Yes it’s true, Beyoncé cut her hair, and mock panic has gripped the nation:

How indeed.

The news was the catalyst for some snarky speculation on Twitter:

What was Jay-Z’s reaction? More Twitter snark can answer that question:


As for Jay-Z’s actual opinion of Beyoncé’s new ‘do, only Jay-Z, Beyoncé and maybe President Obama know for sure.

  • ThomasWalsh

    Never listen to your hairdresser.

  • Jeremy

    new haircut but,still dumb.

    • wwbdinct

      She makes my ears and my eyes bleed. Yecccchhhhhh!!!!

    • stellatruman

      Looks nice , but she’s still a b*tch

  • Jennifer

    The funny (or scary) part is, there will no doubt be some freak-outs over this.

  • radjahshelduck

    Brings new meaning to the song “If I Were a Boy.”

  • Maxx

    This is how they all remain relevant. It’s either a hair cut or a “leaked” romp video.

    It’s all so predictable, their massaging of the medium. Paparazzi moving on to the latest flavor? Cut yer hair….bring ’em back to the fold. It’s either that or throw a punch or two at the airport.

    Not to worry fans…the woman has more than enough $10,000 weaves to keep you happy.

  • Kate

    Big Question- Will Obama will feel the need to comment on this important cultural issue?

    • tops116

      “Forget Benghazi and the IRS. They’re phony scandals. Let’s talk about the real news: Beyonce’s haircut.

    • Disqus42

      Indeed. Live from Maaatha’s Vinyaaad. Breaking News.

  • The Penguin

    So Don’t give a fuck!

  • LeighLeigh

    all she did was take out the weave…..her hair was probably being pulled out at the ruutz…….the world is messed up when they give a c r a p about Bey’s hair.

  • conservativemomma

    Did people actually think she had natural long blonde hair?

  • missyree68

    I was not aware she wore her own hair ever. The look is not flattering at all. Makes her look elfin. The austere lack of make-up is not a good look either.

  • Defend The Constitution

    Since a nation’s advance mostly results from the efforts of its more well off citizens, central governments that assault those citizens will naturally halt technological progress and reduce the nation’s overall quality of life.

    • Guest

      Have you left the house this year?

  • [email protected]

    so will this be the main focus of questions from the MSM tomorrow at the “press conference”?

  • Meech204

    Ugly inside and now outside. Who cares about these people?

  • blvp2145

    Beyonce looks like Prince now.

    • tops116

      Has anyone ever really seen Beyonce and Prince in the same room before?

      • http://rightontheleftcoast.wordpress.com/ missplace

        Prince is too tiny to be Beyonce.

  • Zach Smith

    Looks like she’s trying for the Michael Jackson nose.

  • tops116

    Shorter hair is gonna make it easier to see her mouth, which means it’s gonna be harder for her to get away with lip syncing.

  • agroulx

    Talk about a war on women..

  • $1791182

    Who cares what the fat thighed big butted stripper wannbe has done with her hair.
    She married one of the ugliest people in the industry and has become just as ugly as him through her actions,Her act is nothing but lewd gyrations without a stripper pole.

    • billetdoux

      Pepsi sales have taken a dive since she’s been advertising it.

  • Clete Torres

    I’ll be getting a haircut later today. Pics on demand.

    The world will never be the same.

  • Kaya Hund

    Apparently she’s getting hairdo advice from Michelle Obama.

  • Disqus42

    Guess getting that weave caught in the fan really traumatized her. LOL.

  • Fishsnot

    Looks like a guy now.

  • Right Wired

    She totally looks like Tanning Mom now:

  • john1gun

    It’s not really her hair.

  • Medicinewoman2

    She was a pageant kid, she hasn’t had her own hair since when? 4 or 5 years old.Please tell me theses people didn’t think she was born with that hair!!!!!!!

  • el_polacko

    she didn’t ‘cut her hair’, she just took off her wig/extensions. big difference.

  • billetdoux

    She didn’t cut it, she swapped out one of her many wigs. Are people so afraid to say she wears wigs they won’t acknowledge she does. She’s not going to track ya down, then again, her bestie is “Nose in everyone’s cellphone” Obama.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Didn’t anybody tell her that if you wear a long-haired wig and you want your hair shorter you change to a short-haired wig rather than cutting the hair on your long-haired wig?

  • Avey Owyns

    She is so self absorbed. I bet she HAD to cut her hair because she over-treated and over-bleached it … then she will spin it around as some sort of act of bravery for black women going natural. LOL

  • alumin

    Are you sure she “cut” her hair? I just think she had her extensions removed….probably after they got caught in that fan!

  • Stephanie Warren

    Now it’s the due I labeled “lesbian hair”.