If Joe Biden runs in 2016, he’s found his campaign photo:

So much for having to take the train.

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  • Farfel_1776

    Look out! Lord Voldemort coming in for a landing!

    • Catchance

      More likely Lord Dolt-emort.

      • MagPie

        Dolt-emort. Veeerrryyy Funny. Perfect.

      • idalily

        Heh. Love it.

    • twolaneflash

      Even Satan has to have a court jester in his kingdom, one so stupid it hurts to laugh.

    • 0bamasnought

      Might have been a can too many Red Bull.
      Well, I’m sure some kind of bull is involved

      • Chris

        If Uncle Joe is involved, you can bet there is bull. However, it comes from the end that sits on the can….

    • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (the true one)

      I guess the cloning machine failed to work, instead of Mini-me, they would up with Biden.

    • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (the true one)

      Just consider something people – if he becomes president, he is only inches from ‘The Button.”

      • 0bamasnought

        Ssssh, he was told that was just a term for the navel.

      • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

        Maybe they’ll do for Biden what Dennis Miller said they would do for Ross Perot if he had become President: rig up a fake button.

      • cherykie

        I’m sure 0bama has made sure there’s nothing attached to that button by now….

    • Randall Silverman

      That’s a very inappropriate and inaccurate comparison. One is a brilliant, albeit evil mastermind who over-reached during his first attempt at being in control and came horrifyingly close in seeing the fruition of his carefully conceived, planned and executed second attempt. The other is Joe Biden. This http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fw_C_sbfyx8 is more like how I see Biden’s landing.

    • Stephanie Warren

      nah, just too much redbull.

  • Republicanvet

    Now if those were turkey wings…

    • drw

      Turkey Buzzard?

  • Guido

    Flash Gordon Hawkman!!!

  • Republicanvet

    I’ve always thought Biden had a feather up his azz.

    • 0bamasnought

      Tickling his brain?

      • Randall Silverman

        He has a brain? You, sir, are very generous.

  • Maxx

    Please don’t tell me he’s wearing a million dollar bra.

    • Michelle ✓classified

      Bwahahaha nice VS reference!

  • The Penguin, Don’t talk shit

    How come he keeps getting out of his room?

    • Michelle ✓classified

      He uses a shotgun to blast away the chains.

      • The Penguin, Don’t talk shit

        Must be a double barrel. After the first shot in the air and all…ass.

        • Agent Carmichael

          If only we all had a double barrel and a rape whistle. Crime would cease to exist.

        • Michelle ✓classified

          I think he has to reload. He makes two shots in the air as a warning. Then two more shots through the front door to rid his doorstep of anyone he feels may be a threat. And THEN he blasts off his chains. Six shots for him to leave his room.

          • Agent Carmichael

            I would hate to be Biden’s dog. That poor guy is probably dodging bullets on a daily basis

          • The Penguin, Don’t talk shit

            Woah, and they thought Cheney was bad.

          • 0bamasnought

            Well, in Mr. Cheney’s defense.
            He shot a lawyer.

  • Agent Carmichael

    I can’t even laugh at these guys anymore they are so evil!

    • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

      Evil is the word.. Biden openly lies and makes stuff up.. and the MSM chuckles and says, “There goes good ol uncle Joe”.. as if it were cute, and not the VP who’s only a heartbeat from power..

      and they railed about Palin, Quayle being stupid, when it was clear they weren’t…. because if gaff’s are the measure..
      Obama/Biden are the stupidest beings on the planet..

      That’s what’s evil… the MSM telling us GOP gaffes are proof of how unfit ours are.. but democrat gaffes no matter how brainless.. are proof of basic humanity.. it makes you want to throw your TV through NBC studio’s front window..

  • Republicanvet

    Someone should photoshop a red chicken comb on Bidens head.

  • Adi

    Nah, that’s just his mullet blown by the wind.

  • Michelle ✓classified

    Bird brain. Perfect!

  • Richard Nightwood

    Flying Monkey.

    • HanaFiveO

      You beat me to it. Put a little hat on him and that’s it!!!

      • nc ✓s & balances

        Yep, that’s where I was going.

  • WisconsinPatriot

    He looks both stunned AND clueless.

    • MagPie

      More like dazed and confused.

      • Doc Farmer ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        More like dumb and dumber…

  • 4joachim

    um, ya .. “mr crazy eyes” is an insult to our nation’s Bald Eagle!

  • arttie

    bird brain?

  • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

    Ladies and gentlemen, the American Bald Ego.

    • Michelle ✓classified

      You win!

  • Bathing Suit Area

    Admit it, that’s awesome.

    • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

      Yeah. Awesome…TO MOCK!

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      As awesome as Dukakis in the tank.

  • Frustrated Teacher

    It is sad that this moron is a heartbeat from the Presidency…it is even sadder that he would be a GREAT improvement!!

  • http://ryanoscott.com/ Ryan

    As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly… #wrkp

    • Randall Silverman

      Hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement. One of the funniest scenes on that splendid show. Great line to use in this thread

  • Guest

    “As God is my witness…I thought turkeys could fly” #wkrp

  • Melissa Michael

    Castiel has found a new host….

  • Chip

    “The Angel of Dearth”

  • Arik Elman

    Qoth the Biden – Nevermore!

  • Cabover_Country

    Unbelievable, that a deranged freak, such as biden, could be in the position he is in our govt.

    • Karl H

      Try not to think of Joe Biden as a Government “worker” try to think of his paycheck as platinum level welfare and platinum level medicare.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Is he having a stroke?

  • Axelgreaser

    “MENTAL ILLNESS DOESN’T HAVE TO STOP ANYONE FROM HOLDING HIGH OFFICE”–PSA, paid for by mental defectives holding high office. Thank you.

  • Mr. Davo Bean ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Whoever took this picture knew what they were doing

  • TheOriginalDonald

    Lay off the Red Bull, Neil Kinnock

  • Peacelanese

    The Dark Angel of Stupid

  • miguel

    He is the wind beneath my buttcheeks…not wings.Yes, I know, sophomoric, I honesly tried not to…but my thumbs weren’t havin’ it. sorry folks

  • Taco Boutit

    Look! A flying monkey escaped from Oz!!

  • NixTyranny

    Turkey Buzzard waiting to feast on the American corpse after King Barack kills it.
    Biden just doesn’t know that Benghazi Hillary is a bigger, more blood-thirsty buzzard than he is.

  • DamnCat


  • John Smith

    The flying Turd.

  • JonS

    Ah how I long for the good old years when a bounty was imposed on eagles from 1917 to 1952 when the government paid $2 for every dead bald eagle. [sarc]

    ref: http://baldeagles.org/sites/default/files/BALD%20EAGLES%20BROCHURE.pdf

    In the early part of 1900’s, people mistakenly thought that bald eagles were competing with humans for salmon, so a bounty was imposed on eagles from 1917 to 1952. During this time people were paid between $0.50 and $2 for every pair of bald eagle talons that they turned in to the Alaska territorial government. Records show that the government paid for 128,000 pairs of Bald Eagle talons turned in during these bounty years.