Wayne Slater, a political writer for the Dallas Morning News, published a widely read article which outlines areas of Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis’ personal life that Davis has “blurred,” according to the story (had the subject of the article been a Republican, the word “blurred” may well have become “lied”).

A couple points of order before we get to Davis’ reaction:

1) The Dallas Morning News reporter is most certainly not a conservative:

2) Regardless of the reporter’s political leanings, he claims to have had no contact with the Greg Abbott campaign while preparing the article:

With those things in mind, here’s Wendy Davis spinning Slater’s Dallas Morning News article as some kind of “dirty trick” from the Abbott campaign:

Nice try, but that’s a hard sell:

In spite of the facts, many in the media continue to assist Davis in her false spin that the Dallas Morning News expose is a “right wing attack”:

  • V the K

    You’re not “alone” if you’ve got a Sugar Daddy paying for your law school.

    • H50 ✓RAT

      There is even a website to help you find a Sugar Daddy to finance you. No payback required….wink…wink.
      Yea radical feminism!

      • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

        nice… so she cheated on her husband.. then sells herself as some kind of abandoned victim…

        Is there any doubt the woman was a liar from the get go?

        I look forward to her spinning a MSNBC contributor as a “right winger”… low comedy at it’s worst.. she’s done,.. never stood a chance, but seeing her implode is almost enjoyable seeing as how she supports 9th month abortions.

        God sees all… and “karma” is just a foreign word for divine retribution.

        • H50 ✓RAT

          Another false idol exposed.

          Another opportunity for a prog to say; yea, I screwed up, I did things that Im not proud of. Who hasn’t?
          Instead she spins a looney meany pants republican conspiracy theory that is immediately disproved.

          Thats entertainment!
          Karma/divine retribution…either way, its coming and shes toast and thats delicious.

        • Zathras11 @B5

          Not a foreign word. A pagan concept. Otherwise I agree.

          • Bristel

            Karma is a foreign word, it’s from Sanskrit.

          • William2010

            Bristel, “Karma is a foreign word, it’s from Sanskrit.” and it is real, and it has been demonstrated again and again.

            Christians refer to it as “As a man sows, so also shall he reap.”

            In Physics, Newton’s third law of physics phrases it, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

            When I study, I learn. When I train (Martial Arts, running, dance, music, language, strength training, piloting, swimming, whatever) I improve and enjoy them more. When I spend quality time with my wife and children, we feel good, are happier, and our family thrives.

            When we take care of our cars, they run better and cost less to maintain and repair. Same with wood structures.

            When they are maintained they last longer, when neglected, they rot out.

            Bristel, this is not intended as a lecture directed at you. I am merely putting my thoughts regarding Karma and the universality of the concept down through these words and your post, which I like, served as a venue for me to do so.

            I probably should go to bed and sleep, for it is late, and I am probably into that late at night blabber mouth mode.

            Take care.

          • Codewizard

            William, they are NOT the same.

            Karma is a tally of both good INTENTIONS, and good deeds; that will be returned to you. This of course is absurd.

            Reaping what you sow, is based purely on ACTIONS. As you should know INTENTIONS pave the road to Hell.

          • Kim Sylvest

            Codewizard, The Christian view of Karma is exactly the same as the one taught by the Hindu. Jesus taught that intentions do count because he spoke of the Heart as the repository of intention. Remember when he taught about looking on a woman with lust? Your last sentence proves your point to be false.

          • SupplyGuy

            Unfortunately karma doesn’t always catch up to people in this life. Stalin and Lenin both died in their sleep, worshipped as heroes. Ted Kennedy lived to an old age and died of natural causes, lionized by millions as a statesman.
            Also, unfortunately for those who escaped karma in this life, they will find karma to be much worse in the next.
            Karma aside, Wendy Davis is just an idiot who never read Sun Tzu and picked the wrong place to fight her battle. I’m not so sure she cares though, as she is getting what she wants, adulation and attention. Was the governorship of TX anything but a pipe dream?

          • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

            Hindu isn’t it?..

            The concept is similar, I know while that word was never used, my grandmother and mom would tell us, doing harm to others is returned tenfold.

            God does hand out reality checks when folks are base enough to need them.

          • Codewizard

            All forms of Eastern Mysticism have Karma.

          • William2010

            Zathras11 @B5, “Not a foreign word. A pagan concept. Otherwise I agree.”

            Let me guess, Zathrass11 @B5, you could be a self righteous, know-it-all, “I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, now I know everything, I am Saved, and you are not” dogmatic, condescending, arrogant, Christian.

            The word “Karma” is a pagan concept, otherwise, you agree?

            No. Karma is not a “pagan” concept, unless one does not read the Bible.

            Karma is a virtual universal concept.

            Karma refers to the concept of every action has a result associated with it. The Bible teaches this. It is translated into English as “As a man sows, so also shall he reap.”

            In Physics, Newton’s third law of motion states, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” which means, Karma – cause and effect, as well

            If you want to make an issue out of Hindus believing that Karma exists, you’d lose. It DOES exist.

            If not, then why is it that a drunk person is more likely to crash their car?

            Why is it that a violent person often ends up in a violent death?

            Why is it that a person who takes pains to stay healthy is more likely to actually be health?

            It is said that there is no such thing as luck, but the more I worked at something, the more prepared I am, the luckier I seem to be when opportunity arrives?

            Why is it that a person who works hard, sacrifices, and so on, is more likely to succeed, become wealthy and prosperous, and even fulfill his goals, and even help others, but a lazy person who expects others to take care of them and give them things is more likely to be unhealthy, complain about their situation, blame others, accuse others, and be envious of the guy who worked hard and succeeded having a nice house, a nice wife and healthy children, and of going to Hawaii, Italy, India, Argentina, or wherever they like to visit, gong SCUBA diving, earning a pilot’s license, going to the orchestra, the opera, the rock concert, and having friends and family over for dinner, and so on?

            Forgive me, Zathras11 @B5, it isn’t you. It is just that I have heard or read people employ the word “pagan” in a way which makes it look like they look down on others, and in a manner which attaches a misguided, even evil connotation to it.

            As a man sows, so also shall he reap.

            So a thought, reap an action.

            Sow an action, reap a habit.

            Sow a habit, reap a character.

            Sow a character, reap a destiny.

            The line “So a thought, reap an action,” above, was added via edit at 1:26 PM, Tuesday, January 21, 2014. I forgot to include that line when I first posted the list.

          • Codewizard

            Karma maybe “universal” but it’s NOT a Christian or Jewish concept.

          • William2010

            Codewizard, “Karma maybe “universal” but it’s NOT a Christian or Jewish concept.”

            Christians follow Jesus the Christ, and read the passage “As a an sows, so also shall he reap,” I see no reason to doubt that it is a Christian concept.

          • interestedobserver2

            Um, just for the record, it’s a Buddhist (and, possilby, Hindu) concept. Neither of those is considered “pagan” in the traditional sense. Both are widely recognized world religions.

          • Kim Sylvest

            Karma is a foreign (not English) word as well as a Christian and a Hindu concept. Jesus taught that there is a such thing as “Karma”.

        • Catchance

          In 2003 her husband petitioned the court for a restraining order. In that order, the judge ordered that Wendy Davis “be immediately restrained from . . . using illegal drugs or consuming alcohol within 24 hours before or during the period of possession of or access to the child.”

          • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

            So she’s also a drunk and drug user?

            Great, typical of the left to make her a hero then. Of course they forgive theirs for that, just not ours. Still… if she had to be ordered to not drink before picking up the kids..

            that’s pretty bad.. who the Hell would get drunk before visiting with their children?

            I sense we aren’t done hearing about what a lousy human being she is to those around her.. also typical of the left. They’re always “for the little guy or gal”… then abuse the help and stiff the waitress on the tip, act an @ss with individual voters.. the whole Hillary attitude thing, how dare the peasants expect good treatment by their betters.

          • Darth Venomous✓unmedicated

            that’s pretty bad.. who the Hell would get drunk before visiting with their children?

            My father used to, all the time. Could tell you some stories… (shudder)

          • Zane Henry

            you know what they say, “once you pass the bar, it’s the last bar you pass…”

            Drunk lawyer…nothing new under the sun

          • Buddy Rogers

            That’s what The Swimmer and Freddy Mae Dodd did when they made a waitress sandwich.

          • SupplyGuy

            Who was her sugar daddy, Ted Kennedy?

          • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

            If she’d wanted him she would have set her cap for him. Little Miss Hot-to-trot doesn’t seem to have ever lacked for a patsy to provide for her.

        • Man From AUNTIE

          Unfortunately I have know too many women like that. A guy helps them out and according to them, it was all their doing. No man helped them, only had guys taking them for all they are worth…after the guys paid their bills and got them their wants.
          But remember, no woman needs a guy to help them out, after they got the dudes’ money, that is.

    • Zane Henry

      I can’t wait for Gardner Selby of Texas Politifact to come out and give Wendy’s statements a “Mostly True”.

      • MurphTacular

        19 to 21. And then the husband paid for the last two years at TCU. Not the biggest lies I’ve ever heard … ((Now ducking))

        • Corey Dennison

          And Harvard. And she divorced him the day after he made the last payment on her student loans.

    • Man From AUNTIE

      You only need to put up with a couple of hours ‘sweating to the oldies’. hehe

    • desicon

      Using sugar daddy is nothing but practicing world’s oldest profession.

    • PatriotRG

      A fairly salient fact she just spun out of her story.

    • SupplyGuy

      I wish women would pay me for sex. That sure would have made paying for school a lot easier then cleaning toilets at 4 in the morning.

      • William2010

        SupplyGuy “I wish women would pay me for sex. That sure would have made paying for
        school a lot easier then cleaning toilets at 4 in the morning.”

        Been there … done that – the cleaning toilets at 4 in the morning.

        Started around 7 or 8 PM, went till sun-up, around 6:00 AM and later, cleaning a Fiat Dealership in one town – alone, at night, then a two story medical building – where OB/Gyns, Dermatologists, Urologists, Ophthalmologists, and other medical doctors had offices.

        I had no automobile and the locations were around 4 miles apart. I had just been Honorably Discharged from the US Military, back in the days of the Vietnam War – 1969 – 1970 time period.

        Cleaned much more than just the toilets, and I had no protective gloves – which means my hands were in the “dirt.”

        I do not remember being paid for sex, however. The concept is a turn off.

        Now, if my wife wins the Super Lottery and if she makes a reasonable offer, I might agree. It could be fun. (grin)

        • SupplyGuy

          You had me going for a minute there. I thought you were going to say that you had been a gigilo. 😉
          Yeah, I don’t think I’d want to be a gigilo either. W/ my luck I’d end up w/ Lena Dunham as a client. Or worse – Richard Gere.

          • GaryTheBrave

            Or worse, Cher and Bette Midler share you.

          • Zane Henry

            now that was uncalled for! lol I’m gonna have to take a knee.

  • Informed&Concerned

    Looking for a pony in this crate of dung . . .
    (swf seeks wealthy older man . . . )

  • Jack Deth

    Feminist Memo to Ms. Davis:

    Does the phrase “Gold Digger” leap to mind?

    You really must be a messed up piece of Gyno~American sisterhood to lose your daughters to your ex.

    When does that ever happen?!!!!

    • Matthew Koch

      The Cubs win the World Series more often.

    • grais

      I thought she gave them up. Didn’t sound like it was much of a struggle, either. But she was proud to pay toward their upkeep.

      • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil ✓Mate

        Lucky kids. When Democrat womyn “give up” their kids it usually doesn’t end well.

        • Dee

          Ouch! Soooo true!

        • 4liberty


      • Jack Deth

        With what, exactly?

        Since her soon to be divorced from Wendy’s ex footed the bill for Wendy’s Harvard education?

        • grais

          She was practicing law when they divorced.

          • Jack Deth

            When did she pass the bar? And in which state?

            Usually takes between three and five years to pass the bar after graduating with a degree from an Ivy League College. Even Harvard.

          • grais

            I don’t know when and I would imagine TX.
            If it’s in the article, I missed it.

            I know people who’ve taken and passed the bar less than a year after graduation.

          • RogueRose

            Most take the bar exam immediately after completing the bar exam prep course and most pass the 1st time.. takes about a year total following graduation from law school.

          • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            “Most take the bar exam immediately after completing the bar exam prep course and most pass the 1st time…”

            Unless you’re John-John Kennedy, and it takes you three times in a state (NY) where the pass-rate is 80-odd percent first-go, and, of those who flunked, an even higher pass-rate second-time. Then you get a job in the Manhattan DA’s office.

    • CR

      She probably threatened to late-term abort them…

      • Man From AUNTIE

        I ain’t a fan of her, or her filibuster, but that was a bit extreme. Yes she celebrates that culture of death, but I would hope she never entertained that thought towards her daughters.

        • Codewizard

          Wow. Lighten up.

          • Man From AUNTIE

            So my saying that I hope she never thought about aborting her daughters means I have to lighten up? I have pity on your outlook about life.
            Or was it being blunt and calling someone supporting abortion, celebrating the culture of death that got you? Sorry that the truth of the matter hurt, but what she was filibustering was in no way, a clump of tissues as more pro-death folks claim. The late-term abortion is (most of the time) fully formed human being and identifiable as such.

          • Isahiah62

            yes! my niece was born 6 months (very premature and 2 pounds) at 6 months it’s a BABY – viable outside the womb if cared for – and she was cared for by experts in neonatal – my niece had no brain damage and no defects- is now studying to be a dentist-
            so even more than 20 years ago we KNEW that pre full term BABIES can be saved instead of MURDERED on the abortion table- DEAR WENDY and other advocates of infanticide: it’s “SETTLED SCIENCE” those are not “tissue” those are children.

            In this day and age a woman can know she is pregnant TWO DAYS after conception- if you want to “get rid of it” that is the time to do so-there is a day after pill to induce period, (for “mistakes”) OR choice of abortion FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME PERIOD- after all we don;t want our daughters “punished” by having a baby (per Obama who also supports late term abortions- one of the very few bills the (I pass on voting so I have no record to run on or agin) creep voted on at all)

    • SupplyGuy

      Ouch. That left a mark.

    • NRPax

      And I’m willing to bet that her daughters are better off with him.

    • Sean Moseley

      When there’s enough reason for it to…

      • Jack Deth

        Well, considering that there was a codicil to the Restraining Ordeer against Wendy that she abstain from drugs and/or alcohol 24 hours before visiting her daughters.

        There might be precedent for “reason”.

    • MurphTacular

      I don’t think most “gold diggers” stay married to a guy for 17 years.

  • http://macsen573.wix.com/overdrive Macsen Overdrive ✓re-rolled

    This is gonna be fun to watch. Wendy Davis used men to advance, cheated on her husbands, and on top of that might’ve perjured herself!

    • Jack Deth


      Wendy’s last attempt(s) to sue a Texas newspaper for slander and libel were shot down at each turn. All the way to the Texas Supreme Court.

      • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

        Truth is always the ultimate defense in libel cases.. she hates they found out about her actual past..

        Is she still doing the idiot pink sneakers bit to woo the feminista crowd?

    • James Westfall

      Even funnier? Wayne Slater is a lefty. He’s the guy who reported about Bush’s DUI late in the 2000 campaign. Suddenly, to hear it from Davis, he’s now a part of the Greg Abbott campaign. LMAO!

      • Jack Deth

        To which I offer the comforting words of Henry Kissinger to Ms. Davis.

        “Even paranoids have enemies.”

      • http://macsen573.wix.com/overdrive Macsen Overdrive ✓re-rolled

        And then there’s MSNBC calling it a “conservative attack” when said “attack” was written by one of THEIR REGULAR LIBERAL CONTRIBUTORS!

    • trixiewoobeans

      Slept her way to the top! I’d want to fudge that truth too if I were her. If she were proud of it and a “true” feminist, she wouldn’t have LIED. Doesn’t matter. Cue FemBots screaming “Sexism” in 3, 2, 1 because “Abortion!” By the way, supporters, she WILL lie to you again, and again, and again.

      • Man From AUNTIE

        That I don’t doubt and honestly expect her and her supporters to do that.

    • karmafordems

      Yep. WHO said there’s no war on men?

    • Codewizard

      She sounds like another Hillary Clinton.

    • SupplyGuy

      Its been working out well for Hillary. She might even be the next prezzy doncha know?

  • Jack Deth

    “Attacks won’t work. Mine is the story of millions of Texas women who
    know the strength it takes when you’re young, alone and a mother. (2/4)”


    Maybe on The Lifetime Channel, but rarely if ever in real life.

  • BoscoBolt

    Wendy has snapped her twig.

  • WhoDat

    All politicians bend the truth of their backgrounds.

    Wendy, you can do better than blaming your opponent for this.

    • Republicanvet

      And if you’re Preezy Sissyboi, the background is permanently gray.

      • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil ✓Mate

        Did you misspell that last word on purpose?

        • Republicanvet

          Maybe. :)

        • Dee

          You’re on a roll tonight, Phil

    • BoscoBolt

      Well, Davis LIED under oath, in Federal Court – this is more than just a politician “bending” the truth.


    • Catchance

      Here’s the deal: if she had simply told the plain truth, that she had worked really really hard as a single mom, then when she remarried worked really really hard to finish school and get a law degree this would have been a non-issue. In fact, her hard work and dedication would have been praised. But she tried to gild the lily by making it seem that she had accomplished it all on her own at a really young age. Why didn’t she just admit it in the beginning? If she had, the fact that she left him with the children so that she could pursue her career wouldn’t look questionable. After all, she did pay child support.

      • WhoDat

        Meh, all politicians lie, you just have to choose who lies the least.

        • QueenB

          I’d say lying about your actual life story is a pretty low baseline.

          • Zane Henry

            Obama might beg to differ 😉

          • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

            In Wendy’s case, not hard to check apparently..

            Now if these left wing “journalists” had spent a miniscule fraction of this effort to tell the truth about Obama’s past.. Hillary would have won the nomination.

            Her presidency would still have sucked, but not as badly as the current clown’s.

          • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            Joe Biden told the truth– only, it was the truth about Neil Kinnock’s life…

        • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

          No.. all politicians exaggerate, pander, … only the worst bald faced lie to your face.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            only the worst bald faced lie to your face.

            “If you like your doctor…..”

          • Michael Rice

            Maybe, she knew that the fake story was better for all of us and we just were to stupid to admit, so we HAD to be lied to.

        • Man From AUNTIE

          Who, nice to see come reasonableness in you’re comments.

      • Eric D. Mertz #NeverTrump

        The fact she separated from her second husband the DAY after he finished raiding his 401(k) account to pay for her education would have made her just as bad then as it does now. But then, that kind of abuse of men by women is something of a trigger for me…

        • Catchance

          Oh, yes… and she tries to wiggle out by saying that it wasn’t just he who paid for her education because, community property… it was “their” money. We can see right through her, but my point was that none of this would have come up if she hadn’t lied about it in the first place. “Oh what a tangled web…”

          • Jack Deth


            You’d think she would have acquired a nice little nest egg by doing some Outcall for off campus tricks?

            But, I guess that would be beneath her “dignity”.

      • Man From AUNTIE

        Yeah, that is all she needed to do, but her feminist ideals wouldn’t let her say that a man helped her. I may be wrong, I hope so, but what else could it be?

      • Codewizard

        Catchance, that would NOT have been the truth, either.

    • Steve__Jacobson

      Seriously doubt that.

  • Pat Loudoun

    Does a fish need a bicycle or a cuckold husband to finance Harvard Law?

    “Have fun with the girls sucker! I’m outie! “

  • Sam701

    She has kids? They’re still alive?

    • Pat Loudoun

      She has no idea.

      • Sam701

        That’s true, if she did, they’d be dead in the bathtub. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean dead, I meant “aborted” real late term.

  • V the K

    Northeastern liberals don’t care about liars; they elected Liz Warren and Abe Blumenthal. But Texans still do.

    • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

      Can’t be said enough…seriously from a Buckeye..

      Thank God for Texans.

      I may well talk my wife into moving there after her father passes away.. The only thing keeping her anchored to Ohio… sure as Hell isn’t the economy.

      • V the K

        From Maryland, Ohio looks good. (But West Virginia looks better.)

  • http://freerepublic.com GOPcongress

    I love how Wendy spins her story as a “mother” when she gained notoriety on women killing their own kids.

    • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

      yeah… a mom who lost her kids in a divorce…

      Not many women would find that sympathetic. Every mother I’ve known would fight tooth and claw to keep them. So Not sure which is worse for Wendy.. that she lost them.. or gave them up..

      either way, women tend to look down on non caring mom’s.

      • Vennoye

        Her great reason to be pro-abortion is so that “Every child is a WANTED child”. Appears she didn’t want hers any longer when they cramped her new life choices.

  • Ray Haight

    BREAKING: Wendy Davis shuts down all Sugar Baby accounts. Carlos Danger distraught.

  • Jack Deth

    Refresh my memory.

    Didn’t someone back in the 1990s say something about dragging a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park?

    Just askin’.

    • http://Paterzplace.blogspot.com/ DonM

      Back then it was a twenty…

      • Adam Wood

        Damned inflation….

  • http://www.almarquardt.com/ almarquardt

    Notice how she didn’t set out to prove any of the points of the article as false? The true mark of a liar is when they change the subject or deflect attention when called on said lies. ‘Nuff said.

    • Richard Jefferies

      They call that The Clinton Playbook.

      • Jon

        The problem for Wendy is while that might work in a national campaign with the national big media ignoring the story if the Democratic candidate of the moment told them to, it’s not going to work on the state level, where the Dallas Morning News remains Texas’ leading newspaper, and one that other papers and TV news outlets take their cue from, just as the national media follows what’s on Page 1 of the New York Times every day.

        (And while it wasn’t the News that was involved, this may be a case of karma coming back to bite Davis, since the media in the Metroplex know all about her past suit against the Fort Worth Star-Telegram almost two decades ago. She didn’t win, but the suit meant the area media already had their radar up on Wendy and her ‘dark side’ as far as it could affect the press negatively, as opposed to the national media, who think she ascended from pro-choice Valhalla on June 24, 2013 to save Texas Democrats with her abortion filibuster and saw themselves and Davis being 100 percent on the same team.)

  • lukuj

    Since when is pointing out the truth an attack? oh, wait. I forgot the truth is reviled by Democrats.

    • Ronald Green

      Liberals in general too.

    • http://www.almarquardt.com/ almarquardt

      Just like a vampire when exposed to the light. I can hear them hissing . . .

  • Republicanvet

    Wow, Davis is just nuts.

  • AwakenNow

    Abortion Barbie was never expected to win in Texas. Her LIES have now ended her political career. Her law license should be revoked because of her perjured testimony in a Federal Court.

    • Spiny Norman

      Her LIES have now ended her political career.

      Uh, she’s a Democrat, remember. Big, colorful lies are resumé-enhancers.

  • grais

    Aside from the fact that Abbott & his campaign had Nothing to do w/it, neither her family nor her education was ‘attacked’. 3 lies in one little Tweet. smh
    And it was a pretty tame ‘attack’ on what she calls her character.

  • waltermitty2012

    Late Term Barbie just misspoke, like Obama did when he said he never met his Uncle Omar. Happens all the time to Democrats.

    • nc ✓s & balances

      That’s why it’s no big deal to them, already forgotten.

  • SpaceRacer423

    Wendy Davis’s message to girls in poverty:
    “keep your chin up. With hard work, dedication, and a little luck, you too can marry into money!”
    hey it worked for John Kerry.

    • thedumbblonde


    • Taxpayer1234


    • http://www.algoreisabidfatidiot.com/ “Rev Jim Jones”

      but john never looked good in heels

  • thedumbblonde

    This woman has something for everyone!

  • QueenB

    Ok, so wait – lol – Sarah Palin is dumb and useless as a woman because it took her longer than the typical 4 years to graduate because she was working her way through college. This broad is awesome because she left her kids and had her husband, who she cheated on, pay for her education?

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil ✓Mate

      Did you copy and paste that from an AP or NY Times story?

      • QueenB

        No, but I’m curious why you would say that?

        • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil ✓Mate

          It’s my natural sarcasm. That could appear in any major publication and be taken merely as “fact” by the left.

    • WhoDat

      Left her kids? To go to Harvard?

      • Scott

        Who got custody of her 2 kids after he paid off her Harvard Degree and left him? Her 2nd Ex-Husband, DAT’S WHO!!!

        LIBS SUCK!!!

        • WhoDat

          Oh, so you’re saying she’s a good digger?

          Her kids were 21 and 14 when they divorced.

          • Michael Rice


          • Dee

            You know, once you go through puberty you don’t need a mom anymore! /sarc

  • Jimni27
    • Jack Deth

      And Wendy’s batting average is lousy at even having her suits heard.

    • Steve__Jacobson

      I think she should go for it. Who knows what else in her background would be exposed.

      • Jimni27

        yeah I think this woman is Batshitcrazy- there’s bound to be more.

  • Jessica

    Davis is just like Hillary, she will say anything without any regard for the truth.

    • Garym

      Ahem ……….. just like most democrats ………….

  • AwakenNow

    Wendy Davis’ Charity Giving – “Her combined legal work earned Davis $126,043 in 2010 before rising to $223,263 the next year and $275,271 in 2012. Davis also is listed as “of counsel” to Cantey Hanger, a large law firm also based in Fort Worth.

    Davis’ charitable giving has PALED in comparison to her income, the Tribune reports.

    The senator donated $2,700 in 2010, compared with $515 in 2011 and $950 last year, her returns show.” Link: http://www.texastribune.org/2013/12/04/wendy-davis-sees-legal-income-rise/ http://www.newsmax.com/Politics/Wendy-Davis-income-doubled-charity/2013/12/04/id/540041

    • H50 ✓RAT

      What a miser. I make far, far, far, far less than she made in starting out 2010 and donate more than her highest year, every year.

      • Pat

        thats because you are a strong CONSERVATIVE woman!

        • H50 ✓RAT

          LOL, that must be it!
          We walk the walk instead of just yapping!

      • http://amandakmelson.wordpress.com/ GreenEyedGal

        I thought the same thing Hana! I made less than $10,000 this year and gave more to charity than she did in 2011. She’s a very tight-fisted, miserly abortion Barbie, ugly inside and out.

        • H50 ✓RAT

          God bless you.

          • http://amandakmelson.wordpress.com/ GreenEyedGal

            God bless you too, Hana.

    • Casca

      So ?
      That’s pretty much EVERY Democrat out there.
      They want to solve problems with other peoples money only.

  • Steve__Jacobson

    I like the part of her tweet where she writes it’s an attack on her character. How does one attack something that is nonexistent.

  • RememberSekhmet

    A suggestion for a campaign song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vwNcNOTVzY

    • AwakenNow

      Yep. Kanye West – GOLD DIGGER ft. Jamie Foxx

  • H50 ✓RAT

    Ms. Davis, this is what happens when you build a persona based on lies. Sooner or later, some one will do a little fact checking and you will be exposed.
    Once that happens, all the dirty DNC money and whining about meanie pants republican conspiracies that even the author adamantly says aren’t true wont help you dear.
    It is not an attack on women’s choices, its a fact check on a woman who is a liar.
    Now put on your pink sneakers and your big girl panties and grow up.
    Texas women aren’t cry babies either.

    • Eric D. Mertz #NeverTrump

      On a woman who uses men for financial or personal gain and then cuts them loose as soon as they are no longer useful to her. Reminds me of my two ex’s. She is truly a despicable person.

      • H50 ✓RAT

        As a woman, I find her antics embarrassing.
        The unfettered abortion thing is disturbing.

        • Eric D. Mertz #NeverTrump

          Agree on both counts. She is a despicable human being. Women like her are the reason gentlemen are disappearing. Why bother if THAT is what we have to look forward to?

          • H50 ✓RAT

            I love my gentleman. I do see and agree with your point tho.

          • Eric D. Mertz #NeverTrump

            Do not be deceived, Wormwood. Our cause is never more in danger, than when a human, no longer desiring, but intending, to do our Enemy’s will, looks round upon a universe from which every trace of Him seems to have vanished, and asks why he has been forsaken, and still obeys.

            — Screwtape, The Screwtape Letters

  • FreeManinAmerica

    You know what women who sell their bodies for money are called? Hint: 5 letters, starts with w, ends with hore. Way to go, Abortion Barbie!

    • rainman

      You know what they call a woman who lets a man humiliate and abuse her to get ahead in her career? Starts with H and ends with illary.

      Your answer works too, FreeManinAmerica

  • EndangeredNJRepub

    You can’t make this stuff up. “Strong, independent woman with gubernatorial (and maybe higher) aspirations overcomes adversity.” Turns out she had a kid in her teens, found a sugar daddy to pay for her law school, then left him (and left him the child?) Is it any wonder she has no compunctions with killing babies? They’d only hold other women like her down while they used their lady parts to get ahead in life.

    Poster progressive feminist, amarite?

  • jman69

    Why don’t she just say she is 1/1,000th part Cherokee instead?

    • FaithColeridge33

      Because they didn’t pay for her law school.

  • $84598387

    I just knew this woman had more to her than making her name fighting for the right for women to kill their offspring.

  • Ty Mcwilliams

    Here’s hoping she keeps this strategy up. Absurdly blaming Abbott instead of apologizing has got sink her chances.

  • Casca

    It is a requirement for Female Democrats to ride their husbands coatails into power-
    and lie like a rug while they are at it.
    Busted , Abortion Barbie !

  • LinTaylor ✓vitrified

    “Going off to Harvard & cheating on ur husband taking care of the kids doesnt count as “being alone” or “single” motherhood”

    Unfortunately I’m sure there are some lefties out there who will like Abortion Barbie even better now.

  • jumper297

    Love it… she became a libtard hero with her filibuster to nowhere before they realized what a truly dim bulb she is. Her creepy ads of her touting she’s running for the children was their first wake up call on that one.

    • nc ✓s & balances

      Libbies woke up?

  • BlondieAmbition

    all they have to do is say “right wing” as the evil spawn of satan, and everyone left of center blows up over it, having no– zero — facts.

  • FaithColeridge33

    Fudged. LOL. My three year old fudges. And I’m so tired of hearing about women’s choices. Like men don’t have to make a single hard choice throughout their life?

    • H50 ✓RAT

      Probably more believable too, those big round innocent eyes…..

  • iconoclast

    Abortion Barbie wants YOU to get ahead in life. That’s why she recommends http://www.sugardaddies.com for that special lift you can get from exploiting a gullible man. And you can even dump the children on him after you are done spending and cheating.

    What a babe. Not only does she want to ensure that women can kill viable babies at any point before birth (why stop there?) but she also wants to ensure that abortion mills in Texas don’t have to maintain minimal standards of cleanliness and safety. What’s not to like about her?

  • brightshadows

    Essentially Wendy is saying “Behind every successful single mom Texan is a sugar-daddy”. Good luck winning with that mind-set.

    • HWarrior13

      Nice ! Permission to steal, brightshadows?

      • brightshadows

        lol yeah

        • HWarrior13

          Thank you :-)

  • TXKracker

    Wendy your POS stance on blaming your opponent for your complete and total lack of integrity and horrible character flaws proves that you really are morally bankrupt and belong and fit in soooo well to the pathetic Democratic Party. You won’t get 30 percent of the Texas vote you ” dirt leg skeever hoochymama skank”

  • Richard Jefferies

    Vast Right Wing conspiracy IN THE HOUSE!

  • jaded

    So instead of being honest, she goes for the “conservatives are meanies” card… I don’t think Texans will accept that.

  • TXKracker

    Wendy just learned about the former husband paying her way thru Harvard and giving up custody of her kids at the same time we did this morning from media reports.it is all a total shock and she will get to the bottom and hold people accountable if it is true.

    • nc ✓s & balances

      And no one is madder than she is!

  • LegalizeShemp

    Finding out the truth about liberals and their hypocrisy is always labeled as “attacks by right wing extremists.”

  • descolada9

    Of course she’s throwing blame at Abbot. It is boilerplate response in situations like this. What I fear is that it might help her the same way that the truth about the false Native American in MA failed to convince voters to not vote for a proven liar. As for Davis herself, I have a word in mind that can be found on the article about a NYT reporter being disrespected and it’s so not fair to her.

    • descolada9

      btw, does Davis’s child(ren) ever stop to think, “What if Mommy had aborted me?” That has to be one of those harsh things to bear in life.

      • QueenB

        They’re probably relieved their mom just have them to their dad when they became inconvenient.

    • TexSizzle

      There is a lot of difference between the voters of Massachusetts and us in Texas. What makes no difference there, or may even be a résumé enhancer for Democratics, is seriously frowned upon by most of us.

  • jamesben

    Wendy is a s phony as her “blonde” hair. “Abortion Barbie” will get crushed by 30% or more in November.

  • Chip

    “Blood Bath Barbie” Davis climbed to the top of the Democratic Party in Texas on the corpses of murdered children.

  • Ryan Johnson

    Nice to see she has the audacity to assume all Texas women are pro-baby killing.

    War on Women, folks!

  • praymorenow1

    Mass. GOP thought they had Native American Warren / er, not Native American Warren, on the ropes & beaten w/ a barrage of her fake life stories….the lies….the unreal life story she put out for years…and guess what? She won. She’s now a rather dimwit Democrat Senator who is pushed as brilliant…..as compared to Ted Cruz who is promoted as a zealot nutjob………
    Wendy Davis is a fake.
    She dumped the kids.
    She dumped the husband(s).
    She wore a diaper to diatribe against a bill in a State to protect unborn children.
    She wears heels.
    She has good hair.
    She is attractive.
    That’s all the Democrats need to win Texas.
    The GOP may feel good about this one………don’t.
    Elizabeth Warren. Lies. Fake stories.
    She still won……….

    • William2010


      Excellent point, well said.

      Evil, and evil people win, and they win quite often. The bad person does not always get it in the end. Good does not always triumph.

      Even those who think “Well, I am a Christian. That bad person will burn in hell in the end. They will get their when they face the Judge on Judgement day,” when the bad person can be saved in the end and NOT be punished for their “sins.”

      Life isn’t fair, bad people are treated as wonderful; good people are demonized, and life sucks.

      We won’t know if Davis will become Governor of Texas until after the election, but it is likely that, as you said about Indian Squaw, Elizabeth “Stands with Black Lying Tongue” Warren lied, justice died, will occur with Davis as the press, entertainment industry, and lovers of death peddling – elective abortion, will paint her as the smartest, most compassionate, most powerful champion of all that is good, touched by God in Heaven above, and Davis will be the governor in Texas.

      • Jon

        Nope — Only the wildest-eyed of in-state liberal Democrats expect Davis to win in 2014. The gubernatorial election they’re actually pointed towards is 2018, with San Antonio mayor Juan Castro, who the national party hopes will be next in line to follow Obama and Hillary into the White House in 2024 (giving them a chance to go back to playing the race card with a Latino candidate after using the gender card with Hillary in 2016 and 2020).

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Obviously, Greg Abbot built a time machine and changed things from the way Wendy remembers them. It’s the only logical explanation! 😉

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    “Working for your dad’s business and having your second, six-figure-making husband foot the bill for your Harvard education while he raises the kids and you skip the state doesn’t fit the “struggling single mom” persona that Davis spent all these months crafting.”

    You can almost hear the trailer narration say “The story that changed America,” can’t you? :)

    • William2010

      tops16, One thing which really ticks me off is that the Left are so vindictive, so malevolent, so in – the – gutter that they still win, people still support them, they still go on as if they are good, innocent, and caring.

      Davis lied. She ignores her lie and puts the blame for the “goods” coming out on her on a person who did NOT have anything to do with the information, or the info coming out.

      Davis is not champion for good, or for women.

      She champions the cruel, sadistic, violent butchering of new, innocent human beings, and for that she is famous and applauded. That is a sick thing to support and it is sick that people, including the Left and the Leftist media, support her and praise her, painting her as a great person.

      The champion of the vicious, violent, malicious act of slaughtering babies also involves the abuse, harassment, depression, manipulation, injury, maiming, and murder of many women, as if anyone on the Left, anyone who loves abortion, and anyone who “loves” Davis even cares.

      Who even cares at the deep depression, violence, and suicide rates of women as a result of abortion, something that is dismissed out of hand by so many who don’t care, and even lie about the truth of it?

      Wendy Davis’ rah rah cheer leading for burning alive, chopping, stabbing, dismembering, and other violent acts, and killing an innocent, defenseless human being is disgusting! Applauding the puncturing, scaring, causing hemorrhaging, infections, infertility to women, emotional damage, and even the death of women, as they butcher baby is disgusting!

  • elixelx

    Another “affirmative action” hustler…only the con used was NOT the colour of her skin but the content of her character (and that lush body and pretty face!)

  • Chrissy the Hyphenated
  • JD Son

    Hey look on the bright side…Wendy Davis and Obama can both get together for a beer summit and talk about their “composite” lives.

    • Michael Rice

      Careful, you will get branded a racist and sexist at the same time…

    • http://www.algoreisabidfatidiot.com/ “Rev Jim Jones”

      and post selfies.

  • Codewizard

    Like all liberals she claims that ONLY Government can save people. Yet her life is proof that is NOT true.

    BTW, she didn’t even have custody of her own children. That speaks volumes about her failure as a mother, woman, and person.

    Like all selfish liberals she dumped her kids to pursue a “career.” Now she wants to make everyone else’s life as miserable as her’s is.

    Only Democrats can see her as a hero.

    • WhoDat

      Dumped her kids? Her husband got custody in the divorce.

      • QueenB

        As I hear it, she didn’t even fight. Her attititde was one of “well, I have much better things to do with my time anyway”.

        • liberalssuck

          So she lied. Go figure from the party that has no moral code. Who knew!!

  • Michael Rice

    What choices? Her choices to lie? Okay, I will give you that one.

    Here is another one for you….The attack on the newspaper, by the Davis camp, is more about attacking Republicans and hiding the truth than…..insert whatever you want here..

  • Lisa Wiese

    What.. is she mad that she did not abort the children, that she lost custody of, and had to pay child support for???

  • Guest

    Don’t like abortions? Don’t get one.

    • aztectrumpet

      Don’t like killing innocent humans, don’t kill one, but let others choose to?

    • http://www.algoreisabidfatidiot.com/ “Rev Jim Jones”

      I see your parents at least agree with my views on abortion.

    • WhoDat

      I think abortions are a horrid practice; but, at the same time, who am I to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body?

      It’s her that will have to answer for it, not me.

      • Julescat

        who is the government to tell people what to do with their healthcare decisions?

        It’s the people that will have to answer for it, not the government.

        see how that works?

      • Mickey O’Brien

        Does the father of the baby have a voice in this? After all, it is not his body, not his womb, but it is as much his unborn child as it is hers. And does the baby have a say in whether s/he lives or dies?

        • liberalssuck

          No, as they do not consider it life, altho I do find the hypocrisy when they all yell “if it just save one child’s life”. Go figure

        • Paige Jackson

          Apparently not. Having a uterus seems to entitle a woman to take hostages.

      • AdoEdem

        We do it all the time. Last time I checked, a woman isn’t allowed to arm herself in the People’s Republic of the District of Columbia. What about my “bodily autonomy” to practice my Second Amendment rights?

      • AmeriDan

        Sure, let a woman make a decision about her own life and health. But who stands for the unborn, innocent life that is always terminated and discarded as a result of abortion ? If not society, then who will protect the innocent ? Our Supreme Court made a lame decision in Row Vs Wade. Now we act as if there is no recourse for the innocent.

        Society has a right to enact laws to protect those who are the most vulnerable. But, we have chosen to ignore them and act as if we cannot stop the lion from killing its young.

        Choose. Life is a choice.

        55 million since Roe Vs Wade. Anyone proud of that ?

    • QueenB

      Don’t like babies? Don’t get pregnant in the first place.

    • AdoEdem

      Don’t like slavery? Don’t own one.

    • AmeriDan

      Don’t like guns, don’t buy one.

      Like debt, run up your own.

      Like laws, move to Europe.

      Like permanent wide-spread poverty, keep electing democrats.

  • beebop1952

    Like the Resident, Wendy has a “composite” story.

  • kerrari1898

    “The right-wing attacks on @WendyDavisTexas are as much about judging women’s choices as they are about her veracity”
    You’re supposed to judge your elected officials by their choices, you blithering imbecile.
    And when an elected official uses their husband to pay off their college debts and divorces him the day after the last payment, that should be a major red flag concerning their suitabillity for office.

  • taconite

    Want to watch liberals go wild eyed and crazier than usual? Catch one of their celebrities in a lie.

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    All right, none y’all got the cojones to come right out and say it, so I will:

    Wendy Davis is Anna Nicole Smith with a few brain cells working and an above-room-temperature IQ.

    There! It needed to be said. I said it. So sue me.

    • NRPax

      Except Anna was prettier and less creepy.

      • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Eh, mezzo-mezzo, on the “prettier”– depends what you like, I suppose, and bimbo-blonde doesn’t really appeal to me so much.
        And ANS was kinda creepy, but in her own drug-addled way, let’s be honest here.

        • NRPax

          I like all different kinds of women myself.

          As for the creepy? Won’t disagree with you . I just figured there was a lot of humor in comparing her creepiness to Wendy’s.

  • ZH38

    Davis is a true democrat — lying, cheating on her husband, abandoning her young kids, mooching off of others and then deflecting when confronted with her lies.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    With her lying, deflecting and blaming others for her problems (which SHE Caused), Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis would be PERFECT for a Cabinet post in the KING FINK 0BAMA Administration…..All she would need is the Rubber Stamp of approval from Filthy Harry Reid and the Puppets in the Senate… Jawamax 8<{D}

  • $84598387

    Attack? Well yea! is ti not right to attack when you lie about who you are?

  • Scott

    Poor Poor Pitiful Wendy, she can’t help it, she’s just a gold digger!!!



    Wendy………….Wendy Davis…
    The hoe of the Lone Star State

  • grumpyhillbilly

    I don’t get what her problem is. She got knocked up as a kid, and had a shotgun wedding that ended at 21. Then she proceeded to use her looks to ensnare a guy who gave a free ride in law school. Its female empowerment at its finest. Own it! Far better than whining about some right wing conspiracy discussing her lies.

    • bicentennialguy

      She just doesn’t want to admit that, technically, she was paid for sex. What does that make her?

  • ee1774

    Didn’t Gloria Steinem pull a somewhat similar stunt???
    Her magazine/empire was failing….so she went out and married Christian Bale’s (wealthy) dad….
    His $$$$ saved her ass.

    (And it also helped prove that fish, do indeed, need bicycles.)

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Y’know, if when her run for governor crashes and burns, Wendy could try writing a book about parenting.

  • IUfan37

    Well Wendy, you been found out. Now go out and play that poor, down-trodden female story over and over. You might as well give up baby cakes….even though you’ve got a great rack, I’m sending money to your opponent’s campaign.

  • Kevin Casteel

    Another Liberal fibber on the heals of Nancy P!!!

  • Isaac Clark

    “Mine is the story of millions of Texas women who know the strength it takes when you’re young, alone and a mother.”

    Wait, are you telling me, that there are millions of young beautiful Texan Women that are alone, who need someone to take care of them, and put them through college? Get ready Texas, Isaac Clark’s comin to the lone star state to take care of some little lone star lady! Wendy Davis, I salute you for bringing awareness to plight of lonely Texan ladies, and the need for men to take care of them.

  • justlittlolme

    Awwwww! All that bleach must have gone to her brain. Wendy, Hon – pointing out someone is a fraud isn’t an ‘attack’, it’s just honesty….but we obviously shouldn’t expect you to recognize that.

  • Rock ThisTown

    “I lied & you caught me so it’s all Republicans fault!”

  • SutureSelf

    Wendy Davis: “Two days ago, Abbott and his campaign sunk to a new low…”

    Okay, I’ll be the grammar Nazi here: That should be “sank,” Wendy.

    • Paige Jackson

      GAAAHHH, thank you.

  • scrrnut

    Having worked with the Fort Worth city council, it was well known that Wendy was a “man eater” to get her way.

  • digitalPimple

    Who in the hell vetted this clown show? smh.

  • Marvin Nelson

    But, but, . . . BUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSHHHH!!!!

  • The 57th State© ℅EF™

    My name is #AbortionBarbie

    I took my fake life story right out of Barry’s playbook.

    Life story is a series of lies about events that never happened, populated by composite characters who never existed. Other than that, it’s kinda true.

    Love me, please? #PinkSneakers

  • cmerlo1

    Sadly, at the end of the day, her supporters will still support her. Thank God this is happening here in Texas, where she had no chance of winning anyway.

  • http://www.therealwendy.com/ The Real Wendy

    This story is pretty much par for the course for Wendy Davis. Fuzzy math. Fuzzy memories. And then blaming others for her own faults. On the issues, she is unacceptable to Texans, so her bio is all she has left. But her far-left record will be why Texans reject her. More at http://www.TheRealWendy.com.

  • Orpheus75

    sadly, the zombie Left will go right along with Wendy’s story and castigate Conservatives on this. Now imagaine Sarah Palin doing what Wendy did? Holy…!!!! The Left would be having fits of orgasms over that…

  • nickshaw

    Love the last one from MSDNC, “Right attacks…”, when it happens to be a regular lefty guest on their network doing the “attacking”!
    It’s delicious in it’s hypocrisy!
    One has to wonder where Wayne Slater’s ability to “blur” is when it comes to Skeeter though.
    There’s a heck of a lot more to work with in Obama’s background!
    Ah, well, baby steps, I guess.

  • Fairfax51

    Hey. If Obama can make up his history, including his composite girlfriend, why can’t Wendy? Good girl. If you’re gonna lie, come big or stay at home. And then stand up for that lie by lying about it. Obama/Davis siamese twins, separated at birth?

  • Obama my Nigga

    Instead of being young, alone, and a mother; now she’s old, alone, and still a mother–but not the good kind.

  • Ed McDowell

    Davis has no shame – makes a fine democrat politician.

  • interestedobserver2

    Wonder how her ex felt when he realized he had been nothing but a gravy train for her and her random sex partners. Now I understand why she supports abortion so strongly — she probably had a LOT of “messes to clean up” (i.e., “babies to kill”). Especially since she couldn’t be bothered to keep the ones she did carry to term….

  • TT

    By “alone” she means “married”. By “mother” she means “abandoning her kids.”

  • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

    Here’s the unedited version of the cover pic for this article:

    • H50 ✓RAT

      I just threw up on my keyboard.

  • SD Wheeler

    So let’s clear this up. The ex-husband WON CUSTODY of the girls IN THE STATE OF TEXAS!!!!! Even the daughter that was not his own blood!!!!!

    That, in and of itself, speaks volumes about the character of this golddigging liar. Now, Davis, haul your lying ass to New York since you love Bloomberg and clinton’s money so well.

  • https://twitter.com/davidjkramer DavidKramer

    Hey folks, we should take this as a win, facts have a conservative bias so to speak!

  • Justwaitinforchange

    Shouldn’t everything be exposed about her? I mean that guy Ryan, when he was running for the Senate in Illinois, had all his info leaked by Obama’s team. If she is as good as a man – every sordid detail should be out there.

  • Buddy Rogers

    Recall that when Barry Soetoro ran for US Senate for the only time in Illinois his political operatives got behind the Chicago Tribune and the local ABC affiliate WLS-TV campaign to have the sealed divorced records of his opponent Jack Ryan opened.

    While Ryan was not a Sugar daddy nor a patronizer of women 13 years his junior for quid quo pro marriage benefits for footing the bill of his bethrowed at Harvard law School only to turn around and be dumped as soon as she could add “esq” to her name, a judge decided it was more important for the people of IL to know he was involved in swingers clubs with his wife in several cities than to protect his 6 year old son from ever finding out about it.

    Hence Ryan was driven from the race, Chicago style, and replace with Alan Keyes of MARYLAND.

    So when do we see the Dallas Morning News, the Houston Chronicle, the San Antonio Express-News and the ABC affiliates in those cities taking the best interests of the voters of Texas at heart and printing and televising WHY she got divorced, WAS it true she cheated on her sugar daddy husband while he raised the kids and footed her law school bills, WHY this woman lost custody of her kids and DID she indeed receive a court order directing she refrain from illegal drug and alcohol use when she had visits with her children?


  • James DeAcutis

    I’m surprised she hasn’t claimed to have some Indian blood in her ethnicity. Or, has she? Did I miss that one too?

  • Neena Lane

    Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis: A life story so fake even she hasn’t walked a mile in her shoes.

  • George Allegro

    By no means would our stress and discontent be eliminated under a collectivist system where authority’s orders replace liberty’s choices.