During the opening segment of the Country Music Awards, hosts Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley did a hilarious brief sketch and song about the mega-fail that has been the Obamacare launch.

Video of “Obamacare by Morning.” Classic!

Naturally, not everybody was amused.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets.

  • Dean Greener

    Drones on the way.

    • http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m1mo1wzFiu1qbubzqo1_400.gif Cleatus Van Damne ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      I think Death Metal more accurately portrays 0bamacare. And circus music.
      Circus music played by Slayer and Morbid Angel.

      • James Jones

        Say, “Death Panel” would be a great name for a band!

        • 0bamasnought

          “We’re from the Govt, and We’re here to help” is the name of my screamo polka band.

          • hehaw_mamameah

            sad but TRUE… as the adage goes… the TRUTH will set you FREE… sure wish Mr. Obama and Biden would have learned that one!! And PLZ Gmen/women/etc… STAY OUT OF OUR KITCHENS TOO!!!!!!

      • StayMetal m/

        Best comment ever!! m/ !!!!

      • Cletus Washington

        Hey Cuz!

        • http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m1mo1wzFiu1qbubzqo1_400.gif Cleatus Van Damne ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          What up, C-Wash!

    • Lisa Wiese

      Dean, that was FUNNY, I don’t care who you are!

  • Ohiobob69

    I expect them to be “visited” by some of Ovomits friends at the IRS by next wednesday

    • http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m1mo1wzFiu1qbubzqo1_400.gif Cleatus Van Damne ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      They’ll be there by the time I click the “Post as Cleatus Van Da-

    • GaryTheBrave

      That’s the next song, “IRS by morning.”

      • Johnathan Aulabaugh

        Cause when you’re with the IRS

        It’s adios with your ta-axes

        You can act just like a fool

        And people think you’re cool

        Just cause your on CNN

        I can throw a major fit

        When Obama’s on the presidential ticket

        They say I’ve gone insane

        I’ll blame it on the fame

        And the pressures that go with….

        workin at the IRS

    • trixiewoobeans

      Cue the WH, Hollywood and the Mainstream Media to start referring to country music, it’s performers and fans as terrorists.

      • McCabe

        Next, there will be orders that the military is forbidden to listen to country music.

        • Jonathan Lynch

          No hot breakfast, no praying to a secular God and no country music, got me recruits ? Or “I KILLYOU” !( credit to JD for that last one)

      • candy martin

        Hey we’re already called toothless, ignorant rednecks anyway so who cares?

        • trixiewoobeans

          You forgot trailer trash, lol!

          • hehaw_mamameah

            that would be trailer PARK trash, lol!!

  • Kabong30

    Epic win. There’s hope yet, friends. Don’t give up!

  • FilleGitane

    Audits for everybody.

    • candy martin

      Yeah by next tax season, they’ll start snooping through our facebook music ”likes” to weed out all the people who like conservative country music.

  • Catchance

    Sanctimonious twit.

  • Scott Carroll

    Country performers definitely recognize which side their bread is buttered on. In other words, they know their target audience.

    • RealEstateAgent

      Yes, Scott country performers do recognize that. Unlike the Hollywood liberals that think we care what they say and think.

    • dan

      remember dixie chicks? me either

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        The ditzy bitches paid for their mistake with their careers. I shed no tears, even though I liked their music. Hello, know your damn audience.

        • JamesMc

          They did have some brief success with the pop music audience. But, depending on a consistent following from 12 yr. old girls only lasts so long. (A period of time somewhere between the average lifespan of an adult fruit fly and the spin cycle of a Democrat shill)

      • SickoftheBS

        Dixie chicks who? Were they another warm up band for some Country performer?

    • Not Anonymous

      You mean an audience who has enough common sense to realize what a fiasco Owebamascare is? They said nothing Jon Stewart or SNL hasn’t said.

  • MagPie

    I Good for the CMA.Nice to see people not afraid to speak out against Obamacare/Democare.

    • Dee Dunbar


    • hehaw_mamameah

      Amen to that!! Exactly why I came here… I HIGHLY COMMEND both Carrie and Brad!!! Finally we witness some “not quite so politically correctness,” Thank God, I was country when country wasn’t COOL!!!!!
      AWESOME job, hats off to y’all!!

  • Chevypowered

    Twostepcub said, “Lynch mob” for that added “knee-jerk” affect. You know, cuz White people with cowboy boots and stuff.

    • AZN8V

      It’s all about the emotions, not the logic. Sheesh, to hell in a handbasket and they’d still be wanting more.

  • Christine Poynter

    Sign me up as a new country music fan!

  • center mass

    new found respect.

  • Shi

    Not all stars are morons I guess. I had written them all off.

  • d1comment


  • Charlie Pitarys

    The black helicopters are in flight over Nashville.

    • SickoftheBS

      Not to worry! If Obama is in charge, they will crash!

      • Grant Johnson

        Wrong, that’s Carter’s job.

  • ’46 one time hippy

    American humor, so fine. I hope Obama & Co. don’t take it away.

    • alvin691

      It will collapse under it’s own weight, as it should.

  • alvin691

    Considering they are both liberals. Interesting.

    • sickofmichaelmoore

      Hopefully she’s rethinking that position….

    • Creel Otters

      Sure about that? What evidence have you, aside from the fact they’re entertainers?

      • Mr_Wrestling_XIII

        Carrie said she was for gay marriage. That’s the only thing I can remember. Other than that no other proof of her being a liberal.

        • DLago

          She could be Libertarian, that would make her awesome BTW. Besides this wasn’t an epic rip on Obamacare, it was merely humorously noting the difficulties with healthcare.gov. SNL did the same thing. A rip on the ACA would be an unmistakable call for repeal.

          • Mr_Wrestling_XIII

            As long she isn’t a liberal statist! That makes her twice as hawt!

        • Not Anonymous

          if you think that makes you a liberal you should go do some research, hah. And we wonder why our country is so screwed up.

          • Mr_Wrestling_XIII

            Your snark is really unnecessary… I didn’t say that it does. Yes, they’re also conservatives who are for gay marriage, too. I was just speculating on what alvin691 was referring to.

    • drumsticks

      Dems are liberals, and they are second guessing too. They just don’t play an instrument and don’t know what to do when they get on stage.

    • hehaw_mamameah

      frankly, if they are in fact liberals. . . at least “they are classy ones, and ummm… they, unlike “most” libs,” can actually be quite “COMICAL, and downhome RIGHT!!”

  • d1comment

    Dear Leader: They have awards for that…?

  • qqchris55

    Loved it … Carrie Underwood one awesome girl !!!!

  • Jessika Baker

    Loved it!!!!!

  • radjahshelduck

    Hey, there are several country songs about trains; why not have one about a train wreck?

    • Creel Otters

      We have one now.

      • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

        I think we could do a version of “Wichita Lineman” that would work…

        “I’m an insurance man from the guv’ment…”

        • Creel Otters

          I’m an IRS man from the guv’ment
          And I drive the main road
          Searching all around for 0bamacare scofflaws, whoa whoa…

          • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

            See? We’ve got something here!

  • rivers

    Uh, like Drama Queen much, Mr. Twostepcub? Or did you just tweet that because you’re trying to avoid an audit?

  • Heather_A

    I fail to see the problem with any of this. The only problem… more people aren’t making fun of it. :p


    • sickofmichaelmoore

      So true, how many times have there been political comments made at award shows for the hollywood elites? EVERYTIME…….

  • TheIM

    The libs are getting restless…It’s becoming quite apparent that their “brilliant” community organizer isn’t!

    • http://www.twitter.com/Naqamel Naqamel

      Angela Merkel, David Cameron, Barack Obama, and Pope Francis were on a plane surveying the European countryside when the plane had a mechanical malfunction. The pilot got on the intercom and informed the passengers that the situation was hopeless, and that there were only three parachutes.

      Merkel grabbed the first parachute, and said “without me the EU would collapse” and jumped out of the plane. Cameron grabbed the second parachute, said “God Save The Queen!” and jumped out of the plane. Obama grabbed a parachute, said “I am the embodiment of Hope and Change” and leapt out of the plane.

      Pope Francis had resigned himself to martyrdom, when the Pilot said “Holy Father, aren’t you going to parachute out?”

      “My son”, the Pope said, “there aren’t any parachutes left.”

      The pilot replied “On the contrary, Father, there is one left. Mr. Obama leapt out of the plane with the fire extinguisher strapped to his back.”

  • Caveman

    And here to present our next award, Agent Smith from the IRS.

    • genes ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Agent Smith resides in the Matrix.

      • Caveman

        Mr. Anderson

  • Larry Foster

    I do love this

  • draysum1234

    But did not the both of them perform at Obama’s Inauguration?? I may be mistaken so correct me If I am wrong.

    • Creel Otters

      They did. What’s your point?

      • Mr_Wrestling_XIII

        That makes them COMMUNISTS! jk

      • draysum1234

        I honesty was just curious why does everybody have to be so defensive LOL

        • Creel Otters

          And I was curious as to what your point was.

          • draysum1234

            My point has been made already. What is so different in what Obama said he was going to do and what he has done with healthcare. We knew then and see now that its a trainwreck. So why support Obama in the first place?

          • Creel Otters

            Their choice to support him, just as it’s our choice not to.

    • Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

      Even leftists can see the problems with Obamacare. Heck, a dead man who voted for BHO from the grave can see the problems.

    • MarcusFenix

      Even if you don’t like the guy…performing for the President on Inauguration Day…that’s free press and free PR, free coverage…it’s just good business. Hell, I think Obama is a complete moron, but i’d perform at that ceremony just for those things, were I a musician.

    • Snap N McGarrett

      We respect the Presidency by default, The people who happen to become president must earn and maintain that respect.

  • Snap N McGarrett

    And then Obama makes a cameo appearance singing “if you like your Constitution, you can keep that too”. Singing backup are the Cabinet Secretaries. Give ’em a round of applause!

  • Ted H.

    If they play their song backwards, do they get to keep their coverage?

    • Snap N McGarrett

      Yeah, and if you like your Constitution, you can keep that too!

  • worldscam

    I knew I loved Carrie Underwood for a reason!

    • Old Fortran guy

      Any girl who would marry a hockey player can’t be all bad!

  • Joe Lucero

    Biggest joke was still on Americans from Obama… Though not as funny as this(CMA).. But in stark contrast, painful.

  • TexasMeow

    That is so classic. Finally the celebrities are coming on board and joining the sane people of the USA!!!!! There is a God!!!!

    • nc ✓s & balances

      Most (not all) country musicians and fans are conservatives.

      • Snap N McGarrett

        Most Americans are fundamentally conservative, but are cowed by a tyrannical minority.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      But I thought we hate it when celebrities force their opinions on us… by saying them.

      • Guest

        That’s right, we do hate it when celebrities FORCE their opinions on us. However, agreement never happens by force.

        Try to keep up, big guy.

      • Snap N McGarrett

        That’s right, we do hate it when celebrities FORCE their opinions on us. However, agreement never happens by force. Compliance and conformance can, though.

        Try to keep up, big guy.

      • ObamaFail

        They’re not forcing their opinions on us though. It’s when celebrities are running around calling us terrorists or blood thirsty killing machines that we have problems. You fail at trying to point out our hypocrisy. Although I can point out yours, if a celebrity calls us killers because they don’t like the Constitution, you defend them by saying “right to free speech.” Let Stacey Dash or Melissa Joan Hart come out in support of the GOP and you guys call Dash the n-word and make death threats to Hart.

      • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

        Again with the bad analogies, BS?

      • TexasMeow

        Only the dumbass liberals. You know, the ones that don’t know that when Obama makes a promise, he’s really just telling you what you want to hear, so that he can get his way. There are still one or two celebrity’s like that still around….Cher is one I think. But I think she is still high from all that plastic surgery.

  • Julie

    Didn’t they go around promoting Obamacare a couple years ago?

    • donwalk

      Yes, but that was after the Teleprompter mis-spoke and promised everyone they could keep their policies. Do try and stay current on the Obamacare happenings, please?

      • Old Fortran guy

        I knew it was an accident waiting to happen long before the website blew up… and anyone with a brain and who was informed did too.

  • Jeremy

    HA HA This is great.

  • Dean


  • mcrazie16

    I have never been a country fan but but they gave me a reason to consider it….

  • Cletus Washington


    • cambia

      Sorry, Cletus. The CMA awards and a Klan website don’t really have much to do with politics. Did you miss the elections last night? Not so good for the tea baggers.

      • twoandahalfcents

        Why, because the Clintons funded the lib party candidate in VA, just like they did Perot in 92. Go away.

      • Corey Dennison

        Hey…there’s some of ‘Christianity” you were whining about, eh cambia?

        So when your trolling shift ends here, is your buddy ‘espero’ gonna show up to take your place?

      • mariah100

        Uh, I think Christie winning a democratic state by a landslide is much more ‘telling’ than a dem winning a republican state BARELY. HE eaked by! Think again.

      • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

        Yeah. You guys spent a LOT of money to barely squeak out a victory in Virginia.

      • Cletus Washington


  • Son of Liberty

    anyone know what the music for “obamacare by morning” was? was that from a ronnie milsap song? I’ve heard it before and it’s driving me nuts.

    • Just Plain Me

      ‘Amarillo by Morning’ by George Strait.

    • Allbets

      Amarillo By Morning by George Strait

    • That’s Right

      Amarillo by morning – george strait

    • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

      Amarillo by Morning, Terry Stafford. Written by him and Paul Fraser, Stafford recorded the original version in ’73. George Strait did a cover of it in ’83.

  • moxie


  • ZMan


  • Rita Paras

    I didn’t see this certain show but it’s nice to hear that not all Hollywood People are hypocrite and they can see that this President is destroying this great country.And hopefully the rest of this Hollywood people will do the same.This is our country and we should protect this country and for those people who want’s to destroy America and Enough is enough People in this country really need a break from this President.

    • John Kaufman

      I guess this means driving killing the most wanted criminal in the world and several of his major players, more to come ….

    • Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

      Nashville, TN is the center for country western music.

  • panfisher2708

    Why do people come here from the dark continent , go to school, start businesses and love this country. While people who have been here for years never finish school and get good paying jobs. they let the tax payers support them and complain about every thing being wrong. I have several friends who grew up under tyrants on the dark continent and are now successful businesses. health care, service work, hair salons. All my ancestors came here as endentured servants and we are all service workers for the money people or run our own business. Every generation has men who have served in the armed forces. Some have died, some have life time disabilities having been severely wounded and are all working within their capacities. I do love this music and it is in traditional country style music. Music about real life.

  • Bob Taylor


  • That’s Right

    “They’ll be audited by morning” that’s a great song too.

  • Gmama

    Hope they have good accountants because they are getting audited.

  • fireandreamitchell

    Ok, how long before leftists and the media claim this was racist?

    • Otter2

      3 – 2 – 1 – race card.

      Love the Katy Perry plug in one of the above tweets. Grown woman wearing an Obama dress of some sort. Ocare needs the likes of Perry, young and rich. She can pay for all the rest that are now on Medicaid.

  • Barbara Taylor

    I thought this was hilarious, I’m still laughing about it. Great job Brad and Carrie

  • Brandy Messick Mason

    Bahahahahaha ! I just LOVE it!!!

  • Its_My_Fault

    Hopefully the show will end with Miley Cyrus dressed as Obama swinging on her “wrecking ball”!

  • Barbara Taylor

    Great job Brad and Carrie that was hilarious.

  • Donya Lola

    IRS here they come!

  • marcellucci

    Must. Have….full orchestral version…..NOW !!!!!!!!

  • Kip Hudson

    you should see how upset some of those libturds got over that little bit of humor I didn’t know a Obamabot had emotions!!

  • $7610427

    Greatness! Love me some King George, too…

    • nc ✓s & balances

      I think he got the biggest kick out of it.

  • **** BLOOD &GUTS

    Reagan warned us about socialized medicine-obamacare=slavery——–really

    • Bathing Suit Area

      So why won’t republicans go into every election promising to shut down Medicare?

      • Snap N McGarrett

        because the establishment gop is complicit. duh.

        the crap we call politics is no more sophisticated than professional wrestling. they roll into town, put on a good show of good guy vs.bad guy, and then they all hop on the same bus with our money and head on to the next town of suckers to do it all over again.

        • mariah100

          Can’t tell if you’re lib or conservative by your post. Really doesn’t matter….YOU ARE RIGHT. All politicians suck. It’s just that Obama sucks worse than any other.

      • Dirty Harry

        No one is going to shut down Medicare & you know it. It needs reform but not even a conservative will vote to dismantle Medicare. Americans have paid into the system and are due it. In fact, it was Obama who stole over $700 billion from Medicare to fund ObamaCare!

        • Bathing Suit Area

          But Medicare is socialism! Don’t you want all the voters to know how much you hate socialism?

          • twoandahalfcents

            You’re not so good at this, go away Bathing Suit

          • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

            You should see BS try to explain how abortion is just like organ donation!

          • twoandahalfcents

            Medicare and Social Security are more like Ponzi schemes than socialism.

          • mariah100

            You’re still an idiot. How is it socialism if WE PAID FOR IT?!!!

            Get a life, get an education.

          • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

            Not really, but you keep thinking that, BS.

          • EllieEnlightened

            No it was money put there by the hard working people. It is money that is paid to them when retired. However FORCING insurance to give to those who DO NOT WORK is. Learn your history.

      • nc ✓s & balances

        Why are you changing the subject? Don’t bother answering, it was rhetorical.

        • Daiseymae

          It is called “deflection”, because he can’t come up with anything else to say.

      • mariah100

        Because we PAID IN TO IT with our own money, you uneducated asshole! That’s MY money and tons of other people my age that have paid into it. You’re an idiot. Who’s paying into/for Obamacare.

        Oh, that’s right….US….probably not you – you’re probably one of them that sits on their ass waiting for the handout.

      • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

        Why don’t you stick to making bad analogies and them complaining when someone calls you out on it?

      • EllieEnlightened

        Funny I missed that one.

  • NewWest 123

    Too bad. If the Oass supporters can’t take a little mocking of the Dictator then they should go find some other place to go!

  • carolyn jenkins

    ah hell, i loved it. just goes to show that country people know where it’s at. haha that was a hoot. whoop whoop go get em guys. obummer care by morning. love it thanks brad and carrie you two done great. and yes cursing is the country way, and if you don’t like well then who gives a flying shit. just saying people. i’m country and damn proud of it.

  • Kristin Schroeder

    So SNL can make fun of obamacare and hardly a word is said, but the CMA’s do the same thing and the left is up in arms, what gives?

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Seven tweets means the left is up in arms?

      • MarcusFenix

        Hey, at least the number of negative tweets AND the number of people who signed up for O-care in the song were close, right?

        • mariah100

          Must be the same 6 that actually got registered, lol! Just a heads up – on another blog I’m on I was getting people telling me their insurance went from $600 to $150 without the incentives (or whatever the hell they call them). I told them, gee, that explains it. I’m PAYING FOR YOUR INSURANCE, given that OURS is doubling starting January 1, and our deductible is going from zero to $6000. I gotta’ pay for your lazy rearends!

        • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

          Great point. We’re supposed to believe six people signing up for ObamaDERP is awesome, but 7 tweets isn’t?

      • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

        Those are a sampling of the Tweets, BS. Besides, I know you Leftists have no sense of humor.

      • Kristin Schroeder

        Not just 7 tweets, it’s all over the internet and they are talking about it on all the morning shows today.

    • http://www.facebook.com/aemoreira81 aemoreira81

      SNL is also rated TV-14 and airs at a time when children should not even be awake.

  • Carolina Corpus

    Hilarious. …haha hahaha love it!!!

  • Eric Weaver

    outstanding time the libs and media get a taste of their own medicine. This is clean fun not the ugliness the media backs.

  • http://philippinewanderer.org/ Philippine Wanderer

    And the circus carney – Obama –

  • cambia

    Just can’t get over the deep and genuine Christianity among country music fans.

    • twoandahalfcents

      Just can’t get over how much of an idiot you are.

      • Dirty Harry

        Aren’t you supposed to be on Media Matters website?

        • Corey Dennison

          Check on the other Paisley/Underwood thread. Cambia is a big-time troll suffering from butthurt because his lord and savior Obama is being ‘dissed.’

          • Dirty Harry

            Thanks. I jumped the “gun” so to speak.

        • twoandahalfcents

          Check my profile, it was sarcasm. Cambria is my mission for the night. I stay away from the communist sites if I can.

          • Dirty Harry

            Okay, my bad. I’ll uncock my .44

          • twoandahalfcents

            Keep it handy Harry, you never know. Peace out, brother.

        • twoandahalfcents

          And don’t point your 44 at me, I point back 😉

    • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

      What do you know about Christianity? Probably as much as most Leftists: nothing.

    • EllieEnlightened

      You wouldn’t know Christianity if it slapped you in the face.

  • Franklin Crittenden
  • http://avpixlat.info/ Gunilla Skoglund

    That was funny, BUT Obama is doing his best to destroy America, the middle-class that he hates, the American economy by borrowing-spending money we don’t need, when Obama is done America is doomed. Obamacare will be the topic of the next 2 years. destroying the healthcare system AND taking attention away form the implosion he is planning outside public views does some things you won’t even imagine. Follow Breitbart.

  • JonathanSwifter
  • Claudia Olson-Ayon

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill Phillips

    It’s been said before by bares repeating over and over again ….Conservative women are the Hottest Looking women on the face of the earth! 😉

  • Jeff Haynes

    would be funny if it wasn’t so true.

  • Dirty Harry

    This is why Country music is the best. It speaks to real life, not to mention Carrie Underwood is smoking hot!

    • nc ✓s & balances

      I’m currently watching the west coast feed. Speaking of smoking hot, can we talk about Keith Urban?

      • Dirty Harry

        You may but we’re stuck on Carrie!

        • nc ✓s & balances

          Understandable. Thought I’d give it a try though. : )

    • twoandahalfcents

      The legs, my god, the legs.

      • Dirty Harry

        Those legs are proof that God exists!

  • beautifuldayifyoubelieve

    I don’t think the “down under” dude thought that was funny, but I sure did!

  • Liz McDavid

    TERRIFIC!!!!! Good job by both of you!

  • Pk Mitchell

    I might hafta get to liking country music…

  • cherieamore

    Good for the CMAs. That law needs repealed.

  • Mortis Dei

    Love it!!!

  • nc ✓s & balances

    So great to hear the angelic voices of Alison Krause and Vince Gill back on the CMAs again.

  • Trish Svoboda Garone

    This was just too funny, but so true. Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley sing about Obamacare. I was crying because I was laughing so hard watching this tonight! Love♥ this!! THIS WAS FANTASTIC!!!! This is the best yet!!!! STILL LAUGHING ☺☺☺

  • Bonnie

    Now THIS is funny! Good job, CMA’s! Gave me a good laugh :)

  • Robin Hill

    Fabulous! I love it!

  • Erin Butzen-Cook

    Never heard of either of these people

    • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

      Well, they both actually sing on pitch and Brad is one of the best guitarists anywhere (44th fastest guitarist of all time per GuitarWorld.com), so they won’t be on many big market radio stations. And without having any felony drug or weapons’ charges, they’re not on MTV much.

      Brad has 18 #1 singles, sold 7 platinum and 6 gold albums (so that’s 10 million albums), 9 Male Vocalist of the Year Awards, 3 Grammy’s, Entertainer of the Year in 2010, etc. etc. On his last album, he wrote a song with LL Cool J called “Accidental Racist” so the racist insults are gonna be hard to stick.

      Carrie came from winning American Idol (that’s a big TV show) and has tons of awards too — sold 13 million albums, 6 Grammy’s, 6 Female Vocalist of the Year Awards, 2 Entertainer of the Year Awards, etc. etc. She’s done some acting and will play Maria von Trapp in an NBC “Sound of Music” remake (that was a big Broadway musical/film by Rodgers and Hammerstein back in the day) on Dec. 5th.

  • Bruce Carter

    Joe Biden still laughing for no apparent reason. Probably thinks it’s a debate.

  • TheSharperWon

    The natives are waking up to THE REAL Ovamit!!!!

    • Daiseymae

      Love it!

  • Elaine Sawyer


  • Lowell Sharrah

    that was effin AWESOME

  • I’ve done that

    Yeah and one of the six is suing for disclosure of personal information. Asking to be removed from registration. #CMAawards #obamacare #presidentstompyfoot

  • Achybreakycrotch

    I Fell Into A Burning Ring Of Liars…or a Lying Ring Of Spiers…

  • Sydneyck


  • ThomasFrancisBeckett

    Hilarious & sad at the same time

  • Leslie Nicholson Klatt

    They won’t be on the list for any upcoming lavish taxpaper funded Whitehouse parties!!

  • blackavenger

    Obummercare is wonderful , we can now rid ourselves of druggies, old people, unwanted babies, unwanted kids, unwanted republicans and unwanted gods. What a great plan and its only $50,000 per family.

  • DefCon99

    As good as advertised, Way to knock back at the Man.

  • roastytoasty


    • Bathing Suit Area

      Wow, has the right so completely run out of arguments that all they have left is holding a flashlight under their collective chin and making ghost noises? Sad.

      • HonestToAtee

        You Libtards have forced all of us into a failure of Communism that will effect our lives and you are upset that we are speaking up? Get used to it, you asked for this nightmare and you are going to experience much more because this destruction of our lives will not stand.

      • therantinggeek

        Wow, has the right so completely run out of arguments that all they have left is holding a flashlight under their collective chin and making ghost noises? Sad.

        Wow, have you so completely run out of arguments, all you have left is try to pretend being snarky? Do keep trying, BSA. Someday you’ll be able to get it right.

        Three for three.

      • Corey Dennison

        You think maybe that this is none of your business, foreigner?

      • TexasMeow

        There really isn’t much more one can say about this monstrous disaster. They should rename is Titanicare.

  • Brother bob

    Didn’t like your own medicine libtards?
    i do say….who would’ve thought the miserable failrue of obama isn’t because of the shutdown, any tea party rep, or any right leaning radio host, failed economy, high unemployment. …, the miserable failure of obama is himself. what an inept incompetent, amateur , low iq moron he is. yes..he’s dumb as a stump. can’t speak without reading a teleprompter..what the s_t is this?

    • EllieEnlightened

      He can’t speak with his teleprompter to the 3rd grade however he does this not because of stupidity but to stay on message.

  • John Gordon

    Here comes the new “Country Music Tax ” , bugged guitars, the works. Der Furher vill be highly upset Colonel Hogan

  • Charles Bryant Seaton

    Pretty funny…. time to go take an Obama and wipe my Pelosi.

  • dGUMP

    By morning there are people who have tried as long as a year ago with NO results.
    If King Hussein was first to sign up his family then maybe things would be different.

  • $59154503
  • EllieEnlightened

    Funny the other award shows TRASH conservative and say vile things. They said horrific things about Bush and others. They trashed Palin on SNL and NOW they are upset. HYPOCRITS every one of them.

  • SWwife

    Brad Paisley is a Obama supporter

    • EllieEnlightened

      Really? Cite please.

      • SWwife

        gateway or just Google it

    • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Perhaps WAS an Obama supporter?

    • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

      Then he got his 2014 insurance policy letter….

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    That’s all?!? “Remind Me” #MusicTriviaTime to pass this idea on to CMT:Full-length “Obamacare by Morning” song, Brad and Carrie Duet, with a Music Video.
    Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Not Anonymous

    I kept waiting for something racist or Republican, as so many of these people were claiming. There was no racial tone within the context of their bit. It was just simple ribbing of a system that has obviously failed to impress.

  • Mackie

    On the full youtube version,Taylor Swift seemed somewhat surprised by the audience response?

    • therantinggeek

      Indeed, she was.

    • xstratusx

      Because she’s a Democrat. She spent all of last summer stalking the Kennedys.

    • SWwife

      So was Faith Hill and her hubby, but they are Obama supporters too.

    • mazzman

      Taylor Swift seemed completely baffled, bewildered and unable to comprehend why everyone was laughing. Poor thing has never been exposed to anything other than adulation for the “Dear Leader”.

  • BijouandDonna Gracy

    LOVE IT!!

  • David Amberson

    Let me get this straight. The “affordable health care act” (also called obamacare) is so unaffordable that people can’t afford it. Since president 0bama claims that it is affordable, can we sue pres 0bama for false advertising? It would be a civil action, not a misdemeanor or a felony, so his status as president would not be affected, but upon his end of tour in the White House, he would receive a new tour, of the poor house!

  • Happy Dragon

    This is why Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood are the most popular hosts in country music. When will this be on iTunes?

  • Alan Jones

    OK Brad and Carrie you just lost a fan. How funny it is when people who are poor and can’t afford to pay for health care die…but I guess that is what you two want. Listen to our music and make us rich just die! You two are what is wrong with the right rich people in this country.

    • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

      1 album out of 23 million won’t bother them any….

    • fortyniner1944

      You were never a fan and show me proof of someone dying that had no ins. before obamacare.

  • GregoryD1

    IRS Audits coming their way…

  • candy martin

    Hhahahaaha!! Omg so funny! I’ve waited for almost 5 years for this!

  • Jessica

    republicans and country music fans…hmmm wonder what they both have in common?

    • ErikandKathy Muller

      What do you know??? I’ll tell you what I know…brad and Carrie make fun of everyone..go back and watch their opening for this show for the last few years..it’s all on YouTube. B. Obamacare is a failure!

    • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

      hmmm… They both know Obamacare is a disaster?

    • libsmakemelaugh

      Jessica youre a flaming racist

  • Debbie

    Love it! Love Brad and Carrie! Keep it up!

  • Carol

    Looks like the Obama followers were not amused (TS, TM & FH).

  • Janice Miksad

    The entire South will now be on watch lists! Let the audits begin on all country music singers….

  • Jay Sands

    if any one thinks obama slamma hussein nazi care is NOT a joke …..where does that leave you. sorry lazy assed individuals wanting more from the dole. you are idiots to think hussein barry soetoro care will work. he is a damned liar and worthless. only claim to fame is he was elected. he wasnt worth a damned.

  • Temperance

    That was funny I don’t give a crap who the hell you are!!

  • Theresa

    I LOVE THAT!!!! ROFL!!!!

  • landan clymer

    lol im related to him you are funny brad

  • sodakhic

    Whatever happened to the Dixie Chicks?

    • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

      They’re ashamed their policy is from Obamacare. :-)

  • reepotomac

    If what Brad and Carrie did irritated liberal types, think of what would happen if radio stations started playing My Country My Ass.


    Poor Taylor Swift where am I…. this crowd is not the same as the Grammy Awards. What happen to all the love tingling and kiss as$ for president O.