Gee, it’s getting so you can’t insinuate that millions of people are racist murderers without folks getting all divided over it!

Yesterday, actress Kirstie Alley wrote a tweet that she ended up deleting, but not before it made the rounds on Twitter. In the deleted tweet, Alley was trying to express her disgust over the George Zimmerman verdict, and she went overboard:


Obviously Alley got plenty of criticism for that blanket statement, which she is now laughably citing as evidence of a “divided country.”

It’s simple: If you don’t want a divided country, stop giving it reasons for division.

Introspection has never seemed to be a hot commodity in Hollywood.

  • tony30088

    What rock has she been hiding under?

    • YomamaYo

      The one L. Ron Hubbard built.

      • Jeremy

        ha ha indeed.

      • Roy Alan Sekulich

        That’s funny!

    • Ron Morisseau

      Some black guys testicles

    • LibLieExposer

      It would have to be an *asteroid* to hide her!

  • Love of Country

    I thought she lived and ‘worked’ in Hollywhite. How many black people are in her shows and neighborhoods? What a stupid hypocrite …. about par for the course in Hollywhite …. the home of black-face and black-exploitation movies …. the land of rich, white, racist hypocrites.

  • tjack

    For all the coke she has snorted in her lifetime I wonder if she ever reflects on all the children that have been killed because of drug wars.

    • spbella

      Of course not. She is a clueless, dumb like the rest of them. These lashing comments are nothing but reasons to let media know, she is still around.

  • Stephen L. Hall

    Kristie Alley gives new meaning to the words “Space Cadet.”

  • Jack Deth

    Memo to Ms. Alley:

    Please acquire a winch to extract your Cranium from your Rectum.

    You are part of that industry driving this divisive narrative!

    • Marvin Nelson

      Unfortunately, she has a permanent case of cranial-rectal inversion. Anyone who makes such a racist statement, then doesn’t understand the push back, is terminally stupid.

      • spbella

        Well said!

  • b_truit

    When will celebrities figure it out? Shut your mouth and entertain me. We don’t pay you for your stupid opinions.

    • spbella

      Oh they figured it out but for someone lile her whose prime time has ended, what else she got??? She failed her diet ad so i guess this would do.

  • Don Truscott

    She is worth her weight in lies !

  • lisalisalisa7

    Unfollowed Kirstie as soon as she said it. Shame, because she’s usually level headed & I enjoyed her lightheartedness. Hollywood doesn’t understand, when you open your mouth like this, you lose fans.

    • Ron Morisseau

      Why the f@#^ were you following her in the first place?

  • VekTor

    Content extracted from my series of tweets on the Twitter thread for this post:

    Oh wow… I think I just figured this out. Holy crap. It all makes sense now.

    Everything you know about justice, you learned from watching Scooby Doo, right?

    The #Zimmerman trial wasn’t supposed to go down like it did. That’s why you’re all ragey and lashing out.

    The cops were supposed to arrest #Zimmerman, and then pull off his mask to reveal Old Man Withers, the racist.

    #Zimmerman would say “And I would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for you meddling kids!”

    And everyone would be happy, because “justice” would have been served. #MysteryMachineWinsAgain

    Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Scooby Doo. Cowardice and Sandwiches! (h/t Eddie Izzard)

    But Scooby Doo is simply not a solid foundation for establishing a set of just laws.

    The only “Law” that really obeys is the Law that everything is really just a TV Trope.

    It’s like you’ve indulged your “inner child” for so long that there’s no adult left to think with.

    You’re not thinking, you’re emoting. You’re pitching a fit because you’re frustrated at the outcome.

    Here’s the thing: “Justice being served” isn’t defined by whether the outcome satisfies you personally.

    What you’re calling “Justice” isn’t justice. It’s a revenge fantasy. It’s arrested development.

    So now you’re spending time venting your frustration by tweeting things that simply aren’t true.

    Your rage has taken over, and you’re doing a modern version of a pant-hoot. Look it up.

    That’s all well and good if you’re just trying to find others with the same problem you’re demonstrating.

    Sure, it’s a shibboleth. But it’s not reason, and it’s not reasonable. It’s irresponsible.

    When someone’s life or death is on the line (or 25+ yrs in prison) it’s time to stop acting childish.

    It’s time to grow up and realize that sometimes, life’s results don’t align with your fantasy.

    Life is hard, and it’s a lot harder when you spend your time emoting instead of thinking.

    #Zimmerman is free because he obeyed the law. #Trayvon is dead because, sadly, he didn’t, and paid w/his life.

    That might seem harsh, and cold, and uncaring. But it is stone-cold REAL. You should accept that.

    You want to make sure there are no more #Trayvon tragedies? Teach every kid to not commit assault+battery.

    You don’t have to stop… you’re free to keep emoting instead of thinking, like the other ragers.

    You can keep #Zimmerman as the focus of your #TwoMinutesHate for two million minutes if you insist.

    Just don’t think that no one else is watching, Kirstie. People see what you’re really doing with this.

    The days when people were willing to politely look the other way towards that are ENDING. It’s too much.

    So even if you keep your self-indulgent wailing and gnashing of teeth going for weeks, do everyone a favor…

    Try being honest about what it is you’re really doing. This isn’t #NoJusticeNoPeace. Far from it.

    This is “No Scooby, No Peace”. Own it. #NoScoobyNoPeace

    *mic drop*

    • nc

      That actually made a lot of sense.

      • VekTor


  • Shirley Hurst Cooley

    Weird, I used to like and respect you? Who do you think gave you all the chances to rise above poverty and become a millionaire. Do you think if your ancestors had been left alone all those years ago, would you be living the lifestyle that you do? Would ANY of us? My great grandfather was a stowaway on a ship from Ireland. He was penniless. America is the wonderful that people from all over the world come to for equality and justice! Are you really that stupid Jamie Foxx?

  • ray

    In the same situation Kirstie Alley would have shot Trayvon and eaten his Skittles.

    • Right Wired

      And possibly Trayvon, too.

  • Jeremy

    Yet another has been looking to be relevant and failing.

    • TocksNedlog

      Oh yeah? ‘Another’ who, actress? Scientologist?

    • TocksNedlog

      Oh yeah? ‘Another’ who, actress? Scientologist?

  • TocksNedlog

    One imagines that she’s done her share of ‘spewing’ — usually, just before wardrobe fittings.

  • PeterP

    Time for another session on the E-Meter.

  • GulfPundit

    Yeah, it’s weird because everyone Kirstie knows agrees with her.

  • terrywest0206

    These people play dress-up and make believe and think that makes their opinions worth listening to.

  • Rosemary Borelle Frampton

    Why are so called celebs have to comment on all this? People that have morals of a goat should not have an opinion (didn’t mean to insult goats)

  • Scientology_411

    The irony is if George Zimmerman was a Scientologist Kirstie would be his biggest (pun intended) defender.

    • robertloggia

      If her and Val Kilmer had a baby together, it would explode at age 40.

  • redgypsy

    Kirstie, you seem to have no concept of “volume”.

  • poljunkie♪

    Kirstie, honey….the doors over there—->

  • Diane Stephan

    She’s just angry because Leah Remini left the cult she belongs to.

    • poljunkie♪

      …yeah, I saw that…she said something like….I thought Leah was my friend.

      SAY WHAT? she has to be the same religion (or whatever it is?) to be her friend???


    Poor Kirstie, poor poor fat Kirstie…so tell us Kirstie who patrols your million-dollar gated community hmmmmm?

    So Kirstie do tell us what YOU would do if a teenager-who-happened-to-be-Black was bashing YOUR head into the sidewalk? Buy him some Skittles?

    • VekTor

      Don’t go after her weight, that’s utterly weak. No one deserves that.

      If you have an issue with what she wrote, attack her IDEAS, not her appearance or wealth. Don’t make matters worse.

      • WSPISFA

        You’re absolutely right, my bad.

        Poor Kirstie, poor poor fat-HEADED Kirstie… 😉

  • Magnifico

    I haven’t seen her in the tabloids lately…..must have either gained control of her obesity, or she’s just consistently fat as hell and nobody cares anymore.

  • guest

    What a moronic remark—comparing the old south with a modern day trial. Clearly, she never watched the trial.