The 19 Senate Republicans who voted against cloture on the continuing resolution and to defund Obamacare:

Check with Twitchy for coverage of the final vote on the continuing resolution, which is coming up shortly.

Something to remember:



Outrageous: Crapweasel Sen. Graham lies through his teeth about O-care vote; Citizens slam

Final vote: Senate strikes Obamacare defunding; Continuing resolution passes

Senate exceeds 60 ‘yes’ votes on cloture; Debate halted on continuing resolution

  • Roger

    Thank you for this.

  • pairadimes

    I think some of those votes were made after cloture was assured. Extra credit goes to those whose vote was taken before the outcome was clear.

    • MNWoman had a list before the votes were cast.

      I haven’t compared the lists yet.

      Rubio may have screwed up big time on immigration reform, but we need to thank him for joining this fight (even it if is jsut to restore some credibility with conservatives). We need all the fighters we can get.

      • nc ✓s & balances

        I agree with you about Rubio. His immigration boo-boo was big enough to put me off him as presidential material, but he was stellar in this fight. We won’t always agree with everything as we build our coalition, just as long as we don’t compromise big, basic principles.

        • kelly

          Agreed..Immigration IS a BIG BASIC principle. Off my presidential list. Sick of holding my nose to vote.

      • Mr_Wrestling_XIII

        I still love Rubio, but the tag team of Rand and Cruz will have my vote first!

        • Dolphieness

          Add Mike Lee to that – HE was the one who stood tall with Senator Cruz BEFORE it was the voter popular thing to do. Rand Paul waiting for the polling before he stood by Cruz. Mike Lee was by Cruz’ side the WHOLE TIME. Makes a difference.

          • Mr_Wrestling_XIII

            I meant for President. Don’t think Mike Lee will run. They all have my support over Christie. Rand is my first choice, Cruz 2nd, and Rubio 3rd.

          • Deborah Fannin

            All three have charisma and are GREAT speakers without a teleprompter!

          • BeautifulAmerica

            That takes brains and training, which obviously MAObama doesn’t have, the fraud.

          • dudley floyd

            Throw in Allen West too

          • Nordey

            Mike Lee for a high ranking cabinet position would be fine for me!

        • rosepetal57

          I would like to see Allen West in the mix… AWESOME!

          • BeautifulAmerica

            And Dr. Ben Carson.
            And reward Darryl Issa for his hard work against the coverups.

          • johnfromjersey

            I believe America would be better served with Dr. Carson running our health care system.

          • BeautifulAmerica

            Nice idea, but we do NOT want any federalized health care system. Maybe the NIH would do, but he’s too good for that POS. Gotta be some top job for this patriot.

          • Nordey

            and excellent Sebelius replacement!

          • Driver_S

            I agree …..I think Dr. Ben Carson has the best grip and understanding of what this country needs that would benefit the people and economy. His head and heart are in the right place and he has the solutions to get us back to a productive country.

        • russellbennett

          Cruz and Rand Paul with Trey Gowdy as att, General.

      • Deborah Fannin

        I live in Florida and respect Rubio very much. His stance on immigration made sense when he explained it. He said we needed to find out who these people are and he said NO benefits for them.

        • BeautifulAmerica

          yeah, but seeing the people giving out the benefits every day, I know that wouldn’t last a month.


          • russellbennett

            When a American family has a baby no matter where it is still a American. When a Mexican family has a baby born in the US it should be a Mexican Citizen. Dual at the most.

          • johnfromjersey

            Didn’t there used to be a classification of resident immigrant?
            They could stay here, work here, but, not vote, not receive benefits, except those they paid into with taxes, they were not citizens.

          • BeautifulAmerica

            It was corrupted by the marxist Democrat party.

          • Guest

            You can say “no benefits” all day long, but when they go to the emergency room for a cold and don’t get turned away how do you stop that short of deportation?

          • BeautifulAmerica


        • russellbennett

          His screw up was in not wanting to seal the border first. The Democrats will never seal the border.

        • FrickenGenius

          No it didn’t. And that was a lie.

    • F-14 Navy Vet

      Great point. Real credit goes to those who stood with Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and others on 9/24/13.

      • rookekooke

        Yes, and we should make a list of all those who voted to fund cloture and keep it handy for the 2014 elections. I still think we need a 3rd party and haul all of the good Reps. into it as “founders”. How about THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY?

        • F-14 Navy Vet

          The Conservative Party? Sounds tempting for sure… However, we have a party that is supposed to be Conservative already. Dividing our voting block into 2 parts will be a losing proposition for voters against the Socialist-Democrats. We need to take back the GOP and get rid of the “closet liberals” and send them home or over the fence to the Democrat party where they belong. It is better to really push hard for conservatives to win GOP Primaries and get Conservative candidates than create a new and smaller party of disgruntled Republicans.

          • Kate

            Agreed. We need the constitutionalists to take back the party. It seems that too many of the folks in DC forget that the conservative portion of the Republican party is their base, not so-called “moderates” that never seem to stand on principle.

          • BeautifulAmerica

            We also need an educated public, who know what the words Constitution, Rights, and Republic actually mean.
            Eliminate the DOE, Cruz.

          • rookekooke

            Yes, in theory this sounds swell, however, the GOP has proved to us over and over again that the majority are made up of spineless pussycats who cannot stand up to the biased media or the name- calling of the Democrats.. They (Republicans) do not want to have their feelings hurt. So, boo hoo.! Those who wrote the Declaration of Independence paid the price for their commitment to free their country from England’s tyranny. This cannot happen today because there are only 19 Republican senators who will stand up for America. Where are the rest who shold have a conscience and have not been bought out by money and power which is urt Congress today.I sincerely believe that a 3rd party is needed. The majority of those who did not vote in 2012 were disenchanted Republicans who saw that the GOP would not even stand for one of their own, Mitt Romney. Obama won because of that as well as the blatant lies and promises of Obama to the welfare state. This whole thing is disgusting!

          • rookekooke

            I have a few typo’s here. Prt should read”should have a conscience” and “which is our Congress—“.

          • Rick

            Sometimes it takes a step back to move 2 steps forward. This may be that time. Just maybe those so called conservatives will see the writing on the wall if we band together and show tm the door. Those coming will see the light.

          • kelly

            There is a registered Conservative Party. Hannity is a registered Conservative.

        • Jamie Wilson

          What’s wrong with the Tea Party? It’s pretty much the same people.

        • johnfromjersey

          Try taking a look at us, “The Constitutional Freedom party”, on FB:
          The woman who started the idea is a member of “Politichicks” and just became an American citizen on Constitution day. See what we believe in for the future of America.

        • goldenvessel

          The Tea Party is the best as true Conservitive and Constitutional and they back the best!

        • Daniel Morgan III

          The GOP does seem to be intentionally driving us away.

        • brando

          If the Republican Party is going to survive, people with ideals of the libertarians, Tea Party and constitutional conservatives will need to take over from the neo-cons and RINOs

      • skip wilton

        hey i was one of the very 1st f-14 amh-3 in vf-124 training sqaud when 1 f-14 was on the west coast and grumman was still working on it they are all in the junk yard now probably the one outside of tuscon.

  • strat77

    All other Republican Senators should be considered Democratic conspirators.

    • TroyGates

      There better be a huge push to oust that traitor McCain. I will be helping however I can even though I no longer live in AZ, but have lots of family and friends there.

      • strat77

        Right on.

        • rambler

          What else would a pardoned traitor do?

        • captncarl


        • BeautifulAmerica

          Can you put some Benghazi smears on that?

      • right_on

        Only twelve years late.

        • The Penguin “robots suck”

          True. But better late than never.

      • baine

        Oh whats the matter, You people loved Mccain when he was running for president but because he is for the Healthcare bill you call him a traitor> that is hilarious. First off the guy was a war hero and Im no fan of his but he served his country well and still is. Just because he is going against the republicans in this country, you call him names. That is how the right handles situations, name calling. “Thank you John McCain for siding with the good in this country who’s name is Obama”

        • Chrissy the Hyphenated

          We got stuck with McCain. I voted for Palin.

        • grais

          I respect his war service.
          Never loved him.
          Never voted for him.

          “…the good in this country who’s(sic) name is Obama???”
          goodlord, what’s your favorite flavor?

          • TJCrane_NCC1701

            Considering where his lips are planted, I’d guess his favorite flavor [of Kool-Aid] is Diarrhea…..

        • Carter_Burger67

          His service does not immune him from criticism. And like others have said, I voted for Sarah.

          • Russ Ramey

            True, John Kerry served in the military. But wrote his own medal commendations, then threw somebody ELSES’ over the WH fence…phony, phony, phony…

          • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

            And after 4 months in country, left his crew so he could rotate back from his 3 “wounds.”

          • russellbennett

            I spent 4 months working with a member of that crew. I found out more then was in that book. He is worse then Jane Fonda.

          • Deborah Hallsted

            And the Communist Party erected a statue to him in Hanoi, for his traitorous actions.

        • alanstorm

          Don’t be more of a dunce than you have to be, dunce.

          No one loved McCain. He was the candidate we had to run with. I’m sure you are confused because of your unthinking, unquestioning love for Obama, but not everyone is sheepish enough to act like that. Useless as he is, we still voted for him because we feared the alternative was even worse – as it has proved to be.

          “First off the guy was a war hero and I’m no fan of his but he served his country well and still is.” Served his country once? Yes. Serving it now? No.

          “That is how the right handles situations, name calling.” Going for the Harry Reid Memorial Non-self-awareness Award (HRNSAA)? (See Twitchy from yesterday since you’re confused)

          “Thank you John McCain for siding with the good in this country who’s name is Obama” Please seek professional help, assuming you can ever remove your lips from Obama’s nether regions. And after you get out of high school.

          • rookekooke

            I am not certain this person made it through high school.

          • alanstorm

            Not sure they made it INTO high school.

          • rookekooke


        • rookekooke

          I can hardly wait until ObamaCare hits you in the pocket book or wallet! Bet you change your dismal tune. And it is the liberal left who are the name-callers. the Republicans are those who try to play nice and end up failing – again. We need a 3rd party perhaps called “The Conservative Party”.

          • Rick

            How about a Constitution Party?

        • F-14 Navy Vet

          I would have voted for an actual MUSHROOM before giving my vote to Barry Saetoro who still hides his background from his own voters.

          • strat77

            Hides his background? You mean like his name, birthplace, college career, friends, associates, and intentions? Surely you jest.

          • Sally Frederick Tudor


        • Truth_Wrangler_NC

          By definition that’s what a traitor does. They begins on one side and then lose his/her integrity and switches sides. It’s usually for thier personal benefit. I know definitions ARE hilarious aren’t they? You see English can be fun! You should have stayed in school long enough to figure that out. Don’t worry Common Core will make it much easier for your offspring

        • nomomoney

          Excuse me while I go to the bathroom and puke!!!1

        • Robyn Thrasher Aikin

          I did not vote for McCain, I voted against Obama. I have NEVER liked McCain and neither did any of my conservative friends. As for who calls names…wow, if this ain’t the pot calling the kettle black. I have never known a lib who could get through a conversation without the typical, sophomoric temper tantrum.

          • Rick

            Or playing the race card.

        • Rick

          @baine- Be sure to understand that not many conservatives “loved” McCain. We loved Palin. Obama was by far the worst case scenario of the 2.

        • trangbang68

          Actually very few people liked McCain. We just had the foresight to realize that Obama would be an unmitigated disaster. Unfortunately there are still dopes like you drink the Obama KoolAid

          • Russ Ramey

            Their name is legion, as in legion of demon ridden dolts, the LOFO electorate…

        • Russ Ramey

          WHO loved McCain…the Left wishes… Sarah Palin was the Jack Kemp of the election…just a bone to real people…McCain is a PTSD case sadly way past his time. Thanks for your service John, but go far, far away…

        • kelly

          It is possible to respect his service to this country and disagree with his politics. No one “loved ” him for President. We had NO CHOICE once the primary was over. He was the establishment chosen one ..we held our noses and voted.

        • russellbennett

          If the Health care bill was on the ballot next Nov it would be soundly defeated. But McCain would vote for it. When people are elected to serve and decide instead to rule we should remove them.

        • johnfromjersey

          Are you that obtuse? Do you really believe that Obama’s policies have been good for America?
          I know it’s probably a waste of time replying to you but facts are facts and America hasn’t been doing too good since Obama was elected, and that’s a FACT.

        • Wow_Who_Would_Think

          McCain is just as much of a fraud as Obama. Research online to see what a screw-up McCain was in the military. McCain is the equivalent of American royalty. He would be lucky to have a job as a garbage truck driver if his Father and Grandfather had not been admirals in the Navy. McCain did not deserve a seat at the Naval Academy but got in only because of being “royalty” and graduated near the bottom of his class.

        • Deborah Hallsted

          Who would think it. When a person/politician does something you like, (or even if they are just the lesser of two evils), you support them. And if a person abandons their constituents, and starts working for the opposition they are disapproved of.

          Wow, I think every human being makes those calls every day; we approve what we agree with. We usually don’t blindly and slobberingly idolize others and agree with everything they do and say. How is it you don’t understand human nature?!?!…Oh. You’re a liberal.

        • Interference Kane

          McCain is passive and weak. He lost in the 2008 election because he was put up against Santa Claus. He also lost because he alienated 75% of the conservative base with his attitude of being “Mr. Nice Guy”. Look where that got him.

        • Vitiosum

          Never did care for old McCain. Your assumptions are incorrect about many of us. The only respect I ever had for McCain was his military service. At the time of his presidential run, I had already knew that he did not have what it would take to be a good leader. Of course I also knew this about our current president as well. I believe I was correct on both of my personal observations.

        • David Joyner

          It was the lesser of 2 evils. Mccain lovefest? I don’t think so. Sometimes the choice is between a rat and a snake.

      • Don Toney

        Get a Petition going to have him Impeached for breach of Oath!

      • David Smith

        your money (and my money) will help win against those traitors, it is not necessary to live where they live in order to influence the vote.

      • Vitiosum

        I agree with you. McCain has spent enough time in a govt leadership position for far too long. He does not hold his constituents best interests at heart and deserves a nice retirement somewhere out of the public eye (I’m trying to be respectful to McCain here). I certainly hope your friends and family in AZ can help get him out. I’m a proud Texan, but there are a couple of untrustworthy individuals still hanging about here and there that need to be dismissed as well.

    • right_on

      Henceforth to be referred to as RB’s…(not running backs, they can take hits) Rat Bastards….that’s how the mob refers to turncoats, right?

      • Cyborg3K

        A good name too, since they are ‘rats at heart.

    • V the K

      They will then vote for defunding Obamacare and claim they voted against it. #weasels

    • kelly

      …or useful idiots…

    • Daniel Morgan III

      NO doubt they love HUGE Govt. just as much as the Dems.

    • CentralScruntinizer

      Or Grown Ups.

  • Jennifer

    In other news, I got a letter from my insurance company today saying that my policy is being “discontinued” and I’ll have to select a new one by year end….

    • TroyGates

      I got a letter from my employer that said we won’t know about changes to our insurance until Jan 2014 when we re-enroll.

    • MNWoman

      I am in a similar situation and it pi$$es me off. I got until the end of 2014 but it is still infuriating.

      I never believed this whole ACA thing from the start, but for anyone who did, I want them to go through all the promises made at the start and ask them which promises have been kept.

      That whole “if you like your plan you can keep it” is the obvious fail! I asked someone who is an Obamacare loving liberal about this and she said it isn’t the government’s fault if an insurance company doesn’t want to keep you on its plan because it is too expensive for them….*sigh*.

      Never mind the fact that many policies are discontinuing because they do not meet hte requirements for the ACA.

      • grais

        She doesn’t understand (or care) Why it’s too expensive. The rest of the country is about to experience the pain of heavily regulated health insurance that some of have been subjected to for years.
        It is not going to be pretty.

        • MNWoman

          For people like myself, who have a complicated and expensive pre-existing condition that requires absolutely awesome care, I am very, very nervous. The insurance I have now is a private insurance, somewhat expensive but covers just about everything I need (I have a reasonable deductible and a reasonable out of pocket maximum).

          It’s weird because this is supposed to be the “affordable care act” which is turning into the expensive care act that provides crappy coverage at high prices.

          Well done, RINOs.

          • grais

            I think what’ll happen is that you’ll be able to get coverage for your condition, and a whole boatload of coverage you’ll never need. Your cost will go up because you’ll now be subsidizing all the folks who need the care that you don’t. The only coverage I *want* is what used to be called ‘hospitalization’. Can’t get that where I live. I have to be covered for alcohol-recovery treatment(I don’t drink), drug addiction treatment(I don’t do drugs), prostate treatment(I’m female), maternity care(I’m 60-ish). But my individual coverage, in my heavily regulated state, uses my premium $$ to pay for all those things for other people. I could also have what’s called ‘basic & essential’ coverage, which about pays for bandaids and little else. I pay more than $800/month. And here’s a kicker: According to Sebelius & Obama, I was going to get a refund if the co. didn’t spend 80% of my premium on MY care. I have Never made a claim in the 8 yrs. I’ve been w/the co., but in order to calculate any refund I was due, they were allowed to ‘group’ me, so I got back Not One Cent.
            I wish you and everyone else the best of luck with this nightmare by hoping it gets undone.

          • MNWoman

            I am one of those weird people who don’t think I deserve to have someone else pay for my stuff.

            I totally understand that some people simply cannot afford coverage for their pre-existing condition and this sounds great to them.

            By no means am I suggesting they do not deserve to get covereage, but to overhaul the entire system to make that happen is simply nuts.

            My insurance is set up as a non-profit by the state of MN. I want to emphasize it is NOT a state run program nor is it funded by the state. It could have been set up by anyone, but it just happened to be the MN legislature in the 70s realized many people were denied private health insurance if they were unable to get insurance through their work.

            So I pay premiums just like everyone else and have a deductible and out of pocket maximum, but the insurance company is not out to make a profit.

          • grais

            I’m one of those weird people, too. I was raised weird.

            Wait, MN has a non-profit? And it has to be ruined by Ocare?
            That is just nuckin’ futs.

          • MNWoman

            It is not being ruined, exactly, but because I can no longer be denied because of a pre-existing condition, they will cease operation after 2014. They sent me a letter telling me that I will no longer need them because I can find a comparable, affordable plan on the MN exchange.

            So I have at least a year before I am left to chance my healthcare to a crappy insurance. I hope in that time, we can stop this trainwreck.

          • Tim Hollingsworth

            It is VERY affordable…..for members of Congress, the US Supreme Court, their staff, as well as every employee of the Federal Government…but for everyone else…Not so much….

    • John Galt Report

      Who do you believe, Obama or your lyin’ eyes?

  • Randy

    David Vitter is a hero, his name is Diaper Man.

    • grais

      Is that all you’ve got?

    • journogal

      Cute coming from someone who supports the party that produced Carlos Danger.

      • Randy

        why are you guys so defensive. all i did was point out that one of your heroes pays hookers to change his dirty diapers. you should be proud of it.

        • grais

          No one is defending anything. We are mocking you, kid.

        • journogal

          Not defending anyone, just making fun of your immaturity and blind worship of Democrats. Pity that you can’t or won’t think for yourself, so you post immature statements on boards for attention.

        • The Penguin “robots suck”

          Not about that. It’s about how stupid and ignorant you are. period.

    • Joe W.

      Shouldn’t you be in class, Sonny??

    • trixiewoobeans

      I wouldnt be throwing stones, Slappy, you’d better clean up your own backyard before looking over the fence at your neighbor’s.

    • John S. Perilloux

      He’s got something in his diaper for you, Randy.

  • MNWoman

    Here are the republicans up for re-election next year who voted for cloture (if I missed any or made an error, please let me know):


    • right_on

      The new meaning of GOP:

      Allowing the lawbreakers in the Senate to control the direction of this bill is uninspired. This is the “different tactic?” Here’s a better tactic: FIRE the current Republican leadership in both houses of Congress. They are ineffectual, and the only things they seem capable of doing consistently, is shooting themselves in the foot, and opening doors for the Marxist/Progressives who have accelerated the demise of freedom and liberty.

      • MNWoman

        I thought Thune would have had the guts to hold strong.


        • right_on

          Yeah. Disappointing.

          • MNWoman

            If I recall, I dont’ think the Dems even put up a challenge last time he ran because he was so popular in SD. I wonder if that will change.

        • John S. Perilloux

          Thune was a big disappointment.

        • nc ✓s & balances

          What happened to him? He used to be so strong.

    • trixiewoobeans

      McConnell’s office LIED to every person who called (and 3-4 of his 5-6 contact #’s was full…thousands of callers). His staff lied to every caller objecting to this, saying he would not. THIS is how they think of us. This is how much they respect, care and serve the American people. Anybody else feel like dog poop scraped off handcrafted, Italian leather shoes?

      • Dee M.

        I’m right there with you, Trixie. We need to make sure he’s seeing his last few months in the Senate. Honestly, I’d vote for Howdy Doody before I would vote for this traitor again. Totally disgusted but not surprised.

    • Jason Call

      Thanks. Cut ‘n’ pasted it to Windows notepad. I promised Pete King yesterday that I’m funding his primary opponent. I’m not rich, but $50 here, $75 there…

      • MNWoman

        I cannot promise this list is accurate (although I certainly did make an effort), so if you notice something that is incorrect, please do let me know.

        • Jason Call

          Of course, as you noted already. I sure will.

    • Dee M.

      Kentucky has HAD it with McConnell. I’ll actively campaign against that traitor next year. He just peed in his own Cheerios!!!!!!!!!!

  • Clayton Grant

    25 GOP Senators just voted for Obamacare.

    • grais

      Flake and Hatch didn’t show up. I guess they had more important things to do.

      • WhoDat
        • Joe W.

          Bad move on his son’s part, and him for shirking his elected duty. But I’m sure it’s just fine with you.

        • grais

          Okay, that’s important.

          • Joe W.

            Who gets married on a Friday afternoon??

          • right_on

            It’s probably tomorrow, and he had to get there today. Either way, this guy “Flaked out” on the vote.

          • RosiesSeeingRed

            Around where I live, a lot of people actually.

          • Joe W.

            Too bad. A couple years back, he missed an important vote because his daughter was in a beauty contest. The man’s priorities are askew.

          • The Penguin “robots suck”

            No sh*t. How often do they actually work? This wasn’t important enough to show up?

          • RosiesSeeingRed

            I know everything can’t be anticipated, but the Oct. 1 budget deadline comes around every year at the same exact time, so I have to agree with you, planning a wedding the weekend before a potential budget showdown was irresponsible.

          • right_on

            Well, one thing we can do is to INSIST that the ridiculous 5 wk summer break be ended for good. We have air conditioners now, so the original reason to leave, the summer heat in Washington, no longer applies.

          • John S. Perilloux

            The man’s a coward. He took the coward’s way out, along with Hatch.

          • grais

            I dunno. I got married on a Sunday back when Saturday was usual.

          • nc ✓s & balances

            I agree, I smell BS.

    • Joe W.

      Texas will deal with Cornyn…We’ll expect the rest of y’all to deal with the rest of the ass clowns.

      • Guest

        Vitter and Landrieu here.

        • John S. Perilloux

          Why are you mentioning Landrieu here? She voted slavishly for Barak, as she always does.

          • Guest

            The person I was speaking to understood. Sorry you didn’t.

      • The Penguin “robots suck”

        F*ckin’ Ayotte. Dem in Republican’s clothing.

        • right_on

          Well, who didn’t see that coming? Really. She’s been attached at the hips with two of the Senate’s biggest RINO’s (McCain ‘n Graham) since she arrived on the scene. I KNEW she would vote with them. Fighting for our military and our warriors is one thing…helping the enemy to bring down your country is quite another.

          • The Penguin “robots suck”

            She’s been riding the fence too long. Time to go.

          • The Penguin “robots suck”

            Her and Shaheen are turning NH into f*cking Massachusettes.

        • michael s

          Turning on Kelly are we. I thought republican women are the personification of lady smarts,not lady parts.

          • The Penguin … and whatnot

            WTF would you know about NH? Aren’t you a wannabe thug from Oakland or some silly ass sh*t?

      • Fire and Adjust!

        Don’t know if there is anyone else challenging Cornyn but Dwayne Stovall looks like a good place to start……

        • Joe W.

          I’ll vote for my dog Sparky before I’ll vote for Cornyn. Sparky is loyal.

          • Fire and Adjust!

            You named your dog after Clark Griswold?

          • BAW

            Agree. I’d vote for Sparky too. I’ll vote for Stovall if he’s my only choice but have you heard anything about Don Willett? Currently on the TX Supreme Court? He (age, looks, history) reminds me a bit of Cruz. I’ve also heard that Gohmert was actually in the Senate chamber during all or a big part of the Cruz speech.

            I’m so disgusted with Cornyn I could spit.

  • Bronc

    And now, thanks to the RINO Republicans, Harry Reid reinserted ObamaCare funding back into the CR. It passed (after the cloture vote allowed only 51 votes instead of 60) 54-44 along party lines! Now these RINOS will head back home saying “We voted against funding ObamaCare.” Don’t be fooled. If they voted for cloture they voted to fund ObamaCare! Hold these duplicitous scoundrels and poltroons accountable in the primaries.

    They think you are stupid. They think they are smarter than you. They believe they have succeeded in fooling you with their two-faced, double-dealing power grab. Prove these conniving ass clowns they are mistaken. Show them the door.

    • Joe W.

      Ted Cruz is a hero here in Texas….John Cornyn is gonna get primaried. He is up for re-election in 2014, and THIS Texan will work to defeat his RINO ass.

      • MNWoman

        I am planning on supporting primary elections where possible.

        I want to ask how pi$$ed Texans are with Cornyn because I would like to make sure I donate to people who absolutely need all the donations they can get. It seems Texans won’t buy into the B.S. so it may not be as critical to donate to TX primary efforts, if that makes sense.

        • Bronc

          I’m a Texan. My wife and I are livid at RINO Cornyn. We’re looking real hard at Louis Gohmert (Rep. From Tyler area) as Cornyn’s replacement. Now, we need to talk him into running!

          • The Penguin “robots suck”

            That would be awesome!

          • WhoDat

            Good luck with that.

          • Joe W.

            No luck needed, Junior.

          • John S. Perilloux

            Assuming you’re a Landrieu drone, I’ve given you a down vote.

          • WhoDat

            Not a fan of Landrieu, either. Any of them.

          • MNWoman

            Oh, I know who Louis Gohmert it. He would be awesome.
            Stockman would be good, too 😉

          • Guest

            Rep. Stockman was on the Michael Berry Show ( ) last evening, he is a strong conservative

        • Joe W.

          Save your money for the screwing you are getting from Obamacare, my friend. I think the good people of Texas will rise to the occasion….God Bless you, too!!!

          • MNWoman

            Probably good advice. Who knows, maybe I am not giving fellow Minnesotans enough credit and it is possible to elect a conservative next year. Maybe I will put any money not being eaten up by Obamacare into that effort 😉

          • John S. Perilloux

            A conservative candidate in Minnesota? About as likely as a conservative candidate from Massachusetts.

          • MNWoman

            To be fair, my representative is Bachmann. Granted, that is not a state wide office, but there are a few actual conservatives here.

          • John S. Perilloux

            Oops, mea culpa, MNWoman. Bachmann is indeed a conservative.

          • MNWoman

            No worries…I mean, we did somehow elect Stuart Smalley as a senator (after boxes of ballots were found after the initial vote count…weird, huh?).

            Anyway, Bachmann is actually my representative and am disappointed she is not running again. I just hope we can get another conservative elected. My district is pretty conservative, but we do have the second largest University in MN in the 6th district to deal with as well.

        • Scott

          EXTREMELY PI$$ED!!! His office is down the street from my office and I would like to go pi$$ on his door but I am sure the guards are keeping everyone at a considerable distance!! I will NOT NOT VOTE for this POS!!!

          • MNWoman

            Joe W. in a comment below told me I could keep my money for paying for Obamacare and Texas should rise and vote this POS out without my donation.

            I will take his advice :)

      • cmerlo1

        <—–Not voting for John Cornyn in 2014.

    • right_on

      If they’ve served more than two terms in either house, show them the door…especially the pedantic leadership! They exude weakness, and are incapable of fighting for conservative principles!

    • vetgal1970

      Clearly THEY are the stupid ones. This was how we got stuck with this ‘law’ in the first place. We said “Don’t vote for cloture” but OH no, we commoners can’t possibly know how these things work. We can’t possibly know how duplicitous these people can be. So led by McCain they went ahead and voted. But then they voted against the bill, as the minority. Big Whoop.

  • notenoughtime

    Thank goodness there are still some willing to fight for what is right and just. From 2014 and going forward, elections will be easy to determine since those who went with the farce being heaped onto us forgot why they were sent to DC will be shown the door.

  • $3157969

    primary them all

  • cj7wilson

    Cut Senators some slack on cloture. That was technically a vote AGAINST defunding Obamacare, and I don’t want to give the other guys any ammo in the 2014 elections. But if they voted Aye on the Reid amendment, kick them out.

  • Guest

    Way to vote to shut down the government, guys.

    • Kyle Bradelle

      Way to not know what the hell you are talking about. Shut it down! Essential processes, like SS, SSDI, Medicare, Medicaid and VA, will continue. The non-essential stuff (like NSA spying, perhaps?) we can do without.

    • Scott


  • TRFjr

    letter to my senator
    Sen Graham I just seen with your vote you gave your stamp of approval for Obama care now you own it along with the other 25 rino republicans. I hope you are ready for retirement because you are getting primaried in a year and you will lose.
    do you realize the insurance premiums are going up by 64% in SC and with your vote you are allowing that to happen, You were more concerned about what the Obama lap dog media will say about you then what the voters of SC are saying. well I hate to inform you the lap dog media doesn’t vote in a SC Senate race the people of SC do
    I very seriously doubt you will personally read this email and I know your staff already has a form letter already drafted to respond to the legitimate concerns with your Obama care approval vote. but I don’t care how carefully craft the form letter is written there is no way you can spin this to make your Obama care approval vote a good thing for the people of SC
    Im asking for all the true Conservative to also write a letter or call to your senator that voted for cloture on the house bill that allowed Sen Reid to strip out the Obama care defunding with that vote they gave their stamp of approval to Obama care and now they own it as much as the Dems

    • MNWoman

      I know SC voters are furious with Graham, but I hope they are aware of how awesome Senator Scott is.

      Senator Scott is not front and center as far as the public eye goes like many of the solid conservatives, but he has been very consistent.

  • michael s

    HEH. Another losing effort. More waste of taxpayers money. Which is ok with people here,no need to become CPAs’ for this. Its only when this Black president takes a vacation, taxpayer dollars matter.

    • Fire and Adjust!

      More of a waste of money than a single day of a Michelle Obama vacation? You might want to try some consistency buttercup………..

      • Jason Call

        Cruz is right about the Tsunami. These people have no idea.
        EDIT: Btw #MakeDCListen

        • grais

          He sure is. Even the entitlement class will be hurt by this when the only medical care they can get is sub-sub standard.

      • FilleGitane

        and pouring money into a shit hole like Detroit.

    • The Penguin “robots suck”

      WTF are you talking about? These Senators are paid a salary to do their job. And to make decisions based on their constituencies’ views. STFU and get a real job douche.

    • NY2DC

      This guy is bitching that Senators make a salary to show up for work. I get it. “Going to work” is a foreign concept to liberals. However, if you’re complaining about the cost of having a Senate, it sounds to me like you want to shut the govt. down.

      • The Penguin “robots suck”

        Actually, he just wants the big “O” to be able to write his own ticket without that pesky Congress intervening. He is black and all… so it’s all good.

  • Morneau_for_4

    Has Louie Gohmert announced a primary challenge to Cornyn yet?

  • Dee M.

    Buh-bye Mitch McConnell. Kentucky is FED up. You’re outta here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joesixpackamerican

    Please post a list of those who voted yes. Time to extensively shame the RINOs.

  • NY2DC

    If we repealed the 17th amendment, a majority of the RINOs who voted yes would be getting recalled as we speak!

  • baine

    did someone say Reid has all the power? LOL where has he been?

  • Kat Marks Mackenzie

    Well time to vote the other four traitors out.

  • Pat

    Thank you 19 !!

  • 8gary8

    Politics-as-usual has clearly run amok. Why would any seasoned, politician, from the Republican side, trust Obama? Clearly, our helter-skelter political process is transforming into a wannabe class of plutocrats.

    • The Penguin “robots suck”

      Yup.Clearly. A given.

  • dogwonder

    It’s clear those who didn’t vote NO are nothing more than an extension of the Demorat Party, it’s official we’re a one party nation thanks to those spineless Republicans in name only.

  • Guest


    • spaceycakes

      as a fellow Missourian, I have to agree.

  • Michael Anderson (WB)

    Very disappointed in my senator Thune who had seemed like he was with Cruz there for a while.

  • Mark Moser

    It is time to remove those without the couage or conservative convictions to fight. You can’t win if you won’t fight. The conservative position should simply state the law requires a budget not years by continuing resolutions. We insist the Democrats pass a budget and until they do, no mo money ever.

  • keyboard jockey

    Link to republicans that voted with the Senate Democrats

    • nc ✓s & balances

      Thank you for this list kj (are you sure about Portman? He’s also listed above as a “no”).

      As for these Senate traitors, there is no excuse for them aiding the Dems, and giving cover to the nausea-inducing speech BHO just now gave. SHAME ON YOU ALL!

      • keyboard jockey

        I looked it up there are 25 that voted with the Democrats.

        Here are the 25 GOP members who voted “yea” and stood with Democrats to advance the CR.

        Two Republicans didn’t vote at all. They are:

        Flake (R-AZ)
        Hatch (R-UT)

  • ELC

    Well, those 19 Republicans deserve my thanks. The other Republicans need to be hit over their dumb heads. They will never win the Senate in 2014 until they grow some b***s. Maybe those that don’t stick with their party should move over to the other side of the aisle. They are absolutely NO HELP TO THEIR PARTY!Shame on them. They should not make it easier for Odumbo to get his way. When will the Republicans wake up and act together and not a splintered group of spoiled babies?They are only hurting themselves. Odumbo should never be trusted nor should the Democraps. This is what you get when the party is being led by idiots.


    This is the 5th time in a row both our RINO senators have voted against what the majority of their constituents wanted. Alexander and his lapdog Corker have abandoned the very people that elected them.

  • Marvin Nelson

    Well, I’m not surprised that Chambliss and Isaakson, the two GA senators, voted in favor of cloture. Chambliss is supposedly retiring after this term, but I and my friends will be after Johnny next fall. I asked them both at least a dozen times not to support OCare, but they just don’t care what we think. Therefore, I will do what I can to send Isaakson home. BTW, thanks to the 19 senators who have a backbone and really care about their constituents.

    • ELC

      Unfortunately, most Senators today don’t listen to the voters who put them into Congress. I’m getting to think they really are afraid of what Dirty Harry and Pelosi will do to them if they don’t vote their way. No b***s and no backbone. They are a disgrace to their party.

      • beebop1952

        Yeah. K Street ….

  • rookekooke

    I tried to call all on the senatorial list who were in favor for funding cloture. The radio audience (Rush Limbaugh) on Wednesday were told to call, e-mail etc by Ted Cruz, all senators to tell them NO FUNDING for cloture. This was to be either on Friday or Saturday with Friday being the best day for this. By the time I got half-way through the list today, the vote was already taken for funding. I don’t understand this happening so quickly. It seems that the “left” are winning no matter what we try to do. This is beyond discouraging. I really want to shake McCain especially hard. I think that somehow he must have been “turned” while he was in captivity because a true Conservative American would not be leaning towards the left as much as he is doing now.

  • BoscoBolt

    Ted Cruz now leads GOP presidential pack: poll

    “Fresh off his 21-hour filibuster against Obamacare funding, a new poll shows that Sen. Ted Cruz has leapfrogged past his potential rivals for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination and that GOP primary voters trust him more than their party leaders on Capitol Hill.”

    • WhoDat

      I give it a month, and people will be like “Cruz who?”

      • vino veritas

        That’s what libtards were saying when he got into office. I hope you don’t make your living as a gambler.

    • you asked

      Cruz can’t run for President since he wasn’t born in the U.S. Unless he comes up with a fraudulent birth certificate.

      • beebop1952

        Your brain was DOA.
        Thank you Senator Portman. THAT is the voice Ohio wants to hear.

      • ThomasCollins1

        All that matters is the citizenship of his parents. If they were US citizens at his birth, he is a NBC. The whole point of the clause was to obviate a situation where the president has divided loyalties. They considered divided loyalties as a naturalized citizen or a citizen who had one or both parents citizens of another country. That is why Obama is NEVER a NBC, regardless of where he was born.

      • R.C.


      • Casca

        Worked for Obama !

  • ThomasCollins1

    Better to list those who went the other way….

    • keyboard jockey

      Here are the 25 GOP members who voted “yea” and stood with Democrats to advance the CR.

      Alexander (R-TN)
      Ayotte (R-NH)
      Barrasso (R-WY)
      Blunt (R-MO)
      Boozman (R-AR)
      Burr (R-NC)
      Chambliss (R-GA)
      Chiesa (R-NJ)
      Coats (R-IN)
      Coburn (R-OK)
      Cochran (R-MS)
      Collins (R-ME)
      Corker (R-TN)
      Cornyn (R-TX)
      Murkowski (R-AK)
      Thune (R-SD)
      Wicker (R-MS)
      Graham (R-SC)
      Hoeven (R-ND)
      Isakson (R-GA)
      Johanns (R-NE)
      Johnson (R-WI)
      Kirk (R-IL)
      McCain (R-AZ)
      McConnell (R-KY)
      The CR passed cloture with a vote of 79-19, and all 19 “nay” votes were from Republicans.

      Flake AZ and Hatch UT didn’t vote.

      • ThomasCollins1

        Thank you brother. I’m surprised at Coburn. I’m not surprised by Hatch and Flake. Most of the rest I really don’t know. Let’s hope the house does the right thing now. I never stop giving thanks for the insight of the founders.

        • suzyb

          Chiesa was put in place by Christie – so no surprise there.

  • Dan Thorpe

    Disappointed in Ron Johnson from WI. One of the reasons I voted for him in 2010 was his vow to get rid off this terrible law. With him voting for cloture he proved to just as bad as everyone else.

    • you asked

      Same here for Jerry Moran (KS). I just finished an email to the man who fails to represent the people who elected him. He sure won’t get my vote again.

  • Mac Abee

    Neither of my senators is on that list. I’m shopping for new senators. Gonna vote out the first one next year and the other in 2016.

  • Robert M. Finklea

    As someone from Richard Burrs district. Myself and others have told him that he needs to get in line with what we re-elected him for. Now he gets to find a new job after his term is up.

  • QuadGMoto

    19? That’s all? No wonder this country is headed down the tubes!

  • vino veritas

    I made a copy of those 19 names so I know who I should be able to trust (hopefully, they wont squash that trust) in the GOP from here on out. The rest are liberal democrats as far as I’m concerned, so they can all go ahead and burn in hell together. I’ll make it a point to never support anything they do or say and hopefully the tea party will make it a point to publicly call them out on this, too. Here’s to some real hope & change in the GOP. Maybe they will be able to help save the party soon enough for us to have a real conservative contender in the race for 2016.

  • AmericanMom

    God bless these 19 patriots. The rest of the republicans are aligned with Obama and against us.

  • John

    I’m proud of Toomey. Finally we have a real Republican representing us.

  • Jeremy

    Thanks to the 19 who stood up and didn’t give in to dingy Harry and Obama.The biggest losers of the rest are McCain and King who need to be replaced very soon.

  • Guest

    Methinks Lindsey needs to brush up his resume. The patriots of South Carolina are fed up with his crap.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Well not to be negative, I don’t know if we really expected a different result, but still, that’s a helluva vote. Unbelievable.

  • Junie3

    Wut? Graham is not on that list, no where? ????????????

  • Sophie Ro

    The 23 Gutless Republicans That Voted To Fund Obamacare

  • Peyton

    If you can fit the Senators who voted against cloture in one tweet…

  • Justme

    Thank you all for having the courage to stand up and fight for US,

  • YouDon’tKnowMe

    Have states polled? Did their Senate repubs vote the will of their constituents? I’d like to see how this went.

  • bbgunplinkplink

    thank you Senator Portman

  • Rodney Campbell

    Now it goes back to the House. Wonder how fast the House, wonder how long it will take the Republican capitulators there to accept the Reed bill.

  • Cliff_Skridlow

    I certainly hope John ‘Two-Face’ Cornyn is up for re-election in ’14…I am gonna write at check to any true CONSERVATIVE in the primary. He needs to GO!

  • KathySchweigert

    Thank you Senators for trying. We will vote out the rest that sided with Reid!!! We are watching so let the others know we are pissed.

  • Angela Fisher

    My senators obviously voted like pussies. Nice…

  • Ognar

    Taking back the Senate is secondary to never again voting for the turncoats, what good is getting control of the Senate if a RINO is named Majority leader?

    I will never again even against hilary or hanoi jane vote for one of those who voted FOR obamacare!!!

  • Judy

    Thank you, Cochran and Wicker! (sarcasm)

  • jabberwocky

    The only politicians with balls

  • Brian Fisher

    Embarrased to say Reid is from the state I reside in but proud of our other Senator Heller for his vote.

  • Caves45

    Great job ! power to the real men of the senate

  • skip wilton

    can you put a list of states they are from, so we know who to punish,boycott or what ever we can do and how does c.roberts, pelosi and reid even get elected i have taught my grandchildren more about government and rite and wrong than those 3 put together not to mention the rest of the democrats . Michelle M. who in this world would vote into a law something that they have not been able to reed untill they vote for it they are idiots, can we have them kicked out of politics for ignorance. i didn’t vote for any of them red stuck living in a blue state, did you know that the votes of the west coast have no effect and i don’t believe they even count them, they announce the winner 15 minutes after the poles close how do they count a million votes in 15 minutes i feel like i live in Russsia at least they have a real president.

    • jeanbean14

      Senators who voted YES on cloture (thus helping
      Harry Reid and the Democrats continue to fund Obamacare):


      And here’s where you can contact them. Just use the pull-down menu called “choose a senator,” select the senator by last name, then click on the link – it will be that Senator’s contact/email form.

      • JustLikeAnimals

        Alexander @SenAlexander

        Ayotte @AyotteNH

        Barrasso @SenJohnBarrasso

        Blunt @RoyBlunt

        Boozman @JohnBoozman

        Burr @SenatorBurr

        Chambliss @SaxbyChambliss

        Chiesa @ChiesaNews

        Coats @DanCoats

        Coburn @TomCoburn

        Cochran @SenThadCochran

        Collins @SenatorCollins

        Corker @SenBobCorker

        Cornyn @JohnCornyn

        Graham @GrahamBlog

        Hatch @OrrinHatch

        Hoeven @SenJohnHoeven

        Isakson @SenatorIsakson

        Johanns @Mike_Johanns

        Johnson @SenRonJohnson

        Kirk @SenatorKirk

        McCain @SenJohnMcCain

        McConnell @McConnellPress

        Murkowski @lisamurkowski

        Thune @SenJohnThune

        Wicker @RogerWicker

  • Jose CUnha

    … all real American conservatives thank you from the bottom of our heats for honoring your oaths.

  • Katepatate

    I’d rather have the names who voted for it to be listed. Then we could all call their offices and ask them why they are standing against the people.

  • Rick

    isn’t it humorous that these so called conservatives led by Graham and McCain are liars just like their friend Obama, the biggest liar of all.

    • Isabella1709

      Actually I think it is a tragedy.

      • Rick

        Of course you are right. I was being facetious.

    • jeanbean14

      They like to call themselves conservatives, but actual conservative Americans know they are not. They both need to get out of office, and apologize to all of us for keeping an “R” next to their names long after they joined the Democratic Party.

  • Isabella1709

    Thank you Senator Rubio. But about the amnesty thing, it is thumbs down.

  • Jay Sands

    hell with mccain. thank him for his service and send his ass back to AZ. having been a POW does not grant him carte blanche to anything.

  • Jay Sands

    rubio will never, ever get my vote he is two-faced, standard politician.

  • Glock

    Hey John Cornyn…what are your retirement plans for Nov 2014…you are gone!

    • lainer51

      with a BIG FAT undeserved pension.

  • George Murrey

    I called my senator to ensure what his position was on that stupid bill, glad to see he’s on my side. But the other senator wants it, nothing being in lockstep instead of going out and helping the millions of Americans.

  • descolada9

    And those that did not stand with Cruz on this, we really need to end their political careers.

    • nmfd72

      tell that to their consitutients that will re-elect them once again!

  • Fighter Squirrel

    John McScumbag and Miss Lindsey are goners.

    • jeanbean14

      Miss Lindsey, lol!!!!!!

      • JustLikeAnimals

        “John-Lind.” They should file for their license for a civil union.

  • Ready4Oligarchy

    Calling them heroes is a bit much, don’t you think? Sort of degrading to real heroes.

    • Casca

      Let’s call them ” Republicans who have a pair !”

      • dabbobean

        Some on this list have a pair…..some have at least one nut….Cruz is E.T. ….Eddie Torres the extra testicle.

  • Cynthia Tamburro

    Bottom line you have to give them all credit for standing up for what their constituents want! Not many are doing that these days!

  • irishamrep

    I love seeing these stupid Dems sacraficing their reputations and careers to give Obe a win on the train wreck of Obe Care!

  • Paul Lewis

    Was happy to see Portman on this list. Very happy

    • drw


  • Agostin Drejaj

    Ried and palosi you are goin to bee burn on hell what are you to doin to us american people

  • katamb

    So glad for Senator Lee because Orrin Hatch is in with the McCains and Grahams!

  • Conrad2010

    And I was of the thought.
    There were no good guys left in Washington. Yay!

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Anyone over the age of 60 needs to leave the Capitol building, regardless of party. People like McCain, Pelosi, Feinstein, McConnell, Reid, etc. have a very twisted, antiquated view of the world and will never act out of anything other than their own self-interest.

    • drw

      Agreed on the list, not remotely on the age limit, Reagan was 70 in 81′.

      • JustLikeAnimals

        The last Ronald Reagan died when Ronald Reagan died.

        • drw

          So, your logic is that everyone over 60 (Reagan excluded) is too old to see the world as it is? I respectfully submit that I really don’t give a rats ass how our president and congress critters view the world, as long as they respect the Constitution and the citizens of the U.S.A. There happen to be a whole lot more “Geezers” than “children” I’d entrust this country to.

    • seeingeye

      Hey, all 19 of these Republicans are my heroes, and I agree with everything they said. And I’m 74. Age has nothing to do with any of this.

  • Tin

    Civil War has been declared and a General Call to Arms has been issued. Every American Patriot is requested to report for duty at their local polling stations on or before November 2014. Be armed with the knowledge of who the traitors are and the voting records of those running for office regardless of political affiliation. It is your patriotic duty to be informed and to inform those less informed than yourselves. It is time to kick ass, take names, make ’em bleed by ruining some political careers through exposure. If they are not serving the American People, they are the enemy; make no mistake about that.

    • dagnytaggart

      You know what’s sad about what you are saying? Even if these dirt bags get voted out, they will still live cushy lives provided through their ridiculously generous benefits and the connections they make while “serving the public.” I think we need to radically overhaul what benefits, salaries, and “connections,” these people can make, so that they don’t see this job as simply a means to a very lucrative end.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    The New Republicans.

  • rsgonner

    republicans just can’t get it right. They love to give up.

    • irishamrep

      That’s called Knoknads, it’s something you’re born without!

    • dagnytaggart


  • happyscrapper

    Don’t worry about Harry Reid much longer. He is one buckle and strap away from a strait jacket already and will soon go over the edge. I mean, that man is just not right in the head…haven’t you noticed?

    • stuckinIL4now

      Nevada must really be proud, eh?

  • AnnieLiz

    Maybe these 19 can keep their jobs in the next election. The rest of ’em? Both sides of the aisle NEED TO GO BYE-BYE and not let the doors hit ’em in the rear on their way out.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    19 Republicans.
    27 Republican’ts.

    • PUMABydesign001

      Nope 19 Americans, 81 Republicans and other pond scum

    • stuckinIL4now

      Republican’ts. Like that–perfect description.

  • touchdown tony

    We really need to get rid of Mccain and Graham as well as all these other go along to get along Republicans. And obviously we need to remove every slimy Democrat.

  • AFrances Shook

    As bad as I hate to admit is the liar is
    the senator here :(

  • BJ001

    Shame on you Senator Boozman. Shame on you too Mr. “Blue dog” Democrat Pryor, you saw what happened to Blanche Lincoln.

  • AlexanderYpsilantis

    Where is McCain’s name? That phony republican.

  • RanierWest

    has anyone thought someone might not genuinely hold the pledge and voted this way to stay on a short list or not be outmanuevered before 2014… the guy pushing amnesty perhaps?

    • drw

      Not sure but, I think I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, I think he learned his lesson. Besides, there’s still plenty of time to show his true colors.

  • Sonia Fermin-Hooper

    Thank you for this!

  • Jeffrey Tallman

    It’s all a scam. A vote FOR or AGAINST something is not an indicator of what a senator thinks about something. It has to do with their leadership giving them permission to vote that way to save their seat. PERIOD!! There ain’t a principled politician anywhere in this country’s government. NONE!! ALL OF THEM are scum bags. I wouldn’t trust any one of them to pick up dog crap in my backyard.

  • Wow_Who_Would_Think

    How can anyone go through life with a name like Crapo, let alone win a political race?

  • Justin Kaser

    I want to see the list of republicans who voted in favor of CR cloture and Obamacare so we know who to vote out next election.

  • brando

    Rubio starting to win some respect back. Well done

  • Deborah Hallsted

    If their idea is to let the govt spend millions while the Abominable Care Act crashes and burns, then to pick up votes in the next election to somehow get rid of it, I have 2 responses. One, we don’t have the money to waste, and people like my terminal daughters fall through the cracks and people lose jobs, homes, etc.-that is abysmally short-sighted. Secondly, who has ever seen an unpopular govt. program or agency abolished?

  • White Powder Ma

    Just remember this, Republicans would be running the Senate today if not for the absolutely putrid slate of Senate candidates they ran in 2010 and 2012. Harry Reid should be home in Flatulence, Nevada sitting in his rocking chair and drooling into his bib.

  • nmfd72

    really doesn’t matter because this country is headed toward “one party” rule anyway. The Republicans had many years to which they could have corrected the immigration problem that Ted Kennedy and his Democrat friends created back in the 1960’s. This is just the tip of the socialist iceberg my friends, just wait!

  • Joel A. Edge

    Senator Isakson, you got some splaining to do. Chambliss is retiring and Isakson may be joining him in retirement.

  • Blade_Runner_1776

    “Bottom line is Reid has all the power & we must take the majority away from him in 2014. This has to be priority 1”. The only way that is going to happen is to start MASSIVE recall before the midterm. I have this crazy feeling that MILLIONS of TRUE Republican voters are going to sit the Mid Terms and the Demos will have supermajority.

  • Frances Maddox

    Small groups may get HUGE results! When we are on God’s side “all things are possible”.

  • kenpuck

    Opening salvo in the ultimate dismantling of the Republican Party as we know it.

  • David Joyner

    To all who claim that just because we voted for Mccain, it was a lovefest. The one shining light on that presidential ticket was Sarah Palin. The choice between Obama and Mccain was the decision of either a rat or a snake.

  • disqus_Rj4GJtu4Gg

    No one should have as much power as Reid has. I don’t believe our founding fathers ever intended for that to happen.

  • Chasmania

    What we need is someone we can trust, Levin, Rush, Cruz….. we need them to identify, by name, ALL the traitors in the so called republican leadership who are making the decisions and we need to run them out on a rail tarred and feathered.
    Whatever positions of power that are letting them make the calls for the GOP need to be stripped from them, and they need to GO. Some, like Miss Lindsey, McCain andRove are obvious, but who are the ‘others’ ? I keep hearing about these so called leaders, but never by name. Who the fek are they so I can do my part to get these scumbags ?

  • gregzimmerman007

    who are the 25 “loser” republicans who voted FOR the Continuing Resolution cloture?? we need to vote them out of the Senate.