaks we will kill him’ fable fully crashes and burns.

  • Trudy Hill

    She sure is BOSSY, just like her mother.

  • Daniel the bruce

    come on all you haters, just because SHE is the ONLY one the voices talk to….

  • Kenneth James Abbott

    And then, after spending a long hard day viciously slandering soldiers, the Left explains that the reason we’re investigating Behghazi is because we don’t respect our troops.

  • William E. Shaw

    ‘Many of ‘us’ have Qs about #Bergdahl?’ How many of whom… your asylum inmates? Or… just yourself and that moonbat crazy mother of yours?

  • Joseph Biten

    Those things which become available to most of us only become so because they were first the luxury of a few who could afford to try them.