Earlier today Twitchy reported the “sad” state of affairs at today’s House Oversight Committee hearing on the Benghazi terrorist attack, where the seating was said to be half empty.

Maybe too many members were afraid they’d be asked to tell family members to their faces that their search for answers about the murders of loved ones in Benghazi is part of a “phony scandal.”

Issa made this guarantee to family members:

Update: More shamefulness:



Rep. Steve Stockman shows 4 photos not allowed to be on display outside Foreign Affairs Committee hearing [pic]

Rep. Maloney baloney: Mentioning Hillary in Benghazi hearing is evidence of sexism

  • Cy

    Cowards and scum, all of them.

    • Elaine

      Except the ones on the committee who backed up all the BS and accused those questioning of “sexism” and playing politics. That’s a good one!

  • Juanita Outlaw-Bedford

    I guess after standing in their faces and telling such bare-faced lies, they couldn’t think up another lie to cover the first. Pitiful

  • Charm7

    All I can say is WOW!

  • WhoDat

    Like Issa has any room to talk, he couldn’t be bothered to stay for the whole hearing, himself.

    He has made it his mission to find out who killed four Americans in Libya(Terrorists, by the way)and he can’t stay?

    • Elaine

      Hello? There are six other scandals to investigate? The Democrats are keeping the committees busy and making them run in circles. Anything to avoid being held accountable. It’s just pathetic.

      • Elaine This administration keeps everyone in DC working except for the President. What work does he ever do?

        • ObamaFail

          Does improving his golf game and blaming Bush count?

    • MarcusFenix

      I would presume that his schedule is rather busy, right? I’m one of those folks who give credit where it’s due…at least he stayed longer than the cowards who left before the testimony.

      I’m just glad Issa is even asking questions. It’s not like the Democrats have done anything. Maybe they’re just waiting for another Youtube video?

    • Clayton Grant

      The Dem’s “phony scandals” keep the Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee rather busy.

    • Justin LoFranco

      Dude you realize that he stepped out of the hearing for a minute during which Congressman Chaffetz took the chair. Look at your time stamp: he’d been in the chair for almost two hours at that point.

      • ObamaFail

        WhoDat loves that the Dems left so they could ignore the victim’s families. His only problem is that Issa didn’t stay to listen to another Congressman. The important thing is that Issa was there for the victims families, which is more than anyone can say about the Democrats who have lied to those people since day one.

        • Justin LoFranco

          It was a six hour hearing. Can’t the guy get up to go to the restroom? Every time he leaves, someone has to sit in the chair…

    • ObamaFail

      Typical. Democrats show how classless and disgraceful they are, and you resort to attacking Republicans. Issa, unlike the Dems on the committee who have been upholding investigations, has a lot on his plate. Numerous scandals and acts of corruption he has to try to get to the bottom of. But no, you are never disgusted by the actions of Democrats. Issa stepped out when another Congressman spoke. He didn’t run away when he had to face the victims families like the democrats did. I guess even the Dems find it hard to lie to a dead man’s families face. well, except Obama and Hillary of course. They lied right beside the men’s caskets.

      If the Democrats would work with Issa, we would have known everything about Benghazi a long time ago. But you don’t want the facts to come out anymore than the Dems do. Because it shows a failure on Obama’s part. And you can’t blame it on Bush, so that’s another reason you don’t care about it.

      • Josh Cowell

        I vaguely remember Issa being made to look the fool when an entire transcript was released, although he only wanted small, hand-picked parts released (Sound farmiliar? I’m pretty sure the Republicans don’t like their constituency reading full length reports and making up their own mind) so as to make a scandal of nothing. He has SOOOO many scandals on his plate. They sure stood up to scrutiny…..

    • DarkKnight2016

      I assume there was a vote. There are times during a hearing where some would go to vote and come back and then the Chairman would give the gavel to another so he can go vote.

  • Joe

    My Congressman is Cummings. He promised me in a reply to my concerns he would stick with it until he got to the bottom of it.

    He apparently lied.

    He also said about the IRS investigation, it is all over and should be shut down as nothing happened.

    • Elaine

      They are trying but these agencies enable each other to cover up and avoid questions, to the point of ignoring subpoenas, like during Fast & Furious. They excel at ignoring and stonewalling! It takes forever to get records and even then, so much is “redacted” they end up with black pages full of nothing!

    • Billie Slash

      Cummings is a partisan POS.

      • ObamaFail

        Cummings has done everything he can to damage the investigations into the scandals that prove what a failure his buddy Barack is.

        • Billie Slash

          Amazing how blacks in general have not done well under Obama, but Cummings still puckers up. Maryland’s a cesspool.

          • Jack Deth


            There are a LOT of blacks still wondering when Obama will “make things right” for them.

            Short answer: Never!

      • Joe

        I agree. I would also call him, by the standards of today and the liberal use of the term, a racist. He is all over black issues and you see how he is on this and the IRS. He represents Baltimore City not the other parts of his gerrymandered land mass.

    • Guest

      from The Blaze: “The only Democrats who stuck around were Ranking Member Elijah Cummings and Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.).”

      • Joe

        Thanks but I read that somewhere else and revised my comment with a retraction about the same time you posted.

  • Scott

    SHAMEFUL and UNAMERICAN!!! The voters in each of their districts need to vote each and every demoscum out!!!

    • Elaine

      They will never bite the hand that feeds them and we all know that to be fact! Main reason so many of us want real term limits.

  • Billie Slash

    What a slap in the face to those who serve our country, and their families. Calling all vets to remember this in 2014 & 2016.

    • MNWoman

      I saw on Fox News America Live on Thursday that the democrats are trying to recruit military veterans to run for congress.

      • my2centshere

        Obama only uses them as props for photo ops.


    They’re all useless scumbags,Need to be out of jobs Demotrash are the sewers of The U.S. They are the Holes in this Scandals filled Boat that Useless the WH Occupant is putting under at record pace. Record damage and not even a full term. Middle class leaving to lower level. Everything he put tax dollars to has Failed All green attempts Failed NoCare Failure in works.Then Cover Up American Deaths. No action failure to do job cause of no action deaths Now systems health system background checks failure with police telling them employee with clearance unstable and no response. Of course their failure lets push gun ban issues agsin.. Demotrash is disease thats incurable. They’re all helpless
    Sorry run on rant

    • ObamaFail

      All the Dems know how to do is blame Republicans and distract from the real issues.

  • ObamaFail

    The Democrats want to keep up the talking points that Benghazi was a phony scandal. And they can’t do that if they have to look into the eyes of the families of the men Hillary and Obama let die. By staying, they were acknowledging that those men really died and this was no phony scandal. The Dems who left are a disgrace.

    • ObamaFail

      Typical. Some liberal downvotes me because he can’t handle that his disgraceful Democrat heroes are gutter trash who let 4 men die and then run away when confronted by the families.

  • Jamie Wilson

    Do we have a list of the congressmen who left?

    • spratico

      See my comment below with the members…not sure if they were all there today.


    No respect

  • HWarrior13

    Issa is a good, good MAN.

    Sadly, one of few in DC

  • Jack Deth

    Hell of a way to prime the pumps for the 2014 elections!

  • spratico

    Here are the members of Dem House Oversight, only Cummings and Speier stayed;

    Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, Maryland, Ranking Member
    Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney, New York
    Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, District of Columbia
    Rep. John F. Tierney, Massachusetts
    Rep. Wm. Lacy Clay, Missouri
    Rep. Stephen F. Lynch, Massachusetts
    Rep. Jim Cooper, Tennessee
    Rep. Gerald E. Connolly, Virginia
    Rep. Jackie Speier, California
    Rep. Matt Cartwright, Pennsylvannia
    Rep. Mark Pocan, Wisconsin
    Rep. Tammy Duckworth, Illinois
    Rep. Danny K. Davis, Illinois
    Rep. Robin Kelly, Illinois
    Rep. Peter Welch, Vermont
    Rep. Tony Cardenas, California
    Rep. Steven Horsford, Nevada
    Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham, New Mexico

    Not sure how many of these members were there today (who walked out).

    • John W.

      And the only reason Cummings and Speier stayed is because they are too stupid to know how to walk out of the room without assistance. The other Dems on the committee were in too much of a hurry to provide that assistance.

    • Scott

      We need to get this out to EVERYBODY and get video evidence of the scumbags walking out on the family members of the brave American Hero’s that left to DIE so OBUMBLES could get a good nights sleep and pack for Vegas!!!


    • DarkKnight2016

      And mostly all of them are in Democrats safe districts so if you think they will be voted out because of this than you are insane.

  • GaryTheBrave

    Hear no evil, see no evil, because they are the evil.

    • Jeremy

      well said.

  • nickdqwk

    The DIMS will certainly be at any hearing that will impose more government into our daily lives.

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty…

    These people reap what they sow, and show disgrace and how excessively little respect they have for themselves, America, America’s Finest Military, America’s Finest Diplomats, let alone Ambassador J. Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, and Sean Smith and their grieving family, friends and colleagues, and other Americans.
    We will not leave these family members alone in sharing the burden of not knowing the truth.
    We will remind Obama and Hillary and the rest of OGovt each and everyday.
    We The People Are On A Mission
    Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

  • BAW

    Anyone who believes Democrats “care” just because they say they “care” are the only ones who might be surprised by any of the things they do that prove their complete lack of care or concern. It’s not new. It’s a fundamental part of who they are. They hurt everyone they claim to care about all the time.

  • DarkKnight2016

    Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) for House Speaker!!!

  • Marvin Nelson

    ThecDimocRATS are beyond despicable. They are gutless slugs who don’t have the intestinal fortitude to face the families of those murdered by Obama. They are all accessories to murder because they have all been involved in the cover up of this”phony scandal.” Send all of the bastards home.

  • Nathan Stewart

    Personally, I think it’s a perfect CAMPAIGN AD….

    • spratico

      I agree with this 100%. Should be an ad for whoever runs against these bastards.

      “they say they care for you and your family, that they feel your pains…Where were they for the families of the Benghazi 4? They turned their backs on them and walked away” Cue video of said Congree-critter getting up and leaving the hearing.


  • Jeremy

    This proves to people who still don’t know that the Democrats don’t care and never have cared.

    • DarkKnight2016

      Actually considering there isn’t much public outcry (only from the right), not many average Americans care either. They are to busy to care about Benghazi, NSA, Obamacare or the IRS

  • Donnertparty

    This article misrepresents the truth so badly. There were 24 Republicans on the committee, 6 were present for the cited testimony. So why not say that the majority (18) of Republican representatives walked out on the testimony, or that more Republicans walked out than the 17 Democrats on the committee? List the Republicans’ names, too. Folks, you are being played by Issa and this web site. Anyone who has been to a congressional hearing knows that representatives go in and out of the room constantly. I’ve watched Issa’s committees and they are no different than the others. You may not believe all you hear about Benghazi, but believe this: Issa and this website are not being straight with you.

  • r_coplin2001

    When was the last time a group of Republicans decided to leave as a group like these cowardly Democrats did or the Democrats in Wisconsin decided flee to another state so they wouldn’t have enough people to pass an important bill like they did in Wisconsin when the Republicans decided to vote to reduce the power of the State Union Workers.

  • Josh Cowell

    Nice paragraph length story. I wonder what the Republican side of the room looked like…….