Some friend.

This is simply heartbreaking:

Brandon Harker returned home from an eight month deployment in Afghanistan to find his dog Oakley was missing, and possibly sold on Craigslist. The soldier had asked a friend to take care of his 2-year-old purebred yellow Labrador retriever while he was deployed. When he contacted the friend to pick him up, he was told the dog had been given away.

With any luck, somebody will spot the dog so he can be returned to his rightful owner:

Harker’s Craigslist ad is here. Hopefully we can update later and add a happy ending to this story.

  • AaronHarrisinAlaska

    With the speed and effectiveness of social media, unless the buyer is some heartless prick, this warrior will get his buddy back.

    • Txgirlinnh

      I hope so, this just makes me sick.

  • ceemack

    Okay, this morning I needed a few minutes alone with the person or persons who splattered green paint on the Lincoln Memorial.

    Now I need a few minutes alone with the “friend” who got rid of this poor guy’s dog.

    With immunity from prosecution after both, of course.

    Handing out ass-whuppin’s may turn into a full-time job at this rate.

    • CatHerder

      Not good enough, he/she needs to be publicly shunned.

    • BlueGood

      Up here in Canada, we take a #%@!# guy like that and $!^@$&$^ his @%&^* head to the mud, then do a #!%!#$ to his %^@$57 balls, then we talk to him nicely & find out where the Doggy is….

      Works well every time!

  • BAW

    Brandon knows who was keeping his dog. Whoever that was can tell him what happened to his dog and should. If they won’t, in my opinion, Brandon should tell everyone who that person is and what they did. Why is he protecting them by not naming them? It’s not my dog but I’m mad.

    • greatunconformity

      Might be a family member he’s protecting. Maybe someone going senile.

      • BAW

        Could be. Had not thought of that. But would have expected the story to be that the dog had been sold/given away by mistake if that were it. Honestly was thinking it was probably a girl. Whoever it is, they are not a “friend” worth having, imo.

  • Clete Torres

    Not generally an advocate of ‘kick his ass’ but in this case…

  • NeoKong

    Who buys a used dog….?

    • Clete Torres

      Lots of people. Shelters are full and begging people to adopt dogs – and cats.

      • Amy

        But that’s just it: most people who’d like a pre-loved pet can easily get one from a shelter.

        • jenndee

          We have our Walker who is a pure bread boxer that we got at 6 weeks old, and Lilly who is a Humane Society chocolate lab and some other things that we got when she was 3 years old and they both complete our family. They are both amazing, loving dogs. There is no such thing as a used dog…so dumb!

        • Clete Torres

          I understand your point, Amy. But, my point was re ‘buying’ a used dog (as odd as that moniker is): there’s still adoption fees and whatnot involved (at least around here and everywhere else I’ve ever lived). Hence the answer.

    • thetreyman

      is that a line from a movie? seem like it is but i cant seem to place it.

    • CDUB

      Everybody should. Used dogs/Shelter dogs are the BEST. Shame on people buying a dog. Go to your local Humane Society and ADOPT a dog before buying one. Most dogs at the shelter are 1 yr old…………… Just about when people give up/understand raising a dog takes work. So they dump them.

      A dog is a lifeline commitment. To love and care for them. Those who don’t are dirt.

      • BronxJo

        Most dogs in shelters today are pit bulls, some want other breeds for different purposes; hunting, herding, lapdog or basically whatever they desire to pay for.

        • Amy

          “Most dogs in shelters today are pit bulls”

          No, they aren’t. There are all kinds. We have a young Black Lab, a Catahoula, a Great Pyrenees and a Jack Russell (among others) at the shelter I work with with, for instance. Check Petfinder and see the variety available:

        • jenndee

          I volunteer at a shelter with 20 dogs, not one is a pit bull…dumb!

          • CDUB

            Good for you. I am so sick of people that should not own a dog, haveing one. Peace to all those dogs……..

          • Marjorie

            I have four shelter dogs. One is now sixteen and may cross the Rainbow Bridge soon. Once my grieving is over, I will adopt another, I pray Brandon and his dog are reunited.

          • CDUB

            Good for you. My 10 yr old, adopted of course, and love of my life is not ready for Rainbow Bridge. Love your babies. we are our babies.

          • Marjorie

            I do love them and now there is a stray cat staring through the screen. Hope it gets along with dogs!

  • RblDiver

    What. A. Jerk.

  • Amy

    Oh, no! :-( Praying that whoever has the dog finds out that it’s all just been a huge mistake, and that there’s a swift reunion.

  • Amy

    On a kind of related note, the registered 501(c)(3) “Dogs On Deployment” warns about the dangers of military pets ending up on Craig’s List, they run a weekly campaign to “End Military Pets on Craigslist” [FB]:

  • AaronHarrisinAlaska

    Nice try. Get the hell out.

  • MrApple

    The friend sounds like a prick who deserves a punch in the nose.

    • Jeremy

      I would punch him in the nose if a “friend” did that.

      • mike_in_kosovo

        You both misspelled “balls”.

        Just sayin’

        • Jeremy

          Yeah I would kick him the balls.

  • DrSamHerman

    What a sweet looking puppy!

  • Jeremy

    What a worthless friend.He deserves an ass kicking.

  • Jeremy

    I would guess he is now an ex-friend.

    • cynicalfel

      It really sounds like the ‘friend’ wasn’t expecting the soldier to ‘make it back’ if you catch my drift. If that’s the case, that guy is utter scum.

  • Justin Jurek

    i second the one who made the “worthless friend” comment.

  • Justin Jurek

    Also, who wants to place bets that the dude sold the dog to finance a drug habit?

  • Defend The Constitution

    Today’s liberalism is like communism without the manifesto.

    • cynicalfel

      If you can’t put the effort into a good raving manifesto, what good are you, I ask.

  • jenndee

    Prayers, this soldier gets his friend back.

  • An American Veteran

    Hey Twitchy, you have the ability to run with this story on Fox News and give it national attention, how about it, lets get this soldiers best friend back!!