Who is at that address that Canseco could be so unhappy with? You might have guessed it:

Yes, that’s the address of the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball, among many other corporations.

Canseco has seen his fire breathing dragon and raised himself one drone strike.

We hope this rather one-sided feud can be settled amicably, but it doesn’t look that way.


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  • $17227379

    No way, Jose.

    • I Am Breitbart

      LOVE THE AVI! #WhoDatNation!!!

  • syvyn11

    To tell the truth, I wouldn’t mind Selig getting droned. He’s been Commissioner too long.

  • dwsmokin

    And Jose is relevant how? The man has done nothing. He’s a former jock who let steroids do to his brain what they did to his jewels.Meaningless punk.

    • Magnifico

      Yeah, but he’s reeeeaaally dumb on twitter. I followed him when I was on that site.