Today is Cinco de Mayo, and a display of American flags was organized near a high school in Morgan Hill, California, which was the site of controversy four years ago:

The case began in 2010, when four boys wearing t-shirts bearing American flags on Cinco de Mayo, when the school was decked out in Mexican flags, were told to turn the shirts inside-out, or go home.

Remembering that day, several people were waving American flags today at Live Oak High:

A repeat of the 2010 incident will not happen this year, according to the school superintendent:

Read that sentence again and then cringe at the fact that had to be said in the United States.

Apparently for some, displaying the American flag in the United States on Cinco de Mayo is “racist” or something:

“Racist.” How very predictable.

  • Jess

    If you don’t like the American flag, why don’t you just leave. Please, just leave.

    • JosephBloughs ✓Viagrafied

      Everyday is a good day to fly the Stars and Stripes, my country’s flag! They just better get over it.

      • Darlene Hilts

        I agree. This is my country and I will wave Old Glory wherever and whenever I please, thank you very much.

    • Republicanvet

      As a veteran, these tweets are incredibly disgusting.

      No matter how eFing stupid these are, I am supposed to be the racist, and if I commented on what I really thought, I would certainly be banned.

      …because I love my flag no less …

      • Thale Taxurfeet

        Remember, it’s not what you say it’s how you say it. Which usually gives you enough time to prepare a response for that moment when they finally realize what you said and take a poke. 😉

        • Joe Q. Average

          These days it’s not what you say or how you say it, it’s what party you support.

      • americanpatriot101

        Thank you for ur service brother… screw these cockroaches can’t wait for the revolution so we can rid the world of this scum of the earth…

    • Leeanne DeLuke


    • Pope Sparkles (F)

      I’ll even help pack!

    • biffula

      Why don’t they leave? Because the countries where their people came from are cesspools.

    • Okie_pastor

      Exactly, if you don’t love our country! You can leave our country! If America is soo unfair and ‘racist’ why do break our laws to live here!?

    • Ryan Johnson

      That was the first thing I said! Although I said it in a less eloquent way.

    • mickrrussom

      No they need your money. So they stay and collect it.

      • Michael Edwards

        And send it back to their father country because their currency is more or less useless

    • Ken Alan Draper

      living in a country you don’t like when your free to leave it’s like wiping before you poop, it makes no sense.

    • Flavius Josephus

      You’re much too polite: I would simply say “GET OUT”, Get out of my country!

    • conservativechick

      They say “white people” like they’re offended by us? Every other “group” gets to have a designation, except us? What’s wrong with this picture?

    • MissingPerson

      Seriously. If it’s that great in Mexico, why not go back there?

    • Rulz

      They can go back to Mexico, Africa, Europe or whatever trash-heap your ancestors came from.

  • Richard J Sunkle

    “Y do we need extra cops on May 5”

    Well the sink full of mayo parade in Detroit was cut short by a shooting.

    • surfcitysocal

      “Sink-full-of-mayo”! Snort. Here I am doing my I-am-not-worthy bow.

    • Worship Dancer

      “STINK full of mayo parade” – there FIFY

  • Informed&Concerned

    Wow — the Red, White, & Blue made their vulgar free speech possible.

    Another irony from the Left . . .

    • Al Mancinelli

      Get A Life!

      • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

        Why? You have an issue with America, our flag, and the rights our country’s Constitution provides us?

        • Al Mancinelli

          Quite the opposite!

      • Dwayne Jackson

        “Get A Life.” How profound, you sound like you’re at a loss for words.

        • Al Mancinelli

          That’s all the words the reply needs……

      • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

        You signed on, just to make that pitiful comment?

        And suggest he get a life?…. another irony impaired troll.

        • Al Mancinelli

          You know nothing about me, yet you find it necessary to call me names? GET A LIFE!

      • Worship Dancer

        no one is forcing you to stay in a country you hate. my suggestion – sneak across the southern border and TRY to pretend you’re a mexican citizen. wonder how many years in jail you will get? yea MEXICO has MUCH stricter immigration laws than the USA. YOU WILL GO TO JAIL. somehow i don’t think you will like a mexican jail.

  • NumbuhOne

    I’m still at a loss to understand why we celebrate a Mexican holiday in the U.S.

    • Richard J Sunkle

      25 or 30 years ago none of us had ever heard of this “holiday”.

      • Republicanvet

        25-30 years ago, no school official would have considered kicking out a kid simply for wearing a flag t-shirt.

      • hooligan6a

        It is a made up holiday. They don’t even celebrate it in Mexico.

      • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

        I worked grocery retail for 30 years, it’s another marketed holiday pushed by supermarkets to increase sales. Holidays boost sales immensely, Christmas the big one, but everybody wants alcohol, snacks, treats of every kind… that is why a little known Mexican holiday became another let’s party occasion, it boosted retail sales.

        that radical la raza types tried to make it, shame the yankee day,… that is on them.

        The teeets were ignorant, stupid, these tools are defending the racist Hispanic hijacking of the day to insult and defame the nation they ran too, when they were finished ruining their owm countries..

    • Determined

      to sell beer and tequila and mexican food!

    • americanexile

      Because it’s an excuse to get drunk. See: St. Patrick’s Day

      • Finrod Felagund

        And New Years, also known as the amateur drinking holidays.

      • Archer305

        Dammit… you beat me to it!

      • TheKingJAK

        St. Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday, but it happened to be we Americans who turned it into a celebration of Irish heritage pride. In turn, our style of celebrating it went back to the shores of Ireland and it’s now paraded around there as much as it is here. America possesses an awesome knack for taking things and improving upon them, and then spreading the ideas to the world at-large.

    • QueenB

      That isn’t really even celebrated in Mexico. Mostly celebrated in the northern states.

    • bicentennialguy

      Excuse to drink

      • Lois

        Off topic, but.. Beautiful cat :)

    • Cat Mom of 8

      Best reasons ever: capitalism + booze. It’s no different than St. Patrick’s day.

      • Richard J Sunkle

        I don’t mind them having a holiday but this is still America and if carrying an American flag is a racist act then I’m the grand klegal.

      • J_W_C_NM

        If someone wears or displays an American flag on St.Pat’s or Columbus day, they’re not accused of racism.

        • Ty in TX ✓ᵇᵒⁿᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


        • Cat Mom of 8

          We’re still allowed to celebrate Columbus Day?

    • Harlan Hikaru Fox

      Because it’s a convenience excuse for some people to accuse others of being racist.

      And a rallying cry for the reconquistas.

    • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

      Because Chimichangas, Churros and Margaritas are yummy!
      Real holiday or not, I’ll always find an excuse to partake in some fairly authentic Mexican cuisine.

      • World B. Free

        And a good stiff Margarita.

        EDIT: Nevermind, you mentioned Margaritas! :-)

        • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

          Oh yeah, baby!

    • Ty in TX ✓ᵇᵒⁿᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Because people are allowed to retain their ethnicity even if they’ve changed citizenship.
      Now I know technically Cinco is a Mexican holiday, but in a broader sense it is a celebration of freedom and an excuse to party, just like St. Patrick’s Day and Mardi Gras.

    • Republicanvet

      …a “holiday” celebrated MORE in the US than Mexico.

      • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        If the truth were known, outside of parades in Dublin in recent years, Paddy’s Day has always been celebrated more in the US than in Ireland as a festive occasion. In the Republic, it was a Holy Day of Obligation– a religious day on which you had to go to church to hear Mass. In the North, not so much.

        Contrast it to the States, where due to Paddy’s Day falling during Lent, the Bishops have always had to issue a special dispensation to the “faithful” for them to be able to eat corned beef and cabbage and drink Guinness to excess.

    • Sherri Cruz (D-Ret)

      Especially a “holiday” that is not generally celebrated in Mexico. It is as much a “real” holiday as St. Patrick’s Day.

      • hooligan6a

        But we fly the US flag on St Patrick’s day. Proud Irish Americans.

        • Sherri Cruz (D-Ret)

          Quite true! You don’t hear us screaming that we are “offended” by the American flag.

    • Amarillobymorning

      Well, it isn’t really celebrated in Mexico either, so your guess is as good as mine.

    • Lord Fhalkyn

      Well, uh, y’know, it’s obvious, innit? I mean, uh, racism… or something. BOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!

    • greatunconformity

      It’s a Californian holiday that the beer and liquor industry made national, it’s not Mexican.

    • DoneGoneGalt

      The ridiculous part is that it isn’t a Mexican holiday. It’s an American holiday. Americans of Mexican descent wanted this to acknowledge their ancestral contribution to preserving the Union in the Civil War.

    • savetheRepublic2016

      I’m still at a loss why the military commissary near me celebrates it.

    • paulinnaples

      Corona beer marketing department made it into a holiday.

    • Archer305

      Think of it this way… New Years –> DRINK (whatever you want)! St. Patty’s –> DRINK (Irish beer and whiskey) ! Cico de Mayo –> get tacos and DRINK(margarita’s, Mexican beer, etc)! Pi day –> Eat Pie and DRINK!

      I know I was stretching on that last one (even thought that is what I do on pi day) but you catch my drift… It is a convenient excuse (or privilege, depending on how you look at it) to get people mobilized to do something different than the previous day.

    • TheKingJAK

      To be honest, it’s simply a Mexican-American holiday celebrating heritage pride. Most of Mexico never celebrated it until it became popular in America, and yes, it was actually invented here during the Civil War. It’s an American holiday, so we own it, and don’t allow for anyone to make you think differently 😉

    • American

      especially when they don’t actually celebrate it in most of mexico

    • dacamafamily

      An excuse to have party.

  • QueenB

    You know, if you’re going to throw out a BS accusation of someone being a racist, at least spell it correctly, you freaking morons.

  • Politiwars

    Just another example of why immigration “reform” is a really bad idea.

    • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

      Because eventually anyone who was born here will be labeled a racist because they weren’t born in the approved country.

  • CrustyB

    Which country’s holiday is this? Even the Mexicans don’t celebrate this battle in a war they eventually lost.

    • NavVette

      And if it hadn’t been for the American assistance to get rid of the French after the Mexicans lost the war, they might still be French to this day.

  • Traitors will be hanged

    This is America-That is an American Flag that millions of Americans have fought and died for.

    • Politiwars

      Their answer – what difference does it make

  • William_Teach

    It’d be nice if these Twidiots yammering on about racism understood that it would actually be termed “bigotry”, if it was real. Kids and liberals don’t even understand the meaning of words, they’re simply taught to blurt words out.

    And that last Twitiot: is it any wonder why there is push back to Mexicans in the US, particularly the illegals?

    • bgbear_rnh

      apparently speaking Spanish creates a new race.

      • Frogmouth

        Just ask George Zimmerman.

  • ToddF

    Obama voters do know Mexico is a nation, not a race, don’t they?

    Obama voters do know Mexico is comprised of 25% white, don’t they?

    Surly even the dumbest of Obama voters know that Cinco de Cuatro has everything to do with a beer promotion, and not a race, right?

    • QueenB

      That would be a “negative” on all 3.

  • OG1

    I am of Mexican decent. I cannot comprehend how every subject has to have race injected into it. Wearing american flag apparel or waving american flags on any holiday is OK, this is the USA, the flag can be flown and displayed any day of the week without meaning something other than patriotism. And who are these folks claiming that Cinco de Mayo is an important Mexican holiday? Outside of Puebla, no one in Mexico celebrates this “holiday” – I have lived in Chihuahua for most of my life and never heard of this as a holiday until i moved to the States, legally by the way.

    • MemorialDime

      Only ignorant Americans celebrate this “holiday” because it’s an excuse to eat Mexican food and drink margaritas.

      Thanks for posting.

      • QueenB

        As if I need a reason to eat Mexican food and drink margaritas. lol Truthfully though, my friends in Mexico love to give me a hard time on 5/5, celebrating the Mexican holiday they didn’t even hear about until I asked them, “what are you doing to Cinco de Mayo”.

    • PeterP

      Perfecto, mi amigo.

    • WisconsinPatriot

      I remember asking some of my Mexican co-workers about cinco de mayo plans some time back. They laughed. Not a holiday.

      • journogal

        I thought the holiday was thought up by beer companies, actually.

        • World B. Free

          Cuervo is what I heard.

          • journogal

            Completely forgot about them, which would make a lot of sense for Cuervo to push it rather than beer companies.

    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      All ethnicities or identifiable population blocs want their own feel-good holiday, it seems. The unreconstructed Rebels had Robert E. Lee Day, a Monday holiday two or three weeks after New Year’s; in the 70’s blacks wanted Martin Luther King Day. King was born in mid-January– presto-change-o! Bobby Lee Day becomes MLK Day! Works out nice for everybody!

      • mrspinky85

        I don’t take issue with anyone celebrate any holiday. My issue is how did this exploded into a day Americans are chastised for displaying or wearing an American flag. When did our flag displaying become racist?

    • JosephBloughs ✓Viagrafied

      Exactly, it’s a holiday to eat good food and drink plenty of cerveza/tequila etc. Which is fine, nothing wrong with that. But it has practically zero significance south of the border.

      I too have Mexican ancestry, but I’m so glad to be a proud U.S. citizen. I am thankful that my father never allowed “La Raza” drivel to indoctrinate me when I was younger, and still passionately resists that nonsense to this day (sadly, a minority-within-a-minority in that regard). If people up here actually understood what the Spanish language media here in the U.S. says everyday, they would be stunned at how much progressive liberal racist Barbra Streisand gets spewed there without apology. English language media is pretty bad, yes, but it has nothing over Spanish programming in that regard.

      • mrspinky85

        I know how it feels to be a minority in a minority.
        It takes bigger balls to go against what’s popular.

    • thedumbblonde

      Myself, and some crazy nurses I met randomly, did body shots with some businessmen from Chihuahua in Puerto Vallarta. Tequila is the devil, Man.


      • TugboatPhil

        Ummm, you forgot to post the pictures…

      • Jay Stevens

        Yep. Pics or it didn’t happen.

    • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

      You can ask liberals. They are the ones who have to bring race into everything.

      Say Obama passes a bad law and I criticize it. I don’t mention his skin color, just his failure. But a liberal will say, “Racist.”

    • hooligan6a

      Good for you for telling the truth.

  • MemorialDime

    If you don’t like America, why do you live here? Oh right, you like the free stuff…

  • HARP2

    Good for them.

  • PeterP

    I bet it would be okay if they were waving Aztlan flags.

  • kch50428

    Love all those tweets with the profanity… they’re too stupid to express themselves forcefully any other way.

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      To be fair, it is at least a step up from “Dude, it was two years ago.”

  • Aitch748

    P_ss off a leftist — fly an American flag. Ignore the angry nitwits crying “racist” over every damn thing. Anybody should be able to fly an American flag inside American borders on any day of the year, and p_ss on anyone who claims otherwise.

  • WisconsinPatriot

    The Beer Holiday!!!!!

    • World B. Free

      Isn’t every day? :-)

  • lesterwink23

    Ah yes, the inevitable correlation between people expressing their 1st Amendment rights and a senile old coot caught saying racist crap during a private conversation. What a bunch of bull.

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Today is the most left wing, liberal holiday on earth.

    • truelies2

      explain please

      • Determined

        one kid knocks open the pinata – all the kids get to share. it is a stupid nonsensical incorrect poster.

        • Frogmouth

          How is it incorrect?
          One kid whacks the piñata and may or may not be able to scramble fast enough to get a share of the loot. Traditionally, the one with the stick is blindfolded, which adds yet another penalty to the batter.
          The rest of the kids do nothing except grab as much candy as they can when it hits the ground. Well, that and taunt the blindfolded batter.
          I guess the Cinco de Mayo bit is misleading as piñatas are featured prominently at birthday parties as well.

          • Determined

            Usually several kids hit the pinata. pinatas are for birthday parties generally. it is a stupid and trite and inaccurate comparison.
            When you have to explain a joke – it is not a good joke.

      • SlimWich

        Geez! It’s got a picture and everything!

      • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Pretty self explanatory.

      • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

        It’s basically the explanation of how liberals are. You have the girl going to bust open the pinata, and you have all of the other kids ready to swipe up her spoils. IT’s like liberals who leech off welfare swiping up the spoils of those of us who actually are useful to society and work and pay taxes.

    • Humanary Stew

      I think Mayday and Labor day might contend for the title. Especially Labor day as it is a day that focuses on the unions.

      • dark angel

        I like the Hawaiian version of May Day better, even though I’m thousands of miles from there right now.

  • PHINS Relevant Again

    It is the United States of America not estados unidos de américa. Sorry you don’t like the flag @IvanMora86. It has draped a lot of coffins of men and women you could only hope to be like but would never have a chance. You lack well everything they are, yet you take everything they have fought and died to secure. Pathetic excuse for an American and I don’t know you but probably a human being as well. I wish you luck as your services are no longer required here.

  • PHINS Relevant Again

    my comment is waiting to be approved by the censors.

  • Susan

    Looks like Ivan Mora needs to move back to Mexico since he has pride in that flag but not the American one. Getting so sick of the word racist being thrown around constantly, I feel like my heads gonna explode one of these days, “blah blah blah..racist” -Boom!

    • QueenB

      But they don’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo in most of Mexico, so that’s no fun!

  • WisconsinPatriot

    I have worked in close proximity to Mexican nationals all my life. I once thought cinco de mayo was a real holiday. They laughed and said cinco de mayo is………the fifth of May. I get it.

    • QueenB

      Yep. Last year asked some coworkers what they were doing to Cinco de Mayo. The response was, “working”. They had a huge laugh when I told them what it was. They had never heard of it before.

      • World B. Free

        I seem to recall years ago that Cinco de Mayo was created by the Cuervo company to promote tequila sales. That makes more sense than any other explanation I’ve ever heard.

    • Ty in TX ✓ᵇᵒⁿᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Really? Mexicans don’t consider it a holiday? Then what the hell is all the hubbub over?

      • Frogmouth

        Because they can.

      • J_W_C_NM

        Gives them an excuse to play the race card.

      • Humanary Stew

        It is now an opportunity to push for amnesty. That seems to be its sole purpose now.

        • Thale Taxurfeet

          “It is now an opportunity to push for amnesty. “

          Under the guise of Immigration Reform. If there were truth in labeling, it would be called Immigration Enforcement Reform.

          • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

            I think, in truth, it really should be called “Democrat voter roundup”.

          • Thale Taxurfeet

            Now that the day’s work is done and I don’t have to drive-by comment, I think you are on to something there…

            And I would like to change my labeling to read, Immigration Non-Enforcement Reform -Same as the IRCA in 1986 only MORE!

  • Sua Sponte

    Odds that LIV’s even know what Cinco de Mayo is…..Hovering right around zero….Still don’t understand why there are “celebrations” of it in the U.S.
    If you’re going to celebrate a battle that has nothing to do with us,
    why not pick The Battle of Grunwald or First Battle of Tannenberg or Battle of
    Žalgiris…..Yeah, it makes that much sense….

  • BoscoBolt

    It’s amazing how completely ignorant obama cultists are.

    I would love just one of these turdheads to explain how the American Flag is “racist”.

  • truelies2

    Cinco de Mayo

    A reason to celebrate! Can the negative remarks. Celebrate just to Celebrate. Love your neighbor. Eat great food. Enjoy great drinks. Look on the bright side of life. God knows that the last few years have been tough on us. Rejoice. Look at this beautiful World God has created for us. Thank God for all our blessings. Thank our neighbors for the positive contributions they have made….


    • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

      And don’t bitch about the flag of the country you’re in being displayed.
      And don’t carp about the number of “white” people around.
      And don’t censor the flag of the country you’re in.

  • Tigerspike

    I read through Ivan Mora’s tweets, and he’s upset by the racist US, but takes pride in his Mexican flag. Being light skinned, he probably doesn’t understand how racist Mexican society can be. The less Indian you look, the better your standing in society.

    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      The Criollos hate the Gabachos, who hate the Mestizos, who hate the Indios.

      • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

        With all that hate floating around based on ancestry, it sounds like left wing’s dream society.

      • Ty in TX ✓ᵇᵒⁿᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        And everybody hates the Jews!


        • Frogmouth

          Damn! Beat me to it…

          • Ty in TX ✓ᵇᵒⁿᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            Well then you know the words, sing along. 😀

          • Frogmouth

            There’s antimony, arsenic, aluminum, selenium,

            And hydrogen and oxygen and nitrogen and rhenium

            And…no, wait…never mind.

      • World B. Free

        I LOVE garbanzos!

        • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

          You sure that isn’t gazpacho?

          • World B. Free

            That too.

        • Thale Taxurfeet

          I always liked Groucho best…

      • thedumbblonde

        There was a saying growing up among my Spanish friends families…The Spanish hate the Cubans, the Cubans hate the Puerto Ricans and everyone hates the Mexicans.

        • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          And the Dominicans become Puerto Ricans whenever Immigration shows up.

          • thedumbblonde


    • tjack

      He’ll never understand since he doesn’t have enough pride to live in Mexico.

  • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

    The leftist complainers observe that it’s WHITE PEOPLE holding the flags.
    Yeah, and it’s the right that’s racist.
    At least the left gives us tangible evidence daily of their race fixation.

  • Roger Taylor

    Cinco De Mayo- the celebration of the only battle of the Mexican civil war in which the Mexicans won.

    They successfully kicked out a French puppet government in order to be ruled by homegrown thugs, dictators, and terrorists.


  • Ty in TX ✓ᵇᵒⁿᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    You just know if those people standing in line with those American flags had then taken a lighter to them, they’d be the bestest, greatest most free thinkers ever and an example for the students. -_-

  • schveiguy

    Just FYI, May 5th predates the country of Mexico.

    • Frogmouth

      And July 4th predate the USofA.

      What’s your point?

      • schveiguy

        That Mexico doesn’t “own” May 5th. So not celebrating Mexico on May 5th is allowed. The idea that anyone should be punished for not celebrating it is quite fascist.

        Of course July 4th is the same, you are allowed not to celebrate it.

        • Frogmouth

          Ah. So we are in agreement on that, at least.

          I wonder if it would be okay to wave FRENCH flags on May 5th?

          • Spiny Norman

            I’d wager none of the “racism!!!” Twits would get it.

          • schveiguy

            It’s never OK to wave french flags.

          • Frogmouth

            Hey, say what you will but the French were invaluable allies in a little fight for independence here in North America.

          • schveiguy

            ‘Twas a silly response to a silly question :)

          • Thale Taxurfeet

            ” the French were invaluable allies in a little fight for independence here in North America.”

            Indeed. And a classic example of that old saw, The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

          • Frogmouth

            Hey, say what you will but the French were invaluable allies in a little fight for independence here in North America.

      • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

        But does anyone here in the US say hateful things about people who have flags from other countries up on the Fourth of July? If it’s racist to display the American flag (in America mind you) on a Mexican Holiday, shouldn’t it be okay to demand that any latino families who display their flag outside their home to remove said flag on the US Holiday?

  • World B. Free

    In a sane world, people like Ivan Mora would be getting a visit from the INS.

    But in the upside down world of 0bama and the far left, the CITIZENS holding the flags will get a visit from the IRS.

    • Frogmouth

      Smart money says he was born here, possibly to illegals. But Mexico is teh awesum because he’s Mexican.

      Pretty common mindset among many “immigrants” who have never even visited their “homeland”. People whose great grandparents left Italy or Ireland or wherever still calling themselves Italian or Irish. Not even hyphenated.

      This country is supposed to be the great melting pot. Except people stopped melting sometime in the middle of the 20th Century.

      • Spiny Norman

        Smart money says he was born here, possibly to illegals. But Mexico is teh awesum because he’s Mexican.

        Idiots like Ivan Mora insist this IS Mexico.

      • Leende

        Whats the difference then calling somebody African American

        • Frogmouth

          Equally asinine.

          • Thale Taxurfeet
          • Leende

            If you call black people African Americans why can’t white people say irish American. A Africian American is a black person who was born in Africa and came to America and became a citizen. Unless of course they are white Africians.

          • Frogmouth

            So white Africans aren’t Africans? Interesting. Totally racist, but still…

          • Leende

            Don’t play the race card on me it doesn’t work. White Africians are Africans. If people didnt play the race card they would have nothing to argure with.

          • Frogmouth

            You said “A Africian American is a black person who was born in Africa and came to
            America and became a citizen. Unless of course they are white

            By your logic a white African who comes to America and becomes a citizen isn’t African American.

  • IrishLaw73

    So, next March 17th, it will be perfectly acceptable for me to scream “Racist” at anyone not wearing an Irish flag? Good to know…

    • QueenB

      Maybe you can help me better understand how I can deal with St. Patrick’s Day. I have red hair, so it is always assumed that I am Irish. I am not, I’m Scottish. So, do I get to be offended on St. Patrick’s Day? Help!

      • Thale Taxurfeet


        My paternal side is Scottish, the maternal side Irish… We’ve been known to fight at the drop of a hat. And over the course of my long life, many a hat has dropped. Afterwards, there is little offense retained nor in most cases, is there any recollection of what started the whole mess.

        *looks at watch.. aw what the heck* Salute! *hoists a beer*

        • QueenB

          An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman walk into a bar and get their lagers. A fly lands in each one. The Englishman says, “bartender! Take this drink back! I will not drink something a fly landed in!” The Irishman flicks the fly off the head of his lager and proceeds to drink. The Scotsman picks the fly up by its wing, looks at it and says, “spit it out! Spit it out!!!!”

      • IrishLaw73

        Excellent question! Well, you could do what 99% of the universe does and PRETEND you’re Irish on St. Patrick’s Day or start celebrating William Wallace’s birthday and get offended on THAT day. Or, since redheads are a minority among hair color…you can just be offended all the time because “ginger discrimination” is like, a huge deal. :)

        • QueenB

          It totally is and where are my reparations!?

  • kateorjane

    Ivan Mora’s tweet is a perfect example of the problem. If he’s so proud of “his” Mexican flag and not the American flag perhaps he should haul his sorry arse down to Mexico where he can fly it all he wants.

    • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

      There’s the thing-he can fly it all he wants HERE!
      It’s the American flag they’re trying to censor.
      He could have it both ways. Tolerate our flag and we’ll tolerate yours.

  • DJ_USMC_Ret

    This is one of the most disappointing situations that is happening. There should never be a day where someone is not allowed to wear the colors of the USA flag or present the flag. There is nothing racist about displaying the flag. I understand about being proud of ones heritage but if you have a desire to live in this country and become a citizen you need to have pride in this nation and put this nation # 1. Anyone not willing to do that should leave. It does not matter is you are Democratic, Republican, Independent, or whatever; this country stays the #1 priority. Now everyone wonders why there is opposition to Immigration reform. This is one reason why you cannot just grant those here illegally, legal statuses. You cannot have loyalty to any other country over this one. PATRIOTIOSM IS NOT RACISM. If you are offended by the flag relocate to a place where you have pride in that country.

  • alanstorm

    “I’ll always have pride with my Mexican flag but not the American one.”


    His “teachers” have done a fine job.

    • Spiny Norman

      Probably where he got his delusional thinking.

    • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

      They despise America, but we’re supposed to be kissing their ass.

    • Thale Taxurfeet

      “I’ll always have pride with my Mexican flag but not the American one.”


      His “teachers” have done a fine job.”

      Preach on preacher!

      For some individuals, the more you try to accommodate and assist, the more they resent you. This seems to be a problem with communities and segments of society who would rather stand apart than join in.

      The more intolerant the fringe becomes, the less tolerance they can expect to receive. Enough is enough!

  • World B. Free

    Well, I do know this: I’m having chicken tacos tonight for dinner. Not to celebrate anything, it’s just what I feel like having. My American flag will be out in front of my house, just so everyone knows what an evil racist I am.

    • Thale Taxurfeet

      “My American flag will be out in front of my house”

      Aye. Mine is always flying, complete with floods on her at night.

      I along with most of the males in my family going back generations have served this Nation at one time or another. All gave some…

      This symbol, our flag, stands for more than can be explained in a brief comment. I’ll fly our flag anywhere in the nation, at anytime.

  • keyboard jockey

    LOL That first amendment it’s great until someone else decides to exercise their 1st Amendment rights too. Last time I checked California is still part of the United States it didn’t secede from the Union.

  • keyboard jockey

    The only ones tweeting it’s racist to fly our country’s American flag have hispanic surnames hmmmm. They don’t know they are living in the United States of AMERICA?

    • WhoDat


      • keyboard jockey

        Uh what.

        It’s pretty clear or didn’t you bother to read the tweets.

        • Spiny Norman

          No need. He’s here to troll, not to “discuss”.

      • keyboard jockey

        Jorge P. González @jorgemx12Follow
        The Gilroy Morgan Hill Patriots…what a bunch of Racist dick-heads!! I think they may be part owners of the LA Clippers. #racist #5deMayo

        Gonzalez that’s clearly an Irish name/

        • WhoDat

          Ok, yeah, I think I misread your OP.

          I was trying to figure out why you were calling people with Spanish surnames out for being less than real Americans.

          • keyboard jockey

            I was pointing out they are the ones tweeting- that people are racist for flying an American flag.

            They have a better chance of convincing me they are jingoistic at best.

          • Spiny Norman

            Because THEY clearly don’t think of themselves as “American”, but as “Mexicans”.

            You’re having another of your “intentionally obtuse” days, aren’t you?

          • keyboard jockey

            Misread you can’t process what you read to save your life.

          • WhoDat


          • Humanary Stew

            Sometimes, that intentional obtuseness bites you in the ass huh?

      • keyboard jockey

        van Mora @IvanMora86Follow
        @morganhilltimes fuck your American flag . Racist as fucks . I’ll always have pride with my Mexican flag but not the American one
        11:14 AM – 5 May 2014

        Oh here’s one with a German name tweeting.

        • QueenB

          Are “fuc*s” always racist?

          • keyboard jockey

            Apparently and so is any attempt at articulation lol!

      • keyboard jockey

        Al_Bondigas @tichieFollow
        Hey Folks in Morgan Hill. You have some racist neighbors. You need to check those tea party assholes.
        9:45 AM – 5 May 2014

        This one is clearly an Icelandic surname/

    • Jerry Camp

      They don’t even realize that Mexican isn’t a race.

      • keyboard jockey

        They don’t realize it was one province in Mexico celebrating defeating the French in one battle.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Funny how all these people bitching about the 1st Amendment never want to leave America and go somewhere less tolerant of free speech. Well, not so much “funny,” as “completely expected of mental midgets with thin-skins.” It’s a thin line… possibly red.

  • mrspinky85

    I’m at a lost of how this is racist. I served my country and will wear the flag where I want to!
    You love Mexico so much guy that you live here. Cool, thing about America is that you can celebrate your holiday and wear your flag. But, never should that trump the American flag.

    These same people hide under the first amendment while many have fallen and families given an American flag. Someone has a problem with me wearing my flag can go suck an egg.

    I want the American flag shoes Palin had to match my outfit. Those were so cute!

    • Thale Taxurfeet

      “many have fallen and families given an American flag”

      The symbol of this Nation means more to a large number of us than the ignorant accusers of racism can fathom.

      A word of advice to those in this country who despise Old Glory. If you pick the wrong person to demand we not fly Old Glory, and you foolishly try to stop us, don’t half-step.

  • DG

    There are some really stupid people in this country.

    If they don’t respect the American flag, why live in this country? They are probably entitlement babies living off the teat of big government(American taxpayer).

  • DJ_USMC_Ret

    Can’t we all celebrate Cinco de Mayo? I am a flag waving retired Marine that loves to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with my friends with Mexican heritage, I know I embrace their heitage but that doesn’t put mine in the backgraound or should I have to hide mine.

    • Humanary Stew

      The only ones saying you can’t are those like the people whose tweets are featured above. You know, the ones crying racism?

  • WhoDat

    Cinco de Mayo is just an excuse to get wasted.

    Most of the people celebrating it have no idea its real meaning.

    • keyboard jockey

      Exactly so why call people racist for flying American flags in their own f’ng country.

    • Macsen Overdrive

      A minor victory in a war they ultimately lost. To France. To install a pretender to a fake throne. And the sad part of it is, that pretender turned out to be fairly liberal. Mexico’s liberator, Benito Juarez, ultimately liked the guy personally, and only had him executed to send a message to the local elite and the powers-that-be in Europe.

      Of course, the only reason they lost is because America was in the Civil War, and was distracted from enforcing the Monroe Doctrine. As soon as the Civil War was over, they “misplaced” some munitions over the border.

    • QueenB

      In most of Mexico, it has no meaning.

    • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

      So if it’s just an excuse to get drunk, why are American citizens racist merely for displaying our nation’s flag?

      • Corey Dennison

        Because it’s another chance for those who hate America to pi$$ all over it.

    • Corey Dennison

      Too bad I can only up-vote you once on this one, WD. You’ve pretty much summed it up.

  • TocksNedlog

    Welcome to the Democratic People’s Republic of California! Where the American flag is racist and the right of public-school students to not celebrate Cinco de Mayo is denied.

  • Spoiler Alert

    Morons who claim flying the American flag on the 5th of May is racist don’t realize that its only celebrated in America and the Mexican state of Puebla where the actual battle was fought (and incidentally, was for naught as Mexico fell to Maximilian I of Austria anyway)

  • Dennis E. Amnott

    All illegal Wetbacks can feel free to pack their Cinco De Mayo Fiesta’s up where there ain’t no sun and kiss my anti Mexican flag ass

  • Ghee!

    Cinco De Mayo – The one day a year all white people are racists towards hispanics and not blacks.

    • Leende

      Of course blacks aren’t racist against anybody,

  • descolada9

    Cinco de Mayo is an American holiday and it is not widely celebrated in Mexico. It’s a drinking day, for crying out loud. The USA flag being shown in USA is considered racist? I am suddenly so much more for deportation of illegal aliens. As for those legally here who do not like the USA flag, what are you doing here??

    • Michelle ✓classified

      Thanksgiving is an American holiday. 4th of July is an American holiday. Memorial Day is an American holiday. Veterans Day is an American holiday. Cindo de Mayo is not an American holiday. It is nothing more than a day celebrated by people of Mexican descent who happen to live in the United States. but it is absolutely not an American holiday.

      • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

        Don’t forget white people that love a good Margarita!

        • Michelle ✓classified

          People like all kinds of drinks, still doesn’t make Cinco de Mayo an American holiday.

      • QueenB

        I think his point is that it isn’t a Mexican holiday either. It’s not celebrated in Mexico. Other than a few states in northern Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is actually, an American made holiday. “American” meaning celebrated here.

        • Michelle ✓classified

          Oh, I get what he meant. I understood. It’s a day of celebration that is observed in America, but it’s just not an American holiday. A day celebrated in America is not synonymous with “American holiday”.

      • descolada9

        “It originated with Mexican-American communities in the American West as a way to commemorate the cause of freedom and democracy during the first years of the American Civil War,[8][9] and today the date is observed in the United States as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride.” – Wikipedia. As my Mexican friends tell me, it means very little to them and seems to more of a beer holiday in the States.

        • Michelle ✓classified

          I know what Cinco de Mayo is and why, who celebrates it and why. I was born, raised and currently live in Los Angeles. :-) Thanks for your comment, but it misses the point I made.

          Again, it’s a holiday celebrated in America, but it is not an American holiday.

  • AT

    I’m not an easily offended sissy like the politically correct crowd – but one thing that does piss me off in a major way is seeing people fly flags of other nations on our soil.

    That’s what invaders do after they’ve conquered someone else’s land.

    If you’re so proud of whatever godforsaken third world hellhole you fled from to come to America that you still feel compelled raise their flag – then get the hell out of here and go back there.

  • Jennifer

    If you don’t like the American flag or think its racist, GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM, PERIOD.

  • Doubting Thomas

    I can certainly understand people wanting to celebrate a historic event in their ancestry. You can find in it in all parts of this country from Cinco de Mayo to Oktoberfest or St. Paddy’s day ( which doesn’t resemble anything in Ireland). Removing the American flag is objectionable part of the school districts prior decision. Those flying the flag may or may not be racist. Don’t know them. I for one would protest in the same manner – in flying my Country’s flag. For me it was insulting to our country due to the prior decision.

    • Jennifer

      Cinco de Mayo isn’t crap in Mexico. It’s not even their real Independence day.

  • Brenda Busken

    then go the hell back to mexico Ivan Mora

  • Jennifer

    Every single one of these people are idiots. Nobody forces you to live here so if you don’t like the flag then leave.

  • Doug Clark

    Okay, first off, Mexican is NOT a race. It is a nationality so accusing them of racism makes no sense. This has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with national pride.

    • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

      Are we still allowed to have American national pride?
      There seems to be a movement among guilt-ridden white Americans to shame anyone who is proud to be an American and who displays the flag.

      • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

        No, American pride is not allowed in America anymore, because racist. – liberal logic

  • mrspinky85

    The Tea Party is so racist they have their governor candidate in Wisconsin wearing a Confederate uniform and handing out KKK hoods he made himself….oh wait what…O_o

    • TugboatPhil

      It would seem odd that he knew exactly how to make CCClan hoods at home, but he is a Dem. It must be an instinct with them.

    • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

      I’ve yet to see any of the liberal trolls on this site condemn that Democrat idiot for that.

      • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

        They’re probably out there spreading the word that he’s really an undercover operative of the GOP.


    Flags are racist? Who knew?

  • Jeffrey Rogers

    Jose can you see……

  • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

    I have Mexican neighbors who have the Mexican flag up on the 4th of July.

    So why is it racist to wave the American flag just because it’s a Mexican Holiday? It may be their Holiday, but this is still America, and the Red, White, and Blue is this country’s flag. So it’s not racist to hang it up.

    • QueenB

      The really funny thing, it’s not a Mexican holiday. Last year I asked my co-workers in Mexico if they had plans for Cinco de Mayo. They all thought it was just May 5th.

      • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

        So Americans are being called racist for holding up American flags on a Holiday that isn’t even celebrated by many Mexicans.

        People are really, really stupid.

        • keyboard jockey

          It’s an excuse for them to pose and act indignant. They don’t get that if just makes them look low class and ignorant.

          • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

            We are talking about liberals. The same people who will burn American flags because they say “it’s just a piece of cloth”.

  • craigzimmerman12

    This makes me feel like America is disintegrating. Immigrants who wish to keep their loyalty to the country they left, should not be allowed to come here.

    • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

      They’re allowed to keep their nation’s culture and heritage in our country, but it’s apparently racist for us to expect to keep our nations culture and heritage.

  • Jack Deth

    I expect no less from the next three generations of illegal, though government funded, indoctrinated, fed, clothed, sheltered and protected Democrat voters.

    And one wonders why major corporations are moving their headquarters, factories and businesses elsewhere?

  • spaceycakes

    more clips for D’souza’s next movie. They’ll hang themselves.

  • Black Belt Conservative

    I can see that Ivan is getting some flack for his comment…and retreating from it quickly. Citing “heat of the moment”…hmmm…

    • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

      Liberals are prone to have kneejerk reactions and not think before they speak or tweet. Then when what they truly believe causes them to be called out on, they retreat like cowards and pull the victim card.

      • Black Belt Conservative

        Too true.

      • Ice Cold Troll

        Say, you could have ended that whole post with a period after the first “think.”

    • linnilu

      I see he claims to be half French and half Mexican. Explains a lot.

      • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

        So…surrenders to spicy food?

  • SometimesWise

    @IvanMora86 If he has pride in his Mexican flag, then he can go home. to Mexico. Proudly. Bye.

    • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

      If America offends him so much, he’s free to leave.

  • SometimesWise

    It seems that what these flag-wavers were protesting was the unfair targeting of students who, several years ago, were outrageous enough to actually wear an image of the flag of their own country on their clothing. I guess these adults wanted to make sure that this discrimination did not happen again. Now, who are the racists?

    • Name

      exactly. And frankly, it’s a backlash. Celebration of Cinco de Mayo in the US is a gimmick advanced by I think mostly Mexican based breweries like Corona or Dos Equis as a way to increase beer sales. Before then, no one cared about mexican independence day. Since then, advocacy groups like La Raza have siezed upon it as a way to push their agenda and use it as a tool to show how bad “we” have been regarding “acceptance”. A cheap trick in my opinion. Same thing happens when atheists want to complain when they cant march in the SAINT PATRICKS day parade. Nothing but opportunism and perversion of an otherwise non-event.

      • Heartland Patriot

        Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexican Independence Day. That day is much later in the year though I can’t remember it off the top of my head right now. Cinco de Mayo is only a holiday in the Mexican state of Puebla, to commemorate a battle where the Mexican Army beat the French puppet Emperor Maximilian. The part about the Mexican beer companies is accurate, however.

        • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          September 16, 1810 = Mexican Independence Day.

        • Name

          I stand corrected. I always thought it was Mex Independence. Shows how much attention I pay to it. Despite having lived in Oz, Germany, and lots of other places, I dont remember ANZAC Day, Reunification Day, or any of the others. Not my holidays.
          Point remains that it’s an over-blown, made-up “holiday” to justify more beer sales and not an opportunity to whip out the race card.

  • Another Canadian in the US

    Apparently reading isn’t a Liberal requirement. They aren’t exactly waving the flag to protest this Mexican holiday, they are waving the flag to protest the school not allowing it.

    • Thale Taxurfeet

      “Apparently reading isn’t a Liberal requirement. They aren’t exactly
      waving the flag to protest this Mexican holiday, they are waving the
      flag to protest the school not allowing it.”

      Amazing is it not? Reading is fundamental… Leftist are not.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Lazy ignorant pigs . Fck America, now gimmee more entitlements. Because racisss!

  • Hannibal

    Today is also National Lawn Service Appreciation Day.

  • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump

    Since when did Mexican become a race and not a nationality? Who revoked their national charter?

  • Zefal

    “where are you going to get people to work to clean our hotel rooms or do our landscaping?” Happy Cinco de Mayo day from Alex Sink(D)

    • keyboard jockey

      Same place we got it before they took those jobs. They like to pretend they are the only people that do those jobs. It’s simply isn’t true.

      • Thale Taxurfeet

        “same place we got it before they took those jobs. They like to pretend they are the only people that do those jobs.”

        True enough. The item never mentioned is the appended part of the “the only people that do those jobs” sentence which would be, “for a depressed wage without benefits or FICA contribution.”

        My time spent as a young’un in the manual labor Ag industry and later in life as an IT widget has given me a clear understanding of the forces behind amnesty/open-borders. Hint: It’s the bottom line and resulting lobbying/contributions given to the political powers that make it so.

        • keyboard jockey

          “where are you going to get people to work to clean our hotel rooms or do our landscaping?”

          Even more alarming is the unemployment rate among black youth, ages 16-19, jumped a full 2.8 points, to 39.3 percent. That’s nearly double the 20.9 percent unemployment rate for whites in the same age demographic.

          Read more:

          Teenage unemployment among all ethnicity’s is awful. There are American teens that would like an entry level job to get some job experience to put on their resume.

          • Heartland Patriot

            Indeed, the real racists are the ones pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens and abortion (far more black babies are aborted)…namely the liberal-progressive Democrat Socialist Party because their policies hurt blacks the worst.

  • Perso Nasplit

    If your nationality is mexican, and you live in the US, go back. If you are mexican descent, living in the US, and your nationality is US, welcome, and pick up a US flag. Wave it and be proud.

    Ignoant fools thinking the US flag is racist on a mexican states holiday.

  • stewbee

    Viva America!

  • hooligan6a

    If your so proud of your Mexican flag, why don’t you go down to Mexico and fly it? This is the United States, we fly the US flag.

  • TruDat

    If you want to wave the Mexican flag, go to Mexico and wave away.

    • keyboard jockey

      They can wave it in the US it’s a free country- they don’t have the right to stop other people from waving the US flag.

  • thedumbblonde

    In other news, eating tacos on May 5th is racist. Maybe these people should protest Taco Bell on May 5th.

    • linnilu

      Ha! Pour me another shot of tequila while I finish this taco and nestle my sombrero onto my head at the right angle.

  • LAPhil

    Good for those American flag-wavers! This is exactly what needs to happen, more pro-American demonstrations. Let them show those cowardly traitors on the school board whose country this really is. The day we allow ourselves to be pushed around by another country and its culture is the day we should hang our heads in shame.

  • Kevin Harmon

    There’s a simple solution, if you don’t like a country’s flag being flown in in the country that it belongs to, leave and go where they fly yours.

  • jetch

    so holding up an American flag is racist, but when they wave their Mexican flag or proclaim their Mexican pride, that’s okay??
    mexico is a cesspool of corruption. why are they a third world country when they have the resources and labor pool of a first world country?? yeah, a lot to be proud of!
    while there are many Mexicans who are honest and hard working, there are many more that are lazy, violent and no good.
    the bottom line is that they leave mexico for the united states because mexico is a terrible place with no opportunities unless you’re willing to become a drug lord or kill.

    • LAPhil

      And if they’re in this country it must mean they prefer it to their own, so why don’t THEY wave an American flag once in a while?

  • Mari Alvarez

    My Mexican husband, who was proud to be an American, is rolling over in his grave.

    • Mr. Saturn

      My American-born (from legally immigrated parents) sister-in-law hates these people.

  • Ruth

    I didn’t know the American flag was only for white people. Does that mean if you’re black or Hispanic and wave the flag, you’re racist? All these progressive rules make my head hurt.

  • Guest

    These people are dumber then a sack of wet doorknobs.

    • keyboard jockey

      I doubt this same display happens in a lot of other states. California (blue state) has the largest illegal alien population vs other states, and the left in California has nurtured anti American sentiment, and it has born bitter fruit.

      Texas (red state) has a large illegal alien population they don’t exhibit this same hate for the rest of the US population. Or maybe they know the rest of the population inside Texas wouldn’t put up with it.


        I’m in CA and I can tell you that illegals had the same attitude as the illegals in Texas do now…Until they got their numbers up and had thoroughly infiltrated our government and other areas. Then, their true colors showed up! TX., stop your state’s invaeion before t hey get their numbers up.

    • Marvin Nelson

      Nah, compared to them, the doorknobs are geniuses. These morons need a dose of good old American patriotism. I am glad that my dad, a WWII vet, isn’t around to see this.

      • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

        Doorknobs have a job and fulfill a purpose in society.
        We would miss them if they weren’t around.

  • Despiser_of_Libs

    Yea, we arent going to have a Civil war anytime soon… Keep telling yourself that as you read these LaRaza nitwits words…

  • rthomp8363

    Let see a holiday where you beat the french over not wanting to pay money you borrowed from them and then illegally coming to the US to celebrate that holiday. Ya, good reason to celebrate.

  • Craftyelle

    What would happen if I went to Mexico on July 4th and hung an American flag above the Mexican flag at the High School because it is my heritage celebration?

    • Amedicinewoman

      Jail, after the locals beat you half to death.

    • Thale Taxurfeet

      “What would happen if I went to Mexico on July 4th and hung an American
      flag above the Mexican flag at the High School because it is my heritage

      Mehico’s mob does not screw around. For instance, this is how Mexico treats U.S. citizens who mistakenly enter Mexico.

      IMHO, it is time for quid pro quo, and I do not mean a resumption of Fast & Furious.

  • magnut

    Lol. I guess we will fly the US flag wherever and whenever we want, its our country. Good job patriots!

  • san rafael blue

    So raising the Amercian Flag is considered ‘racist? Really? There must be some national competition on who can send the dumbest, most ignorant sounding tweet. These ‘people’ are all on the short list of Top 10 Losers.

  • Corey Dennison

    I’ll always have pride with my Mexican flag but not the American one—

    Then hit the road, jackass. We have two exits from this country for your convenience–both accessible by land, so you don’t even have to buy a plane ticket.


  • craigzimmerman12

    There is a big difference between keeping ones culture from the old country and allegiance to your new country. Immigrants to America salute the Stars and Stripes, not the flag of the country they emigrated from.

    • Heartland Patriot

      My forebearers from Germany didn’t even teach my mom German, minus a few bits and pieces. They wanted her to be American, and only American.

  • djm1992✓𝒢𝑒𝓃𝒹𝑒𝓇 𝒢𝒾𝒻𝓉𝑒𝒹 ☭⁻ᴴ⁸ᴿ

    “Shout out to the racist azz adults, so-called Patriots who are posted up at Live Oak HS in Morgan Hill protesting Cinco de Mayo #idiots..

    -Davey D @mrdaveyd”

    And why are they racists, Davey? Seems to me they are just reminding people that this is the USA, and not Mexico, and letting people know you don’t need “permission” to display the US flag in this vicinity, even though it’s a Mexican holiday. Why does race/ethnicity have to be a part of everything?

    How could you possibly conclude from this that these people are racists? Oh, wait. I get it now. They’re all white. You’ve seen a bunch of white people displaying US flags, and you’ve concluded just from this sight alone that they are a bunch of racists -just because they are white. In other words, you’ve stereotyped. You’ve made an assumption, based on skin color and appearance alone.

    I’d be willing to bet my last dollar (and I’m not a rich man) that if you were to show up at that rally with a US flag, that not one of those people would have been anything other than kind and respectful to you. They’d have been likely very happy to have you.

  • jkpalmdale

    No flags other than that American flag should be allowed in/on ANY tax payer funded building or property.

  • ohspareme

    Don’t like the American Flag? GET the F outta here then! I don’t care what color you are! Sick of feeling like an outsider in my own country!

  • liberalssuck

    Wow, so showing the American flag near an American high school in America city, in America is racist. I have to ask how stupid are these folks, then it hits they voted in obozo twice..

  • Penelope Blair

    Not sure why the American flag should be a problem on Cinco de Mayo, since it’s a holiday celebrating Mexico’s defeat of the FRENCH.

    • Heartland Patriot

      Those brainless wonders crying “racist” have no idea what Cinco de Mayo is all about. They have no clue about the Battle of Puebla nor who Emperor Maximilian was. And they have no clue that the holiday was made into a big deal by Mexican beer companies to push their products in the USA.

  • Jake

    America doesn’t need you. You need America.


    How too many so called dreamers realy feel about America:@morganhilltimes fuck your American flag . Racist as fucks . I’ll always have pride with my Mexican flag but not the American one— 
    Ivan Mora (@IvanMora86) May 05, 2014
    ….AND Democrats want to put tham in our military and give they and their whole families us citizenship. BAD Idea.

    • Ice Cold Troll

      Hey Jeb, where’s your act of love now?

  • Heartland Patriot

    Most of those people with the foul Tweets are probably illegals, the rest of them just like to call white people “racist” because they can. Just so you know, one of the goals of a rather organized group of illegals is to take over the Southwestern USA, turn it into a country called “Atzlan” and establish the Aztec religion as a state religion. This would include building pyramids and making human sacrifice with the whole ripping out hearts and rolling corpses down the steps. Real, real nice folks…you know, doing the jobs Americans won’t do.

  • BigTBoom

    Theodore Roosevelt, in a 1919 letter, might have had the right opinion on the subject of being an American in America…

    “In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the man’s becoming in very fact an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag, and this excludes the red flag, which symbolizes all wars against liberty and civilization, just as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are hostile…We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language…and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

  • Christopher Boyer

    if you don’t like the US flag get the f*** out the country

  • Baba Ghanoush

    And why does everyone assume the flag wavers are members of the tea party? Drives me nuts

  • NEChris

    Does this mean they don’t use their government issued EBT cards if there’s a racist American flag printed on them?

  • Chip

    Happy James K. Polk Day America!!!

  • nickdqwk

    Anyone planning a sojourn to Morgan Hill on May 5, 2015 keep me in mind I’ll take some time off and participate.

  • Baba Ghanoush

    So according to these idiots, should I assume everyone who is waving a Mexican flag in America is racist?

    • keyboard jockey

      Nah they’re just keeping it real….real stupid lol!

  • $1014973

    What happened to little Ivan Mora from San Jose? Did that little sugar pants delete his anti-American twitter account? That’s a shame Ivan, you should be proud of your opinions.

  • Burly Bergeron

    maybe a couple million Americans should go to Mexico and celebrate Sam Houstons birthday and wave American flags.

  • TundraThunder

    If someone EVER comes to my house and calls me a racist because I have OLD Glory flying in the breeze, they’ll get some American pride . . . . with a punch in the face!

  • Summerwarmth

    I think Ivan Mora should go back to Mexico where he is proud and leave the US since he apparently does not want to be here. Three guesses if he is legal or not.

  • grin-n-barrett

    What the H3ll? Since when is it unacceptable to display an American flag in America? If you want to see nothing but Mexican flags, go home. This IS AMERICA, PERIOD!! I am personally sick of this crap. This is our country. We do and should have the right to express patriotism any and every day of the year. If you are offended by the flag, why are you here? If you are offended by our love of our country, please feel free to pack up your belonging purchased here, working here and not paying taxes, collecting food stamps, rental assistance, free medical, free Obamaphones and get the hell out.

  • miscast

    Is Ivan Mora hard to find? I’d really like to know what mental institude he recently broke out of to make such a comment…

    • $1014973

      I believe that little gem is located in San Jose. I truly wonder where he works.

  • American

    I don’t get it, latinos threaten white kids over their shirts and the white kids get told go home, in my opinion the school should have disciplined the threats and all this controversy would have been avoided.

  • American

    If their country is so great that they want to celebrate it, maybe they should go live there, and that’s not racist. I’m proud of America, I speak English, I fly an American flag on my house everyday, oh AND I LIVE IN AMERICA!!! but if I ever move, maybe I’ll move to mexico and see if on the 4th of July ask the school my kids would attend to not allow Mexican flags, how well would that work…LOL


    Why doesn’t the school ban cino de mayo? It’s not a real or official holiday. They don’t even celebrate it in Mexico Ban it, End of controversy .

  • philoise65

    If you like your American flag and your spirit, you can keep your American flag and spirit. Also, went to the lake today to celebrate, too much XX and ended up celebrating “Sinko de Boto.

  • RanierWest

    Good on the adults! Showing Americans this is still America – You’re only offended if you are a racist and hate America! Free Speech win!

  • Charles Hurst

    It is nonsense is that people comply. This is very simple.When something this irrational is propagated as sanctioned rule people need to refuse it. Example: a school states wearing the American flag on your shirt may offend Latinos in southern California. Half of the school needs to show up with that shirt and that flag. And if it is finally at the point where our flag causes violence then so be it.

    What’s going to be next? Actually what has already been next? Don’t say Merry Christmas. Someone might be offended. Don’t talk about Easter—the Muslim might take offense.

    It is this type of compliant sheeple attitude is the reason the insanity has gone as far as it has. I wrote once of another sheeple country—Germany. The final anti reason that the Jew was propagated as the cause of the German economy’s ills. And people went with it. That’s what happens with compliance of anti reason. And
    that is what our nation lives under now—anti reason.

    As I predict, based on a sage known as History, anti reason is the premise before collapse of a nation. We are well on that path. If we continue we will have two possible scenarios. 1) A second civil war 2) We will no longer be the land of the free. And I’m sorry to say that the only way to confront anti reason is with
    violence. You cannot reason with the Marxist type of group thought. You cannot
    debate a tyrant.

    It is on the horizon. Soon we will have a choice on how to deal with the oncoming tsunami which will attempt to sweep our freedom away.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  • Deserttrek

    the sad part is many of these twitter pukes are citizens … they have bought into the obama and demoncrat line and think mexico is good and the USA bad

  • DRB16

    Great news for the fight of freedom.

  • Tom Winegar

    Screw Mexico… like it so much, then give up all your tax paid freebees and go back! If I lived in Calexico I would be at that school with a sign stating just that.

  • Ed McDowell

    Its the single symbol of liberty to the world. Millions have been freed from oppression under its protection. What’s the problem?

  • James Perley

    They may not like our flag, but they like our money and standard of living.

  • jb80538

    If the idiots that don’t like the American flag and are so proud of being mexican, you will NEVER be American and should LEAVE the US NOW!

  • edjuk8

    I don’t understand why in the world people stay here in the U.S. if they hate it so much. Seriously, just leave.

  • DG

    Most of the people yelling “racist” can probably see Mexico from their homes.

  • JD Son

    If you don’t like freedom, and feel your culture is superior to the American Culture of Freedom, get out. Acclimate to American Culture, otherwise leave. I am tired of pressing a number for English, and dealing with people because they feel entitled. No one owes you anything. Work hard, pay your taxes, and enjoy the beauty of freedom those before me fought so hard for, and embrace freedom.

  • Bruce LaClaire

    I would venture to bet that most of the so called Mexicans and other lower IQed who are blowing off hot air can’t even tell us what happened on May the 5th and why it is being celebrated!

  • KeynesIsDead

    Irish-Americans wave the American flag on St. Patrick’s Day so why can’t Hispanics do the same on Cinco de Mayo?

    • Corey Dennison

      Irish-Americans don’t get all butthurt over others who choose to wear a shirt with an American flag, or call people racist who choose to wave American flags. Irish-Americans don’t pi$$ all over the country that has given them more than their ancestral country ever did.

      • Tom Winegar

        I guess that just shows what those kids are learning from their parents and celebatino idols……doesn’t it? Amazing how many people like that just obsess to show their lack of IQ.

    • Nahalban

      because Irish Americans came up by their bootstraps.

  • The Lost Dutchman

    As someone of (mostly) German ancestry, I just want to let everyone know you have my permission to fly the American flag during Oktoberfest.

    • FreedomRecon


    • Tom Winegar

      My ancestry is Swiss, do we have a fest of some kind to celebrate or do we just share the German ones because of the language and proximity to Germany? I thought I was German my entire life until my sister traced us back to Switzerland in the early 1800’s.

      • The Lost Dutchman

        I don’t know. In the area I live in (PA Dutch country, hence my nom de Disqus), Swiss and German heritage tend to get conflated with each other- I have both in my family tree.

  • zyxwwxyz

    We, U.S citizens, have allowed this state of affairs to arrive.

    We have allowed … uhh … “only 9 million” Illegals to set up shop in this country for a decade or two (reality check: more like 20 or 30 million Illegals). And the vast majority, certainly 50-percent-plus, of those Illegals … are either Mexican or Guatemalan or from some other Central American country. And so here we are: flying the flag of the United States is … racist. How dare anyone fly the flag of this country? How dare anyone sing its National Anthem? “Ohh, oohh, but it’s only on … Cinco de Mayo … that we have to be especially sensitive about how Mexicans might feel … … “. HINT: TAKE A LOOK AROUND L.A. AND ANYWHERE IN SO-CAL. HOW MANY MEXICAN FLAGS CAN YOU COUNT WITHIN, OH, LET’S SAY 30 MINUTES? IN WINDOWS, ON LAWNS, ON PORCHES, IN CAR WINDOWS. THE MEXICANS AREN’T WORRIED ONE. LITTLE. BIT. ABOUT “SENSIBILITIES”. AFTER ALL, THEY KNOW THAT THE U.S. IS NOW THEIR HOME COUNTRY. BETTER LEARN CAMPESINO SPANISH, QUICK.

  • biffula

    I hope these ignorant, racist minorities whose comments were posted in the article have their twitter accounts blown up.

  • mike2000917

    Why would any Mexican be proud of that sewer of a country to our south? Corruption, drugs and sewage in the streets is what I associate with Mexico.

    • Tom Winegar

      Exactly, it’s a $hithole and always has been.

      • WilliamAmos

        Shouldn’t generalize. There are some very beautiful spots in Mexico. Sadly the drug war and corrupt governments have made the place unsafe.

        • CenCalDevil👊

          Yes there are; sadly millions of those same people of Mexico have decided to flee en masse rather than stay and resurrect their country.

  • Joe Ruisi

    We have been trampled by a huge herd of pigs. Every illegal, invading Mexican who spits in the face of my country should be loaded on busses and sent back home.

    • Tom Winegar

      after having “FREELOADER” tattooed on their foreheads.

  • Cory

    This race card is getting quite ridiculous lol. It’s not even making sense anymore.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Upper Lip

    California = North Mexico

    • Tom Winegar

      It’s time to do an Inchon type landing a couple of hundred miles into Mexico to create a 200 mile no-man’s land cleared of roads and watering stations.

  • jimoaklanduniv

    IF you think the American flag is RACIST, then get your RACIST AS& back to where ya came from!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom Winegar

    Destroy watering stations along the border designed to make invading easier.

  • stuckinIL4now

    If these a$$wipes hate America so much, along with the freedom of expression they’re allowed here, perhaps they might take their Cinco de Mayo celebrations to, say, North Korea and see if old Kim Jong Insane would allow them to wave their Mexican flags. Yeah, not happening.

  • Ivan Mora


  • Ivan Mora


    • Nahalban

      yeah lol lots to be proud of with the mexican flag your best general
      was an outlaw (Pancho) you lost two wars to America almost got your
      asses kicked by the foreign legion. Have to encourage your own people
      to head north into the United States in order to have a living and drug
      cartels pretty much run everything south of the border lots and lots to
      be proud of. perhaps you should rethink your postition.

  • ndmike12

    “Contrarian” is a criticism I could see (to the extent it’s a criticism), since “because you said we can’t” seems to be at least part of the animating spirit of the demonstration. I can also see arguing that the administrators are in a position to know whether wearing the flag shirts was intended solely to antagonize, which would be irrelevant in the public square but significant in the school setting, where there is a compelling interest in maintaining a level of order that would be intolerable in society at large. But racist? That’s just lazy.

  • CenCalDevil👊

    Sad, not even Mexico wants millions of it’s own people.

  • VoodooEconomics

    So in America….
    it is racist…
    to fly the American Flag…
    in America….
    on May 5th….

    Did i read that right?

    • reachrenee

      Yup, you did. Amazing isn’t it.

  • athynz1

    This is an open message to IvanMora86, verduzco94, tiche, jorgemx12, geetothelee, and mrdaveyd – If you don’t like the Amercian flag then move out of America! It’s just that simple. Ivan Mora you say you have pride in your Mexican flag – that’s cool man, I’m all for it but when you say you won’t have pride in the American flag I want to get in your face and tell you to fuck off, leave this country, and go to Mexico if you don’t like it here. As for the rest tell me how in the hell is it racist to have pride in our country?

  • The_Kat ✓vilified

    Sometimes I think Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of the Mexican invasion of the United States. Or is it Estados Unidos de América now?

  • Connor Patton

    They hate our flag and call us racist but they love our free healthcare, welfare, well paying jobs. How funny. And if we call them racists for wearing a Mexican flag on the 4th of July we would be viewed as KKK members…

  • LTE2

    Someone needs to remind these kids Mexico didn’t want to feed them.

    • CenCalDevil👊

      Mexico doesn’t want them at all.

  • Marlene Schultz Parlak

    There surely are a lot of confused if not just plain stupid people. It is obvious they do not have a clue what the definition of “racist” is.

  • Christopher Jamison

    The school missed a “teachable moment” by not expressing to the Mexican kids how in the US we have this thing called freedom of expression. If they really want become citizens, it is something they need to embrace. The irony is lost on the Mexican students that they have so much love for a country so disfunctional they had to leave it to survive. Maybe they should embrace the country that is saving their sorry asses instead. Maybe.

  • Excubitores Omega

    Pardon, when did this become the United States of Mexico?

    As for the racist traitors who take issue with the flag of this country they should leave before the citizens of the US remove them from their country.

    • LegalizeShemp

      They can’t, they’re here to soak the US taxpayer dry.

  • Kenneth A. Lee

    YO, Ivan. If you have so much pride in the Mexican flag, why don’t you move there and fly it all you want. Only dickheads would call flying the American flag on American soil “Racists.” But then that’s their answer to everything that doesn’t go their way!

  • TracyJean

    Unfortunately, this is not the only b.s. over Cinco de Mayo. At Dartmouth, Phi Delta Alpha fraternity and Alpha Phi sorority were going to hold a “Phi-esta” to raise money for cardiac treatment (I don’t know about Phi Delta Alpha, but as an Alpha Phi alumnae, I know that cardiac care is our philanthropic focus). One – ONE – Mexican student complained that the idea behind the fundraiser was racist and the fundraiser was cancelled. Details can be found at – just watch out for the idiots in the comments. Some of them think this is Mexican independence day.

  • Alan Larsen

    We need amnesty just like we need another four years of that POS Obama!

    • prado4587

      Instead we need to end Nobama’s shortage of visas so more people can come here legally

  • Charles Kunold

    Yeah they should go to a VA hospital and share those same sentiments with people who sacrificed themselves for their freedom I wonder if any of these gutless cowards would be willing to look them in the eye and disrespect the flag. Even they’re not that stupid……..are they?

    • dcp5674

      They are. Look how our own country is treating vets. Disgraceful and a sacrilege. Vets have earned the best care, and instead get screwed.
      Sorry, off topic but relevant.

  • Steve

    This is pathetic, anybody that calls somebody racist for having an American Flag IN America needs to go back to whatever country their from. Welcome to America! We have the stars and stripes and we speak ENGLISH! CA deserves this for bending over backwards for the Mexicans. I’m fine with people coming to this country for a better life but it still is and always will be AMERICA. if you can’t handle that then leave.

    • Trudy Hill

      CA does deserve to reap what they have sowed. My grandparents came here from another country and guess what?! WE ALL speak ENGLISH, we are all Americans. so sick of.. PRESS ONE FOR ENGLISH, TWO FOR…..

  • gold7406

    I thought cinco de mayo was an advertising campaign presented by cororna beer.
    Every grocery and super market I’ve been in since mid-April, had this as the largest display in the store.

  • Ken Alan Draper

    last I checked Mexican was a nationality, not a race.

    • LegalizeShemp

      Shh….don’t tell the PC libs it’ll ruin their schtick.

  • JPeyton

    This is still America.
    This is still the country that people from other countries want to come to. Why
    do YOU people disrespect the flag that eleven million of you snuck into here to
    live under this flag? Get out; go back to your own country. This would include
    people from Mexico, Japan, China, KENYA, Michelle Obama, and the Middle East
    and so on.

    We do not want you here and we do not need you here. We can invent
    machines to replace you. You Muslims need to go to the Middle East and practice
    your hateful and degrading religion, if you can call it that, there. GO HOME AND NEVER COME BACK!

    If you cannot change your country then you need to starve to death and be treated like dogs. Quit using up our resources, our schools, our medical facilities and so on. I would love to see you disrespect you own country flag while in your own country and see what happens to you there.

  • robert anthony

    The last poster is typical, ‘pride in the Mexican flag, not the American one”…yes, pride in your flag…your own country?….meh, not so much…so little pride, in fact, you escaped your ‘proud heritage’ to come here. Pathetic really.

    • Nahalban

      yeah lol lots to be proud of with the mexican flag their best general was an outlaw (Pancho) they lost two wars to America almost got their asses kicked by the foreign legion. Have to encourage their own people to head north into the United States in order to have a living and drug cartels pretty much run everything south of the border lots and lots to be proud of.

      • bicentennialguy

        The closer you get to Mexico City, the lighter skinned people are. They are just as racist as they claim we are. All of their celebrities, politicians and elite are very light-skinned.

  • denise0513

    @morganhilltimes fuck your American flag . Racist as fucks . I’ll always have pride with my Mexican flag but not the American one—
    Ivan Mora (@IvanMora86) May 05, 2014 THEN GO LIVE IN MEXICO!

  • Melissa Price

    These people are so shallow. They are not protesting Cinco de mayo they are protesting the fact that this is AMERICA and nobody should be told that they can’t wear a t-shirt displaying the flag or not be able to wave the flag. Waving our flag does not make them racists. If you don’t like the flag or this country, then why are you here? Id be happy to provide a one way ticket back to your country.

  • R.C.

    Whats wrong with white people? Well, most of us have spent our entire lives not judging anyone by the color of their skin. We idly sat by thinking the race outrage would just eventually blow over and the rest of the civilized world would join in and realize that its truly the content of character that matters.

  • Ann Jones

    You know what is funny about this is that Cinco De Mayo is hardly celebrated in Mexico. It is only celebrated in certain parts. It is not a celebration of Mexican independence. It is a celebration about a single victory over the French in a certain town. Cinco De Mayo is more of an American holiday than a Mexican holiday. It is a holiday were a bunch of ignorant people who don’t know how it all started or the real meaning of the holiday use the holiday as an excuse to eat lots of food and drink lots of cerveza.

  • Roger

    That’s a stupid wetback talking. Go in there check for green cards, if they don’t have them shoot the Ba-t-rds for trespassing on American soil

  • Rogue Cheddar

    If love of my Country and waving its flag makes me racist, so be it. Take your third world toilet ethic and stick it. Come again when you can’t stay so long.

    • Leende

      Don’t you know taking a deep breath makes you racist.

      • Rogue Cheddar

        I know, I’d take shallow breaths, but I hyperventilale and pass out, and have been known to say racists things while unconcious. Either way, I can’t win.

  • Houmid

    Oddly enough, more Mexican-Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo than actual Mexicans. Of course the Battle of Pueblo was a classic underdog beats the Best of the Best (the French Army at that time) fight, which appeals to the American psyche.

    Freedom of speech trumps safety and security concerns. Anyone who doesn’t understand that doesn’t understand the Constitution.

  • McHale72

    Excuse me if I have ZERO respect or concern for some other country’s independence day celebration. I especially dislike illegals coming to the U.S. promoting their REAL country.

    And there’s a solution if they don’t like it, GO THE HELL BACK TO MEXICO.

  • jumper297

    Frightening… so now not only is the U.S. flag a “white people” thing but it’s considered a racist symbol?

    • LegalizeShemp

      Yep, the international Marxists are making it illegal to be a patriotic American.

  • Zach Peterson

    And the crumbling of the American Identity continues while so-called patriots sit by and do little.

  • dcp5674

    Send the illegals home. The US flag ALWAYS flies higher than any other. Period. You don’t like it, go home to Mexico, that wonderful land of opportunity , if your a drug kingpin or a corrupt politician or cop.

  • AuAgFinder

    There are several muy ridiculoso things about this incident. First of all, Cinco de Mayo is a very minor holiday in Mexico. Hardly anyone has even heard of it down here. The true Mexican Independence Day is September 16th, which is when the Mexicans kicked the French out of Mexico. The battle in Puebla on Cinco de Mayo was a minor skirmish. So this made up holiday, promoted by chicanos(NOT Mexicans!) causes controversy when an American flag is displayed. American flags can be displayed any day of the year in the USA.

    Update: Tim is perfectly correct below when he corrects me. It was The Spanish that got kicked on the 16th, not the French. The French were the opponent for the Cinco de Mayo skirmish.

    If you want to see a true celebration of Mexican Independence Day, visit Las Vegas on the weekend around Sept. 16th. The city is packed with Mexicans from Mexico AND the non-Chicano Mexicans living in the US. Tens of Thousands of Patriotic Mexicans fill the city with Luis Miguel playing at Caesar’s, Mariachis and Fiesta dancers in all the big hotels. Las Vegas has a WAY bigger celebration for Mexican Independence Day than anywhere in Mexico, and NO ONE would care if an American Flag was displayed! They LOVE the welcome Mexicans get in Las Vegas in the good ol’ USA! Ask a Mexican about Cinco de Mayo and you get only a sneer.

    • Tim

      Uhhh… you`re wrong there cowboy. Diez y Seis is when Mexico declared independence from Spain, not France. I`m assuming you made a mental typo. If not, greetings from San Antonio!!

      • AuAgFinder

        Thanks for the correction, Tim. Facts should be stated correctly.

  • Ricardo Queso

    So glad I left Kali decades ago. Pfhuk all of the ignorant, US Flag-hating pieces of excrement. On the bright side, hopefully all the Fukushima radiation now hitting the Left Coast will cause terminal cancer in every last [email protected] waste of oxygen and thieving illegal alien anywhere near there, not to mention any NorkNukes capable of reaching the US will probably only make it that far ashore.

  • Donald-Now2x/Sarc-w/0calories

    This whole Cinco de Mayo thing is by and large an American made holiday used as an excuse to drink lousy Mexican beer (Corona) and eat pseudo-Mexican dishes. Basically a Hispanic St. Patrick’s day. The people in Mexico don’t even celebrate this so-called holiday. For all those ILLEGAL aliens whining about how “racist” people are for waving American flags in AMERICA, I say GO THE F*CK BACK TO MEXICO and DON’T celebrate it there. And if you still feel the need to get your panties in a wad over people waving AMERICAN FLAGS IN AMERICA, get in line to immigrate here LEGALLY, and when and if you become an actual US citizen, BE PROUD TO BE AMERICAN A-Hole!

    • Ricardo Queso


    • 2War Abn Vet

      Who knows; if it’s celebrated widely enough here
      in the states, it might even catch on in Mexico.

  • Velvet Hammer
    • Donald-Now2x/Sarc-w/0calories


      • Velvet Hammer

        :) Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Jason Murdoch

    Waving an American flag on American soil is not racist. I want to throw up at the fact this is even being considered an issue. What the real issue is: when the students were made to turn their American flag shirts inside out. WTF?! Cinco is a Mexican holiday. I couldn’t give a fuck less about a celebration of an old Mexican battle. If I was in Mexico.. sure. If you are a Mexican in America, great! Celebrate Cinco, but fuck off trying to force your shit on me. I think I just found my new cinco tradition. Wearing an American flag t-shirt.

  • James

    “fuck your American flag . Racist as fucks . I’ll always have pride with my Mexican flag but not the American one”

    Then take your ass back to Mexico.

    So sick of this crap. We are a nation of immigrants……..THAT ALL ASSIMILATED. There is nothing wrong with pride in your country but you need to have respect for the country in which you are residing as well.

  • pompis1

    This is America and there is nothing racist about waving the American flag. If the Mexicans don’t like it they can all go back to their country. There is no wonder the real American people are tired of so many Mexicans disrespecting our country.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    They’re worse than fascists – they’re Americans!

  • globalcrap

    This is what happens when you let illegal alien criminals into America. Obamas new Alien voters

  • mustangsx3

    The truly racist part is that the school assumes the Mexicans are violent thugs that will revolt at the sight of the flag. One episode four years ago should not set a precedence.

  • Rob

    “That racist white Americans and their flag. It’s so inferior to the symbol of my own race!” – Irony Deficient Idiots

  • Nahalban

    people don’t know that back in 1912, Hellmann’s mayonnaise was
    manufactured in England. In fact, the Titanic was carrying 12,000 jars
    of the condiment scheduled for delivery in Vera Cruz, Mexico, which was
    to be the next port of call for the great ship after its stop in New

    This would have been the largest single shipment of mayonnaise ever delivered to Mexico. But as we know, the great ship did not make it to New York. The ship hit an iceberg and sank, and the cargo was forever lost.

    The people of Mexico, who were crazy about mayonnaise, and were eagerly
    awaiting its delivery, were disconsolate at the loss. Their anguish was
    so great, that they declared a National Day of Mourning, which they
    still observe to this day.

    The National Day of Mourning occurs each year on May 5th and is known, of course, as Sinko de Mayo.

  • CarriedbyGrace

    Those Americans holding their flag on American soil on the 5th of May as a reminder that this is America are NOT racists. Displaying the flag of the country of one’s origin does not make one a racist. And btw, we are celebrating Mexico’s Independence Day in America, why? It is not OUR holiday.

  • CarriedbyGrace

    They’ll suck up the benefits then sling mud at us. Ungrateful!!!

  • Patrick J Harnish

    If you don’t like the American lag, Fuck You and go home! You are the racist assholes

  • Biggiewood

    Sounds like a target rich environment.

    • Tom Smith

      Exactly. The Mexican colonists may be numerous, but they can’t fight.

  • Tom Smith

    Time for a liberation war, folks. Let’s clean house.

    • Ratt Stone

      Let’s wait till 2016, I still need more bullets, beans and rice.

    • John Smith

      Too many people with kids and mortgages. Will never happen.

  • Moondogg

    Throwing out the term “racist” has become the default reaction for the pettifogging idiots in this country who associate everything with race. It has no meaning anymore because of the countless cries of wolf by people who probably couldn’t even spell “racist” if they had an open dictionary lying in front of them.

  • dinkerduo



  • John

    Seal that cesspool off already.

  • dtjump

    Flying the American Flag is racist? Not hardly! If that is your view, then go back home. We have no use for you in the United States! Just don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

  • sherry8260

    Is this a special ed school? Wtf is wrong with their parents if it isn’t? Parents who raise low lives like this should go to prison for child abuse. To raise such foul mouthed, disrespectful, racist, hateful brats shows that they failed as parents at epic proportions. Watch what happens when someone burns your Mexican flag, brat. Keep talking your anti-American crap, kiddies…when we get this country back from the liberal/progressive Democrats, you AND your failure as parents are on your ways back to Mexico where you can wrap yourself in your flag and cry while you suck on your thumb remembering how you blew it big time.

  • Adam Sanchez

    Quit your freak’n whining you A$$clowns! When your butt learns selfless service and spills some blood, sweat, and tears in a foreign country for your Nation and Flag…. come @ me with your Libtarded remarks again. Unitl then: SD&STFU!

  • Lobotech

    A bunch of people waving American flags, in America….and they are racists. I have to admit…The liberals have me stumped on that one. I don’t get it.. No riots, no mention of arrests, a peaceful demonstration of American pride. But they are racists…..Ok,,,yeah,,,,sure.

    • S9

      They’re liberals….no one said they were intelligent.

  • justavenger

    The only racist are the Mexican Swim Team. Take your ungrateful arses home. You have no honor, or respect, I piss on yo mama’s grave you vile piles of human excrement.

    Last time I checke you sum sucking swimmers were invading America. We just need to run your cowardly behind back to Mexico and let you clean up the mess you lazy bass turds left behind.

    Round up every last one anchor babies and all and ship their Mexican flag loving, American hating trashy a$$es home.

  • JP cline

    I’ve never seen so many Racist people begging to be put on a Gravy train back to good old Mexico , My Father fought for that American Flag just as I have served to protect it ,My Family Lost friends and relatives who had laid down their lives to protect that Flag and give us all our freedom , And because of this fact alone , I am free to Fly my American Flag anytime and anywhere I please in these continental United States , and I promise that any person who denies me that well deserved right will suffer an immediate and untenable Civil War. There was a once a siege in WWII Belgium during the battle of the Bulge where the Nazis had surrounded a complete Battalion of US infantry and had the Boys pinned down for days under heavy assault , when the Nazi Colonel finally sent a communicade to the US Army Lieutenant demanding his surrender, or else be slaughtered …….the Army lieutenant penned a one word message back to that Nazi Colonel as his reply , and that message was “NUTS !” and The Nazis lost that Battle in the end too ! NUTS!

  • Mark

    This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA anyone and everyone has the right to wear or wave an American flag EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR! If you think thats racict you are the one with the problem. And if you do not like seeing the flag LEAVE and go live somewhere else.

  • Rulz

    I have never met a TEA PARTY or a conservative racist. I’ve know democrats and gay “marriage” activists who’ve said pretty daunting things about Blacks.

  • Tyrone Nunnely

    What would you expect after screwball nancy Pelosi washed the feet of an undocumented/ illegal/alien in an Episcopal Church?

  • GoneFishing

    “What’s wrong with these white people holding up American flags in Morgan hill??? Racist assholes smh”— gia lee (@geetothelee)

    Just maybe they’re Americans in America. Imagine that! White people? Are you racist? What’s wrong with YOU?

  • Andrew

    Civilizations don’t die by murder, they commit suicide.

  • John Frank Reacher

    While David Hume noted that the rules of our morality are not the conclusions of our reason, those who oppose liberty tend to assert that our morals, customs, and traditions have been consciously designed.