First Lady Michelle Obama, along with others, are all about the “#BanBossy” campaign, but these three sequential photos help serve as a hilarious visual interpretation for the movement.

That was so nice we’ve gotta see it twice:


  • nc ✓s & balances

    Why that’s the Great American Novel right there.

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      Mickey Spillane…Barack is the dame in this one.

      • derfelcadarn

        Reggie seen nodding vigorously.

  • Joshua Embrey

    Obama doesn’t want that woman. Why would he be attracted to a mean looking old fart who looks like she needs a bath? Oh, sorry.

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      Y’know, your comment still works if you replace “Obama” with “Clinton.” Actually, it’d make even more sense.

  • NixTyranny

    I’m thinking the Danish blonde has never heard of the “knockout game” going on in our country. In that middle picture Queen Michelle seems to be preparing her sleeves for exactly that.

    • Michael Hiteshew

      By “Knockout Game” don’t you mean unprovoked attacks by blacks on whites? Stop using the euphemism, that’s what they want. Speak truth.

      • NixTyranny

        Oh, excuse me. I guess I didn’t realize “they” would be reading my comment here.

  • DG

    Bossy is as bossy does.

  • Guest

    This is one of THE dumbest things I have ever heard of!

    Banning a word?? So, censorship. Ridiculous!

    I am just gobsmacked. Right, let’s ban a word ’cause girls are too weak and it will offend their delicate sensibilities. Because women need MORE of being perceived as weak!

    Why not take back the word? Get called “bossy” say, YES I AM!! Own the word. Come from a position of strength, not fear and weakness.

    Just absurd. Females should be utterly embarrassed by this. Ugh!

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      This isn’t the first word “banned.” Remember “binders?” That apparently upset the young, female voters to the point that they got the “vapors.”

      • AZWarrior

        “I have always relied on the kindness of strangers.”

      • AmericanMom

        Nappy took out the word “jihad” and other words describing Islam from the Ft. Hood report. Terrorism became “workplace violence.” Democrat elites have no connections whatsoever to reality.

      • beebop1952

        I vote for the banning of the word “vagina” in public discourse. There goes half of the vocal supporters on the left.

        • conservativechick

          Along with the “C” word, the “N” word, the “F” word, and just about every other offensive word you can think of. THEY have no filters.

    • Finrod Felagund

      Personally, I’m wondering what #BanBossy has against the Muppet character:


  • YesterdayzNewz

    Somedays I feel sorry for him. Being, he has to wake up next to that, every morning. Then I realize better him than me. Thank God for small miracles.

    • beebop1952

      Pretty sure they use the separate bedrooms in the “private quarters.” Wouldn’t you?

      • Suzyqpie

        Yes, because Pres 0bama would not want to awaken Mrs 0bama when the 3AM phone call happens…very thoughtful.

    • 66

      Which has the worse life sentence of being married to the other? Little boy who acts like a girl or the big mama who resents not being a man? I’m sure Mooch feels she would make a better president (bossy) and Obozo just wants to be a princess (bitchy.)

    • kentercat

      I would feel sorry for a man in that position. I’d even feel sorry for a young, timid, stupid man. I don’t feel sorry for Straw-Barry Shortcake.

  • SonofLiberty

    New strategy, let the wookie win!

    • Kuasimodem


      Post of the Day.

  • Independentview

    Ya, if I were going to pick a five letter word starting with B to describe michelle it would not be Bossy.

  • Squirrel!

    LMAO!!! She moved to the seat between Barack & the Danish PM! Hilariously childish!! Now, what’s this banning the word “bossy?” For real? I’m bossy. Always have been.

    • Spinmamma

      Look at the post on the Girl Scouts. That’s where the #banBossy came from.

      • conservativechick

        It’s like saying girls are too weak and incapable of taking any criticism. Most of us were told not to be so bossy when we were growing up. (boys & girls)

      • Squirrel!

        Oh. Well, the Girl Scouts are just trying to make themselves irrelevant with the things they’ve been doing lately. There isn’t a cookie in the world worth supporting them and the things they support. It’s really sad.

  • frozeninbemidji

    It’s not about this word in particular, it’s about having the power to ban a word.

  • exceller

    bossy lady, sick of being called bossy, seeks to ban use of the word.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    You’re confusing bossy with bitchy. There is a difference.

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      Pretty sure even Barack knows the difference by this point.

    • kentercat

      Yes, “bossy” is banned, but I suppose “insufferable axe wound from hygeine hell” is still allowed. So there’s that.
      My favorite, and it definitely applies to Michelle, is “an economic engine with the gears stuck in reverse”.

      • Suzyqpie

        FORWARD, leviathan has no reverse…

    • Grandson Of TheGrumpus

      Yes, the “stuck in reverse” is a good point— but both the sobriquets The First Wookie and “The First Klingon” are both so much more descriptive and apt generally, that they’re hard to top!

      Having heard her “speak” in a pre-2008 address– although I didn’t know it at the time– I longed for Han Solo to translate her serial non-sequiturs into some semblance of cogent discourse!

      I remember thinking at the time that any college or university that produced such shoddy product should be so ashamed that it would scorch its own earth and sow salt on the rubble!

      And the “First Klingon” well describes her from table manners to appearance!

      Few are the people who realize that the whole point of her initiative to revamp the school menu to a 400 calorie limit was to insure that, in the B.O.-created famine, there would always be enough for “The First Wideload“.

      Scarcity is tough on a Tasmanian Devil whose “light snack” is heaped boxcars of Wague beef!

      Ban “Bossie”? Would that such a mild description of slow-honesty could be applied to her and her spouse Stinky™!

      Odd, isn’t it: the Progressives— having spent years screaming about thought police, McCarthyism and government “MiB” agents “disappearing” people, which occurred only in their fevered hivemind— they immediately commence implementation of all those aforementioned and more, (see the current American Thinker blog entries & articles about “dead-of-night” incarcerations…)!

      • Stuck_in_Ca

        I prefer “shaved” wookie. Seems more apt..

  • Flyoverman

    If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.
    George Washington

  • SkyePuppy

    But can we still say “Because I’m the Mom”?

    • BabiesGrandma

      Because I said so!

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    I never get tired of seeing those photos. Hilarious.

  • Missy Anthropissty

    “Bossy” is white racist code for “Angry Black Woman”, dontcha know…

    Through a new signature censorship program, Mooch is ALL about eradicating her impossible-to-expunge, grumpyass b!tch image!

  • 66

    Starting a campaign to ban a word is just bossy

  • PeterP

    I hate it when bossy women tell me what words I can and cannot use.

  • kentercat

    Yes, by all means, let misandrists (and, in the case of Beyonce, racist narcissist misandrists), create a generation of special sexist snowflakes when we all know the biggest issue is the war on boys. Someone should do the boy version of that damn web site and flip it back in their face with the stats from Dr. Helen Smith’s book.

    Otherwise, the next thing you know, they’ll be spending $12,000 in taxpayer dollars on a party dress for a one night celebration of a country not her own. Just sayin’.

    I was given the choice yesterday of keeping the two guys in India I have working for me, who aren’t the most productive of programmers, or getting one American to be my apprentice. While ten years ago that would have been a no-brainer, I have to say with the special snowflake generation, I might be better off with the Hin-dudes.


    If you like your bossy, you can keep your bossy. Period.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Banning “words” changes neither attitudes nor behaviors.

  • chauncey briggins

    isn’t Bossy a cow’s name? In this instance, it’s a Wookie who’s teets produce sulfuric acid

    • garygramscom

      Ask the Wookie Mooche… she might know.

  • ObamaBinLyin

    Somebody, somewhere has got to have a video of this jealousy-based, insecurity seat-switching move by Moochelle. It’ll come up somewhere for a price.

    She has no clue how to act presidential in the public eye.
    Her juvenile jump here shows her lack of social restraint, tact, etiquette, judgment and maturity. And that speaks volumes to who she really is as a person and how she thinks.

  • spaceycakes

    stand with Bossy!

  • BabiesGrandma

    THAT is hilarious! She’s so Bossy!

  • Alice Boxstrom

    Know liberty. Sow liberty. Reap the rewards. It is up to you: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878