The attempted closing of memorials in Washington, D.C., has produced many photographs, but few have been as gripping as this one:

That is really eerie.


‘Classic!’ Katie Pavlich scores with idea for lifting memorial Barry-cades

Priorities: Barry-cades for World War II memorial but not Benghazi

Wheelchair-bound veteran busts into the Korean War Memorial [photo]

WW II vets cross barricades to visit Vietnam Memorial [photos]

‘Pure awesome’: The winning signs that protested closure of World War II Memorial [pics]

Barry-cades confirmed: Park Service says Obama admin ordered closure of World War II Memorial

Repulsive: Cockroach Harry Reid plays politics, blames GOP for WWII memorial shutdown

‘Unbelievable!’ WH issues World War II memorial ransom note (Bonus ‘iconic’ Obama image)

‘Unreal’: Check out the shutdown barricade and sign at the 2nd Infantry Division Memorial in DC [pics]

Honor Flight to bring more World War II vets to DC Memorial despite government shutdown

World War II veterans knock down police barriers to attend memorial on the National Mall; Update: Did a congressman lead the vets through the barricade?; Update: Congressman says Obama administration knew about veterans’ request and rejected it

  • fireandreamitchell

    Umm, weren’t we all sold a box of BS that the gov shutdown would furlough all these federal workers and stuff? Why do the memorials suddenly have more security than an airports?

    • Terry_Jim

      More security sent to parks and monuments today than Obama sent to Benghazi on 9/11/12

      • DanG

        Maybe the guard would be told to stand down if we tell Obama that a US ambassador is under attack at the memorial.

        • Rulz

          Or vanish like a David Copperfield act.

      • meeester


    • Jack Deth

      Obama’s frightened to death of WWII veterans. And the possible viral “Bad Optics” of having a You Tube video of Park Police arresting them may have on his re-election.

      Oh, wait!

      • syvyn11

        Obama doesn’t care. He doesn’t care if it looks bad for either democrats or republicans. This could really hurt hillary, which is fine with Obama. As far as he’s concerned, there can be no other president than him.

        • antidaily

          Yes, it’s true. He will do everything in his power to remain President for forever.

          • Jack Deth

            You have one too many “for”s in you mindless ramble, Toots.

            Sentence structure: C-.

          • Joe W.

            The troll is 36 years old and still working on that G.E.D. it would appear…..

          • antidaily

            We must keep the Ring of Power away from him!

          • Tom Anderson

            Jack deth should read Jack off.

          • GlobalWarmer

            Jack Ass

          • Jack Deth


            Honest to God and for true?!!!

            A snot nosed rookie with ONE comment to his name.

            Backed by a slightly more safe wannabe with THREE pitifully snarky comments???

            This is what Soros and Media Matters get for outsourcing before checking first.

            Jeebus! What rubes!

            I fart in both your general directions.

          • Kimihiro Watanuki

            Jack, I noticed an uptake in troll activity in the last week or so. I think they’re butt-hurt about the Obami-care implement fail. One attacked me when I pointed out a personal story. I have a feeling it’s going to be more of the same for a while, until these trolls get cut off.

          • TomJB

            The trolls have a bit more time on their hands now that they are furloughed from their “real jobs”

          • pajamakat

            As difficult as it may be, we really should just ignore them; no down arrows, no replies. They’re only looking for attention. Although I did respond to the lemming above, starting this very minute I will no longer recognize them. None of them are worth it.

          • Dawn Crawford

            You spelled death wrong Jack wagon!!

          • Mick_Pearson

            To paraphrase those hilarious libtarded Pythons.

          • Centurian2010

            Maybe you should be more concerned over “your” own sentence structure. Twit.

          • Jack Deth

            Keep trying.

            You make achieve relevance one day.

          • HonestC

            May I suggest using “may” instead of “make” since you’re so strict on others concerning the use of proper English.

          • Jack Deth


            The Irrelevant Trolls are coming out of the woodwork and being irrelevant… Again.

          • HonestC

            Uh, that would be YOU considering the negative comments thrown your way.

          • Kimihiro Watanuki

            Good night that they have four trolls after you should be an honor. I need to obtain such an honor as you.

          • Spiny Norman
          • gullycat

            And you can’t tell the difference between “you” and “your.” Word choice: F. Stupid troll.

          • pajamakat

            Mindless idiot – F

          • Dawn Bennett

            he is already working on it there has been a bill introduced in the senate to lift the term limits. He claims there is too much that needs fixing for him to get it done in only 8 years

          • Chele Shelley

            True Statement-he wants term limits removed. He thinks he’s a f’ing king.

          • Fred

            This is the most insane of all of the insane comments I’ve heard about Obama. Jesus you people really are totally brainwashed and generally unintelligent.

          • $6654858

            Dawn, it pains me that you are so stupid, but I could cry that 7 more idiots ‘liked’ your comment. Clearly, you are all just too damn dumb to look up the facts.
            In just the last 20 years, this bill to abolish term limits [repeal the 22nd amendment] has been submitted 23 times. [read that again. 23 times-same bill.] This bill has been proposed by both republicans and democrats under both parties’ administrations. It is nothing new, so OBVIOUSLY it has nothing in the least to do with obama.
            In the trash passed around irresponsible conservative sites to be swallowed by gullible nitwits like you, this bill is said to be intended to ‘pave the way to make obama prez for life’. But, and i’d better repeat this b/c you are all retarded, it has been proposed repeatedly for years. Serrano, the sponsor of the current bill [HJ15], has proposed it 9 times since 1997. He proposed it under clinton 2x, under gw bush 4x, and under obama 3x. in the many times that this bill has been proposed, it has never even made it to a vote.
            You all notice when dems are spinning a story, Do you notice when repubs are doing it? This goes beyond spin into outright lying. The bill has nothing to do with obama any more than it had to do with bush when it was proposed during his admin. it has been proposed by both parties and it hasnt mattered which party is in the WH!!! do you gullible idiots get it yet????? probably not. you;re just too dumb to even look it up. you just believe whatever ‘news’ you believe. you are gullible sheep.

          • shrugger

            or is it he’s screwed up more than can be fixed in only…oh wait, forgot. It’s all Dubya’s fault and your a racisss.

          • SkyePuppy

            Proper use of “it’s” – Priceless!

          • disgusted

            Not possible, unless the world ends before his term is up.

        • Dusty Thompson

          When you have the entire LEFTIST JournOlister media in your back pocket it makes it easy…

      • Ralph Vivo

        If the vets get arrested its BUSHS Fault … & the left wing press will say so & back King Obama

      • irishgirl91

        If a tree falls in the forest…. Without the media covering this, it doesn’t happen. We know it, my wonderful hardworking sister who is conservative, but very low info, won’t hear a word.

        • Dusty Thompson

          A libtard using the Low Info Voter terminology, hahaha. Thats rich and quite hypocritical of you Libtard…

          • irishgirl91

            Trying to figure out how you decided I was a lib/prog. I am actually not, at all. My point was my sister has worked 40+ hrs a week since she was 16y.o and is extremely conservative. She would be agreement with the R’s if she actually heard their stand. She works, comes home to cook dinner for her family and spend time with her daughter. She is low info because she doesn’t read the papers, get news from the internet or listen to any alternative media. She has time for the evening news and the offerings of MSM programming for whatever time she has before bed, to start all over again. That is what I meant by low info.

    • BlahBlah

      All I know is that it would be unwise to bring sunscreen and other liquids near any memorial. :/

      • The Penguin

        But lighters, lithium batteries, and nail clippers are all fine now.

    • [email protected]

      good question, no money to pay a $25,000 per year aid, but lots of money for several $130,000 per year police

    • Roland Melnick

      Airport? They have more security than a US Consulate in Libya!

    • SkyePuppy

      SOMEBODY has to keep out the riff-raff… er, I mean, the citizens.

    • dotJenna

      This is a symbol of what he’s going after–everything America stands for. He is taking over.

    • Dusty Thompson

      Because Liberals are NASTY LIARS.

    • Fussiliersole

      Wow. Just wow, that’s bad. Lincoln.
      More security than he had the night he was shot.

  • grais

    There’s money to keep it closed, but no money to keep it open.

    I suppose this makes sense to someone.

    • Mecha75

      Hey, I don’t need someone to paint it green again.

      • Guessed

        Interesting that when the .gov was up and running at full effort some nut painted the monument green.

  • Steve__Jacobson

    What Country do we live in again?

    • Dusty Thompson

      USSA of 0bama…

  • Michelle ✓classified

    This president is solid evil and doesn’t give one damn sh*t about this country or Americans. All he cares about, ALL HE CARES ABOUT is total control and having everything his way. I have never in my life felt such hatred for another human being. Damn him, just DAMN HIM for trying to destroy my country!

    • antidaily

      You need therapy.

      • Mead

        This is therapy, of a sort. Now sod off.

      • The Penguin

        Ah. A rookie troll douche. Beat it child.

        • antidaily

          I’m 36 btw.

          • The Penguin

            Then act like it. Add something besides a hit an’ run insult.

          • Jack Deth

            With 9 (Nine). Count ’em NINE whole comments to your (very possibly temporary) name.

          • triplet granny

            Counting comments? WTH does that have to do with anything?

          • Ronald Green

            Just hired to troll the Conservative sites, perhaps?

          • Corey Dennison

            Well, he has to make a living somehow…

          • Fred

            You love commenting on low post count, don’t you? On this site, I’d consider lower post counts a badge of honor.

          • Michelle ✓classified

            Then act it.

          • Joe W.

            Then you should know better, Sonny.

          • Ronald Green

            And still in Mommy’s basement? Troll.

      • Jack Deth

        Quit while you’re behind.

        All you’re doing here is embarrassing yourself.

        • The Penguin

          Looks like they recruited some new trolls. So trolls are also considered essential now?

          • Jack Deth

            If Soros and Media Matters still has cash to spread around to their Snot nosed lemmings.

      • Michelle ✓classified

        Devastating. (eyeroll)

      • Joe W.

        Are you a psychoanalyst, Sonny…or just a douche nozzle?

        • Jack Deth


          But he spent the night in a Holiday Inn Express.

          • TomJB

            So he is just as qualified as a graduate douche nozzle from one of our prestigious institutions of higher indoctrination.

      • Melissa Simpson

        no boo you do…go get your shitty O care and your FDA poison mental pills….free eugenics lol

      • Mugsy Malone

        no she doesnt need therapy, shes angry, and she damn we3ll oughta be. and so should be every american right now. this administration is ass backwards and ruining my country as well. this used to be a country that we could be proud of, this used to be a country that i felt safe in, and this used to be a country that i would gladly bring my child up in, and now its a mere shadow of its former glory, and i have never in my life felt the hatred that i feel for obama.

        • antidaily

          You don’t feel safe? From what?

          • Darticus

            Government power.

          • J. Cox

            Same question the Russians,Chinese,Spanish,Italian,and German people were asked right before their respective messiahs turned on them.But hey,we all know you “new” socialist are so concerned with the peasants right?

      • Vitiosum

        Therapy? You would know this how? Did you escape from you padded room at the asylum? You know damn well why people are getting angrier by the minute. You may be an adult, but your antagonistic ways are childlike. Go serve your god Obama, but remember, when he is done with using you, regret and tears will be your only friend.

        • antidaily

          More hyperbole. What a surprise.

          • Vitiosum

            Is that all you you have antidaily? Squealing about hyperbole because you have nothing. I’ve seen nothing from you other than defending your leader (and a weak attempt it is). What you see as hyperbole from me, is exactly what I can see coming down the road. That, my little troll friend, is not hyperbole. Your leader is doing his best to ruin the lives of many with his dictator ways. Do you honestly think that if he succeeds with using you puppets on a string he will have any use for you later on down the line. What promise has he made to you that has you brainwashed into thinking that anything he has “promised” is going to work in anyone’s favor in the end. What secret do you have that you would like to share with the class? I’m listening. Please enlighten me.

      • AmericanMom

        You need to go back to from wherever you came (find your rock).

    • The Penguin

      With you on that 110 percent. Pure.Unadulterated. Hate.

    • PegLeg1069

      Well said!!! I agree with you 100%!

    • idh82bu

      What is Obama doing to “destroy” your country, dear?

      • The Penguin

        There’s a down-vote for you since you felt the need to do it to just about every commenter here. so…nyah!

      • Mead

        Do you think misogyny strengthens your position?

      • The Jackal


      • Michelle ✓classified

        If you are without answers to your own question then you are choosing to remain ignorant, Cupcake.

      • Joe W.

        “Dear”??? Pig.

      • $22639970

        Don’t get out into the real world much, do you?

      • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

        When you’re forced to answer detailed questions about your personal life at a medical exam, to a person that isn’t a doctor, under penalty of fines or jail time, ask that again.

        Controlling health care can be used to gather data to distribute to every other federal agency to use as they see fit. Don’t like it, then no health care. Don’t think it will happen? You haven’t been following the news.

      • Guest

        Son you are being a sexist pig

      • J. Cox

        Is it lonely in your basement?Do you get actual news,or is the daily show your best source?

        • Herr Schmitty

          You realize that you’re posting on Twitchy, right? The Daily Show is a better source of news than anything you’ve attempted to contribute, punk.

          • J. Cox

            This is Twitchy?Wow thanks for that info.Anytime you want to trade actual fact…let me know.And lol at “punk” tough guy you.

      • Corey Dennison

        Hmmm…3 credit downgrades, piling on more debt than any president before him, destroying our healthcare system, putting record numbers of citizens on food stamps.

        That’s just a start. Yeah, Obammy is just full of achievement, ain’t he?

    • forgetyoutooo

      Obama couldn’t do it without Reid, Pelosi and the liberal media. Damn them all.

    • GreenEyedGal

      I keep waiting for the revolution to start. I’m ready! Just say the word. I can’t do it alone.

      • Joe W.


      • Emily B

        Ditto. Now if we could only get others to wake up and pay attention. Most people frustrate me to no end when they have no idea what’s going on in this country, and worse, don’t seem to care all that much.

    • Joe W.

      Now you are starting to sound like ME, Michelle. I knew you would in time. You are far too good an American NOT to feel the hatred as I do. The Lord will forgive us, my friend, for He knows we are only human….

      • aliswell

        Forgive us? The Lord YEARNS for our righteous wrath towards His enemies!

        • Joe W.

          He will forgive our sin of “hatred”, my friend.

          • aliswell

            Ah, up to speed. :)

    • $731841

      You need an industrial strength retention enema of reality. Just don’t fall on the enema bag like most republicanderthal/teabaggers have.

      • Ronald Green

        The new crop of trolls has finally shown up. Are you done with your stupidity or do you need to be shown the way out?

        • $731841

          Hardly. Grow up. Do your homework. Find out what’s really happening. I feel sorry for you low-information voters. You have no idea of reality and are mired in lies fed to you by Faux News and Thrush Limbaugh. Google is a great start to find out what’s going on but don’t stop there. Snopes and Fact Check will take you further into reality. Grow UP!

          • J. Cox

            Faux original.You do realize Faux and FOX do not rhyme right?Low info voters…you mean the DNC marching band right?I guess you are OK with throwing out the constitution,spending money we do not have,and having the workforce at its lowest participation rate in 35 years?I guess snopes…a division of Soros inc is a trustworthy site just because you say so right?

            Teabaggers?And you are telling us to grow up.I love how you ignorant trolls operate completely clueless and oblivious to actual facts.How about you come back when you can show us how in these last 5 years America has grown in any sort of positive way…till then,pound sand.

          • SPQR9

            “Republicanderthal/teabaggers” was your attempt to show how sophisticated you are for watching MSNBC? Fail.

        • The Penguin

          Yup…and their script is pretty lame. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel lately.

      • Spinmamma

        Do you get extra points for being so gratuitously crude?

    • Armando

      hate leads to suffering…. but what can we do, haters gonna hate

    • autdrew4real

      Isn’t that the first commandment? Thou shalt not have any gods except obama. Total control

    • David

      I’m with you. Hatred of Obama is because Obama has done all he can to debase those who disagree with him. I detest this sorry excuse for a president and a human being.

  • Terry_Jim

    I know that the photo distorts the distance , but this picture of the occupying oficer
    reminds me of the Wall Street Occupier who took a dump on a squad car.

  • Sakemoto

    Memo to those who think it can’t happen here. It’s happening here.

  • Sinjun

    all the picture is missing is a crisp brown shirt on that one.

    • octagon999

      Nah, they went straight to black. Practice, practice, practice…

  • The Penguin

    Yet another big ol’ harry middle finger to the American people.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Still more security than Benghazi got.

  • Mecha75

    Its called sticker shock because everyone who has successfully logged in took a look at how much more “Affordable” healthcare will cost them and decided the penalty is cheaper. Dems and their closet Obamacare Tax!!!

  • RockThisTown

    “Hey you can’t walk around this monument, paid for with your tax dollars btw, without federal employees watching you every second! If you want to shut down government of the people, by the people and for the people, we won’t let you visit public property!”

  • Hootyman

    From the Declaration of Independence:

    – He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.

    – For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent.

    – He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation:

    • walterc

      From the Battle Hymn of the Republic:

      In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea,
      With a glory in His bosom that transfigures you and me:
      As He died to make men holy, let us live to make men free;
      While God is marching on.

  • NeoKong

    That one photo sums up the Obama administration in every detail.
    Jack booted govt.thug.

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    The world will little note nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living rather to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced.

    It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us–that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion–that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain, that this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.

    • AZWarrior

      Tic, tic, tic …

    • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Whoever thumbed-down the Gettysburg Address: Pathetic. If you agree to move out of the country forever, I will pay for the plane ticket.

    • ARandKsmommy

      A beautiful speech. Always gives me goose bumps.

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    Absolute 0-Commie Disgrace!

  • jukin

    Obama’s America = Police State

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Obama’s spiteful theatrics even shut down a park that isn’t federally funded. He sent officers to intimidate the people who run this privately run historical park:

    Shutdown Theater
    NPS Orders Closure of Park that Receives No Federal Funding

    • BAW

      I randomly came across that article as I was trying to check a claim by someone at CNN I’d been discussing the WWII memorial issue with – poor dear claimed that the Obama administration had “re-opened” the memorial.

      That assertion came after I’d been informed that Obama had not, would not shut it down in the first place, that the Republicans had passed a law and ordered it closed.

      It looks like they got that wrong too and the administration is just going to make some exceptions for some veterans but keep the memorial closed to the public.

  • Mitch Cumsteen

    Harry Reid won’t open up to compromise—he is the snake who shut down the gov’t

  • Marvin Nelson

    Is anyone ever gonna grow a set and stop these fascists from disregarding laws whenever it suits them?? What the hell has happened to this country?

  • Joe W.

    Time for the revolution to begin, folks. If this image does not make you wonder just what in the hell has happened to our nation, then you are hopeless.

    • Marjorie

      Can an old lady do anything to help? I am so damned disgusted that I feel physically ill but feel helpless at the same time. Dammit…I want my country back!

      • Joe W.

        Well, I am just a senile old man, but I have 5 guns, plenty of ammo, and I am more than willing to use them all in defense of my liberty. We need us a George Washington type of leader to organize us and prepare us for an assault on D.C…..

  • WookieeCon

    Just to add a little levity; this guy just got photo-bombed by Lincoln! How cool is that? 😉

  • aliswell

    Barry, you filthy spawn of Satan! I yearn for the day the one you serve is done with you; he’ll spit you out like the dung you are.

  • AZWarrior

    Let Obama’s Park Police shoot an American to keep them from approaching one of OUR monuments, and it will be ugly like the fascists in Washington never expected. History will not look kindly on all of this.

  • Crap Daddy

    So much for the most transparent administration ever. The Peoples monuments are on lockdown. #DoYouBelieveMeNow

  • Junie3

    We need to pack up and ride to DC with the truckers and kick these clowns out of our White House!

    • conservativemomma

      Someone needs to put the word out. I am ready to go


    Maybe it’s me, but if you cannot “close” a monument, aren’t you spending more by closing it and posting a guard?

  • RJohnston

    This guard is a moron, stand down guard.

    • conservativemomma

      I agree…there is a time to take a stand. Who is this guy who agreed to dance for Obama?

    • Roland Melnick

      I wouldn’t pass judgment on the guy based off of a single photograph. All it shows is an officer standing a post. As for the Bozo-in-Chief who gave the order….

  • TwitWit

    We fell so far, so fast. We have to stop these people before its too late.

  • orrineldredii

    It is going to get much worse before it gets better, if it ever gets better.

  • Nate Napattak

    Obama will put up fences around OUR monuments, but not our south border.

  • Guest

    What next, is Obama going to do his imitation of the Taliban and blow the memorials up?

  • Gallatin

    So why can’t these security guards give tours? Oh never mind there is probably some union rule.

  • Molon Labe

    As sad as this is, it’s even more saddening to see that there are sheeple in police clothing willing to follow the o down the commie hole.

    • Roland Melnick

      I know a lot of police officers and agents…there is a pretty strong chance he is standing there thinking “this is stupid.” I wouldn’t pass judgment on an officer ordered to stand a post unless he was actively keeping people out.

  • Roland Melnick

    It would stand to reason that if officers are posted to safeguard our precious memorials, there is absolutely no reason why someone couldn’t visit them.

    This is Obama being a petulant boy dictator whining “Let’s see how they like their government shutdown now!”

  • liverighteous

    We are allowing Owe’s America to evolve, why?

  • CobraJet428

    This land is your land, this land is my land
    From the California to the Staten New York Island,
    From the Redwood Forest, to the Gulf stream waters,
    God blessed America for me.

    As I went walking that ribbon of highway
    And saw above me that endless skyway,
    And saw below me the golden valley, I said:
    God blessed America for me.

    I roamed and rambled and followed my footsteps
    To the sparkling sands of her diamond deserts,
    And all around me, a voice was sounding:
    God blessed America for me.

    Was a high wall there that tried to stop me
    A sign was painted said: Private Property,
    But on the back side it didn’t say nothing —
    God blessed America for me.

    When the sun come shining, then I was strolling
    In wheat fields waving and dust clouds rolling;
    The voice was chanting as the fog was lifting:
    God blessed America for me.

    One bright sunny morning in the shadow of the steeple
    By the Relief Office I saw my people —
    As they stood hungry, I stood there wondering if
    God blessed America for me.

    ~ Woody Guthrie 1944

  • arttie

    I had a dream…..

  • FlatFoot


  • Wigglesworth

    Just wait until the government controls all of our healthcare. Dictators like Obama can take that away in a government shutdown to get what they want in negotiations.

  • Proud Nana

    Make me so dang angry how our Veterans are disrespected by Obama.

    • daimon1

      What a sick sight Nana

  • daimon1

    Yes, we have Obamacare but what really happened?? It’s not easy but follow along.

    To start with in 2008, we had a banking problem along with a
    housing problem but even before that we had a huge spending problem that really
    started with LBJ and The Great Society and all the social programs that went
    with it including Social Security and Medicare and the rest of them. Eisenhower
    called it creeping Socialism but as we’ev seen since the 60’s it isn’t creeping
    – it’s on a rampage and interrupted only a couple of times by Conservatives.

    Obama, using the war on terror as an excuse for bad
    government, beat Hillary and blamed Bush for all the ills of the country and
    continued to blame Bush until only recently because he can no longer sell it to the American people.

    As many know the idea of Nation Health Care has been around
    for a very long time. Europeans have it – but Europeans have accepted some form
    of socialism in their culture since Constantine
    was emperor. The United
    States, being founded on Classical Liberalism
    reputed large government and state control in their culture and built it into
    their Constitution by limiting the powers of the Federal Government, Congress
    and the Judiciary. This was fine until, among other things, the Courts started
    ruling on laws base on their own will and not following the long standing
    practice of performing judicial duty.

    Now jump to 2008 – what did Obama do? He organized the
    “stimulus”, he extended unemployment and other government programs, he had the
    EPA attack the Coal Industry,

    he created Obamacare, he created all the government
    regulations he could that would restrict economic growth – for the past 5 years
    it has hovered around 1 ½ %. Not even enough to create jobs for the growing
    population let along any real growth.

    So, why would anyone do all that?? Easy, Obamacare, among other laws, which I
    and many others call universal oppression was not an easy sell to the citizens
    and he knew it would be fought by many on the right and fought hard. So he
    needed to create a “customer base” for it and the way to do that is to put
    people out of work or have their hours cut severely enough to make them
    dependent on government for their survival and consequently create a huge
    “need” for his Obanacare which people are understanding is nothing but near
    total Federal control of our lives and the largest jump toward Socialism this
    country has ever seen.

    Obama has never promoted Freedom or Individual Liberty –
    “you didn’t build that” b ut has always promoted the state and the idea that
    the state will take care of you from birth, if you are lucky enough to be born,
    until your government managed death.

    It’s an ugly picture of a once great country founded on
    Classical Liberal ideas but it is what we have and why we fight so hard against
    this Universal Oppression.

    I could go on with more historical facts and what might be
    ahead but you must understand that what we face today is tyranny of the very
    worst kind by politicians and the Courts who only hold dear their immediate

    It’s just my opinion but I think very close to the truth.

    God help us

  • Magnifico

    The sad thing is that guy probably didn’t want to be there.

  • John Howard

    Or, imprisoned and isolated, as the case may be.

  • Donnertparty

    My father was on an Honor Flight like the ones depicted here. I was lucky enough to be there at the WWII Memorial with him since I live a couple of hours from D.C.It was a beautiful thing for my wife and I to ride the bus with all those vets. I will treasure the memory. That’s why I think it shameful the way that the right wing pols and media are using these honorable veterans to promote their agendas. The Grand Old Party should have thought about these grand old warriors before it started making demands it knew would be refused.

    • Darticus

      The “right wing pols” you claim are using the veterans are STANDING WITH the veterans. The White House is ordering the closure of open air national parks that require no one to run, thus, ironically, using more money and man hours than would be used to just leave them open. That is despicable

    • liberalssuck

      I am sorry you must mean liberals. The GOP actually tried to introduce bills to fund all this and the va and the liberals said no. It was also Republicans who helped remove the barriers and let them thru. However why should facts interfere with your left wing narrative.

      • v1cious

        You would love that wouldn’t you? Make the shutdown look like nothing, so the Tea Party can play it off. Sorry but actions have consequences. Ted made this bed so now he’s gonna have to lie in it, along with everyone else he dragged into this mess. God help him if the country goes into default.

        • AZcommenter

          Right, and if we go into default it will have nothing to do with the nearly SEVEN trillion dollars that Barry Obama has added to the national debt in the five years he’s been in office. And it certainly won’t have anything to do with the trillions more in unfunded future liabilities he has created with his giant new entitlement program known as Obamacare.

          Actions have consequences . . . except when they’re Barry’s actions, in which case it’s all Bush’s fault!

        • sez-who

          We’re going to go into default anyway; your precious democrat party has ensured that.

        • liberalssuck

          I guess having your head firmly up Obozo the clown butt has blinded you to what is actually happening. 1. It is an open air memorial. No one mans anything there. Obozo the clown fenced it off. 2. Republican and veterans and a park service employee removed the barrier so they could walk thru it. 3. We are holding the line. We refuse to no longer let you fleece Americans with something that was illegal, Mr. Roberts said it was a tax, and dems said it wasn’t. 4. You all own this and the economy that not only has obozo the clown voted for but is still driving us to the fiscal cliff. Ole Barry, sorry never can keep his name straight, barry stereo, obozo the clown ,Osama Obama, so hard to keep track of his names, Is barrowing more debt to pay off debt we already owe. He has had us down graded from triple a to double a and it will drop further. We have more Americans out of work then ever before and you all own this.

    • CrashFroelich

      You win the Subjective Reality Delusion Award for today.

    • conservativemomma

      Oh really? The Republican are your problem. I don’t believe one word of you story

    • SPQR9

      You are flat out dishonest. It wasn’t the GOP that decided to close an outdoor memorial to the public as a stunt.

    • sez-who

      1) that particular monument NEVER has personnel and does not suddenly this week need personnel to remain open. Additional personnel was required to close it. They weren’t ordered there by republicans.
      2) The Republican-majority House has passed CR’s reinstating Park payment. The Democrat-majority Sentate turned them down.

      In short, your conclusion is backwards. You’re blaming the wrong party.

  • Zeeman

    I’ve also considered that this was done deliberately to provoke the conservatives.

    Oboe and his minions are indeed arrogant enough to do this but they are not stupid, they are calculating. Perhaps they want the anger, perhaps they are poking a stick at a hornets nest deliberately to draw out the hornets all the while waiting with some kind of trap or creating a distraction.

    • nails88

      The GOTP wanted a shutdown all along:

      It’s obvious who is to blame.

      • drw

        L udricous

        I ncomprehensible

        B rainless

        E gomaniacal

        R idiculous

        A bsurd

        L oser

        • v1cious

          Refute the evidence, instead of making childish insults… Or is that all you have?

          • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

            Here;s your PROOF..KING FINK OBAMA is the one who WON’T Negotiate… #PleaseDoNotFeedTheTrolls Jawamax 8<{D}

          • v1cious

            Correction: The president won’t defund/delay signature legislation that’s already in motion. That’s not negotiating. When was the last time congress tried to hold the country hostage over ideals? This is unprecedented.

  • Richard Munz

    In palne and simple words that even a POS like Nobama can understand… This is Bull Shit, who the hell does he think he is,,

    • Frustrated Teacher


    • v1cious

      Wow, It’s bad enough you used the wrong “Plain”, but you can’t even spell it.

  • HARP2

    Yesterday, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius made the MSM blitz by
    announcing the website, glitches and all, and the national call-in
    center, which is 1-800-318-2596. Now to make this work, you have to skip
    the 1, because on a phone keypad, no letters are assigned to the number
    1. But spell out the rest, and this is what you get..

    1-800-3(F) 8(U) 2(C) 5(K) 9(Y) 6(O).

    • dennylee60

      Oh my. Hugh Hewitt started to spell it out but I never would have guessed the last 2 letters.

    • willi

      Just saw this over @weasel zippers.
      Wrote the toll-free number out on some scrap paper and handed it to my
      wife with the phone, and asked her to come up with all the possible
      alpha-numeric possibilities based on the given phone number.
      She didn’t quite get it. So I wrote the correct letters under each number
      and, BINNNNG, the light went on.
      Then I told her what that phone number was for…………..
      a dark, incredulous pall came over her face as she jotted down the
      number to pass on to the gals at work tomorrow.
      On a related note, play mark-out-the-letters with this one……..
      You can’t make this $hit up.

  • Frustrated Teacher

    I think is is high time to take it back…

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      TAKE IT BACK! #RebaMcIntyre #MusicTriviaTime KING OBAMA IS A FINK!! Jawamax 8<{D}

      • annademo

        Ii was thinking of another 4-letter word starting with “F.”

  • dennylee60

    The parks are better protected than the borders.

  • Sailing J

    This is bs. This makes my blood boil. These are our monuments, our memorials and me, my father, my grandfather, my brother and my nephew have fought wars to keep this country free and out of the hands of tyrants and socialists… and now this.. You will not prevail Obama. You and your socialism and your stupid Progressive party will not take over this country..

  • neoface

    Can you believe the liberal Americans think this is OK????

  • v1cious

    “His” demands? Last time I checked it was the Tea Party holding up legislation to get their way. This isn’t negotiating, it’s desperation.

    • SPQR9

      False. The Democrats “heldup” legislation. They failed to pass the House continuing rsolution to get their way.

      • v1cious

        The one that involved delaying/defunding the ACA? Yeah that’s gonna happen.

    • spaceycakes

      the Tea Party isn’t a political party.

  • chrissy

    The memorials had more security than Benghazi.
    Interesting that there were McDonald’s employees picketing the WW2 veterans. They admitted getting paid by the Dems.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Organized and executed by the SEIU…They were posing as “Disgruntled, underpaid” Government Employees! #StupidFinks Jawamax 8<{D}

  • floridaobserver

    Uh, don’t the parks belong to the citizens?

    • nadadhimmi

      Used to. Now the so called “citizens” belong to the Regime. What’s more important, liberty or a free Obamaphone? These Democrat/Liberal. Progressive/Socialist/Communist’s/WELFARE SLUGS are indeed worthless

    • annademo

      Only if we storm the barricades and take them back. If we don’t, just pass me my burka now and let me get on with it…

  • john brothers

    Any word on the base golf courses closing?

    • annademo

      O-bummer’s golf course is open.

  • David

    Sadly, there are millions of low information voters who see absolutely nothing wrong with this image.

  • The Penguin

    Well….that’s a given.

  • doriangrey11
  • Defund NPR PBS & NEA

    Actually I think this should be on the FRONT COVER of every publication… @BarackObama’s America in ONE single snapshot!… via @TwitchyTeam #VVIIVets

  • billeeblue

    If anyone watches Revolution, you might see a parallel between “General Monroe” and Obama.

  • DirtyDave

    Kind of makes you understand whose government it is. Not mine, not yours, theirs. We now have the state and we are its subjects, not citizens. It is the subjects job to pay for it and support it, or else.

    So what exactly were those guys in WWII fighting for, anyway? An amazing victory in a losing battle.

  • Sam

    America deserves every steaming pile we are served. How many of you failed to vote for Romney?

    • annademo

      I had to hold my nose but I voted for him. The millions of dolts who stayed home because Romney wasn’t conservative enough gave us this travesty.

  • Joe Dokes

    The majority that voted in the like of Obama (this process did not begin with him, not by a longshot) have only begun to receive all that they will receive at their masters’ hand. But no matter the pain, they’ll still be stupid enough to blame everyone who was not responsible.

    • US vs. Them

      Your avatar is quite appropriate for your opinions.

      • Joe Dokes


  • Corey Dennison

    So spiff…what was it that gave you your great intellect? The paint chips you ate as a child, or the power lines you used to play under?

    • SpiffyMclure

      Nah. Just try to emulate super smart comebacks I read on the internet.

      Like yours.

  • otherles

    L’etat cest moi my ass!

  • keyboard jockey

    Didn’t stationing a guard start after the green paint incident at the Lincoln memorial? They caught the person who was splashing paint all over national monuments. Just a precaution for copycats?

  • Rusty Bill


  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    It looks as if the Guard is standing on Lincoln’s lap, telling him to kiss his @$$ on behalf of KING FINK OBAMA! FIGHT!! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • J_Galt_42

    “… when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government ….”

  • Joe W.

    I would much prefer being a “senile old man” than an ignorant, impudent, metrosexual, “twenty-something”, mouth breathing Obama troll sucking at the government teat, Needlenose. Perhaps we shall meet on the battlefield. My 30.06 will best your iPhone in an instant, Sonny Boy.

    • SpiffyMclure

      Twenty-something? I wish. Try fifty-something. First up, you call for armed insurrection. Now, you’re threatening to shoot people who have iPhones? You need professional help for your violent gun fantasies.

      Worry not. Obamacare will cover it.

      • Joe W.

        Oh give us all a break, Zippy. Calling for a revolution and a replacement of our “government” is NOT “armed insurrection”. It is Constitutional and it is the very basis for how our nation was founded. Your definition of “threat” is the same as Barack Obama’s definition of “controlled, toned down rhetoric”…..Finally, Obamacare won’t cover crap for me, as I do not intend to sign up for it. For a fifty something loon, I am amazed you are able to even access the internet, stupid as you are. Go to hell, pal.

        • SpiffyMclure

          Sure thing pops. But do keep me posted on how your revolution fantasy works out.

          • Joe W.

            No chance, Pea Brain. I have no inclination to keep you “posted” on anything. I would prefer that you simply drop dead, since you won’t go to hell as requested. And take the Muslim from Kenya with your ignorant, liberal ass. MmmmmmKAY???

          • SpiffyMclure

            No sweat. When your sooper-dooper overthrow of the government is successful, I’ll probably hear about it on the news.

            “Muslim from Kenya?”

            Yes! Not only a crackpot, but a birther to boot.

    • rmnixondeceased

      Heh. How about this for real close quarters work Joe?

      • Joe W.


  • cc

    Park Police, German Camp Guards – “We are just following orders.”

  • SamuelThomas

    Obama sucks. Thanks a lot sheep for voting for him.

  • Mom2Ian03

    How much are all these guards costing? Obama needs to go!

  • Kyle Schroeck

    Lincoln Looks Pissed!

  • Dusty Thompson

    This crime syndicate posing as a Govt is Americas enemy and gravest threat. The time to encircle DC and throw these LIARS and THEIVES into PRISON to await prosecution for high crimes against Americans is now. The proof is obvious….

  • Norman Trzaskowski

    It is an underhanded trick. Most of these monuments are open air so why close them? A show of power, and a scare tactic. Cheap theatrics is all.

  • Nate Whilk

    Zey are chust following orders.

  • Constitution Warrior

    All Overseas Military Cemeteries are CLOSED

  • soldiersmom1000

    I find BO’s claim that the republican in the House were trying to hold the government hostage because they did not like Obamacare so childish. How on earth does he explain his own behavior? Seems like the pot calling the kettle black!

  • James DeCamp

    Mr. Obama, tear down this wall!

  • Jack Deth

    And obviously not aware or a fan of Tim Thomerson and his time traveling, ‘Trancers’ franchise.

    • $6654858

      I don’t know who TT and his TTTs are. and i dont have much curiosity. i assume they are part of this confederacy of dunces.
      i see you are now a ‘jack wagon’, too. lol. well, it’s a step up from ‘pussy’, which is “we the people’s” ultimate weapon in lieu of having anything intelligent to say..

  • derfelcadarn

    Who ever that guy is he should be hounded until he goes out and buys the rope. It is people like him that are just doing their job that allows things like Nazi Germany and the Holocaust to happen.

  • Becky Lancette Berg

    AW…Damn….I was coming out from MOntana to see those memorials too. It is absurd that our tax dollars are being used to pay the policemen to guard those. I wonder if they would move out of the way of the picture for me?

  • C J

    Obama is not trying to send a message to Congress or the Republicans in the House.. HE IS HAVING A TEMPER TANTRUM WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. He is saying to US.. I AM THE PRESIDENT… BOW TO ME !! I am mad that you put the Republican up against me !! NOW IM GOING TO SHOW YOU WHAT POWER I HAVE TO HURT YOU !! YES YOU THE AMERICAN PEOPLE… AND ON TOP OF THAT I’M GOING TO SPIT IN THE FACE OF THE WWII VETS !! Now see how powerful I am !! Bow !! Or Else !!


  • annademo

    Storm the dam gates and make these guys decide if they are Nazis or Americans.

  • annademo

    No, it’s time to stop “sitting out the election” because the other guy isn’t 100% perfect.

  • VotingForZombieReagan2016

    Gee – Lincoln looks kinda pissed off.

  • Capt Jack

    Wake up America, there is a TERRORIST in the White House

  • JustLikeAnimals

    “What country ever existed a century and a half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”

    –Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, November 13, 1787.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    If there’s anyone who’s confused about what Obama’s “transformation of America” is all about, pay attention. There will be a test afterward.

    2014 can’t get here quick enough. Take the Senate, and begin the impeachment…er….prosecution..

  • daimon1


    Eternal Spirit of the chainless Mind![1]
    Brightest in dungeons, Liberty!
    thou art:
    For there thy habitation is the heart—
    The heart which love of thee alone can bind;
    And when thy sons to fetters are consigned—
    To fetters, and the damp vault’s dayless gloom,
    Their country conquers with their martyrdom,
    And Freedom’s fame finds wings on every wind.
    Chillon! thy prison is a holy place,
    And thy sad floor an altar—for ’twas trod,
    Until his very steps have left a trace
    Worn, as if thy cold pavement were a sod,
    By Bonnivard!—May none those marks efface!
    For they appeal from tyranny to God.

    Lord Byron