Correction: Since the publication of this post it has been learned that Donald Sterling, while having a history of donations to Democrat candidates, is a registered Republican. Here’s more on Sterling’s political background from the Washington Post:

Although Sterling is a registered Republican he has supported Democratic candidates in the past. He gave $5,000 to Gray Davis’ gubernatorial campaign in 2002, and$1,000 in support of a group pushing for Proposition 2 in 2008, which sought to give farm animals larger living quarters. He gave another $1,000 to Davis in 1991, a year when he also gave $1,000 to Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy. In 1989, he gave $2,000 to former basketball player and Democratic senator from New Jersey Bill Bradley. If Republicans wanted to go really deep, they could also mention that Sterling attended the wedding of Jeff Greene in 2007, who ran in the 2010 Democratic Senate primaries in Florida — to disastrous result.

Twitchy apologizes for publishing incomplete and incorrect information. The original post remains below.


The media have demonstrated a distinct lack of curiosity as to the limited but telling political donation history of the embattled owner of the L.A. Clippers, Donald Sterling.

CNN commentator and former Bill Clinton adviser Paul Begala has given the impression that Sterling’s on the political Right after advising Sean Hannity, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul not to defend him:

Instapundit and others gave Begala a few necessary reminders:

Begala, having been informed about the donation history of the Clippers owner after trying to tie him to the Right, suddenly said he didn’t care about Sterling’s political affiliation:

Gee, that was a fast change of direction.

(h/t @LadyOnTheRight1)



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  • Lee Jan

    Just wondering how it is that this man received an NAACP lifetime award. There is no more racist, vile, disgraceful organization in our country.

    • Lakerfanalways

      The NAACP gives an award to Al Sharpton who has said disgusting things about Jews but hey, when your a black liberal you get a free pass..and yes the NAACP is the most racist organization known today

      • mrspinky85

        Al is a tax cheat as well.

        • Lakerfanalways

          which makes him the perfect representative for liberals

        • Albert Schmitlap.

          You mean he has actually PAID taxes? WOW. thought, NOT Paying was part of the deal with Obama to keep Blacks polarized.

          • Donald-Now2x/Sarc-w/0calories

            Don’t forget! You don’t have to pay taxes if you work for the IRS and target Tea Party groups either.

          • Albert Schmitlap.

            YDM my friend YDM ( You Da Man)

        • gotroy22

          And coke dealing mob snitch.

      • David

        Shapton is responsible for the death of an Orthodox Jew. Look it up.

        • LegalizeShemp

          or five.

    • FreedomRecon

      Hey, they gotta keep racism alive somehow. All the “old school” racists are starting to die off or have changed their thought processes. What will they do when the baby boomers and earlier generations are all gone and Gen X and the millennials, who have never really known racism, are running the country? Gotta stoke that fire.

      • Face Paw

        I ran into that kind of situation in college. Old, crusty hippie liberal tried fanning flames with calls of racism, then got real indignant when students called him out for what he was doing.

        • FreedomRecon

          Good for them. They need to all be called on their BS. I’m not suggesting that there are NO racist in the world. Stupidity will always exist. But the NAACP and the like are strictly TRYING to keep it alive.

      • Jake Bradford

        This frustrates me. I see the 60’s generation running the world and the primary pushers of this racism, white privilege meme. While some of us who were children in the 90’s are confused as to why we shouldn’t be treating everyone equally, and not creating hierarchy’s of victimhood. The “Woodstock generation” has caused massive, lasting damage to America and my future.

        • immanuelgoldstein

          Speaking as a member of the so called “Woodstock Generation,” may I be permitted a small defense of my generational brothers and sisters. We’re not all that bad. Our generation got hijacked early on by a small group of loudmouths who claimed to speak for all of us. They seized the media outlets, and told the world who “we” were. But we were never all like that. There were just too many of us, and most of us just wanted to go to work, and raise our families. We’re not that different than our parents, or our children. But you’d never know that from following the media.

          • audieho


    • Miss Smarty

      MULTIPLE NAACP awards!

    • Jake Bradford

      All you have to do is stand in the middle of a bunch of NAACP leaders and make it rain.

    • DamnCat

      Donations to the NAACP seems the likeliest answer.

    • gotroy22

      Because its the NAALCP.

    • LegalizeShemp

      NAACP – National Associaton of Adamant Conservative Putdowns

    • right_on

      A better question is how Democrats got credit for emancipation, voting rights etc., when it was conservatives that pressed on with them, and got them done? Or, Why is it that conservatives, who look beyond color for character, are never the one’s that raise color of one’s skin to an argument? Yet, they are always successfully portrayed by the real racists, as racists (at least in some black communities.)

    • LegalizeShemp

      Simple, you dump millions of dollars in tokenism into their coffers, that buys you an award !

  • mrspinky85

    Hey, Paul. You were the one trying to give us advice of what to say about Sterling. If you didn’t care which party he was, why direct your comment at conservatives only?

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      Paul had to direct his tweet at conservatives only in order to find out what was in it.

      • mrspinky85

        Lol. I guess there being black conservatives never cross his mind. Also, him assuming the right would defend Sterling is disgusting. It’s up there with leftists who assumed conservatives would mind the interracial Cheerios commercial. This from the people supposedly against stereotyping.

        • Chaitealover

          I think you mean that libs thought conservatives WOULD mind the interracial Cheerios commercial. Truth is, we didn’t object to either it or the interracial Swiffer commercial.

          • mrspinky85

            Yea, I had a grammar brain fog. Lol. I changed it. Thanks.
            You got my point though lol.

          • akbotay

            the Swiffer one is much edgier…it has a white male, very much the minority in interracial couples

          • felicityva

            I’ve seen both commercials and to tell the truth, I never noticed the race of the people. I guess I just don’t go looking for garbage where garbage doesn’t exist.

          • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

            I thought the Swiffer commercial was exceptionally cool. They didn’t make any noise about who was what color-they’re just a family. The Dad rather cheerfully acknowledges having lost a limb and how that makes everyday tasks harder to do, therefore the product makes his life easier. Great marketing in my book. People with missing limbs are generally not represented at all on tv.
            I have known several white male/black female couples. Not surprisingly, they were pretty much like everybody else.

          • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

            I thought the Swiffer commercial was exceptionally cool. They didn’t make any noise about who was what color-they’re just a family. The Dad rather cheerfully acknowledges having lost a limb and how that makes everyday tasks harder to do, therefore the product makes his life easier. Great marketing in my book. People with missing limbs are generally not represented at all on tv.
            I have known several white male/black female couples. Not surprisingly, they were pretty much like everybody else.

        • Yeah Buddy

          Libs will deny all knowledge of black conservatives. They will call then names, but never admit they are conservative.

        • immanuelgoldstein

          I’ve despised Sterling for years. But this full court press of racist witch hunting has gone too far. Yeah, Sterling is a swine, but so what? It’s not the President’s business to denounce him from Malaysia of all places. These people are sick with blood lust and are eager to destroy any one guilty of nothing more than uttering an unfortunate turn of phrase (Bundy) or simply being an honest a**hole (Sterling.) These witch hunts have got to stop.

    • LlamaBrother

      Because at every turn, the liberals have to paint old, rich white men as racist conservatives, even when they are liberals. And the sheep will fall inline and buy it.

    • happylada

      Conservatives can read

  • Lakerfanalways

    Isnt it funny whenever someone says something racist, the left comes out and says “Oh he’s a Republican” when its already known that person is a Democrat..they try so hard to deflect attention from “look over there not at us” typical leftist scum

    • Republicanvet

      This is a clear example of the left immediately jumping out and proclaiming Sterling was on the right when this first became known.

      Most Gimmedats run with it, and it catches a few who should be paying closer attention when their knee jerks.

      • Zakasnak

        heh…. “Gimmedats” :oj

    • skypilot

      How’d it feel to fail so bad

  • Richard J Sunkle

    I wonder if Paul Begala has ever mentioned Steve Utash who was nearly beaten to death by a Detroit mob.

    • Republicanvet

      Of course not since it took a black lady to pull her .38 to keep the mob off.

    • gotroy22

      Or Illinois Democrat Governor Pat Quinn and his racist tweet?

  • Traitors will be hanged

    Paul knows Sterling is a Democrat and a BIG DEMOCRAT DONOR, why else would NAACP give Sterling their highest award!
    UPDATE: NAACP will not present Honors Award to Democrat Donor Donald Sterling Clippers Owner amid remarks

    • FreedomRecon

      “NAACP will not AT THIS PRESENT MOMENT present Honors Award to Democrat Donor Donald Sterling Clippers Owner amid remarks….”

      Fixed that for them.

      • Republicanvet

        Yeah, Al and Jesse Jacknife still could persuade him to “pay” for his misdeeds.

        • Yeah Buddy

          He can just slip ’em the money, and they can give him an award later when the smoke clears. Problem solved!

          • Republicanvet

            There may have to be a little publicity for Jesse though.

            Similar to him providing “spiritual guidance” to Bill Clinton after he was caught boinking the help.

          • gotroy22

            …While Jesse was impregnating one of his bimbos.

    • skypilot

      Update: small dem donor 20 years ago, registered republican for last 16 years. U fail

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Friendly tip, Paul: next time, take five seconds to run a Google search on a given topic. Maybe then you can spare yourself almost an entire day of ridicule. Maybe.

    • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

      Seriously. It’s really easy. I googled Sterling and within a minute found out he’s a Democrat donor.

      • skypilot

        You failed at that

    • gotroy22

      Or read Drudge.

      • skypilot

        & his retractions

    • skypilot

      Well know that YOU were proven wrong, why dont you do the same

  • Nightvalzin

    It’s interesting how Begala said and reiterated that Hannity, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz not to endorse or defend Sterling. Hannity and Rand Paul did denounce Bundy and Ted Cruz afterwards said nothing about to my knowledge except the BLM’s attempting land grab in Texas.

    • journogal

      The finer points do not matter to Democrats, and Begala knows the low-in-vo’s he is pandering to won’t do any additional research to find anything out.

      • skypilot

        Nor did you.

  • Informed&Concerned

    THAT is so funny!

  • Weswieann

    Why is Senator Cruz being lumped into this? In a very eloquent statement, he said that the Bundy matter was very complicated. He neither praised nor martyred Bundy. He was however, very critical of the BLM. Can you get your facts straight Mr. Begala.

    • Yeah Buddy

      Deny the problem
      Shift the blame
      Change the subject

    • gotroy22

      When did The Forehead ever let facts get in the way?

    • Harry Myers

      People of his ilk have no use for facts.

  • kssturgis62

    HAHAHAHA I love it. Now this gave me a much needed laugh today. Liberals do they have a brain? Anywhere???? Or do they only get them when they visit the Wizard????

    • Republicanvet

      I saw a news article today about how scientists may have found a way to switch off the human brain.

      I thought it would be bigger news if they announced they found how to SWITCH ON a liberal brain.

      • kssturgis62

        hahahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • skypilot

      Well now it turns out he is registered republican, what were you saying? Do you understand how political donations work?

      • kssturgis62

        Registered Republicans don’t RECEIVE Lifetime Achievement Awards from the NAACP. HE received the Award Once, and was about to receive it again with Al Sharpton. Turn off MSNBC and understand that they lie. Go Get your brain and learn how to use it.

        • skypilot

          Your dumbass is still challenging me. Fact is he’s a registered republican. Voting records confirmed it. Rather than insulting people who are right you need to do more research. PS I don’t watch MSNBC, Fox News etc. This is infotainment, not actual news. Besides, I have a life.

          • kssturgis62

            You are a sickening individual. I don’t have to challenge you. There is nothing to challenge. You didn’t get your brain from the wizard. Go back to mommy get your medication and play your video games. When you have a brain we might let you come out and play with the real people of this world. But remember your Rainbows and Unicorns have to stay home.

          • skypilot

            Bwahaha. Insults after you proved you have no facts nor understanding of facts. Give yourself a pat on the back, dumbass, you are the uninformed American voter. BTW what makes me sickening, the fact that you disagree with me? What makes me sick is dumbasses like you are allowed to vote. Your original post suggests you love that Sterling is a Dem when in FACT he’s a republican, so now there you go backpedaling and insulting when YOU were wrong. Do us all a favor and try to do more research before posting insults at people who were right.

      • kssturgis62

        This is what I am talking about how LIBERALS do NOT have a BRAIN !!

        Politico explained on Sunday night:

        Sterling donated a combined of $4,000 to Democratic Sens. Bill Bradley of New Jersey and Patrick Leahy of Vermont as well as then-State Controller Gray Davis of California in the late 1980s and early 1990s, according to a database on OpenSecrets.

        In 1989 Sterling cut two separate checks of $1,000 to Bradley, a former basketball player for the New York Knicks who is now in the Hall of Fame. Bradley was reelected in 1990 and retired from the Senate in 1997.

        Two years later Sterling backed Davis over Dianne Feinstein in a special election for a Senate seat, donating $1,000 to Davis. Davis lost to Feinstein in 1992 and eventually became governor of California before being recalled.

        In 1991 Sterling also gave $1,000 to Leahy, who still serves in the Senate.

        Read more:

        • skypilot

          Can’t believe I’m dignifying your stupidity with a reply, but you need to learn
          See Koch brothers donate to dems. OMG they’re secretly democrats. No they’re not, they just look out for their best interests and if that means playing both sides of the fence so be it. No one is debating Sterling donated to dems, it’s factual. In Metro LA no Republican is going to win an election so what does Sterling do; donate to dems to ensure his interests are taken into consideration. Fact is he’s a registered republican since 1998, voted in the prez elections in 2008 and ’12. As a certified bigot and registered republican do you think he’d vote for our 1st black president? I don’t either. Now move along sweetie, go play on the jungle gym and leave the intellectual political discussions to the adults.

  • SisterMary

    Oh Paul, trying so hard to get noticed again…

  • OingoBoingo

    #RacistDemSterling <–Twitter Hashtag

  • Republicanvet

    Leftists say Sterling last gave donations to leftist politicians around 1988?

    When was Begala last a part of a political inner circle? Around 1992?

    Wouldn’t he be rather familiar with those shoveling money at Democrats?

    Or does he forget them as soon as the check clears?

  • Republicanvet

    Begala, having once been regaled as a political wunderkind…needs almost 24 hours to be clued into who supports Democrats.

  • keyboard jockey

    Paul Begala ✔ @PaulBegalaFollow
    @instapundit @seanhannity @SenRandPaul @SenTedCruz I don’t care if he’s a Dem or Repub, I’ve denounced him. Where were you on Bundy?
    2:28 PM – 27 Apr 2014

    What does Bundy have to do with this Donald Sterling incident?

    Did the BLM bring 200 strong armed agents, 84 vehicles, snipers, dogs, and helicopters,
    to where the L.A. Clippers, are playing to confiscate
    Donald Sterling’s property?

    Obfuscate much Paul?

    • trixiewoobeans

      They make stuff up according to what they WISH would happen. They know their drones won’t bother to fact check.

      • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

        It really cheeses them off when we factcheck and dispute.

        • Daniel Morgan III

          Yes, but as Trixie said, the people who VOTE DEM will NOT fact check. They see the headline and believe it and that’s it. Goebbels job is done.

      • keyboard jockey

        If they do check their donor list and figure out he gives to democrat candidates do you think they will turn down Sterling’s campaign contributions? Somehow I think they will find a way to weasel around taking his money.

      • skypilot

        What about fact check? Lol

    • gotroy22

      And did they create a No Fly Zone over the Staples Center and a free speech zone in Whittier?

      • keyboard jockey

        I don’t see how one thing is anything like the other, but the democrat’s (Begala) want everyone to forget how the BLM – a federal government agency came down on Bundy to collect grazing fees.

        It’s like the BLM was using a sledge hammer to hit a sewing pin.

  • lesterwink23

    You’d think with a forehead that big there would at least be a little bit of brain behind it…

  • jb

    did begala denounce racist JZ and his 5% medallion?
    has he denounced racist Jesse Hymietown JAx?
    has he denounce Al Stoolstained Sharpton?
    No? then bagala, u r a racist too.

  • LinTaylor ✓vitrified

    Dear Paul, you’re actually quite incredible. It must be difficult to tweet when your foot’s in your mouth, but somehow you pulled it off.

  • Yeah Buddy

    Begala really wants to be relevant again…

  • Maxx


    The only way Begala could back away from that first ignorant and assumptive tweet any faster would be if he was driving a French tank with six gears in reverse.

  • Stesta Rawks

    The world has been overcome with a massive cult right under everyone’s noses.
    Its the Manchurian candidate come to life the way brain damaged people are being put into office when they can’t even perform a simple task such as common sense or fact checking before they speak into the mic.

  • DavidKramer

    Remember, the DNC KILLED Republicans and black people in the past. Maybe they should actually apologize for that first…………

    • AshnWrfre

      Amen brother! To be fair, Americans have killed bunches of Commies before, BUT only after they murdered their own countrymen for not believing what they were supposed to believe…

  • HoneyTree EvilEye

    Democrat, without a doubt a mental disorder.

  •!/TUASondrakistan The Ugly American

    Progs getting schooled on how campaign contribution witch hunts can work in reverse…


  • jimhenry

    Give me a bunch of money and I’ll give you a lifetime achievement award too.

    • Yeah Buddy

      That’s generally what they are for.

      • Wayne Dorniels


    • CoastalMaineBird

      How much would it cost me to get a “weeklong achievement” award?

  • Michael Rice

    I wonder if that “denounced” his tweet was his last one? It reeked of foot in mouth disease.

    I just insinuated Conservatives take money from racists, then found out the NAACP liked the guy, so…..Bundy.

    Never mind the comments were entirely different in tone and context (at least from what has been put out there so far)….and we never told libs not to defend Bundy when a COnserv group had given him an award.

  • MaxVoltz

    Oops, parry and wimpy counter thrust and misses.

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Begala, telling people who were never going to think of a purple hippopotamus, “Don’t think of a purple hippo!”

    We weren’t going to, as it happens. But you KNEW we weren’t about to do that. But YOU wanted OTHER people to “think of the purple hippo,” and for them to think WE were going to “think of the purple hippo” too.

  • Duddioman

    His last tweet is ridiculous. Bundy is inviting minorities over to party at the ranch, while Sterling is banning them…..

    • CavalierX

      It’s just deflection. Typical Liberal tactic.

  • Republicanvet

    If you look at Begala’s twitter feed, it appears he was so focused on Bundy he couldn’t be bothered to check any facts on Sterling.

  • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

    An outspoken racist on the Dem side?
    The hell you say!
    Shocked, shocked I tell you.

    • CavalierX

      Only the “outspoken” part is a surprise… and (like a typical Liberal) he wouldn’t have been so open about his true beliefs if he’d known it would get around.

    • Dan13

      Yeah, progressives like their racism more institutionalised.

  • stdog

    seems like being liberal has pretty much come down to boasting how un-racist you are.

    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Sort of like the way the men who yell “F****t!” the loudest are usually on the down-low…

      • Maryland_Malcontent

        I thought that the “those who hate gays the most are themselves gay” was a liberal myth spun to deter criticism of gays?

        Sure, there are rumors about notorious anti-gay crusaders like J Edgar Hoover but…

        • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          I was referring to the fact that, if you really ARE a particular way, such as “racist,” and you believe you ought to be Liberal, “methinks thou wilt protest too much,” just as with the common perception (and not a completely unfounded one, in the case of some clergy, for example) of “the ‘overcompensating’ macho man.”

  • supplyguy

    Why don’t these idiots do a google search before opening their mouths? Google is run by a bunch of liberals so you’d think they’d have some affinity there.

    • futbllwmn

      He knew what he was doing.

  • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

    The libs are the ones defending Sterling. They are defending him by not attacking the Democrats who accepted donations from him.

  • alanstorm

    Another example of liberal ‘genius”.

    Remember, kids, these are the people who think they’re smarter than those knuckle- dragging conservatives.

    Their continued inability to DEMONSTRATE this intellectual superiority is a continual source of wonder.

  • Peter G

    Begala is a lot of things – but stupid isn’t one of them.
    I can’t stand him…but what he did here was brilliant.

    Of course he knows that Sterling is a lib.

  • Richard Jefferies

    Ah, the old liberal attempt at misdirection.

    • futbllwmn

      And it will work, for the most part, on the Kool-Aid drinkers.

  • nickynicole

    He is a liberal Paul and I have to believe you know that.

  • Jack Deth

    Why should anyone pay attention you, Paul?

    Considering you’ve never been right about anything in your life!

  • Zefal

    He knows. Begala’s intent is to falsely imply that Sterling is a Republican and that they are going to want to defend him when they aren’t.

  • Wayne Dorniels

    Typical lying idiot Lib hypocrite.

  • DavidKramer

    @PaulBegala @seanhannity @SenRandPaul @SenTedCruz Hey, maybe suggest to them not to defend Al Gore Sr and KKK kleagle Byrd next MORON!

  • Wayne Dorniels

    Yeah Paul, Conservative Republicans are always given Lifetime Achievement Awards from the NAACP…

    If this guy is such a flaming racist, then just how stupid does that make the NAACP?

    • Dan13

      Well, the NAACP did refuse to allow anyone to protest the NC Voter ID Law until they showed a proper ID.

      • Wayne Dorniels

        Yeah – and the Libtards didn’t see the irony in that – or the irony in Ovomit pledging $50 million to his home country of Kenya so they could setup a voter ID system

  • ashknothole

    As the Italians say and his picture confirms. Lui è un cornuto.

  • Mike Gable

    The Dems have the history to prove their dislike and disregard for blacks. The facts speak for themselves.

    List of democrat’s racism.

    *( Credit for this list
    goes to an author the name of which escapes me but is no less brilliant in it’s
    compilation. To that author, Thank-you! )

    Democrats fought to expand
    slavery while Republicans fought to end it.

    Democrats passed those discriminatory Black Codes and Jim Crow laws.

    Democrats supported and passed the Missouri Compromise to protect slavery.

    Democrats supported and passed the Kansas Nebraska Act to expand slavery.

    Democrats supported and backed the Dred Scott Decision.

    Democrats opposed educating blacks and murdered black teachers.

    Democrats fought against anti-lynching laws.

    Democrat Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, is well known for having been a
    “Kleagle” in the Ku Klux Klan.

    Democrat Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, personally filibustered the
    Civil Rights Act of 1964 for 14 straight hours to keep it from passage.

    Democrats passed the Repeal Act of 1894 that overturned civil right laws
    enacted by Republicans.

    Democrats declared that they would rather vote for a “yellow dog” than vote for
    a Republican, because the Republican Party was known as the party for blacks.

    Democrat President Woodrow Wilson, reintroduced segregation throughout the
    federal government immediately upon taking office in 1913.

    Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first appointment to the Supreme
    Court was a life member of the Ku Klux Klan, Sen. Hugo Black, Democrat of

    Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s choice for vice president in 1944
    was Harry Truman, who had joined the Ku Klux Klan in Kansas City in 1922.

    Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt resisted Republican efforts to pass a
    federal law against lynching.

    Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt opposed integration of the armed

    Democrat Senators Sam Ervin, Albert Gore, Sr. and Robert Byrd were the chief
    opponents of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

    Democrats supported and backed Judge John Ferguson in the case of Plessy v

    Democrats supported the School Board of Topeka Kansas in the case of Brown v
    The Board of Education of Topeka Kansas.

    Democrat public safety commissioner Eugene “Bull” Connor, in Birmingham, Ala.,
    unleashed vicious dogs and turned fire hoses on black civil rights

    Democrats were who Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the other protesters were

    Democrat Georgia Governor Lester Maddox “brandished an ax hammer to prevent
    blacks from patronizing his restaurant.

    Democrat Governor George Wallace stood in front of the Alabama schoolhouse in
    1963, declaring there would be segregation forever.

    Democrat Arkansas Governor Faubus tried to prevent desegregation of Little Rock
    public schools.

    Democrat Senator John F. Kennedy voted against the 1957 Civil rights Act.

    Democrat President John F. Kennedy opposed the 1963 March on Washington by Dr.

    Democrat President John F. Kennedy, had Dr. King wiretapped and investigated by
    the FBI.

    Democrat President Bill Clinton’s mentor was U.S. Senator J. William Fulbright,
    an Arkansas Democrat and a supporter of racial segregation.

    Democrat President Bill Clinton interned for J. William Fulbright in 1966-67.

    Democrat Senator J. William Fulbright signed the Southern Manifesto opposing
    the Supreme Court’s 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education decision.

    Democrat Senator J. William Fulbright joined with the Dixiecrats in
    filibustering the Civil Rights Acts of 1957 and 1964.

    Democrat Senator J. William Fulbright voted against the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

    Southern Democrats opposed desegregation and integration.

    Democrats opposed:

    The Emancipation

    The 13th Amendment

    The 14th Amendment

    The 15th Amendment

    The Reconstruction Act of 1867

    The Civil Rights of 1866

    The Enforcement Act of 1870

    The Forced Act of 1871

    The Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871

    The Civil Rights Act of 1875

    The Freeman Bureau

    The Civil Rights Act of 1957

    The Civil Rights Act of 1960

    The United State Civil Rights Commission

  • POA

    It’s really easy to determin the political party of someone making negative headlines. The news will only identify Republicans or Conservatives.

    If you don’t know what side they are on after making the top story of every news outlet, you can count on them being Liberals. Especialy when racism is involved.

  • Guest

    Hey Begala, DO NOT beat your wife. Just don’t do it!

  • Just an old soldier…

    That’s hilarious! Sterling is a Democrat.

  • CaptDMO

    Sput…sput…pivot, LOOK, …SQUIRREL!

  • FlCracker2

    They eat their own….

  • AdamsParachute

    because Republicans win NAACP Lifetime Achievement Awards

  • jumper297

    Ha! The Forehead… that was an especially stupid strawman to throw out there (Bundy) since ALL conservative commentators were way out front denouncing him the second the NYT published that interview.

    • ramjet

      Which they shouldn’t have until they watched the first 20 minutes of the entire hour long video of Bundy.

    • Onyx

      After spending days touting him as a champion of Protecting Our Freedoms or whatever because he wouldn’t pay his bills.

      • Ben

        Nope. It was NEVER about Bundy. It was about the HEAVY hand of the BLM and heavily armed Feds aiming their combat weapons at fellow Americans. But you go ahead and deflect.

        • QueenB

          I think this is why democrats are so ignorant on issues. If they don’t even try to understand what something is actually about, they don’t have to worry about ever having to disagree with their overlords.

  • ScottinVA

    Another case of a liberal blathering before engaging the brain. Way to go, Begala… true to form.

    • skypilot

      He was right. You were wrong.

  • felicityva

    If Sterling were a Republican, the alphabet networks would start off with “Republican Donald Sterling…..”

  • FaithColeridge33

    We have to imagine what the press would be doing if Sterling were a Republican. Now we have to guess what the press would do if Begala were a Republican operative.

    • WhiteJesus®

      Is that pic from 1968?

      • FaithColeridge33

        Mayhaps yes. Mayhaps no. Is that a pic from 19A.D.?

        • WhiteJesus®

          Yes it is. Fine guess.

          Do you turn the world on with your smile?

          • FaithColeridge33

            No but I roll my eyes at meat prices. Then buy it anyway.

          • WhiteJesus®

            That’s great. I think you’re going to make it after all.

          • FaithColeridge33

            Well I’ve got spunk!

  • JPeden

    Disinformation tactic on the part of The “Reverend” Begala: low IQ Libs are likely to fall for it.

  • jdl0622

    Baldgala with his “quick wit”. The guy is feeble-minded in his old age.

  • wolfie773

    It’s simple, Paul. The whole Sterling issue is about his racism. In the Bundy matter, it’s a distracting irrelevance. Figure it out.

  • GulfPundit

    “I don’t care if he’s a Dem or Repub…”

    Paul must think we’re as stupid as he is.

    • Wayne Dorniels

      He cared when he thought Sterling was a Republican.

  • bittman

    I’m not surprised at all that he failed to mention Sterling is a Democrat. Sterling will still be a huge donor to the Democrats, but now he’ll have to do it behind the scenes.

  • James Skornicka

    Racial division being spread by our political elite in the hopes of gathering a few votes should be a crime.

  • Kelvinator

    Not much but vapor behind that forehead, is there?

  • notenoughtime

    Good luck to Begala and the surrogates. This time around there is no running from the fact that Sterling is a large democratic donor. The ill informed, TMZ crowd is the only group that will buy this garbage.

  • LegalizeShemp

    His party affiliation wasn’t mentioned because he’s not a Republican politician being arrested or indicted. Check the media handbook for when party should be mentioned in a story.

  • spaceycakes

    I f*ckin’ hate libs

    • Magnifico

      That’s what Trey Parker said.

      • Ben

        ????? What does South Park have to do with this?

  • Magnifico

    They also immediately assume that serial shooters are conservative, rather than the overly medicated proggies (or Islamists) that they always end up being.

  • Julius500

    I believe him. He doesn’t care. They never care when the bad guy is a democrat, but they do when he/she’s a Repub.

    • QueenB

      And if they can’t find a republican bad guy/girl, they just make it up.

  • John Wheeler

    Who cares? He said what he was thinking. She entrapped him with leading questions. He has a right to say anything he wants to say and people have a right to withhold their support.

  • MrNewCastrati

    Rush is going to have fun with this one today.

  • praymorenow1

    Paul should send tweet 2 NAACP & DNC – do not defend your huge donor Sterling…..
    Sad thing is, all have known Sterling held these views for decades….&he got a pass because he was a Democrat, a So. Cal./LA Dem supporting billionaire.

  • Super Marsupial

    He obviously didn’t donate enough to the right people or he would have got away with it

  • Heather Atkinson

    Racist simply -must- be a Rightwinger because only Rightwingers are racist.

    The circular ‘logic’ is making me nauseaus.

  • Heather Atkinson

    Racist simply -must- be a Rightwinger because only Rightwingers are racist.

    The circular ‘logic’ is making me nauseaus.

  • right_on

    Oh, look….a squirrel! With liberals like Paulie Big-lie-ya, it’s always the same. “It wasn’t me! Yeah…yeah…What about HIM!!! Yeah…that’s the ticket” Meh…

  • right_on

    Oh, look….a squirrel! With liberals like Paulie Big-lie-ya, it’s always the same. “It wasn’t me! Yeah…yeah…What about HIM!!! Yeah…that’s the ticket” Meh…

  • sjmom

    Paul, why would conservatives defend Sterling when he’s a Dem donor? He’s YOUR problem not ours.

  • sjmom

    Paul, why would conservatives defend Sterling when he’s a Dem donor? He’s YOUR problem not ours.

  • audieho

    Not only is Sterling a Democrat, but he’s a Chicago born Democrat.

    • skypilot

      Whoops, you failed.

      • audieho

        Born: Donald Tokowitz

        April 26, 1934 (age 80)

        Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

        Come again?

        • skypilot

          Donald (Tokowitz) Sterling, registered REPUBLICAN since 1998.
          Come again?

          • audieho

            Actions speak louder than words. He might be registered as a Republican but look at his actions. 😉

          • skypilot

            By your reasoning the Koch bros. might be dems cause they’ve certainly donated to dems.


            But there not, we know that. Fact is most millionaires will give donations strictly based on their best interests. Not for partisan reasons. This is the case with Sterling as Metro LA would never elect a republican to a public office. He also hasn’t made any dem donations in years and even when he did, they were very small. Bad week for racists and the repubs defending them.

  • Onyx

    Anyway. What he meant was, “Don’t defend this racist like you’ve been defending that other racist for the last week.” But surely you all knew that already.

    • QueenB

      Ah, so he doesn’t say what he means. Basically, he lies to see what will stick, and hopefully there are people out there dumb enough to not know Sterling is a democrat donor.

      • Onyx

        What lie? He advised the specific set of high-profile people that were defending Bundy last week not to do the same for Sterling. Where’s the implication re: Sterling’s politics?

    • QueenB

      Also, Bundy’s black body guard stood up for him saying Bundy is not racists, treats him like a member of his family and that he would take a bullet for Bundy. Not the soundbite they expected to get, I’m sure.

    • R0nin

      Yeah, because those same people didn’t reject Bundy’s racism. (To clarify, they DID reject it. But you probably are ignorant of the fact. You _COULDN’T_ be ignoring it– could you?)

  • Tragic Christian

    This is just battlespace prep: George Stephaopolos asked Mitt Romney about states banning birth control, and Mitt was confused, because nobody, absolutely nobody, and certainly not him, was calling for that. But that was just launching a tar ball, hoping something would stick to him so they could start the whole “War on Women” theme. This is what Begala’s doing: launching an exploding tar ball, hoping that some will stick to the front-runners because racism. Never mind that racism is baked in the DNA of the Democratic party.

  • LegalizeShemp

    “At least he didn’t get arrested for that nonsense!” Sincerely, Paul Simon and Edie Brickell

  • Belinda Henry

    Smoking gun claims the mans a registered republican for what its worth. Personally I don’t care who or what he dislikes.

  • cscape

    The idiot Begalla evidently did a quick google search only to find a Donald Sterling in Texas….. wrong one

  • pusherhombre

    Doesn’t really matter what his voter registration is. You don’t get anymore left than the racist statements he made and contributions to Governor Davis.

  • JeromeD

    I’d like to take a time-out here to thank Twitchy. They care about us – the readers – and published a correction ASAP (and prominently, at the top of the article).

    In contrast, when I see the left get it wrong, they publish a retraction (if at all) on page A5,238 of the paper, or (when online) add the edit at the end in ultra-small font, hoping no one will get that far.

  • skypilot

    How’s that crow taste wingnuts?

  • you can’t win

    Why would a Democrat supporter register as a Republican? Hmmm, maybe that’s what liberal voters do to influence Republican primaries?

    • skypilot

      For the same reason the Koch bros donate to dems as well as reps.

      • Yeah Buddy

        wahh… wahh… wahh… wahh…
        Koch Brothers! wahh…

        • skypilot

          Reading comprehension is clearly not your thing. I bring them up as an example of donating to other parties, as Sterling did with Dems. Either you’re a troll or a very inane commenter. Either way, good day to you.

  • jcam

    Begala is such a liar. Figures he worked for the sexual predator Bill Clinton and the biased CNN.