At the beginning of the Country Music Awards tonight, Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley brought many to laughter with their hilarious song “Obamacare by Morning.” Many thought it was hysterically funny, but of course not everybody was on board:

  • Kevin Roe

    Ah, yes, you know the liberal rants by the foul language. Keep it classy, libs!

    • Essay

      “Classy liberals” is quite an oxymoron. They’ll have to look that last word up, too.

      • Cleatus Van Damne ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        The left have poisoned the meanings of both the words “progressive” and “liberal”. Hell, they’ve ruined the word “left”, too.
        Now they’re ruining the F-bomb.

        • Johnny Right

          The left are such p***ies! Oh no, god forbid if one tiny song from a tiny portion of the entertainment industry isn’t kissing Obama’s ass! Grow up and more importantly, grow a pair.

          • IMPEACH_BOBO

            The FLEEBAGGING [email protected] kiII me, I didn’t hear that these FLEEBAGGERS had a problem with SNL when they hit Bush every fcking weekend for 8 years with some stupid skit that made fun of him !! GET OVER IT FLEEBAGGERS, this RAClST TYRANT of a President has been insulated from insults & scruinity for way too long now !!!

            There is no way in heII that President BOBO thought no one was going to call him out on his BIGGEST DEBACLE of his Presidency for this RAClST BOBOcare law !!! I guess all these FLEEBAGGERS in the above article who are tweeting forgot all about the BS that Bush had to put up with in his 8 year term, what goes around comes around FLEEBAGGERS !!! I SAY TO ALL YOU FLEEBAGGERS OUT THERE GETTING YOUR [email protected] IN A BUNCH, FCK OFF TO YOU !!!!!!

            This is for kaysa alexander below : I use that language to show the FLEEBAGGERS that we have their number, if you go on sites like MSNBC or CNN they are calling us worse & I do it because it keeps me calm !! By the way they use f**k in the article above in these tweets, so I just thr0w it right back in the FLEEBAGGERS face !! What FLEEBAGGERS don’t seem to understand is the same passion they have in [email protected] Republicans, I want them to see that a lot of Republicans have the same [email protected] for them !!I This is a very important point since FLEEBAGGERS think they have the market cornered with their FAKE OUTRAGE but call Allen West or Herman Cain an Uncle Tom or a House N***o just because they are Republicans, THAT PlSSES ME OFF & THEY NEED TO GET IT RIGHT BACK AT THEM !!

            I believe in calling a spade a spade ( pun intended ) & I am seeing a lot of spades in the above tweets & I think they should know about it !!! RAClSM runs both ways & it is time to show the misguided souls the error of their ways & the CONSEQUENCES FOR THEM !!!

          • kaysa alexander

            IMPEACH_BOBO I agree with everything you just said, but I think we will lose credibility if we sink to their “language”= name calling & cursing. IOW- better to simply state facts & stick to issues, rather than insults & name calling. Believe me, it will still be obvious that they are not using any intelligence they may have!

          • ballpark1981


          • Millard Kinnison

            That prob won’t happen in this life time. Darn!

          • NetProz

            New word when discussing the left, the catchphrase is Twat-Waffles. It defines the uselessness of Dems.

          • RVZ77

            Can that be construed as racist?

          • Amy D. Bernard

            No…it’s the other “ist”

          • RVZ77

            Please explain. :)

          • Paul

            No such beast, it’s the same as “Climate change”

          • Rotor

            That is an insult to twats!

          • UponFurtherReview

            Self-righteous liberal outrage is always music to my ears, no pun intended. And in this case it shows what a panic they’re in over the unfolding train wreck of Obamacare.

            Gee, remember Saul Alinsky’s RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”

            Obviously it works on Alinsky’s disciples, too.

          • Johnny Right


          • RayMarotta

            Pissing on alinsky’s grave is a worthy cause.

          • UponFurtherReview

            Yep — it’s even worth leaving Alinsky’s grave, going to the nearest gas station and paying for a 32-ounce soft drink to “refuel” for a second trip to Alinsky’s grave!

          • Kenny Black

            Better yet maybe they can use their Blowbama Care to have a pair of balls surgically implanted.

        • Tina Thomas

          Oh crap!!! Does this mean NASCAR will have to change directions on the race tracks now? If so, Jeff Dunham will have to start using the line, “He made another right turn! He made another right turn!” 😉

          • conservativechick

            I love how the libs are so upset that they used the CMA’S as a “platform” to dis Obamacare? hahaha BO uses every venue possible to promote it, using OUR tax dollars. EAT IT, you losers! I thought it was hilarious. :)

          • sickofmichaelmoore

            Don’t the libs use EVERY awards ceremony to promote the liberal agenda? Or am I mistaken?

          • Bob Clussman

            That would never happen, cause they would have to REVERSE their Direction LOL

        • NetProz

          No we decided to just add the letters tard after it to make it fresh again, the libs try to ruin everything they just do not succeed at much.

        • ballpark1981


      • D.I.

        An oxymoron is a hybrid of a beast of burden and a liberal.

        • donfulano

          …or possibly a drug-addled liberal. Is there any other kind?

          • RLS

            Ya the mayor of Toronto was getting his drugs free!

          • Mary Dambrosia


        • mdtljt

          BRILLIANT!!! And so blatantly obvious…

      • Thomas Doyle

        If they could read they’d look it up…

      • Beetlejuice

        LMAO!!!! Essay, that is just too funny. True, but funny. :)

      • ballpark1981


    • Ernie Braden

      Wonder why it was ok when SNL did a skit having fun at the expense of obamacare, but when some country music singers do it they get all wound up tight…..

      • Rockslider1

        because country music is the music of America and
        Paisley & Underwood are some of the biggest voices in country and this scares the leftlibs

        • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

          Nah, country music is oft associated with those, um… “rednecks”, I think the term is. How dare those “rednecks” make fun of the pResident! They’s raycist!

          • Ethan Deitz

            This is a redneck saying, “Haters (cough* city slickers) gonna hate

          • jkwkchoss

            KAdams…There is no “t” in “raciss.” What are you thinking?!

          • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

            It’s not a silent ‘T’?

          • mahall

            Bible thumping, gun toting redneck rayyyyycist!

          • rub ,,

            some bodys got to protect the country from Obama ,

          • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

            That’s funny, cuz I’m a thumpin’, totin’ Michigander.

          • Vivian Maggard Baker

            And proud of it…..I’ll thump my Bible and tote my gun and red white and blue redneck…But racist??that card is getting old you don’t have to be racist to tell the truth!!!!!!

          • Kenny Black

            Your children must be proud

          • Kenny Black

            bible thumper, red neck, racist typical liberal key hate words.

        • Angie


        • Dorotha

          paisley is an obozo backer so to speak, do not know if he gives money to his campaign but have heard him say he backed far as NO country ever said anything about bush??? bahahahaha guess they never heard of the Dixie chicks huh, obozocare is good huh well you will see sooner or

          • kohmsc

            Dixie Chicks…who are they, they lost all credibility and popularity after their remarks….

      • Red Fred


        • Rockslider1

          dont be mad no one likes your president and trust me its not because he’s black, its because he has no respect for the office or this county’s people. people need to figure this out and start paying attention to what he is doing to this country, We haven’t been this bad off and disrespected by other countries ever .

          • Jessica MissChievous Lund

            Indeed! :)

          • conservativechick

            I loved the song! hahahaha

          • Sherri Mullinax


        • Martin DiOrio


          • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

            check the comment history… I’m pretty sure he forgot the sarc tag.

          • Don

            F–K off martin


          im so sick of people crying racist! They made fun of Obamacare like everybody else in the world. Grow up already.

        • Leslie Lesaroo

          We’ve yet to see anyone on the left trying to laugh at the ACA debacle…situation. Screaming the race card at folks who are trying to laugh about a bad time…that’s double standard racism. If you like your opinion you can keep your opinion.

      • Jason Adams

        They don’t watch SNL, because none of them have a sense of humor.

      • Carolyn Palacios

        Apparently liberals don’t like it when we point out that they’re a bunch of dumbbells for continuing to pretend like Obamacare isn’t awful. Not so fun being laughed at, huh libs?

      • Jay Stevens

        Two reasons:
        1. SNL is mostly liberal for liberals.
        2. CMA has a much larger conservative viewership.

    • SaraLouTrueBlue

      They don’t know any other way of expressing themselves, Kevin Roe…tsk, tsk ;(

    • drumsticks

      Don’t forget the racial undertones – you can hear the ghetto talk, even in the sentences.

    • Bill Phillips

      They have NO CLASS!

    • Scott Carroll

      Ye shall know the left by the F-Bombs they leave in their wake.

    • JMW

      Yep. Liberals are haters, pure and simple. Eight years of Bush bashing on Academy Awards shows etc etc and they get butthurt about one skit on the CMAs. Clueless dems are clueless.

    • ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ Cracka

      Yeah, that and the poor English with broken sentences. ugh. God help us.

      • Londonderry F&G Club

        shhhhh…reading it is the fun part….that is if you “reads” da ebonics

    • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

      Feel like you need the translator from Airplane..

      It’s less liberal screeching than blind faith suffer not a word of truth about him black Obots. .. you can understand pride from them a black man was elected,.. Stormtrooper like raging rabid blind devotion?

      That’s a fanatical cult..

      It’s clear it’s not white people who have a problem with people’s skin color here, but Obama’s fanatical base that has a problem with white peoples..

      and I guess they never heard of Charlie Pride.. or that 10% of the black vote is republican, small, but hardly nonexistent as they claim, or the Asian
      and Hispanic vote we get.

      so fixated on YOU MUST F’ING RESPECT HIM… when they said things about Bush to foul to mention.. suppose that respect thing only works one way in their heads..

      • Nancy Condit

        Charlie Pride is but one of the awesome Black singers we have had in country music.We are getting more and more of the black singers coming over to country because of the great fan base and the ability to disregard color when it comes to talent.We also have a lot of Hispanic talent in country music.

      • Londonderry F&G Club

        does anybody still speak jive these days?? I thought everything was ebonics now…

    • $10894398

      BIG difference between the LIBERAL and the ILLITERATE, though they often collaborate.

      • The Centurion

        It’s usually the LIBERAL taking advantage of the ILLITERATE rather than a collaboration.

    • John Janecek

      WORD POLICE>>>WORD POLICE>>> ‘You can not use the terms “classy” & “libs” together, as you have done. Now if you drop the C, L & Y from the word “classy” and eliminate the comma after the word, you have created the proper image of the late Teddy Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid & Barack Hussien Obama and more! >>>WORD POLICE OUT

    • Expat61

      And, misspellings and a made up language.

    • RumDoooogie

      don’t remember them being soo outraged when all the other award shows are pretty much a DNC rally

    • Bettiann Rinderle Davis

      libs…class…just don’t fit in the same sentence! Some can’t even speak in communicable sentences, but I bet they know how to use their ObamaPhone!

  • d1comment

    LOL…what a disaster ObamaCare is for America.

  • Glorious_Cause

    How dare you criticize our Dear Leader.

    • Angela Williamson Cox

      Awwww…… I guess it’s different when it’s a libtard!!!
      Suck it up!!! LOLOLOLOL

      • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

        I think you missed the sarcasm?

        • grandma_grapes

          I rest my case.

    • SaraLouTrueBlue

      That would be more like Dead Horse beater…

    • carolyn jenkins

      i’ll say it then, he is a moron and an idiot and a moron. ok did i say he’s a freaking moron.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

        You forgot to add that he’s a fcking moron.

        • Thomas Dobbins

          Fuck that fucking fucker!

      • Martin DiOrio

        don’t forget peter puffer

      • Jamie Chandler

        Don’t forget he’s a dumbass moron!!!

    • Chico Escobar

      LOOK YOU! POTUS sez so it must be true. If you don’t see that…errr… SHUT UP YOU! damn bigot! Do I have the banter correct?

      • Allan Hamilton

        Er, close…but “bigot” is to complex a concept…just use “racist”

        • fedhup

          that’s “raysist” in ni&&er.

    • Army Gorilla

      Don’t you mean Der Fuhrer

    • Linda Lee

      PLEASE tell me you are being facetious!!!

    • Jessica MissChievous Lund

      Please tell Me that was a sarcastic jab? That TRAITOR Is NO Leader of Mine! Impeach! Arrest! Convict!

    • Timothy Wright Art

      Is that a quote from March 10, 2003 about the Dixie Chicks?

    • Philippine Wanderer

      Do you honestly call the “pits of hell” and downward spiral he has driven – our once proud nation – to, leading? The coward could not lead if somebody took him by the hand…

  • AmericanMom

    Can the commenting Obamabot-liberals write a sentence without using the “f” word? Not an ounce of class to be shown by these low information voters.

    • MerleTemple

      No, Mom. I am afraid they could not speak without employing the variations of that word as verbs, adverbs, adjectives, pronouns, etc.

      • Frank Lee Speaking

        And don’t forget as a gerund, too.

    • kch50428

      Profanity is the feeble minded’s way of expressing themselves with force.

      • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

        true mostly.. but as a vet.. my first reaction is…

        only because they didn’t do it right.

    • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

      well when they aren’t busy spouting racist remarks about “white folk”, speaking or writing outside the urban dialect is .. um,.. racist,.. and HARD..

      Some bare ignorance as a burden… and some, like a badge of honor..

      proof they ain’t acting white..

      Heaven forbid they speak the common language correctly,.. since class, poise and intelligence are so racist.

      • AmericanMom

        One thing for certain, the American education system has surely let these people down. They can’t speak with any degree of proficiency, can’t spell and a high proportion of the them quit school.

  • TheOriginalDonald

    I bet they all want Kanye to interrupt Taylor again.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

      Not going to happen, Beyon-gay don’t sing wit’ twang.

    • Tina Thomas

      Would that be while he wears his Confederate flag shirt?

    • fedhup

      Even that ni&&er isn’t stupid enough to try that at the CMAs. Too much rope handy and too many trees nearby.

      • TheOriginalDonald

        They welcomed PPN Doody, son. Just be polite and don’t interrupt when George Strait wins an award. #TaylorSwiftWantsALLOfTheAttention :p

  • texasp1

    Awe their feelings are hurt…poor things.

  • living for truth

    Why is it liberals have to use such explicit language?

    • Otter2

      And all caps too.

      • Bill Phillips

        Did you ever notice! Some talk in ALL CAPS! And say the same thing 3 or 4 times …like if you didn’t hear their rant the first time they spewed it!

    • justlittlolme

      Because it takes a reasonable command of the English language to communicate properly.
      We were always taught cursing displayed a lack of both vocabulary and intelligence…but what did we know?
      Weez just pore, ignernt hics! LOL!

      • Dallas Witt

        This made me laugh really hard.. thanks!

    • me

      LMAO!! Told @IAMLEIGH314 cma’s trynna clown obama care. She said: “its sum po ass country mufuckas that need that shit too.” #CMAawards—
      Is this even English???

      • DWAAP

        I have no idea what you just typed! LOL

      • fedhup


        • Sherri Mullinax

          Never heard it described this way. LOL

    • Brian McKinny

      Liberals are SOOOO emotional… All they know how to do when they see something that doesn’t agree with their skewed world view is to yell, scream, curse, and stomp their feet, like petulant, ignorant little children throwing a temper tantrum.

      Just look at what their ‘savior’ did during the government shutdown last month. He screamed, stamped his feet, held his breath until he got what he wanted.

      Unfortunately for us, the senate GOPers didn’t have the political guts to support the House GOPers who confronted the petulant child in chief over funding his disastrous health care legislation. If they had, perhaps we could have avoided, or at least delayed this monstrosity from going into effect before it was ready.

      • Larry Conway

        You are terribly ill informed by FOX. You should change the channel once-in-a-while. And I didn’t curse or stamp my feet. And, he has been elected by a majority twice. That, makes you a loser, twice. Time to get over it and move on to 2016, when you will lose again. The WHIG Party welcomes you.

        • Brad

          You are terribly ill-informed by MessNBC. YOU need to change the channel (and pull your head out of your a**) every once in a while. Odumbo didn’t win – he survived (lost 14 – 18 million votes from ’08 to ’12. Romney’s refusal to FIGHT cost him the election).. Come 2016, you libtards will have everything so screwed up, a ham sandwich will bury whatever moron you put up.

        • Well Done

          Always amused when 0bama supporters mewl about Fox News. They capitalize all three letters, thinking it’s an acronym, like ABC or CBS. This is only one of many reasons we have to dismiss their inane nonsense. No need to give them but a sprinkle of truth. It appears they can’t handle truth in anything like what is a normal, daily dose for normal people. Presuming people who don’t see things the lefty way only watch Fox news helps us understand that many of them get their “news” from the alphabet media, which is, in effect, a single source. Note they all use the same buzzwords, suddenly a word not found in common use is being parroted by all of them. Remember “gravitas”?

  • Jayme S

    Yeah who didn’t see the left getting butt hurt.

  • Rabiddogg

    Damn, I left me Liberal to English dictionary in the car. Can someone translate for me?

    • Archaic


      • greg jones

        You sound like a racist liberal bitch betta.

        • RogueRose

          Greg, she was providing the translation for Rdogg… it was sarcasm..

          • Jay Stevens

            It was not so thinly veiled sarcasm.

        • Archaic

          Your sarcasm meter is broken.

          • greg jones

            My bad, I guess it was there for a moment.

          • me

            It’s hard to distinguish sarcasm from the insane rants of the progressives anymore, so it’s understandable.

          • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

            I learned to always check the comment history, saves me from missing it mostly.

      • Rabiddogg

        Obama hates everyone but himself. His ‘friends’ are there only as long as they can help him. Look at everyone he throws under the bus, even his own mom.

  • Cross67

    Sure, cherry pick the comments. The (NOT) Affordable Care Act is a joke and the majority of Americans get it. You go Paisley and Underwood! Hollywood can do it why not the CMA’s? Because Black and ignorant Americans who support Obama only think about themselves and color….not the Nation as a whole.

  • donzap

    My Country tiss of thee…
    Sweet Land of Liberty
    A Beacon of light upon a hill we will always be

    and no 2nd rate punk from Chicago can change it.

    • sweetc

      Unfortunately he can and he is, thanks to the low-info sheeple who blindly follow. :(

      (should be ’tis, not tiss)

      • fedhup

        That’s bourbon speak.

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Obamacare is lampooned by a few performers, and gets a reaction that obviously mocks the President. And people who more than likely listen to recordings that talk about “bitches” and “ho’s” got offended by that.

    Some jokes just write themselves, folks. I can’t top the lunacy here.

    • Creel Otters

      Irony – it’s what’s for supper.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      “(Liberal’s) God is not mocked.”

    • Bill Phillips

      Some of those “recordings” are filled with the talk about ‘M-Fers’ as well…ironic that she used those same “lyrics/words”

    • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

      in the ten ring..

      I’ve heard enough of these “edgy” hip hop fans to know that books with words longer than 5 letters are rarely on their reading list history.. they stopped somewhere around the time they discovered that calling a woman a “HO” got giggles… like the 3rd grade..

  • Maxx

    “Take this law and shove it.”

    There whiny libs. In honor of the CMAs, I’ve got your “Paycheck” right here.

    • Ryan

      Love it

  • Otter2

    Slandered? Lol, the truth is the perfect defense against libel and slander. Low info lawyer, must be an affirmative action beneficiary.

  • Creel Otters

    cma’s trynna clown obama care.

    In English, please?

    FYI, the CMA’s don’t need to ‘clown’ 0bamacare. 0bama does it well enough all on his own.

    • AllenAyres

      Obamacare (channeling Madea): “I can do bad all by myself”.

  • luckycat76

    The libs thought it was so kewl and edgy to mock Bush at the Oscars, the Grammys, and any other Me-Myself-and-I Awards show.
    Yet they get all butt hurt about a little fun poked at Dear Leader’s major fustercluck. Of course.

    • Doctor Mike

      I wish we could post your comment all over the world, LuckyCat. You’re spot on. I remember challenging a lib after the emmys when all of those clowns were making their anti-Bush speeches. All this lib twig did was say, “It needed to be said.” Now that the shoe’s on the other foot, it’s disrespectful.

      • Martin DiOrio

        Buck Ofama

      • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

        and they completely miss what hypocrites they are about it, always rewrite history and DENY trashing Bush, or Reagan..

        thing about being 54.. I lived through their stupid, and have a very good memory for remembering the words they used to clown themselves.

    • Carolyn Owens

      They are just like obama–thin skinned and yes, they are LOW information voters. I’m guessing they haven’t been affected by the unaffordable care act because they get it free at our expense!

      • 3seven77

        They get *everything* – from food to birth control – at our expense.

  • Kristin Schroeder

    My favorite tweet was the one above from vivian betts who says you (meaning country singers) didn’t do any jokes about Bush. I guess she forgot about that whole Dixie Chicks thing.

    • nc ✓s & balances

      Weeelll, this really isn’t a good example. Dixie Chicks ruined their high flying career when they dissed not only Bush, but their fans, too.

      • TheOriginalDonald

        and, like Taylor Swift, The Cluck Old Hens are country artists :p

    • rickg62

      Oh Lord please, we’re all just trying to forget the Dixie Chicks period.

      • Martin DiOrio

        Isn’t that Chixie Dicks?

        • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

          it is now..

    • Creel Otters

      And Brad and Carrie did it on US soil instead of slinking across the pond like the Dixie Chicks to spout off where they thought they could do it in anonymity.

  • Ken Hoag

    The Left can’t take it… they can dish it out but they CAN’T TAKE IT…

    • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

      thin skinned cowards at heart,.. mockery is “their” tool, and is banned for anyone else’s use, just ask em..

  • Guest

    It’s just because so many people love the Obama hand outs while the rest of the hard working Americans with an education support you. This is what’s sad in this country is the undereducated people. If you don’t like it, then don’t watch it. While some people base it on being racial, those are the ones with the problem.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Here’s a puzzler, who’s more thin-skinned: Obama, or Obama supporters?

    • texasp1

      I say, that is a toss-up.

    • Creel Otters


    • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary


      toss up… more like The Jonestown cult.. when fanatics killed a Congressman and party, because they were afraid of the report he’d write..

      right before drinking koolaid and cyanide, and giving it to their kids..

  • Doctor Mike

    “I think it’s very disrespectful for the country award to make fun of obamacare! You didn’t do jokes on anything that Bush did!” Are you kidding? There was an entire emmy awards show dedicated to slamming Bush. All I have to say is it’s about time!

    • lonestar

      edited after I read complete post.

      • Doctor Mike

        No worries, Lonestar. I got the original post and you are right. They didn’t think it was disrespectful for 8 years, but they do now. Funny how that works.

        • Tina Thomas

          SNL already lampooned it! LOL

          • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

            Country is their dog whistle word.. like NASCAR..

            a liberal mildly mocks Obama, they mutter under their breath..

            something they have fixated on as representing middle American whites?

            aww Hell …………. they unleash their inner black panther with the verbal bombs and billy clubs.

            Oblivious to the fact the democrat party founded the KKK, and Jim Crowe.. and they rewarded it, by slapping their own chains on for them.

  • JesusIsMySavior

    It seems the only people defending ObamaCare are people on Medicaid & don’t have to sign up, and Democrats working for Obama. And, we expect language like that from uneducated people who are clueless about the effects of a communist leader. So sad that ANYTHING Obama does is good just because he’s half black. Remember, he’s half white too. And 100% Muslim & we know how they feel about America.

    • cambia

      Really? I work with people who have cancer. Many of them pay $25K a year in premiums IF they can be insured at all. I sure hope you aren’t one of those redneck Christians – if you are pick up that bible and read Matthew 25. Then start following it.

      • me

        Post-modern ‘Christianity’ is a mental disorder.

        • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

          Lol.. says you.

      • cambia

        Oh my Lord. “Jesus is your savior?” You REALLY need to pick up a bible. 1) There are two parts, the old and new testament. 2) The new testament is the part with Jesus Christ. Pick it up, find Matthew 25. Jesus CHrist tells us pretty clearly how we are supposed to live and care for each other and pretty much everything you’ve written goes against it. You might want to start over. With the gospels.

        • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

          Yes, and make sure you yourself read the part that says to “Love thy neighbor as thyself”…. You must hate yourself to throw out the ‘redneck Christian’ slur.

          Also, FYI, the ENTIRE Bible is about Jesus. I think you need to read it first, before admonishing others to read it.

        • Finrod Felagund

          Jesus also told his disciples that if they didn’t have a sword, to sell their cloak and go buy one.

        • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

          Jesus admonished YOU to treat others well, care for the infirm…

          and you idiot left take that to mean, sit on your lazy @ss and farm it out to the government, no matter how incompetent or how much collateral damage they do..

          You.. not hold a gun on your poorer neighbor and rob him to put it in the collection plate of big gubment.

          How many of these folks you supposedly worked with.. did you actually invest a single personal asset to help?.. or typical of the left, did you just roll your eyes, and wish the government would just HANDLE it..

          We have homeless, in our home with us.. even with no extra resources, we took in a homeless sister in law and her two children,.. who aren’t paying anything as they climb out of the hole that’s Obama’s economy..

          We LIVE the teachings of Jesus.. trying, failing, trying again.. and again.. and again..

          You just mouth the words, [email protected] them to justify your lazy ideology..

          I fail to love my neighbor, when my “neighbor” steals food from my children because being a real muscular Christian, is HARD.. and the left is lazy..

          • Sherri Mullinax

            THEY forgot if you don’t work you don’t eat!!

        • Brenda Lee

          It also states that he that does not work to cut off his end of the table, Nimrod! that means lazy people!

        • Sherri Mullinax


      • mike_in_kosovo

        Failed shame attempt – I love seeing liberals try to use the Bible… it’s sort of like the drunk looking for his keys under the streetlight. It’s not where he lost them, but the light is better there.

      • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

        Lot’s of us have, or know people with chronic medical conditions, lots of us have dealt heavily with insurance companies..

        and if you think Obamacare is a cure all for people with cancer, by destroying the health plans of millions of Americans..

        You’re a screaming dunce..

        I HAVE dealt with government run Medicare.. and Workers Comp…

        have also dealt with private insurance..

        The difference was as stark as your emotional ignorance.. no private payer screwed me, or deliberately inflicted misery on me, as the government did..

        and if you think insulting our Christianity is cute.. buying into the idiot claim “Jesus was a socialist”..

        you aren’t smart enough to vote.

        Your benevolent government care, screwed up my case, for years, never even issuing a WC claims card, then tried to disappear it, as if it never existed.. to cover their @ss..

        They dumped me with no doctor, no medications, after having my spine fractured in two places.. and no meds with a spinal cord injury, is the tenth level of Hell..finally after two months.. reinstated by an attorney working pro bono..

        F**k your left wing Christianity, if it means, being a me first hypocrite… I’ll keep mine, ours. Because by all means.. explain how to cover 8 million uninsured, you have the right to ruin the insurance of a hundred million other Americans..

        and make it so expensive we can’t afford it..

        You are happily taking food from my children,, and we make only 40,000 a year between us..

        You say you love Jesus, but haven’t understood anything he ever said.. because, when did he say.. Caesar must raise your taxes, because he works for me”.?..

        He said.. YOU must be your brothers keeper.. not sit on your @ss and demanding everyone else pay your contribution, because you haven’t the guts to do the hard part of being a Christian, charity isn’t something you lefties can farm out..

        The Christian left, lazy, dim, and so dammed sure they have the only key to God’s intent, doing EXACTLY what they accuse us of doing….. arrogant and blind to their own hypocrisy.

    • Matt

      I could agree with you until that last sentence.

  • Ryan

    First off. Speak English please not ghetto. That is another problem with this country.

  • Debby Ward

    the only people that like Obamacare are the welfare leeches who get it for free or next to nil…

    • Debby Ward

      for all you O-care leeches…nil means nothing, as in, we the tax payers pay for it, so we can call it what it is..

  • greg jones

    Why all these peeps turning something about obamacare into something racist, LOL. They are all the racist people coming out. Obamacare ain’t black or white, it’s a law. Bunch of dumb asses.

    • disqus_9k4Iee7cic

      Not all laws are just especially laws that enslave people as Obama care does, now we are the slaves

  • Pam Corson

    Why are these people even watching the CMA’s to begin with? Most of the people complaining about the song probably don’t even listen to country music to begin with.

    • Allbets

      They weren’t watching–they’re getting their news from Twitter.

  • nc ✓s & balances

    I wonder if the tweeter with the “disrespectful” comment was offended by the Miley Cyrus spectacle. Talk about disrespectful!

  • lonestar

    Poor liberals got their feelings hurt by those mean country folk. They get the oscars, emmys, grammys, mtv awards, golden globes, screen actors guild, peoples choice awards and more to ridicule anyone who holds a different view. And, they used every one of those award shows to mock GWBush for 8 years. The bullies are proving themselves to be nothing more than cowards.

    • $22639970

      After all, lonestar, cowardice is the essence of a bully’s lack of character.

  • Ryan

    It’s just because so many people love the Obama hand outs while the rest of the hard working Americans with an education support you. This is what’s sad in this country is the undereducated people. If you don’t like it, then don’t watch it. While some people base it on being racial, those are the ones with the problem. Join a new bandwagon. I just laugh at ignorant people.

  • RightWingLeftyGolfer

    In the words of David Allen Coe – “she got runned over by a damned old train” (added wreck)

  • Joe W.

    And we are the “racists”…….Pfffffffft…..

  • richardd2013

    “lame ass country music”

    Yes because their autotune ridden, talentless, can barely be considered “music” is sooooo much better…

  • skelter

    Oh, when is the BET Music Awards or the MTV awards? they can have their shot at Obamacare by then.

    • cambia

      Racist much? Do you honestly think black people are the only people in the country without healthcare? Can you be that ignorant and use a computer? Do you honestly believe that only black people have cancer or chronic heart conditions or are obese and do not qualify for insurance because of preexisting conditions? And if you are a good ole country music fan, are you a Christian too? Try reading Matthew 25. New Testament. It’s about Jesus CHrist. Doesn’t look fondly on false CHristians who do not take care of their fellow man.

      • me

        Post-modern ‘Christianity’ is a mental disorder. Thanks for all of the Third World immigration, ‘Christian’. Whatever happened to you guys going overseas on your ‘missionary’ work? Too lazy, so you have to import anti-Americans over here to ‘convert’?

        • cambia

          Um…. Matthew 25 is not ‘post-modern’ Christianity. It’s in the New Testament. You know, the one with Christ? The other one is pretty much the Torah, which is great, if you are Jewish.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

            Only the first 5 books are the Torah… there are 28 after that that aren’t. And I’ll state again, the ENTIRE Bible is about Jesus. Go back and read John 1:1.

      • twoandahalfcents

        You’re a joke

      • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

        He must not look fondly upon you, then, false Christian.

      • mike_in_kosovo

        “Doesn’t look fondly on false CHristians who do not take care of their fellow man.”

        You mean like 2 Thessalonians 3:10-12?
        I also must have missed where Matthew 25 tells Christians to give money to others to care for their fellow man, instead of doing it themselves – care to quote the verse?

  • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

    Yeah, like any of those bozos know the first thing about country music…

  • richardd2013

    “You didn’t do jokes on anything that Bush did!”

    Thats because Bush didn’t try to screw up our whole health care system. Oh and by the way sugar plum, you don’t “do” jokes. You MAKE them!

    • cambia

      No, he just lied and killed about a million people – including Americans for nothing – nothing at all. Loved that truck song – what does that poor man think his son died for? Freedom? For Iraqis? Anyone read the news lately? It’s worse than when we got in. The tragedy is that his son died for nothing but lies.

      • twoandahalfcents

        15,000 Kurds gassed in northern Iraq would disagree.

        • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

          In all fairness, not that it’s fair, but Kuwait was slant drilling into Iraq for oil.

          *Edit: Never mind. I read Kurds as Kuwaitis. Apologies.

          • twoandahalfcents

            Right on K. God bless.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

            Aw, thank you, God Bless you and yours. :)

        • cambia

          And at that time, we were selling arms to Iraq.

          • twoandahalfcents

            Not those arms, do your research

      • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

        Lied about what? If you’re going to throw that at Bush’s feet, you might as well blame Congress, since they gave the declaration of war. At least Bush went to Congress, unlike the supreme jackass in the White House.

        • Larry Conway

          What declaration of war? We are not in a declared war that I am aware of. Elucidate? please.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

            No we weren’t, but Congress must give approval to go to war, to make the declaration. Bush got it. Typically, we have to be attacked first for Congress to give the go-ahead to involve the US in a ‘war’, i.e. the sinking of the Lusitania(WWI) Pearl Harbor(WWII), Gulf of Tonkin(Vietnam), USS Cole-9/11(The Iraq War)

      • twoandahalfcents

        Kurdistan, go look at the pictures

        • cambia

          So we went to war with Iraq because the Kurds were gassed in the 80s? But wait, we were allies with Saddam Hussein then, so that really doesn’t make much sense then, does it? Why not invade Saudia Arabia, where citizens have been butchered for decades? Or the PRC? Why don’t the Iraqis think we brought them freedom? They think we destroyed their country and we did. It is a tragedy.

          • twoandahalfcents

            It was stupidity really. Just don’t pull the WMD lie bullshit when there is easily accessed photo evidence of gassed Kurds.

      • owlpellets

        Did he brag about being good at killing people?

  • KCisKing

    It is an entertainment show folks, lighten up.

  • That’s Right

    Someone please tell me why the black people of this country want to stay on the democrats plantation. Please, anyone!

    • Ryan

      Because if the free handouts

    • Creel Otters

      LBJ. Great Society. Roosevelt. Take your pick of these and scores more.

    • cambia

      There are more white people on welfare than black people – for starters. And that doesn’t even count the BILLIONS we’ve spent on agri-welfare.

      • me

        Prove it, or move on….

      • twoandahalfcents

        Per capita or raw number. You are wrong. Want to come tour Detroit with me. I could show you things they don’t teach at OFA

        • cambia

          No, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to tour anywhere with you. But would you like to talk about counties in KY on welfare? They are not full of black people.

          • twoandahalfcents

            Don’t want to talk KY with you, sister. Noticed you ran from the per capita argument. Look that up. If the country is 85% white and 15% black, the gross numbers will definitely show more whites getting assistance. Per capita numbers blows your argument out of the water. Go away. Do you really want to contest contributions to society on a dollar for dollar basis. I thought not. I even let you count rappers, but not Eminem, he’s my neighbor.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

            Michigander? Hey neighbor!

          • twoandahalfcents

            Born and raised neighbor, which one of us gets to turn out the lights?

          • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

            Uh… I don’t get it… not born and raised here. This is my adoptive state; my husband being born and raised here.

      • mike_in_kosovo

        “There are more white people on welfare than black people”

        I’m guessing you *think* you have a point? What percentages by group?

      • twoandahalfcents

        Do you enjoy being my bitch?

        • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

          I enjoy them being your bitch!

  • Renny

    How do you ‘slander’ Obamacare? Libs. They’re dumber than dirt.

    • ObamaFail

      Someone needs to educate these lemmings that it’s only slander if it’s not true. Like how Democrats called Republicans terrorists and Republican voters Anarchists. Now THAT was slander.

      • Finrod Felagund

        To them, truth is whatever helps Democrats.

  • pattig12

    I love it, it’s about time someone…anyone spoke the truth!

  • Diane Stephan

    Come on people, you know you can’t make fun of their lord and savior. 😉

  • nwo5150

    Let’s face it if ignorance is bliss these Obamaites are very happy individuals

  • Ryan

    Thanks to OsamaCare my health insurance rates tripled. Why I asked. Oh because you being penalized and being forced to help pay for all those undereducated people without healthcare. So I guess the money I donate to Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital will now go to this program. The kids that need it most that are already dying are less important than those that are looking for free handouts. What a shame this country is losing its freedom to a dictator.

    • cambia

      if only what you said were true. i don’t buy it. document it. give us your age, health condition, premiums. no? then stop lying.

      • ceili_dancer

        Why don’t you ask him for SSN, date of birth and mother’s maiden name while you’re at it? Oh, nevermind you can get that all on the website yourself.

  • April Occasionally Matt Edward

    Everyone getting mad over the CMA’s making fun of Obamacare are IDIOTS!!!!!!! Freedom of speech baby get over yourselves, Obamacare will be the downfall of this Country!!!!!!!

  • Klankity

    Yet they have free reign to bash and slander any Conservative they want. Oh, and they love it when the VMAs fawns over “the savior.” HYPOCRITES.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Oh but having leftist celebrities shamwow for Obamacare is okay? Paying Hollywood studios with taxpayer money to push Obamacare in TV shows is okay? Trying to extort the NFL to push Obamacare is okay? Any of the twidiots here wanna weigh in on any of these? Anyone? How ’bout Twostepcub? Couldn’t make it through 5 minutes of the CMAs? Betcha’ watched all of Miley’s twerk on the VMAs!

  • FreedomFighter

    Theyre perfectly happy listening to their rap music about using, beating women, and calling everyone n@$&ers. Dont talk bad about Obamacare though.

    • cambia

      Sorry, more white boys listen to rap music than any other group. Next?
      Man, when I lived in the South I thought racism had gotten better. Y’all really are a bunch of racists. Explains a lot. Oh, except that pretend-Christian thing. Just let all those poor people or people who have lost every cent to cancer die –

      • FreedomFighter

        Thats funny, i didnt even mention the race of the people who listen to rap. It is you who injected race into the word “theyre”. NEXT???

        • cambia

          you’re right. i made an assumption that ‘they’re’ (as opposed to us) referred to black people. and that “their music’ referred to black musicians. i think anyone with an iq over 100 could make that correlation. racist. try a rewrite if you are able. are you referring to young white men pretending to be gangsters? or suburban white guys pretending that they have ever been ‘country?”

          • FreedomFighter

            It doesnt matter what their race is. The fact that theyre ok with the mysoganistic, abusive rap lyrics, but not ok with Obamacare comedic criticism, is extremely ignorant.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

            Wow. Reading comprehension really isn’t your strong point, is it…. Let me explain Twitchy to you. Regardless of who writes what, it’s what is said that is showcased here. Not WHO said it. Better? Do I need to type in one syllable words for you?

            *Edit: Sometimes, it’s about the person saying it… BUT NOT IN THIS CASE, MORON.

          • cambia

            Sorry, you are a racist, and it doesn’t matter if your KKK friends tell you anything else. Live with it.

          • ObamaFail

            Democrats started the KKK. Every Democrat running around pretending to care about black people (which it’s only because of the votes) had daddies and granddaddies running around in White Hoods. And black Democrat’s daddies and granddaddies were victims of those white dems daddies in white hoods.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

            How apropo… you replied to yourself with that statement. So, in actuality, YOU are the racist? Either that, or you’re ignorant of how the ‘reply’ function works on Disqus. Typical LIV.

          • Brian McKinny

            Wow. You liberals call that ‘racial profiling’. That’s WRONG, man… What an idiot you must be. You have my pity.

      • me

        Have you even done any research on Obama Care? Why are you calling everyone ‘racists’? How do you define the word ‘racist’? Are you sure you know what that word means? You lived in the South? Does that make you an ‘expert’ on ‘race relations’? Why did you move away from the South? Who is a ‘pretend’ Christian? So many puzzling mysteries to your rants…..

        • mike_in_kosovo

          “Why are you calling everyone ‘racists’?”

          (Liberal’s) God is not mocked!

      • twoandahalfcents

        The racists are above. The rest of us just got screwed out of insurance with good coverage that we paid cash for every month. What do you pay for. Born and raised in the D, save your racist crap.

      • Brian McKinny

        Wow, you really are a troll, just cruising for a fight… I’m gonna say what everyone here wants to say to you: You really should just go home, and stay off the Internet. It’s affecting you emotionally, and negatively. You really sound bitter, angry, and completely ignorant.

        You know the old saying, “Better to be thought to be a fool than to open your mouth and prove them right.”

        I’d really take that to heart, if I were you. You’re proving them right.

  • cambia

    Somebody want to tell me how many musicians in Nashville get health insurance with their jobs? How many songwriters? How many waitresses? I’m guessing none of them, except the millionaires up there on that stage. The producers and writers of this stage have some nerve. Can’t sign up on the internet? Call your congressman/ woman. They are the ones who made sure there were no funds for rollout – even though it was the law of the land. Again. How many real musicians – not these pretend cowboys have insurance?

    • Jack Deth

      Hurts, don’t it?

    • thekatzemeow

      Well, the union members are probably covered that way, and the rest, if they aren’t idiots could always sign up exactly the same way as all other non-idiots. Go to the websites of various insurance companies and shop rates and policies. Or they could call a broker to shop for them. Just like it has always been.

    • Matt

      About $500 million wasn’t enough “funds for rollout”?

      • ObamaFail

        To libs, anything less than a blank check is not only not enough money for Obama, but racist as well.

    • twoandahalfcents

      You’re an idiot. 1 billion on roll out and epic fail. Dude delayed the employer mandate unconstitutionally or we would see 130 million cancellations before 12/31. Cancelling the private policies was politically safe as those who pay their way are the devil to the gay Kenyan Marxist usurper.

      • cambia

        The “Kenyan Marxist usurper?” Were you raised in a KKK house? Do watch Fox all day, every day? Don’t drink and post.

        • twoandahalfcents

          It’s a riff, get over yourself.

        • ObamaFail

          Seeing as how the Dems were the KKK and MSDNC and CNN defended those who called black Conservatives the n-word means that anyone who watches your networks are the real racists.

    • Its_My_Fault

      You are way past drinkin the Obama koolaid. Look with your eyes and not your loyalty. The destruction of jobs and upward mobility is damaged by Obamcare for the poor and middle class. That is NOT what Obama campaigned on and he should be ashamed of trying to turn our country into the sewer he helped create in Chicago

    • me

      Who said that this boondoggle was the ‘law of the land’? How do you know that these people have health insurance or not? Why do you think Obama Care is a good thing? Three years and $500,000,000 is not enough time and money to set up a government website? Why is Obama’s personal website running fine, when the Obama Care website is a disaster? If Obama wanted to insure you, wouldn’t he have made it work? Who do you think will be paying the high premiums? Do you think that Obama Care is free? Did you know about the ‘death panels’? Have you read all of the 2000 + pages in the bill? Have you, or your loved ones, tried to sign up, call, or write to apply for Obama Care? Why do you think that everyone is against Obama Care?

      • cambia

        Senator John McCain (R) Arizona.

        • Brad

          McA*****e (RINO) dosen’t count.

    • cambia

      Still don’t have an answer. You think those songwriters and backup singers in Nashville get health insurance? THEY are the people that make these people stars. But it’s okay to ridicule the possibility that they might get health care? Evidently those country millionaires don’t care too much about the people who made them who they are. Good to learn.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

        And you think they don’t have it? Are you seriously as stupid as you sound?

        • cambia

          Prove to me they do. Songwriters? Bus drivers? Spare me.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

            U N I O N.


      • Brian McKinny

        You prove your ignorance every time you post. I work in the music industry – have done so all my adult life. And yes, most of those people on the broadcast tonight that has you so heated up DO have health insurance.

        Producers, directors, camera operators, songwriters, backup singers, musicians, sound engineers, lighting designers, grips, and technicians, etc, are all paid quite well, and I guarantee you that everyone who worked on that broadcast tonight has health insurance either through their employer, or through their respective unions.

        That is, until Obama Care kicked in and a lot of those people on the broadcast got cancellation notices!

        You act as if the multi-millionaire talent on stage tonight were the only people who had, or could afford health care coverage, and that’s just plain crazy, dude. You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

        The fact is, health care may have been expensive before Obama Care, but now that it’s out there wreaking havoc on the industry, even more people cannot afford it BECAUSE of this crappy law.

        What you really need to understand is that your ‘Dear Leader’ is the cause of all this mayhem in the industry, and conversely, the country. Why, you may ask? Because the law that bears his name is just as crappy at making healthcare affordable as he is at doing his job as president.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

      Haha… “Law of the Land”…. I’m sorry, which Constitutional Amendment was this again? What was that you said? It isn’t a Constitutional Amendment? Well golly gee…..

      • cambia

        I’m sorry. A law is not a constitutional amendment.

        • ObamaFail

          We have immigration laws that your lord and savior ignore just so he can boost the Dem voter base, eventually throwing you morons under the bus.

        • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

          But the “Laws of the Land” are enshrined in the Constitution, dumbass.

  • Scott Sage

    Yeah, liberals have an extremely short memory to go along with their suddenly being sensitive to dissing the president. Have they forgotten how Hollywood was so vicious towards President Bush????

  • skw

    Hahahaha lmao sooooo funny love it!!!

  • ssj429

    Liberals always attacked Bush. However, Obama is always off limits to the liberal zombies.

    • JeffWeimer

      See cambia here in the comments for a prime example.

      • cambia

        Thank you. And I’m willing to bet you think you’re a Christian too. Ever read Matthew 25? Read it again.

        • twoandahalfcents

          Go cherry pick your own before you come for mine you effin troll

        • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

          You certainly aren’t, so why do you care?

        • JeffWeimer

          What does that have to do with your thin skin? What I do to help my fellow man is none of your business – Matthew 6. It it certainly not up to you to tell me how to do it. I’m sure you would resent it if I reached into your wallet to give to a beggar and then take the credit.

          • cambia

            Sounds like I hit home. Also sounds like you’re not much of a Christian, although I am sure you pride yourself on proclaiming yourself as one – and ignoring the teachings of Christ if it doesn’t suit your politics. Sorry. It doesn’t work that way. But thanks for introducing me to the people who hate Obama. I have been arguing for years that they were not racist – simply had political disagreements. Imagine my surprise when I wandered into a neo-KKK site with pretend Christians, foul mouths and really, really poor grasp of facts and reality.

          • JeffWeimer

            Your grasp of non-sequitur is impressive.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

            ” Also sounds like you’re not much of a Christian, although I am sure you pride yourself on proclaiming yourself as one -”

            Please point out to me where Jeff PROCLAIMED he was Christian. And show me the pride…

            You’re SO terribly stupid…. I feel sorry for you.

          • JeffWeimer

            I merely reference Matthew 6 – the one where it says not to do good works for recognition, as you get your reward now instead of the afterlife. I don’t proclaim, just do; so how follow Matthew 25 is none of her business as I don’t want or need HER approval, only the Heavenly Father’s.

            Of course, her implying that any way other than approving government largesse is not taking care of my fellow man violates Matthew 6.

        • mike_in_kosovo

          Ever read 2 Thessalonians 3:10-12?

          Go read it again

          And, since you support Democrats and therefore abortion, you can follow up with Matthew 15:7-9 and the 6th Commandment.

  • Kip Hudson

    because you liberal twits there is not a damn thing that’s good about obamacare and if you would get your faces out of obama,s ass long enough to actually think for your selves and take the time to read it and actually look around and see the millions of people that have already lost their health care because of it you might see what people are suffering from and its not even in full effect yet and oh remember this when one of your elderly loved ones are laying there dying and suffering and some jackass in Washington decides oh well its just their time so be it …then tell me how good it is!!

  • Bryan Rowe

    Well just as everyone didn’t think it was was funny, not everyone believes in Obama and that Obamacare are good for our country. In case you weren’t aware, we still live in a free nation. If you don’t care for the CMA’s content, turn off the t.v. I know I do whenever I see Obama speak or most any other politician for that matter. It turns my stomach to hear the lies from all the hypocrites and liars in D.C.

  • Michael C Stephenson

    Get used to it progressives. You guys love ridicule when the target is to the right. It’s headed your way now, long and hard.

  • Sarandipity44

    You can always pick the liberal rants by the filty language. And in this case, grammar!! Funny, they dis country music fans with their foul language and bad grammar. And they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.

    • cambia

      You might want to glance through the comments again. Nice concept, but it just isn’t true.

    • cambia

      You might want to check midasrex.

  • mikesatv


  • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Yea…nobody ever did jokes about Bush ever. How nice you decided to crawl out from under your rock. And no, not being able to pay your medical isn’t funny. Of course losing your health insurance isn’t funny either, yet for some strange reason your average Obamabot doesn’t seem to mind.

  • descolada9

    Have these fools watched the Oscars or Grammy awards lately?

  • GaryTheBrave

    cambia’s more butt hurt than when he/she/it was picked up by Martians and “probed.” It keeps referring to Matthew 25. Christ extolled His followers to care for their neighbors, not the government. That’s the BIG DIFFERENCE.

    • cambia

      very christian comment. do you make the same kind in church, mr. brave? i’m guessing you don’t. coward.

      • me

        What do you define as a ‘Christian’? Are you acting like a ‘Christian’ on this thread?

        • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

          Lol… they most certainly are not.

        • cambia

          I’m simply asking if these people read the New Testament – Matthew 25. Do you?

          • Finrod Felagund

            Jesus also talked about H3ll more than anyone else in the entire Bible.

      • GaryTheBrave

        You’re right. It was a late night/early morning type of day (woke up at 3:00). I do apologize and will discuss this from a different angle.

        When the government nationalized passenger train service they promised that all 50 states would be served including remote locales. As the costs increased stations closed, routes eliminated, and now entire states lack any Amtrak service. Service deteriorated to the point of worthlessness. A personal anecdote: I checked on taking Amtrak from Denver to Salt Lake City, a 7-hour trip from my home in northern Colorado. Amtrak would take FOUR DAYS to get to SLC. I would board a train in Denver, ride it to Klamath Falls, OR, then take a bus to SLC.

        The same thing will happen with nationalized health care. As costs increase coverage will decrease. People with chronic or expensive ailments will not be cared for by the death panels.

  • Vibora Volando

    Obviously the critics of the satire missed many of the politically charged garbage coming out of the Oscars in years gone by

  • Matt

    It was a badge of honor, for many people, to bash Bush during his presidency.

    What goes around, comes around.

  • Its_My_Fault

    Looks like these fools need Languagecare. Just more solid examples of Obama’s freeloader “gangsta entourage

    • cambia

      see above.

      • Its_My_Fault

        ANd your point? Did someone elect you the head troll for this post?

        • Finrod Felagund

          He drew the short straw over at Media Mutters.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

        See above what? Your disdain for your fellow Americans and humanity in general? Okay. It’s a tall order, but hey, we’ll at least try.

  • Keith Mac Martin

    Too funny. All of the schmucks that made fun of Bush can take a little funning. Ahahahahaha

  • midasrex

    Why is all the mufuckas trynna clown CMA unable to communicate in complete, intelligible sentences?

  • Its_My_Fault

    where all these gangsta come from wachn country music? Must be bored waiting on Obamacare website to work to get their freebies

    • twoandahalfcents

      More likely OFA members


    Poor kingobama followers just do not like the truth!

  • Its_My_Fault

    These are some fine upstanding examples of Obama’s voter entourage

  • D.I.

    Butthurt over the heresy of their Lord and Savior 0bama.

  • Its_My_Fault

    Guess we should all be happy paying 2-3 times more for our insurance to support all these freeloading gangstas?

    • D.I.

      I know I am!

  • Bill Henry

    I recorded the show, sat down to watch it.
    As if the ass slappin’ sequin wearin’ Luke Bryan/ Georgia Line love fest wasn’t enough, Carrie and Brad started making fun of “Obamacare” and the stereo-typical Republican rural hick crowd went nuts.
    I immediately stopped the show and deleted it.
    When will the country music business stop shooting themselves in the foot?

    • me

      When will the ‘Republican rural hick crowd’ conform and obey your insane despot in the Spite House? How about never? Is that good for you?

      • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

        How about the “rural Republican hick crowd” stop sending food and resources to all the urban areas, and let’s see how desperate they get.

        • twoandahalfcents

          Agreed. Those of us that are prepared can stand a year without the all important “economy”. Fug em. Stop producing.

        • cambia

          Sorry, it works the opposite way. Welfare money goes to the slave states: NC, SC, Al, TN, KY (KY is particularly high and particularly white. California, CT, MASS, OR, Washington all pay more INTO the federal government than they receive. It is sad but true.

          • twoandahalfcents

            How bout we stop sending trucks of food to blue states?

          • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

            So reading comprehension is NOT one of your strong points. Got it.

  • Tony Baker

    I guess those folks who are complaining//have not received there cancellation notice yet///oh wait I bet they are waiting for more of us to sign up so they can get more free stuff//jUST SAYING

  • Snookyjack50

    WooHoo! I love it when libtards are angry! They show their true colors, all cursing and no and low class.

  • Tom Montz

    Why is it everytime there is an Obama issue the first thing Black America say is that whites are racist against him. Really? So I guess Obama is offering you incredible health care, gave you a job making $15.00 an hour. Your gasoline cost for your car is $1.99 a gallon? I think not. ALL if America is suffering the same under Obama, he is not destroying America by race, he is destroying America because he is a freaking idiot that cares about nothing but himself. Why people claim racism because Obama is made fun of is more racist than anything.

    • cambia

      No, I think it is because of comments like the one below. By the way, the President does not and has never controlled the price of petroleum. Right now, we have more than we can use. Rigs are down in ND and UT.

      ‘Guess we should all be happy paying 2-3 times more for our insurance to support all these freeloading gangstas?’

      • Its_My_Fault

        And you think that is not a true statement? Ever look at the JayZ crowd Obama hangs with?

      • twoandahalfcents

        One word, Keystone. I chase you around all night, troll

      • JeffWeimer

        That’s incorrect, for gasoline anyway. President Nixon instituted price controls – directly contributing to the early 70’s shortages.

        • cambia

          Um… I think you maybe missed OPEC. Petroleum is a fungible commodity. It is controlled by global corporations, not by the President. But go ahead and base your information on chain emails. By the way, the gas shortages were the late 70’s. Watergate was the early 70’s.

          • JeffWeimer

            I lived then, you? I remember flags, odd/even days, max fill signs and lines. Gas shortages were early 70’s, also thanks to OPEC (and the Yom Kippur War), but exacerbated by fixing the maximum price of gasoline.

            OPEC….is not global corporations. Look up the acronym.

          • WHMay

            You forgot taking someone along with you to fill-up. One to push and one to steer the car to the gas pump so you wouldn’t waste gas starting the engine.

          • JeffWeimer

            I don’t remember doing THAT, but I do remember key locking gas caps.

          • Brian McKinny

            Um, no… You’re wrong. The gas shortages you are thinking of were a direct result of the idiotic economics of Jimmy Carter, and happened in 1978.

            The gas shortages that Mr. Weimer above was referring to, DID happen in 1973/74, and Nixon DID institute price controls on gasoline at that time.

            You’re either too young to know/remember, or just plain stupid. My money is on stupid.

    • twoandahalfcents

      Always remember, anti racist = anti white. Read the full Agenda 21 document. It becomes painfully clear. Your country is already gone.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

        It got stolen in 1913.

        • twoandahalfcents

          Absolutely right K.

  • Its_My_Fault

    Yes, all we need to do is look at Chicago for an example of what Obama can do for our country.

  • Sue Alligood Smith

    It was very poor taste!! They should have left politics out of this show. I have a much lower opinion of Underwood & Paisley!!! Done with them!!

    • Its_My_Fault

      This always happens when President’s lose credibility and destroys the country

    • twoandahalfcents

      Why, did they force legislation to cancel your insurance?

    • me

      And the ‘progressive’ programming on the msm is never political? Give me a break!

  • Hayekguy

    What total assholes.

  • Laura Phares-Wilson

    Hey – If you idiots want Socialized Medicine so bad – LEAVE MY COUNTRY ALONE AND LEAVE – go to another Socialist Country where you can be happy. There, you can wait 2 years for a surgery and pay 50% of your income in income tax. If I had my way – I would force you out of this country at gun point along with all those like you. No, I will not be participating and PAYING YOUR DAMNED MEDICAL BILLS WHILE YOU EAT PROCESSED FOOD GARBAGE AND TAKE VACCINES. GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY !

    • Michael Napier

      not entirely true tho canada has medical for everybody and it doesnt take 2 years to get a surgery whereas ive had a hernia for just over 2 years and nobody will help me

    • michael de santa

      Oh yes because forcing someone to leave at gun point is kosher.

  • Brian McKinny

    Ahahaha!!! I’m pissing myself over here reading these idiot’s comments on here, support that broken joke, ObamaCare… They’re just so classy and highly educated. Their eloquence is stunning.

    It’s amazing to me just how stupid Obama’s supporters really are. Not only can they not take as well as the give, but they’re too stupid to see when something is so broken that it can’t be fixed.

    The ACA is so completely destructive and dysfunctional that it should be chucked out with the trash so we can start over with something better that will actually work without bankrupting the whole damn country, let alone one of the largest industries in America.

    The fools in Washington lead the useful idiots into oblivion, and the useful idiots follow willingly to their doom. Let’s not let their stupidity drag us down with them. This country deserves better than what we’re getting.

  • Its_My_Fault

    It’s a shame Obama’s policies have resulted in millions of hard working middle class losing their insurance their policies so Obama can redistribute their income to his voters to pay for their insurance.

    • twoandahalfcents

      Very simple from Rules for Radicals. You first have to decimate the middle class, then there is nothing to protect the upper class from the lower class (animals). True revolution can then occur, and we’re all lower class.

      • cambia

        Poor people are animals? Not according to CMA songs. Or Christians.

        • twoandahalfcents

          Not at all. But once you destroy the middle class and further lower the lower class, people will become animals. Again, more slowly, o n c e y o u d e s t r o y t h e m I d d l e
          c l a s s, t h e r e i s n o t h i n g t o p r o t e c t t h e
          u p p e r c l a s s f r o m t h e m a s s e s.

          • twoandahalfcents

            Except maybe the DHS, god bless’em. Where do you think you’ll be?

  • donfulano

    It must hurt lefties all the more that Brad Paisley supported Der Leader.

  • Its_My_Fault

    Just a few more years of Obama and we will see more and folks like these gangstas expecting the government to coddle them.

    • twoandahalfcents

      In a few more years they’ll be raping your daughter

  • Kristy

    Wow, just look at the unintelligence of half the comments…..learn how to speak/write proper English if you want to rant on a public forum and expect to be taken seriously.

  • petedoc810

    I’m detecting me some racism here! No one is more racist than a Socialist.

    • cambia

      See Trixie Pixie below. Very tasteful.

  • rivers

    Wow, freaking psychos! You can’t disrespect Obamacare, Oh no! Because Obama! What a stupid bunch of Jim Jones kool-aid drinking shining star moonies.

  • Buckweet was right

    Obama can suck eggs. This government is unconstitutional and therefore illegitimate. I will not participate until they uphold their oath to the constitution.

    • Brian McKinny

      Otay! :) I’m with ya, my friend. I won’t succumb to threats, especially not from my own government! The day the government can force me to buy something I don’t want from THEM, is the day I drop off the grid. They can’t tax or jail what they can’t find.

  • John T. Castle

    Somebody oughta offer ’em a “free” (taxpayer-funded) suppository for all that butt-hurt.

  • Ben Bollman

    I’m sure the Country Music Awards will be disappointed they didn’t get young black urban demographic.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

      Oh, that’s so raycist of you!


  • pslinger

    The collective intelligence of a herd of goats.

  • Night Owl

    Will this be as big as the Rodeo Clown “scandal”?

  • Larry Conway

    Not everything needs to be political. Country music is no longer Country music, it is just bad rock and roll. CMA is rigged anyway.

  • Erika Yayman

    I LOVE how all the negative responses involve illiteracy (go ahead and Google the word, people). While you’re at it Google the word “ignorant”

  • Angie

    Any comment made by the liberals is just blah, blah, blah, they’re not smart enough to realized they’ve been duped. And they don’t want to realize it or admit to their own stupidity..So they have to cuss and be vulgar and crass, they don’t have any way to discern truth from fiction

  • NickGranite

    They’re making fun of it you dumb mutha fuc_kas because it’s the most inept, ill-conceived, amateurish roll out of any program in American History. it made the You Tube awards look professional.

  • buckeyebubba

    Their choice of words and expression clearly show why The Obamunist was elected by low intelligence voters. Just more ranting from the maggot class.

  • The Masked Avatar

    Liberals. They can dish it out but can’t take it.

  • [email protected]

    omg, but it’s perfectly fine for Hollywood to bash GOP at their bazillion award shows between now and April

  • thebigguy128

    I don’t know why everybody is do down on Obamacare. The president said, very clearly over the last 3 years that we wouldn’t get to keep our insurance. I know this because he said so today. /sarc

  • BigDogJunction

    Who’s the little racist jackass? “THESE WHITE FOLKS ON THE CMA…”

    He/she needs a new twitter ass ripped.

    • Jen

      Yes that idiot that has the twitter name @adolfhitta….so friggin clueless!! Calls out white people for telling the truth and can’t even spell Hitler. What a piece of work!!

  • Michael Napier

    good to hell with obama he is a communist and a traitor and needs to go to jail for his crimes against this country
    if u support him then u are also a traitor to this country
    bring on the “he is racist comments” lol do ur worst cause anyone that uses that excuse is racist themselves

  • audrey

    How can anyone still support Obama or his “healthcare plan” after it’s been a proven failure. Just because he’s the first black president doesn’t make him any less of an incompetent ass and the worst thing for this country. If Obamacare is so great that you have to defend it (in such a ignorant way I might add) then why don’t you go join the other 6 misguided individuals and sign up. And btw they didn’t make fun of Bush because he isn’t our current president that’s destroying our nation.

  • drumsticks

    Ok lets attack the issue – why was the bill 75% senate approved, and the savings of this bill funded by the tax and jobs creation act of 2012? Point 2, how does subsidizing healthcare cut healthcare costs – ie, the cost of providing healthcare remains the same.

  • Russell Gann

    I love when lib’s get butthurt.

    • Bill Phillips

      Inquiring minds want to know! Will ‘butthurt’ be covered under Obamacare?

      • Brian McKinny

        There’s probably an app for that… They can download it on their Obama phones over at iTunes. LMAO!

  • John Baker

    I thought it was funny as hell. But I am armed and dangerous to libs.

  • Cellec

    Vivian Betts:I think it’s very disrespectful for the country award to make fun of obamacare! You didn’t do jokes on anything that Bush did!
    The rest of us think Obamacare is very disrespectful of the country.

    • MNWoman

      That was the most absurd tweet on this story.

      Whatever jokes we may have made about Bush have been absolutely outnumbered by the number of times Obama sheeple (including the MSM) have illogically blamed Bush for everything.

  • beautifuldayifyoubelieve

    Oh and using ALL media channels (except for fox of course) and all of Hollywood oh and don’t forget NY just wasn’t enough to get the message out for the “Affordable HEALTH care Bill”, sorry LIBS YOU DO NOT OWN EVERYONE IN THIS NATION there are a few of us left….tee hee, I thought it was awesome!

  • aje

    Y’all libs are dumb!!
    And brad paisley is a liberal so he’s even poking fun. Obamacare is a scam!!! Get the correct information and educate yourselves folks!!!

  • Meech204

    Hilarious – I’m sure all those people slamming the CMA’s were really watching it. Give me a flippen break.

  • Derwin

    CREEPY WHITE PEOPLE! They will be the majority on The affordable heathcare! Country music is suicidal!

  • Scott Carroll

    To all these lefties that tweeted, I just want to ask them, how could you not have a sense of humor after putting up that joke of a website?

    • MNWoman

      I don’t think they even realize the website exists, let alone that the website is a disaster.

      All they know is Obama says Obamacare is good, so they will support it forever. What Obamacare actually consists of? I doubt they have any clue.

    • Rob


  • Jamro

    Funny and accurate…… what else could you ask for…..

  • Venharis

    always said the easiest way to understand a Liberal and their ideology
    is to go to the nearest hardware store and buy a can of spray paint.
    Remove the cap and spray some paint into the cap and start huffing.

  • Jamro

    Why do we care what low life liberals think anyway? ha ha …Liberals think… I made a funny…

  • Edward Éamonn Knuff

    Funny as hell and accurate!

  • jennyVT

    What language ! So this is what Obamacare sounds like !

  • Jamro

    How are liberals even watching the CMA’s? Are we subsidizing their cable too?

    • Ellen K

      Haven’t you watched reality TV where the poor people have apartments, relatively new cars, cable and cell phones?

  • Chris

    yes…welll.. obama and obamacare ARE a joke…no prob calling a spade a spade…

  • Audrei Hepburn

    Idiots. I remember Jay Zs redo, how’d it go again. … I Got 99 problems and Bush ain’t one. … Oh because we all know LIBERALS would NEVER use award shows, media, and music for political purposes. Gimme a f*ckin break. I thought it was fantastic.

  • Jen

    I love the one from “nudes messiah” talking about white people slamming Obamacare, and whose twitter handle is a play on “adolf hitler” @adolfhitta. Classy and smart that one is. So slamming ACA bad, Adolf Hitler good. Got it.

  • Joe Mosley

    A Liberal doesn’t know how to be classy.A leech and bottom feeder is the scum of the earth.Screw the Liberal assholes.They are not my problem.I don’t care what happens to any one of them.

  • Ellen K

    Did you notice how quickly race was thrown into the mix. The ACA supporters have absolutely no problem with celebrities talking about politics on the Emmys, Grammys, Academy Awards shows as long as they talk the way the president wants. Freedom of speech people is a double edged sword. Deal with it.

  • cabman86

    Kinda strange that the only ones complaining are Oblahblah supporters

  • jules2u

    I am betting that Vivian was not watching during the Bush years

  • Bruce Webster

    “The Devil, the proud spirit, cannot endure to be mocked…” — Sir Thomas Moore.

    • Brian McKinny

      Absolutely the best, and without a doubt the most intelligent post of the night on this thread. Well met, sir… Well met.

  • Army Gorilla

    Where is their tolerance

  • PrinciplesInLife

    The low information voters and the leeches are sure angry…. haha.

  • Adam Sternberg

    They are butthurt because, deep down, they know it’s true and they just got called-out for being wrong on something so many of us knew was going to happen 5 years ago.

  • gena123

    The people dissing the song are the same lazy ass people in line for ebt to use up in the club on Friday night…. Gimme gimme, wonder how many have an Obama phone..

  • MNWoman


    I am at a loss for words at this insanity.

    I think the comments/jokes pretty much write themselves at this point.

  • Hulie04

    Ha ha ha the joke is now on the liberals and they don’t like it-sad thing is millions of us are losing our insurance that WAS good and the final joke is on us, the people. If the democrats in Washington had listened to those who warned this would not work, if they had hired the right people to get the job done(they have had 3 years) and if the President was not so willing to outright lie to the American people who elected him there would not be this mess. You know Country music speaks for the heart of middle America and if they are picking up on this then there really is a problem. And the song was funny!

  • Patriot2016

    The libs are the only ones allowed to mock a president at all their awards shows. They’re just mad, because these 2 country stars were funnier than ALL the high-paid so-called comics that usually host.

  • MNWoman

    Do any of these people realize they have admitted the website is a mess?

  • Chip

    Obama, YOU built this.

  • Caral Freeman

    of course we all know that no one on television ever made fun of President Bush, the GOP, the tea party conservatives, etc.. Get over it you whiners.

  • RBT1

    Well, it’s not like left-leaning entertainers ever complain about Republicans.

  • RBT1

    Also, Vivian should really look up “slander.”

  • Tina Thomas

    I say they should do a completed single of this–and get Cowboy Troy, Big & Rich and Blake Shelton to join in…I’d bet George would too.

  • Elson Snider

    Obamacare is the biggest joke,in the country,why not make fun of it!!! Nobody but the freeloaders like it! Democrat working people,even hate it! Get yourself a job and you will hate it too!!!

  • Shi

    Libtrash members of the free Shi!t army freaking out at the mockery of the Teleprompter Jebus…how could they? LMAO

  • neoface

    Why not!!! Oblamer has been f**king Americans for the past 5 years. Turn about is fair.

  • Nathan W

    All dish, no take liberals. Climb back in your holes.

  • Jamie Russell Centers

    I think we know who the racist are. And its not country music singers. Just chill and and laugh geez .

  • HARP2

    They are laughing at obama.

  • Jеrrу Thоmрsоn

    Thanks for deleting my comment, turds, all I said was that libtards scream racism over everything.

  • Lynda Grlffin

    Funny since we got the Dictator in Chief Free Speech only works if your A Liberal? Liberals LIE out both sides of their Mouths but he we are Just SUPPOSE to believe EVERYTHING they say!! Hate to Burst anyones bubble but the CMA’s have made fun of Bush And a LOT Of other things!! Obamacare is Destroying this Country and NO ONE seems to see the Disaster for the LIES but you are entitled to your Opinions on how great it is I’ll live in reality and Fear for the Survival of our country cause Guess what I’m Entitled to MY OPINION even when it Doesn’t AGREE with the Dictator in Chief!!

  • Christopher Lee

    I thought it was pretty funny.

  • Infidel

    Oh look at all the butthurt bottom feeders.

  • Frank Mayo

    if you think the ACA is good then you need your head checked to see if your brain has fall out!

  • Cora Rafanan Blancio

    making comments weather like or not..those words are too harsh and ugly..not necessary

  • Dan Kalisz

    All the Liberals got their feelings hurt…boo booo boo go cry in the fucking corner. Obama and his health care is a joke on its own

  • Dan Kalisz

    The other funny part of this is that they think Country Music is a fringe Music… it has a higher listener rating than any other form of music just like Nascar is actually the largest sports draw..not that silly basketball or rap noise

  • mikespeziale

    obama care will bankrupt the nation and he will be remembered as what difference does it make

  • Andrew King

    love all those who ripped Bush, Romney etc in every way possible and much worse than this are complaining about some jokey song. LOL

  • kathryn

    These people aren’t upset about then making fun of Obamacare!!! They’re angry because white people are making fun of a black man…..plan and simple.

  • Timothy Stokes

    That was hilarious!!! Obama is a piece of shit! Obama care is larceny of the highest order, it is treason! Whiny pussies….

  • John Fowler

    The first guy with the cowboy hat is a poseur. No real cowboy would call the CMA audience a “lynch mob.” Dude’s a clown.

  • Timothy Stokes

    It was hilarious!!! Obama is a piece of shit! Obamacare is the greatest form of larceny and treason! Keep whining… freeloading pussies.

    I bet this comment will be deleted as well…

  • Timothy Stokes

    It was hilarious!!!

    Obama is a piece of crap! Obamacare is the greatest form of larceny and treason!

    Keep crying like babies! Freeloaders…

  • BoycottWWE

    Why, first off the way people “speak” on twitter is one reason why I will never use it. Second these nimrods are very representative of the morons on twitter, another reason I stay away. F*ck Obamacare, F*ck all you socialist mongrels voting for Obama to steal money from us workers, and you know what, F*CK OBAMA!!!

  • Michael Rice

    SO the CMAs didn’t punk Bush. The horror of one award show not falling in lock step with the liberal mantra.
    Then again, Bush didn’t roll out this fiasco, did he? Honestly, I am shocked they haven’t blamed him.
    They are blaming the GOP, but not Bush specifically.

    • Blue Sunflower

      No, Bush just sent thousands to their deaths in a war he lied about. I can totally see how Obamacare is worse. /eyeroll

      • Brad

        You really are an idiot. What, exactly, did Bush lie about? WMDs? They went to Syria before the war began (where do you think they got them from? Some of Hussein’s captured minions said so themselves.) 9/11? Sorry, idiot – we WERE attacked by Muslim terrorists.

        As far as thousands dying for something that was implimented through lies – wait for the death panels, dumbazz. You’ll see people dying then.

      • Corey Dennison

        What ‘lie?’ You do realize we found WMDs there, right? By the way, WMDs were only 1 of 17 reasons listed in the Authorization for Use of Military Force in Iraq.

  • Michael Rice

    Screeching lynch mob? Not paying medical bills??
    Miss the point much?

  • Michael Rice

    A lot of people who could pay their medical bills now can’t. They can’t because they can’t afford the “affordable” insurance your clown President is trying to force them to get.

  • tony schanuth

    Wow really libtards you can sit there and think what snl does to brokebamacare is funny but when the cma does you get butthurt get a life get a job and pay your way you leeches.

  • beebop1952

    Gee …. no thread about how the NFL and NBA are getting money to promote this fiassco? Their outrage is so faux.

  • msjoeshmoe

    All the tweets are from black obama “give me free stuff” supporters.

  • Jessica MissChievous Lund

    Anyone for Obama or Obamacare is a bunch of uneducated morons and are as big of a Problem as that Traitor Tyrant Obama! And “for now” this is still a free country and We still have freedom of speech,Hurray for CMA for allowing that freedom of speech!

  • Roger Dodge

    The same lazy ass entitlement democrats that think free speech (and every other right under the constitution) ought to be outlawed by their government nanny can go straight to hades with their ill-conceived, false faced socialist take over tax law (ACA). Thumbs way up for CMA.

  • Martin DiOrio

    Eat it and die, Libtards!

  • BronxJo

    I doubt any of those complaining were country music fans in the first place. Seems most twitter outrage is from 3rd hand info.

  • Bubba Bubbsworth

    Fuck Obama and his commie Obamacare.Get an Obama phone and call some other welfare whore who cares

  • Terry Fillmore

    You can keep the insurance that you have! OOPS, did I just say that? I meant, you can have the insurance that the government gives you and you will like it.

  • Rosemarie

    Is Vivian Betts in need of a medication refill? She claims no one ever made funn of Pres. Bush. Uh – I have a drawer full of anti-Bush jokes.

  • Achybreakycrotch

    Someone is a little cranky!
    Maybe they aren’t getting enough fiber in their diet.
    Moochelle can help with that when her and Obama implement Obamachow.

    You can keep your grocery store if you like it…

  • Achybreakycrotch

    The parasites don’t like it when you mock Obama, it might mean they get less of your money.

  • sledge77

    Riddle me this bat man: What do all the thumbnails have in common? Yes, that is right, that is WHY they stand behind Oblunder. They are racist pigs living off the fed.

  • mark manning

    What hypocrites these obama zombies are!You got that moron jamie Foxx comparing lil obamaa to Jesus Christ in that lame black awards show,you got hollywood punks constantly putting down Bush on the hardly watched oscars,then no talent incoherent rappers spreading noise pollution with their d…a.. rhymes saying all kinds of worthless trash.

  • Damien

    All the Democrat and Liberal trash got ass hurt because of a comedy skit? Grow the fuck up or die. Either one is a great choice.

  • Blue Sunflower

    Oh, whatever. Like it’s a big surprise that not everyone on the planet agrees. I’m more than willing to bet some Obamacare supporters though it was funny, and some Obamacare detractors thought it wasn’t.

    Some people need to learn how the Bell Curve works.

  • jeffryj4

    Love Underwood/Paisley and love to see/hear all those Obummer supporters get their panties in a wad.

  • James Hoover

    more proof that liberals can’t stand the truth!

  • Bill

    Liberals classy? That’s like calling whores godly.

  • FaithColeridge33

    Sad that I always know what the avatars are going to look like and that the syntax has become so predictable.

  • WisconsinPatriot

    Please pass the butthurt cream!

  • DallenH

    “I think it’s very disrespectful for the country award to make fun of obamacare! You didn’t do jokes on anything that Bush did…”

    Right… because nobody made jokes about Bush. /sarc>

  • Newbom

    I love the comments from the “Owe me” crowd! Real class, as usual!

  • Holly Crutchfield Echols

    Excellent grasp of the English language there. Revealing look at those who blindly follow Obama.

  • CraxyD


    Is it slander if it’s true?

  • Miss Smarty

    Their darn white people…picking on another program the brother from another mother dreamed up to help people put benefits in the hands of do nothings. Its good to have more free stuff whitey paid for.

  • ‘Elizabeth Gallaway’

    But it’s just A-OK for Kane West to hijack the Confederate flag because he believes it was the slave owners flag. And parodies about how stupid Bush was were the norm. Fuck you libtards. You loud mouthed hypocrites! Your free health care is killing those of us who are working for a living.Why don’t you libtards all STFU and get a job!?

  • C Fowler

    LOL, I say screw Obama and his Obamacare… I think Brad and Carrie are always hilarious! Foul mouth Liberals suck too!!! Apparently shows your level of maturity.

  • Timothy Wright Art

    I am glad right wingers never acted up when the Dixie Chicks expressed their ideas about the GW.

  • catcon69

    What a joke…Hollywood dissed Bush at their award shows every possible chance they had…lighten up and take a breath! Maybe brush up on some decent words in the English language!!

  • danacain

    So when SNL and Jon Stewart make fun of Obamacare, it’s funny, but when the CMA’s do it, it’s offensive, apparently. Double standard, anyone?

  • VickiJ

    LOL…watch out Tweeters, your Unionized public education is showing… #Kool-AidDrinkers #Low-information

  • Sulla Felix

    Did anyone else notice it’s mostly blacks whining about that song? Or would that be racist? Are they winning because it’s a parody about Obamacare? Or because it was sung by white people?

    Who really are the racists in this country?

  • Allan Hamilton

    The CMA’s talked about Obamascare because SNL talked about it, and Bill Maher talked about it, and Joy Behar talked about it, and Jimmy Kimmel talked about it, and Jay Leno talked about it, and Charlie Rose talked about it, and Kanye West talked about it, and…wait for it…YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT IT!

  • AZ_skier1

    Ha ha…Classic liberal mentality. They can dish it out but they can’t take it when it comes back at them.

  • Howard Harshaw

    As you can probably tell from their rants these are people living off the public dole. They are the ones that “need” Obamacare and want it because they don’t have insurance and now they’ll get it at someone expense!!

  • muslimfree America

    Liberal tyrants… it out by the barrel ful……but cry like a double cunted cow pissing on a flat rock when someone makes fun of their mistakes….

  • Carter_Burger67

    At least they had the guts to “diss” 0bama in this country. And for the record, what you saw last night was NOT country music. Just another version of pop. Where was the liberal outrage when SNL was dumping on 0bamacare?

    • bullet2354

      That was ‘covering fire’ form the left. So they could say – yes we know, we made some fun of the little problems too.

  • habalady

    Sounds like it’s those that get the freebies and think they are entitled to them that are complaining! But for those of us who have to pay for it for you , it sucks!

  • rdt_60

    Idiocracy from the low info obummer crowd.

  • June Densmore

    for those of you out there who don’t work for a living and collect checks im sure this song pissed you off because again you get it for free

  • ModdKenwood

    H_A_T_E T_H_E_M!!!

  • Smurfet

    There you go. They will vote over & over for the same crooks no matter how many times they screw them.

    • bullet2354

      Just Go to Detroit –

      Detroit is a total catastrophe because of ‘decades’ of ‘100% Dem/Union policies’. And the city continues to vote DEM 90%!

      hahahahahahahahahahahaahha- MORONS!

  • usaok59

    If they couldn’t use four-letter words, they couldn’t express themselves. How sad, and classless.

  • uflizzard

    What are liberals doing watching the CMAs anyway. I mean they don’t singing about bitches, hoes, killing cops or their private parts.

  • Jay S Ma

    I’ll be the first to say it…I hate ‘Twit’ news. I was hoping for an article when I opened the link and not copies of twits. Of any of the people who’s twits are included in this ridiculous article, I wonder if any of them are even remotely educated on the issues of the day to include Obama care…wait, I’m making a post to an article in a comment section…also, known to be populated by people not remotely educated on issues…but who may have issues.

    I do like how the used a racist tweet, but yet didn’t identify it as such…keepin’ it classy!


    Can’t fix WORLD CLASSLESS MORONS I suppose

  • David Smith

    If you don’t like Obamacare you are racist, if you don’t like Obama’s policies you are racist, if you like country music you are racist, if you are a cracker you’re racist on and on and on

  • uflizzard

    It goes to show, when society becomes so dependent on it’s government, they become vile when it’s criticized or challenged. Where was this uproar when Saturday Night Live spoofed on Obama Care?

  • Bill Herrmann

    Welcome to the United States of the Offended….. Get over it…. I don’t care what side of the fence you are on. Bunch of whiners and criers….. SOMEBODY GET ME SOME DIAPERS FOR THESE PEOPLE……..

  • dts3204

    Since I don’t think there has been any real country music since the 70’s all I can say is bravo anything that sticks a pin in the balloon of the Illinois Combine is all right by me.

  • Jeffrey Lamela

    Why are liberals watching the CMA’s anyway? They typically show nothing but contempt for country music.


    How many of these people CRYING here are actually likely to have been watching the CMA’s?

  • Randall Hodge

    A colorful use of a dying language there, Obama voters.

  • jabberwocky

    It is scary how these morons still support Obama & Obamacare

  • bnchy

    Liberals are SOOOO classy…lol!!!

  • jcastongia

    Such nice words. Get an education and learn how to express yourselves in a respectful way. And when you do get that education….you will know how bad this mess is. Have ANY of you signed up? You don’t even know what it’s going to cost you yet! Wait until you see how affordable affordable health care isn’t. And if you don’t buy it….your IRS tax refund you are planning on, well, it will be reduced by the amount of your FINE (which increases every year). You don’t understand but all the additional costs NOW being exposed, well, guess who will be paying for them……YOU. There is no free lunch. You may think just because you are eating someone else’s lunch it’s free. Its not. Someone with an education (and job) paid for it.
    BTW…the CMA folks are patriots.

  • Londonderry F&G Club

    I like the mass uprising of the illiterate to protest the obamacare song. That alone is epic…Now come the red neck and “country ass” references. I guess the real problem they have is that nobody aks permission to have an opposing viewpoint.

    • Eponymous1

      I aks, he akss…

      • Londonderry F&G Club

        yeah, “aks” should have placed that in quotes…wait…oops how racist of me.

  • Acethepug

    My, my, my. Such thin skin.

    Welcome to MY world, Lefties, where I am constantly deluged with attacks on what I believe in. Sucks when YOU’RE on the receiving end, doesn’t it?

    Not everybody hated GW Bush, either. Some of us, even though we had issues with the way he spent money, felt he was a decent man who loved his country and countrymen, but it certainly didn’t seem that way with the man under constant media attack.

    Now that your ox is (finally) being gored, this is unacceptable?

    Don’t think so.

  • OneWomanWolfPack

    If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out….

  • Mike Diggs

    I didn’t see it(no tv reception) but probably funny as hell. and osbamacare is the worst thing this country has done

  • Lisa Thrasher Ferris

    These must have been the six that are actually signed up

  • Lisa Thrasher Ferris

    These must have been the six that are actually signed up.

  • Connie Paul

    As far as picking on Bush its an everyday thing with Obama and his crew. They blame everything on him . Myself I think its funny. Obama care is a big loser and this country will soon find out when we are all so poor and the government rules us and brings in the trains like Hitler.

  • DizzyBlueBaby

    More hypocrisy from the left-because the Liberals never mock the Right.

  • B Alex

    I’d like to see an analysis of the education and skills of these people that profess the splendor of the ACA. I’m guessing that the majority of them can’t qualify for an employed position that has (or had, with this act currently in place) health benefits…judging by their crucifixion of the English language with their tweets.

  • Hoss

    Such nice liberal…..foul mouthed, brainwashed fools…!!!!

  • TNKeating

    Oh my! Based on the tweets above it’s quite clear who the true Racist are in this country.

  • FleavingOnAJetPlane

    Most of the ones complaining and saying that “ObamaCare is good” do not realize that they are not actually going to be on ObamaCare – they will still be on Medicare. The ones who have to actually PAY for their healthcare realize how horrible this new system of healthcare will be for our nation as premiums are going WAY up and deductibles are going to soar. Of course, they do not realize what a “deductible” is as they do not pay for anything themselves. For them, it is all about the handout and what they can get for free from the government. And when I say “they”, I am not referring to “black people” because I know many “white people” and “hispanic people” who take advantage of the system as well. Working is hard. That is why so many do not want to do it. They would rather pop out babies and have the government take care of them. Sadly…. they do not realize how enslaved they have become to the ones they trust to take care of them. It is a dead-end. As long as they wait for Obama to take care of them, they will never know true freedom. They belong to him. And they are not even smart enough to realize that the song said NOTHING about Obama. It said that the WEBSITE – which has had major issues – was not working right. And that only 6 people have been served. Which is ridiculous! Making fun of a known problem with the system is quite fine. It was not racist. It was not about the president. It was about a crappy website that was not setup correctly and STILL does not run well. Too bad they cannot recognize the difference.

  • Glenn Murphy

    Hilarious…. libs never missed a chance to discuss President Bush.

  • Ronnessa Costelli

    Obama care is a HUGE mess. It is worthy of mocking. If this were a Republican issue the left would have been all over it!

  • riverrat

    i love all the posts by all the welfare people suck

  • Rayco

    I guess this means they won’t ever be invited to any WH Galas?

  • mary Swanberg

    I loved it. It was hilarious

  • rennaemarshallchristman

    It is what it is people..More than likely the negative comments are those folks who have the advantage of medicaid…There are absolutely “millions” who have lost their health care programs because of this plan that is only pushing people and their companies around by “forcing” them to buy it..It is wrong..People were told by Obozo they could keep their plan and they could keep their doctor..He LIED! Even the Democrats (although I think they are worried about their own asses when it comes election time again)..are standing up and speaking out..There have been too many lies, cover ups, deceptions about many issues..Benghazi, Lois Lerner, Clinton ,IRS, Susan Rice, Holder, Obozo and now Simple Sebelius ..Time to take our country back!!

  • Ralland Kerner

    Guess only liberals can mock Obama’s failures.

  • bebop24

    These idiots. OmG ~ (high pitch , sarcastic distressed voice) “They’re dissin’ my MAN !!!! How DARE they !!!!! He works so HARD to lie, I mean to do what he can to help ME and my WHOLE degenerate FAMILY”
    get a grip. It was the greatest thing on tv all day and he deserves all the crap he gets. Hey, Karma……believe in it. It’s got a LOT more where that came from for Obozo !!!

  • rub ,,

    yea baby ,, you Obama sucking crowd take that,, this duo ,just put you in yo place ,yes

  • MAX1950

    ah all the brotha’s and sista’s crying the blues this obama care clusterphuc is for you, u wanted it u got it sista

  • Michael

    these are the same idiots that think you tear down a high rise apartment building because there’s a faucet in B-16 that has a constant drip

  • GoFaster58

    C’mon folks! It was a parody, a joke. They were just funnin’. People have always made fun of presidents. Will Rogers did it. Remember Vaughn Meader’s The First Family and The First Family II that parodied the entire first family?

  • TXG4229

    I wish I could understand what half these people are writing.

    • buckofama2010

      Dat bees ebonics

  • Jamie Chandler

    Best song I’ve heard in years!!! It was both funny and true… Only the truly ignorant are offended by the truth. I guess the sheeple that are upset didn’t realize that 82% of Americans don’t wanted like and can’t afford the idiocy of ObamaCare… And praise God that someone finally had the nerve to say it on a tv broadcast that millions of people watch… As for slandering Obama, he opens himself up to the people’s opinions everytime he opens his lying mouth!!!

  • Orpheus75

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; if it pi$$es a Liberal off, you must have done it right.

  • Chris Chambers

    “I think it’s very disrespectful for the country award to make fun of obamacare! You didn’t do jokes on anything that Bush did!— ”

    I can’t think of a single thing Bush did that was NOT rediculed by the Alinskyites.

  • Guest

    Obamacare by Morning was hilarious! Apparently dim deems don’t have a sense of humor about their failures.

  • QuietDanTN

    Obamacare by Morning was hilarious! Apparently dim Dems don’t have a sense of humor about their failures.

    • Orpheus75

      They only think it’s funny when they’re making fun of Sarah Palin over something. Tina Fey said.

  • buckofama2010

    Song was 100% on target and funny. Poor parasitic liberals are just mad because their freebie ovomitcare system isn’t producing freebies for them

  • Philippine Wanderer

    Can always tell when a lib enters discussion: $#%@ and !@#$%^&*()#$

  • Philippine Wanderer

    Democrats are a brilliant lot, they believe; just ask one.

  • Jhonnypatriot

    LOL aww the CMAs angered the welfare crowd

    • Bill

      Pissed ’em off just as they were about to shoot up!

  • David N Sawyer

    Truth ALWAYS Butt hurts Liberals. They are allergic to it.

  • jake

    You all sound ignorant, I love the comment “no one slammed bush” that guy was slammed for breathing. Anyway it’s not about left or right, it’s about obama lied, and continues to compile more lies on top. Jay carney is a person I now feel sorry for, he is looking foolish defending his leader.

  • Charles Bryant Seaton

    Any money the ones bitching are the ones that were put on Medicaid and don’t pay shit….just look at the photos.

  • IZZY



  • Steve__Jacobson

    It’s impossible to slander Obama or Obamacare.

  • J.t. Coleman

    LMBO.. You liberal cry baby Obama loving fools and ho’s crack me up ! Your savior Obama is the devil incarnate.. and he WILL FAIL !

  • $10894398

    I’m surprised that illiterates, leftists and blacks were watching the CMA show at all.
    I saw a black guy in the audience who looked too young to be Charley Pride and too fat to be Darius Rucker. Wonder who he was.
    I never hear Toby admitting that he’s a DemocRAT any more. Shame?
    Don’t suppose Haggard was invited to appear and sing his most popular never-played-on-the-air hit, “I’m A White Boy.” (Yeah, it’s on I-tunes.)

  • disqus_a4cqnjBvJw

    The Republicans have to take the abuse dished out by the democrats daily. Even the president threatens and calls them names. Wah wah, you got a parody done on something this president owns and claims as his greatest moment.. opps, maybe not so great now.. babies!

  • isthereanybodyoutthere

    stunning array of hypocrisy. these people are so fecking stupid… how are they still alive?

  • armoredsaint

    Look at you libs wailing and gnashing your teeth! lol!!! For decades Hollywood and recording artist libunists have slandered, defamed, attacked Republicans and you applauded like mindless marionettes. Now your ‘messiah’ is poked at and you lash out with the predictable race cards and show your mental instability…THANK YOU for the enjoyable read over coffee before I go to work and finance your EBT.

  • Dorakin Warhammer

    And I bet not one of these Fake twitter accounts of Obamabots have the damn Obamacare.

  • Eponymous1

    Such vocabularic mastery on display. Rarely have I seen such diverse employment of a single word…

  • Kevin Ballard

    As if the Dixie chicks did not do this to bush. Typical liberals…

  • ErikandKathy Muller

    Calling out the liar in chief is slander??? He lied..over and over and over!

  • Dane Gunderson

    “You didn’t do jokes on anything that Bush did!” Seriously? “its sum po ass country mufuckas that need that shit too.” Really? Because “They” are racists?

  • ErikandKathy Muller

    Did they get upset, when SNL made fun of OBAMA caresless last weekend…where’s the hype from the libs then???

  • 5gentexan

    Slandered? Really? Do these idiots know what that means even?

  • Scott Snoopy

    glad to see that public indoctrination (education) at least taught the low life welfare crowd to conjugate verbs and adjectives. Funny how its okay for them to bash any conservative item in and on any forum; but don’t dare point out the failures of their new patron saint who occupies The White House.

  • PHINS Relevant Again

    HA HAHA That was the funniest thisng I ever heard. Too bad there wanst a line in the song about Obama lying to everyone. That would have made it complete.

  • fmorgan09mm

    That’s funnier then a rodeo clown running around with an Obama mask on!

  • David L.

    Twitter is for twats.

  • Hal Standish

    God Bless Paisley and Underwood, They were the bomb!

  • lostAmericandream

    LOL the people complaining are the ones who don’t watch or play country music and are again the leaches of our Country Notice its Conservatives paying the bills Liberals spending like theres no credit limit. How stupid you liberals are your leader just gave over 500 million of your money to Pakistan to their welfare system. How much did he give you idiots ?

  • Debbie Bolen

    I guess the Libtards forgot about the Dixie Chicks dumping on Pres. Bush. Poor lefties, they can dish it out, but they can’t take it!

  • DeeDee

    Just more of that so called tolerance on display from the double standard liberals. It’s the one thing they are really good at besides being in denial of what they have done to every American through their continued blind loyalty to Dear Leader.

  • Informed VOTER

    They called a failure a failure. You can get upset that I call YOU people IDIOTS but, no matter HOW upset you get, you are still idiots. So there’s nothing wrong with them joking about what REALLY HAPPENED

  • jb

    classless liberals…..after turning off the CMA’s they ran out and cleared the shelves of Walmart with a “flash mob”….useless….

  • Keri Green

    The liberals hearing the truth is like throwing holy water on a Demon!

  • ReaganCountry

    The Truth Hurts.

    • spaceycakes

      and it’s too bad ignorance isn’t painful

      • ReaganCountry

        Yeah, no sh#!
        Ignorance is Bliss.

  • Bobbi Burkholder

    funny, to listen to all of these Obama followers getting just a tiny taste of what we have to deal with constantly. Listen to the cry babies, who want their freebie, because if they had to pay for it, they wouldn’t love it so very much. Try looking at the prices, then tell me how good it is. People have gone bankrupt to pay medical bills and nothing will change. Obama is forcing some folks to pay for healthcare that they cannot afford to use. Try checking out the copays and deductibles, instead of just the premiums and then talk about how great it is. Just more folks with their hands out, who will continue to vote for anyone who fills them.

  • ctmom

    This went on every night Bush was President on the night time shows and the left thought it was hilarious.

  • Citizensteph

    Excellent!!! Obama and his care is the biggest joke in the country!

  • Ellen Faherty

    Would love for all these people who are defending Obamacare to explain how it works, how it will effect how health services are provided, how it will effect individual premiums, and how it effects individual choices and personal freedom. You can’t do it by sticking with the facts.

  • The Jackal

    How dare you critisize Der Fuhrer!

  • Ellen Faherty

    Twitchy chose some odd and crass twitters to feature. Could any of posters give us some details on the cost and benefits of Obamacare? Could they do it with facts and without dropping the F bomb? I’ll be anxiously awaiting their coherent reply.

  • Susie

    Get a life Libs! That song was hilarious and not a lie in it. I couldn’t stop laughing. There’s nothing that’s NOT laughable about this mockery of a president and his agenda.

  • Kulcuda

    Would not have expected anything else from these low information clowns…waiting to hear how much their premiums went up…oh wait they are also to inept to sign up and will continue to live off the government dole.

  • ImYer Huckleberry

    ACA is a mandated tax, socialist program to redistribute wealth and a way for the working to subsidize the non-working. “PERIOD”

  • Urethra Franklin

    Ironically – Brad Paisley was a huge Obama supporter. Along with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

    • BitemeDC

      They better not “apologize”….

  • Disgusted American

    But its fine when they use kids at their proabortion rallies???? Double standard moron liberals

  • ThunderKing

    Douchebag Libtards.

  • Kevin Scott

    When the Oscars or the Academy Awards brought attention to the “illegal” wars in the Middle East or, heck, take your pick of anti-Bush/anti-Conservative rants, we on the Right were reminded of the First Amendment and told we were simple troglodytes without capacity for intellectual reasoning.
    Now we’re told to shut up after our PRESIDENT purposely mislead and lied about a change to 1/6 of our economy. Remind me again who lacks the capacity for intellectual reasoning???

  • Kulcuda

    Would not have expected anything less from these low information clowns…..waiting for their comments when they se their premiums rise and they….oh sorry forgot that they are already on the govment dole.

  • Randy Windborne

    This is why resistance is futile. I recommend letting the U.S. collapse, waiting out the 70 years or so of tyranny that follows, and then a second revolution to start over. – Hari Seldon

  • Joe Nida

    Lol I don’t watch any awards shows anymore buf this is awesome!

  • Trudy Bateman

    why does anyone care what these people say? they don’t know it yet, but by being so ignorant and so in the tank for Obama, when this economy crashes they are going to be hurt the most. no money for food or gas. He only wants the workers to survive anyway. As he says, ” the contributors to his new open society”

  • Karen Fandal

    Have they seen Saturday Night Live. Everyone is making fun of this degrading law.

  • Daniel Chamberlain

    Can y’all grow up please? There are bigoted things said by both sides, and right now what they’re singing is true. And Funny.

  • Clay Nettles

    I think it funny how polarized the comments above are. Bush was obliterated by the media and nearly every major entertainment organization. Now that Obama is under fire some people seem to have found their “unfair” button. #crymeariver!

  • Robin Palmer

    Uh, pretty sure these people don’t listen to country music. How’d they let their channel changer slip off MTV?

  • sickofmichaelmoore

    Wow….look at the racism coming from the black community!! Unreal!! Wouldn’t have expected that now would you LOL….

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Because, um…FIRST AMENDMENT, You CHEESY POOFS! Free Speech, Free Expression, and the right to (PEACEFULLY!) Protest your Grievances! If you’ve never heard of it, READ THE CONSTITUTION! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • tom56071

    for those of you who don’t like it bush never forced socialism making people take something they don’t want .America is about choice and not force Obama is a communist as is the whole democratic party

  • Michael David Davis

    These walking brain stems are precisely the problem with this country.

  • Bolt Upright

    DRD4 Genies, Harvard identified Liberal human life forms, are sooo cute, when their chief Genie is laughed at. Poor lil’ goobers.

    • Bolt Upright

      The ef’d up part, us non DRD4 Genies, are caught in their web of insanity….I think we’re gonna have to do something about that. Like vote the pecker heads out in ’14.

  • janetar .

    And the Oscars never bashed Bush….

  • spaceycakes

    heh; as if any of these tweeters know the first thing about o-care

    • Guest

      Thanks for reaffirming the old saw, “ignorance is bliss”

      You DRD4 Genies crack me up!

    • RedSoloCup

      As if they know anything PERIOD.

  • Kugelblitze

    Consider the source. If you check out these Twitter profiles, it looks like the majority of them came from teens who are still on mommy and daddy’s insurance. Don’t give ignorance a platform.

  • HonestToAtee

    These twitts can’t even speak English and they have an opinion on the healthcare law? They just needed an excuse to go out and attack or assault another innocent white person. HATE is what these fools live in.

  • Tim Horan

    Are these the 6?

  • Ziva David

    Same idiots who voted for odumbo!

  • stewbee

    They dig it though when left leaning Bush bashing Republican blaming Saturday Night Live does these skits.

  • BitemeDC

    Wow…I don’t go on twitter…too nasty for my taste…but I heard about these tweets and thought…nah…they aren’t that insane…not over that skit!!??

    Yup…they are…unbelievable. (and I’ve seen and heard it ALL from the left….)

    If this is any indication, Sharpton will be spitting more than usual tonight…(and that’s a whole lot of spit…)

  • Paul Richard

    THe truth may never sink in to the low info voter mind. THese sycophant worshippers think Obama is akin to Mohammad and any reference or criticism is blasphemy. I love blasphemy. Blasphemy is TRUTH>

  • Mike Triplett

    If you think libtards believe in free speech, say something they disagree with. Brad and Carrie were great. Taylor Swift looked like she was actually in pain.

  • Fred Bass

    obama care needs to go to the scrap yard. The worst president ever is obama and no I wont use caps in his name

  • Craig

    The amount of liberal butt-hurt on these message boards is astonishing, and quite refreshing.

  • Karen Peterson-Weeks

    You’re all just brainwashed, low informed & vote on emotion not facts. Stop watching jerry springer types of shows or so many sports games and start reading from the likes of Ben Carson, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell for starters.

  • Kim Felini

    Hmmmm??? I wonder if there was this much uprising when Letterman, Leno, Fallon, Kimmel or even SNL jumped on the Obamacare disaster train wreck?? I think NOT!!! But oh well, I’m sure these performers won’t be losing any sleep or fans over it any time soon. Seeing how the vocal outrage is not their base anyway!

  • xstratusx

    What language are these people speaking?


      Northern Swahili

      spear chuckalaga spear chuckalaga

  • Mollie Dunn Powell

    It’s a new class of tweets…”GETTO TWEETS.”

  • Tiffanie DeNean Epperson

    OBAMACARE IS NOT A GOOD THING! Hospitals being shut down, nurses getting laid off! Who would’ve thought that the medical field would not be a guaranteed job one day! I think it was absolutely hilarious! Especially since it’s not a great site and people are having trouble signing up for it! Sure free healthcare to those who don’t work! But, making the middle class hard working person pay up to $3,000 for a family covered with private insurance before 1 cent is paid towards your medical bills!!! = NOT GOOD!!!!!!

  • Tamra Johnson

    Now you get a taste of the MENTALITY and CLASS of the people Obamacare is serving..

  • Bigboyrd

    The only one’s complaining are the ones that are to freaking lazy to go out and get a freaking job!!!! YOUR ALL A BUNCH OF LAZY ASS SCUMBAGS!!!! GO GET A JOB!!!!!

  • Larry Newman

    Ever watch the Oscars? Rich white liberals sharing their political views. Since those who posted the tweets above believe in all that left wing crap, it’s perfectly OK…

  • Redhotchilli Pepper

    you all are full of it .. it was a funny skit .. i did not see your protests as the below was done …..

    Jamie Foxx Calls Obama ‘Our Lord And Savior’ At Soul Train Awards

    Miley Cyrus hosted “Saturday Night Live” During the show, Cyrus lampooned her VMA performance and her alleged use of the party drug molly. In a parody of her “We Can’t Stop” music video, titled “We Did Stop (The Government),” Cyrus danced alongside “SNL” cast member Taran Killam, who played a crop-top wearing John Boehner. For the video, the 20-year-old donned a shoulder-length brunette wig, black suit top and itty bitty tight shorts. Her sexed-up Bachmann act included plenty of cleavage, tongue-poking, crotch-touching and a little bit of

    To Raucous Crowd, President Obama Mocks GOP Comparison of Obamacare to Slavery Law, incorrectly stated, but he hopes you believe his lies, he goes on to say..But the biggest reaction from the crowd came when the President ticked off another example of Republican rhetoric against the law. “You had a state representative, somewhere, say that it’s as destructive to personal and individual liberty as the Fugitive Slave Act,” Obama said, as the crowd shouted disapproval. “Think about that. affordable health care is worse than a law that let slave owners get their runaway slaves back.”

    letterman’s top 10 on republicans

    Top Ten Things You Never Knew About The House of Representatives

    Tuesday, November 5, 2013

    10. 19 representitives have gone on to become president, 10 have gone on to manage a Sizzlers

    9. Members may vote ‘Yea,’ ‘Nay,’ or ‘whatver’

    8. When we water the capitol lawn, we use the hose of representitives

    7. Our cafeteria chef created the original house salad

    6. Every month we’re tested for steroids

    5. Steny Hoyer’s middle name? Also “Steny”

    4. Thanks to corporate sponsorship, majority whip now known as miracle whip

    3. Members tap silverware againist water glasses to encourage the house leaders to kiss

    2. We have the power to impeach talk show hosts

    1. The Tea Party isn’t nearly as much fun as it sounds

  • john conley

    u ass-h libs are hjllarous s there really that many stupid ignorant people n the US that cant feel that small nudge up against ther butt-hole that is fixing to become all-out ,full-blown sodomy!….PARDON ME DO YOU HAVE ANY GREY K-Y JELLY . !!! LOL. UNREAL !

  • Roddy Keene

    HAHAHA. Not only am I mocking all the uneducated poops that are sad about a joke having been made… I am mocking all these uneducated OBAMA supporters. After reading what you have posted I see you have left me with nothing bad to say about you, since you have made it clear already. Get educated (like the 3.5 million Americans that have lost our healthcare already PERIOD!)

  • Donna Williamson

    It was HILARIOUS!!! We ALL have a right to our opinion and just because it doesn’t fit yours doesn’t make it wrong. They were having fun with actual facts! Freedom of speech. That’s what AMERICA is all about RIGHT???!!!!

  • Leon

    What a bunch of dipshits. Still blind as a bat. Obama is a joke and all you liberal one digit IQ’s are his punch line. I’m beginning to be thankful most of you don’t work, I just hate paying for your benefits. I can’t imagine our businesses being run by any of you. Brad and Carrie should get a Nobel Peace Prize for this, it’s more than Obama did to get one.

  • Marsha Moore

    Look at the little Fascist Pigs squeal. ROFLMBO!!!!!

  • Barbara Bell

    I can’t get over how they are upset with Carrie and Brad..they were making fun of getting Obamacare on the internet not Obama himself…if anything they did or said was untrue…then they can make a scene about it…RIDICULOUS…

  • Bill

    Maybe people will stop pretending Obama’s good enough. With the deliberate lying exposed, the People will get a very clear picture of who they elected. Time to fix it.

  • Erin Palette

    It’s only slander if it’s not true…

  • Brenda Lee

    I find it pretty funny that they |(the left) are so pist off at this. When the shoes on the other foot the name calling goes ballistic!

  • disqus_fvYC0zRLxl

    Another comment. This skit was about a unpopular and not very affordable law. Yet there are chuckle heads calling it racist. But, you can watch BET and hear black comedians using the term white people, white folks, crackers etc and they make fun of white people, but that is not racist? Come on people stop pulling the race card crap. Oh and by the way the President is half white!


      And I don’t like THAT HALF either.

  • wildjohn

    The sum total IQ of that entire thread did not break room temperature.

  • Paul Harris

    its ok if they do it, so f**k off Liberal’s i thought it was Very Funny

  • Gloria

    Some of you have such a short term memory. Bush was made fun of on every liberal media. The foul language shows your lack of class and intelligence.

  • gdsmith3rd

    The CMA’s were great last night! Brad and Carrie started things off honestly and hilariously. Cudos to the show’s creators/producers for injecting a bit of truth with the comedy.

  • that guy

    you can tell which liberal is the ‘classiest’ by how many ‘gold teeth’ he has . . .
    (or which free obamaphone he/she might be using)


      I see a purple tongue…. is that a Chow ??

  • RedSoloCup

    Bye, crybabies. Continue to worship your phony fraud Messiah known as Barack Hussein Obama.

  • Sherri Mullinax

    When “they” say the truth hurts it is soo true when it comes to exposing the literal truth to people who don’t know what truth is cause too busy living off of the people, and/or fighting for their pot rights. LOL

  • Roger Freberg

    oh what thin skins our lefty friends have…. besides, you have plenty of media folks throwing praise on the O-man… in spite of everything

  • Knightsniper

    F**CK of CMA? noooo….F**CK off liberals and dumb whiny racists!!!!

  • gwedem5995

    I thought it was pretty funny. The people on the right have as much right as the people on the left to make a mockery of something they don’t believe in. Where were
    all these people when the left was calling the right so many names like terrorists and anarchists etc. Obamacare and the roll out was a joke since they had 3 years to work it all out and this is what we got. Also, Sebellius made me laugh also at the hearing when she said we can’t wait. Well, since the country has survived 237 years, I guess another year or so wouldn’t have hurt. However, I don’t think it will be any better than it is now. Still more of the same, the workers will be supporting the shirkers and for all those lame democrats telling us how wonderful Obamacare is, why is anyone exempt. I hear the unions will be getting a back room deal soon.
    I had 6 grandchildren on medicaid and welfare because their mom and dads were lazy bums and they were never denied any health care.

  • Gary Boughner

    Obummer (gestopo bama) aaah pore odumer

  • colony14author

    More proof that leftists have no sense of humor.

  • Haley Tonks

    if Obamacare was so great then he would have it, as would congress and all the other officials that are exempt from this stupid TAX. No I’m not liberal, I’m not conservative because neither side is even halfway sane.

  • John Meaders

    As for one of these people commenting on why nothing was ever said about bush, bush never lied 29 times, left a solider that wa fallen behind or sold guns to mexican drug dealers

    • Chupacabra

      Where are the WMDs that 4,000+ of our soldiers died for in Iraq?

      • John Meaders

        where are the troops that were suppose to come and help the 4 americans that died in benghazi, I do beleive that our brave president was nowhere to be found for 7 hrs until he went to las vegas the next day ,someone , said “stand down” and where was the help that wasnt there for the custom agent that was shot to death with one of the guns sold to the drug dealers by obama

      • puca58


      • Corey Dennison

        You do realize that we recovered over 500 Sarin/Mustard gas artillery rounds there, right?

        Of course not. DailyKos probably never sent you the talking points for that.

  • Edgar Massey

    Seems the Black racists are quick to jump to defend Obama and his socialized medicine. They want to put down the Country music crowd for their choice of entertainment, when gangsta rap throws the mfs’ the n word the f word and embraces cop killing prostitution drug deali and violence toward women aswell as gun violence! Can you say HYPOCRITES!!!

  • CrustyB

    A lot of racist comments about these singers. Why are these critics so racist? Why all the racist talk about “white” this and “white” that? Racist racist? Racist?

  • sleepergirl

    The Progressive Left is getting a taste a what we experience every minute 24/7. I guess they don’t like it because they have such thin skin.

    • Chupacabra

      The “Progressive Left” wanted Single Payer, not the right wing created Romeneycare rebranded as Obamacare

      • JeffWeimer

        Nice try, but Romney isn’t “Right Wing”. And really, you blame us for your side taking up an idea we had the smarts to abandon? C’mon.

      • Macranthunter

        Sorry, Romneycare so called works on a municipal level with a single strata of government control. The ACA covers 320+ million Americans and has four levels of government oversight and covers three agencies. Romneycare doesn’t even resemble the ACA in structure, size or implementation.

        The progressive left can have single pay. I’d rather have a doctor who likes his job.

  • Jason Death

    Liberal drones are like school in the summer…….no class!

  • John Alvarado

    I wonder how many Bush Jokes were cracked during any during any other awards show like the MTV Music Awards or better yet the Oscars.

    • Macranthunter

      Dixi Chicks anyone?

  • joe whitey

    Why are just black folk offended. I don’t getit. Obuma care sucks and that’s just a fact of life. Get over it and go to walmart and spend all your ebt card.

  • Macranthunter

    Every supporter of the ACA will be changing their tune in three months. This will be the best Christmas ever!

  • Abby Rexroth

    Oh I’m so sure the presenters at the BET awards never said anything negative about Bush…

  • BO_stinks

    no sense of humor, lol

  • Fed Up

    Thou shalt not mock black jesus!!!

    • John Alvarado

      You mean our Lord and Savior Barack Obama to quote Mr. Jamie Foxx.


    freedom of speech babeee ….I loved it ..working people are going to get screwed even my insurance is raising NOT good ..only people pissed are ones with a medical card from welfare ..your getting your shit for free so the least you can do is sit back and listen to working people vent ….. SMH

  • Listen NMO

    Its all about Tolerance. haha Its perfectly ok to bash republicans but the minute people are realizing that Obama sucks, FINALLY. Its not the right platform. lol

  • John Andrews

    Wow.. You can tell it is a lib by the way they butcher the English language.. They obviously some of those $8 counter bloggers paid for by the left.. Pretty telling.

  • John Miles

    pathetic miserable little liberals I laugh in their faces

  • Yarbles

    Those tweets sound like they’re from serious country music fans /sarc

  • anonymous

    Looks more like racism to me! Why hate someone because they don’t like the policy? RACIST!

  • SwankBanker .

    It isn’t proper to criticize Dear Leader Obama, all powerful and great leader, may he bless us with health and prosperity. Dear Leader protects us and wants to give us health care. Dear Leader knows what’s best. We should never question Dear Leader. He listens to our phone call and e-mails because he loves us! Praise Dear Leader!

    • Deport all illegals

      Wow do you ever need mental health care.

  • NJDruid4

    Oh, the takers rise up in anger.

  • Robert Mark

    I thought it was good natured and funny.

  • crappinrocks

    Sounds like there are a lot of Obamites who are faithful to the end….each too stupid to realize that they elected a moron as president. Granted, he was running against a moron…..


    Thou shalt not take their Lords name in vain.
    Or the Obamorons will get angry and curse you….. Bwahahahahaha

  • Tin

    I loved it and don’t give a damn who didn’t.


    Dear Lord: Please don’t let Obama & Hillary get away with 4 counts of murder
    in Benghazi.

  • maxine2328

    what is puzzling though is why do we care what these people say… or think… consider the source (by their language). I thought the angry responses were going to come from people with half a brain and IQs greater than their age. Guess not.. no surprise really…


      We care because they can VOTE !!

  • Josh Mohr

    We need to quit calling them democrats and the left. They are communists,socialists and marxists.

  • Charles Giles

    The word liberal should have the dictionary definition as ” a very serious mental disorder that eliminates the ability to think properly, the inability to process logical flow of thought, a condition that exhibits emotional rage at those who do have the ability to think properly. Because that is exact traits exhibited.

  • Deport all illegals

    This will be the first time I ever watch the CMA’s!! LMAO!! To those offended I’m offended that you still support this idiot!!!!!

  • FreedomWitnesser

    Lool. Libs are losers.

  • disqus_9k4Iee7cic

    They are a bunch on Idiots, Please tell me how making Health Care unaffordable for me and giving to someone else for free is just! I’m so sick of Liberals, they make me sick!

  • Barry Sucks

    It’s always a good day when you can raise the Libtards blood pressure up.

  • Timbones

    What a bunch of maroons!

  • ifly2nh

    Liberals, can dish it out but can’t take it. I hate to say it, but we told you so! Obamacare is hitting Americans hard. I know so many people who’ve had their insurance cancelled. Now that Obama’s policies are starting to hit libs in the pocketbook, they’re finally waking up and realizing that the man’s been lying to them all along. Better watch out, he’s not done yet and only the super rich will survive this mess.

  • karryfoster

    I think the reactions by the lib-tards is even funnier than the skit itself! You can always tell when the “open mined and tolerant left” don’t like something. They start cussing and calling names.

  • Dorothy Mancini

    Obama is a fucking disgrace to America…YOU GO CMA AWARDS for daring to say what every smart American knows !!

  • Ben Miles

    I LOVE EVERY SINGLE WORD OF THE OBAMA CARE DISSING! They can not nor ever will show enough disrespect for that Communist bastard and his Communist enslavement of American Citizens through this Communist program!!

  • sadlyso

    Obama don’t deserve any respect as far as i am concern. He lied so much, he earned his title as a joker of the century.

  • Tedd Webb

    The left has a very think skin, they can dish it, but cant take it!

  • Amber

    Are these the uneducated and/or poor that are defending Obamacare, (his prime targets, the one’s that don’t keep up with politics)? Because any true tax-paying citizen can see how it affects their own pocket. I believe in philanthropy, but for these racist, uneducated and/or impoverished fools to act in the same arrogance that our communist president does, I’d rather send my tax dollars to Africa than feed them and their 10 kids.

  • Matt Vaughn

    Their tears sustain me. Yes, yes… let the hate flow through you. 😀

  • sanirab

    Now that the shoe is on the other foot. Do you still watch Saturday Nite Live with Tina Faye dissing Sarah Palin? The decaying dead rat on Comedy Central is another fine example of liberal respect and compassion.

  • Running Welder is my Bitch

    That was awesome. How in Gods name can anyone in this world still back Obama. Let alone the piece of crap that is Obamacare my god what a bunch of fucking idiots

  • Big Ed

    Illiterate and low information.. the typical Obama supporter…

  • 1776Patriot

    These are the same people that feel barry can do no wrong no matter what. I got more respect for my stools flushed down the toilet than a liberal!

  • JB Shockley

    AND most of the comments come from the 47% low-info voters….Go figure!

  • Jeff Callahan

    If you like Obama Care you should get kicked in the neck.

  • riversong1220

    Sound like a bunch of libtard racists.

  • John Lee

    I love it! Obama Care is forcing American Citizens to buy insurance they don’t want. If you Libtards want to be constructive, demand full Socialized medicine, paid for with a 15% straight income tax, no credits, deductions, or loop holes. By the way, your new God Obama now controls your life because he controls you access to medical treatment. When it’s too late, he will take your free benefits and you will work or starve. Welcome to Socialism baby, it has happened over and over and over again around the planet, and it never works.

  • jerry

    The free loaders are crying again boo ho

  • Kent Vivrette

    By the way, its not slander if its true. Anything negative about BozoBama and his dysfunctional health care is probably accurate. The boy isn’t capable of the most menial aspects of democratic government The SOB is destroying this country..

  • ballpark1981


    • Joe Peet

      as long as you are referring to the dems as expanding slavery, then you would be correct (your post is a little vague)

  • paulejb

    Doesn’t take much to get the nitwits riled up. These fools must still be expecting BarryCare to be free.

  • toreilly

    maybe they were mocking his white half…

  • Joe Peet

    it just floors me how ignorant people can be. getting all PO’d because their false god was dissed. “Obamacare good wtf” ???

    well, if you want medical slavery and servitude, then so be it. not my skinny ass. i will profess dhimmitude to NOBODY…medical OR political!

  • Darlene Noordam

    That was a great show Paisley and Carrie Underwood came up with a great song!
    Nothing in it was untrue, it was not slanderous ,just truthful and very funny.
    Lighten up people If it is so great it will survive, if it doesn’t its not good for any of us and hopefully will die. Doesn’t matter what color you are even if your purple its suppose to be for all people. Quit being racist and lighten up!!!

  • jovin_aka_kevin

    These are all democrats. They can dish it out, but sure can’t take it when it hits them in face.

  • Linda Mitchell

    I now have two more country entertainers that I can add to my, “I LOVE” list! Good for them. Liberals can never take it despite their dishing it out.

  • Ernie kaputnik

    Bwahaha! CMA’s making liberal heads explode. Schadenfreude, Baby!

  • Erskine Gibson

    Best comment yet from a libtard. “I thought obamacare was great…. but then they told me I have to pay for it. “

  • Erskine Gibson

    Hmmmm…. This will make a liberal’s head explode. LMAO

  • pilot007

    Classy is not in the libytard play book Kevin.

  • marshall

    Its good to see all the ignorant libs with free mobile phones can use them to defend the worst president in history on twitter. Dont worry you welfare freeloaders the rest of us will keep working to pay for your free phones.

  • Idontlikeliberalsobamasupporte

    You are all retarted…this shit was so on point and needed to be said…the fact you think it’s racist just proves how ignorant every last one of you are. Obama lied to the American people about being able to keep their insurance and had over 3 years to get this program ready for usage and he failed, miserably. He’s getting off easy if you ask me…

  • bretLA

    As if Carrie and Brad have to worry about healthcare coverage. It was funny but clearly Carrie wasn’t signing onto the California ( site because it works and is very user friendly. I’m sure things will be great once gets situated but in any event, it was a harmless (and deserved) poke of fun against the site given its glitches. I laughed at it and I’m pretty much as liberal as they come. In fact, I haven’t really heard many of my “libtard” friends say they were offended by the spoof either, so lighten up folks!

  • James Ziolkowski

    But concert goers have to hear Bruce Springsteen, Barbra Streisand and other liberals blabber their BS at their concerts instead of just singing.

  • purveyor1

    What’s “Obamacare?” Should I be upset too?

  • Yes I’m the famous Joe

    I thought it was Hilarious.

  • Sofai

    Yet SNL can do it without a peep from any of these morons?? Could it be… because SNL had blacks making fun of Obamacare…

  • UncleLogic

    Everyone except the ignorant Liberals base of the Democratic Party thought it was Hi-Freakin-Larious!

  • jcfriday

    Obama care is a farce and is worthless to say the least. It is way too expensive and not worth the cost. The President is a terrible liar as every time you see his lips move the lies spew forward.

  • TexasMeow

    Yo Yo Yo ………Them liberals sure can dish it out, but they sure can’t take it!!!!!

  • J Lindeen

    It was hilarious but not as much as the losers making comments on here that don’t know how to spell simple words or how to simply express themselves without resorting to crude gutter language that only grade schoolers find amusing. Go drink some more koolaide morons!

  • Lucas Carroll

    I love how not one of these didn’t have profanities or obvious grammatical and spelling errors..Nice job Brad and Carrie!

  • Shehatescigars

    One word “ingnant” and yes i can spell, but that is how these ignant tards spell.

  • Shehatescigars

    CMA is brilliant they had Pdiddy on the show for more viewers hahaha genius

  • Sharkteeth

    Blinding Hypocrisy

  • Pat Arnold

    We are living in a time when certain groups of people see racists in every word or deed in everyone not a part of their mind set. The worst part is that some of these people are in positions of power and support and defend the race baiters. This is so dangerous and truly terrifying. We desperately need a return to values

  • Wayne Workman

    They sure can’t take it when it comes back around can they..

  • Abolish Holders OftheLight

    They have the poorest grammar as well.

  • damn yankee

    I agree, those conservative, country music listening white folk are idiots and dont understand and have no right to their opionion. To hell with the first amendment! As a matter of fact they shouldnt be included in obamacare. Let them keep their tax dollars, who needs them, their salaries or the jobs their companies represent.

  • Sunny Hiller

    its so good … 4.25 million ppl who HAD insurance they were paying ON THEIR OWN now dont have it!!!

  • butchz

    cry cry cry. Lefts favorite song. Boo hoo obozo fans!

  • Dennis Carr

    God help them if they ever watch SNL or Stewart..

  • RayMarotta

    Those wonderful all inclusive liberals. So far no conservative has suggested killing obama as so many liberals did towards Bush. EVERYTHING Obozo does is a joke. There has never been a more joke worthy parasite in the Whitehouse in the history of this country. IMPEACH THE CHIMP IN CHIEF NOW…

  • Kay

    It seems most people who like Obama and Obamacare really can’t speak without calling people names, using foul language and showing their complete ignorance. I was taught those who accuse others of racism, hate, whatever, it’s because their own heart is so black (and before this is termed racist, it is meant as “black” as in hate, anger, self loathing) and they know it. So they try and take the attention off of themselves by laying the blame on everyone but themselves. Keep that in mind when you read this kind of stuff and you’ll see why we have the racism we have today. They have no argument other than hate so they lash out on others. Sad really.

  • 75cephus

    Careful. the free screech liberals don’t tolerate dissent!

  • Russy Master

    Yo, u dumb wits, grow up. That’s all u stinking skunks can do use foul languages. Just shows where gutter folks come from.

  • TextileW

    About every day the Democrat/Liberals/Progressives attack Republicans/Conservatives/TeaParty groups. When they make a statement or participate in an argue the name calling of racist, bigoted, sexist is blown way out of proportion. The Presidents lying and blind support from all Legislative Democrats on ObamaCare changes of that. I encourage all to politely and professionally reply to the foolish remarks. It will win the day and upmost, 2014 elections.

  • juan robledo

    I believe this country still exercises their FREEDOM OF SPEECH, The 1st Amendment, it is afterall FUNNY AS HECK, and True!!!

  • dave_570m

    They can’t keep it clean, they’re slugs trying to pull themselves up out of that slim filled hole they call liberialism !!! You can’t ecpect anything else !!

  • middlejohn

    Hope all you upset flaming libs tune in to see the next presentation of the Oscars! I just heard that George Strait is going to be the Master of Ceremonies!!!!!

  • Chestertonian

    What’s really funny is that both Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood supported Obama in 2008 (not sure about 2012). So it mattered when “rich white” folks supported Obama, but not so much when they toss a joke at ObamaCARE without tossing so much as a thumbtack at Obama himself.

    I guess Sean Combs is a racist conservative, too, since he didn’t say a word about dissin’ the Preezy but thundered how he was coming out as a country fan. And how dare Darius Rucker sing rich white Kenny Rogers’ biggest hit to a bunch of rich white “conservatives.”

    The CMA’s also gave out 3 awards to the half-gay duo Florida-Georgia Line; the best new artist to a girl who sang a song about rolling a joint, and nominated her twice for Song of the Year as a songwriter, too.

  • Autumn

    The intelligence level of the people who didn’t find the humor in the skit speaks for itself… I think these are the people who are still trying to sign up for free health care….and still trying and still……not trying to sign up to work, but trying to compensate to further their already government funded lives.

  • Autumn

    And to answer in a language maybe the libs can understand “Do OBAMA CARE? i understand in your world “YEA HE Care He Pollogized (hard to spell that one in slang) guess what he doesn’t care about you and more Importantly THE COUNTRY

  • Neverbeenpriveleged

    Boo hoo, Obama cant be made fun of or we will PIN THE TAIL ON THE HONKEY

  • Neverbeenpriveleged

    No rap artists ever made fun of george bush ya know (sarc = off)

  • Kenny Black