Though there is support coming from the Left regarding A&E’s suspension of Phil Robertson, there are notable exceptions, as evidenced by Andrew Sullivan’s tweet:



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  • Hayekguy

    They’ll be forced ultimately to reinstate him. Duck Dynasty is sooooooo popular as is and will only get more so with the suspension of Phil Robertson.

    • keyboard jockey

      That’s true what’s trending today- Pajama Boy or Duck Dynasty and Christianity?


    Hopefully this would be the first step against the gay agenda, and against leftism in general. They took a step too far in firing him. Robertson does NOT need the show at all, but A&E does.

  • $84598387

    Will the powers at Disney take a fall for Phil?


  • keyboard jockey

    Andrew knows this is chick fil a all over again. All the LGBT are doing is rallying their opponents base AGAIN.

    • nc ✓s & balances

      You’re onto something, Sullivan didn’t say the firing was wrong, only that he was “befuddled.” In other words, “Hey guys, don’t do something stupid to hurt the cause. This could backfire big time.”

      • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        I read it as, “Why is this even a story?” Sully seems to take it for granted that A&E can dump Phil, but it’s to the damage of A&E’s image to say “We’re shocked– SHOCKED!” In other words, there’s a time and a place for A&E to be all hi-falutin’ moralizin’, and this ain’t it.

        • keyboard jockey

          LGBT are taking a Christian scalp. They exist on the empathy of the American public that buy into their victim hood. Once they are viewed as the bullies – that support evaporates they are building a backlash. It’s unfortunate because all gay people don’t agree with their fascist agenda, but the majority of gay’s will feel the backlash for their behavior.

      • keyboard jockey

        This is what GLAAD the new centurions are creating.

  • Maxx

    Right now, they disgust me. Planning a Duck Dynasty “marathon” AFTER firing Phil.

    I won’t watch it and I implore others to boycott it as well. It is refreshing, however, to find many moderate liberals strongly opposed to this firing. Common sense isn’t ready to be buried just yet, though progressives are trying their collegiate best.

    • forgetyoutooo

      Doubling-down on the in-your-face revenge…just like Obama and Harry Reid.

    • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

      agreed, the non insane left has finally stepped up to defend freedom of speech.. there is hope yet the republic isn’t on an irreversible downward slide.

      If the moderate left can join with us, that covers about 80% of the country who are deathly sick of the fascist PC crowd.

      • BAW

        And if there are only a few of the “non insane left” that should be a reality check for a lot of people, even them.

        It should have been that way with the Gosnell case but the reality and facts were so horrific, I think a lot of people just looked away.

        This is far more easily discussed and addressed and the backlash could be quite serious. It should be. The socially acceptable Christian bashing is far more prevalent than gay bashing ever was and enough is enough.

      • digitalPimple

        BS. They are embarrassed… this is exactly what they are after and have been for a long time.

  • Enzo Giacomo

    Andrew remember your MSNBC $$$, you could loose it for telling the truth.

  • Enzo Giacomo

    The family may look like hayseeds, but this “mis statement” will call for a surge in demand of duck callers, even from urban folks who never used a shotgun or eat duck.


  • NRPax

    Befuddled, Andrew? Your community encouraged the behavior of organizations like GLAAD and you’re “befuddled”? Maybe if you spent less time being obsessed with Bristol Palin’s birth canal and more time paying attention to what your fellow travelers were saying, you wouldn’t be so confused.

    • Harlan Hikaru Fox

      They never listen, and then they’re left scrambling to cover their asses so that they don’t get accused of being wackjobs when their fellow travelers cross another line…

  • muckraker

    The thought police demand DD star be fired then exclaim astonishment when it happens.

  • TheKingJAK

    What I discovered today was really cool, and it helped to restore more of my faith in humanity: People of all backgrounds are supporting Phil Robertson. Sure, I’ve come across some detractors as well, but I’ve witnessed conservatives, liberals, POTUS Obama supporters and opponents, homosexuals, heterosexuals, all defending Robertson’s freedom to not only speak his mind, but to also defend his words in their own right. I was on the HuffPo “Gay” section, and I also witnessed some big time members completely supporting P.R.’s right to speak his mind and also not be lambasted for it. Wow, it’s amazing when so many people can come together and support this man and also support our values of free speech, religion, and most importantly standing up for what you believe in and not being afraid to state it.

  • conservocop

    Befuddled ? !!! That’s because you don’t have an ounce of common sense you pseudo intellectual phony !!!!!!!!!

  • Ed McDowell

    A&E, GLAAD – you lose.

  • liberalismisamentaldisorder

    he’s befuddled???…his butt plug must have shifted

  • NewClassTraitor

    My goodness, this is officially the definition of “jumping the shark” now — being so hysterical that even Loony Andy can no longer keep up with you