In Oakland last night, protesters smashed windows and burned flags over the George Zimmerman verdict.

One night later, some protesters were back at it:

On top of this disgusting display, one protester lit a blunt from the smoldering remains:


  • Jeremy

    This smells of Al Sharpton and Holder’s Dept. of Social Justice at work.

  • Peyton

    Well they did say they would keep Trayvon in their hearts and minds, The joints prove it.

  • Chip

    What odds that 90% of them have an EBT card and an Obamaphone?

    • Jeremy

      pretty damn good.

    • 1JohnMason

      Chip, heck 90% of the Founding Fathers were from families deemed “corrupted by blood” hence they were denied the rights of/to their European/English heritages and representation before the kings court.
      Nat Turner stood his ground.

    • RedSoloCup

      More like 100%

  • LinTaylor

    Is this supposed to be justice?

  • adam

    They have no respect for their country or for fellow humans. I’m sure they have spent plenty of nights shedding tears and trying to stop black on black violence.

    • 1JohnMason

      They have a history of shedding tears and spent centuries trying to stop slavery and white on black violence.

      adam, do tell when do you think the country and fellow humans should begin respecting them?

    • Love of Country

      Another manufactured national crisis to make black democrats even more racist than they already are …

      It’s time conservatives on TV begin stating that Owebamao’s legacy in this country is his race, class and gender wars … using every branch of govt to go after white Republicans …. lying about all the scandals he created …. dissing all our allies …. and causing the worst recovery of all times.

      These should be the new talking points for all Republican talking heads from now until the time he leaves.
      Otherwise, whatever narrative the Left makes up is what will stick.

      Only if we (pundits on TV) start now … will Barack Owebamao get the reputation he deserves. I’m so sick of all this phoney, affirmative-action adulation and I don’t want to see statues of him, chock full of inscripted lies about how wonderful he was, sprouting up all over town. We need to nip this tempest while it’s still in the teapot!.

  • Love of Country

    Leave it to the state run media to condone and support this atrocious behavior. One more egregious example of white elitists trying to keep the black man consumed in unnecessary dysfunction in order to keep him broken down and dependent upon the govt. These people are cancer and make me sick to my stomach!

  • Jessica

    If someone burnt the Australian flag in front of me I’d lose it. The American flag, like the Australian one, symbolises freedom, wealth and democracy – you don’t like it? Why are you still here?

    • AnneCink

      Burning your country’s flag should require that you burn your citizenship papers along with it!

  • RblDiver

    I dunno if it was about Martin; being Oakland, it could have been because the day ended in y.

  • Maxx

    Mitt was right…and we’ll just leave it at that.

  • Snowbird1234

    Where is the civilty – Are we catching up to the third world countries that hate us?

  • Stevon f. Nutt

    There will be no Flag burning in my town and no late night protest. Everybody here has to work!

    Obama has shown his need to fan the Black populations need for violence by fanning the flames of racial hatred. Six Women Jurors did not bring back the verdict he wanted so he will authorize Holder to play the race card.
    Obama has pulled back the curtain on his real feelings and shown his disrespect for both women and Hispanics

    • Sheila Butterly

      I disagree Stevon. It has nothing to do with who Obama likes or doesn’t like. It’s a “ploy” by the Obama administration to detract from the real issues like Benghazi, the IRS scandal, fast&furious etc. Obama and Holder have the liberal media in their back pockets and I don’t understand how many Americans can’t see this.

  • RedSoloCup


  • I M Free

    is oakland now middle east?

  • alostjunkie

    I used to live near Oak town, not surprised. They hate the flag and America, but LOOOOVE them some food stamps, welfare checks, and freebies. They want to smash windows and riot to get more freebies.

  • Full Melt

    Awesome – nothing shows the world that you shouldn’t be profiled as criminals like the fact that you are forming mobs, burning flags and destroying property. Stay “Gangsta” Oakland !

    • ObamaFail

      Next week, we’ll have to hear Oakland whining about how it’s the white man’s fault their neighborhoods are in shambles.


    Yet they all get government checks