At a press conference today, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced what he called the “largest gun seizure in the city’s history.” The seized guns were displayed on tables at the press conference.

One of the primary rules of gun safety is “treat every weapon as if it were loaded,” but even though plenty of weapons were on display today, that particular safety pointer was not:

Another angle:

Gun safety, Biden style!

That’s not a problem though, because the “nanny recognition technology” removed any possible danger:

  • Cy

    Eh, I’ll give him a pass this time. I doubt Bloomberg even knows what end of a gun is the pointy end.

    • Clayton Grant

      I think it was more like “Hey! Don’t point them at us behind the table. We’re important!”

    • LinTaylor

      “Wiggum! What did I tell you about pointsy-towardsies?”

    • cookiect2003

      Give him a pass? If this were in venue that allowed concealed carry and he pointed a gun at someone, he coulda gotten himself justifiably shot………..

  • AaronHarrisinAlaska

    Any one notice a significant lack of ‘assault weapons’ on display? I see like three at the end of one of the tables. Which weapon is it that scares them the most again?

    • SineWaveII

      Any weapon that stops them from being able to carry out their agenda, be it a handgun, assault-rifle or the constitution.

    • Trace Keene-Latham

      Don’t be silly. It’s the water guns that he’s afraid of. Might mess up his suit.

  • xristosdomini

    Here’s the thing, I have no interest in the numbers of guns seized. My curiosity is how many of those guns were (A) illegally acquired by the people who had them or (B) seized by people who aren’t legally allowed to have them (felons and the psychologically disturbed).

    • Republicanvet

      My question was how many of those guns were seized from citizens legally allowed to have them.

      • Clayton Grant

        It’s NY so, quite possibly all of them.

      • DerfEnotsnilf

        Every gun is “illegal” in NYC. Bloomturd’s fanatical gun bans reign supreme in the People’s Republik of NYC.

      • xristosdomini

        Fair enough, but we are asking the same question. Essentially, how many of those guns did they have no right to confiscate.

  • Michelle

    Now that is hilarious. Nanny Bloomberg holds a press conference with over 200 guns facing the room of people? Gun Safety 101 failure. I don’t care if a top professional cleared each and every one of those guns, I was taught from the first time I ever handled a gun that even if it’s cleared and not loaded, you NEVER have a gun pointing at someone. And the logic behind this rule of safety is so that a person remains in the absolute habit of not pointing a gun at anyone on the off chance it wasn’t cleared or still has a round in the chamber. You ALWAYS treat a gun as if it were loaded – no exceptions. What an idiot!

    • Clayton Grant

      Right on! The safety training I gave my son was “Only point the weapon in the direction you want the bullet to travel.”

      • Michelle

        Thankfully, I had a very good safety teacher when I was being taught to handle guns. These things were drilled into my head and remain there to this day with no exceptions: 1. Finger off the trigger FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER until aiming at target. 2. Gun is always pointed down range, when it’s in your hand and even when you’ve cleared it and placed it on the table. DOWN RANGE. 3. When cleaning gun back at home, and even when you are 100% it’s cleared, NEVER pointed at ANYONE. And if someone comes and stands in front of direction gun is pointed, stop what you’re doing and tell them to move. When these safety rules are drilled into a person’s head, you wipe out all chances of that one time when you think your gun is empty, point it at someone because you think it’s empty…and a bad ending happens.

        • CDUB

          Right on!! This woman follows the exact safety measures you mentioned to a T! As all responsible firearm owners do, just nice to see a quick break down for the uneducated folks to grasp….

        • TazErase

          Thank you as well Michelle. It is safety minded legal owners like you and Satirist that help protect your children and innocent people from accidental shootings. Better to teach them correctly than to have them find it and think it’s a toy. That was a big decision my family made. My wife wanted to keep them hidden and not even let them know where they are or that we had them. I convinced her that it is better to tell them and teach them the responsibilities that go with it rather than to make them a temptation that they try taking out not knowing the dangers or thinking it is a toy and not real.

      • TazErase

        Satirist, thank you. That is exactly how they SHOULD be taught, and much better to teach them properly before they learn from someone else incorrectly. Having guns in my home, I am EXTREMELY cautious and rather than treat them like they don’t exist and hope the kids don’t accidentally find them (even though they are locked up AND have either a trigger lock or bolt lock on each) it is best they learn they are not toys and to NEVER aim anywhere but up or down for safety reasons. I have taught them how to check to make sure a weapon is cleared (even though I check first before letting them even touch it) and had them each safety certified at a local range.

    • Canadian in USA

      See, that’s the problem. You’ve learned how to properly handle guns. Bloomberg only knows how to point to them and yell, “EVIL!”.

  • Republicanvet

    You people just do not realize how brave Bloomie was in being in the same room as all these guns. We know from liberal knee-jerking that those evil guns could have jumped up off the table and begun shooting at any moment. Serious you guys!!

    • trixiewoobeans

      I bet they heavily sedated those guns first, before allowing them loose in a crowd. Lol!

    • GreenEyedGal

      Which totally explains why they were pointed at the crowd! When they jumped off the table and began shooting, they would be pointed at the crowd (the expendables) and not the important people (like the irreplaceable New York Nanny).

  • CatHerder

    Wonder how strictly access to the show is being controlled? I’m imagining some nutjob walking in, doing an eyeball inventory, leaving, then returning with charged magazines.

    • Clete Torres

      You can bet your ass that a valid photo ID was required.

      Good thing it wasn’t election day, otherwise there’d be hell to pay with all the voter suppressions and that stuff.

  • Fire and Adjust!

    Fear not good citizens…………those guns will be out of NYC and headed to Mexico by the end of the week………………

    • Mamaelk09

      Correction Syria, oh no you are right we just send them fighter jets.

  • TJ

    How many of those guns are evidence in a gun crime prosecution and they removed the evidence tag for a photo op. They seized the gun but are not worried about the gun law charges as the drug charges are more important. The NRA should come out with a list of guns safety violations in that one display. There could be at least a half dozen per gun.

  • ACF

    If Bloomberg’s security had all their firearms taken away, THAT would be newsworthy. How can people be so blind to the leftist way of life – I can have it but you can’t because you don’t know anything so there! They’re just bullies and unfortunately there are too many people who apparently enjoy being bullied.

  • $17227379

    Guns kill people. Why are there not dozens dead?

  • GaryTheBrave

    First tweet states that the guns are from NC & SC. Did Bloomers go there and buy them?

    • Chevypowered

      Good question.

  • IceColdTroll


  • Magnifico

    Somebody purposely positioned those guns that way. WTF

  • RebelNY

    Every one them pointed at the crowd. Bwhahaha! Sheeple.

  • Barely Political

    Let’s count the “assault weapons” as defined by NY SAFE!


  • DerfEnotsnilf

    Bloomturd is the reason why the black market for guns is so large in NYC. Bloomturd should’ve called Holder as I’m sure the 250 seized “illegal guns” probably belong to him.

  • AZGunslinger

    Although it looks like none of the semi-autos have magazines in them, not one is “safety-ed” with a zip tie thru the action and not a single revolver has a zip tie thru an opened cylinder. This would be a completely unacceptable action for any gun show I have ever been to.

  • garydon1

    Looks like a typical set-up for gun cleaning day at a Texas home.

    • TexSizzle

      You exaggerate. Few of us have over 150 weapons.