Republicans coming out of Hollywood? This could become a trend! The latest is actor and entertainment industry union leader Ned Vaughn:

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Actor Ned Vaughn, the No. 2-ranking national officer of SAG-AFTRA, has resigned as executive vice president of the powerful entertainment industry union in order to run for assemblyman in California as a Republican.

Vaughn’s credits include roles in The Hunt for Red October, Apollo 13 and dozens of TV shows. In the fourth season of the Fox hit 24, his character killed the fictional president.

Vaughn’s campaign has received the “full support” of actress Stacey Dash:

Yes, there are Republicans in Hollywood.

  • Michelle

    Love it! Bring it on! Liberals have my state in a stranglehold and driving us into destruction. It’s well past time to turn the tables.

  • Clete Torres

    Oh for another hundred Ronald Reagans.

    • Le Chiffre

      Or even just ONE Ronald Reagan!

      • nickdqwk

        Or even a Michael Reagan maybe!

    • OneThinDime

      Minus Reagan’s pro-illegal alien amnesty yes.

      • TJCrane_NCC1701

        Congress pulled the rug from under Reagan’s feet.

        Amnesty first then border control (that got defunded by the Dem House).

        Sound familiar ?

        “Deja Vous all over again.”—Mickey Mantle

        “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”—Albert Einstein

        EDIT: Funny thing. The defunding was unpopular but the Dems did it anyway. They had more spine and balls than our current Republican pussies in the House in regards to ObamaCare !

        • Clete Torres

          “Deja Vu all over again” was Yogi Berra. But the rest of your post is spot-on.

        • Clete Torres

          “Deja Vu all over again” was Yogi Berra. But the rest of your post is spot-on.

        • OneThinDime

          Reagan campaigned on illegal alien amnesty, believed the “hispanics” would vote Republican and is responsible for what he did to this country. He was potus 4 more years and could have reversed course. He was the first to sell out America to illegal aliens, followed by Bush and now the RINOs in the House and Senate.

  • rm1evo

    Good luck!

  • Guest

    Having shot down AF1 carrying the black American President in a fictional drama could be a detractor to his campaign…
    EDIT: Never mind!

    • hamhawk

      The president wasn’t black when that happened, but to your point, he was wrong somehow, some way.

      • Guest

        You’re right … that was President Barnes?
        My bad!

  • D-dubs

    Are California Hollywood Republicans really…..Republican? I’m hoping this one is!

    • Spiny Norman

      I recently had some conservative argue with me, at length, that Reagan wasn’t.

  • beezwaxing

    I don’t really have an opinion here about the candidate or the issue since I don’t live in Cali. Was just drooling over Stacy :oP lmbo 😀 It’s all good :- )

  • Hayekguy

    This gives a sign of hope for Hollywood.

  • sandyaz

    Awesome. His acting is great. My favorite was his part in Tuskegee Airmen. Memorable. Good luck. California needs you.

    • Jim

      I remember him in Tuskegee Airmen, too. I’ve been a fan of his work since Hunt for Red October. Great character actor.

      • Markward

        I don’t remember his role in that movie.

        • Jim

          In Hunt for Red October, he was Beaumont, the young rookie officer who was getting schooled by Jonesy. In Tuskegee Airmen he was a racist bomber pilot who has his perspective changed when the Tuskegee pilots start flying protection for him over Berlin.

        • Ken Alan Draper

          Seaman Beaumont, the rookie in the sonar room of the U.S.S. Dallas being trained by Jonesy. you know, in the book they never mentioned Jones’s ethnicity, & for a second in the movie it kind of threw me, but the actor that played Jones really did a great job.

  • MNWoman

    I think James Woods (or was it Ken Wahl) said there may be a trend of more people in Hollywood “coming out” as conservatives. Heck, I would see people in Hollywood coming out as “RINOs” to be an improvement over liberals.

  • WhoDat

    Auntie Thomasina. Or something.

  • phineasfahrquar

    I’m not in his district, but I’ll contribute. Breaking the progressive stranglehold on the legislature is the only way we’ll save this state.

  • ObamaFail

    Well, any minute now, the “party of tolerance” will begin slinging every racial slur at Stacey Dash. Then will turn around and call us racist.

    • Grandma HeadInjury

      Oh, you mean like when she came out for Romney? BTDT…

  • snyper77

    What a beautiful, smart, articulate woman.

  • Danny Wheeler


  • Jerkjohnny

    She is so smokin hot, those eyes, and that BRAIN!~ BABY

  • Jerkjohnny

    She is so smokin hot, those eyes, and that BRAIN!~ BABY