Writer and producer Bob Schooley was co-creator of Disney Channel’s “Kim Possible,” and has produced and written other television and movie projects geared towards kids, such as the “Lion King II” and “Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.”

Perhaps a future cartoon project teaching kids to automatically accuse their political opponents of criminal misconduct and racism is in the works.


Schooley has deleted his tweet. Apparently, nobody told him that Twitchy is forever.

And he adds this:




How dare someone quote him accurately!

He also points out that he no longer works at Disney:


Duly noted. We regret the error and have changed our headline accordingly.

  • http://www.cameofilms.com/ Matt de Rojas

    Groan….right in the childhood.

  • Tiger184

    Ok then, no more visits to any Disney property (ie: money handed over to Disney)

    • Andy108

      Good luck with that. No ESPN, ABC, LucasFilm… the list goes on and on. Besides, don’t be foolish: This guy isn’t even with Disney anymore, he’s with Dreamworks.

      • $8203344

        Then no more Dreamworks, I don’t care if people have different views or beliefs, I’mm not gonna hold their hand in the voting booth. They should keep their beliefs to themselves when they cross the line of offensive racist comments.

  • $24410100

    @Rschooley Just an FYI, I can’t stand his White ass either! You do realize that he is Biracial? Right?

  • http://www.amazon.com/Devon-Dibley-His-Golden-Key/dp/1484181557/ M F Scotto

    Calling republicans “racists”… How terribly original.

    • trixiewoobeans

      Wow, how can they stand all those “racists” frequenting their parks, buying their movies, books and memorabilia? I don’t think they should EVER take another CENT of Republicans’ money, I mean, they have standards to uphold! (sarc) And Conservatives should stop supporting them. My kids survived fine in the A.D. (After Disney) world!

      • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

        I know my kids preferred the films that were done when Walt was still around.

        • Tim

          The Lion King and Toy Story series were good movies.
          I don’t know if Fox and the Hound was Disney or not, but it was always one of my favorites too.

  • $24410100

    Walt Disney would be ashamed at what the Disney family has become.

    • Andy108

      This guy hasn’t been with Disney for years. He’s with Dreamworks and Nickelodeon right now.

      • $24410100

        All a subsidiary.

        • Andy108

          Not at all! Dreamworks is actually Disney’s biggest animated competitor. But that’s aside the point. How can you suggest Disney should be ashamed of his empire because of one ignorant writer, of one little show, of one network, of one subsidiary in this multibillion dollar corporation that was built in a system of capitalism?

          • cirby

            He was actually the writer and producer of a lot more than “one little show.” Sky High, Kim Possible, et cetera.

      • http://o.com CaptDMO

        Ooooo….”educating” and entertaining the children?

  • pinupartist

    These cultists are like a sleeper cell destroying the country. They cannot fathom how anyone could disagree on substance with the one they adore.

  • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

    Yeah, and we’re far more comfortable with schooling our kids than having Schooley around our kids.

  • waterytart

    Amazing they always fail to remember, Conservatives are the ones who HAVE children to keep their franchise in business.

  • TocksNedlog

    The Lyin’ King, Part Deux

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Lisa Loopner: “Yeah, ‘black mail/black male’ — real funny, Bob Schooley– so funny, I forgot to laugh…”

  • gimmer

    I’m sure Lasseter and Stanton are thrilled to have creations of theirs associated with such a classy guy.

  • Sir Milos Esq.™

    No wonder he works in Toonville……Stick to Buzz Lightyear and leave government to the older kids Bob

  • Maxx

    Give it a rest libs. The entire world is frankly, tired of it.

    The fella is in over his head and his melanin levels have absolutely zero to do with it.

  • j p✓ʳᵉᶠʳᶦᵉᵈ

    Brings images of Jews blackmailing the death camp guards by refusing to walk to their gas chambers.
    As if all parties don’t make use of every trick in the book to gain political ground. As situations become more dire the tricks get bigger and more heard. Only some people choose to whom they turn their deaf ear.

  • trixiewoobeans

    I’ve called Disney “the evil empire” for many years now. I saw the writing-on-the-wall with them years back. Sad. I support nothing they do. Heavy advertisers for the MSM too.

  • independencemp3


  • o0Nighthawk0o

    With people like that on staff we now know why Disney child stars grow up to be nuts.

  • Chevypowered

    Oh, dear lord, really? Yes because after all of Obama’s success those “Whites” still have their hate on!

  • NathanExplosion

    “GOP far more comfortable with blackmail in the White House than black male in the White House.”


    The best comedy is grounded in truth. Good one, Bob.

    • HeavyMetalPolkaMonkey

      That’s some mighty fine delusional thinking you got going there Nathan…

      • NathanExplosion

        Comedy is a subjective thing, of course, so to each his own.

        • ObamaFail

          Actually, his picture is 100% true, while your applauding the false claims of that Disney idiot is not. The NAACP hates White people, that’s why it’s a black only organization.

          • NathanExplosion

            When you deposit your social security checks, do you direct deposit?

        • tops116 ✓Quipper

          How exactly can comedy be grounded in truth *and* subjective?

          • NathanExplosion

            Ask your nearest adult.

          • MarcusFenix

            It can’t really…and I think I upset the poor snowflake for calling him out as a vitriol-filled troll who didn’t have the facts right from the start.

        • MarcusFenix

          An interesting way to back peddle. A failure at doing so, but A+ for effort.

          • NathanExplosion

            Comedy isn’t a subjective thing?

          • MarcusFenix

            Comedy is actually very subjective, though most of what you put here that you believe is clever is merely vitriol for it’s own sake. You’re saying it’s truth -and- it’s subjective though. In this case, however, the statement isn’t really accurate, and it isn’t really funny to anyone but a select few.

          • NathanExplosion

            Yeah that is what I thought, comedy is a subjective thing.

          • MarcusFenix

            So you sidestep the remainder of the idea, because you don’t have an answer otherwise. That’s what I though too.

          • NathanExplosion

            You didn’t think comedy was a subjective thing but you talked yourself into it in that previous comment. Good going, btw!!

          • MarcusFenix

            If English is your second language, then…well, it shows.

            My comment was about your back-peddaling. You asked if it was subjective, and I answered it was…so what led you to believe I’d not thought that to start with? It was the first thing I said. You also commented about how it was truth and also subjective. I stated, in fact, that comedy was subjective, and it is. I also remarked how you couldn’t answer the rest, because you just don’t have an answer for it. Notice you didn’t really address the fact that it wasn’t truth, or that it was done in poor taste, or that only a few select folks such as yourself found it funny.

            If you’re going to troll, the least you can do is understand what’s being said in context before acting out. It’s not clever, and it’s also incorrect in the way you’ve done it. I don’t expect a liberal to actually answer with a cogent response, but it would be a nice change of pace.


          • NathanExplosion

            I’m sure this is an interesting story but you lost me at the personal attack in your first sentence. :(

          • MarcusFenix

            I’m sure you were interested, but your double standard lost me too, so we’re even. You condescend to everyone that disagrees with you and act rather haughty…yet, when someone returns a little bit of that your way…you use the “I’m sure this is an interesting story…” line. Twice in the last hour or so, and more in your feed. Cool story bro, and all that.

            When you can actually answer the remainder of what’s posted above, we’ll all be here.

          • NathanExplosion

            I’m sure this is an interesting story but you lost me at “I’m”. :(

            Maybe next time!!!! :)

          • MarcusFenix

            And that’s 3.

            Keep on walking troll…you’re done. :)

          • NathanExplosion

            Counting typically starts at 1, maybe zero sometimes. Maybe next time!!! :)

          • MarcusFenix

            Unless 3 is the number of times you used the “I’m sure this is an interesting story” line that I’ve seen.

            You do know how to count to 3, right? Maybe next time, you can keep up with your own conversation. :)

          • NathanExplosion

            Hey look it is you! I know you from the other day! 😉

          • MarcusFenix

            It was just at 24 hours ago, so…you can’t count, can’t keep up with your own statements, and can’t tell time (since “the other day” would be several, not just one).

            If only there was a barrel around here with some fish in it..

          • NathanExplosion

            Hey look it is you! I know you from the other day! 😉

          • MarcusFenix

            Much better.

          • NathanExplosion

            Hey look it is you! I know you from the other day! 😉

      • NathanExplosion

        Cool story. See you on the flip side.

    • ObamaFail

      You’re an idiot. You libs just can’t fathom why people don’t like your God Obama. Not all of us enjoy being unemployed. Which Obama has caused more people to be cut down to part-time or lose their jobs then any liberal shill in the media will ever admit.

      • NathanExplosion

        Your are responding to the same person repeatedly. Are you ok?

        • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈwhitey

          Aren’t you? Second time on same page length you addressed/responded to *gasp!* the same person.

          • NathanExplosion

            I responded to different messages. Gary Freeman was repeatedly responding to the same message. I won’t hold this against you as we all make mistakes.

    • ObamaFail

      The Founder of Planned Parenthood was a racist, she thought black people were weeds and they needed to stop them from growing. I guess whatever political party backs Planned Parenthood is racist. Hmm, which party is that again? Oh, that’s right. THE DEMOCRATS. Dems are also racist because they believe that black people can’t survive without the white man

      • NathanExplosion

        I’m sure this is an interesting story but you lost me at “The”.

        • Burnmybunghole

          So, basically, what you’re saying is that you either can’t read, or your reading comprehension is that of a 3rd grader. Am I hitting on that correctly?

          • NathanExplosion

            I’m sure this is an interesting story but you lost me at “So”.

          • Lisa Dean

            And yet you keep responding

          • NathanExplosion

            Well sure I do, don’t you?

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      Yeah, I’ll bet Democrat Robert Byrd would’ve found that line particularly hilarious.

    • blockthiscnn

      …which is why his “joke” bombed worse than white-hood-with-eye-holes night at the Apollo.

  • Joe W.

    This from the proud creators of “The Twerking” Princess herself…..

  • ObamaFail

    Pathetic, and mindless libs just are too stupid to see why people aren’t happy with Obama. They want to pretend it’s racism, because they are living in a fantasy land where everything is sunshine and rainbows, but one day their bubble is going to burst. And the accusations of racism stem from the fact that libs have no real defense of Obama’s failures as POTUS.

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Know what real blackmail is? Dems to their minority constituents: “Vote for us, or be homeless and starve to death.”

    • ObamaFail

      Or, “If you don’t vote for us, the Republicans are going to put y’all back in chains.” – Joe Biden.


    This crap is so tired

    • Jeremy


  • The Jackal

    Don’t get me started on Disney!

  • URGR82

    Another liberal using people (in this case black people) as pawns.

  • bkp100

    Uh, yeah… that explains GOP support for people like Herman Cain, Allen West, Alan Keyes, Virginia Fuller, Elbert Guillory, Angela McGlowan, Michael Steele, Clarence Thomas, Condolezza Rice, among may, many others. And, of course, there’s Tim Scott, the only black Senator (a Republican) NOT invited to the “Let Freedom Ring” event in honor of Martin Luther King (who, incidentally, was *also* a Republican)….

    So the “racist Republican” moniker is not only getting old and tired… but is becoming known for the hacks on the left, who have nothing more substantive to gripe about…

    • YouGoGirl

      Don’t leave out Mia Love, Dr. Ben Carson, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell and my personal fav, Bill Cosby.

    • Jay Stevens

      Sigh. There you go again exhibiting a common conservative trait – using logic.

  • gman213

    Never been to a Disney park, never intend to go. Walt Disney is probably rolling in his grave.

    • blockthiscnn

      Galactic Cowboys wrote a song about that : “Disney’s Spinnin'”


    Funny, how all criticism I have seen of Obama from conservatives, none of which are of his skin color.

    Meanwhile, leftists can only come up with “he’s black” as a reason why as to prove that they’re “not racist”.

  • http://lordfoggybottom.com/ BlahBlah

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA He got us right there. I mean I’m shaking in my bright yellow shirt!

  • http://www.amazon.com/Devon-Dibley-His-Golden-Key/dp/1484181557/ M F Scotto

    I see Disney still supports the National Socialists.

  • Ted H.

    Meanwhile, Breitbart’s $100k reward STILL is mysteriously unclaimed

  • Kat

    I’m a little confused why his freedom of speech precludes anyone protesting in a way that might get him in trouble with his employer.

    If he doesn’t want his employer to see his Tweets, maybe he shouldn’t post them for the world to see under his own name. Idiot.

  • Jeremy

    Bob needs to be schooled.

  • Jeremy

    I wonder what Walt Disney would think about his Disney brand now.I know Schooley doesn’t work there anymore but,he clearly is still dumb.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    “GOP far more comfortable with blackmail in the White House than black male in the White House.”

    There’s a black male in the White House? Oh, right. Sorry, I’ve been applying the Left’s George Zimmerman Standard and been calling Obama “white black” for the last year.

    “I just wish if Twitchy was going to make me their Democrat punching bag for the day, they could have picked one of my better jokes.”

    I’m familiar with your work, Bob. You don’t have any better jokes. Why don’t ya go ask Mark to feed you a line or two instead?

    “Twitchy trying to get people in Dutch with their employers for exercising free speech is a charming practice.”

    Yes, I believe liberals codified that practice.

    And fun fact for Bob: those who really believe in exercising their free speech don’t try to cover up their comment once they get in trouble for it. They might apologize (sincerely or not) to head off any backlash; they don’t try to pretend it never happened or act like self-absorbed douches when those who disagree decide to exercise *their* freedom of speech. Oh right, I forgot, freedom of speech doesn’t matter to the Hollywood crowd if it dissents in any way, shape or form. My mistake.

  • dwsmokin

    Did he seriously try to intimate that Twitchy would try to get him “in dutch” with his employer? That can’t be-only Leftists can try to get someone fired for disagreeing with them. Or close their business. Or get it firebombed. Or harass their customers to the point they won’t do business with them. Geez, what a touchy guy.

  • rssllue

    Do you smell the smoke from his shoes due to the rapid backpedaling?

  • Phebelyn

    I love it when these guys get angry, post without thinking, delete, then can’t take the heat, and proceed to try and deflect it on to something or someone else. Not fooling anyone. He meant what he said. Just keep the tweet up and take it like a man!

  • Jack Deth

    Memo to failed J-School has been, Schooley:

    If you would do just a bit of research. You would see that you are mistaken in the use of the word “blackmail”.

    What you are so wrongly trying to intimate is the act of “extortion”. Where “blackmail” is the payoff.

    And you wonder why today’s network television and mass marketed films have about a third less of the audience than twenty years ago?

    • NathanExplosion

      The old extortion/blackmail conundrum… apparently the record box office receipts preclude folks from fixing this. Pretty sure this is Obama’s fault.

      • Jack Deth

        Oh, no doubt, Nathan.

        • NathanExplosion

          Curious as to how this is Obama’s fault? I can’t connect the dots.

  • Nicholas Richardson

    Hey Everybody. Whats up? Obama is The Greatest President Of All Time! Hope you enjoy when Clinton wins in 2016 and 2020.

  • Nicholas Richardson

    You know Bob has multiple Emmy Awards right?

    • Ted H.

      DAYTIME Emmy’s, dearie…when your captive audience are kiddies. That’s like being given a participation trophy for T-Ball, or a Nobel Peace Prize 10 days into a Presidency.

      Nice spin, bet your resume is chock-full of bullsh!t too


  • GTR003121

    Too bad the dumbass didn’t realize the problem with his “joke” until he deleted it.

  • ogama843

    What’s are”folkes”?

  • unknown

    “Co creator of the best Cartoon of all time?” What one is that and why is cartoon capitalized?

    • http://youhavetobethistalltogoonthisride.blogspot.com/ keyboard jockey

      No clue who he is or why Twitchy is bothering to highlight his tweets.

  • William Race

    Who’s black?


    Kim Possible is a resume booster?

  • Java Dewd

    Wasn’t he the reason Cars 2 was so damn political?

  • https://www.facebook.com/trish.deneen TrishD

    Of course Twitchy is to blame for what douche bags type that might get them in trouble. Makes sense.

  • $8203344

    More racist crap from these Libs, who are the most racist bunch around. The Dem party makes it a point to treat every ethnic group different, there is no belief or ideal that everyone is created equal and should have the same oppurtunities. When President Obama said he, as a black man, felt the sting of car doors locking as he walked by he never mentioned the judgement I and others feel every time we mention I’m a Conservative and have always voted Republican. The Democrat party has never offered a solution to anything since I’ve been of voting age, and they always seek to divide by race, gender, and income.

  • MGarrett

    Says the asshat who didn’t write a major black character in Kim Possible, but only the 21st equivalents of StepnFetchIts.

  • MGarrett

    Hey Bob?! Any major characters in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command black? Anyone?, Yeah, not so much. hypocrite.

  • Truth

    What will it take to make these morons understand that it has nothing to do with a black in the White House and everything to do with a socialist? Not just a socialist but one who won’t negotiate with his political opponents but will with terrorists, tramples on the Constitution, turns his back on our Middle East allies while embracing those groups over there that hate us. Etc., etc., etc.

    The GOP supports conservative blacks who are called all kinds of racist names by the liberals.

  • http://www.davidlane1488.com/88.html DaleVM14W


  • Restless_1

    So, calling half the country racists is nice, but pointing out said smear isn’t?

    I could not be a liberal. Way too much pretzel logic.

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    He’ll be Executive Producer of ABC News after spewing that hate speech.