Fox Sports’ Erin Andrews got a little more than she was expecting from Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman during a post-game sideline interview, but Andrews took a more “business-as-usual” approach to the whole thing.

During the interview, what was not said told as much of a story as what was said:

It did:



  • Michelle ✓classified

    And by “candid” she means “utterly obnoxious and self-absorbed.”

    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Kinda almost makes you yearn for more of the Matthew McConaughey/Planet Neptune acceptance speech…

      • William2010

        therealguyfaux, “Kinda almost makes you yearn for more of the Matthew McConaughey/Planet Neptune acceptance speech.”


        Great, and funny, comment.

        Why did McConaughey have to reveal the secret about the place on Neptune, and the space ship to take us there? Now everyone will want to do it!

        There goes the neighborhood. (grin)

        • brewerandpatriot

          Will Obama make Pluto a “promise zone?”

          • PatriotRG

            i think he is to far up uranus

    • William2010

      Michelle: “And by “candid” she means “utterly obnoxious and self-absorbed.””

      Nice one, Michelle!

    • Lighthorse51

      It was a very emotional win, and Crabtree has been riding the trashtalk hard. People shouldn’t comment if they’re only getting oneside of an ongoing dialogue.

      • Michelle ✓classified

        Well, as I said to Sherman on Twitter when he also blamed Crabtree for how Sherman behaved in that interview, “Waaaaaaah!! He started it! Grow up.”

        My mommy taught me that when another kid was being a big meanie poo poo head to just ignore it and keep playing.

        • Ken Hoffman

          Saw your racist remarks on the other post about this. so clearly you were the kind of kid who didn’t listen to Mama well..

          • Michelle ✓classified

            I made no racist remarks, none. But I understand you’re simply going to believe what you want to believe. I hope things get better for you Ken.

          • Ken Hoffman

            You called him a “Hoodrat from the Ghetto” on the other thread of course that is racist.. Any idiot with a basic understanding of language knows the image you wanted to paint. but if you want to just say “I be ignorant of what my words mean” We will take that. too.

          • Michelle ✓classified

            As I explained to you over on the other post Kenny, where I come from “hoodrat” isn’t used on one specific race and neither is “ghetto” used for one specific race.

            I don’t think in terms of race Kenny and other regulars around here know I don’t make racist comments, so I’m not sure who this “we” is you’re speaking of.

            Bye Kenny, I cannot in good conscious keep encouraging an obviously very troubled person.

          • Dean Dyer

            Notice how Ken is kinda white? I love these white guys who demonstrate their truly racist feelings by running around crying racism to help the poor black folks. Cuz Lawd knows, dem po, simple folkses would be losted if it wunt fo dey hero, Massuh Ken.

          • David Tilley

            KINDA white? What the heck is KINDA white?

          • Kevin Scott

            Ken’s use of ebonics (“I be ignorant of what my words mean”) show he REALLY, REALLY cares about black people. From his lilywhite neighborhood, he faithfully scours the internet to protect the hapless blacks from the mean taunts of white people. ‘Cause as you said, they can’t handle meanies without a honky like Ken to shield them from the attacks.

          • Michelle ✓classified

            Guys like Ken run around crying racism when they don’t even know what the word means.

          • PatriotRG

            If he visited Compton on his own one day he would certainly find out.

          • Michelle ✓classified

            During the day, it’s just fine. I actually visit a client there twice a month. Although, I do get some serious mad dog looks when I go out someplace to grab lunch. I wouldn’t want to be there at night, and that’s not because of the race of the folks, but because it’s just a violent city riddled with crime. Ken seems to think “ghetto” is for black folks, and honestly, I think that makes him the racist. He seems to think white people don’t live in high poverty/high crime areas.

          • PatriotRG

            Ken is the ubiquitous white lib with the white guilt complex who lives in a gated community. A blog warrior. Great white father. In fact he is William Defoe in Mississippi Burning. Ken is angry he missed the civil rights marches so he creates this construct in his head of a racist America. In fact he probably drives up and down Texan or Alabama high ways begging to be harassed by white southern police men. He thinks any right wing political though is racist and doesn’t see extreme left wing views.

          • Michelle ✓classified

            Nailed it! Although, I see him as being in a low-income neighborhood as apposed to gated community. You rock! Have I told you lately just how much I adore you?

          • PatriotRG

            Thank you Ms M!

          • Crego345

            I wish more people would read what the real definition of Racism was instead of labeling people with it. That shows more ignorance than someone they believe is being it. Coming from Fall River, Mass. it doesnt matter what color you are if your from the hood or ghetto you were called a hood rat ot ghetto chick none cared what you race was or your skin color it was based the environment you lived in.

          • Michelle ✓classified

            Ken would do well to learn the difference between racism and stereotyping. Hood rat from the ghetto doesn’t have the same definition for everyone. Ken stereotypes, so that’s why he thinks it means a black person and he’s projecting that onto me.

            I absolutely know what you’re talking about Carl – for you and I, the areas in which we grew up ‘hood rat’ had no skin color, it was someone who acted without class or self-respect. I also know very well that’s how it goes in MA as well. I grew up spending my summers in Boston, and then just recently lived there for 10 yrs. Hood rat is…mostly used on white people in MA. I’m sure you’ve heard of Somerville? For decades that place was a dump and was referred to as Slummerville – and it had a majority white population at the time.

            What Ken doesn’t understand is, even if it had been a white player to behave as Sherman did, I still would have used hood rat from the ghetto. Lastly, another thing Ken is confused about – I didn’t call Sherman a hood rat from the ghetto, I specifically said he was acting like one – there’s a huge difference. Ken is all kinds of confused.

          • Guest

            Have you ever met a hood rat from the ghetto that wasn’t black? C’mon Michelle. You say that they play the race card, I say let’s call a spade a spade.

            Also, I have an issue with your logic on the difference between calling someone something versus someone acting like something. You’re allowing Ken to say something like “you’re not a racist, you’re just acting like one,” which is a liberal logical leap. You shouldn’t use liberal logical leaps in your arguments. We are better than them.

          • Michelle ✓classified

            “Have you ever met a hood rat from the ghetto that wasn’t black?” Yes, I have. And with that, I didn’t waste my time reading the rest of your comment. If you choose to assume a race for the term, that’s on you.

          • SanDiegoSteve

            Sounds like you are the one using liberal logic to me. Plenty of hood rats of all races and white ghettos too.

          • Guest

            sounds racist to me Michelle… maybe you protest too much, and should retract the statement, eh?

          • usaok59

            Just because you perceive it to be racist, doesn’t mean that is what she meant. She already explained it thoroughly, get off the “victim” crusade.

          • Mike

            This is OBVIOUSLY Ken trying to make it look like he has support.
            Sort of odd since his other post only has ONE like!!!

          • thohan

            Heh, you’re right. I got busted for sock puppetry back in the internet’s AOL infancy. Perhaps he’ll take the lesson to heart as I did. I’m not going to bank on it, though.

          • PatriotRG

            KKKen is cunning like a fox. Yup he really got us there.

          • SanDiegoSteve

            You have been voted off the island.

          • Raymond Smith

            Don’t try and talk common sense to a liberal. It just doesn’t work.

          • US vs. Them

            You mean like how the GOP keeps referring to the President as “tarbaby” then keeps insisting its NOT racial?



            Dont kid yourself – when you call someone a “hoodrat from the ghetto” you know EXACTLY what people are going to be thinking.

          • Michelle ✓classified

            Well helloooooooooooooo Straw Man argument! This discussion isn’t about the GOP.

            I’m not kidding myself, I’m stating a fact which is, (let me say it again) where I come from hood rat and ghetto do not mean a specific race.

            Now, in order for you to have a leg to stand on, you’d have to have grown up in my area. And, you did not.

            No, I don’t know what people will be thinking when those terms are used. I don’t think in matters skin color, but clearly you do. Keep your projections to yourself and stop assuming people think the way you do, that’s just not reality.

          • US vs. Them

            No this isn’t a discussion about the GOP – its about YOU, Michelle and so many other conservative white folks feigning ignorance at racial issues, THEN claiming “everyone is too PC these days” when confronted with your own words.

            Im not projecting – Im telling you WHAT THAT TERM MEANS to the rest of the country. You can hide behind the “well it doesn’t mean that where I come from” excuse, but Im telling you (because SOMEHOW you don’t know this) that calling someone a “hoodrat from the ghetto” is A VERY racial term.

          • Michelle ✓classified

            I’m not a Conservative, but thanks for showing us how you so easily make assumptions. Again and for the last time, the term doesn’t have the same racial definition everywhere in this country. You can keep harping away about it AND USING SELECTIVE CAPS, but that doesn’t change the fact of how the term was used in the area in which I grew up. Have a great day!

          • US vs. Them

            So you’re a gun-owning, Obama-hating, Twitchy-fan but…. you’re NOT a conservative. Right.

          • PatriotRG

            As opposed to a constitution hating Alynsky socialist you mean ? Ironic how the only extreme political position in the USA is the so called extreme right. You do recognize the extreme left are not only in the USA but in the white house ?

          • Roy M Mckenzie

            I love your examples they clearly show that the 2 individuals were not speaking in raciest terms but perceived as raciest. Your perceptions are not necessarily reality not everyone thinks in terms of race most of us don’t really care about someones melanin.

          • Andy Trimble

            It’s better to ignore morons who call you a racist. In reality, they are racist, and the words you’ve used just make them think racist things. Then they get upset with you for making them think racist things.

            They are stuck in a loop, and can’t get out.

          • Cheryl Lahniers

            Hoodrat is not racist. lol

          • Gordon Lincoln

            Excuse me sir – I’m sorry, but there seems to be a problem with your Race Card – it was declined and your account is badly overdrawn.

          • Dione Smith

            LMBO!!!! Good one!

          • tedlv

            Ken is a master race-baiter.

          • PatriotRG

            and a maths debater

          • Rambo1957

            You painted quite the picture of yourself: a whining race baiter. You are just arrogant enough to take a few words and complete a picture. I guess using hoodrat or ghetto, couple that with a white photo and you have a racist. I bet you are strangly silent when a black person makes a racist remark.

          • PatriotRG

            The irony is he brings up an example of the Jewish Ghetto in his posts with me, 1930s Poland (He said Germany but he meant Poland, his Geography is not very good) completely disproving his point. White (Jewish) people living in a Ghetto !!

          • Greg Jgr Rules

            there are WHITE hoodrats in the ghetto dummy. the ghettos are not all black. to me, you’re being racist to think ghetto only applies to blacks. smh

          • PatriotRG

            He is a hood rat – he comes from Compton – and he can play football . He probably describes himself as a hood rat and the N word is in every other sentence in his vocabulary. He showed zero consideration for the interviewer. Sure you go ahead and elevate him to the heights of Einstein or Faulkner if it makes you feel better(Q Mississippi burning theme tune) the fact of the matter Ken is he is a bad mannered child that white liberals like you bend over to lower the bar on. Ask yourself this would you be cutting him this much slack for his bad manners if he was white ? Ever try walking through Compton Ken ? Please give it a go.

          • Regina Leigh Whitehead

            Thank you! Amen!

          • jabberwocky

            Good One

          • Guest

            PatriotRG you nailed it!!! And Michelle, bless you for having the courage to call it just what it is!!!

          • The Kingfish

            PatriotRG you nailed it!!! Michelle, bless you for having the courage to call it what it is!

          • The Kingfish

            PatriotRG you nailed it!! Michelle bless you for having the courage to tell the truth and call it what it is…..a hood rat!

          • Ken Hoffman

            Not a white Liberal.. just not foul mouthed conservative working hard to undermine the out reach people like Ben Carson and Deneen Borelli are trying to do, buy using ugly racially charged language over something like a football game. And verbally demonstrating that Black from Compton means trash to conservatives, no matter if he is working for a Masters and doing charity work off the field. And that is why conservative ideas don’t get traction in “The Hood” where they could do some real value. Like school choice and enterprise zones.

          • PatriotRG

            You look very white to me. You didn’t address a single point of my post. Just lib soft warm fuzzy nonsense. Where was the racially charged language ? Where was the foul language ? Any racism was in your head because you are desperate for it to be , you thrive of it , even if its no there. You look at everything through the prism of race. Nobody mentioned his color you are building a straw man as its your default position. That and victim hood. In fact the fact you think hood rat only applies to blacks one can say is racism on your part. Your post sort of meanders all over the place stay on the subject here this has nothing to do with school choice. Who said anything racist ? Conservative ideas don’t get traction because people like you and 90% of MSM portray Conservatives as racists. You the left have taken ownership of the language to suit your agenda and hear dog whistles all day long where there are none. You know as much about the hood as I do. Zero. The most noticable thing is you acting as an apologist for bad behavior , and letting a grown man who acted like a spoiled child having a tantrum off the hook BECAUSE of his color. Paternalistic liberal low bar of expectation. If my child acted that way I would ground them. This guy is a grown man. Do shut up Ken.

          • Ken Hoffman

            You look very silly to me. It is possible that you are IGNORANT enough of language that you think that as long as you didn’t use the N-word, etc.. that words don’t have cultural meaning, You can pretend.. to be a big whiner victim.. And the more you talk.. I assume you are just Ignorant.. I got called a liberal because.. I called out the use of ugly verbal imagery. With you not knowing anything.. because you assume only liberals don’t like racism.. You go to Google, go to the images section and type “Ghetto Hoodrat” that gives you a good idea of verbally what images belong to what words. Ghetto alone gets you some 1930s images of the Holocaust .. but were weren’t talking about an 70 year old Jewish person were we..

          • PatriotRG

            Did I insult you ? I just said you looked white. Take a deep breath. Count to 10. Once more Ghetto Hoodrat does not mean just black. The ‘…good idea..’ you mention is in your race obsessed head. Many white people live in poverty and in ghettos. And once more you meander off track – off to 1930s Germany ironically proving my point and talking about white people living in ghettos- before that it was school choice …you forgot to mention the KKK.No we were not talking about any race. Or to me more specific you were assuming we were! You are race obsessed. Once more you avoid addressing his bad behavior and are more concerned with some imaginary racial insult to him. His bad behavior disappears in your head as any perceived or imaginary racism excuses him from anything. Nobody used the N word nobody used foul language nobody implied racism. All of these things are in your head. You mean you wished we used the N word you wished we were racist then you could get all white lib guild and indignant. Do the great white father William Defoe thing.

          • Ken Hoffman

            I will concede maybe you are just really ignorant of the meaning of words and even why you choose the words you do. but I doubt if Payton Manning had been all excited.. and shouted . “Now you can all stop doubting us, we are the best and stop talking trash” you would be calling him a Hoodrat from the Ghetto .. would you.

          • PatriotRG

            Best you just concede – a position you are use to I’m sure. Payton Manning didn’t shout like a brat and never has and never will. I wont bother siting what college he went to as i’m not desperate to portray him as so super civilized and basically has nothing to do with issue.

          • Ken Hoffman

            Interesting.. even in your hypothetical Payton Manning rant.. you referred to him as a brat. …. Not even a thug.. My Point is confirmed.. enjoy your rose colored glasses. Keep telling yourself its only the media that gives conservatives a bad name.

          • PatriotRG

            You brought Manning up I just responded. So its your hypothetical scenario we were discussing. Try and stay with the thread Ken. So my posts responding to your posts are rants ?What you really mean is you have not demonstrated a single accusation that you made. There was no racism actual or implied and there was no profanity. So you are having a lefty hissy fit; and you obviously have not noticed I never called your guy a thug at any point in time ever. Facts are just not your strong point KKK en.

          • PatriotRG

            Ken you posted “….you are just really ignorant of the meaning of words…”.

            I don’t normally do this but I can’t help it.

            1) “ do. but I…”.One should not really start a sentence with ‘but’.

            2) One should use a capital letter to start a sentence.

            3) One full stop would do, although I don’t think a full stop is required in this case. “been all excited.. and shouted”.

            4)I believe you may have forgotten a question mark? “..him a Hoodrat from the Ghetto .. would you.”

            Must try harder Ken.(In the words of your hero, “ houses…”)

          • US vs. Them

            “…would you be cutting him this much slack for his bad manners if he was white ? ” And Im sure all the flak he’s getting has NOTHING to do with him being black, right?

            “He probably describes himself as a hood rat…” Richard Sherman graduated from Stanford University. What is your BS statement based on? Im curious.

          • PatriotRG

            Glad you are all excited a black guy graduated from Stanford. Typical lib patronizing crap I expect intelligent people of whatever colour to graduate. You see I don’t care which college he graduated from his behavior was that of a teenage brat that’s all. He grew up in Compton so do you not think he would have called himself a hood rat ? Only BS here is yours. Nobody mentioned race, except K K Ken and then I responded. Keep the sequence clear.Every time a black guy graduates lefties like you make it out to be a monumental achievement and get all moist. Maybe you can give him a medal for graduating because he isn’t getting one from me in his manners.

          • US vs. Them

            Why on Earth would he call himself a hoodrat? Nobody calls themself that. Why do you believe this?

            “Every time a black guy graduates lefties like you make it out to be a monumental achievement.” No, Im simply pointing out your casual racism when you say “He is a hood rat – he comes from Compton” by stating the fact that he graduated from Stanford.

            “Nobody mentioned race, except you” Not true either – “Ask yourself this would you be cutting him this much slack for his bad manners if he was white ” This is YOUR statement correct? Did you see the part where you mentioned race throughout your entire post?

          • PatriotRG

            Ever hear people from Compton speak ? Yes correct BUT did you notice I responded to Ken mentioning race then and only then did I mention race , Ken mentioned it when he accused Michele. She never mentioned race. Ken accused her of being racist I responded to Ken. Do keep up. And the fact is you and KKK en are as per true to lib form are bending over backwards to make excuses for the guy. You just cant bring yourself to say he behaved badly. You are so lock step – you cant actually see bad behavior if it doesn’t suit your agenda.

          • GrindingMills

            If you read his blog post on MMQB explaining his side of the rant, you may notice that he is more eloquent than you (and much better grammatically).

          • PatriotRG

            Ken seriously give it up.

          • Phil Morris

            How is hood rat from the ghetto racist? Are you insinuating that only blacks live in ghettos?

          • Ricci Logan

            Then perhaps you should learn the meaning of the word racism before attempting to make yourself sound important.just because they want to paint an image with words doesn’t make it racist

          • Chris Lacas

            Ken, do you know where the term “ghetto” was first used? It was used to describe the areas that Hitler moved the Jews into. So you see, it’s not just blacks that are from the ghetto. In fact, the area I grew up would be considered the ghetto. And by the way, I’m white. Get over it. Not everything is racist!

          • Jt Gazaway

            Racist. The more the word is used the less it has no meaning. The original meaning of the word has been lost as the word is bandied around like a $100 bill at a strip club.

          • Druth

            Ken, clearly you ascribe “hoodrat from the ghetto” to Black America. You should stop throwing stones.

          • pacman116

            LOL @ Ken!

          • pabandit

            For someone who isn’t a hoodrat, he certainly enjoys acting the part.

          • Dennis Seuferling

            Dude….grow up

          • daveleeander

            I wondered how long it would be before some left wing idiot would bring racism into the discussion. Didn’t take you long did it ken

      • Kathy Harlin

        I agree!!!

      • marahnatha

        Sherman was obviously on an adrenaline rush, no excuse, but understandable. Sherman beat Crabtree when he tipped the ball but lost the personal win by holding on to his anger. I really like Sherman. He has a tremendous life story. I hope this blows over and he gets his attitude right.

    • Stephen Gregory Klaas

      You are correct !

  • Stone Bryson

    I said this on the other thread, I’ll say it here, for she seriously looked incompetent during that interview. When Sherman mentioned (OK, shouted) that bit about people saying he wasn’t the best, she was like, ‘duh, who’s talking about you?’

    Ms Andrews is paid (VERY) good money to know these little tidbits about games – it’s her job. The fact that she didn’t know Crabtree (the guy Sherman beat on that big play) had been talking smack about him – something of which any casual football fan was already aware – made her look both uninformed and lazy.

    • Catchance

      Give it a rest. She didn’t look incompetent… he just looked like an ass.

      • Stone Bryson

        To a knowledgeable football fan yes, she looked incompetent. Professional sports reporters deal with that kind of business all the time, and she is one of the higher-end reporters – why should she get a pass when she drops the proverbial ball?

        • PatriotRG

          Are you seriously blaming the interviewer for this fools behavior ?

          • Stone Bryson

            I am not ‘blaming’ her for Sherman’s reaction, no – I am blaming her – the reporter – for not providing context, which is the what a good ‘reporter’ will do.

          • PatriotRG

            Context ? What possible circumstances or context warrants that kind of behavior ? You are just an apologist for his bad behavior.

          • Stone Bryson

            The fact that Crabtree had been talking smack all week would have provided some context to what was happening, no? That little bit of context turns an apparent loose-ended rant into a rant that has some meat to it. Opinions on Sherman aside, that context was needed, and not provided.

            That said… no, this is not about Sherman, this is about her inability to handle an interview in a professional manner. Do you honestly think a Tony Siragusa, or a Lesley Visser, would have been caught so unprepared? I highly doubt it.

          • PatriotRG

            he said she said – zzzzzz

        • Dione Smith

          To a “knowledgeable” football fan, you know if he is as good as he thinks he is “HE” didn’t “NEED” to say a word, his actions would speak for him! But when he feels the need to scream that he is the best and address the issue in the manner he did, people need to let him know how ignorant he looks!

          • Stone Bryson

            Of course, because great professional athletes NEVER run their mouths. Dion Sanders, Tony Stewart, Mohammed Ali… nor dozens of others have never spoken an ill word about an opponent – never never EVER.

            Gotcha. Your knowledge of sports very obviously surpasses mine. Please, carry on.

    • Brian Hartman

      What did you want her to say when he was acting like that? Grow up!!

      • Stone Bryson

        I expected her to behave like a the well paid, national sports reporter that she is, not a local neophyte doing her first interview. When one is elevated to the biggest games of the year they need to bring their best – she failed to have the knowledge to bring context to the discussion, and I see no harm in bringing that up.

        • DRB

          Really? Knowledge of beefs between 2 players that has nothing to do with Football? Please..she was acting like a pro.

    • Eb Dawson

      Actually, Crabtree had Sherman beat on that play. Ball was under thrown. Any 3rd string cornerback could have made the play Sherman made

    • 44Grim

      The question was, “Who was talking”… not “who were you covering”.

      • Stone Bryson

        Re-read my post Grim – I was TALKING about ‘who was talking’.. that’s the reason I bought up Crabtree.

      • Mike

        It is actually about BOTH. Do you know why? Because a reporter can really sway the opinion of the ill informed.

        • Stone Bryson

          Thank you, Mike. Well said…

        • 44Grim

          So explain how she swayed anyone, then. Because your comment isn’t making sense all the way through without that.

    • FeralFemale

      That wasn’t incompetence. She did exactly what she was should have done, get him on record, on camera, to name exactly who he was talking about.

      • Stone Bryson

        So every other knowledgeable sports fan knew who he was talking about, but a national sports reporter was taken by surprise? Yep, doing her job…

    • Derfallbright

      Why exactly do they have these young women on the sidelines doing these interviews in the first place? Aren’t there enough old retired football players available to do the job? Some are clearly very knowledgeable, but others not so much.

      This is not an anti woman thing, I’m actually curious why.

      • Jack

        same reasons we have cheerleaders, duh

      • Stone Bryson

        I assume if they are on the sidelines it’s because they are qualified to do the job, though why women seem to be on the sidelines instead of in the booth remains a mystery. Could be an unwritten glass-ceiling thing, to be honest.

        • Derfallbright

          I’m not sure the glass ceiling thing applies as much, because my view of a true glass-ceiling is even though you may have qualified, or even more qualified women they were not allowed to progress beyond a certain management level simply because they were women.

          You have all men pro sports like NFL football. Today there are no women that play professional football.

          I assume the reason those men (usually coaches, sometimes players) sit around giving their opinion is because they have direct experience with what they are talking about. I don’t recall ever seeing a college coach that had not played pro football, or a really good college player that had not gone on to play pro ball up in the booth or even on the side lines. There are a couple of non player exceptions that come to mind ….and because of those non player exceptions I do not see a reason that a qualified woman shouldn’t have a turn in the booth.

          I have assumed they put women on the sidelines for two reasons. 1. To try to relate the woman viewers 2. For sexist reasons because male coaches would have a difficult time turning down a woman’s request for an interview….it would be rude. 3. I suppose it’s possible they saw that as a stepping stone toward moving women to the booth. It will be interesting to see which network makes the move first. ESPN, CBS or FOX sports.

      • Kevin Martindale

        As long as she has a knowledge of the game ,I would much rather see her as opposed to an over the hill Prima donna, extolling us of his abilities from long ago.

    • Rambo1957

      Trash talk goes on all the time. The game was over. Humility and class was lost on Sherman. Too bad, I’ve heard him speak before and he seems very intelligent and a nice person. He let his emotions get the best of him.

      • Jimbo

        Gee, all this time I thought it was ‘roid rage. Bet his Mama beats the black off him when he gets home. He was obviously out of line shouting in Erin’s face like that. I think the league should fine him and his coach should make him run laps until he remembers where he left his manners.

      • Will Seay

        I too have heard and read communications from Richard Sherman. I have always been impressed by his sincerity and style. As for the coming off the field remark, well he had just stuffed a pass intended for a receiver who had unmercifully trashed him. If you want to interview a guy right after an emotional game like this, you may well expect just what you got. These guys aren’t playing the game because they are shy and/or unsure of themselves…

    • jabberwocky

      Dude, I think she was scared of the crazy football player screaming like a maniac. She handled it very well. He is an Ass. This is about him, not her.

      • Stone Bryson

        No, actually this post on Twitchy is about her, not him. She is a highly paid reporter, and she did NOT handle it well at all. Not the first time she has muffed an interview, either. It’s called professionalism..

        • PatriotRG

          He is a highly paid athlete – part of that is to conduct yourself with decorum. She has a screaming lunatic shouting in her face. If he behaved there would not be any posts here. The issue is about him and his bad manners.

          • Stone Bryson

            She is a highly-paid sports reporter. Again, her job requires her to interview passionate athletes (or, in your dismissive vernacular, ‘screaming lunatics’), and to do so professionally while providing context. She failed in this endeavor, and I pointed it out. On a post about HER.

        • jabberwocky

          I would focus more on moronic player than her. Sorry. And for the record I don’t like women sports announcers, they annoy me.

          • Stone Bryson

            No need to apologize, man. The reason I pursued this here, on this thread, was because the story here is about her. I only mentioned it in passing on the other thread… it’s all good, though, a minor disagreement.

            And for the record I enjoy female reporters, when they do their jobs well – Linda Cohn and Lesley Visser are two of my favs. I have a far different opinion on the subject-in-question here, and in my view it showed in how she handled this particular interview.

    • Ktro

      Ms. Andrews knew EXACTLY what she was doing and knew the history of the relationship between Sherman and Crabtree. As a professional reporter she knew that the viewers wanted to hear what Sherman had to say rather than what she had to say. As a result, she asked an open ended question to allow Sherman to give his own reasoning behind the comment. If she would have said “We all know that Crabtree has made comments this week” or something to that effect the answer would have been “yes”. Instead, she used the proper journalistic style of interview and asked the “open-ended” question. I’m assuming you do not have a journalism degree?

      • Stone Bryson

        Ahhhhh, so one has to have a ‘degree’ to have an educated opinion, eh? Elitist, progressive mentality at its finest.

        I would engage in good-natured banter with you, but clearly you see yourself as ‘better’… thus pleasant, rational discourse is impossible. Have a nice day.

    • betsy quaintance

      That was an interviewing technique. She knew the answer – she was trying to get him to say it and be clear for her audience.

  • 337Wise

    What’s funny is ESPN showing the response of Sherman to a CBS reporter after the game and not Erin. The one that started this whole thing. ESPN showing they are sucking.

  • 3seven77

    Face it, there are certain football teams that the media fawns over, no matter how good or bad they are i.e., Cowboys, Patriots, 49ers, Packers, Broncos, and Steelers to name a few. There are others that the media can’t wait to “lift their leg on” no matter how good they are. The Seahawks are one of those teams. It’s probably killing the media types that the team from the “furthest outpost in the NFL” (to use a Sports Illustrated term) is in the Super Bowl.
    I love Richard Sherman.

    • Catchance

      Maybe… but he didn’t do himself any good with that little show.

    • 44Grim

      Are you kidding? They’ve been building up the SeaChickens ALL YEAR LONG.

      • Will Seay

        Hey go cry up a rope 44… you are obviously just hurt your team couldn’t make the grade..

        • 44Grim

          You don’t even know which team I support. Thanks for thinking you know it all. The only indication I gave was calling them the SeaChickens instead of the Seahawks. They’ve been built up for months, now.

          BUT, based on your response that lacks any logical conclusion, I can guess that you’re a Seahawks fan.

    • Jack

      here is another one…the Bills

    • Lockmazter

      Been following the Steelers for 25 years. Although they have 6 Lombardi Trophies, I’ve never seen the media “fawn over” them! When did this start? I must’ve missed it. Certainly wasn’t when they beat Seattle in SB XL, because all I heard was, “Poor Seahawks!”.

    • David Malbuff

      You don’t know what you’re talking about. The Seahawks were anointed the “new Green Bay Packers” the minute the real Packers lost. And NO ONE was fawning over the 49ers a decade ago when Dennis Erickson was the coach and the team was 2-14.

  • BigRed

    Her facial expression seems to say “Wow, I better cut this short because the people in the truck are REALLY losing it right now!”

  • Symo

    If you were that pumped on adrenaline and were an NFL player who just made the play to get your team to the superbowl after taking sh*t from Crabtree all game? I can’t blame the guy, despite his over-the-topness. He’s an athlete people, not a Rhodes scholar.

  • xristosdomini

    Dear god…… a professional athlete finally has the gall to have an honest emotional response on camera and the world explodes. Erin Andrews gets it. She asked a guy whose emotions and adrenaline were through the roof what he was thinking at the moment and he exploded. It was the candid and unpolished response that the on-field interviews after every other game pretend to be. Seriously, people… let. it. go.

    • Oink Trotters


      • xristosdomini

        Thank you for your well-reasoned in-depth response. I can truthfully say your contribution has greatly strengthened the intellectual nature of this section and will forever go down in the history books as one of the great orations of our time…

    • Joseph Pastores

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Richard Sherman was still pumped from the biggest game and the biggest play of his career thus far. I bet if people could hear 10% of the “conversations” that go on during any football game they’d be whining and crying a whole lot more. These guys HAVE to get themselves that riled up to play as well as they do.
      I wish we could have heard what Crytree was saying to Sherman as well as the trash talk by all the other 49’ers throughout the game and over the season.

      • David Malbuff

        During the game is one thing. After the game is another. No one who’s had a proper upbringing or been coached properly would ever behave that way in victory.

      • xristosdomini

        Bingo. I remember when Andre Johnson got into a fistfight on field with Cortland Finnegan. People were asking what happened and it turned out that Finnegan was running his mouth the entire game and was playing super physical. It was bad enough that Andre Johnson — who is a model citizen and incredibly professional individual — flat out snapped. I think 90% of the fans have no clue what “actually” happens on the field.

        Not to mention, everyone is throwing a fit about Richard Sherman… and nobody cares that one of the Seahawks punt cover guys got clotheslined on the 49ers sideline? Come on…

    • Rambo1957

      Candid, yes. Humiliate another player? No. Trash talk belongs between the two of them. Taking it public lacks class.

      • xristosdomini

        which means you must be furious about Michael Crabtree running his mouth on Twitter…

    • Lonnie

      What did people want to hear? The same ol’, “Yeah, the team worked hard. We gave 110%. We stayed focused. Coach kept us going with good plays and we made it work today.”


      • Joseph Gasbarrini

        Yes Lonnie that is what the people want to hear, its called class, not this jacked up jerk exploding in our face telling us how great he is and how classless he also is !

      • xristosdomini

        That is kind of “candid and unpolished response” that every other postgame on-field interview gets. So when we actually got an unfiltered, candid and unpolished defense, everyone goes out of their minds.

    • Loretta Denise Clark

      I get it, it’s just that he kind of made the victory about his ongoing feud with Crabtree rather than celebrating the outstanding playoff game victory that it was. Which is more important and what do you want to remember the most?

  • Arkuy The Great

    Ready for the birdies and horsies show.

    • xristosdomini

      Hoorayyyyy! Someone talking about football!!!

  • desicon

    Is just me? NFL referee standard has gone down. Too many one sided bad calls.

    • Ed Richardson

      I agree,today the whiner’s got a couple of bad calls against them,the Hawk’s have endured way more than their share this season. Kharma

    • danapointdad

      do you think the refs influenced the outcome of the game?
      the worst call was the no fumble down on the goal line, which Lynch kindly made up for on the next play…

      what else????

      • David Malbuff

        The worst call was ignoring roughing-the-kicker.

  • John

    Sherman, the Seahawks need to send you to WWF school. They’ll teach you how to talk smack without losing all your composure, yo! That was a great block, but … ouch … I cringed in embarrassment for you on your meltdown tirade.

  • Inane Rambler

    Erin Andrews needs to check her privilege.

  • fireandreamitchell

    If Obama had a son, he’d look like Michael Crabtree. Good for Sherman for showing emotion and not acting like a robot.

  • UtMadman

    I think by “candid” it might actually have meant “coke-induced.” Not sure what some of these players are on…

  • Conrad2010

    First of all. One must be sure to in GAUGE the brain before putting the mouth in gear.

    • Lockmazter

      “Engage” is the word that eluded you in 5th grade spelling class, Conrad2010.

    • ColoradoMan

      It is “engage.”

  • Joseph Pastores

    Richard Sherman was still pumped from
    the biggest game and the biggest play of his career thus far. I bet if
    people could hear 10% of the “conversations” that go on during any
    football game they’d be whining and crying a whole lot more. These guys
    HAVE to get themselves that riled up to play as well as they do.
    wish we could have heard what Crytree was saying to Sherman as well as
    the trash talk by all the other 49’ers throughout the game and over the
    I once heard George Foreman talk about his “game face”. It’s a real phenomena that pro athletes use to drive themselves to be the athletes that they are. Richard Sherman still had his Game Face on.

    • David Malbuff

      He’s no professional if he still had his “game face” on afterward. You people making excuses are pathetic. None of you has ever played a minute of football or had any coaching on how an athlete is to behave in victory.

  • PatriotRG

    candid response by ass – he is a self obsessed rude child . Why do all the libs cut this fool slack? why are the norms of civilized behavior not applicable to this fool ? He has no respect for the woman interviewing him no decorum. He is acting like a deranged mental patient. Yet I see people saying he was candid. Ask yourselves would we be saying the same if it was some stupid white guy ? Would we be saying he was candid ?

    • Keith Robertson

      aw c’mon, you know why…

    • Margo McKinney

      You are kidding, right? Richard Sherman is anything but what you have described. Learn something about him, his achievements and how he got to be the best corner in the NFL. Can you actually imagine how much adrenaline it takes to play the game? I doubt you can.

  • McCabe

    Roid rage.

  • Jennifer Crawford

    No class whatsoever. I hope the Broncos blow them out.

  • Danny Meeker

    Not a Seahawks fan, but I loved Richard Sherman’s response. That’s what the media gets for shoving a mic in his face mere minutes from the most exhilarating play of his career. I’m so tired of the typical clichéd sports interviews. Hats off to you, #25 for giving America sheer, brutal honesty & keeping it REAL.

    • John Urban

      Amen! Enough with the sideline eye candy. Andrews is useless and adds NOTHING to the game. And Pam Oliver with her ridiculous wig and stupid questions for Harbaugh were painful to watch.

      • TrixieT

        That was racist…..the part about the wigs…..

    • David Malbuff

      You’re another who never played the game.

      • Danny Meeker

        Ad hominem attacks show your lack of intelligence. Argue the point, padawan.

        • David Malbuff

          It’s not ad hominem. It’s not a personal attack. It’s an observation based on available evidence, evidence that you yourself provided with your comments.

          Had you ever played the game, had you ever been properly coached, you would know that in team sports the winner NEVER gloats over the loser in public. Never! Trash talk stays on the field.

          But you have demonstrated you don’t know that. It must be explained to you. Ergo you have never been there. You have never played the game.

  • Gregory Craig

    A little ‘roid rage going on there, I think a pee test would be in order…

  • TheOriginalDonald

    People say they want to Broncos to win…BUT I’M NOT LISTENING!-#40 Derrick Coleman

  • Chris Mears

    If she gives any other response, including anything negative about Sherman, she loses the ability to do her job. Her body language told us the truth however

  • Eric

    What a worthless punk knegrow!

  • GlockG22shoots40s

    bottom line… the guy has no class and doesn’t know how to win gracefully.

  • jody

    Everyone’s a critic. The business between Sherman and Crabtree goes back a bit, one gives as much as the other. It’s football, I’ve heard worse by teachers toward kids, totally out of line. I love #25. He’s really a nice guy. Those of you haters, what did you say about Cheney telling Leahy to f-off on the floor of the Senate and many other such incidents by people who should act better.. Sherman wasn’t bleeped by Fox. Too many sit to pee drips out there. GOHAWKS but I kinda hope Peyton can win another SB. He gets slammed for not winning like Brady. Feel sorry for him. Just wish it was the NYJets/

    • David Malbuff

      It’s not “hate” to point out Sherman’s complete lack of character.

      • jody

        “complete lack of character”, really? Idiot

        • David Malbuff

          Yes, really.

  • Raymond Smith

    Another reason she should be fired.

  • Larry Miller

    Compare Sherman’s three year old response with that of Peyton’s……..end of story.

  • Jim Fuller

    the dude belongs in a zoo not on the football field …

  • usaok59

    Given her experience with pro athletes, I’ll bet Erin knew she was going to get a doozy of an interview with Sherman. She probably got more than she bargained for, but it’s gonna be a memorable video clip!

  • ebookout

    His little block would have meant nothing if the other player did not catch the ball. Get it in that little brain that it take a team effort to win and you are just a very small part of it!

  • commcowboy


  • Mary Crohan

    What a selfish, self centered player. Someone needs to tell him that football is a TEAM sport, not a ME sport. I hope the Broncos kick their asses!!!!

  • Sharon Kay Brittain

    this has echos of Joe Namath……………just saying

  • scott beard

    Richard Sherman is a no class PUNK !! And, to all the people who say “It’s OK because Crabtree was talking trash to Sherman”.. Crabtree kept it on the FIELD, Sherman brought it into every ones living room…

  • Red Fred

    Makes one wonder if he even noticed Erin.

  • Alan Scarpellini

    I wonder what he will say when he grows up and looks @this most embarrassing interview, the thing is will ever be older than 10

  • Rob Walleston

    I just wished he ended with “I feel like kissing you”.

  • 24601

    Her face in that pic: “Are you done?”

  • carmen Kingrey

    Very shocked to hear Sherman’s outburst! Go BRONCOS!!!

  • George Murrey

    Erin showed class throughout that ten second interview, nothing more should be expected out of her. After all, it’s hard to respond to a guy who yells at the top of his (Sherman) lungs about another guy (Crabtree). Trash talk is nothing new out on the field and we should be lucky they don’t have mics, and many of us can lip read their remarks. Little girl: “daddy, what did the coach say that got you so upset?”

    • John Urban

      Who care about Erin Andrews? I tuned in for a FOOTBALL GAME. And got a damn good one. Sherman is awesome.

      • David Malbuff

        Good game, yes. Sherman has no personal character at all. He’s a disgrace.

  • Its_My_Fault

    What a douche Sherman is. When you have to open your mouth to reinforce your actions you become very small..aka angry black man

    • John Urban

      He’s not a douche. He was talking to Crabtree and the 49ers, who had been trashing him all week — not Erin Andrews. Who cares what she thinks?

      • David Malbuff

        You never played the game. Once the clock runs out and they leave the field, winners don’t taunt. Period.

  • Dwight Nestrick

    NFL should fine him for the horrendous interview. He presented himself as the new face of racism. Blacks should be outraged

  • Kathy Harlin

    Why doesn’t every one stop all the nasty talk about Richard Sherman and Crabtree, etc…..It was a Great Game played and the Team that played the best WON!

  • Uncle Ted

    Sherman needs to sleep with Dennis Rodman for a few nights.

  • gimpy

    Picture of him looks just like a chimp, LOLO

  • $3838536

    Erin Andrews is a sick liberal who is just another Katie Couric.

    • John Urban

      Enough with the sideline eye candy. This is a man’s game. Should he have sat down for tea and a manicure? What a joke.

    • Cory

      What does politics have to do with this? It’s football man.

  • darwoodhurst

    I just think that Sherman should learn how to control his emotions and anger. I think he made a fool out of himself ranting like that, especially after just securing a spot in the Superbowl. I think this puts a little bit of a damper on the whole team when one person thinks of only his own feelings and then acts out like a child,

  • Jac Lavone

    Erin was more shocked with the comments than she was when her nude photos were revealed to all

  • Mike Shapiro

    The NFL is turning into the WWF

    • World B. Free

      Or even, the WTF?

  • Jessica

    Not be devil’s advocate, but it was an emotional game against a bitter rival, and Sherman spoke his mind. No crime in that. It seems like when Professional athletes behave they way he did, it’s because they’re is a personal vendetta against someone on the other team

    • Stone Bryson

      Yes it was an emotional game – and a fight for the trip to the biggest game on Earth. Excellent context provided.

  • bb333

    He was all trash not class….makes ya wanna pull for Denver….

  • Lew McCloud

    I laughed so hard at his response I could not understand a word he was yelling except how great he thought he was. What an immature individual he seems to be.

  • damifinoone2

    You either have class or you don’t. Richard Sherman don’t (doesn’t).

  • Jerry B

    You people have no clue. I don’t think what Shermon did was good, but I
    completely understand why. The emotion these guys have to demand out of
    themselves are on a level that 99.99% of you people can’t even fathom on
    your most imaginative days. They have spent thousand upon thousands of
    hours getting to that VERY moment and he had just made the VERY play
    that not only got all the work not only he had done his entire life to
    get there, but also all the emotions and work of his whole team,
    coaching staff AND yelling and screaming fans. And then get a camera put
    into his face mere moments after said act…please. Maybe he did
    over-react, but it wasn’t anything near for all this whining to be
    happening. Come on haters, grow up.

  • Jason Himelstein

    He is an illiterate fool

  • rikoshaprl

    Can you imagine Derek Jeter acting like that after winning the pennant?

    • BuckSnorts Rush

      Humans don’t act like that, most have self control and are grateful for their victories… This type of behavior belongs in the nba. Erin Andrews is thinking.. “they gotta pay me more for this ****”…

      • Michelle Kirkwood

        Oh,please—this is just some racial BS—if he was a white guy saying this EXACT same thing, nobody would be calling him names and saying he’s stupid—despite the fact that he’s a college graduate. And not all humans have self-control, and that really nothing to do with anything Sherman did. Apparently this Crabtree guy acted negatively toward him, and they’re had beef for some years now—that’s really what that’s about.

    • robin51robin

      Derek Jeter? WHO CARES ABOUT HIM? He faked getting hit by a pitch a couple of years ago………another bad apple for little boys to emulate.

  • RGS48

    I was thinking straight jacket. They should have taken him away. Wow. Emotional spelled C R A Z Y.

    • World B. Free

      This is your brain on steroids (and God knows what else)

  • Conservative Pitbull

    LOB = league of boom. And they proved it on the field. Best defense I’ve ever seen. Sherman is a showboat and if anyone knew him already knows this.

  • justanothersubscriber

    Did not anybody see Crabtree smack Sherman in the side of the head after the game was over? There is so much more positive to that young man than that moment with Andrews.

  • Buck Nut

    Low class. I was going to root for Seattle. Not now. Now I hope Denver crushes them and puts that low-life in his place…

    • robin51robin

      Oooooh, I’m really sure that hurts all of us in Seattle………we were SO counting on your support.

  • billjcanada

    The gentleman and I use the term very loosely demonstrated that he is a IDIOT!

  • AmazedJim

    Class act. sarc fully intended

  • Knucklebuster48

    Frankly Sherman owes you an apology and even though he had issues with Crabtree it was a “TEAM EFFORT” and a bit of luck with some athleticism that won the game!

  • Toni Mitchell

    You all forget the fact that he had just been in an altercation on the field with Crabtree who shoved his face mask. Talk about blowing crap out of proportion. He was hyped up and pissed…

    • in_awe

      Only after Sherman taunted him. Nice try though…

      • jaydee007

        Yes, Taunted him by saying- Great Game and tried to shake his hand.

  • Michael R.

    She’s a professional and handled it like one.

  • $28125632

    Erin Andrews is nothing but a talentless face. If she gained a few poinds the network would kick her to the curb. That is how much she is thought of.

    • BuckSnorts Rush

      No way.. She is a complete professional who does NOT LIKE the monkeyshines !!!

      • robin51robin

        She is NOT “professional.” After the Red Sox won the world series, she reached up and put her hand in Napoli’s beard……..can you imagine a man reporter touching ANY hair on a woman athlete?

  • Michael Couteter

    totally unprofessional,and this is the reason the Broncos will win with class….

  • jack comeaux

    I like Seattle but hes got no class no matter what kind of player he is. fortunately the rest of the team has tons to spare

  • NamVet69

    When he started talking it took me all of 3 seconds to change the channel…we all know why…nuf said

    • in_awe

      LOL! Within a microsecond of him opening his mouth I was watching a recorded show from last week! Wonder how much of America did the same?

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      No,we don’t know why you changed the channel. Care to tell us why?

  • Jim Mcreynolds

    It was ok for Muhammed Ali to launch into this kind of tirade but nobody else?

    • J August

      Ali did all his “talk” BEFORE a fight, but exhibited class and respect for his opponents afterward. Sherman had the opportuity to take the high road and chose not to. He’s too typical of a lot of today’s athletes: they play too much to the ESPN highlight mentality. They are no different than the narcissist-in-chief residing in the Whitehouse.

  • Hendrick

    Erin looks like she’s avoiding either a loud screaming voice /spit/ bad breath /or all of the above.

  • John Lukaszewski

    Don’t act like one if you don’t wish to be called one, Richard Sherman.

  • dougiefresh85

    Sherman single handed turned non Bronco fans into Bronco fans for the Super Bowl and for that I say “Thank you”.

    • jaydee007

      Sherman single handed turned pre-disposed Seahawk haters into Bronco fans for the Super Bowl and for that I say “Thank you”.

  • H50 ✓RAT

    Shes handled it professionally, the interview and the aftermath. Good job Ms Andrews, dont get sucked in.

  • alnga

    I was rooting for the Niner’s but this guy was sensational and was instrumental in the win. Lets give him some credit that I believe is due. There was sloppy officiating at times and a lot of backfield rough housing but it is called Tackle football at the professional level..

  • St Reformed

    BO: “If I had a son, he’d talk just like Richard Sherman!”

  • Joe Ferro

    Nice complement to your Team Member’s. ( I’m the BEST in the League ) Yah an Idiot . Fool !!!

  • Skozzy

    It’s football, he is making millions and everyone else is sitting here judging, you are no one!
    Deal with it!

    • MominMich

      And there are plenty of pros who are humble and well-spoken. So the way we “deal with it” is to evaluate his behavior compared to other athletes.

  • vanman2010

    Total GHETTO JERK and NO thanks to Rush Limbaugh for defending him!

  • Dean

    He is annoying.He should just shut up and play his game.

    • jaydee007

      And be fined $50,000.00 by the league for shutting up?

  • Mike Smiles Noel

    Great corner with a big mouth. Lol, poor Erin looked so uncomfortable during this rant.

  • Alan Lee

    Andrews needs to go back to the college sideline with the teenagers who drool when she asks a question. Sherman graduated from his high school in Compton second in his class with a 4.2 GPA, and he had a 3.9 GPA at Stanford, and he has a charity called Blanket Coverage that is aimed at supplying kids with school supplies and clothes.

    • Michelle ✓classified

      “Sherman reports a 3.9 GPA/990 SAT/1060 retake.”

      That’s from a scouting report from when he was in high school.

      Various sources have his GPA all over the scale, one as high as 4.5.

      However, if you know anything about SAT scores, 909 with a 1060 retake is not the result of someone with a “4.2” GPA or graduating “second in his class.” That is far below the national average, and way below what Stanford accepts for admission.

      He got a ride at Stanford because, and only because, of his football skills.

  • SouthronCross

    Thus far, Erin Andrews is one of the few sports people who is handling this as an adult would.

  • Todd Daman

    Racism??? What the… !!! Even Erin says, “she loved the emotion!” Do your home work… This guys is actually a genius competitor who at that very moment realized that all his hard work just paid off!!! Like Erin I’m white and can appreciate Sherman’s moment of victory!!!

  • Hitch

    A lot of haters here who’ve never played the game and were caught up in the moment. Sherman was amped up, so was the crowd. There’s nothing wrong with his reaction.

  • Hitch

    I’m sorry you racists will never live life to the fullest. Remain miserable hating Obama, obamacare, illegals, black people, and whatever else you drone on about

    • angel_e

      Talk about droning on, droner. Not everything is about race. Actually, most issues that “progressives” try to assign to race are not about race. The race-baiting is getting old.

  • barigood

    Ever heard of adrenaline and testosterone???? Good grief!!

  • David Floyd

    Sherman’s reaction, or what I call lack of restraint and class, is what I would describe as a learning opportunity for all the young people of the country on how not to behave after winning a game and losing at life.

    • jaydee007

      Learn to be a Stoic, great lesson for life.
      “[W]e — the media, and fans in general — don’t know what we want. We rip athletes for giving us boring quotes. But if they say what they actually feel, we rip them for spouting off or showing a lack of class.”

      Tommy Tomlinson Forbes Magazine

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      “Lack of reestraqint and class”? Dude,it’s a FOOTBALL game—-he was excited and got caught up in the moment? Exactly what the hell was wrong with that? Not a damn thing? God, you stupid racists just can’t stand it when a black person achieves something, no matter how damn hard they work to get it! That’s how football players talk trash—don’t tell me you’re never heard or seen an athlete do that before. How do you get all this “winning a game” and “losing at life” from a simple bragging after a football game? Give a damn break!

      • David Floyd

        First: It’s spelled “restraint”. Second: Participation in a “professional” sporting event isn’t justification for behaving like an idiot on national television. Third: lowering the bar to the lowest common denominator and calling it normal degrades the sport, the player and the audience. Finally: only idiots immediately call racism when behavior is challenged. Develop your debating repertoire and vocabulary. I find it instructive that you infer motive to me expecting some sort of white guilt re action. Not going to happen. Native American. Mr.Sherman was in conflict with another athlete of the same race yet there’s no implied racism? Your argument is invalid. Mr. Sherman demonstrated behavior most commonly demonstrated by individuals with low self esteem and a narcissistic personality disorder. Also, no one decried the team victory won by the Seahawks and yet Mr. Sherman did more disservice to his team mates by his juvenile antics than anything the forty-niners could of done. Which part of lack of restraint and classless did you not understand?

  • Carpe Victoria Tactical

    He was an asshole, not very professional. More suited to the WWE. Oh yea……..

  • pabandit

    He’s a classless punk. I can’t wait to see Demaryius Thomas torch him, and i’m not even a Broncos fan!

    • Erik Griffiths

      classless how?

      • pabandit

        What part of his postgame nonsense showed he had any class? The “choking” gesture or his nearly incoherent rant with Erin Andrews, like he was auditioning for Vince Mcmahon’s traveling circus?

        • jaydee007

          And here we see Crabtree’s response to an attempt at showing some class. How does one describe that?
          “Hey bro, great game…” Slap!
          Yeah Right.

        • Erik Griffiths

          oh, I’m sorry did the show of emotion bother you? You must be part of the reason why we don’t have touchdown celebrations anymore too. Go watch some golf, it seems more your speed.

  • Fairfax51

    Erin Andrews was obviously stunned into “er, uh, well, um”. Don’t think she knew the “backstory” on Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree.

  • Shananigans

    Normally, I love the dialogue on Twitchy, but people need to calm down on this one. What no one is talking about is how Sherman moments before tried to shake Crabtree’s hand and say “good game”. Crabtree pushed him away with his hand in his face. No one is talking about the Seahawk that got close-lined by someone on the 49ers side during the game, and not a single flag was thrown. Yeah, those 49ers are real class acts.

  • Michael Joiner

    dude looks like a friggin monkey in that picture…

  • loyalright

    This guy has no class and no sign of education for that matter..

  • paulejb

    The IQ of football players ranges from that of a pencil eraser to that of a turnip.

    • Guest

      Sherman has a Stanford degree which is better than what yo have.

      • paulejb

        Titter! Degree in what? Are they giving degrees for imbecility now?

        • jaydee007

          No, you are receiving one though.

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    Certainly, centralized control, abolition of private property, or both, are the most effective ways to force people to chase collectivist illusions such as “social justice” and “equality of condition”.

  • Adam Deutsch

    no worries. he’ll be humbled when denver makes them squeal like a pig.

  • Michelle Kirkwood

    I understand every word he said—-you must not understand English,then, or you’re just hard of hearing.